Update: Leroy Parris v BLP, Nation and Barbados Advocate

Marston Gibson, Chief Justice of Barbados Designate

Marston Gibson, Chief Justice

In the interest of sharing all information received about any matters which BU has reported on, we have been advised and updated on the issue of the Parris v BLP and Nation and Barbados Advocate as follows:

Mr Hal Gollop QC filed an action for defamation against the Nation which pre-dates the Parris action. The law firm of Carrington and Sealy acts for the Nation and Mr Vernon Smith QC is acting for Mr Gollop.

The essence of the complaint is that on January 07, 2013, the Nation captured and published the photograph which is the subject of dispute. Reasonable conclusion, the Nation was the author and the holder of copyright of the photograph. The BLP subsequently used the photograph and caption in their campaign. Thus, Mr Gollop has also advanced a claim of conspiracy against the Nation and the BLP.

At an election meeting at the Ivy on January 10, Mr Chris Sinclair made comments on BIPA that were responded to by the Nation with the picture at dispute. Mr Gollop immediately commenced the protocols (CPR)  against the Nation and, the time limit of the protocols having expired, Mr Gollop filed suit some time BEFORE Mr Parris filed his suit.

To date BU understands that the Nation has not filed an acknowledgement of the claim. Mr Mottley QC is representing the BLP in its defence of the Paris action.

How is it that Mr Gollop’s action is not proceeding, while the action of Mr Parris is proceeding with such haste? AND being heard by the Chief Justice? There is the inference which some have made that the Simmons appointed people in the court system are doing favours for the party that appointed them. The independence of the courts and of the judiciary from the executive must now be carefully examined.


  • Smooth Chocolate

    @LOOK | May 26, 2013 at 7:19 AM |
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    from all your previous comments, I take it that you are speaking of yourself, while holding a glass of white wine. i will tell you one thing, not bragging, my home country is London, England. my husband, British. having both been exposed to education in Britain and Barbados, we decided that our children will be educated in Barbados but will travel to Europe every summer to give them the experience of various cultures. when our kids were attending secondary school here and they attended newer secondary schools, i was very careful to let them understand that they should be ‘bragging off’ to their friends where and how they spent their summer. i felt that only the immature would do such. what is the point of me coming here telling of my experiences in La Salle, Paris, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Africa etc the concerts my family attended with Vitas Opera, Andre Rieu etc. why would i choose this forum? i am not here to impress anyone, i come here to read and sometimes offer my views. you on the other hand quite frankly have nothing of substance. you really should follow Pinkie’s advise and take it to FB. no one gives a rat’s bottom where you live, what you do, WE DO NOT CARE. you not only lack intelligence but you have absolutely no class since you come here suggesting that Islangal246 likes to be tied up etc…i can only assume as do others, that either you indulge in that filthy perverted behaviour or you have the potential of doing it, since we usually accused others of doing what we know we ourselves do. why are you here sharing your private business? you are no great super star that your life would be of interest to anyone, for all we know, the streets of Nelson Street, the garrison, Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Laurent are your home


  • Smooth Chocolate

    i was very careful to let them understand that they should NOT be ‘bragging off’ to their friends where and how they spent their summer.


  • @Bush Tea.
    Perko would give you nought and tell you to stand on the bench The quotation means that Everybody in the world honours the prophet, but the people back home do NOT honour him They give him NO respect. It does NOT, as you surmise, mean that there are some “home” who honour him. It means that he gets NO HONOUR among his own
    And there are many examples coming out of Barbados apart from Dr. Warde. Consider Suki King; World Champion (for over twenty years now) draughts player,who has to scrunt every time he has to travel to defend his crown. Consider Ryan Brathwaite, World champion 110 metres champion who was constantly being criticized by Barbadians that he “only just barely win”, and many such degrading comments.Our leaders who are outstanding and respected outside of Bim who get no respect, even though they deserve it from Bajans. For a small country with no resources to be no.38 out of 187 countries on the Human Quality of Life Index is outstanding, and must be credited to the leadership; BLP and DLP,


  • @ Smooth Chocolcate

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