Mia’s War With Her Demons Versus Arthur’s Stealth And Precision Of Attack

Submitted by Douglas
Mia Mottley's swearing in as leader of the Opposition at Government House with Arthur and Payne in February 2013

Mia Mottley’s swearing in as leader of the Opposition at Government House with Arthur and Payne in February 2013

In recent times, the government of the day has come under the lens of the Mia led faction of the Opposition Party. However, her efforts at stamping her leadership has been undermined from the word get go .Mia’s gusto and zeal has ignited only a part of her team.  The George Payne and Arthur faction have remained faithful to the No support Mia policy.

Word reaching this side of the fence, after rubbing shoulders with those in Opposition is that Arthur has renewed his vows to ensure that the Mia’s reign is shorter than it was on the last occasion. Arthur is so worked up about Mia’s leadership that he has decided to keep busy by making public statements and appearances. While not speaking to the issue of leadership in public he makes no bones about in conversation to those who will listen. He actual uses the ‘H word’ to describe her.

She is quite aware of Arthur’s motives but is powerless to go after him. The fragile nature of political relationships and the lack of loyalty among the ranks have guided her thoughts. Mia has adopted an approach which is in stark contrast to her predecessor. If Arthur was still leader of the party, he would have dug in and spoken to the issues which are germane to his party’s success, Mia on the other hand has adopted a wait and see attitude. She has refused to address those matters that Arthur demonstrated leadership on.

Of course,  Payne  has already fingered Mia in an attempted cross boarder political trading. The world knows that monies spent to rid the East of Dale and George had a scent on it coming from Roebuck Street.

The recent attempt to spin The Minister of Education’s comments by Mia fell flat among her colleagues.   The entire country is aware of how Gline Clarke and the others felt about her attempts to spin the issue. Mia finds herself in a bind and a web of disloyalty.

We are predicting that the leadership of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party will fall to the Kerrie Symmonds or Dale Marshall era. They have the support of those who matter in the Barbados Labour Party. Mia’s brand of RECKLESS AND LAWLESS politics has not found favour with the politically conservative and those who have Barbados at heart. She continues to demonstrate her lack of appreciation for rules and authority. The country witnessed how she behaved during her attempt to run for the office of Chairman of her party against Dr Jerome Walcott. She was willing to Mash up and Buy Back then. We have seen her on the job, as she seeks to rewrite the rules governing the functioning and management of the Public Accounts Committee.

Least of all, we forget the very transparent manner the then Top Cop got his assignment. In this instance, all the rules went through the window.  Mia has demonstrated on every occasion that rules don’t apply to her but she applies them to suit her.

She must come clean and tell Barbados how busy she has been booking accommodations and flights for the next series of ‘rubbing shoulders’.  ‘Rubbing Shoulders’ with Beyonce …  Rumours are rife among her colleagues in Roebuck Street .. regarding the departure of some of  her house mates along with fund raisers jetting off to the concert of a life time with Beyonce the mega star at the Essence Festival. An event where tickets are priced at the amazing figure of USA $$$$$15,000.00 per single ticket. The jury is still out on the cost of the trip and whose paying for it ..but from scanning the accommodation schedule it does not include Dale, George, Owen or Gline.

Some are speculating that George Payne knows more about the machinations of Mottley and her management of party donations. Arthur did not hide his mouth when he raised the manner in which Mottley spent party coppers while she served as leader for that very brief time. One thing sure, once Mia is leader Arthur will ensure she does not succeed. The jury is also still out on why Mottley would have instructed Dottin to Wiretap the phones of her party leader the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Security Arthur.

Finally the DLP has a friend in Arthur the enemy of Mia..what a web…

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  1. Should this really be the focus or ‘distraction’ when it is now confirmed by the DLP’s leadership (or lack thereof) of the Barbados government, that things have surpassed crisis proportions and are now at dangerous zones? Would it not have been better to compare those things said by Mottley, Arthur, Mascoll among others with those things said or denied by the key culprits being the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank (hopefully in an independent capacity), and the Prime Minister? Obviously this post will have its laughable moments, but there are many individuals and businesses in Barbados that will not be able to manage an economic smile for a very long time if ever they survive the evidence of incompetence, ignorance, and procrastination in managing Barbados.

  2. In true BLP style they try to corrupt the sense of the article, Brathwaite they ain’t got no money in this article like you had in the prison, more importantly answer the charge that Mottley is without support from within the BLP?

  3. @ Let them gather for they shall soon scatter
    That is exactly my sentiment. The cloaks and daggers when we should be looking to save this country. My friend “let them gather for they shall soon scatter.”

