Prime Minister Please Talk to Us

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

There was a time not too long ago when Barbados was looked to for leadership on the regional front. We were told we were a country fighting above its weight. There was a time when a president of the USofA, or two, would visit our shores, today they pass us by. Sadly in recent years we have lost our way spiritually, economically, politically, morally…

Barbados Underground does not agree with the view that because the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) won the last general election it means all citizens, which includes the BU family, should agree with all policies being enunciated by the government. Rubbish! The DLP won the last election by a two seats margin and a little over four thousand votes made the difference in the total vote recorded at 152, 593.  Of growing concern is also the large group of Barbadians who continue to ignore the right to vote.

In the lead up to the 2008 general election what led BU to be supportive of the David Thompson opposition was his promise to communicate with the people and to lead a government committed to being transparent.. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur had assumed a dictatorial approach to managing Barbados which offended the BU household.  Sadly Thompson died in office before he was able to achieve anything of note.

Perhaps not!

What stands out about Thompson’s brief stint as Prime Minister was his willingness to talk to the media and engage the people, especially ordinary people. In his short tenure (short of two years) as Prime Minister he held more press conferences and sessions with the media than Prime Minister Stuart has held in over three years. All political leaders by definition will offer different leadership styles, however, a single quality which separates those who make greater impact are the ones who are able to effectively communicate to the charges. In the case of Prime Minister this is defined as all Barbadians. Prime Minister Stuart must demonstrate the wherewithal to unleash a rallying cry. He must, it is what leaders do.  There seems to be a rancour which continues to characterize the local political landscape which does not make the job of managing in a challenging economic period any easier.  Yes we all agree it is a difficult period, all the more reason why we need to get over the egoistical BS, on BOTHSIDES of the political divide. BU is still trying to appreciate the tone use by Minister of Finance at the recent luncheon.

What will plague the legacy of the Stuart administration, unless there is a dramatic turnabout, is its unwillingness to engage the public. If his henchmen were as vocal as he is silent perhaps it would serve to compensate. With the exception of Donville Inniss and Stephen Lashley it begs the question, what of our ministers of government?  Worst of all has been the inability of the BLP opposition to capitalize on a glaring political vacuum.  Even in a post general election 2013 period the dissension continues. We have seen it with the egos of George Payne and Edmund Hinkson, the conflict finding its way all the way to the courts of Barbados. We have also seen it in a BLP opposition strategy where MAM has been relatively silent for the 100 days after the general election, a deliberate strategy we have been told. However, former leader of the opposition Owen Arthur and Kerri Symmonds have been very vocal representing the voice of the opposition party.

Whether you are ardent supporter of both political parties there is a melancholy which is sucking the last dregs of enthusiasm of a once proud people.

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  1. Oh dear,he we go again.

    While I agree that a press conference now and again to update the Nation is not bad,I must say I did not hear all this hue and cry when Arthur did not deign to speak to the media during his term in office.
    Stuart has only been prime minister for 3 years and not 5 years as stated above.Nevertheless hmmm….

    I don’t know but sometimes these 5 and 6 posts every week of ‘the government bad,the government bad…..the government ain’t saying a pang,seems like overkill to me.

    • @Common sense is not common

      That is all you see in the blog that we are bashing the government?

      BU is not making any point about a press conference, the bigger point is the pressing need to create a culture of I am with you, I am in touch with you, show that you empathize with the people. If you don’t the spirit which defines a people will flicker and die. Obviously the five instead of a three was an error rather than making a fact. What five or six posts a week? If you are unable to absorb the bigger point that we need leadership now more than ever carry on smartly.

      Why do you think BU was started? The event which triggered BU’s launch was when one of Arthur’s henchmen, Barney Lynch, so disrespected Loveridge at VOB and it was like it never happened.

  2. @ David
    Anytime a citizenry has to beg their servant to talk ‘with’ them something is wrong. Maybe on both sides

    • @Pacha

      What is really sad is that there is a 50:50 scenario playing out here.

      Submission received.

  3. Bajans got what they voted for, inertia and corruption. Stay tuned, more to come in the coming days. It was instructive to hear on CBC TV what was reported to have been said by the president of the Bankers Association of Barbados. Surely, Jamaica and Guyana should examples of economic ruin in the region after standing on a pedestal for a long time. It seems as if Barbados is about to fall.

  4. @Can;t Wait,
    “It seems as if Barbados is about to fall”…but according to you and people of your persuasion it has already fallen. check with Island gal, Buahie, Dr. love and thea ilk. so there is nowhere to fall. You’ll just have to sait and see; since you have no intention of helping “the country” of which you are a citizen. So sit on your hands and wait. I am sure they will get numb.

