Egg On the BLP’s Face

Submitted by Bryant Brown
Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

The  opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) tried to pull a fast move on the DLP Government, but got trumped. The BLP managed to influence its support media Executive at Barbados Today, Roy Morris to pay CADRES to conduct a survey on the political climate in Barbados to date. Mind you, Roy is a strong supported of the BLP. According to the on-line paper, the survey was conducted between January 11th, 2013 and January 14th, 2013 in all 30 constituencies.

The survey was designed by CADRES Director, Peter W Wickham who has a gripe with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart over CBC not renewing his three-year contract with the broadcasting corporation. The PM is responsible for that entity.

The results of the survey were in Barbados Today’s Wednesday morning edition faster than you could blink. It was meant to give the BLP group of speakers meat to bash government at their planned mass political meeting at Heroes Square Wednesday Jan 16th 2013.  That meeting was to be held right outside the Senate Chambers which was meeting at the time and which actually ended debate about 8.30pm. There were no opposition members at that Senate debate since the total BLP MPs and Senators have boycotted both the Upper and Lower Chambers calling for general elections to be held.

Constitutionally the Parliament does not expire until midnight February 11th 2013 and general elections must be held within 90 days after. This was a skilful manoeuvre by the BLP strategists  but it backfired, leaving egg on their faces. The police refused permission for the event.

CADRES had asked respondents in the carefully crafted study by Peter, if they believed that elections were now overdue. Barbados Today explained that it should be noted that the phrase ‘overdue’ was preferred in this instance since the elections is clearly now due, and to ask about the election being “due” would have solicited an obvious response.

Peter also asked respondents if they believed that this was a good time to change the government. On what bases does he do?

This Republican Barbados Labour Party and detractors like Peter will get a rude awakening when general elections are held; what they expect will NOT happen. Just reflect on the US polling….OBAMA won hands down.

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  1. If I am not mistaken, there were reports in the papers last year about some lawyers who had misappropriated clients monies. Their names were mentioned along with the fact that some were in court and others before the Bar Association. One or two of the clients went public and squealed to the press. Just do a google of back issues of the Nation. Wunnuh too forgetful.

    I sure wunnuh kin find out the miscreants.

  2. “Either way, Barbados doesn’t win.”

    Observing very true ….if one party got egg pon dem face the other party got chicken shit pon theirs

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  4. @Ask and it shall be given
    “that is better remembered for Muscle Mary cursing our highly respected dead leader the Honourable David Thompson”…………………………….

    As a newbie or one using a new moniker……………..

    You really say this with a straight face, though? What about DT was honourable only to say we cannot say a word about him because he dead.

    This is a man who helped an idiot rape a company and now have thousands penniless
    ~ who helped this same idiot launder millions of the same policyholders’ monies through his law firm
    ~ a man who told Barbadians that the company was sound but went on to put 10 million taxpayers dollars in said company
    ~ a man who put the said policyholders millions into a so called families first project
    ~ a man who flew up and down the world on aircraft paid for with the said policyholders monies
    ~ a man who used to hang out in known drug areas
    ~ a man who used to hang out in gambling places?

    This is whom you call honourable? Give me a break!

  5. “Very nicely said! The million$ question is …..where does this leave all the rest of us on this island!”

    De Hood …..this leaves us between de toilet seat and de toilet bowl! Or between de hand holding de toilet paper and de shitty pooch!

  6. This Republican Barbados Labour Party and detractors like Peter will get a rude awakening when general elections are held; what they expect will NOT happen. Just reflect on the US polling….OBAMA won hands down.

    Why you feel so chum?…..LOL…why Fruendel dodging and weaving?…they got to be a reason..not true?….Dis look reaaall bad doa…stupeess

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