George Payne v Edmund Hinkson: Storm Clouds Hovering Over MAM

News broke this week that Barbados Labour Party (BLP) member of parliament George Payne has filed a defamation action against fellow BLP member of parliament Edmund Hinkson. To say that the action is mind boggling is an understatement. BU continues to try all effort to procure the court filing.

One has to question the motive of filing such an action by Payne and what on earth Hinkson would have stated publicly that was so damaging to the reputation of Payne. One would have thought that both BLP candidates would put party first and thrash out what differences appear to exist between the two away from the public glare.  BU believes if this matter is pursued it will reflect poorly on Mia Mottley early in her stint as opposition leader a second time around.

It is no secret there is bad blood between Hinkson and Payne which spilled into the public domain during the battle for who should represent the BLP St. James North seat in the 2013 General Election. Observers opine that Payne used his full weight as Chairman of the Barbados Labour Party to support Skeete. In the end the Rawle Eastmond anointed Edmund Hinkson won the nomination and the general election.  Why would Payne, the plaintiff in this matter see sense in pursuing a defamation action at this time? By so doing he has disrespected MAM’s position which is no surprise.

If politicians continue to demonstrate that they lack the ability to resolve personal conflicts, how can we expect them to resolve issues of national import?

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  1. I want to make a few comments on (1) David’s post re BLP Member of Parliament’s George Payne’s filing a defamation action against fellow BLP member Edmund Hinkson; and (2) David’s comments on BA mediocrity in the selection of nominees for QC’s and WellWell’s suggestion that “There’s a nice scam the lawyers got going.”

    First, the account regarding Payne v Hinkson is not only mind boggling, but it speaks to a professionally unethical act. I read it thrice to “wrap my head around it” and up to now, I can’t fathom it to my own satisfaction. Yet, here are some thoughts that emerged while I tried to understand motive, since we are aware of the roguish behavior of members of both he BLP and the DLP during the last General Election, and prior elections. What was said that warranted this action- if anything?

    Cussing, denigrating and vilifying the opposition, though justifiable is base. The ends seem to justify the means. But, there is something wrong when a member of one’s political family has the temerity, the testicular gumption to seek redress in the public domain.

    .When family members have problems, there are avenues to sort them out, behind close doors, instead of airing the musty smelling underwear, or dirty linen in public.

    The reported action to be taken, at this particular time, after the Honorable MAM has been chosen as head, by a majority, might suggests that MP Payne – solo, or in consort with another, is doing one or all of the following:

    (1) Testing the boundaries to determine what the family’s leader will do;

    (2) Testing how the rest of the family will respond to this tactic – it may be part of a larger strategy;

    (3) Deliberately seeking to make it unmistakably clear that there is a schism and vulnerability within the party-but to what end? Who will gain? What will they gain.

    (4)Self-promoting and personally jockeying for position. (This will not in any way lift him up and tear MAM down cause there is such a thing as Universal Law, and yes the Law of Compensations.. Bajans are not asleep; they only behave as if they are.)

    Using the race or gender card is something I do not do, however, that this is happening now makes me wonder if this public underwear and linen airing is not gender related- and if it is, then women of the BLP and DLP should think about it seriously. This is just a thought.

    .Finally, there should be within either party either a mediator, or an elected Professional Code of Ethics Committee which upholds The Professional Relationship Code that should assert, ‘If a member of the Party has a grievance against another member, such grievance shall not be taken into the public domain unless all avenues for reconciliation fail within the Party’.

    ‘Furthermore, should the member seek public redress, such member shall be held in contempt and his or her membership in the party becomes invalid.’ I am certain that there are those among you who know what exists to sustain cohesiveness in the political parties. But, I think
    There has to be a mechanism to deal with this type of situation which is a personal assault on people’s sense of what is decent..After all, young people are watching and listening.

    Second, regarding the BA, I cannot speak to its selection and nomination of mediocre QC’s, and I would not suggest, or even agree, as WellWell has that BA has a nice scam going for three reasons only:

    (1) The people closest to my heart are lawyers and “-some of my best friends” are members of this profession;

    (2) “Ah fraid” lock up; and

    (3) I want to be responsible. Therefore, I want my words to inform, ito inspire, to be factual and helpful. This I want to add though.

