Alexandra School: "Separation" and Sacrifice

Submitted by Yardbroom
Ronald Jordan reacts to his transfer to Alexandra - Image credit - Nation

Ronald Jordan reacts to his transfer to Alexandra – Image credit Nation

I wonder how many of those teachers, who assiduously canvassed for the Head to be “separated” from the school, thought that they too would be separated, and if they did, why did they fight with such alacrity [eagerness]?…I have only posed a question.

The general idea from the present Government’s perspective was to solve a major problem and this up to a point they have done. The main players are no longer at the school, the school has an opportunity to do what it is mandated to do…teach children and thus move on.

Many of the major participants will never be the force they once were and some at the end of careers, will be remembered for things they would rather forget.

A lot of upheaval has been caused and many through only circumstance and time have been thrown around in this vortex.  Perhaps now the dust can settle and power will never again join forces with arrogance in the mouths of those whose duty it is to “lead”.

I have purposely avoided names, in this new circumstance let us leave blame behind and seek a beginning of light out of a pit of darkness.

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  1. “She will be our first female PM and if she continues the way she is going, will be one of the greatest PMs our country has had.”

    I look forward to seeing her in Canada. That is the first country she should visit. She will be welcom especially in Toronto.

  2. Yeah miller stop the flooish talk about “WE” yeah miller it doesn,t take a lawyer or road school to understand what negativism does to any one or society. all the political grandstanding by you and the intelectual gooblycrap is good for absolutely nothing .why have you waited after 14 years to espoused all the gibberish you have so gladly accused the DLP. Had not for you political agenda i would “fall for your talking points of hyperbole and gooblycrap.

  3. @ Miller

    Um is the former PM who keeps telling all who would listen, that is was MAM who ‘arrange’ the deal with VECO for the HMP Dodds prison and cause the BLP to loose a whole government?
    MAM will NEVER be a Prime Minister of Barbados in a BLP administration so long as OSA has life in his body.

    The BLP a minimum of 5 more years in the wilderness for the folly which ending on 15th Janaury, 2008. The 2013 elections will be a watershed moment in local politics.

    Remember my predictions, OSA and alot of BLP politicans will have their private affairs exposed fully to sunlight. For some the price will be a total destruction of their legacy and for others, their reputations will be damaged irrepairably.

  4. I pity you all if this is all you low life yardfowls have as a strategy to win an election.

    No one aint interested in your filthy lies. We know that is the plan as someone overheard a big up in the party telling someone that they have to throw some mud and hope that it sticks.

    I am so sorry to see what the DLP has brought our electoral process to. Win at all cost! Then cannot govern!

  5. @ David

    Familiar with the term, Insuring the Victory? Its a concept spoken alot about in the Art of War, The Prince and Tools of Power.

    In seems to be that here is the position Mr. Broomes has either engineered himself or have had himself engineered into.

    1. He goes to Court while reporting for duty at Parkinson

    2. He does not go to Court and reports for duty at Parkinson

    3. He goes to Court and does not report for duty at Parkinson

    4. He goes to Court and report for duty at Alexandra

    Seems to me, the DLP administration and more particularly Freundel Stuart have outfoxed Mr. Broomes, who right up to very recently believed himself to be a ‘BIG MAGUFFY’ and ‘UNTOURCHABLE’.

    I am sure PM Stuart would not flinch to have Broomes fired/replaced if he refuses to report for duty at Parkinson in the first few days on the new school term.

  6. @simple simon

    Candy cane has doused himself in the meaning and intent of your first name. Please take back what;s yours.

    Just observing

  7. Well if PM stuart who is the head of govt didn,t fire his dead a..s .fuh sure PM Stuart wouldn,t,get my vote. Enuff is enuff and somebody got to show soome authority round here. let the lawyers and broomes decide his fate but PM Stuart got to decide what is best for the future of the children

  8. The pics of teachers in the press today speaks volumes. I swear Mary Redman, Frost, Lett, Mrs. Greaves, Broomes et al are teachers from HELL! This bunch of selfish no good fraudulent teachers have put the children and the people of this island through fire and brimstone for more than a decade.

    My New Year’s wish is the various callous and socalled aggrieved parties from Broome to Redman take thier selfish ego driven matters to court. As a lawyer there is 80% chance they will all be on the losing end. Maybe then Redman, Frost, et al will be tempted to break the law. Justice for these blackmailers should be swift arrest and carted off the the Owen Arthur prison in St. Phillip

  9. @ ac

    Broomsie too foolish and or too drunk most of the time to realise that he being set up to make Freundel look powerful and decisive going into the general elections. Vernon want fees, so you know he going be putting fuel in Broomsie engine and revving him up for litigation, constitutional litigation at that, the more boring but expensive kind in Barbados.