  5. For me Alvin, Barbados at this point in time can be saved, but there is a lack of confidence by those with the cash to do so. When teachers and other public servants contracts of employment expires between now and August 31 2013, then for me Bim has fallen from grace. Go collect the 25 million dollars in VAT money from Courts and do not depend on the pro-BLP private sector to pump money in the economy for the garrison boys to tief. Let the whole thing crash and everybody start from scratch.

    I suppose Stinkliar is waiting on the credit union money under the guise of the FSC to pay its bills. By the way Alvin, did you hear Ryan and David on brasstacks yesterday May 31 2013 with Stetson Babb predicting what the June quarter report from the Central is likely to be? “cat pis and pepper bout here”.

  6. That credit union money got everybody talking in tongues, as i said, the government better watch how they handle that money………keep the minorities away from it and use common sense.

  7. David/BU

    In the interest of fairness I decided to reread the blog post and what I am taking away is that the P.M. must speak to and engage the people.

    Fair enough?

    Well hasn’t the P.M. been speaking to the people through addresses at BMA and Commerce and other public events which are carried in the press?Hence my suggestion of press conferences because that could only be the forum that it can be argued is least used.

    His ministers speak on their areas of responsibility;whether agriculture,international business,tourism,culture,foreign affairs etc. so there is information whether to your taste or not in these areas being circulated.

    Honestly,I much prefer to hear less of these ‘warm-over soup’ speeches written by dim-wit permanent secretaries who write pure jobby that is not worth 1 old time penny.

    Because of the style of some past politicians we have become like children waiting to hear ‘ daddy’s voice’ or else we cry in frustration and fright.There is very little that is new that freundel stuart can say at this time.Right now he is like a jet on the runaway he is ‘on hold’ until the clearance signal comes from those away for this economy to take off.

    He, arthur or no magician can make any meaningful difference right now.The cards are just not in their hands,all they can do is tinker here and tinker there and stop letting the private sector suck the country’s financial nipples sore
    Freundel stuart will never be an Errol Barrow or a Tom Adams,as a matter of fact he wll never be a David Thompson either.
    He has his own style which like Sandie people will give credit long after the fact.

    It is what it is David.

    On the matter of the start of BU,wasn’t your first blog about old man rayside and the hairy bank?I remember that one creating some consternation (and much mirth by yours truly) in the household and some sneaky methods had to be employed to get another read in peace and quiet.

    So what Barney lynch episode starting BU what.

    • Regarding your snide remark about Lynch and BU launch, when did Lynch storm out of the VoB studio? When did BU launch? Does commonsense suggest it would have taken some time to get the momentum going? Does commonsense suggest that although the Lynch incident played a part in the decision to launch BU it does not mean we had to write about it for reasons we prefer not to publicize?

    • @St. Georges Dragon

      The retort you are sure to get is that the DLP won. Pachamama’s earlier comment is insightful. The election result is like the people saying to the parties, please cooperate.

  8. Fumble is just not a leader. Some people are; some people aren’t.
    Possibly his worst decision was one of his first – getting rid of Hartley Henry – who it seems to me was about the only person who might have been able to see how he was perceived by the voters and advise him how to change his behavior.

  9. Barbados Underground does not agree with the view that because the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) won the last general election it means all citizens, which includes the BU family, should agree with all policies being enunciated by the government. Rubbish!


    -I DONT BELIEVE IN THIS HONEY-MOON CRAP-especially a bankrupt Government like this DLP shit.. This Government is the worst Government in the History of Governments any where on Earth or Mars. I hope yuh know that there are people on Mars and they look just like Stuart and Carson Cadogan. There is a Carson Cadogan who lives in Eagle Hall. Is this the same Carson Cadogan on this Blog ?
    Yeah , as I was saying, this Prime Minister is the worst Prime minister in the history of Prime Ministers and St.John people must take the blame for this country being saddled with this inept Government. Why ! Because they say that if yuh bring a Frog to run for the DLP in St.John, they will vote for it. I am saying that changing that mindset is something that the BLP needs to undertake. I dont know why they dont go into St. John and hold all their Public meetings Now ? Attack the DLP from St. John and it will spread. The theory is simple. I f the DLP has something to worry about in St.John, they will be strongly weaken (sic) and totally destroyed. I advocate that to the Nation and to the BLP………………..

  10. He has his own style which like Sandie people will give credit long after the fact.

    WHERE ?
    WHEN ?

    I THINK NOT !!

  11. This Prime Minister dampens everybody’s spirit

    He said that Barbados like too much feting, something that generates economic avtivity and develops skills in the areas of Sound, Lighting, Event Planning etc. Why do you think that St. Lucia has such a good Jazz Festival that has grown and grown ?—IMBECILE !

    You Clown

    –Feting and Entertainment in a tourism driven economy is essential.. Tourist come here looking for Live Entertainment. They are up late in the night because they are on vacation–YOU ASS !–People need to Party whether you like to do so or not–Your are not The World BrerCUNT !