    I have had an opportunity to make a personal assessment of what I consider to be dysfunctions that are indicative of a judicial system in need of reform, Why?

    There is something wrong when a lawyer is retained by a client to sell land in Barbados, takes the money received for sale of said property and tells the client of woes with former colleagues which render him unable to suirrender her funds for sale of said property.

    There is something wrong when a lawyer can dissemble the facts about the transactions and sale of said property, when they are legally recorded and presents as if he does not care about the profession of which he is a member..

    There is something wrong, when a Barbadian lawyer can be fraudulent with clientele – with impunity, and still be allowed to practice in Barbados.

    More importantly, there is something wrong when the duped client levies a complaint with BA and other Representatives of the court without the courtesy of an official timely response.

    There is something drastically wrong with BA and the judicial system that allows lawyers to practice without malpractice insurance and a client security system to ensure that clients recover major financial losses..

    Does BA have a scam going on? I don’t know, but there is something going on that is very wrong, something that is chronic, vulgar and potentially deadly – a sickness that must be treated.

    Is it that MP Payne believes he is not accountable to his Party and the future generations who want to be politicians? Does this fraudulent lawyer feel that he is above the law and entitled to take his client’s money
    and use it at will, because the entity of which he is a part does not make him feel accountable?

    Keep up the good work BU.

  2. @ F Jones

    “an elected Professional Code of Ethics Committee” within either political party??

    Indeed you jest!!

    An oxymoron of gigantic proportions!!

    Here you have men/women who are exposed to the best get rich scheme in the world, one sanctioned by the people that elect them every 5 years, and you are asking these scoundrels and cut throats, these yakuza who are elevated to our House of Assembly, to do what??

    Tell me FJ, during all of your time here on this planet have you even seen an unscrupulous Bajan MP, The Miller would chide me for my unnecessary repetition, “unscrupulous” and “parliamentarian” in the same sentence, have you ever seen one of these gokudo being brought up on tiefing charges and incarcerated?

    Nothing ever comes to Coleridge Street sorry White Park Road.

    Dream on

  3. The female lawyer herbert who forced a dying client to sign a will and then had the will forged when the client died before an error could be corrected……….i do not speak of things that i do not know about…………then CJ Simmons and the BA (at that time it was Abrahams who was president at the BAR) were notified and shown proof, nothing was done to that thiefing female lawyer, I am sure both Simmons and Abrahams both called her to let her know that it was being exposed, they did not bank on the person taking it all the way to the high court………….so do you guys now see who the real culprits are in Barbados?………… was only a scandal among attorneys and others close to them who had a good laugh……the island is worse than a boiling cesspit of criminals who are in charge of the law.

  4. @ david
    At least you could ensure that those who would wish to attack Mr Mark Goodridge would factually state what was the charge brought against him . He was NOT charged for beating or assaulting anybody but for “discharging a firearm within 50 yards of a public highway” . Maybe too the persons commenting on this matter would try to find out what the innocent black boy was doing at the Goodridge property at Highgate …whether he was paying a visit or thiefing .

    • @Blance please!

      It is why commenters play their part to offer clarifications.

      Yes he was formally charges for the offense as you described but a ‘White’ man beating a Black boy even if he was stealing on the property and the circumstances how it was done will not sit well with a predominantly Black population.

  5. Balance
    I do not know of any law in Barbados which gives a owner of property to kill or injure a thief, except in self defense. Did Mr. Good beat the little black boy in self defense, and should he be a QC, based on his involvement in this thing. I say No! That is only my humble opinion. It is not that this thing happen in the 70s or 80s. The DLP should be ashame of what they have done!

  6. Lemuel………………what the DLP has done is no surprise, it shows that they are not paying attention and don’t care about the opinions or concerns of the electorate………………that Goodridge saga is a national disgrace, any other country in the world he could not rise to ‘prominence’ or anything else because of his own arrogant stain…………

  7. A little history here:

    From the pages of the Nation newspaper


    Arthur says BLP Leadership issue about the people

    by Ricky Jordan

    Mia Mottley’s leadership challenge is not between her and Owen Arthur, or her Opposition colleagues. It has to do with what she symbolizes in the minds of Barbadians.

    That is the view of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who said yesterday his former Deputy Prime Minister and current Opposition Leader was not accepted by most Barbadians as a future Leader.

