George Payne v Edmund Hinkson: Storm Clouds Hovering Over MAM

News broke this week that Barbados Labour Party (BLP) member of parliament George Payne has filed a defamation action against fellow BLP member of parliament Edmund Hinkson. To say that the action is mind boggling is an understatement. BU continues to try all effort to procure the court filing.

One has to question the motive of filing such an action by Payne and what on earth Hinkson would have stated publicly that was so damaging to the reputation of Payne. One would have thought that both BLP candidates would put party first and thrash out what differences appear to exist between the two away from the public glare.  BU believes if this matter is pursued it will reflect poorly on Mia Mottley early in her stint as opposition leader a second time around.

It is no secret there is bad blood between Hinkson and Payne which spilled into the public domain during the battle for who should represent the BLP St. James North seat in the 2013 General Election. Observers opine that Payne used his full weight as Chairman of the Barbados Labour Party to support Skeete. In the end the Rawle Eastmond anointed Edmund Hinkson won the nomination and the general election.  Why would Payne, the plaintiff in this matter see sense in pursuing a defamation action at this time? By so doing he has disrespected MAM’s position which is no surprise.

If politicians continue to demonstrate that they lack the ability to resolve personal conflicts, how can we expect them to resolve issues of national import?

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  1. David until we know the facts we cannot determine whether Payne is right or wrong.
    What if Hinkson said Payne tief money do you really think it could be settled ‘internally”.

  2. @Hants

    Remember that Mia gave Owen the ability to speak on any topic of his choosing and at his chosen time, so as such he is just carrying out her mandate.

  3. last time OSA open he mout and talk about the economy . He was ready to have a fire sale. It would be interesting to hear what his new plans would be outside putting money in people pocket to buy overseas goods and purchase plane tickets to shop in the USA.

  4. If I were to advise the BLP I would tell them let the DLP choke on its mandate to rule Barbados.I would say nothing whatever until a debate is held in Parliament to debate the economy,and I would give them nothing to help them out of the quagmire in which they have put Barbados.

  5. Those BLP folks like the Barbados island and Bajan singer is chioatic Film producer Jerry Buckheimer and or Michael Bay should consider them for movie making.

    • That GWP would sue Hinkson at this time speaks volumes. It explains how poorakey our politics has become. We have politicians which are devoid of principle and philosophy. We have jackasses who forget that a politician’s job is to serve to people.

  6. Oh boy, I have a front seat and a large bowl of popcorn.

    This movie is going to be riveting.

    DAVID has a lot of damage control to perform. He started already. ” Why would Payne, the plaintiff in this matter see sense in pursuing a defamation action at this time?”

    The more de monkey climb the more he show he tail. The only people who don’t know that the Barbados Labour Party is in shambles are Barbados Labour Party supporters on this blog.

  7. I am vindicated again. I said some weeks ago that to get a column in the Nation newspaper who also own Starcom Network, the top of your resume must be a one sided constant criticism of the DLP over the past few years.
    Welcome Caswell Franklyn to the Nation newspaper and Ryan Straughn to VOB as a moderator.
    The Nation newspaper continues to see itself as the public relations arm for the BLP. The entire Sunday paper is sounding like the BLP column on Fridays. What a shame for journalism in our beautiful country of Barbados.

  8. If this was a lawsuit between two sitting DLP MPs, you can bet your house that the Nation newspaper BLP columnists Albert Brandford and Sanka Price would be saying how weak the PM’s leadership was .
    The Nation newspaper does not want to offend its journalistic masters on Roebuck Street .
    ALbert and Sanka seem to think that bold journalism is constantly attacking one political party. That is how yardfowls behave but not respected,professional journalists.

    • Correct BU if we are incorrect but has this matter appeared in the traditional media and if not why?

  9. According to the Saturday Sun newspaper, April 27, 2013, former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. Courtney Blackman, is blaming the BLP/DLP for failing to warn Barbadians from the outset about the cold hard facts of the international recession and that it would have been severe and painful to Barbadians. At least Dr. Williams has been reported to be saying what many economists in Barbados are not saying publicly. But, as can be gleaned from the Saturday Sun story, he seems, though, not to be blaming them for creating this localized depression.

    Well, if he is in fact not blaming them for creating it, he would be totally wrong. For these two stupid “ramgoat” parties have created this depression via the implementation of a great number of backward policies, like the planning for, and the implementation and continuation of nefarious taxation interest rate, the creation and maintenance of these very disgusting exchange rate policies, the alarming increases in the cost of use of money, the continuation with this evil work system, etc.


  10. The BLP will be in opposition for 5 years so if Hink son is in Pain there is plenty time to administer medication.

    Mia will get the boys in line before the next election.

  11. What needs to be discussed is this failed Democratic Labour Government.
    What the DLP did in the last ‘BUY’-Election WAS IMMORAL WRONG AND WICKED TO THE BARBADIAN PEOPLE. The DLP knew that they could not run the Government but because of personal selfishness they lied and lied during the campaign of the last ‘BUY’ Election. Of course they bought votes and tell lies. Lies like the ad about the Transport Board. This was a cheap nasty lie and all the people associated with that Video should be taken into custody after the BLP files a lawsuit .


    What are you waiting for BLP ? What are you waiting for in St. John ?
    I have advised you that you must go into St. John and launch a serious attack on the DLP. THE BEST WAY TO DEFEAT THE ENEMY IS TO STRIKE IN A WAY THAT WOULD completely desatabilze THE TOTAL BODY. I do not have to spell it out.But from now until the next election, you should concentrate on St. John. St.John people need to be saved . Light needs to shine in the darkness in St. John.It could only be backwardness and ignorance why those people would vote the way they vote, And now they are voting for a useless candidate like Mara Thompson only because she is representing the DLP. Bare stupidity.
    Focus on St. John

  12. Hants on April 27, 2013 at 11:30 PM
    The BLP will be in opposition for 5 years so if Hink son is in Pain there is plenty time to administer medication.