  12. The Government is chewing on more than it could bite off. It would seem that none of the members of Cabinet is equipped to handle the job of governing this country. Simply put, they do not know what to do.

  13. Caswell Franklyn@ they know what to do , The have to deal with Plantation DEEDS. The Wolf is stuck and now have to chew off its leg to get away.
    The President of the US of A knows what the PM not saying, that DEEDs is right about the land fraud and they dont want to land air force one in Shit. Barbados is a Bad Apple.
    The PM is an ASS playing with his ass and other asses, What a time to be a lawyer in Barbados ,

  14. @JUst asking.
    “feting and entertainment in a tourism driven economy is essential” True, but what kind of feting? What kind of entertainment? How many tourists go to Reggae on the Hill? what happened to the original Jazz Festival that started before the St. Lucia Jazz festival? Why did it cease? I remember the call in programmes and their content at the time Mr. Sandiford was battling with the economy. It succeeded than. I think that the problem with Just asking, and those of his ilk is that it did not work this time.And it will not work again.

  15. @JUst asking. The only spirit the Prime Minister dampens is the BLP spirits because he will not fall into your traps. All the hullabaloo you made over the Alexamdra issue, he was proven right, His process at this time will prove to be ight again. Keep cool the island will not disappear and the crisis will pass. go take a cold bath and cool your fever.

  16. @Can’t wait.
    I do not get to hear Brass tacks because I am in toronto for now. But what I want to advise you people who see bad in every DLP supporter and government representative, is that the saame people who have run the Credit Union movement all these years will continue to run it well. there are laws that exist that do not allow access to credit union funds as you wouould like to make people fearful of. The funds have to be placed in a bank somewhere; money can only be spent or saved, so I have everyconfidence that those funds are well protected so don’t try to mislead people.

  17. Don’t mind them Fruendel. You don’t have to talk to nobody. Ypou is Prime Minister, Like it or Lump it. Dem Now…… Dems Again. Right Carson

  18. @ Cant Wait !
    Who is this fellow Straughn ? Does he hold a job ? Why do you consider his and David Ellis’ personal views of such importance ? Has either of them ever operated a snowball cart ? It seems that you are another one suffering from the post election syndrome that Minister Sinckler spoke about .Well you have AT LEAST FIVE YEARS to find a cure . I hope you survive .

    • @bemused!

      Now now don’t be snobbish. It was not so long ago the MoF and cohorts believed similarly. You are reminded of the E11.

  19. David,

    I don’t think its just the PM that finds it difficult to communicate. The Minister of Tourism recently aired a 45 minute News Extra programme on tourism.
    He was the ONLY speaker and even though CBC had a full hour, the Minister did not take any questions from attending journalists. When there are currently so many concerns regarding this sector, it does not give the impression that the administration is listening.

    • @Adrian

      Perhaps it explains why Sealy is Stuart’s man for Deputy. These guys simply do not understand how effectively communicating with the people helps to bolster their confidence. A confidant people means there are opportunities created. There was victory at the polls and this is where is ends for these politiocs. In one word, naive.

  20. David,

    I have finished off this weeks’ Tourism MATTERS column with:

    It starts with leadership whose role is to inspire, direct and champion change.
    Leaders lead by example.

    They are not entirely my words, but I thought they made so much sense.

  21. Alvin Cummins | June 1, 2013 at 11:07 PM |
    @JUst asking. The only spirit the Prime Minister dampens is the BLP spirits because he will not fall into your traps. All the hullabaloo you made over the Alexamdra issue, he was proven right, His process at this time will prove to be ight again. Keep cool the island will not disappear and the crisis will pass. go take a cold bath and cool your fever.
    How was he proven right with the AX issue ?
    Tell me !
    It seems like Housing has now be exposed for what it was
    Kellman going to expose everything just now

    • Problems remain at AX but of course you should expect that it will take a while to settle the school. Only this week the big news was a video circulated on FB with two AX girls pouring licks in a CP girl. The fight continues.

  22. why do you assume that I am Male ?
    I think that the problem with Just asking, and those of his ilk is that it did not work this time.And it will not work again.
    Cracks me up everytime

  23. Guess Whoooo?

    Now if wanna want talk… I gine start

    My dear and beloved people of this labored and all but washed up land.
    We got wanna now where we want nuh …so hush wanna F-ing mouts. Money talked ,bull shit wlaks

  24. I wonder how come all we Bees finding it SO hard to get in here nowadays? Man you gotto hop pun friends computers to get in lil TALK….One mornin ya wake up and D HIVE move..just so…. Wanna want talk well here is mo….MEXICAN KIMMO_NAPPY time… eva day ….is a cure all for ya who want answers…tekk a hint “we aint go nun”. Best part we doan got to worry Global recession see to that…. til manana…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. Oh yeah… By the way