    “I can not say there is not a challenge of Leadership in the BLP, but the challenge is not between Ms. Mottley and myself.

    “The challenge is, as represented in the Peter Wickham poll, that Ms. Mottley…..faces a problem of being accepted by the society at large and faces a problem of being accepted by a cross section of the BLP,” Arthur told the media at his UWI, Cave Hill office.

    He said there was one facet of the issue which neither he nor Mottley could do anything about, and that was that after being Leader of the BLP and country for 14 years, a large measure of support for him remained in sections of the society and the party.


    (1) Peter Wickham’s polls have been devastating to the Barbados Labour Party. Mia was betrayed and removed from office as a result of a Peter Wickham poll. Peter Wickham’ s poll and a blind reliance on it by the Barbados Labour Party in the last elections grossly misled the BLP. Of course the Democratic Labour Party pays no attention to Peter Wickham or his “polls”.

    (2) Delusions of Grandeur. There is great danger in believing that you are more important than you are. In hindsight Owen is fully aware of that now.

    (3) Never give a wash up former Prime Minister an cavernous office at UWI Cave Hill as it separates him from reality.

    (4)Even the institution that you lead (BLP) hates your guts. Mia are you listening? Nothing has changed in the BLP for you.

  8. I am not a racist. I however hate it with every fibre of my being and at 81 that is not too much weight.

    I have seen racism, social stratification, middle-class-ism, saved in the blood of the saints-ism ( a phenomena that is practiced at we church where the holier-than-thou crew doan mix with de res uh we backsliders), I have seen it all, in various countries, across this great globe, during these many years here.

    While Mr. Goodridge might be a racist, if as was alluded to the poor black boy was tiefing in Highgate den he is right to protect his property.

    I don’t see many people writing about the Blackman who killed John the paro at his restaurant in 2nd Avenue? Belleville when, admittedly, the paro was tiefing his limes!

    @ Lemuel

    You really got it in for de DLP doah, man evey ting dat bad you blaming Fumble and he sidekick Patrick Ignoramus Todd for.

    Some time coming soon i expect you to say dat it was Fumble who bomb de girls at Campus Trendz, light de fire at de tyre place in Shophill and bomb dem people in Boston.

    Now you mention it, Lemuel, I feel dat Sickliar is who radicalize dem terrorists wid he big words “adumbrate” whu you tink?

  9. CCC
    Looking at what Mia brings to the table socially, politically and intellectually it is not coincidence that people find her hard to embrace. would you want a situation where your girl child or boy child would have to choose Mia lifestyle to work in Barbados. I continue to say this and people cuss me for it. yet, I witness the same in the 70s in this said same Barbados. You think it was only yesterday that Barbados was being referred to a Bull Badus.

  10. @ David
    But that is the exact point . He was never accused of beating the boy . BU has a duty to do the clarification AS LONG AS IT KNOWS THE FACTS.

  11. Lemuel

    What is really disgusting about the whole thing is the fact that you don’t hear any of the BLP females saying a word in her defense.

  12. Balance please!!!

    Where you come from?

    POLICE LAST NIGHT issued a “Wanted Man” release for a 53-year-old attorney-at-law.

    “Mark Winston Goodridge, of Cattlewash, St Joseph, is wanted for questioning in connection with the report alleging the beating of a 15-year-old boy in Highgate Gardens, St Michael, on October 6.”

  13. Piece of de rock
    If the BLP administration had made Mr. Good. a QC I would have said the same thing. By the way I have always liked PM Stuart as a platform speaker. I don’t if that helps you.

  14. Balance please
    Do you imagine what would have happened if Mr. Good had come home and confronted the boy; the boy would have been shot. It is a good thing that Mr. Good can not shoot properly. Mr. Good may be your friend or family but right could never be wrong.

  15. CCC
    If Mia carrying the same behavior to the BLP women why should they defend her. Mia has already dipped her hand in money again. Funds were promised to the BLP during the elections. The people went to the promisers only to find that Mia had already collected the money and spend it. Last time she took the 100,000 for the party had it in her bank account and the BLP office staff could not be paid. I just remember something Mia is a lawyer.

  16. Again……………Goodridge paid out the boy’s family so he would not have to face prosecution for beating a child. The area, forgot the name, is just an anclave for poor whites wannabes, it’s called trailer park trash in some jurisdictions…….time for the society to stop bigging up areas in Bim that mean absolutely nothing. Did the society learn nothing from the Strathclyde nastiness of decades ago? some of those houses are now nothing but rats nests.