    A washpan of licks in store for the BLP. It don’t matter how much wunna beg, demand elections now or try to create confusion in Bim, the result will be the same. Licks in the morning, licks noon and more ramgate licks in the evening. When de elections done Owen, Mia and Girlie Girlie gine feel them is lollipops by the amount of licks them receive. Mia gine laugh cause she and her clan want Owen dead on the political battlefield.

    You know the two idiots from up North (pain and de marshall) done get lick out already. Not even Serrao the magician can’t help them two bafoons who barely squeak (tief) home last time.

  10. @ David

    You better had revisit your election prediction boy. You see ‘Wicked’ Wickham done set he jib for a different wind already. The man tek up a whole article in Sunday Sun talking about the DLP second term.

    Sinckler gine for Owen
    Stuart gine for Mia
    Estwick gine for Kerrie (beat-a-woman)
    Inniss gine for Dale (girlie girlie)

  11. Stuart going for Mia……..and Mia is cowering in her boots, boo hoo, he better look over his shoulder, the snakes in the grass are after him. Seeing he has never won a seat twice, he had better go into his constituency and try to convince people to vote for him.

    Sinkliar going for Owen…….and Owen is afraid of a blasted liar.

    Inniss going for Dale……………and Dale is afraid of a porn king. By the way,how a poor boy from St Phillip could end up so early in his life, a man who had no specific profession, by what means could he own 19 houses in Barbados and one in Florida? You tell me!

    Estwick going for Kerrie………..omg, Kerry is shivering in his boots over a man who has so many skeletons in his closet!

    Tell all the lies you want, you all must have money to settle law suits!

  12. Hants Pat and the Canadian Crew: We notice that your government is playing hard ball with your teachers.

    TORONTO (Reuters) – Ontario’s government said on Thursday it will impose labor contracts on tens of thousands of teachers in Canada’s most populous province as part of its controversial push to reduce a large budget deficit.

    Education Minister Laurel Broten announced contract terms covering some 130,000 teachers that included a broad wage freeze, a reduction in the number of sick days and limits on the number of sick days teachers are allowed to cash out when they retire.

    Ontario’s Liberal government, which holds only a minority of seats in the provincial parliament, managed to reach tough new deals with other teacher groups and its doctors but failed to come to terms with the larger group of elementary and secondary school teachers.

    The showdown led many teachers to drop extracurricular activities and take other job action such as one-day strikes.

    The new deal will save the province C$250 million ($253.79 million) in 2012-13 and C$540 million in 2013-14, the government said in a statement. In addition, the government will realize one time savings of C$1.1 billion from changes to the sick day policy.

    The new contracts will expire in August, 2014.

    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who announced late last year that he would resign once the Liberals elect a new leader in January, pledged last March that the government would reduce its C$14 billion deficit by holding the line on public sector wages.

    The government passed a law last fall covering its public sector workers that froze wages, cut sick days and limited their right to strike. The legislation, which sparked furious opposition from labor groups, set the bargaining deadline for last Dec. 31.

    Ontario’s teachers are among the highest paid in Canada, a country where educators rank as some of the best compensated in the world.

    Credit rating agencies have repeatedly warned Ontario that tackling its deficit would require tough austerity measures.

    Healthcare and education make up about 70 percent of Ontario’s spending, with wages and fees accounting for more than half of the expenses.

  13. @ Simple Simon

    McGuinty fed the albatross to get elected and stay elected. Their salaries went up an estimated 30% under his tenure while the broader population saw no wage increases or a paltry 1-2% some years, if lucky. During the same period I remember getting an increase of half of one percent. During my career, I had two wage freezes – one under Mulroney for 5 years and the other under Chretien for 6 years. Making me retire later than planned and much poorer to boot. Neither freeze was made up during successive contract negotiations and we did not strike or work to rule, as we considered ourselves professionals.

    I say, if the other boards, like the Catholics can take the restraints the public school boards can do the same as well. For once this taxpayer agrees with the smiling crook in Toronto. Mr. “read my lips, no new taxes”. Then he turns around and taxes us to the eyeballs.

    Personally, sick leave is a benefit to be used in case of illness. I cannot agree to teachers cashing in two years of sick leave at maximum pay when they retire. Vacation cash out, yes, sick leave no. Teachers on the lowest band retire with a salary of approx. $85,000. Imagine that times two from people like me, who are retired and paying maximum taxes.

    I am not religious but I sent my son to a Catholic school because the Public schools were always on strike for this or that, or working to rule.

    It was said when he started catering to the demands of the teachers, that he was doing it to benefit his wife, who is a teacher. that may be so, but this province is in a state thanks to McGuinty. Dont know if Hants or Sargeant voted for him, but I DID NOT!!!