    If dat ole bus riding pensioner woman ( wid D dream) DEAD by the nxt 4 + years….wanna doan worry …she younger sister pun contract……now stop confusing muh nah….siesta time….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. Correct me if I am wrong. But I didnt hear OSA coming to the nation so often. I remember hearing Mia but not Owen. I liked the quarterly reports David Thompson used to do. But we have to realise Frenduel is not D Thompson. He has his own style and manner and he won the last election with folks being aware of that same style and manner. On another note, I am impressed by the way in which Minister’s are given a ‘free’ hand to talk, Instead of hearing the PM on every issue, I hear Michael & Stephen Lashley, Sinckler, Kellman & Donville quite a bit. Let the Mnister speak about matters pertaining to their own Ministry, The PM doesnt have to talk about everything.

    • @Kevin

      Why do you think a Commander in Chief will visit the troops on the battlefield from time to time? This is despite having generals and others to lead.

  27. @David,
    You used the correct combination of words; “from time to time”. and that is to visit the troops. the PM does not have to “visit” the troops constantly. He has to manage the country in his own way, not the way you, Bush Tea, Dr. Love, or Just Asking would like him to. then he would not be doing it “his” way but the way others want him to. Whether people like it or not he will do it “his” way.

  28. I heard Sinckler say that PM Stuart is there for each and everyone of the DLP members giving advice and helping to draft policy if needed. To me, he is doing his job, I would prefer less talk and more action.

  29. Alvin………… wide economic conditions aside, i believe that everyone should now just be asking for things to be done the right way.

  30. @ David
    Action from the DLP team headed by Stuart. David, whether some people like to admit it or not, this administration stabilized the Barbados economy during the world wide economic downturn. There was 2 years of economic decline followed by 2/3 years of growth; weak yes; but growth nevertheless. The DLP now seems to me to act better as a team and does not come off as a one-man show like the BLP under OSA. Dont call me partisan either, my first ever vote was for the BLP but I believed the DLP deserved a 2nd chance to try to capitalize on their stabilization efforts. I will judge them on the work they are doing and not how much the PM appears on tv or radio.

    • @Kevin

      Believe what you will but the government took a decision to use NIS funds to pay salaries. That is the sum strategy of the stabilization.

    • @Caswell

      It seems the DLP’s strategy is to attack you. Always a tell tale sign. Don’t worry because they are attacking BU too. Be under no misdirection that the BLP people will do the same when they turn come…lol.

    • David

      I usually avoid fools: they have no impact on me. Why do you think that they are not attacking any other union leader? I suspect that the DLP is assured of their support.

  31. Telling it like it is | June 2, 2013 at 12:35 PM |
    Caswell is one of those wrong and strong liars from school days. You would prove the bastard wrong or catch him in a blatant lie he would be silent for a minute but as soon as you turn your back he resumes broadcasting the lie. Caswell is Elombe Mottley’s closet rival for the sobriquet of “Barbados’ most sucessful failure.”

  32. Caswell

    If you usually avoid fools, how do you manage to avoid yourself……………multiple personality or some such other mental disorder?

  33. Caswell Franklyn | June 2, 2013 at 1:49 PM | Why do you think that they are not attacking any other union leader?

    Murder muh belly. Caswell you is a real plimpla in truth. You are the only member of UNITY trade union and you calling yourself a union leader. A leader of who or whom? Caswell you bursting muh guts with laugh this gorgeous bajan sunday.

  34. Sounds like Barbados is seriously in trouble, exhausted every and all accessible financial resources to nourish the extremely ill country. Prime Minister, at this point, may not know the countrys fate and so he refuses to speak. Maybe.

  35. Caswell Franklyn is an honest , upright and truthful man.
    Usually such persons have it tough in Barbados because Barbados is given to corruption, lies , covering each others’ ass in fraternal nasty shitty links that encourage nastiness.Caswell is a plain talker and such persons are always reviled in Barbados.

    In recent Times , your stakes have risen higher than the Empire State so the attacks will come. They have some real stinking people in Barbados


    If the PM was to speak the truth to the people or never speak again , He rather say nothing.Once he start to talk, its all down hill faster than ever.

  37. Caswell is the classic complainer but he should remember that wisdom is not demonstrated in compulsive complaining. He didn’t seem to have any problem with how we’re or we’re not done under the BLP, Simmons and Owen.

    @ Tell it like it is

    Caswell has given his union a very apt name given that its entire membership (all one of them) are unified.

  38. David of BU and Caswell,

    It always so amusing / amazing for me – when I am always subjected to your constant harangue – about the performance of the DLP administration.

    For the record please learn to accept quickly that the DEMs are doing a great job – and barbadians with commonsense (albeit minus you two doomsayers) recognise the worth and effort of this DLP government in these straitened economic circumstances.

    So you two bellyachers return to the holes you were living in – when Arthur and the BLP held sway.