  17. @ Lemuel, I have heard several people complain about not being paid for working in the BLP election machine. I would not like to think a woman as wealthy as Mia would stoop so low…

  18. David
    I can always defend what I write.

    Knight of the long Knives
    May be you need to ask why , if she and her family are so wealthy, they do not pay their bills and continue to owe every body with the father using his QC status to warn that he has the protection of the court and judicial system. May be this is how you get rich owe every body and thief everything in sight.

  19. To think that OSA had his man Hallam Nicholls calling around to the new members of Parliament telling them to support Mia for the leadership. We need to find out what Mia and others have on OSA.

  20. Lemuel | April 29, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    you sure about that?

    My information is that Seethru was pushing “car seats cutter-upper” as the leader of the opposition but Cyntie threaten to go independent if that happen and that scuttled the whole thing. Remember that only 13 people voted when it was time to choose an opposition leader. Your guess is as good as mine who the member of the opposition was who absented him self from the voting.

    There was a huge photo of the voting process in their Nation newspaper and a larger than life person was conspicuous by his absence.

  21. Also worthy of note is the fact a certain person refused any and all posts in the shadow cabinet.

    Face saving was achieved by Mia by saying that the person will speak on any matter, first time I ever heard something like that, but then again there is a first for everything.

  22. CCC
    Cynthia forde is on her way out and does not know it. Mia has already had discussions about her replacement, Tom Adams son. With out the BLP support Cynthia shall win nothing in St. Thomas.

    The young parliamentarians were up in arms with going with Mia and that carried the day. Now they are realizing that Mia is no sweet bread. Young people have sense too and want power too. Mia like she forgot how she tell Billie to step aside so she could become deputy PM.

  23. @Knight of the Long Knives April 29, 2013 at 11:02 AM “@a woman as wealthy as Mia”

    Maybe she is not wealthy?

    • Didn’t MAM declare assets of over 3 million when she and OSA made that famous declaration of assets in parliament?

      Did her declaration include that massive settlement she got from a magazine in the UK in a defamation settlement?

  24. Lemuel …………………I will have to see it to believe it, Tom Adams’ son………… that out of desperation?? Did Bim not already have all the scandals and political families corruption played out from the 50s right through to the present?? What will the electorate have to do to get rid of these blights.??

  25. Simple Simon……………………that is another thing, the public put these people on pedestals and assume they have great wealth, when in truth and in fact they are just hustlers who know how to circumvent the law to grab money from some unsuspecting victim or the unsuspecting public………..i have seen it played out in Bim many times and could only shake my head, but the judiciary and police have their backs so they operate with impunity………..what a disaster………

  26. Lemuel

    My information is that Tom Adams son is to replace Owen Arthur in St. Peter.

    But my information may not be as accurate as yours, so I yield to you.

  27. Another piece of education to impart on the citizenry……………money is paper and a promise to pay…………..billionaires go broke, money does not last forever or not for very long as long as you are spending it and have no immediate income……just ask the present administration………..or google the Roschilds and see how they had to liquidate so they do not go broke, and they have been into every financial scheme, legal whatever for well over 200 years. People erroneously like to think because you have 5 or 10 million dollars, it’s here to stay, in the real scheme of things, that’s a fantasy.

  28. Lemuel is right Mia’s parents are notorious for not paying their bills.By bills I am speaking about simple things like a leg of pork etc.

    I often wonder why people seem so excited about Mia becoming prime minister.That family seems to be very corrupt and immoral,but they look and sound important so,whatever.

    The history of grandfather mayor mottley roots and activities as told by persons who know is cause for pause.

  29. For those of you outside of politics, it is difficult to remain wealthy in politics. Why do you think that the BLP is fighting tooth and nail to be returned to office.

    When you have a constituency of six to seven thousand people and every day they are knocking at your door begging for this and that, you finances become depleted rather quickly.

    The Barbados Labour Party representative in Parliament whose suits don’t fit well anymore, is already on record as saying,”yuh tink it easy being in opposition”.

  30. Carson……………we can also now say that is why the DLP is fighting to stay in power, close to the cookie jar, the piggy bank…………..instead of being interested in the welfare of the people??? I see them all as leeches on the taxpayer.

