The Alexandra School Commission Of Inquiry – Part II

Jeff Broomes, Headmaster of Alexandra School

The Alexandra School Commission of Inquiry continues to enjoy rap attention of Barbadians. In response to requests BU starts Part II of The Alexandra School Commission Of Inquiry to ensure commenters are not inconvenienced by the burgeoning comments.

The Parliament of Barbados voted today (24/07/2012) to allocate $598,000 to pay for the Inquiry.

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  1. David
    Listening to all , I agree with Caswell. Have you forgotten the scant respect given to the King’s Report? The man was a Czar ..for a while..

  2. If what the former secretary testified to is true it would demonstrate a dishonest action by Broomes. But we still have to hear his side to the story on this matter to determine this.

    I am also concerned with the matter of Broomes allegedly ordering his cousin to cut the hair of that school boy. If true, and if there are no additional factors to be brought out, it would suggest that Mr. Broomes took leave of his senses on that one. But, the manner of the hushing up of that matter suggests to me that there is a lot more in the mortar than the mere cutting of a student’s hair against his, and his family’s, wishes. We need to hear Broome’s side of the story also and why it was shushed up apparently with the concurrence of the boy’s family.

    Also, what exactly does the transcript incident have to do with the strike and the Teachers insistence that Broomes be separated. Indeed, there seems to me to be several areas that were exhaustively examined that were immaterial to the TOR of the COI and were brought up to thoroughly discredit the man in everything, no less.

    That the Commissioner allowed them in seems to my non legal mind to be suggestive of a witch hunt and indeed might provide grounds for the invalidation of some aspects of the COI.

    Perhaps amused could have a say on this aspect.

    • As checkit-out has stated if the document was falsified then Broomes must take the fall.

      What is unacceptable and reprehensible is the fact the secretary and at least one other would suppress the document for so many years. BS!

  3. @check it out
    we seem to think alike more often than not

    @ simple simon
    “And who would have believed the word of a “mere” secretary”
    Words are unnecessary when you have proof in black and white. Something that this secretary seemed to have had more sense than the teaching staff, the BSTU and the Boards of Managements over the years

    are we saying that when in possession of incontrovertible documented truth that we should hide it under a bushel because of a belief that the aggressor is protected or our support is not strong? and for eight years on top of it? Am I reading right? From the most consistent online activists I’ve ever encountered?

    just observing

  4. @ Check-it
    Also, what exactly does the transcript incident have to do with the strike and the Teachers insistence that Broomes be separated.
    Are you for real ?Creditability my dear man…this is the head of a school and a representative of the Govt of Bdos…sending a falsified document to the US? Come now.

  5. @ ac | August 13, 2012 at 8:49 PM |
    “one lie after another now broomes lawyers trying to cover up for him.”

    Ac, do you know who is paying for Broome’s legal representation before the CoI?

  6. @ Check -it
    Are you further aware that based on this transcript…some other student who may have made application ..may have been denied the privileged of an education at that university?Suppose the Barbadian.. now graduate’s qualifications are rescinded….maybe she loses a lucrative job in the US..sues the Govt of Barbados? Is this slip still a nothing?

  7. Some of us have spent a good part of our lives examining and evaluating transcripts.

    Some of us other that Uncle Jeff understand education.

    Falsifying a transcript is no small matter.


    A false transcript can get a student thrown out of university for EVER.

    A false transcript can lead to the cancellation of the students degree(s), because the question can be asked if the student knowingly and fraudulently accepted a false transcripts, AND IF THE STUDENT KNOWINGLY PROVIDED THE UNIVERSITY WITH A FALSE TRANSCRIPT THEN what else has the student falsified?

    In this particular case, the question WILL be asked (by universities to which Alexandra students apply) is this transcript true? Is it fake? Was this student and this school, and yes was this country BARBADOS engaged in other instances of creating false transcripts?

    If this is true and the falsifier (and any others) isn’t punished SEVERELY, this thing has the capacity to damage Barbados’ academic reputation far, far beyond our borders, and for YEARS to come.

    If this thing is true the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Education must put an ocean between themselves and the falsifier.

    And let us hope that this thing does not damage CXC/CAPE as well.

    Because the question will be asked, has this person ever worked for CXC?

    The question will be asked has this person ever worked for Erdiston Teacher Training College?

    The question will be asked has this person ever worked for the University of the West Indies?

    The question will be asked has this person ever worked for the Barbados Community College.

    The question will be asked has this person ever worked for the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic?

    The question will be asked has this person ever worked for BIMAP?

    The questions will be asked who else knew about this????????????? and for how long?????????????????????????????????????????? and why was no action to stop this??????????????????????????????

    The question, is BARBADOS a false transcript factory???????????????

    And how will our officials answer?

    And how will we answer to our children when universities question the truthfullness of their transcripts and refuse to admit them????

    What will we say to our children then?


  8. @simon
    “Falsifying a transcript is no small matter.”
    “this thing has the capacity to damage Barbados’ academic reputation”

    hence my earlier reference to the “scorched earth” strategy which is unreservedly being employed by some.

  9. What is unacceptable and reprehensible is the fact the secretary and at least one other would suppress the document for so many years. BS!

    one must nderstand the toxcity of the enviroment the secretary was working under and the level of duress and stress she must have put up with . it just not like she had found something and was returning it she was involved in flasfiying a document and how does she explain that knowing that knowing that most likely what ever broomes say would be taken as gospel.she was around him long enough to know what he was capable of and how he influence others to do what he wanted done you guys think that broomes was easy not even the MOE could stand up to broomes .this poor secertary would have been ripped to threads by broomes and there would be no letter to prove it because it would have disappeared if gotten into the hands of one of broomes friends within the ministry. broomes no sweet bread .