    Mia will get the boys in line before the next election.
    Hi Hants,
    I am sure during your last post you touched too few keys…… went to say……Mia will get the OTHER boys in line before the next election !


    The PEOPLE OF BARBADOS must blame themselves
    There was no reason to vote against the BLP in 2008
    There was every reason to vote against the DLP in 2009
    If you wanted reasons to vote against a Government, 2013 was a good example.

    I must concede though that the 2013 election was a ‘BUY’ Election and I cant blame the people too much

    The Medium Term Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) has failed
    Chris StinkingLiar said that it was working

    Foreign Exchange Earnings are down
    Unemployment is up
    Government Spending is not under control
    Layoffs are imminent
    Workers not getting paid (Drainage)
    Revenue is down although Vat is at 17.5 %
    Investors are not confident in the Barbados ECONOMY
    And the DLP has no clue as to how to fix it


    THE BLP seem to be asleep , yes the BLP in the same bed as that other sleeper—

    The Sleeping Giant who talks bare stool and dribble – by the way–I hate to hear the man speak, has gone back to sleep if he ever was awake at all . He was sleep walking and stooling himself trying to get on the Toilet

  14. @David. The Payne v Hinckson proceedings were filed, it is my understanding, over a week ago. However, the rumour of their filing has been lingering for months now, ever since about one week after the election.

    Just for the information and education of the BU family, there are certain protocols that must be observed BEFORE an action for defamation can be filed and these are part of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPRs).

    And it is only AFTER this process that filing of proceedings can take place. It is not as simple as “you defame me and I sue you right away.” I have to offer you the chance to recognise that you have defamed me and to make all good. It is only after you refuse that I can actually file. Then it enters the public domain. And it entered the public domain over a week ago – and it was mentioned in the BU comments – but the Fourth Estate appears to have decided to be blind.

    And, because of the CPR protocols, I would think this is why David and BU always apologise and print a retraction in the event that anyone seriously crosses the defamation line.

    So in fact rumours of the pending lawsuit have been flying for WEEKS, if not months. And Barbados, being small, and the mouths of Bajan politicians being extremely large where their egos are concerned, there is NO WAY that the Nation did not know.

    AND there is NO WAY that the Nation did not know that the action was filed over a week ago. And what about the ADVOCATE? What about BARBADOS TODAY? These are not blogs where the identities of their owners and management are necessarily anonymous, these are the Fourth Estate. A reporter, indeed any member of the general public, can go to the Registry and obtain a copy of the pleadings. Why has the Fourth Estate not done this?

    There can be no pointing of fingers at BU, because for someone not an acknowledged member of the Fourth Estate to go and obtain a copy, would cause comment and likely exposure. As for obtaining information from BU’s legal eagles – same thing – if one of the legal eagles bounced into the Registry and asked to see the file, you got to know that if they were not connected to the case, it would be remarked upon and the enormous good that they are doing on BU with the FAR more important matter of Barbados’ deceased judicial system, might be compromised.

    Thank you, David and BU. At last Barbados now knows of the case which, as it SERIOUSLY affects the official opposition, is of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE.

    I believe that the most important part of this entire case lies, not within the case itself, but the fact that the Nation (particularly the Nation) has failed to publish details or even mention it. The political bias is as clear as a bright, sunny day. In the circumstances, is it not high time that the government and courts removed all requirements of official advertising from the Nation? I think it is. HIGH TIME!

    The elections are OVER, but even so I have to respond to this attempt to “spin” matters away from what is clearly a serious rift in the BLP ranks in Payne v Hinckson by some BLP commenters, who clearly think that the readers of BU came down in the last shower of rain. Most particularly:

    @Gabriel Tackle | April 27, 2013 at 8:50 PM |”If I were to advise the BLP I would tell them let the DLP choke on its mandate to rule Barbados.”

    I hope MAM does not take your well-meaning, but seriously stupid, advice. I changed sides from BLP to DLP last election, because the DLP Manifesto was realistic and responsible – and the BLP Manifesto was likely the most fiscally irresponsible document I have ever read in my life – talk about “see thru”. And MAM has plausible deniability for that BLP rubbish. She was not responsible for it, but was loyal to her party – a personal plus however you look at it. Now, it is HER turn to stamp HER image on the BLP. And she certainly should not want any mention of the BLP Manifesto – and if you have a go at the DLP Manifesto, you open the door.

    ALAIR SHEPHERD: I see from an “exclusive” interview with the Sunday Sun that Alair says that he does not care if they disbar him and then calls for the courts to get off their asses and operate so that lawyers can do their jobs and earn money. Now, I have to tell the Nation that this is NOT “exclusive” and my friends from the legal fraternity will tell you that Alair has been spouting the same rhetoric to anyone who will listen for YEARS now. BUT HE IS NOT ALONE. THE ENTIRE BAR (AS OPPOSED TO BAR ASSOCIATION) HAS BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING. But the Fourth Estate has not picked it up at all EITHER.

    Instead, unquestioningly, the report the statement of one Marston Gibson. And for once I find myself in almost complete agreement with Robert Ross.

    1. He is going to launch an enquiry into Alair’s conduct. BUT the (unspecified) action he will take is not mentioned. BECAUSE THERE IS NO ACTION THAT HE CAN TAKE! So why bother at all? A wise man would have let Alair’s apology stand and made no comment. However, wisdom does not appear to be a necessity in a chief justice any longer. I would point out to Mr Gibson that this is Barbados where judges are appointed, not like the States where they are, largely, elected. So can the electioneering. We are not moved by it.

    2. At the installation of QCs last Friday, he urged respect for the judiciary. I note that he did not recommend that the current judiciary do as their predecessors did and EARN that respect.