  31. Common Sense………………… elder was telling me about Cats Castle off Suttle Street being the stomping ground for Deighton and all the hooliganism involved in those days……………only bajans would seem to be dumb enough to put these people on pedestals without knowing their full history.

  32. Owen Arthur language is quite interesting in defending Sir Roy Trotman treatment. He said this two times in his interview “We have to be careful how we throw out the things that have worked for us in the past”. Is he sending another subtle message?

  33. Arthur obviously still does not understand that things that have worked in the past ARE NOT WORKING NOW and he and Trotman needs to let go of the past so new things can be tried………….that is the problem with these old mentalities, they don’t want to let go of power, they don’t want to let go of the past………..they want to keep holding on until they end up in embarrassing situations like Taitt…………….let go, go away, get some rest, let new people try new things……………..this is a unique situation and different times………… do you make them understand??

  34. CCC
    Tom’s son shall play a part in the next election, unless this disclosure runs him. St. Peter can not be guaranteed, as OSA has upset a lot of people there. St. Thomas is like St. John; need I say more. The white business class is also calling for more political involvement as they seem to be sidelined further and further every election. When the DLP put forward its white man what shall you do?

  35. CCC
    They are some young white Bajans who do trust that the young black Bajans know what they are doing. I believe their involvement shall be good for politics in Bim. All of we are Bajan.

  36. OSA looked truly pathetic this morning in the Nation; it is if he is begging for another chance, but in his time he did not relinquish one iota. OSA remember your pen and shaking it at senior civil servants with Erskine Grffith laughing like a cheshire cat; the big fool that he shall always be. To think that Erskine Griffth was a Head of the Civil Service only because he was OSA room mate. OSA remember those decisions as you ride into the sunset. Barbados shall survive.

  37. This is really funny though, things are so dread in the Barbados Labour Party that they have to import a candidate and a new Leader.

    All I can say is that they are fighting like cats and dogs in the Barbados Labour Party and not a soul is giving an inch.

  38. These are some of the hallmarks of our first term in office, 1961 -1966:

    Labour –

    The Sugar Workers Minimum Wage and Employment Guaranteed Act (1968)
    The National Insurance Scheme providing sickness, injury, disability and pension benefits came into being in 1967.
    The Severance payment Act was enacted in 1971.
    Employment of Women (Maternity Leave) Act. This prevented women from being dismissed from their jobs because of pregnancy.
    The introduction of free Secondary education for all.
    The introduction of the School meals service.

  39. The United States Democratic Party in 2008 witnessed a clash among party members Hilary Rodam Clinton and Barak Obama. Clinton, however, backed down from damaging herself and the Democratic party.
    Secretary of State Clinton, under the Obama Administration recently retired but NOW stronger than any Democratic or Republican candidate forthcoming in the 2016 presidental election. Mottley, we know is nowhere reaching political height of Hilary Rodam Clinton and or even Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australia). The BLP is chiatoc, just a mess. She, Mottley is a political misfit and corrupt like her party members: Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall, George Payne and Gline Clark.

  40. LOOK> look there are almost 500 murders annually in Trinidad coupled with deep rooted racial animosity between blacks and coolies and weve not touched their storied history of rampant corruption. Jack Warner the notorious international fraudster is a cult hero in Tdad.

    Why in the face of all that would Bdos want to be part of Tdad. The only Bajans supporting that assinine thought is you insomniac Well Well and Fingall.

  41. @ Brassy

    Barbados may not want to be associated with Trinidad and Tobago but not have a choice. By the way, this individual LOOK is not Bajan. If you were carefully reading and or following my posts on this site, you would know this. You perhaps have a reading and comprehension problem.

  42. Brassy…………………..aside from the murders, which Bim also have, and were it not for their small size would have even more, Trinidad has Integrity Legislation to lock up the likes of Jack Warner………..where is yours to lock up corrupt lawyers/politicians in Barbados??

  43. Brassy………………… also speak of deep rooted racist animosity between blacks and indians that we know does exist………………… why don’t you show me all the love between the majority blacks in Barbados and the minority wannabe Bajan whites??? i await for the proof.