  4. And what are you trying to say Douglas????? Round and round the mulberry bush???? Can someone tell me what the ‘H’ word is ?????

  5. The jury is also still out on why Mottley would have instructed Dottin to Wiretap the phones of her party leader the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Security Arthur.@ If you think those were the only phone wiretap , think again,
    If Dottin did this ,he is where he needs to be HOME for good. Dont Barbados use court orders or need them for wiretaps?
    And you see why we call them CROOKS.
    Where they any laws broken ?or this as they say is Barbados?

  6. Plantation…………….the part that is disturbing in that scenario is that Dottin still has all the information on all of them, Mia would be kinda foolish to believe she was not tapped as well, hee, hee.

  7. Deflect from reality, Douglas. MAM is he least of Barbados’ worries at this time. It is the DLP government’s incompetence that has EVERYBODY worried sick.

    Finally your leader has awoken and realised that the country is on the cliff heading down the rocky descent and you here making up lies on MAM. Were you not the same people who only a few weeks ago destroying OSA and praising MAM. Now all of a sudden, she is this horrible person.

    I have news for you, if Freundel Stuart can become PM of Barbados, anybody can.

    Your concern tonight should be the PM’s revelations yesterday……. no one would lend Stinkliar money hence the panic for 400 million. Did anyone subscribe to the recently floated treasury bills? Your concern should be the comments by the “crack some heads and shoot some people” minister Ronald Jones. After denying that during an election that education will always be free under a DLP government, he now comes and says that “let us face facts, Bajans will have to pay for education at UWI”…

    How wunnah DLP could lie so, though? You Dems have destroyed people’s faith in politics because of the nasty brand of politics you Dems practice! Thanks to the dead king. Win at all costs! Hope you are satisfied with the place you all have Barbados in today.

  8. Bunch of wining children. Lawd…when will the gossip mongers, and those within the various parties, realize these facts… we have a Prime Minister called Freundel Stuart…and a Leader Of The Opposition called Mia Mottley whether we like it or not… + a country that is in a mess and requires both the above, as well as ALL government Ministers and Shadow Ministers, each and everyone of us to put our heads firmly on shoulders, our brain matters in gear and get the island called Barbados back on track.

    Rumours and back biting ent gine do it and will help no one. Who cares who hates who and who gine to a concert and who not…dear God! And what will it matter in a hundred years if Owen drinking Moore’s Alleyne Arthurs or ESA Fields while talking bare shyte on a tapped phone having given up the throne..or whether Freundel is playing Snakes & Ladders with Dottin.

    Lawd have is mercy….can we not for once have some real input into how best to get the economy back on track and some tourisses bout hey to bring in some much required dollars or pound or yen, even bolivares would be welcome at this point actually… for the ship is slowly sinking. In case no one is really really seeing this.

  9. @ Rosemary
    “…for the ship is slowly sinking. In case no one is really really seeing this…..”
    Well said Rosemary…..but brass bowls don’t have eyes…. 🙂 …just good at making a lotta irritating noises…

    Surely everyone is TIRED of the childish exchanges by now….
    Shiite man….

  10. @ Rosemary Parkinson | June 28, 2013 at 9:36 PM |

    I think you are aiming your constructive criticisms and demands for some improvement in the economy at the wrong and largely irrelevant set of people at this stage.
    You need to direct them at the politicians who still continue to lie to the people and cover up the real problems in Bim.

    For example, just listen to the Minister of Tourism’s arrogant comparison of the state of tourism in St, Lucia with that in Bim. St. Lucia is still 30 years behind Barbados! What arrant jingoistic nonsense!

    These people make you feel as if everything is fine in Bim and we are just a bunch of whingeing whining Bajan poms.

    Now if you were to ask the PM if his government plans to bring in a more “student-focused” fee paying structure at the UWI for Bajan students this year or very soon he would stridently deny it by reaffirming his government’s unalterable commitment to free university education thereby going contrary to what his Minister of Education is flying a kite to introduce a fee paying arrangement for tuition cost at the UWI.

    When the lies, contradictions and cover-ups stop then we would offer our loyal and committed support to any set of proposals to rescue this country from pending economic meltdown.

  11. “”””Rosemary
    “…for the ship is slowly sinking. In case no one is really really seeing this…..”
    Well said Rosemary…..but brass bowls don’t have eyes…. …just good at making a lotta irritating noises…

    Surely everyone is TIRED of the childish exchanges by now….
    Shiite man….””””””