    3. Finally, his excuse that 8 High Court judges are not enough, which he said at the UWI. And as David said, he should stop making excuses and say what he is going to do about it. Because it has not escaped anyone’s attention that 3000+ outstanding cases was not the situation when Williams CJ demitted office. The build up has reached the stage it has due to the sloth of the judiciary of 8 and it was allowed to build/fester and continues to build/fester for just that reason. So, WHAT, apart from talk and excuses, is Gibson going to do about it. And don’t tell me ADR as it if is a magic mantra.

    Alair is right! Lawyers are being denied, BY THE COURTS, the opportunity to do their jobs and earn a living. Legal support staff has to be paid by the individual law offices (not the taxpayer) for doing NOTHING!!!! Because the Courts will not hear cases and allow them the chance to practice and earn fees. And the legal profession looked to Gibson to rectify this and the litigants looked to Gibson to reduce their pain and stress – and ALL HE DOES IT TALK AND MAKE EXCUSES .

    So lawyers could as well shut up shop, go and find other areas of gainful endeavour and watch as the “judicial system” and its head spend their time gazing into the blue yonder at the taxpayers’ expense.

  15. The writers at the Nation newspaper will never print anything that exposes division and a rift among BLP Mps.
    Unfortunately, there is an obvious lack of journalistic independence and objectivity by the majority of the writers in the Nation newspaper who are trying more to shape public opinion against the government than to present the facts or be balanced.
    Sanka Price repeats all the talking points which Clyde Mascoll puts out and seems to think that his job on Wednesday is to be as one sided as possible. Sanka Price could let Mia Mottley write his article so that we could at least hear the official BLP spokesman and not the unofficial one.

  16. Can anyone who reads the Sunday Sun today and every Sunday for the last 5 years honestly argue that the Nation newspaper is not the public relations arm of the BLP?
    Absolutely onesided.

  17. The BLP has to admit it has leadership problems. I do not see how they can win with Mia leading. George Payne needs to go home; Owen needs to go home. Mia needs to step aside. Let some young person who can develop emerge not sub merge as Mai has done. Fractured why you don’t leave Mia and her mannish ways alone.

  18. The former leader of the opposition says he got information from tourism officials that tourism is down 24%…………..if you insist on depending on tourism that is not so bueno.

    “Buy election”……….hee, hee!

  19. @Amused

    Thanks for the elucidation.

    Two things stand out with this matter:

    1. In any country am MP filing a court matter against another MP on the SAME side is news.

    2. The impact such a matter will have on public perception of the BLP considering the leadership issue of the recent past speaks volumes.

  20. Nation Blp
    I do not know how you read newspapers and for what reason, but would you consider that CBC and all its radio stations and the Advocate are the propaganda voices for the DLP?. Would you consider that David Ellis has been transformed into the biggest voice for the DLP? I have some comfort you have Ricky Jordan and the daily paper editor Smith on the side of the DLP.


    I can see that you are fighting valiantly to change the subject.

    I agree with you, this don’t look good for you. The cannibalization in the Barbados Labour Party continues apace.

    Looking forward to hearing from CASWELL FRANKLYN, PRODIGAL SON, tell us that is not a biggie.

    Barbados Labour Party members are all about themselves. After the last elections a Barbados Labour Party lawyer who ran as a BLP candidate was so despondent that the people had rejected him, that within forty eight hours of not being elected, he sent messages to different parts of the constituency that he would no longer be representing the clients he had from the constituency.

  22. Lemuel | April 28, 2013 at 6:17 AM

    You mashing too many BLP corns.

    But you are making a lot of sense.

  23. Has anyone told Carson that it is the present administration that is currently up front and responsible for the pending major reforms (austerity measures) and not the opposition… the real world, the opposition is not even mentioned after a real or “buy election” you rarely hear anything about opposition parties in the larger countries unless it is in the context of being instrumental in changing any specific piece of legislation……….this crowd should not be encouraged to sidestep the issues that will come full force within the next 3-4months by trying to pin blame where it does not belong………….we all know that it is a long help belief that most lawyers on the island are shallow, superficial and lack any depth if it is not in their own self-interest, these two clowns lawyers, i hope are not being paid by the present administration to distract the public from the real issues at hand.

  24. The media in Barbados have legal advisors.

    They must know whether they are allowed to do as Amused wrote and olegally obtain a copy of the defamation lawsuit and print or report it.

    I would like to believe that a matter involving 2 Members of Parliament is of National importance.

    The traditional media in Barbados is more like Tabloids.Mostly entertainment.

  25. In the said Saturday Sun, April 27, 2013, the said former governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. Blackman, was reported as saying in the interview with the Nation’s Gercine Carter, that the main focus in the current economic climate should be on maintaining an adequate amount of foreign exchange, while economizing on its use.

    While we believe that Dr. Blackman has the interest of Barbados at heart when he utters such, we are sure that he has no serious belief in what he actually said, if we are to believe that what was attributed to him in the Saturday Sun, was what he actually said.

    As it stands now, the cost of use of US dollars in Barbados to the incomes, payments and transfers of the relevant individuals, businesses and other entities has indeed reached very disturbing levels in the country. US dollars are the vast bulk of the foreign exchange that are in use in the country.

    So, a rationalization can be formed about the cost of use of foreign exchange in Barbados by using the estimated cost of use of the US dollars in Barbados (2011) as an aid in that process. The estimated cost of use of US dollars in 2011 was 79 per cent (and we are yet to do an estimate number for 2012) but we know that with the performance of many of the relevant statistical indicators comprising the methodology for determining such deteriorating in 2012, the cost of use of the US dollars must have gone up by some percentages and by extension the cost of use of foreign exchange too.

    The fact that the former governor has intimated that there will be no growth ( no export growth as well) in the current “economic” climate and that the main focus should be on maintaining an adequate amount of foreign exchange, must mean that he is insinuating the coming about of tremendous credit transfers (borrowings) in foreign exchange to private or governmental interests in Barbados from foreign financial institutions, to maintain such foreign reserves in the context of this prolonged depression in Barbados.