  44. The BLP could/should learn from the United States Democratic Party involving President Barak Obama and Hillary Rodnam Clinton. Both presidential campaigns, Clinton and Obama in 2008 brutally attacked each other. Obama though won more states in the primary forcing Clinton to concede. She did.

    Clinton conceded to Obama at the same time asked her supporters to follow Obama. Obama in 2008 won party nomination. Further on, he won the position of presidency after defeating Republican party member and Senator John McCain WITHOUT DIFFICULTY. Clinton entered into the Obama Cabinet or Administration as Secretary of State. This politically strengthened her and the Democratic Party. Secretary of State Clinton under the Obama Administration recently retired but NOW stronger than any Democratic or Republican party candidate forthcoming in the 2016 presidential election. Due to term limits, Obama is not allowed another term in office. The American people therefore are focused on Clinton – no one else.

    Mottley we know is nowhere reaching political height of Hillary Rodam Clinton and or even Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australia). The BLP is chaotic, just a mess. Mottley like her party members is corrupt and a political misfit. The United States and Australia we know are large countries and much more advanced than the Barbados island. Mottley though is not a quality candidate, not qualified for either Prime Minister or Leader of the Opposition. The BLP alike the United States Republican Party is weak. The BLP though is not just weak but falling apart. LOL

    The United States Republican party has no one that shines, the BLP likewise.

  45. Mia is the donkey engine again, doing the hard work of opposition politics while Arthur takes a break and reads the political tea leaves. Mia should read the Art of War, if she did she would know that she MUST kill (politically) the former General, Owen Arthur.

    If she chooses not to then the is strengthening her enemy, something from which nothing good can come.

  46. Thompson in 2008 dismantled the Owen Arthur regime of fourteen years. After Thompson’s demise, Arthur saw the opportunity to “strike back”. His mission was simply to take back his throne. The DLP WITHOUT Thompson stopped him in his tracks. Arthur though has not given up. He believes he can fly, AGAIN. Arthur, still in the BLP just waiting, waiting for another “in flight” battle with Mottley, another opportunity to strike back. It will be Owen Arthur alone or Arthur, Dale Marshall and George Payne collectively.

  47. LOOK | May 2, 2013 at 4:27 PM |
    The BLP could/should learn from the United States Democratic Party involving President Barak Obama

    You are talking nonsense
    You are taking advantage of an outcome to spout folly
    This kind of submission should be subject to

  48. [youtube

    Obama at the Jimmy Kimmel Correspondence dinner in April 2012 attacked his enemies (Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Newt Ginrich) “with humor”. See videos on Youtube. Mottley allows them (Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall, Rush Limbaugh and George Payne) in the BLP house – allowing them to steal and kill.

  49. Correction – Newt Ginrich is an American, member of the United States Republican party NOT Bajan and or member of the BLP.

  50. Hi folks I just passed Owen Arthur out Jemmotts Lane by his BLP buddy. The strange thing about seeing OSA out there was that he was blind drunk. I noticed he was being lifted into the backseat of a vehicle. The 2 persons who were rendering assistance were Prodigal Son and Caswell Franklyn (both of BU fame) OSA appeared dazed and punch drunk… though he was impacted upon by the bombs that went off in Boston.



    Some foods some people just don’t like. I understand, mine you don’t like. Some things, DR. THE HONORABLE some people must just grit their teeth and take it. Heard that before?

  52. Mia Mia, run but yah can’t hide
    Owen soon ready and he’ll need an jackass to ride
    In the BLP he’ll have his pick of the asses
    One more time Owen, they’ll come in their masses
    But Mia is the problem cried Owen-in-waiting
    Bring George, Bring Dale, Bring Ronald, Bring Kerry cause Mia ready for the taking.

  53. With Barbados Today giving details of what took place for George Payne to be suing Edmund Hinckson shows the lack of respect some of these politicians have for civility.

    Holding no brief for George Payne I think that Edmund Hinkson should be the one not in Parliament. He seems to one big ignorant arrogant person. The BLP is surely in trouble with people like Edmund Hinkson.

  54. y Roy R. Morris
    George Payne
    Bees are not only stinging Dems these days.
    According to court documents obtained by Barbados TODAY, veteran Member of Parliament George Payne was so hurt by comments allegedly made by party colleague, Edmund Hinkson, a parliamentary new-comer, after the February 21 General Elections that he is now suing him for defamation.