    ———-That is why I stopped blogging because people like Carson Cadogan and ac ==two biased sluts
    who fail to understand that this is not a football game or cricket–It is people’s lives . Them two run me . Can not stand them and their biased nonsense.

  12. Like Islandgal, I too would like to know what the f**k the “H word” is. Believe me, I have tested my old brain for an answer and comes there none.

    So, WTF, MAM put Dottin the Dolt in as CoP. And Arthur put Simmons in as CJ. Both, appointments to top positions with the justice system of the country and both with disastrous results. It would seem that at the time, therefore, the BLP sought to take over the country by destroying justice and access to it. Now, we wait to see if the DLP will complete the job.

    @Baffy. Dots connected and point made.

  13. @Prod and Miller

    the elections are over, we have to find soltions to or problems that have been created by both parties. we cant escaspe that debt is a burden and the shortfall from tourism has worsen the problem. What is the solution, forget the premis that we have been lied to. We are here and how do we move from here to each the target. I dont want to refer to yo two as mental defective; a statement i saw in the nation..

  14. @newblood | June 29, 2013 at 6:03 AM |

    Have you been reading my posts even prior to the recent partial confession by the PM about the gravely sick state of the economy?
    Have you read my recent proposals made in Hal Austin’s latest note from a Native Son?
    If not just let me say this Leadership by Example is the best and most effective form of leadership.
    Let the PM show some real leadership in coming up with solutions to the problems he now accepts as real and are clear and present dangers.

    Let him therefore reduce the size of his Cabinet by Firing the man who misled the people about the economy and failed to achieve the many plans, targets and promises he told us were achievable and working.

    Let him ask the remaining members to either take a cut in pay as an important symbol of the national sacrifice he is asking the people to undergo or reduce the numbers including those rejected by the electorate or cowardly refused to face the electorate like Darcy Boyce whose contribution to the degenerative state of the economy is immeasurable and goes back to the2009 budgetary proposals that undermined small business far and wide.

    Now “newblood”, you have heard a foretaste of what the miller has to offer in terms of solutions. What do you in your freshly minted creative mind have to offer as some possible solutions other than admonish old fogeys like the miller and prodigal son for calling a spade a spade exposing the liars and revealing the hypocrites?

  15. @ BAFBFP | June 28, 2013 at 10:11 PM |
    “Miller: Politicians … policies … public servants … people. Connect the dots, I dare you”.

    Naively speaking they all begin with a “P”. What about Pimps, propaganda, parasites and producers or products?

    The people are just the consuming suckers in the market to make profits for the capitalists!
    That’s the system, my friend! Produce and profit or import and be consumed in the cycle of the survival of the fittest.
    That sounds like a mission statement for the Ferengi in the Star Trek series.

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated by the Borg of Space Capitalism, BAF the Grand Nagus from the Alpha Quadrant.

  16. The SHIT is about to smash into the fan. STOP this crab in a barrel approach when approaching Barbados’ myriad of economic problems. If we as a people fail to realize that the time for partisan politics is long gone and we need to come together in order to give our self a fighting chance of surviving these tough times; well me might as well pack to fuck up and go home. PLEASE CUT THE CRAP MY PEOPLE. Let us FOR ONCE PLACE BARBADOS FIRST!!!

  17. @Coal Pot

    The Westminster System breeds adversarial politics AND the almost 40% hardcore support on either divide makes it an irrelevant system of government in times like now.

  18. This is clearly hysteria with a plot from deranged Raquel Gilkes and worded by Lynette Eastmond (the latter hoping her ex-lover Arthur sobers up in time to read this) but fact of matter is? Mia is letting the troops be busy killing each other rather than concentrating on herself… St Andrew had true pain in February and yet in the end not even one point seven million reasons gave George a convincing victory, he squeaked through with a margin of 300. Arthur had a chance to shine in February by publicly rebuking Noel Lynch for his filth against the late PM Thompson yet he chose to pretend it did not happen and it escalated to a war of insults and not issues – was that great Leadership for the Bees?

  19. @ Coal Pot | June 29, 2013 at 7:26 AM |

    OK, OK Coal pot, now that we have met at the coalface of reality what proposals do you have to put on the table? We are sitting around as equals in trying to sort out the mess. We have agreed to “place Barbados First” Now what nugget(s) of wisdom can you throw in the pot?
    What is your contribution other than shouting out what we already know?
    Or are you just another empty windbag full of the same crap that is about to hit the fan but bereft of ideas or proposals. No one is going to laugh at any proposal you put on the table.
    Ideas, Coal Pot, Proposals, Coal Pot where is the fire you are supposed to produce? A little petrol and matches have already been made available.