    However, with such continual increases in the theoretical/actual costs of use of US dollars to disturbing levels, and with such sustained increases in the theoretical/actual costs of use of local money to horrific levels in Barbados, there will continue to be the decimation of incomes, payments and transfers (nominal) in this country, thus leading to lower and lower standards of living for the broad masses and middle classes in the country and to downward vicious cycles of the same. So while the transferring of use of certain domestic assets to foreigners to get greater use of foreign exchange can do little in impacting the real actual cost of use of US dollars in Barbados, the fact is that one of the main focusses (NOT THE MAIN ONE) of the country must be in evolving strategies TO REDUCE ACTUALLY DRASTICALLY the cost of uses of all currencies in Barbados, eg, the removal of all exchange rates parities with the Barbados dollar; the abolition of interest rates..

    Therefore, Dr. Blackman is way out of sorts in believing that maintaining an adequate amount of foreign exchange and economizing on its use can be any main focus of the relevant authorities in Barbados, when – in the face of such violent increases in the cost of use of domestic and foreign currencies and their demonstrated effects on national remunerations – there will continue – at this juncture – to be less and less foreign exchange arrived at, and less and less of it to be actually used – far less economized.


  26. The focus is usually exclusively and consistently on the ruling party of the day to perform…………the taxpayers make absolutely sure of that and never give them a minutes rest to come up with tricks of distraction.

  27. I read Arthur this morning with some interest to see what the ideas are.

    1. For some reason he continues to write the global recession out of the local economic story. The DLP may be accused of overusing it to hide their own policy weaknesses. Whether that is true or not, the global recession and the structure of the barbados economy means that there will be major fallout ( as Sir Courtney seems to recognize). is very real and a critique that completely writes it out of the story lacks credibility with me.

    2. The cost issues for the tourism sector is a theme that keeps coming up. Based on the arguments I have heard I can support greater marketing support for hotels. I worry about going back to subsidizing water and electricity. If hoteliers are not exposed to the true costs of these utilities will they ever strive for more efficiency? Again, to me Arthur does that acknowledge that during his term the oil price averaged about $45 a barrel, it now almost twice that much, and hence rather more costly to subsidize. Subsidizing electricity I can, however, support greater marketing support while they make the adjustments.

    3. Business facilitation is hardly a quick fix.

    4. If we are serious about helping tourism maybe we should support the Hotel refurbishment and Energy Efficiency Fund proposed by the government to help fund hotel refurbishment, energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. If it can help rescue tourism and the underlying it may be a good investment for the NIS.

  28. Now is a good time to offer a clarification statement especially for the benefit of those who are relatively new to BU. We started up in April 2007 and up to when the DLP won the government in January 2008 BU was labelled the mouthpiece of the DLP, BU Archives may be checked to verify the many issues which BU posted which were anti BLP in that period.

    In January 2008 BU advised that it would give the new DLP government at least one year to ‘settle’ before we adopted a critical approach to its policies. The point here is that it is the government who will always bear the brunt of scrutiny because BU is about focussing on the entities which are in a position to make change. It is evident in our system that the Opposition Party is useless in the regard.

  29. Observer………………..did the administration not just recently pour millions into helping the hotels with refurbishment and utilities, etc, according to the some hotel owners, that did very little or no good…………how is pouring more money into them going to help? especially if according to Arthur tourism is down by 24%………….odd turn of events.

  30. Observer
    Given that Owen has no voice in the BLP right now, I am wondering about the point of the interview. He had the opportunity to get a team together last election, but took Peter wickham’s advice laid back and lost. I only spot read the thing; Owen has now to realize that he politically is a has been.

  31. Ac you should be ashamed to talk about fire sale. The Dems and Poochie sinckler took the BLP words and used them to frighten the electorate into believing that the BLP was going to sell off the Transport Board etc, but now that the shit have hit the fan and and poochie don’t know what to know he is now saying the same thing about these entities how they need to be better run and more efficient. Does this means that Poochie Sinckler is going to have a fire sale. LAwd help up under this ban of imcompetent bunch of hooligans masquarading as a government led by Poochie Sinckler. Dems Now Dems Again

  32. David………….i know you do your best, but that would not stop those out there with tricks and ulterior motives, they have a lot to lose.

  33. @Observer

    We keep hearing about government’s energy program which is good. However what is worrying to hear the early and potential adopters lamenting the lag in legislation and policy to efficiently incent and regulate the industry.

  34. David
    I am with you. George Payne has to realize that this action does not make sense and how can he sit around a table with Edmund. George knows he entered a room at the Ministry of Transport and Works and demanded that Barrack build the buildings in Country Road and Warrens. Barrack was not the lowest tenderer. Was that “steel in deh”.

  35. I even noticed the leader of the opposition trying to prompt Sinckler into massaging the taxpayers with some lies and deception rather than telling them the absolute truth about what “major reforms” (austerity measures) really entails………….i don’t see her as getting any respect from people who can spot these kinds of deceptions from a mile away, don’t know if they fell on their heads as small children but it appears to be some epidemic running through politicians in Barbados to not tell taxpayers the truth.

  36. Lemuel…………….years ago I heard about the Barrack connection with Arthur………….I believe it was Barrack’s niece, yes, until the love died and the war broke out, this seems to be a family squabble that will be paid for by taxpayers to the tune of 70-80-90? million dollars…………see, they won’t stop the immoral, unethical and corrupt practices.

  37. Observer wrote “For some reason he continues to write the global recession out of the local economic story.”

    There is nothing wrong with that if you can present a solution that negates the dependence on FDI and Tourism.

    Simplistic as it may sound a policy that makes food import substitution a priority and an aggressive implementation of alternative energy (solar and Wind) is the best foundation to build the economy going forward.