    The claim form, filed in the Supreme Court by the law firm Smith & Smith on April 25, on Payne’s behalf, seeks “damages for defamation in respect of the words published and spoken of the Claimant by the Defendant on the 25th day of February 2013 at a meeting held at the Barbados Labour Party Headquarters Roebuck Street Bridgetown which was attended by thirteen (13) members of the Barbados Labour Party elected to the Parliament of Barbados in the parliamentary elections held on the 21st day of February, 2013″.

    Among other things, Payne also wants the court to grant an injunction restraining Hinkson or his servants or agents from repeating the words of which he complained.

    In the official court document, Payne’s attorneys stated:

    “A meeting of the newly elected members of the Barbados Labour Party in Parliament was held on Monday 25th February 2013 at the Barbados Labour Party Headquarters, Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael at 10:30 a.m. The main purpose of the meeting was to select the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

    “The persons who attended the meeting were Mia Amour Mottley, Cynthia Forde, Santia Bradshaw, Dale Marshall, Maria Agard, Ronald Toppin, Dwight Sutherland, Glyne Clarke, Trevor Prescod, Kerry Simmons, Jeffrey Bostic, Edmund Hinkson and the Claimant. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Dale Marshall.

    Edmund Hinckson

    “During the meeting, there were a number of contributions and interruptions and Mr. Edmund G. Hinkson was requested on more than one occasion to allow other members to make their representation without interruption. While the Claimant was making his contribution to the meeting, he was suddenly interrupted by the Defendant who indicated that he had no moral authority to speak about leadership and shouted out in a loud voice:

    “You are a crook and a criminal; you are a big Queen’s Counsel and you committed fraud; you are totally unfit to be a member of parliament; you aint got any right here; you should be in prison”.

    “The Chairman tried to calm him down and Mr. Ronald Toppin chided him for his outburst but in response to Mr. Toppin he retorted: “Don’t mind you, what do you have to show for the eighteen (18) years you were a Member of Parliament?”.

    Other members spoke to him about his behaviour including Mr. Dwight Sutherland, one of our newest members who indicated to him that he should apologise for his outburst, which was disrespectful to a senior member and was sending the wrong message to the new members. To this he responded: “There are no senior members in here, we are all equal. George Payne is a political clown.”

    “The Claimant felt humiliated, depressed and embarrassed by the comments made inasmuch as these statements were totally untruthful and because he had never had such damaging accusations made against him nor was he privy to any conduct on his part which would warrant such a damaging assessment of his character.

    “It was the first time that the claimant had ever heard any person making any negative comments about him with criminal implications since his admission to the Bar in 1975 as an attorney-at-law or since his election to the House of Assembly in 1991 as a Member of Parliament. Furthermore, the Claimant has never in his lifetime been involved or implicated in any matter which would warrant such accusations.

    “Since the Defendant made those accusations the Claimant has had many sleepless nights reflecting on the comments made by the Defendant with whom the Claimant has had very little dealing or contact in his political and professional life and can find no plausible or logical reason for these baseless attacks on him.”

  55. @Checkin it out. Hmmmmm! So, it took Barbados Today of the Fourth Estate to obtain copies of a public domain document of national interest. BU obviously could not, as anonymity might have been compromised. Kudos to BT for its diligence – but why did it take so long on a matter that is of national interest? AND I am sure that in order for us to get a full picture, we now await with great interest BT’s posting of the response/defense of Hinckson.

  56. Isn’t this the same Edmund Hinckson who Prodigal son vehemently protested during last February lead up to the general elections,that he Hinckson should not be disparaged here at BU with certain comments about his nocturnal activities,and BU concurred and removed the offending comments?

    What say ye now Prodigal?

  57. Prodigal Son/Daughter

    If it is one thing I have admired about you is your loyalty to the party.

    You have never turn ugly against the party despite all the circumstances.

    I was one of those who felt you were unfaired and treated badly when they ousted you from the seat and replaced you with Dale Marshall.I believe you would have won that seat and done greater service for the people of St Joseph.

    However you have allowed yourself to be used and degenerated in some ugly politicking which will not keep you in good stead.

    Be fair and honest and walk with integrity and you will be rewarded by all right thinking persons.