  10. My , oh my , What has the Ministry of Education has to say to the ones they are responsible for? Indecision is a bad bad bad bitch.

    Two more months to a reach a decision and on top of that you have more knowledge of bad happenings in other sections under your watch.

    A burning shame , nuff education and no dam common sense.
    Which Alexander will be ready to start schooling in September?
    Close the school for one year and go from there. There is a file on the closure of Louis Lynch. Then restart September next year.

    Dam indecision and in action plague a whole system.

  11. @ Scrupie
    Close school wat….oust Broomes and get on wid things the only way now….The greatest nonsense in the history of BIM & MOE…

  12. Can someone please assist me? i am searching for the actual words uttered by broomes at the speech day in reference to leaving the profession. Words to the effect, “That would be a sure sign for me to leave the profession and believe me; I would!”

  13. Americans take the issue of falsifying academic credentials very seriously. Recently, Scott Thompson was fired as CEO of Yahoo after it was found that he did not have a computer science degree as he had claimed. Even though he had an accounting degree and seemed to have been a successful technology manger, Thompson was made to resign when it was discovered that he had falsified his credentials.

    It should be totally unacceptable that a principal of a school would falsify the transcript of a student applying to a university. As Simple Simon has stated this has the potential to imperil the applications of other students. However there is evidence that such matters do not concern the officials of the Ministry of Education.

  14. @ David
    The transcript matter is certainly not trivial . Caswell has pointed out that the later claim that the first four years mentioned represent the years at Combermere ran into trouble because they still dont correspond with Broomes’ document . I have just read the report in the ADVOCATE and what the BSTU lawyer Hal Gollop had to say . His submission was that if the student spent four years at Combermere then Combermere should send a transcript reflecting that ; Alexandra cannot represent Combermere . That seems a perfectly logical argument to me. I am therefore left to wonder if the Combermere official is stupidly getting himself involved in this messy situation , It would be of benefit to BU readers if you post the ADVOCATE report on the argument .

  15. Of even greater significance is the reason Mrs Sealy gave for keeping Broomes’ document . She was preparing herself for something that might happen later and she knew that if she could not produce that piece of paper BROOMES WOULD DENY IT . It is clear that Broomes had offended a section of the staff at the school to the extent that they were patiently and carefully preparing for the day when the opportunity came for them to expose him ; it would seem that the day , though late in coming , has finally come .

  16. Observing; re. your 8.57 pm comment lastnight.

    Thanks for the huge compliment. I consider your comments to be the most consistently sensible and fair of all I see on BU and I consider myself honoured by that above comment.

  17. The Commissioner should call the principal and the secretary of Combermere school to testify. The Commissioner should ask the principal and secretary of Combermere to provide this student’s official record to the Commission.

    This student and her father likely knew that her poor grades at Combermere made her inadmissable to the university. It seems that she and her parent then sought to get a “good” transcript from Uncle Jeff. Uncle Jeff was only too happy to comply.

    I wonder why a school principal would imperil his integrity, and his gratuity and his pension by providing a false transcript?

    Was he just being “nice”?

    Or was there something in this deal for him?

    Mrs. Sealy has testified that she posted the transcript to the U.S address provided. It appears that the student and her father are claiming otherwise. I believe Mrs. Sealy.

    But the readers of this blog should know that it is customary for transcripts to be mailed directly from one academic institution to the other. Since universities want to avoid academic fraud, they do not accept transcripts which have been handled by the student or parent

  18. I mean what sort of idiot whose disrespect of women is is evident even to casual observers, then asks a woman to commit fraud for him, and then fails to retrieve the fraudulent document from her?

    What sort of arrogant idiot?

    How can you openly disrespect a woman and then expect her to cover for you?

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again Jeff Broomes is the principal author of his own misfortunes.

    • Even if the transcript is delivered to the student it is inserted in a tamper free envelope. In those cases the student maybe going after a student loan. This is a very serious matter.

  19. Those persons who are seeking to remove Broomes are the ones responsible for creating this whole mess. As Bushie said from the very beginning, if the man has committed infractions against any rules and regulations, these should have been raised formally, and a proper process followed to deal with the infractions.

    If these violations were as serious as we are being led to believe, then of course the man should be fired – NOT PAID A LARGE BRIBE TO GO.

    What we have seen instead, has been a witch hunt – with hoards of jokers hounding the man, but with not a single solid charge being articulated against him.
    Now we have reached the stage where a $600,000 kangaroo court seeming to be looking at any and all spurious allegations against him and against witnesses – to the extent that only a complete fool would go willingly to give evidence there….

    If Broomes falsified a document, that should be a specific charge brought YEARS AGO, and dealt with…..the deputy cannot be serious. She is even worse than Broomes. One wonders how many more wrongdoings she has been keeping under her hat. She does not have enough principle to be a Principal either.

    The TRUTH is, that such ‘doings’ are so commonplace in the school system, that she knows that, with a solid enough check, similar charges can be brought against ANY Principal or senior teacher in the system.

    Now we have a situation where even pedophile Onions is saying that Broomes ‘has made mistakes and should go’. DID ONIONS LEAVE BU AFTER BEING EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE?

    None of us are perfect! Search long enough and EVERYONE will have an indiscretion which, exposed to public scrutiny, will destroy our lives….like happened to onions 🙂 .

    If Waterman is as professional as Amused contends, he will refer this latest allegation to the MOE for investigation, and discard it from further consideration in this particular COI.

    The question at hand is not whether Broomes is perfect, but what is the background to the strike and to the years of disruption at that school.