  20. @Miller

    It is very difficult for Barbadians to put proposals on the table if they are not motivated to do so. It comes back to leadership which has been the cry on BU for several years. How can any government justify installing the largest Cabinet supported by several Parliamentary Secretaries in these parlous times? What message does it send?

    Then we have the perennial political in fighting by both parties which serves to inspire no one.

    Lastly, from the time the global economy went bad smart individuals, companies and governments identified they had to make immediate and smart adjustments/new policies to mitigate and sustain. In contrast Barbados has been making decisions greatly influenced by political considerations. How are independent minded Barbadians to be inspired in the circumstances?

    Yes we need to put ideas on the table but human beings – because of our makeup – require leadership to deliver of their best.

  21. @ Coal Pot | June 29, 2013 at 7:26 AM |

    Here are two ideas/proposals you can adopt and place on the table as your own:

    This one has already been mooted but don’t be surprised if you hear it being bandied about soon in highflying circles.
    Let us establish a Health Lottery to help fund public health care in Bim especially the funding of equipment maintenance and upgrades.

    Why not use some of the land especially along the ABC highway now overrun with bush and river tamarind to plant Moringa trees and some Neem trees?

    The Moringa trees can be used a source of nutrition to supplement the very poor fat-based diets of too many Bajans thereby putting tremendous strain on the public health services.

    You want more or you can at least find one of your own?

  22. In all of this does anyone know what has become of the Senator of Sail Peter Gilkes who is or was Sealy’s henchman and was being paid some big money to do very little. It seems that since his “leaked” email he gone missing. Maybe he has been repositioned to Europe.

  23. Newblood, or should I say Man..sah;

    Interesting to reflect on the two tribes. The BLP tribe wants no discussion on their pre 2008 missteps while the DLP tribe, of which you are a very vocal member with many nom de plumes, wants no discussion on their post 2008 ones.

    But, for objectivity, one needs to look carefully at the policies, practices and performance of both tribes and ascertain how those mixes of activities might have led to the current situation in order to correct the mistakes made. In fact it seems to be more sensible to deeply dissect the most recent ones first to find current solutions than to keep harping on the alleged mistakes of an unfixable past. The last administration missed the bus in not carrying out investigations or COIs over the last 5 years of the numerous infelicities they brought to the attention of the public prior to 2008. Suggesting that perhaps many of those rumours could not be substantiated and might have had little bearing on the steering of the Economic and Societal ship of state.

    I therefore cannot agree with you about “What is the solution, forget the premis that we have been lied to”. Should we ignore the propensity for lying about important matters that has happened on both sides and go blithely ahead expecting that they won’t do it again if they thought it necessary? Liar should be the middle name of most politicians.

    There will be no national consensus on wiping the slate clean and carrying on, given the almost equal popularity of the two parties, (The UK situation where there are elected members of parliament from minor parties is not now true of Barbados and is a red herring) until we get some believable leaders and shifts of political support to other parties.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Barbados will not come out of this situation until people, especially the PM and his Party, recognize that the only solution is for people in general (starting with themselves) to temporarily accept a lower quality of life and start rebuilding the economy and the society together.

  24. I am sick of these new Dems coming on BU telling miller and I to stop pointing out the lies this inept, incompetent government has told Barbadians.

    Miller and I have been like lone wolves on BU, begging this government to cut back on their spending and stop taking up our NIS monies and spending it like there is no tomorrow. (Like Kellman said, once NIS has money, this government has no problems) We offered suggestions on where to cut, we were cussed daily by one ac and CCC and recently by one Alvin Cummins.

    We said cut out the constituency councils that are only breeding DLP corruption even if it meant putting CCC out of an income…………….

    We said cut the summer camps that are only providing DLP yardfowls and even an MP Kenny Best with money off the fatted calf and which were a source of infighting and bedlam every year….to my surprise, they are going ahead with 59 camps this year. Let Barbadians take responsibility for their children and use the summer to spend time with their children, most of them don’t work who send their children to camp. Camps were around long before this DLP government tried to play they are gods of the poor. My children went to our church camp and when they got older, I insisted that they go back and give of their time and talents. What are we teaching our children? That they are to be paid for every thing?

    We said let the children pay at least 25 or 50 cents on the buses, no you stupid Dems tell them ride for free and they took it for a joy ride….now you complain about the mess at the TB.

    We said cut down on the cabinet, too many ministers and parliamentary secretaries like Darcy Boyce, Jepther Ince, Harry Husbands, (has he finished touring yet?), Patrick Todd, (what the hell does he do), Irene Sandiford Garner, you don’t need two ministers as she seems to be the second minister.