  14. Observing; I have my peanuts etc. ready for the Opening act too.
    I think however that opening act might presage a situation similar to the Elections fiasco of, was it, 1994. Here follows a Candy Cane Mushroom inspired set of scenarios.
    1) The whole thing is an elaborate set of smoke and mirrors designed to misdirect the population and place ultimate blame for the breakdown on FS.

    Possible Evidence from info in the public domain in no particular order?
    a) Hal Gollop being denied entry to a meeting between his clients and the MOE. (Hal Gollop is apparently the PM’s friend and legal brother)
    b) Hal Gollop floating the idea of Government going on for 3 months after its sell-by date on the same day he was denied entry to the MOE meeting
    c) The significant change in the final actions taken re. transfers by the MOE from the recommendations of the COI
    d) The clear impression that Jeff Broomes has been partially exonerated by the MOE and blame for the whole AX situation firmly placed on the BSTU players. This does not seem to have been the PM’s position or the COI’s, but might possibly be a determination by MOE people, who seemed fairly partial to Broomes during the enquiry, and whose non-responsiveness to complaints by BSTU was apparently the reason for the BSTU’s hard positions last year in part
    e) The treatment meted out to Minister Jones, during last year’s Industrial Action by BSTU, by no less a person than the PM himself
    f) The sheer ineptitude of the implementation of the transfer decision
    g) The sheer incredulity of such ineptitude coming from a professional group of public servants unless they intended to show up someone in a bad light and the actions were quietly sanctioned by the Minister
    h) The fact that no teaching professional has so far presented plausible arguments in favour of either the mass transfers or the way they were implemented. Indeed, on Peter Wickham’s show today one such professional, while trying to justify the transfers, had to concede that they were very badly implementd when boxed into a corner
    i) The likelihood that the people implementing the transfers would have calculated the various consequences and flagged the policy makers of the risks involved in doing it the way it eventually came out
    j) The total disregard for the welfare of the Children and the likely collateral damage that would be rained down on the AX incoming transferees by the implementation of the transfers that has now been evident from press reports

    2) FS was aware all along of the modalities of the implementation of the transfers by the MOE and indeed was involved in its development and eventually OKayed it. Possible pointers to this might be:
    a) FS’ history of decision making as PM suggests that such outcomes are not far outside the continuum of the outcomes of several of his decisions over the past 2 years
    b) FS might have trusted the Officers delegated to carry out the transfer job, to do so expeditiously and carefully and with all necessary sensitivity
    c) He might have calculated that setting up the COI and getting its report and implementing some of its recommendations was all that was necessary to claim that he had wrestled the AX problem to the ground unlike his 2 predecessors in Office
    d) He might also have calculated that there was no need to keep closely in touch with the identity and specialities of the transferees and where they came from as well as other aspects of the implementation of the transfers.

    Re. how this might impact the elections, especially how it might impact the date of calling the elections, I’ll fill that in after the first act which may or may not be tonight. I think I can make a case for the calling of the elections within the next 2 or 3 days, primarily to forestall a worsening IR climate in which AX as well as the new layoffs might feature but also to preempt some other looming issues that could erupt during a 90 day extension of the Government and thereby significantly reduce the DLP’s chances of a return to power.

  15. If the election is held when I am on the Island, I will be voting in Sinkler’s riding. Now, who should I vote for?

  16. Enuff;

    Why is it sitting on a Friday?
    Could the AX and Lime issues have precipitated it?
    Would there be a need for tomorrow’s session if it was expected to go to Feb 12th? But, again, they may need a number of extra sittings even if they went to February 12th.

    You may ignore my ruminations above. They are, as usual, only a chain of deductions strung together on facts in the public domain and with no underpinnings of any inside information whatsoever. The inscrtable FS is unlikely to telegraph such intentions in such a transparent way as it might spoil his cat and mouse game with the public.

  17. @ Checkit-Out | January 3, 2013 at 5:24 PM |

    There is a high probability that FS would announce the dissolution of Parliament and subsequently advise the GG to issue a warrant for general elections for late January or early February 2013.
    If he doesn’t then the man is a ‘nutter’. Why drag out the patience of the electorate?
    If he is so confident of his superior political position then put the BLP out of its misery and get Barbados working again by administering the necessary medicine to clear the blockage that has been constipating this country’s economy for the last 3-4 years.

  18. @miller
    Have you heard about an internal constituency poll that has the candidate on a foundation so sandy they wanted to withdraw?

  19. @Checkit-Out “If he is so confident of his superior political position then put the BLP out of its misery”…………………..

    My point exactly! Instead his goons come on BU and trying to pretend that they have all the cards and they will win.