  20. Bushie: Now we have a situation where even pedophile Onions is saying that Broomes ‘has made mistakes and should go’. DID ONIONS LEAVE BU AFTER BEING EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE?

    keep it real onions is not under investigation. but how many more illegalities must be exposed by broomes before you come to the realisation that BROOMES was an outlaw . you keep just like broomes making these ridiculous assumptions in defence of broomes and the evidence is overwhelming against him . if you go through the testimonies starting with the “unknown letter” the receipts” his hiring practices his disregard for the recommendations given to him by the BOI . his o’k attitude in students given answers to test. and more these things do add up and shows culpability on the hands of broomes and to think that Mary Redman has not even taken the witness stand which will in fact present more damaging evidence and maybe another letter is frightening in the face of all that have been said. the only defense for broomes is to admit his wrong doing and have this inquiry come to a halt to avoid further damage to AX and his reputation. i am one would show some sympathy for him and would finally say he did it not only for himself but to save the reputation of a school he claims to love.

    • @ac

      Di you read with your best comprehension what Bush Tea wrote? He is saying if Broomes is guilty of all the misdeeds brought to light at the COI why were specific charges not brought against him? Doesn’t he operate within the four walls of public service regulations?

  21. Now we have a situation where even pedophile Onions is saying that Broomes ‘has made mistakes and should go’. DID ONIONS LEAVE BU AFTER BEING EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILyE?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha…………thou fool…a whole roll of shoite you writing an effort to save a condemned man….your stupidity shows the extent of a friendship entombed in fallacies.Rest assured he is going down… your choice whether you choice to accompany him….Onions pedophile…what a laugh…..

  22. You see that all of you anti-Broomes hecklers like Simple Simon and ac have gone and send poor Broomesy to excessive drinking making him incapacitated to attend the opera for a few days now. You have made the man sick and could go off his rockers anytime now.
    You have achieved your objective. And like the Romans seeing the cult followers calling themselves “christian” being thrown to the lions in the Colosseum and ripped to pieces you have had enough of the blood sport and should go home now. It’s time to close the doors to the theatre and end this expensive spectacle that really revealed what free education has done for civilized Barbados. Broomes is now a broken man and who would pick the spiritual pieces of this poor dead soul in this Christian Babadus!

  23. @ Bush Tea | August 14, 2012 at 7:50 AM |
    Now we have a situation where even pedophile Onions is saying that Broomes ‘has made mistakes and should go’. DID ONIONS LEAVE BU AFTER BEING EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE?

    This is an unjustified accusation lacking in evidence and certainly not true.
    The same way you want the anti-Broome crowd to stop vilifying the man for his leadership style but should bring specific charges for any infraction of the laws and regulations for the management of secondary schools then you need to show us how onions get to be a paedo for simply expressing his views.
    Remember Bushie, the BBE is watching you to see how fork-tongued and double standard you are becoming.

  24. @David

    “IF” does that sound like some one who has accepted the borne testimony given in the many accounts surrounding broomes troubles. another excuses in a series of excuses drummed up by bushie. so far bushie has used every excuse possible including”and” “IF”S” or but’s”

  25. @ Bushie
    Rest assured, I will be there personally, to see his face, for all those he hurt…maybe even LOL as the Ole sea dog maketh his last walk ….like a true condemned man, walking the infamous green mile (Ha Ha ha..notice I have started already).
    At speech day…”BRING IT ON”…THEY HAVE….lol..Now like a true luepy school boy, where was he to be seen,as asked by Judge Waterman? Oh Bushie….He has really F_ed up this time…BIG TIME…lol..
    Name calling Onions won’t help…nor serve as a distraction in here, nor in Wildey. Only Jeff has himself to blame…..It goes to show,” there is no such thing as the perfect crime” now doesn’t it?…..and Ole Jefforey….proves it.

  26. @David
    “the transcript falls outside the terms of engagement of the COI it should be disregarded?”

    No, it is important, but, it’s only relevance is to a matter of credibility. If we open the matter of credibility to question rather than deal with the specific incidents and issues that are under investigation, then I am ABSOLUTELY certain that a few other witness, both prosecution and defense, WILL be deemed not credible as well for other reasons. As I’ve said from day one, use the same yardstick for the Persians and the Medes. Also, were this document to be the “nail in the coffin” one must ask why wasn’t it presented before and $500,000 earlier, given that it is a “slam dunk case” if proven to be true.

    I’ll ask you, and any others, what relevance does the letter have to the purpose of the commission?

    @Bush Tea – “What we have seen instead, has been a witch hunt”
    @David – “More and more BU is coming to the view that Broomes has been setup and that the outcome is known.””

    Here is where the COI begins to lose some of its credibility. I’ll reserve judgment however to the final report is drafted.

  27. @ Bushie
    Oh again I repeat so you and all the BBE matey friends can hear..” What manner of man is this…..that will forged school transcripts….and tell endless lies on people?”… of those things Bushie. What manner..?

  28. @ observing

    it is a shame that after all this time you are still observing and have observed nothing ! What a waste of time!

  29. LOL @ onions and ac
    One would assume that you two have lived perfect and pristine lives to date and are therefore in good positions to judge Broomes…. or anyone. Let us go by the RULES AND REGULATIONS.

    Bushie KNOWS that, placed under such scrutiny, BBE or not, he would end up looking like a complete scoundrel. LOL.. Just last week watching the wutlessness called Kadooment on TV, the things that passed through the Bushman’s mind would make Onions look like a normal human being…
    Bushie did not judge Onions… Look back at the blog comments and see Bushie was very limited in his comments ( …having judged and condemned Onions eons ago 🙂 ) it is the BU bloggers that found him guilty as charged by Islandgal …. LOL …Bushie was just trying to pass judgement and get him to leave… Rotfl

    Amused is the blogger now in demand. If Waterman allows this to develop into a complete farce fueled by hateful hidden personal agendas, rather than focus on the terms of reference of the COI, then it speaks to the really piss poor status of our judiciary- given the high rating placed on Waterman and the legal people involved by Amused.