    Why did this government ever go and open an embassy in China? Did it make sense at a time like this? And what ever was Sandi doing up there? A local company was on the news recently who had problems with a Chinese company and he had to go here to get some “help”. Where was Sandi? Sick on the job?

    Ministers continue to travel as they like and we do not know what they achieve when they go.

    We said cut out the Illaro Court parties, every week there was a lavish party there, I mean the tourists who come are spending less and you take up what they spend and lavish it back on them and invite your yardfowls to feast. Does that make sense?

    Look at the lavish spending at the “historic designation of Bridgetown”, the Queen’s jubilee, Minister Sealy taking over 100 people to Guyana, the stupid spending going on in Environment, wasteful spending that went on in NHC under Michael Lashley which we did not know of……………..star boy was building houses (match boxes) left right and centre and many of them are still shut up without buyers.

    Look I tired and fed up and will come back later to remind you of how this incompetent bunch of wild boys have wasted our taxpayers dollars and have us in this mess!

  25. @ Douglas
    “We are predicting that the leadership of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party will fall to the Kerrie Symmonds or Dale Marshall era. They have the support of those who matter in the Barbados Labour Party”

    And what about those who REALLY MATTER, “the people of Barbados?” Seems to me that both political parties should start thinking about the well-being of the people and country and not their respective parties and their own selfish machinations. Most of us don’t give a rats ass for or about the BLP or DLP and their elected members of Parliament, appointed Senators and various lackeys and sycophants. Get on with the job and peoples’ business you were elected to do as a Government and as an Opposition.

  26. I write subject to correction but I think the problem is that none of the members of Parliament have any proven business acumen.

    Few, or perhaps none, can point to successfully owned and managed businesses and draw on experience.

    They are all professional politicians.

    Apart from the alleged porn magnate, not one of them has proven themselves in business.

    It is a far cry from the days of old when the economy was based on sugar and probably every member of parliament had the experience at being successful in their own businesses.

    This lot are no more than parasites and rely on others to make the economy work.

    All they can do is pull each other to pieces.

    They have absolutely nothing else to offer other than hollow words

    • @John

      Your reference to ‘pornmagnate’ conjure great irony because he is the one minister perceived as working. Oh the irony!

  27. John thank you, you have just nailed it! It is really sad to see a bunch of grown educated men trying to run a country without any experience in management and business. The only skill as you have just stated are hollow words. Piss poor leadership skills and they expect to win the Grand Prix in a donkey cart.

  28. So as not to throw cold water on wunna theory. wuh de arthur manage even wid a good economy he ended up leaving a lot of debt. however if u check american presidents none of them where in management positions before being elected . from Ronald Reagan an actor to Obama a community organiser. wunna just looking under every nook and cranny to justify that the peoople elected the wrong govt in bubados.

  29. To compare the system of government in Barbados with the one in the US is like comparing the devil with God. A Congress, Senate and Executive arm who have to negotiate always with each other to manage the economy. In those three groups a diverse skill set can be found. Even in Obama’s Cabinet can be found a level of diversity which Barbados cannot compare.

  30. Just showing how flexible these guys in the US and other large countries must be to successfully manage huge and diverse economies, you have two little political parties in Bim with a bunch of antiquated colonial laws that are pretty much straight forward if you don’t mind the idiocy of them and an extremely small population, yet these two parties cannot unify or have absolutely no viable ideas to get the country moving again, no contingency plans in place, no meaningful dialogue with each other to produce anything productive, no flexibility in thought processes beyond boasting of what school they attended even though people like me won’t give a rat’s ass about what school anyone attended if you are devoid of a high level of intelligence, knowledge and lack basic commonsense……….those who have a modicum of understanding will get my drift.

  31. I knew sombody would have come up wid that idiotic agrument of comparing system of govt when all that was being pointed out that aperson does not necessarily have to be a president our manager of a big business to be a competent leader. it is/all about good leadership and the ability to govern and take contol. under any given circumstance

  32. Everybody so big and brughtwhy wouldn,t all the pseud-intellectuals the Cave hill brand here on BU dn.t put wunna feet to the fire instead of talkng jobby all day long.

  33. The people who need to put their feet to the fire and show leadership are the ones sucking on the taxpayers purse to the tune of $17,000 and upward per month, what they hell are they being paid for, to continually outline their stupidity and lack of commonsense to the world.