    For in 2013 and onwards it is : DEMs…NOW

  39. Avinash Persaud has to be mad! Where the hell he think this poor rakey minister of finance would find money to take over the Four Seasons project?

    The buffoon has exhausted every dollar available to him, he even raided the Severance Fund since NIS funds are at an all time low.

    But people, do you see how LIED this MOF is? He told Barbadians only a few months ago during the Estimates that investors are lined up to buy this project and now we get to find out that the investors told them to take a hike…..”You want US$115 million for this project where there is absolutely nowhere stand on. I believe nobody in their right mind would pay that sort of money. It is all on paper but nothing in reality”.

    You CANNOT believe a word out of this buffoon’s mouth.

    So much for these potential buyers, now the mad doctor wants government to takeover the project. Ha ha! I wonder how we the taxpayers are going to recoup the money this incompetent government has poured into this black hole……………the dead king put in money before he died when we were told that the project was to restart in two weeks time………….this buffoon poured in US$6o million of our NIS funds and now the mad doctor wants government to take it over?

    It never ends with this incompetent government!

    • @Prodigal Son

      There is a piece missing here. What would have driven these Italian folks to comment? If they don’t like the deal move on no?

  40. Prodigal………….they are all talking in tongues, credit union money driving them crazy, poor peoples money have them salivating and can’t sleep………however, we have been assured that it cannot be touched so lets wait and watch.

  41. Two weeks ago i checked out some in the Bayview area of Toronto, my, my. No one is going to buy rusted steel in Bim, even if it comes with a beach.

  42. @David.
    I just remember now I am reading the blogs about this place.

    A freind of mine who is in a “position” in the port told me that there were(had been) 14 x 40foot containers of “top quality” fitments for the “should have been ” dwellings ,stuck in the port ( after all went”belly up”) clocking up demurrage.
    Strangely now “they all disappeared; all 14 of them”.
    Can you find who ” paid”for them and cleared the goods??.

  43. Exactly, David. Someone must have been pressuring them to buy, don’t you think? Something is amiss.

    The bottom must have fallen out of whatever the minister thought he had, hence the doctor’s fall back plan…….ask the minister to take up scare taxpayers dollars and buy the property which is mostly debt. Sad thing, the minister does not know what he is doing and has spent all the taxpayers monies.

    So sad….. the position the country is in and we have yardfowls on here chanting…dems now, dems again. I keep asking myself how these dems won cause if you say to people you meet who are complaining…that’s the government you voted for, their response is not me, I did not vote for them. So if so many people are saying they did not vote for dems, how the hell they won???

    Meanwhile, the minister for constituency councils was on TV tonight, inducting more yardfowls to waste scare taxpayer dollars! Wow……

  44. Interesting to read Lala Vaswani’s comment quoted in this morning’s press. The message is the same that the association(BCCI) remains concern and begs government to intervene. His comment is interesting coming days after the MoF addressed the BCCI. What is evident is that the BCCI has no confidence to do business at the moment. Senator Reggie Hunte’s broadside at the private sector last week would not have helped with confidence building.

  45. Prodigal with your profuse analysis on all topics you conveniently skip Mia’s interview with Tony Best in NY. Not the part which she rehash for the trillionth time that Bdos economy not doing well but the part where she admits she cant control Payne and Hinckson. The alternative government is run by a leader who earns scant respect from her troops.
    Prodigal cuh dear man that should elicit an analysis or at least a comment from you. Leave out the DLP for a second and expound on MAM interview dont be such a hard nose BLP yardfowl. Expand your horizons.

  46. Look, Mr/Ms Integrity, I believe Mia has said the right thing. Two adults have problems, they are in the same party, nothing new about that. It is indeed sad that they could not deal with it in party. The world has changed, hitherto the BLP never washed its laundry in public. They have chosen to go the route they are going, we will wait and see.

    But look, Integrity, even in your immediate family, do you get on with all your brothers, sisters, mother, father? These two men are not family, so what’s your point? Do you want to tell me all of you in the DLP get on? Yea right!

    A DLP friend of mine asked Dennis Kellman to ask Donville Inniss when he was minister of health for some help with a project he was embarking on (you all keep saying that people should all become entrepreneurs) and Kellman told my Dem friend not he, he and Inniss dont get on. So dont give me no bull. There are more problems in the DLP than in the BLP, so buzz off. Remember the gang of eleven, they sat down around a table at government headquarters with Freundel and then got up and went up to an apartment in Dover and plotted to overthrow Freundel.

    See. I have expanded my horizons, discussed the Hinckson/Payne matter and even included your incompetent party which can do no wrong in your eyes!