    ….when is the next chapter of the Court Story due David…?

  30. @ac
    Observing is a much more spiritually satisfying act than judging assuming
    It allows me to interact with you with absolutely no emotion, shame or malice. I wish the same for you some day.

    As for things that are wastes of times……we don’t have the blog space to talk about those. Walk good my friend.

    “If Waterman allows this to develop into a complete farce fueled by hateful hidden personal agendas ”

    I thought we passed that threshold long time ago. lol.

  31. The Alexandria School Inquiry continues to lay bare the soft underbelly of leadership and management in Barbados, which is currently dominated by the 55 and over age group. Their leadership, management model is that of the Benevolent Planter and the Maximum Leader. The maximum leader accumulates all power to him or herself and like a Benevolent planter dishes out favours and punishments as he sees fit (Uncle Jeff and Master Jeff). These models are simply inadequate in an era of globalization when knowledge is widely diffused, and societies face complex problems. The challenges and problems of the modern era are too complex for one man or woman to have the answer.

    Interestingly I heard a piece today on BBC radio that the euro zone economy is shrinking and going back into recession. More interesting to me was that while Spain’s GDP is shrinking, the Basque region in Spain is growing. the Basque region is the manufacturing hub.

    Rather than blame the current administration and leader for our economic challenges and line up behind parties and personalities should we not be focused on what might be the substance as distinct from the personalities and political parties behind the issues we confront.

    In my opinion, contrary to what is often said, Owen Arthur did re-structure the barbados economy and made it a services based economy. While that may have been the “best” option based on knowledge at the time is it still the best option for Bim. If it is still the best option can we still realistically expect the levels of growth of the past decade given the state of markets that demand our services? If it is not, then what are the options and the way forward?

    To my simple, young, non-economist mid, Owen bet on a services economy and that bet has turned sour. To me, a generation of technocrats, economists and other policy makers are pretty much locked into that view of the barbados economy as a services and there was little that the current administration could have done to change that coming off the back of 14 years of good economic growth and, lets face it, those same technocrats, economists and policy makers enjoying position of prominence in our society and still able to shape and influence policy and public opinion, and yes, even block changes in policy.

    From what I have heard from the BLP so far, they seem quite wedded to their old economic model that worked for them, and their message seems to be that they can better execute the services economy model. Are the economic challenges we face about execution the services economy model, or the emergence of fundamental flaws in that model given the state of the markets that demand our services? As a young person I am not locked into any party so i am open to persuasion.

  32. @ Observing..wrote in reply to Bushie’s>>>
    “If Waterman allows this to develop into a complete farce fueled by hateful hidden personal agendas ”

    I thought we passed that threshold long time ago. lol.
    But we have Observing….it just goes to show, how certain “manners” of men believe that some from their sect…are invincible…..If the outcome is not to their likings..”it’s a farce”….but of course we passed that stage…and of course…the facts are the same( just more costly)….If we were to listen to these men….their words would be the Law, and all would revolve around them…..
    But ALAS… has all been EXPOSED….the verdict and ruling had better be the RIGHT ONE…the masses await !

    Ps. doan mind jackass Bushie….he is hurt and in denial.

  33. Transparencyt and accountabilty! wuhloss! you want to know the truth> Bushie can’t handle the truth>. but it is people like BUSHIE who have been asking for transparency and accountabilty but it is apparant it should only applied to those of his chosen if only he could have seen what such actions could have done to his friend and colleague broomes. Transparency and accountabilty .I love it. NEXT OSA! HOO! HOO!

  34. @Observing. It is getting interesting now, as I thought it might. I suspect that there will now be some fairly major developments and no, I don’t know what they will be. My experience and, I suspect your experience, would suggest that there is a major build-up in the making. Therefore, I am going to adopt more of your usual policy and observe carefully.

  35. @ amused

    What happen to your highly touted “menopausal defence ” geez whiz that have disappeared like broomes!

  36. @ Bush Tea | August 14, 2012 at 9:28 AM |
    “.. If Waterman allows this to develop into a complete farce fueled by hateful hidden personal agendas, rather than focus on the terms of reference of the COI, then it speaks to the really piss poor status of our judiciary- given the high rating placed on Waterman and the legal people involved by Amused.”

    So Bushie, why you think the man and these legal performers were chosen? You think it happened by a quirk of fate (happenstance) or ordained by your BBE?

    This is all a setup with a certain predicted outcome like a true soap opera or an American printed war comic book. The people of Barbados are all sheep easily led astray by any religious sounding political pied piper from the land of dishonesty and sham.

  37. @ onions
    “…doan mind jackass bushie…”
    Right! …..Mind pedophile Onions… LOL

  38. @Caswell

    If you believe your last statement then you need to explain why you are anti-COI. Also checkit-out’s view would be welcomed on your view of the naughty side of the public service.

    • David

      I remain opposed to this Waterman Commission because of the political interference in the disciplinary process in the Public Service. If the Prime Minister had allowed the Public Service Commission to do its constitutional duty, it could have set up an investigating committee consisting of a lawyer and two other persons who could have heard the same evidence that Justice Waterman is presently hearing. The difference between the two investigating bodies is simple: Waterman’s report cannot be used to discipline anyone who testified before it, on the other hand the recommendations of the other committee could be used to discipline wrongdoers.

