Weighing the Contribution of Cruise Over Landbased Tourism

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Taxation, not surprisingly is a very controversial subject and while most people accept and understand the need for Government(s) to raise taxes, they also reasonably expect that collection and subsequent spending of them is equitable.

The revelation that American based Starbucks Coffee retailer, globally the second largest restaurant or cafe chain (after McDonald’s) had paid less than 1 per cent in corporation tax, despite generating US$4.5 billion of revenue from over 700 United Kingdom branches during a 14 year period, shocked many.  Over the last three years, Starbucks has reported no profit, and paid no income tax, on sales of US$1.8 billion in the United Kingdom. Apparently, the company has broken no laws, only making every possible use of existing tax legislation.

But you don’t have to travel 4,000 miles across the ‘pond’ to find similar examples, they exist right on our doorstep. Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise operator with its 12 dominating brands, is a classic case in point. Despite declaring a profit of US$11.3 billion during the last five years, Carnival paid no US Federal taxes at all last year, even though, in essence it is headquartered in the United States.

In fact over that same five year period, while using the services of twenty Federal agencies such as the Coast Guard and Customs, it paid an average of 1.1 per cent in federal, state, local and foreign taxes. For a hotelier or other land based tourism business, that must seem like an unattainable dream become true.

Even if you chose to ignore all the one-sided advantages the cruise ship companies have, then you cannot escape the ultimate commercial option. If the going gets tough, they just move the ships to where they can extract higher revenues and profits. The shipping companies will argue they pay lots of other taxes, but do they in reality?

While in many cases port fees are now included in the purchase price, but the operator merely acts an intermediary collecting them from the customer. Certainly with any Carnival group product it clearly states, but not government taxes which are an added extra, payable again by the cruiser. You also have to ask the question, what taxes are paid on the items consumed by the passengers, like food and beverages. Absolutely none, I suspect.

Do they pay the majority of their staff National Insurance contributions or any portion of any applicable personal income tax? I am also pretty certain any form of land tax doesn’t enter into the equation.

Then look at pay and working conditions. I cannot imagine any reputable trade union, either in the USA or Caribbean allowing the commonplace practices that crew onboard have to endure on many of the ships, to be tolerated here on land. Of course, they largely depend on nationals from poor and developing countries, like the Philippines, where an agricultural worker may earn as little as US$4 a day. The very low wages paid are the norm, hugely enhanced by gratuities, again, in the overwhelming number of cases, by the passenger.

This week is one of the busiest of the year for Bridgetown Port, with their website indicating some 22 ships arriving and departing. Boxing Day alone could welcome up to 9,000 passengers based on the individual ships capacity. Hopefully, some taxes will be left here on Barbados while visiting our attractions, activities restaurants and shopping. This may in some way, help sustain our disadvantaged land-based tourism players who unlike Carnival Corporation, already pay lots of taxes.

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  1. @ TTP


    BY GERALYN EDWARD | TUE, MARCH 13, 2012 – 12:13 AM

    Government is reporting a significant drop in unemployment.

    In leading off debate in the House of Assembly on the 2012-2013 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler yesterday contended that there was “positive” news to report on the performance of the Barbados economy, while alluding to a 10.2 per cent rate of joblessness in the country.

    The figure posted by the Central Bank of Barbados for the last quarter of 2011 contrasts with the 12.5 per cent rate that is still being reflected on the Barbados Statistical Services website for unemployment up to the end of September. But according to the bank, female unemployment fell from a high of 14 per cent in the third quarter to a low of 11.7 per cent at the end of December, while the percentage of male unemployment dropped from 11.2 per cent in the third quarter to 8.6 per cent.

    Encouraged by these latest statistics which indicate that unemployment has returned to the 10 per cent level last seen in March 2011, Sinckler told Parliament that the current Democratic Labour Party administration deserved a second chance to run the country.

  2. @ttp
    You beginning to sound like a blended mix of Carson’s partisan babble and ac’s naievete. Trod careful ya hear!!

    Tell him search the whole blog and post the relevant comments attributed to us!!!! Man up or shut up.

    Methoughts that the NIS investment, plus the IADB loan was enough to restart!! Have the funds been injected? Has the loan been disbursed? Are w e still waiting to meet some condition??

    Apparently I missing something. We may need to persaud…sorry…pursue the matter a little deeper.

    Just observing

  3. @Ac
    it is only araound this time where we are more charitable than usual, that i was reflecting on some of the bloggers and his name resonated. Hope he will come back and tek he lashes like a man.

    No body aint running me from here, except the blog master run me from here and then i will start my own blog. You know it aint too difficult and u can make a little business out of it, by selling advertising. What say ye?

  4. @ TTP


    “In contrast, the average unemployment rate for the first half of the year rose by one percentage point to 12.2 percent, a reflection largely of job losses in tourism.”
    Central Bank Press Release, September 2012, Page 2

  5. @enuff
    You gine go and confuse TTP’s head with something as trivial as facts! . Lol. Hope he can respond!

    Just observing

  6. @observer

    your memory is short and i am not surprised, then again hacks like u r programmed that way. The devil like you, ebluff and miller the nuke will cite scripture to suit your purpose. Hallelulah, Hope u had a peaceful christmas, and that u would have a disappointing elction year. Remember your blp29 seats,

  7. @tothe point not paying much attention to miller and the other one obervant. cause they like the dog trying to catch the tail the same old going around singing the same old wornout tunes. Barrack! Fourseasons! nothing new of consequence. HEe ! HUM! boring crapo.