  47. The people of Barbados who voted in the last general election did not vote for Freundel Stuart to be Prime Minister of Barbados,We the people voted for Owen Arthur NOT to be the Prime Minister of Barbados.In other words,Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is Prime Minister by default.
    As a member and supporter of the great Democratic Labouir Party, I am deeply concern with the leadership or lack thereof of this administration in the handling of the affairs of this country.There are myriad of issues and problems affecting this country and there is little or nothing emanating from the mouth of our leader Freundel Stuart.
    The sad thing though occurs when our Prime Minister actually talks,he talks a lot philosophically clap trap that is not relevant to the issues.Freundel Stuart believes when he talks,he is talking to a philosophy class at university.Prime Minister Freunedl Stuart,you are not talking to a university class about philosophy.Prime Minister Stuart,you are leading a country with people who have practical issues and need practical solutions to those issues.
    The first one hundred days of this new administration was a disappointment.Practically the same cabinet was retained with only a few shifts here and there.No foresight,no innovation and no imagination in allocating of ministries.It is a continuation of the last administration and business as usual with the leadership asleep at the helm and in a very deep slumber.
    This Negroman is begining to get very frustrated with the leadership style of Freundel Stuart.Barbadian are not accustomed to silent leaders.We love to see and hear our leaders.
    Prime Minster Freundel Stuart is a very contemptuous individual.The people of Barbados prior to the last election indicated our dislike with the lack of absence of Stuart.He responded by being more vocal and we hear and saw the Prime Minister.
    The election is over and that contemptuous individual has return to his old ways of not communicating with the people.
    If Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is the leader of the Democratic Labour Party in the next general elections,I may be forced to either support the Barbados Labour Party or abstain from voting.I really do not want Freundel Stuart and his leadership style to be a Prime Minster of Barbados for at least another ten years.
    I hope the other members of parliament on the Democratic Labour Party side recognize Freundel Stuart is going to be a serious liability in next election.They must at this time do something to either get him to connect with the people or seek to have him replace as leader.
    Freundel Stuart as leader of the Democratic Labour Party in the next general election.the chances of the party repeating as winners are doomed.

  48. @Negroman

    When the debate on homosexuality start next election, you will see who will be victorious. My leader Freundel, a leader of integrity, will not accept these sodomist homosexuals nor the lesbians. WE DONT NOT WANT GAY MARRIAGES is our slogan for next election.

    If Owen couldn’t beat the old lady bus advertisement, how can Mia beat the NO GAY MARRIAGE IN B’DOS advertisement we have planned. This time we using a little child who will see 2 men and 2 women kissing each other.

    VICTORY AGAIN 3 times a leader just as Owen did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Like it or Lump…………………….i hope that is not true, it really sounds low to exploit kids like that, it is rotten and will reflect more than just a little badly on the island that adults particularly politicians calling themselves leaders being paid monthly by the taxpayers will even think of stooping that low………… will not like the worldwide backlash, i promise you.

  50. @Well Well
    You really think DLP foolish. Do you remember the PARO ads. Well the PARO will be PAGM ( a unified body of church members). People Against Gay Marriages but I wont say anything else other than it is our victory again.

  51. Like it or Lump…………….no i did not see the paro ads but be careful with those ads, do not exploit to retain power……….no so bueno.

  52. Both DLP and BLP must be permanently removed from the political governmental landscape of this country.

    And this must be done within the next 5 years or else Barbados is certain to become in many ways like Jamaica was in the next 9 to 14 years.

    Therefore, the majority of people in Barbados must put in their places serious, accountable, disciplined, nationalistic, people-centered parties at the helm of the government of this country.

    For, DLP and BLP governments, since the death of the late great Errol Barrow (1987), have been systematically destroying and tearing down many of the affairs of this island, thus leaving it in a state where on the present political trajectory that it is on, it is set to become a second rate third world developing country in the next decade or so.

    Therefore, serious, patriotic politically conscious individuals and groups of individuals must lead the charge in preventing this country from being any further despoiled and vandalised by these two intellectually politically backward and bankrupt factions.


  53. Negroman??? Is dat you tawking????Wha yuh eat dat turning yuh mind from Frundy??? I thought he was your hero? I ent sure dat dis is de same Negroman . Security please remove dis imposter from bout hey….SECURITY ….SEEECURITY ah begging yuh!


    The People’s Democratic Congress | June 3, 2013 at 6:42 PM |

    Both DLP and BLP must be permanently removed from the political governmental landscape of this country.@ AGREE


  55. If one has nothing to say….why say anything? Is it not that simply ? Of note other ministers are quick to get up and say SOMETHING…Sen.Husbands for instance told us not to send our children cap in hand unaccompanied by an adult collecting sponsorship money. Min Jones informs the 11 plus results will be out nxt week. Min Blackette the refurbishing of the social centre up Gall Hill You all TV not working or what ?… what more you people wants to hear ….Must I quote Horace again?