  34. Yeah i might be a lost cause because i don,t go along wid wunna agenda and in that respect u David ;_ might be right cause ac not looking under every nook and cranny to undo the election. so far far the year every article here on BU with few exceoptations were negative sorry but i not one to join the chorus of malcontent and naysayers

  35. @ ac | June 29, 2013 at 2:58 PM |

    Where are your feet ac? We have been asking you to do just that; put your feet to the fire and come up with some ways to help out.
    But where can we see your feet? No where else but in the ‘shite’ house cocking up and taking pooping potshots at others who are making positive contributions.

    Please ac, please, just one idea or proposal to get us out of this crap hole! How about asking your husband the lawyer to ‘think outside the bench’ and be imaginative for once?

    At least you could ask the Cabinet and the other MPs to cut their salaries and perks by 5% as a symbolic gesture of concern and sacrificial intent as requested by the PM.

    What about floating a bond to the Bajans in the Diaspora or to overseas friends of Barbados or even local to be subscribed in foreign currency?
    They can be given the guarantee that the proceeds of the bond will only be used to finance projects aimed at earning or saving foreign exchange and backed by lands owned by the Crown.

    What about immediately compulsory acquiring the CLICO estates instead of allowing them to go back to their original state of 1627 and not worth sea crab shite in commercial value?

  36. Ok, here is a idea….

    Coming up with a variety of viable projects is a complete waste of time. There is not much wrong with the dozens of projects that we have f#%*^ed up over the years…. (Frigged up 🙂 )
    …the problem has ALWAYS been the execution.

    Let us ADVERTISE for a professional manager to take full control of the proposed sugar industry project.
    1- Send home EVERYONE in top management who have been associated with that fiasco IMMEDIATELY.
    2 – Applicants tol be short listed to ONLY those who can DEMONSTRATE a history of success as managers over the past 20 years.
    3 – Selection of the final manager to be done by a panel of three elders ( perhaps Sir Courtney Blackman, RL Seale and Lowdown) with the deliberations done at a public session.
    4 – the manager is given a 10 year contract at $10,000 per month plus 2.5% of industry profits.
    5 – contract automatically ends if performance falls below an agreed lower limit.
    6 – manager has total control of all decision making.

    Sugar industry profitable in 6 months.

    …..Next! .??

  37. wunna tek this fuh. fuh god sake this is a country that involves people lives and their daily living. this not a mom and pop store wunna running. keep talking jobby, and see really when the shit hit the fan who would suffer the most, all these cockymame ideas sumting that only school children would come up with , stop the madness wunna sound silly .

  38. A lotta long talk but some of you (except Bushie) are missing a vital point.

    An effective Minister has to be good at managing people and have competent people to manage.

    Partisan politics permeates the Civil service and that is a major problem.

    Bushie the Sugar industry can be saved by the Rum industry.

    All Barbados rum should be made from molasses produced in Barbados.

    All sugar consumed in Barbados should be produced in Barbados.

    Premium branded BARBADOS sugar can be exported.

    Premium branded BARBADOS rum.

    The “GROWN AND PRODUCED IN BARBADOS” branding would be very effective.

  39. Yes ac I am a typical man who has recognized your ability to pretend to be intelligent in a way that defies credulity.

  40. Sorry if I mash ur corns. I did not know that this BU forum was fuh only University graduates and exempt the mek and lowly.. it always cease to amaze that people of ur ilk who have being widely exposed to international life and differences still maintains that holier than thou attitude .Typical ! but not surprising!

  41. Agree that ideas need to be put on the table, but I hardly get past Standard IV in school. So I’m not going to pretend that I have all the ideas. First things first: The ministers and their PSs need to set an example for the rest of the Civil Service. Do you know that MOA – David Estwick, his PS and Atlee Brathwaite and their wives traveled via London, first class to China. This was the last Tuesday in May. Air fare per person is close to $30,000. Don’t talk about the 5+ star hotel these jet setters stayed in when they went to China. This trip cost the tax payers over $200,000. What was worse was that the Barbados Cabinet INSISTED on and SANCTIONED this trip. How can we as a poor rakey country afford such an effing luxury? Now what is wrong with these guys booking and paying for economy and asking for an upgrade at the check-in counter? A ton of money could be saved on airfares and hotel accommodation. Secondly, we need to appoint a Contractor General who has the relevant laws backing him. Owen Arthur and his Mottley crew did bear shite when they were in power. The contract to build Dodds was awarded to Glyne Bannister and his team when Arthur was out of the country. Mottley, the then acting PM, got the cabinet to support she Royal Westmoreland buddy. Thompson soon after he came into power got his engineer friend Abdul Pandor to redesign the roundabouts on the newly constructed ABC highway, and this exercise cost the tax payers $22,000,000. When Stephen Lashley became housing minister he increased the staff compliment by 50+. Monthly salaries wen from $600,000 to almost $1,000,000. All the new maids leave work at 10 am every morning. Anyone notice that since Lashley gone over to MTW he gave Bounty a new road in the dark of the night. I do think that if we were to cut government wastage the country can save 100s of millions of dollars in a relatively short time frame. Mr. Speaker I may only be a Coal Pot but I can burn a few of the thieves and them with the truth that none of the politicians like to hear.