  39. @ac. I have proffered no defense of anyone. I have merely suggested that you cease with your one-sided propoganda and let us follow the evidence as it unfolds. But you certainly appear to have a vested anti-Broomes interest. By the way, unlike the old hens, we men do not undergo menopause. We continue to be fully functional in the child-begetting area LONG after women. So kindly do not try to pass your menopause on to me. I am happy to say that I am not onl;y fully functional, but I don’t need little blue pills either. So, ac, I will continue to follow the evidence of the Commission as it unfolds and even to have the temerity of reaching my own conclusions without your assistance, even if you did marry into a law degree.

    @Casewell. Why I am not surprised by your story?

    • @Bush Tea

      BU tries to rotate topics to keep the views fresh.

      Don’t worry the moribund court system remains on the radar.

  40. Young Observer @9:51 a.m.

    Oh boy you said a mouthfull there,and you were fair and balanced too,of course not like Fox news lol.

    I am still digesting and agreeing with your analysis.

    Forget the personalities and the partisan politics and speak the truth not with a forked tongue is what I will like to say to some people.

  41. @caswell
    all that is necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. Often times good men must “strike” much more than once in order to confront, head off and push back on evil(doers).

    I know of the “strings” that are pulled at higher altitudes, but as long as secretaries and deputies and unionists and clerks and marshalls turn a blind eye or keep “evidence” in their drawers or email boxes out of fear or apathy, the status quo will ABSOLUTELY remain the same. Balls, guts and consistency….Bring it on!!!

    ya got muh hey dying with that last comment.

    Just observing

  42. Patrick Frost BSTU’s trade unionist….gave the exit operculum available to the BIG Fish from Speightown…….one of them is still a negotiation settlement….you are too kind to the ole sow.

  43. Caswell you can claim to know certain things because you work in the Trade union area. For most of us this inquiry is incredibly revealing and puts a bright spotlight on the management of the education system which commands the largest share of the budget. For us this is incredibly useful.

  44. Amused @ac. I am happy to say that I am not onl;y fully functional, but I don’t need little blue pills either..

    Ac @ amused
    you bragging or boasting. bushie you listening. amused is fully loaded and very transparent. no need for COI. HA ! HA! like;;;;;;

  45. @Observing(and fishing)
    stop using muh name.

    Patrick Frost: “There is not law in that regard, but the trade union acts as it sees fit in the interest of its members”

    “Since there was no attempt at dialogue by the employer or the agents of the employer.”

    Here comes the industrial relations side of the saga.

  46. Will Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney take the stand also we were hearing alot of talk from them -so we awaite the NUPW offical stand on this ,we are seeing BSTU position now by FROST,

  47. “If the last evidence is true Broomes has painted himself in a corner with little hope to retrieve his reputation and dear we say it, his legacy.”

    Lest you forget; it was Mr Broomes who threw down the gauntlet to the weary and embattled teachers and challenged them to ‘bring it on’. He has no one but his arrogant self to blame. Whatever the outcome; his reputation is tarnished and i daresay the reputation of such information from institutions which are supposedly credible in Barbados. I am wondering what new stringent guidelines would be placed by Educational Institutions in the USA on such information from Barbados when the American Embassy observers forward the transcripts from the Commission of Enquiry to the State Department.

  48. “F” does that sound like some one who has accepted the borne testimony given in the many accounts surrounding broomes troubles. another excuses in a series of excuses drummed up by bushie. so far bushie has used every excuse possible including”and” “IF”S” or but’s”

    Sorry Ac but i can’t let you get away with this comment which is sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. You accuse Bushie of drumming up excuses for Mr Broomes but his feeble excuses in support of Mr Broomes pales in comparison to your feeble excuses for the DLP.

  49. ‘Will Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney take the stand also we were hearing alot of talk from them -so we awaite the NUPW offical stand on this ,we are seeing BSTU position now by FROST”

    It is my understanding that the goodly gentlemen were representing Mr Broomes in a personal capacity and not under the aegis of the NUPW.

  50. It is apparent someone died and made FROST king. His arrogant display on the witness stand tells us why AX is in the pig sty. FROST is the one to seperate not BROOMES.
    FROST and Redman spell trouble- hell on earth for AX principal for AX staff, students, education ministry.

  51. I am astounded that (as reported in the Advocate newspaper) counsel for Broomes would assert that “it is common practice for results to be increased by one grade when transcripts are being sent overseas” !!!!

    I sincerely hope that the Ministry of Education issues a disclaimer that this is NOT so. Otherwise, it is possible that the grades of ALL Barbadian students will be discounted by a grade by overseas institutions. This could be particularly unfair to students who earned an “A” since that grade could not be increased and now would be in danger of being downgraded to a “B” in the minds of admissions officers!!

    It is also troubling that the Deputy Principal could admit being guilty of common assault of a student, that the Principal knew of the incident, but the lady is still employed at the school. Some months ago, a male teacher at another leading school punched a male second former. The student was neither verbally nor physically threatening the teacher. The teacher however is still employed at the school. If a student slapped or punched a teacher, would the student be allowed to say “oh sorry I was stressed out” and be allowed to continue at the school without any punishment being meted out?!!

    Given the past behaviour of the Ministry of Education, I expect that nothing will be done.

  52. All Barbados is corrupt and corrupted.
    There is no level playing field –not in Barbados with its colonial legacy still choking society.
    Which School you went to
    Who is your father
    Which Lodge you belong to
    Which Political Party do you support
    Whose ass are you licking

    Which school you went to is one that needs to be discouraged but is being encouraged for whatever reason , only the jokers who engaged in it know. Having left school many years ago, why is it now fashionable to claim a school. Some people need to grow up. Many of us could not wait to leave school, enter the world of work and earn some cash, Now we donning the school uniform and wukking up at fetes. This is stupidity to the highest degree. Hate this with a passion. This categorization of people by school, lineage, lodge , political party and ass licking duties should be dismissed as inappropriate behaviour and frowned upon but we have people who should know better engaging in the nonsense—–SHAME on you Barbados

  53. When one thought the plot could not get any thicker we read of a report that suggests the cellphones of Messrs Gollop and Broomes maybe under ‘tap’.