  56. Hint : Negroman…What you smokin man? The fellas up Belleville waitin pun you and not to buy drinks…hint hint

  57. @ LIKE IT OR LUMP IT | June 3, 2013 at 6:08 PM |

    What a shitty example representing the apex of hypocrisy that could ever be!

    Imagine the man at the “rimsing” centre of it all is indeed the consummate closet homo.

    It would not be the first time that those who preach and rail the loudest are those most guilty of the same sin. The RC Church and its erstwhile hidden dirty acts now exposed for the world to see is a perfect example of what you and the fumbler could get up to.

    But, hello, it is not morality that would decide the next elections but pure economic misery thrice the size of what was experienced in 1992/93 giving a brand new twist to the phrase “lump it or leave it” giving a clear perspective into the thinking and intellectual capacity of a bulling or wicking idiot called “Lump it or Like it” and vice versa, right fool?

    It would do you and your lot a world of good to forget about the gay business and deal with the economy, not so stupid?

    Just remember that there is a golden rule on morality: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. In other words, ‘those who are without sin cast the first stone’ right LILI?

  58. Voters in Barbados cannot, constitutionally, elect a prime minister. Voters may be responsible for electing a government but its is the MP’s of the winning party that elects the PM.

  59. @ Negroman | June 3, 2013 at 5:01 PM

    Hi Niggaman, you now see the miller is a real man of integrity and not the lying fraud you once promoted as the paragon of all virtues?

    Don’t be surprised if you soon find out that what the miller has been saying all along about the same “bulliar” is the last gospel and testament according to St. Paul.

    The man is a con and misfit. You and the ac idiots must accept the truth and set your souls free from political bondage and propaganda engineered to buy an election.

    But all is forgiven, naïve negro. It’s not your fault just in your genes to be easily tricked. It’ (s)well with your soul, now that confession has been your catharsis.

  60. @ Dummy @ dumo…

    “Fool me once…shame on you..fool me twice SHAME ON ME”….fool me thrice?

    Cuddear man….think wanna cud get fool thrice? Why not.

  61. Onions

    Which BLP camp you hunkered into, the one with Mia and Cynthia or the one with Kerry and Owen, Dale, George, Gline, Ronald and others?

  62. Miller…………….if you would just read the People want Caribbean Regimes to Fall in it’s entirety, you will see that even your esteemed friend ac is swaying, it was a riot, read the whole the thing to get a better picture.

  63. Negroman | June 3, 2013 at 5:01 PM |

    Hardears wont hear——————nEGRO Man now see the light.
    Frendelitis is the worse thing since mildew sliced bread

  64. I have not forsaken and I will never forsake the great Democratic Labour Party for that despicable,corrupt,inept lot of despots that is refer to as the Barbados Labour Party.
    This Negroman is only outlining his frustrations at the lack of leadership that is being exhibited by one of the most contemptuous individual ever to hold the post of Prime Minister of Barbados. I will repeat without fear that I believe Freundel Stuart should be relieve of the post of Prime Minister of Barbados and the leader of the Democratic Labour because of his contemptuous nature and lack of leadership skills.
    I am still a loyal and committed member of the Democratic labour Party.I have no intentions whatsoever of leaving that great party for no other political organization.However,I am highly annoyed with the performance of Freundel Stuart as Prime Minister.
    They are other worthy members of the party parliamentary arm who I believe have the ability to be a better leader than Freundel Stuart.Donville Inniss is emerging as a serious contender for leadership position in the party.He is one of the few ministers present who is able to connect with the people and his no nonsense approach in dealing with issues is refreshing.
    Negroman believes that Donville Inniss should really push to take over the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party from an uninspiring,contemptuous Freundel Stuart.
    To all the commenters on this blog including David of BU,even though I am upset with Freundel Stuart and his lack of performance as Prime Minister,this Negroman WILL NEVER EVER support the Barbados Labour Party.I will abstain from voting before I ever put my X against the name of any candidate representing the Barbados Labour Party.

  65. FROM THE DESK OF ………………….HON PM FREUNDEL STUART……………..ref: Negroman…………………………………..Chill!

  66. U know as a DLP stalwart i am a bit confused by the tone and rhetoric of the “negro man” comments.”IF” as he says to be an undivided supporter of the DLP why is he stoking the fire by planting seeds of division among the party. does not make sense .planting seeds of dissent or division among the faithful is not whats in the party best interest even though one might not be in agreement with PM leadership……….

  67. AC
    I will chill.I am not planting seeds of discord,I am only highlighting my disgust at the PM arrogance and contemptuous behavior.
    The people of Barbados are literally begging the PM to come and give us some assurance or re-assurance that everything is okay and that his government is confronting and dealing with the many serious issues affecting the country.Is that too much to ask of Prime Minister Stuart?
    AC my fellow party supporter,I will not comment on this issue anymore.The party still has my unwavering support and I will be a DLP member and supporter until the day I die.
    The Barbados Labour Party could never get this Negroman vote no matter what.