  42. @ Coal Pot | June 29, 2013 at 7:48 PM |

    Wow, Coal Pot, you now cooking with gas!

    And to think your man Mr. Integrity himself the Sleeping Giant on Molasses Hill is very much aware of these things.
    Are you sure he is still squeaky clean or now tarnished with the smut of corruption?
    Any hot news on the award of contract for the housing project at the Grotto?

    It’s really disingenuous for the pot to call the kettle ‘black’ even if the Prevention of Corruption Bill still remains off the fire and in cold storage.

    But the miller is beginning to warm towards you. You might just be able to roast some of his corn some day.
    Keep it up, Potty!

  43. @ Hants
    “Bushie the Sugar industry can be saved by the Rum industry.”
    Not only rum Hants.
    The sugar industry is probably the very best opportunity for future success in Barbados.
    Apart from rum, it can be the backbone of a very profitable Agro-industry, with things like cassava, corn, sweet potatoes etc inter-mixed and providing complementary support.
    It can play a significant role in energy with the development of complementary bio- generation using both agricultural waste and specially grown materials….substituting some of the $800M annual fuel bill.
    It can be the base for a national Agro- processing facility which could purchase and can a variety of agricultural produce to stabilize markets for small (and large) farmers.

    Only complete brass bowls could have been asinine enough to contract such an industry to the point of closure. Complete jack asses…..sacrificing fertile, flat, productive fields to ruin…so that they could then get permission to subdivide them for housing – to make a one-off profit….based on jack ass laws passed by brass bowls…

    Steupssss …..but then again…why exactly would Bajans deserve any better…?
    …so that we can have more money to buy skimpy slut-like outfits for Kadooment and foreday morning….?
    So that mendicant lackies can attach themselves like parasites to the retarded politicians in search of crumbs dropping from the trough?

    It is a LAW of nature. You get what you deserve.

  44. We started with Plantations of sugar , Sugar got us this far and it will keep us and ours forever. Building water Dams by COW is not the answer for us , but more money for him.
    It seems that the online Ministers on BU seem to be able to have a better plan
    Lets hope some of the House Ministers are reading , and get back to the work of this Nation and the Peoples Business..
    We dont need planes to land to live well and long. We need good clean Food .
    The strength of a Nation is the ability to feed it self, Let us show them how strong we are..

  45. @ Bush Tea | June 29, 2013 at 8:43 PM |
    “ Complete jack asses…..sacrificing fertile, flat, productive fields to ruin…so that they could then get permission to subdivide them for housing – to make a one-off profit….based on jack ass laws passed by brass bowls…

    Unlike you the miller has taken already this morning his medication through the right orifice and can therefore see clearly and ‘think’ practically.
    In case you don’t know or are ‘deliberately’ unaware much of the same ruined fields in the high rainfall fertile productive estates are presently in the custody of CLICO Holdings Barbados.

    Until this CLICO mess is resolved all your “brass bowl” pipe dreams of a revived sugar cane (in association with local molasses-based genuine premium rum) industry and its role as the back bone to offshoot agribusinesses and renewable energy forex saving enterprises would remain in the same state as the fields themselves- overgrown with bush and producing only cow itch and havens for rats and mongooses (our own smart Bajan meerkats).

    So instead of putting the cart like, Ossie Moore, before the donkey why not offer concomitant proposals or solutions to the CLICO land holding fiasco?

    No need to send the miller to overdose now and deprive you of your daily share of the medication we share ! LOL!!

  46. Anyone hear about the company Donville set up in Miami to order medical supplies (especially gloves) for the QEH? Why does Donville have to make 100s of thousands from this process? Why can’t these savings be passed onto the QEH? Anyone hear of the latest arrangements between JADA and MTW? JADA financing the upcoming road projects and the taxpayers paying back for these over the next 25 yrs with a very high interest rate attached? What is 5 and 10 – Minister Michael Lashley – getting out of this? Anyone see the two story 3,600 sq ft house Lashley building for his mother? Just a poor boy exposing the shit that is going on around us. The 6 million question is, with Mottley’s track record, can she be expected to be any better?