  54. @ping pong
    it wasn’t counsel for Broomes that said this. This was an Alexandra precedent from before.

    as usual, you are not only barking up but you are urinating on the wrong tree

    Frost and Redman are the other side of the 4 sided coin in this mess. A precedent could be set based on the outcome of this commission that would bode bad tidings for every manager/employer in Barbados. And by the way, my statement has nothing to do with AX or Broomes’ specifically…just process and procedure. Note as well the use of Sir Roy’s support as the “armour of God.” I should also add that Frost is really stretching and threading a VERY thin line in justifying the BSTU’s course and sequence of actions.

    virtually everything about this commission was predictable, details notwithstanding.

    Just observing

  55. @Observing (and reading)

    please read page 3 of today’s Advocate Newspaper. See the third paragraph of the article captioned “Transcripts arrive …from Combermere”.

    So is this practice of grade inflation restricted to the Alexandra School or is it common practice among all Barbadian schools or is it a one-off occurrence done by Broomes? Should the Ministry of Education issue a response?

  56. A little birdee tweeted that the only surprise Broomes got in the phone tapping thing is the sound of a scheme back-firing. Shhhh!

  57. Having discovered the improprieties of Broomes, what really is the purpose of the COI?

    Will Broomes be removed from Ax because of improprieties or incompetency?

    Reference to the falsifying info – when Broomes was appraised that same year was he commended for good performance? Was honesty, loyalty appraised as well?

    Griffith-Watson should be asked to take the stand as CEO at the time if credibility is a factor and indeed it is. The current CEO cannot represent that where Broomes is concerned.

    I want to hear from Griffith-Watson.

    May be I should ask the question who appraises the Principal and where is the original appraisal sent for record keeping?

  58. @Ping Pong
    My information inferred that the practice of increasing by a point or two was a standard practice at Alexandra, as opposed to suggested by counsel for the sake of “clearing” Broomes’ name. I stand corrected if necessary though.

    Re Frost’s stance and the issue of cell phones doing their own thing I think most of Barbados officially does not know what to make of this. Waterman will claim legend status one way or the other when this is done. Whether it is good, bad or urban is another story altogether.

    Waterman confirmed what we all knew and what you were saying. he doesn’t have the “power” to separate Broome.

    The question for all of is is as it always was…on the back end of this commission, whose job will it be to act…when…and based on what?? Are the recommendations binding? Does the action if taken bring repercussions? Does this constitute an investigation whose results can be the grounds for punitive measures against any of the involved parties?

  59. Yesterday,we are told Mr Gollop’s view was that the deputy was a symbol of eloquence and elegance,a proud product of the institution which gave her birth as a student and a teacher.Today the deputy had some great difficulty remembering that she failed to inform the principal that she slapped a student and gave us the public the impression that she makes a whole lot of excuses for her inaction,but never her fault,always the principal or his meetings,travels etc
    Then as if that is not itself a revelation of serious import,we are told that she took leave from 2004 to 08(this is puzzling)because it was “noised”(is this a teacher or a wordsmith!)abroad that she was standing in Broomes’way.And worse revelation is her failure 5 times to satisfy the promotions’board of her superiors.Why?We are left to draw our conclusions.In legalese,Mr Gollop was not given proper instructions hence he is being made to look distressed.
    Frost did a lot of harm to the teaching profession by his wholly simplistic view of who is wisest but we know who sounds most foolish/idiotic to be sure.

  60. Yagga Rowe
    Its called…….FAMILY FIRST….Doctors cannot welcome in Christmas wid empty purses….nor lawyers for that matter….

  61. Want to know why she failed to satisfy the boards? When you apply for one of those posts, a report or question is asked of your immediate supervisor. Given the lies he’s told, you really think he would say anything good? He’s done it to others too, male and female.

    Most of us recognise that Broomes is good in many regards. But why is it so unfathomable for some now that the other side has come out? Is it not possible that someone could act in two different ways in two different circumstances? Is that so hard to believe? We are quick to condemn a preacher/priest/pastor when allegations are made against them but we are slow to believe that this man, a Christian by no stretch of the imagination, is capable of such imperfections. None of us is perfect.

    What I am reading by the Broomes-ians on this blog is that whatever he does there is a really good explanation for it coming in his testimony or that the menopausal women made him do it. Alright, we shall wait on his testimony and see what really made him do certain things or to refute all evidence given against him as lies and conspiracy to bring down his character.

  62. @ Maxine | August 15, 2012 at 3:35 PM |
    ” Alright, we shall wait on his testimony and see what really made him do certain things or to refute all evidence given against him as lies and conspiracy to bring down his character.”

    And if Broomes was really a smart fella he would disappoint you and the others who want to make a further mockery of him and indeed the whole cast of actors in this expensive pappy show.

    He could frustrate the whole process and put in jeopardy or at least in limbo the conclusion of the CoI by taking a leaf out of those sabotaging teachers’ books and go on “Sick Leave” as a matter of urgency. And with the effluxion of time he would achieve his coup de grȃce or, in the audience’s estimation, coup de théȃtre. We are sure there are well established doctors in our little incestuous corrupt society who like the lawyers would do anything within their ‘Hippocratic’ oath to oblige a fellow quack and certified the man to be extremely stressed out leading to his incapacity to function without some extended period of bed rest and liquid ‘medication’ of Bajan vintage to boot.
    It would be interesting how the PSC can fire a man on sick leave since the recommended strategy of going on sick leave is employed as a standard operating procedure by senior civil servants over and over.
    Now that would be the ultimate coup d’état to this administration’s political big foot move to pander to the vindictive wishes of a segment of rigid anti change (some like Bushie would even say menopause) teachers. We will wait and see, like you, Maxine! The hot flashes must come to an end in the dryness of time, (if you know want is implied), giving a new lease of life to the AX school and a reprieve to the victims of it all, the students.