    • @lemuel

      It is one incestuous pit. You should NOT locate the blame to GWP alone. He was part of a Cabinet responsible for the issuance of contracts and he was part of a government with a civil service responsible for following the financial rules of the country.

  38. Hants……………….that food importation substitution has been beaten to death in Bim, I swear the very concept has developed legs and ran away from all the talk it received along with lack of action to back it up……….just look at the CUL growing debacle……………..the sun is still free in Bim, I don’t know if they are waiting for England, US or Canada to figure out a way to charge them for it’s use…………they make you want to just lie down and sleep.

  39. But Hants he is not presenting such an alternative. he seems to be saying that the state should subsidize utility costs because of the importance of the sector..

  40. Well Well
    What the lackeys around the BLP never say is that Mia was a big big big Dem. She and Chris Sinker were young democrats together. I remember Dereck Alleyne talking about the time Mia, Chris and he got Evelyn reelected when they were young democrats. But the hypocrites in the BLP like Cynthia Forde would have you believe Mia was born and bred a BLP. She is David Thompson’s children god mother/father; she and Peter Wickhman who has always been a Dem are big big friends. Why would she do something to make Chris look bad, politically. Let a por boy or girl tyr that and out of the BLP they would go. Norma Jackman went and help her brother who was a Dem get elected, those hypocrite put her out of the BLP. Col. Buggy we need that low wall.

  41. Lemuel………….i know it’s a pit of vipers and the only victims are the taxpayers…………i remember the Norma Jackman debacle, i don’t know what to call these interchangeable rats anymore….I also know about the Mia/Thompson/Sinckler triangle and the plans they had in store for Barbados…………..i am thinking that they still have not recognized since that little brain storming light bulb moment they had, that man makes plans and God makes decisions, this crowd is blinded by paper money and the temporary power entrusted to them…………

  42. @ Amused great contribution as always
    @ David I have observed some leaning in your positions but I believe you to be as balanced as any bajan can be. I have my leanings as well but it wont stop me from speaking up. Keep up the good work and ignore the critics.
    Generally I believe George Payne and Hinkson should work out their differences outside of the courts but Payne I am sure has no problems causing chaos and apparent disunity in the BLP, as it would embarrass Mia.
    Government needs to realize the increase in VAT is causing absolute chaos in the economy and it cannot continue to sacrifice the entire private sector to keep the public sector in its current inefficient stance. Coming into government in 2008 and recognizing the problems they should have looked to make government more efficient, not add more burdens to the public purse, via constituency councils, jobs for yardfowls and the like. If the current tax levels continue, with significantly reduced, retail trade and port activity Government will soon be bouncing cheques.

  43. The notion of two MPs suing each other may not be unique, however it would be front page news in most countries in the world if the two MPs are on the same side of the House but alas Barbados is not like most countries it exists in a special cocoon reserved for the exceptional.

    About the reporting on this matter, Ann Yard should get off her duff and see what’s going on with the newspaper that she purportedly runs, if indeed she really calls the shots.

    • @Sargeant

      To add to your point, it is reported in said Nation today that OCM, the parent of the Nation newspaper, reported a healthy 1st quarter profit. Of interest is that the Tobago and Barbados general elections contributed significantly to the windfall. Connect the dots.

  44. @Amused
    We differ most definitely on the party politics.I have zilch confidence in the DLP post Errol Barrow and I do not apologise for reaffirming my confidence in the OSA BLP in spite of present day poor public relations on his/their part and his seeming tendency to frivolity at times e.g.the illegal Guyanese artisans in
    his employment,the note to Stuart and the platform confession in St Joseph.

  45. Payne and Hinckson are two peas in a pod so the law suit suprises no one. It beggars belief that these two humbugs who are not intelligent by any standard sit in the highest representative body in the land. Neither deserve to be MPs, to rub salt in the wound Payne whose input to Parliament has been zero in twenty years or more plans to run again. To do what? File more law suits against Hinckson?

    The dead man sleep Maria Agard put down in the House first sitting is what in essence jackass Payne been doing all along. Barbados can do better than Payne and Hinckson who on close examination are twins in looks, height and brains. Both are devoid of all three. The people of St. Andrew and St. James deserve better. If this keeps up the BLP will be in the wilderness for a very very long time. Its time for the wife beater to make his move.

    Mia poor soul your closet so packed with skeletons and your leadership hanging by a thread you cant make a move against the two poor rakey nit wits. The BLP looking worse than when Payne and Owing conspire to bushwhack MAM.

  46. Should we start calling the three islands Trinbargo or Trinbagobar?? Bet you the Trinis can come up with a witty name.

  47. @ Sargeant | April 28, 2013 at 10:49 AM |
    “Ann Yard should get off her duff and see what’s going on with the newspaper that she purportedly runs, if indeed she really calls the shots.”

    Please leave my friend and past student Viv Anne Yarde-Gittens alone. She is a well-rounded person who has spanned a career of three professions/vocations and still was able to raise a family and ‘look’ after a husband. Now that is what you would call a truly liberated successful woman who has managed to ‘engineer’ her way to the very top without losing her dignity.

    The success of the newspaper she manages is measured by its profitability not by its social or political stripes. She will be in line for a massive bonus based on the first quarter financial results thanks largely to the massive revenues earned from both political parties in the recent general elections.

    It is recommended that you take out your annoyance on the regular yardfowls “NationBLPNewspaper” and “Fractured BLP” for “cussing” the same newspaper, left, right and centre on this blog but still have the hypocritical balls to spend millions with the same rag sheet promoting DLP propaganda tripe to “buy” the elections. The “NO LAYOFFS, NO PRIVTIZATION” mantra worked effectively in true Joseph Goebbels style. We shall soon who were the real beneficiaries of such a blitzkrieg of misleading propaganda. The Fumble-led DLP or the foreign owned Media Houses?