  47. @ Miller
    Once you take your tablets (in the correct manner) you are not totally incoherent you know…? There is hope for you.
    The CLICO issue is yet another example of an essentially good idea placed under the management of a moron in the private sector, and done so in the total absence of transparency.
    This has been the standard practice of ALL political operatives over the post EWB years.

    Only the kind of leadership that could AND WOULD compulsorily acquire ALL such assets and put professional management and sound strategic policies in place can change that around…..AND NEITHER THE BLP OR DLP shows any sign of such competence.

    LOL …the Bradshaw woman should really stick to crop over talk and Commission’s promotion of the Petro Caribe arrangement that would essentially encourage the idea of cheap energy at the expense of future generations is short sighted…to put it nicely.

  48. Coal Pot…….is that not the same thing Taitt used to do, it’s just a continuation of sucking the taxpayers dry through greed, as another corrupt minister.

  49. Do you understand the story behind COW Williams’ 600 lay offs? Rayside Construction owed Kiffyn Simpson 45 million for equipment. Kiffyn called the loan and owned a construction company – Rayside. Having no experience in the area of road building, he turned to his friend Björn Berkemann of JADA construction fame. Together they became the sole share holders of Rayside. They were now ideally positioned to compete with COW and their alignment with the stars occurred when the former Minister of Housing – Michael Lashley – became the new MTW minister. This was not merely coincidental and was sanctioned and had 100% blessings from PM Stuart. COW realized that the writing was on the wall and therefore is recent public agitations.

  50. Testing – David my most recent long comment was bounced. If my comments are not wanted on BU I’ll understand.

    • @Coal Pot

      There is no evidence of a comment in your name in the spam queue. Do a back arrow on your browser and retrieve. In future if typing long comments do so in Word or some other app and copy paste. One does not know when a gremlin will appear.

  51. Grandads asked me to take a look at this

    I think that you are being targeted by a Denial of Service attack of some type David[BU]

    It has been happening to PODRYR as well

    In some cases it simply is not allowing him to post on the site and and the hourglass continues indefinitely.

    I had to copy his text from a page, refresh that page and paste it on the page 3 times before it went up..

    David, you know that you are making waves when this starts to happen and as Baffy has hinted, some of the topics are of a specific nature and are bringing attention to BU from the “Zionists lovers”.

    I advised Grandad that you don’t have to fear the DLP since their webmaster is Ronald Jones and he is not in that league, nor are his website advisors.

    The BLP, specifically Ms. Mottley, is a kettle of a different colour.and has resources a cut above the rest. The JRCC saw to that.

    You may now have brought the US faction in, through your increasingly frequent, interesting Zionist posts so I wish you and Grandads luck with these cyber police of the Fifth estate.

  52. Coal Pot Where you come from … Wow


    You do good to connect the dots … For me there was a serious disconnect. But in the vein of mimicking a TV series I would venture a comment from the now dead Tony Soprano about his mafia business… “money travels up the chain, and shit travels back the other way …”

    Amused I hope you got it … ! 🙂

  53. Coal pot; Yuh cookin wid gas!
    The Cow William’s threats of layoffs now make more sense. What a falling out between tvs!


    It would be strange if the PM was not aware of all these rumours since he can certainly can add 2 and 2 together. That nothing has been done to stem them says as much about the rumourees as of himself. Moving a Minister from Housing to MTW without ensuring that past habits had no way of regenerating themselves does not cut it. There is obviously more scope for skimming at MTW than in Housing. The move was a promotion for the Minister using the yardstick of increased potential for skimming of projects. When certain names surface as major financiers and project beneficiaries should have rung a warning bell. Can we hope for a reshuffle?

    Even if he does not personally and directly profit from any of the probable shenanigans the profit is there indirectly for his party to use in its reelection thrust, having been moved from the public purse. I think this says something about the man that some uphold as a paragon of integrity and virtue. I suspect he is neither.

  54. COW has other projects with Canadian Investors that could come on stream soon.

    Wunna does doan read Bajan News media doh?

    BarbadosToday,Nationnews an de Advocate online.

  55. David ,@ why do you have this nasty crook and liar face on the top of the heading ?, Crook man Sink man , unless its a wanted poster for high crimes.
    We are happy the STARS are back for ” Rate this “

    • @Deeds

      Chris Sinckler is a minister of the Crown and in particular finance, a most important ministry in these times.

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