    It is obvious that Fumble has overplayed his hand and he is now boxed into a corner. Hence, send his sidekick on radio to spin the constitution.He should have taken the little boy’s question to heart when he asked him, Mr PM, when are the elections?

    If they were that confident like the Brasstacks caller Rawle who clearly lives in La La land said today, the DLP will win 25-5. Peter asked him wait, “Rawle, you all gine win more seats”? He said yes 25-5. Peter like he did not know what to say.

    Checkit-Out, the sitting tomorrow was announced at the last sitting before Christmas. Surprised me that they did not take a break!!!!

  20. @Pat ” I remember getting an increase of half of one percent. During my career, I had two wage freezes – one under Mulroney for 5 years and the other under Chretien for 6 years. Making me retire later than planned and much poorer to boot. Neither freeze was made up during successive contract negotiations.”

    Pat I feel your pain. I am sorry.

    But do enjoy your retirement,and you occasional holidays in Barbados

  21. IS there anything to make the Prime Minister call Election ?–I think not

    WHAT about that loophole that precludes the Prime Minister from calling elections and does not hold him responsible ?


  22. Pat
    Stop complaining! If you survived for eleven years without a raise that means you were making good coin, your pension is probably better than the majority of Canadians let’s see Public service Pension (indexed to inflation), CPP and OAS plus that RRSP that you waiting to convert to a RIF, better enjoy it now you can’t take it with you.

    The “crook” in TO is really from your neck of the woods he is an Ottawa boy. As for the PC’s no way will I vote for Mike Harris lite, Hudak had the Election won and he frittered it away some of these PC’s would fit right in with the Republicans from South of these parts, I would take my chances with the NDP first.

  23. @ Simple Simon

    I had some teachers here for bridge tonight and I must make some corrections to the post above. They get 200 days not two years sick leave. It is paid at half salary. The grids have been revised they are now two. Top salary is $92,000 for elementary schools. They are retired elementary school teachers.

  24. @ Sargeant

    I am not complaining, just stating the facts. Yes, I made good coin. But I worked hard and utilized the brain cells. BUT….you guys in the Armed Forces had your salaries and benefits topped up after the freeze and we did not. Before the first freeze, I was making more than a Major. When I retired the same major was making much more than me.

    Let me tell you something else Sarge, last year when I turned 65, my pension went down by $9,000. CPP = $7,000. I suffered a net loss of $2k. So you see, I even lost in retirement. You of all people should know that public servants did not have much room to contribute to the RRSPs because of our contribution to the Superannuation and Armed Forces pension funds.

    Yes that brass bowl McGuinty is from Ottawa South. Never could stand the man, still cant stand him. He too slick and oily.

    Not to worry Sarge. I been spending my money long before I retired. As soon as I got rid of the mortgage, I started travelling the world and destroying the liver with the good stuff. Old single malts.

    Well, you are in good company voting NDP.

  25. Simple Simon wrote | January 3, 2013 at 3:50 PM |

    “Hants” We notice that your government is playing hard ball with your teachers.”

    Playing is the operative word.

    Barbados politics is more entertaining.

  26. Pat
    Don’t let the moniker fool yuh I was not in any Armed Services been in private industry all my working days except for one year in Bim as a Clerical Officer in Gov’t (just out of High school). Pension -defined benefit (the best kind) collecting, but into a second career of sorts where I am paying into a defined contribution plan (go figure) not collecting CPP yet but plan to hang up my boots soon.

    Your pension only decreased because your employer pension plan worked that into the calculation as they knew you would be eligible for CPP at 65 and they estimate that CPP would make up the reduction, many plans top up their employees’ pension plan only to cut it back at 65, I had that option too but I declined as my cut would have been too drastic.
    Overall can’t complain still have many things to be thankful for- in the words of guitar virtuoso Madagascar Slim “Good Life, Good Living”

  27. @Candy Cane Mushrooms | January 3, 2013 at 3:19 PM |

    “Inniss gine for Dale (girlie girlie)”


  28. “… she said, the “vast majority” of people who attended were teaching for more than 20 years at their schools. She added that many of them were involved in a number of extra curricular activities from which they are being transferred inclusive of literary and debating societies, art exhibitions, and coaching which would be disrupted as a result.’

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ..SMH did she not know that when she pulled those same teachers out of AX to strike? well she should not worry, the same way the students survived during the strike, i am sure they will survive now…LORD HAVE MERCY HAHAHA..

    it seems the tortoise outsmarted the hare…the hare being the BSTU

  29. If this government has to rescind on the transfers, then they could as well ring the election bell, as this would demonstrate that this party is incapable to govern this country.It can be seen that Mary Redman intends to have her way and she is willing to pull this government and our nation’s children just for personal recognition. We really need Tom or Dipper dummy to deal with her.

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