    Let us therefore agree that the ‘outstanding’ profitability of the ‘Private Sector’ OCM group in the first quarter of the year was primarily due to the ‘advertising’ sales revenue earned from the George St. spin doctors and not any mercurial performance by the management of either VOB or your bête noir the Nation Newspaper
    One wonders if similar profitably outstanding performances were experienced by the DLP-controlled CBC or the sympathetically pay- back time Advocate.

  48. I have heard from a reliable source that Mascoll has been writing Albert Brandford’s column for some time now. Can anyone in Barbados confirm?

  49. @Miller
    All hail the modern Superwoman but in this land of the blind media the one eyed newspaper would be King. Since the Nation is the prime source of news for the “poor black man” it is incumbent to report all the news not the news that favors or is inimical to one Party or the other.

  50. @Just Asking
    “But from now until the next election, you should concentrate on St. John. St.John people need to be saved . Light needs to shine in the darkness in St. John.It could only be backwardness and ignorance why those people would vote the way they vote, And now they are voting for a useless candidate like Mara Thompson only because she is representing the DLP. Bare stupidity.Focus on St. John”
    This will be just a waste of time, Just Asking.

    One night during the by-election campaign, I was looking for a park. When I went to park on a side street, two women were outside this house with Mara’s placard on the gallery boards. One shouted out……….dont park in front my house twice. Now I know she had no right to tell me so as I was on a public road, I said not a word to her but went further on because had I come back and a scratch was on my car, she would have heard from me.

    And if you see the house, where windows should be were boarded up and the yard was a mess, grass to the top of the blocks where she had as a step to step into the house. I said to myself, you idiot, look at your condition and you hollering for the Dems.

    Just asking, the people of St John have a mentality that will not change until another generation rises up who have never heard the name Barrow! Or maybe the BLP can run a candidate with the surname Barrow!

  51. @Lemuel | April 28, 2013 at 6:47 AM |

    Nation Blp
    I do not know how you read newspapers and for what reason, but would you consider that CBC and all its radio stations and the Advocate are the propaganda voices for the DLP?. Would you consider that David Ellis has been transformed into the biggest voice for the DLP? I have some comfort you have Ricky Jordan and the daily paper editor Smith on the side of the DLP.

    Tell the Nation Critic that he does not need the Nation. The DLP has the Advocate and CBC lock stock and barrel. Plus they have their own radio station, why do they need the Nation. Is it because the Nation has the biggest readership?

    Ignore the idiot, he/she has been saying the SAME thing for the last five years!

  52. Prodigal………………i swear, the same mentality existed in the Laventille areas of Trinidad for decades, the area was a sorry sight to behold but the ignorance of the people was absolute when it came to party politics, until they got smart within the last few years, on my last trip to TT the areas looked a lot better, but the crime rate is still horrible. That is when politicians play on the low level of education and utter ignorance of people, then you get areas like St. John, certain parts of St. Michael, eg. Bush Hall, the city, orleans, chapman lane, during and after Billie Miller the place is still a disgrace, only the Indians reaping sweets, ask Billie about that, parts of Christ Church…………those are the kinds of areas politicians will hold on to the people’s ignorant support for decades.

  53. …….For some reason he continues to write the global recession out of the local economic story. The DLP may be accused of overusing it to hide their own policy weaknesses. Whether that is true or not, the global recession and the structure of the barbados economy means that there will be major fallout ( as Sir Courtney seems to recognize). is very real and a critique that completely writes it out of the story lacks credibility with me…………………………….

    I would take anything Courtney Blackman says now with a pinch of salt. I distinctly remember he gave an interview to the Nation shortly after the crisis broke out in the USA due to the housing bubble. He said to the nation that this crisis will not have a devastating effect on Barbados because Barbados does not issue mortgages like the US and any fallout will be minimal.

    I said, wow and this man is a learnt man, how is that for him now? I dumped his opinions since then in the dump heap! Trash!

  54. David you must know by now that I am losing interest in BU … Help me nah … I even mek friends with Amused ..


    From a past Nation newspaper article.

    POLICE LAST NIGHT issued a “Wanted Man” release for a 53-year-old attorney-at-law.

    Mark Winston Goodridge, of Cattlewash, St Joseph, is wanted for questioning in connection with the report alleging the beating of a 15-year-old boy in Highgate Gardens, St Michael, on October 6.

    Police are also seeking the assistance of a male member of Goodridge’s family for questioning about the same matter.

    Police sources told the DAILY NATION last night detectives were unable to locate Goodridge over the weekend …

    Investigations into the Highgate Gardens incident were reopened last weekend after the SATURDAY SUN published a story and photograph which involved the family of the 15-year-old boy crying racism and charging that the Wildey, St Michael youth was so badly beaten about the face they could not recognise him.

    Welcome to our newest QC:

    Mark Winston Goodridge

  56. Also I am noticing that Nigel Jones is now a QC as well.

    He is a die hard BLP member. I recall him fighting tooth and nail to get Sweet boy Leroy elected and then keeping him there.

  57. I noticed Goodridge name on another site as the latest queer counsel and i am curious to know who sent his name to the GG recommending he be one of the latest jokes to be named qc, is that the job of the PM..??, who in their right minds who is not a dumb ass would do such a thing……….now i know those whorehouse sounding titles are useless, this guy assaulted a child and is still in the BAR association, i hope paying fees, and still making decisions………….Barbados is worse than a joke.

  58. I saw Highgate Gardens recently and for all the so called status this little village is supposed to have, it looked like nothing more than a neglected dump to me.

  59. By the way Goodridge paid out the family, idiots that they are should have been happy to see such wannabe white trash locked up, it just continues to show us the mentality of a people whose minds are locked away in never never land.

  60. Mia as leader has to get these two men together and thrash out whatever is this matter. Personally, as much as I support the BLP, I never really cared for George Payne, he has always been a pompous person who seems to only care about George Payne. For him to do this at a time when the party is trying to consolidate around Mia is selfish.