  68. Negroman

    Thank you for your frankness… ac or Alvin would never be able understand this even if stamped on herhis forehead with a 2 x 4. I think that he has no reason to believe, that he needs to change his leadership style given (1). The Eager 11 saga,( 2). No one is challenging him but a latent few (3.) A philosophy of we managed to skim thru before, so whats new and (4) they came out on top in the recent elections. Your discomfort however, supports the view, that not all diehard D’s are comfortable with this position. What is therefore left, can therefore be summated as ‘business as usual’. Nothing has changed, nothing will…..accept things the way they are dilemma..or lump it and leave it..

  69. Negroman…I can totally agree with you that Donville is the only piece of leadership material in the DLP

  70. Negroman

    Donville and his wife are currently being sued for something relating to pornography? He is not Prime Minister material, never was and never will be.
    If the current PM is to be toppled then it certain that only 2 people in the parliamentary group have a chance, its either Sinckler or Estwick. Donville nor Richard Sealy have a chance, nice enough fellow but barbados won’t accept either. and

  71. “The Barbados Labour Party could never get this Negroman vote no matter what.”

    “I have not forsaken and I will never forsake the great Democratic Labour Party for that despicable,corrupt,inept lot of despots that is refer to as the Barbados Labour Party.”

    “If Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is the leader of the Democratic Labour Party in the next general elections ,I may be forced to either support the Barbados Labour Party or abstain from voting”

    All quoteted by Negroman !!

  72. @ Islandgal246

    You are trying to flog a politically dead horse. Estwick or Sinckler, those are your choices if or when Stuart either calls a day or is pushed aside.

  73. Devoe leave me to flog whoever I want to and if yuh get in my way, yuh gine get flogged too!! LOLL

  74. Negroman i have no qualms or squbbles with what you perceive as “arriogance on the PM ..however i find it a bit troubling whe u throw what i perceive to be a devisive weapon by asking for the PM to be taken over by Donville innis on the perception that he is able to communicate and further more an action or suggestion as you alluded can only hurt and divide the party………………………….no further comment on this issue……………..DLP stalwart ac………..PEACE and LOVE

  75. Freundelitis does remind me of stagnant water
    I dont agree with Negroman
    He should vote out Frendelitis
    not stay home and not vote rather than vote for the BLP
    How could people be so though ?

  76. Islandgal246

    I certainly don’t want you to laugh, even though you and I both know that the PM drive a wicked hard lash in Donville when he take away MoH and made Minister of Very Small Business. Talk about going from having a massively large ministerial budget to virtually nothing at all. The PM clearly does not like Donville but then again most people in the DLP knees that the PM thought that Donville was empty vessel.

  77. Donville would make a great PM…..As to the saying ” Empty vessels makes most noise….bare boo in this case…a least there is sound. Some noise is way better than no noise ….Give Donville that muchly deserving chance..his performance during the last 5 yrs at the QEH stands. Donville for PM any day….

  78. Donville is a threat to the PM and the further away he is sent the safer the PM will feel. Donville is the ONLY ONE in the DLP who is showing some balls. The PM could do Barbados a favour and hand over the reigns to Donville.

  79. Yes Luv…..empty vessels make most noise…ya faget?..LOL..I ent eat breakfast yet and probably so too you…whaloss!

  80. @ Islandgal

    I bet more could be achieved thru Min Inniss and his zest as a better minister…all that we are hearing is just nothings from the rest….we yearn to hear on the economy, yet all we are hearing is how to safely sell raffle tickets and when the 11 plus results comin out….cuddlaud!

  81. To be honest Donville is the only Minister I will listen to when I hear him pon de news! The rest of them are a waste of time. And to give the MOH to that IDIOT John Boyce that is nail in the coffin for Health Care.

  82. What about Lashley the man promoted to have been the most successful Cabinet Minister of them all?
    The man touted as having planted more stone and wood than any Housing minister ever.

    The man’s stolen “H.E.L.P” programme was marketed to the gullible as the greatest thing since the introduction of free secondary education in Bim.

    A smart man of conning intent that was able to spend over $40 million of taxpayers’ money even without the MoF, PM or even Parliament having to approve such?

    A man whose kickbacks were reckoned using the formula of $28 million for you and $5 million for me thereby putting his MoF who sat next to him in Maths class at the Garrison to abject shame.

    What a giant of a man from the East. Why not Lashley the garrison boy for PM and MoF?
    It’s a pity that both MoF’s and PM’s have to travel to the US of A to attend conferences and seminars on a regular basis!

  83. @Islandgal246
    Name for again one thing Donville has achieved since 2008?…………………………………..a big fat NOTHING, thats what.


    You serious, that man take 5 million in Lashes, in one go? Thats 18% partner, and rich even by BLP standards. These fellas does graduate real fast

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