  63. @Maxine
    Just what I wanted to say to you but you have responded admirably at the end of your contribution.Thus far from the evidence,the one damning issue that Broome must respond to is the editing of the students’grades and time at the school.Other than that all I am seeing is a bunch of women giving the man a garrison of trouble and instead of teaching and administering,they are planning his down fall.Broome is no saint but he was working with women devils,and if you have to deal with all these devil-women on a daily basis crapeau smoke ya pipe!!

  64. @ gabriel

    If thats all you see <Broomes need to refund the govt. for time and trouble at the taxpayers expense. are you living in a time bottle , this old geezer . has so many infractions and broken laws and rules that the punishment which he would received cannot compensate for all the heartache and sadness he has brought upon AX.

    • Removing Broomes ‘part of solution’
      Added on August 15, 2012.

      Removing Principal Jeff Broomes from the helm of the Alexandra School will not resolve all of its problems.

      That’s the admission of Barbados Secondary Teachers Union consultant Patrick Frost.

      But the veteran trade unionist said it would resolve some critical issues and allow an improved operational and industrial relations environment under a new school head.

      He was giving his second day of evidence at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra, held at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex. The witness said the BSTU was calling for Broomes’ separation because he was the “focal point of difficulty”.

  65. @David
    the folly of it all is unbelievable. It was obvious from the King report that the problem was more than just Broome. Frost’s echo chamber is up today likely followed by Broomes who will play fully to national sentiment and prejudice any decision made by te committee in the court of public opinion. One thing is for sure….any decision that is made from this has to avoid lengthy appeals or repercussions and bring an immediate commencement of the healing/fixing/reform process….else the commission would have been deemed a failure regardless of current opinion,

    “it would resolve some critical issues and allow an improved operational and industrial relations environment under a new school head.”

    Clearly an expert at labour relations but not so bright at human relations. This statement is blindly optimistic at best, woefully impossible at worst.

    Enough has been now aired (whether true or not) to invoke the clause in the Pension Act. It’s the overall ramifications (law, labour, education, appearances, CTUSAB, AX, the students and remaining teachers, relationships etc.) of doing so that I would now be worried about.

    The impossible has become possible….making a valid and just decision is now more difficult than it was in January. Go figure.

  66. solution”: removing broomes as principal and posible transfer some of the teachers who were major players . as evident in the testimony their were rivals and clanish attitudes were part and parcelof the decay and in order for the AX to heal their must be a fresh and new enviroment . i however belief that after all this negative exposure most of the teachers involved would more than willing to be free of AX and all the negativism of the past 10years they have endured.

  67. this issue could have been resolved in the interest of nation, school, students and fairplay by the appropriate govt agencies not burying their heads in the sand and taking the decisive step to separate all the warring and aggrieved parties at the school. in short,when the issue re-surfaced mr broome and teachers would have had to report to different schools at the commencement of a new term and a new principal and deputy and teachers sent to alexandra and there is precedent for that in public service administration.

    • Redman:Heads excluded from hiring process

      BSTU officials Mary Redman and Patrick Frost, at today’s sitting of the Commission of Inquiry into the Alexandra School. (Lennox Devonish)
      By Barry Alleyne | Thu, August 16, 2012 – 12:20 PM

      Two months.
      That’s how long it took before numerous problems regarding the management style of Jeff Broomes arose at the Alexandra School.
      And according to president of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union, Mary-Ann Redman, the Ministry of Education was informed of the principal’s actions and subsequently wrote him about hiring persons to teach at the school without consulting relative heads of departments.
      Redman made this disclosure today to a Commission of Inquiry at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.
      According to Redman, even after being written about the practice, Broomes continued to bring on new teachers without involving department heads.
      Redman informed the Inquiry that Broomes had hired teachers without consulting heads Gail Streat-Jules (Fine Arts), Amaida Greaves (Science), Marvo Clarke (English) and Deborah Springer-Bryan (Home Economics).
      “They were all excluded from the process,” Redman told the Inquiry within five minutes of her testimony.
      In response to a question from Commission attorney Milton Pierce, Redman said prior to Broomes’ tenure as principal, the Union previously had no reasons to deal with problems at the Alexandra School.
      Redman, who has been Union president since 2005, also testified that things were “peaceful” at the St Peter institution before Broomes arrived.
      “His style was one of non-inclusion with the department heads. Heads should play an active role in the hiring of persons in their respective departments,” Redman asserted.
      “It has been custom and practice across secondary schools in Barbados,” the veteran teacher added.
      Redman said the principal’s actions of non-inclusion had reared its head in 2003.
      “He was told during a series of meetings to desist. All principals in Barbados were even circularised regarding the issue as well.”
      Redman testified that acting permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, Gilford Alleyne also informed Broomes he was to involve all department heads as part of the hiring process of teachers.
      Redman also noted that after it was discovered Mr Broomes continued to practice hiring teachers without consulting teachers even after being directed to do so by the ministry, nothing was done to correct the situation.

  68. “by the appropriate govt agencies not burying their heads in the sand and taking the decisive step”
    Now there is a laugh….lead by The inertia-ed…and do what ?