    Yes CCC, I can say that of a party member. You would never say a word against the DLP. This too shall pass and we shall watch and see the descimation of Barbados by Stinkliar.

    I was told today that Sherbourne has laid off a lot of staff due to lack of bookings. It has only just begun!

  61. @CC
    “He is a die hard BLP member”.
    Does everyone in Barbados have to be a supporter of the Damn Lying Party? Gosh, man , you are nauseating!

  62. @ LOOK
    “They the DLP did it a second time did the MIND BLOWING THING.
    You are so right, yes your victory was mind blowing. For those young minds whom you bribed with money and with drugs!

    Tell Barbados how mind blowing your victory was in a few months time when the shit hits the fan!

  63. CCC
    When is the next sitting of the House?

    It looks as if the Dems are now ignoring the House having made a song and dance about OSA not attending the House last session to sit through poor rakey sessions.

    Now the Dems seem to running scared. I doubt they will meet again this week as I heard today that Patrick Todd is acting Minister of Culture which means that little Hilter is out of the country. Stinkliar just come back from two weeks in the UK and US begging for money.

    CCC, did Stinkliar get any money? Wow!


    You are salivating at the thought of Barbados collapsing.

    From Feb. 2008 you and your goons were predicting the destruction of Barbados’ economy. Five years later you are still at it.

    I guess you believe that if you keep it up you will be right some wonderful day.

    After all a broken clock is right twice per day.

  65. prodigal son

    Don’t worry when the next sitting of the house is.

    For five years(Feb. 2008__Feb. 2013) your beloved Seethru spent less than twenty four(24) hours in Parliament and you had nothing to say on the matter.

    So you are only being a hypocrite.

    • If we agree that the BA is a joke and has not shown backbone over the years.A good example is the matter fully ventilated on BU about whether lawyers should pay VAT or be members of the BA. Why are we surprised that people who reflect mediocrity would be nominated and accepted as QCs? We really need to prioritized.

  66. Prodigal Son……………..the larger economies are having a really difficult time right now, they don’t have 1/4 million people who love dependency, they have 1/4 billion people and more whose welfare is paramount and comes first, Japan’s economy is showing some growth, they just printed a trillion dollars, maybe Sinckler could go begging in Japan; but i gotta tell ya, the interest rates will be a murderer……….none of these countries have time for people who don’t listen, so he may want to sit patiently and wait for that meeting with IMF/World Bank.

  67. CCC,
    You are such a cold liar. You really think any right thinking Barbadian would like to see his/her country return to the days of Sandi in 1991-94? It will, if you have blindly partisan idiots like you involved in the running of this country.

    For years we on BU have been saying do something, things are not going right. You Dems bury your heads in the sand and accuse anyone who dont agree with you as doom and gloomers who want to see the country sink. Keep on doing what you doing, then.

    Can you want any clearer picture of how stupid you Dems are than what came out of Stinkliar’s press conference on Thursday? The Governor of the Central Bank who is an economist said that the MTFS is not working, it has gone off track because the economy is not performing. Out comes a man who has ZERO training in economics and said ……….oh no, the MTFS is working, I did not get that from what the Governor said, you all are mistaken.

    And you tell me that I want to see my country fall? Keep on doing what you are doing!

  68. There is forever and always drama going on at the BLP house – REALLY. Tyler Perry I think should recast The House of Pain, put in it the entire BLP gang. Tyler Perry’s Madea I know can handle them, the whole entire BLP gang.

    • @Prodigal Son

      Please forget engaging in conversations with commenters which will go no where. Also a correction, what Sinckler said at the press conference is that the MTFS has not been a catastrophic failure and will have to be tweaked based on prevailing conditions..

  69. This thing with lawyers not wanting to pay not paying vat on membership fees.

    I spoke to a lawyer on Friday morning and he told me that vat is payable on goods and services. So it boggles his mind why it is being charged on membership fees by the Bar Association.

    He said has never refused to pay Bar Association fees. Dutifully every year he writes a cheque to the Bar Association for membership fees only and like clockwork they always return his cheque saying that it does not include vat.

  70. @Well Well | April 28, 2013 at 2:49 PM |
    I saw Highgate Gardens recently and for all the so called status this little village is supposed to have, it looked like nothing more than a neglected dump to me.

    Status my left foot. I have a cousin living in there. She is a poor white like the Goodridges. She was renting until the mother, father and husband died and she came into insurance money. What status, less educated than me.

  71. The BA is a joke, I would really like to know which idiot recommended Goodridge for this title………………i really hope we don’t find out it is the office of the PM, the GG also should have known this is disgrace.

    Sinckler was engaging in double speak for the thing is definitely not working as the central bank governor acknowledged……double speak is another evil associated with politicians.

  72. Prodigal………… will fare better to ask Carson hard questions, he can’t answer them for fear of losing his little pick, or he does not know the answer…………….deny him the avenue to brag, that is what he is looking for, ask him hard questions.

  73. @David
    @Prodigal Son

    Please forget engaging in conversations with commenters which will go no where. ……….

    You are so right, I will take heed!

  74. I don’t see her unseating her bosom buddy and pal, they are too close, that is why her party is divided and in total disarray, she should not be opposition leader………….they are all a bunch of jokes and leeches on the taxpayer.

  75. That’s a nice little scam the lawyers got going, sending cheques for the last 20 or 30 years to the Bar Association annually like clock work while being fully aware that the cheques will be returned for non payment of VAT, evil does not quite begin to describe this lot………CJs, PMs and AGs allow it to happen.

  76. Look……………..i told them already, just let the Trinis pick a name for the pending merging of the islands, they will fare a whole lot better.

  77. Puerto Rico desires to become the 51st state in the United States union. This will occur – eventually. Trinidad and Tobago desires ownership of the Barbados island. This will occur – eventually.

