CARICOM, Barbados and Me

The following was posted by David Weekes to the Shanique Myrie Goes to Court blog.

Caribbean Leaders come together in Chaguaramas to sign the treaty July 4th 1973 - CDA

Caribbean Leaders signed treaty in Chaguaramas on July 4th 1973 – CDA

Could anyone please explain this to me since I am slow of mind. Ms. Shanique Myrie, citizen of Jamaica, and CARICOM denizen, while travelling to Barbados, purports to have been inappropriately searched by Barbadian Immigration (and thereafter denied the right to move/reside in Barbados as allowed for under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas (RTOC). Within mere weeks of her claim, her government equips her with its premiere lawyers and she brings her case to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) where the Government of Barbados brings it legal luminaries to fight on behalf of its Immigration Officials.

David Weekes, citizen of Barbados, CARICOM citizen, brings a case of breach of contract against CARICOM in 2007 and here in 2013, still cannot get a date for his case. Furthermore, said file 191/2007 goes missing from the spanking new facility at Country Road and cannot be found even up to today.

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Weekes, after seeking audience with the Attorney General (AG) of Barbados, for what was easily two years, to get the support of his government, as Myrie may have done in her purported indecent search, is unceremoniously thrown from the Office of the Attorney General in Wildey. In fact I recall how I was told that “security will escort me from the AG’s office” if i don’t leave.

All I was asking for then was for the Office of the AG to provide me with Notarized Copies of the Instruments of Ratification referenced in Article 233 of the Agreement to Enable the Entry into Force of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

Look at the irony of this case.

You have someone who is purported to be a lady of the night, seeking to visit Barbados for trade in the oldest profession in the world, stating that she was fondled by two Immigration Offices, reporting the incident to her government and securing the support of her government of Jamaica. I have a patented product, am plying a legal trade, cross borders in physical and cyberspace, to provide a border crossing solution which, barring knowing what is in the hearts of a man or woman, provides premiere pre-vetting capacity to Immigration officials re “undesirables” and or illicit activities.

In review, it is not really important if Myrie wins the case or not, what does stare us in the face is how, after placing all the elements on the table, do we arrive at an equation where one purported illegal activity gets the full support of a government while my issue makes me persona non grata?

Yet we wonder why Barbados is experiencing all of this social upheaval and previously unheard of crime?

You, the powers that be, are sowing the wind, so you have to reap the whirlwind


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