  58. Why am I not surprised by the alleged behaviour of Edmund Hinkson on 25th February, 2013 towards his party colleagues. Days before the 21st Feb 2013 General Election – and just after Owen Arthur and Barney Lynch “did their Brutus act” on Mia Mottley – the same Edmund Hinkson had a public meeting in St. James North and when persons drew it to his attention that he did not have Owen, as party leader, advertised to speak…….the same Edmund Hinkson blurted out to those concerned persons – I do not want to be associated with that ” short a$$ crook and runt Owen Arthur”

    If only Owen Arthur had heard those allegations – then another possible BLP “infighting lawsuit” would have been in the offing !

    Though I am not too sure if OSA would have found a defence to Edmund Hinkson’s accusation….given OSA presiding over GEMS, GREENLAND, DODDS PRISON and that hefty CAMPAIGN CHEQUE in 2003 !!!

    Is this the rock solid political party that Prodigal Son and Miller trumps as the party of choice for Barbados in 2013 and beyond ….?

    The true story of a FRAGMENTED and FRACTURED ……..BLP !

    Dems NOW….Dems AGAIN……..Dems ALWAYS !

  59. Uh Oh! Dirty linen being washed in public! This lawsuit is the stuff that the BLP’s political opponents could only dream would fall into their laps it will hurt the recycled leader and by extension the BLP. That it occurred within a meeting among the elected members and is now in the public domain is inexcusable. I can only imagine that when Mia is deposed she will say “Yes your Honour he did poop on all of us”.
    Which leads me to believe that if OSA was still the leader the whole incident would have been “hushed up”, who was it that said something about “dastardly forces”?

    We the great unwashed await the next outpouring of the salacious details (or the response from the defendant), it makes for invigorating humour.
    Maestro cue the music.

  60. Well Well thats your best post ever.

    The NISE survey shows up what unfortunately the opinion Barbadians hold of lawyers. They just cant be trusted with people’s money. Hinckson says Payne should be in jail. Mind you they are both lawyers and good Lord they are Parliamentarians in the same political party. It doesnt get any worse.

    We know a lot of people enter law seeing it as an avenue to get rich quick. I’m overseas and I’m seeking a lawyer to do a bit of legal work for me but I dont know where to turn. The feedback from friends is to be very careful when you go to lawyer x or lawyer y.

    You never know Hinckson could have proof to back up what he accuse Pain of. Well Well your beloved BLP is also a waste of space.

  61. Check it out……………….the are all (both parties) a waste of space and leeches on the taxpayers.

    You have to be very cautious when shopping around for lawyers, they always seem to have some disgraceful ulterior motive lurking at the front of their brains.

  62. Barbados at moment is chioatic. It’s just a mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there. The United Nations said so. Violet Beckles, a victim proved it as did perpetraders, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Gline Clark, David Thompson too.

    Mottley may and may not plan a coup. Mottley may and may not have planned anything but Trinidad and Tobago have for certain – soon coming to Barbados – A Trinidad & Tobago bomb – A TAKE OVER.


  63. LOOK are you on drugs? You and your jackass crap about Trinidad take over like a broken record instead of hallucinatiing and playing with yourself watch developments in Tdad. Word is Jack Warner running as an independent now the UNC turn their backs on him. He may start his own party. CLICO Duprey is most wanted in Tdad he may sart his own para military force. The ATM kamla woman dont look too strong. Abu Bakr still lurking so is the trigger happy army and rogue cops. The killers, drug runners and criminals running riot in TnT. In fact LOOK you better look for a coup in TnT they are due one. Barbados may have to send troops again to help them.

  64. four months ago this episode took place .one must now wonder how is it that the Leader of the BLP could not have demonstrated the ability to move swiftly and have this nasty episode put to rest by getting those parties together and iron out their differences This is the kind of stuff that resonate and displays how a leader should demonstrate good leadership in chaos. Remember the eager the 11 PM Stuart was able to handle the chaos within his party and out the fire that was about to consumed it. , This episode only shows the strength and the weakness of MIA leadership and her inability to lead her party in times of chaos..

  65. A by-election may occur if the Payne – Hinkson saga continues. For surely if Hinkson has evidence to back up accusations against Payne……then surely Payne would be at PAINS to continue as MP for St. Andrew.

    A brilliant move by MAM..A..MIA…..she has delivered her act of revenge following the events of 19 October 2010 that occured in BLP House, Roebuck Street.

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