  78. That old drunk, Owen Arthur still in the BLP house waiting for the opportunity to kick her (Mottley) to the curb again. If not Owen, it will be George Payne, Dale Marshall and or the three of them collectively.

  79. i ‘ve en busy today did not read the “big interview; but given the lucklustre response by the BLP yardflows . Seems like he ain’t say much of nutting but talk about getting the toursist to comr to barbados and to help rebuild the econoimy. Boy OSA dem days dome gone. Remeber under u leadership u had plenty forex to spend everywhich way now all that is left are the crumbs. man i was expecting better from u ,anyhow we can alway privitise,

    sumbudy told mr they saw miller at the QEH ,i hope he alright. kinda quiet recently. .

  80. AC

    All of them suffering from acute stress. Peter Wickham really let them down. They thought they had it in the bag. Even DAVID.

  81. The problem Seethru and the Tourist industry face is the fact that Hoteliers put vast sums of money into the BLP election campaign. They were all confident that the BLP would win and they would get their half of a billion dollars hotel fund to lick out.

    Unfortunately for them the BLP got its mouth washout as the old Bajans say. As a result the BLP cant do anything for them now and they are out hundreds of thousands of dollars. So the best that Seethru can do for them now is to beg for a little electricity relief.

  82. Hinkson only called Payne a dishonest crooked thief so what’s wrong with calling a thief that he is a thief?
    He very touchy and stupid.

  83. A bit more on our history …

    The period between the formation of the D.L.P. in 1955 and the formation of the first D.L.P. Government in 1961 was a simple story of initial defeat and discouragement turned into victory through perseverance and hard work. In the 1956 General Election only four of the D.L.P’s sixteen candidates were successful. In the time following Mr. (later Sir) Theodore Brancker served as the Leader of the Opposition and Mr. C. F. Broome was the Party Chairman.

    Subsequent to the death of Mr. Charlie Broome in 1959, Mr. Errol Barrow was elected Chairman and in this capacity led the Party into the momentous General Election of 1961. On December 5th 1961 the Democratic Labour Party won 14 of the 24 seats in the Barbados House of Assembly.

  84. Also remember it was the same Pain who made public and who distributed flyers of the 35 reasons why Hinkson was unfit to receive the nomination to be the candidate for St James North, and I must say none of them were complimentary to Hinkson in the slightest.

  85. @Willie
    “I have heard from a reliable source that Mascoll has been writing Albert Brandford’s column for some time now”
    You have no idea how the Nation newspaper is being prostituted by BLP operatives It makes a mockery of balanced journalism. Look at the recent guest columns “Ezra Alleyne, Sir David Seale, Loveridge,Straughn”,.
    If you want to get a column in the Nation newspaper, start publicly criticising the DLP and they will seek you out.
    Journ alism in Barbados is at an all time low and the Nation newspaper continues to lower their standards.

  86. The ownership of Starcom by the Nation means that the VOB call in programmes cannot be a “frank and fair discussion” because many of the Starcom moderators have ties to the Nation newspaper and cannot call a spade a spade. They cannot be expected to criticise the parent company for which some of them write.

    All media houses can point to instances where they cover both parties.
    The Advocate will argue that they cover both sides – I can read about Cynthia Forde protesting B’s Recycling in the Advocate and most other events which the opposition is engaged in.
    I have seen all the new BLP MPs being part of the news coverage on the CBC news, tonight I see Mia Mottley is the only MP who is featured in the CBC newscast with her remarks from the BLP anniversary service.
    My point is that It is only the Nation newspaper where you can find known and confessed BLP supporters criticising one party and no alternative view from the other side.
    Mascoll’s column in the Nation should have an opposing view. Harry Russell, Sanka Price and Pat Hoyos cannot do that as they all sing from the same BLP choir book.

  87. @Pain vs the unspeakable or untalkable | April 28, 2013 at 6:12 PM |
    Hinkson only called Payne a dishonest crooked thief so what’s wrong with calling a thief that he is a thief?
    One small correction to Hinckson apt descrption of George Barrack Payne. It is a description applicable to a majority of local attorneys. Payne should not walk alone on Hincksons description just look at the constant trek of lawyers to prison for theiving people’s money.

    Look at how Alair skin he pooch at a woman judge.

    In addition to that you have an accused redneck racist Mark Goodridge of Highgate Gardens beating fame becoming a QC. Look out for Goodridge skinning his ass at a judge soon in the best traditions of his QC mentor Alair.

    Hickson hopes one day Payne will be on his way to a cell in Dodds. Hinckson knows he is not alone in his hopes.

  88. Of one thing you can be sure David [BU] MAM always has a plan.

    “For country, for party, for family” are words is self sacrifice and serving the greater good that have gone out the window in these times

    A generation of vipers shall be born into them is exemplified in Payne’s behaviour to his fellow parliamentarian in arms

    Payne don’t really care about the BLP he only cares about himself and his ego.

    The thing is that Seethru nor MAM can control him for he hath ascended to Olympus or Asgard with the other parliamentary demigods.

    The people have spoken and the people must be punished.

    In parting let me leave you with this thought. 2018, is it possible for the DLP TO win in 2018?

    Yes, because barring death, I see Owen Megalomania Arthur coming back to contend for the seat as leader of the BLP.

    And if we think this squabble between Eddie and Georgie to be the airing of dirty linen in public well prepare for the suck well and sewage filth that will be thrown on stage

    Keep up the good work George. My wife told me that we short men does try to make up for our “shortcomings” by doing stupidness like this.

    Dis is why she tell me dat Sir Leroy trying to get he woman appoint as GS, shortcomings!!!

    At 5″ 5 you cud tell me if you agree wid she.

    George, Owen, Eddie, pieceuhderockyeahright all short mens mekking trouble. How tall Sinckliar is???

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