  69. I wonder what any of you know of the teachers at Alexandra. I wonder if you really got to know the teachers down there – male and female, old and young – if your views would still be the same. The way I see it, change will happen whether we want it or not. One has to question why one male principal was successful with his changes and the other one was not. One also has to get pass the emotions and look at what kind of change is being implemented. Is it change for good? Is change for worse? How have these changes been proposed and carried out. In my studies I have learned that the best way to get people to buy into change is the bottom–>up approach. When this is occupied, and those at the bottom are involved from the start, then they feel a sense of ownership and change takes place easily, most times. The top–>down approach is almost always problematic where the ones at the bottom are only to carry out orders, no questions asked. The former approach should not be seen as asking the permission of subordinates, rather it should be seen as team work. You will never get total buy-in but you get more co-operation across the board. Sometimes different approaches are needed but never the divide and rule tactic.

    Nothing about this enquiry disappoints me anymore. So whatever leave or other stunts Broomes may pull to prolong the issue, I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed. It matters not anymore.

  70. @Maxine
    understand where you’re coming from, but some of us are looking at bigger pictures than just the staff/management relations.
    legal, industrial relations, wider education system and legislation, and to some degree political. This went past Broomes and the AX staff a long time ago.

  71. Regular Structured Rotation of all Teachers is a must after this sordid experience whch , mind you, is not exclusive to Alexandra. It is endemic in our island home and as Minister Jones alluded, something must be done about Barbados. You people out there do not know the gravity of the situation. It is awful !

  72. @Observing(and reading)16.08.1149a
    You are right on the money in your bigger picture scenario.

  73. Can anybody tell me why all this shit is happening ..on this sweet lil GEM of a Barbados? Why in all my 69 years…..I have never seen NOT even HALF of what is happening now…What the Fck is going on?

  74. Can anyone attending the inquiry give us a little report on how Redman is faring so far?

  75. I take your point on the bigger picture, Observing (and reading). I was just trying to put a little perspective on why change may be difficult in some cases.

  76. I have just read today’s nation newspaper and in particular the profound statement by the legal rep for the commission.That the CPO had found that there was a grievance procedure for the aggrieved teacher to follow and she choose not to follow it,but the BSTU leadership in its wisdom went for the big hammer and called STRIKE!All Froth is doing is trying to justify the unjustifiable.Any student of conflict resolution would take the view that first you follow established procedures and where there is still no resolution there are other steps to follow before you use the big S weapon.Therefore I must agree with all those bloggers who have suggested all along that the little titbits of interactions or lack therof,nepotism,favouritism,accounting methods etc are revealing and instructive but the bottom line is this.The BSTU was wrong,wrong to call a strike without first following the grievance procedure,and that will be the ultimate finding of this COI.

  77. Grabriel
    That the CPO had found that there was a grievance procedure for the aggrieved teacher to follow
    I wish you would stop misleading the public…….what grievance procedure what …”THERE IS to follow.”…….No sirmaam..The rules clearly stated “THEY MAY FOLLOW” or any alternative they so choose to pursue…..operative word MAY…..the took the may…the rest is history..Is that rocket science ?

  78. Redman has taken the opportunity to go back to the very beginning of the fracture in the relationship. She stated that only two months after Broomes landed at AX his hiring practices were suspect. It is obvious the reason the BSTU did not invoke the grievance procedure was because it had no confidence in it.

  79. Balance you have decided to defend them as was expected . you yourself have run and left BROOME .-Maloney and CLarke was there as NUPW officials and the nupw was invited by the MOE to meetings – dont tell us now any thing else ,we recall what maloney and clarke was in the press saying when the COI was put in place,now that BROOME needs a friend they have ran faster than the jamician trio-but we expect that from drinking partner-we may need to pull the NATION for those reports

  80. David/BU

    Thanks very much for that bit of news on the hearing.I wait to see how Ms Redman will fare under cross examination.


    What happen man,the Inquiry was too boring lol?

    Wait for Redman and Jeff then.

  81. @ old onion bags | August 16, 2012 at 4:48 PM |
    “Went yesterday for the 1st time….stood home today.”

    I think we need to start extinguishing the flames that have engulfed Broomes. The CoI and the vengeance seekers have achieved their objective. To destroy Broomes both psychologically and, from appearance, physically. Saw the man today and he is a shadow of his former belligerent self. Not only does he appear all stressed out and unfocused but looks physically not well, drawn and has lost obvious weight (a sure sign of physical and mental distress).

    Its time you guys show a bit of compassion for the man and show you have at least heard or read of the moral injunction as advised by your spiritual guru Jesus in the parable of the ‘Unforgiving Servant” as told in Matthew 18:21-35. Just remember that it is important to forgive others if you are to ask your God for similar forgiveness as reinforced in Luke 17:3-4: “If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.”

    Now that the grandiose expensive scheme, designed by its chief architect FS, has seen the erection of an edifice full of dynamite which has imploded with Broomes spaced out in a chair like a blind drunk next to his own vomit what next do we do to clean up the mess? Unless this clear act of public humiliation is brought swiftly to an end and a quiet “separation” arrangement is made to ensure both the embattled principal and the embroiled teachers are no longer associated with that unlucky school then the god of forgiveness may have to again intervene; this time calling in the chief architect to give an account of the lucky chip or talent he was given.
    Hubris is the highest form of disrespect and FS is soaring very high given his vulnerable state of health.

  82. @ miller
    Now that the grandiose expensive scheme, designed by its chief architect FS, has seen the erection of an edifice full of dynamite which has imploded with Broomes spaced out in a chair like a blind drunk
    I looking for you heading up Caribbean Comedy 2012….LOL

    On a more serious note….you should know we political men in Barbados is all drinking buddies n friends…man if Bushie n Broomesy were to pop a JWB, Onions and the Miller would hold a glass….

  83. @ millertheanunnaki,wrote “Its time you guys show a bit of compassion for the man.”

    The man should show compassion for himself by resigning, collecting his pension and becoming a full time cricket administrator.