  8. @lawson | December 27, 2012 at 3:41 PM |
    Someone said earlier only the rich are travelling, I disagree, the babyboomers are tavelling, us old grey haired pot bellied tourists that have just retired with usually a pretty good pension. Foremost in our mind is, yeah I want to see the pyramids
    Has anyone ever wondered why the many babyboomers, myself included ,are not heeding the call of the hoteliers to take up their Staycation offer?.

  9. just like when the sugar crop starts tje unemploytment rates drop reflecting the seasonality of employment, so too would employment for the tourism sector. By the way what is the unempoyment rate for most os those stuggling eurozone countries?

  10. @ttp
    For an “old” man my memory sharp and my philosophy sound. I’ll ask of you again….google/search/research for where I called for elections or preached gloom and doom.

    The challenge biased persons like yourself will face is that any questioning or objective view is seen as a counter view rather than an opportunity for learning, debate strengthening and idea generation. If you want our government 🙂 to retain their power you’ll have to sharpen your sword on all three sides!!!

    But cuddear. If w e don’t pay d man, keep promising he every 4 months…what do you really expect?? And if the “saviour” of our forex was promised to start in 2009, money spending and nutten aint starting, half truths and illusions rule the day…what do you really expect?

    One of these days you may realise that the problem isn’t an inability to get the job done…we’re only human. The problem is the promises, half truths, convenient information and blatant bullsh1t from those we entrust to do more and give better of.

    Take care. Walk good.


  11. @TTP
    “By the way what is the unemployment rate for most of those struggling Eurozone countries?”

    Why continue to try to fool us. There is simply no comparison.
    In Spain, for example, the construction industry, which included the building of houses to support a large scale home ownership agenda was one of the key employment sectors. That industry collapsed along with banks.
    “In the years between 2004 and 2008, the average house price in Spain rose 44%, Construction represented about 16% of GDP by the end of the boom, and the unemployment rate was down to 7.95%. However, rising house prices fuelled the sub-prime mortgage market, leading the Spanish to borrow more as they struggled to get on the housing ladder.Unemployment has been high ever since 2008, when Spain’s housing boom burst and thousands of people working in the construction industry were laid off.”

    What collapsed in Barbados? Go figure then why people who are not buying the Eurozone story are concerned.

  12. It is reported in the Press today that tourism arrivals is down 10% for December but with good occupancy in the last half of the month (based on random checks) the decline % is expected to be reduced.

  13. observing after the BLP fell over the privatisation cliff wunna had to resort to the oldmantra although had not for OSA and he scheming ways they would not have been a Barrack issue or any of the left over mess caused that have dogged the DLP in the five years. never mind all the meaningful legislation passed that doesn’t matter .however with election coming i not interested in helping the BLP push their one step two step agenda.

    • BU understands the primary consultant for the White Paper was Dr Kerry Hall. Some should remember that she serves on the BTA Board and she is married to DLP St Michael North candidate and QEH Board Chairman Francis Depeiza. Senator Verla Depeiza, the sister of Francis would have spoken glowingly of the White Paper. To further understand the incestuous nature of how things are done in Barbados, here is the pedigree: she is also the daughter of Sir Wesley Hall a former DLP Tourism and Sports Minister in the DLP Sandiford Administration. We shall stop there for the moment. Perhaps Adrian can shed some more light.

  14. Enuff,
    Not sure what the point is that you are raising. How many long stay vistors do we get from Spain annually and if you include Germany and Other Europe (excluding the UK) figures, what percentage of overall arrivals do they form in terms of arrival statistics.

  15. if tourism numbers are down but occupancy is good.. does that mean a lot of places have closed their doors and are out of the business. Or are locals taking advantage of some kind of deal filling up those rooms . It kind of sounds like” nobody goes to that restaurant because they dont like to stand in line”.

    • @lawson

      The elephant in the room is the affect on overall numbers of the Almond Beach Village room plant which is out of circulation.

  16. @david
    BU may also understand that the company was Incorporated locally in December of 2007. Wink wink.

    Excellent question. As David said, no one wants to touch the true impact of the Almond loss.

    You often miss the point. Since you so concerned about what the BLP did, tell us about the good economic policies the DLP have done in 5 years. While you’re at it explain their plan or agenda to helps us move forward into the future. I may have missed it.

  17. David, Sadly not. I can understand having Dr. Hall on the BTA board, even though most of her experience has been at an academic level rather than proven in the private sector. As to Senator DePeiza, very pleasant lady but
    not sure what she knows about tourism, along with several other board members. What is the expression, while Rome burns the fiddlers play?


    This one should be right up your alley:-

    “Preliminary checks with the Intimate Hotels of Barbados, the umbrella body for a number of SMALL HOTELS indicated that they had,”good bookings” goining into January and February 2013 but overall those bookings were not as strong as they had been in previous years.

    However, it is believed that occupancy levels of the small hotels have improved when compared to earlier months in 2012.”

    Your Credibility is now shot to hell.

    Of course this will noty stop you from trying to prove how dumb and stupid us black peasants are.

    More to come………

  19. There was a great commercial on the tv about the US congress always voting on party lines or what was in each individuals self interest, and it said wouldnt it be great if the country was run by firefighters. It showed a room of firemen with the firechief at a podium saying who wants clean water… all in favour and all the hands went up ,and he hits the gavel motion carried. Who cares if it is the dlp or blp each must have good and bad about them but tourism affects everyone so both partys better get together with all the players in the industry and find a way to solve this crisis.

    Mr Cadogan I have no dog in this fight except for family, friends and an island I see hurting from a bad economy. You should get that chip off your shoulder this is not a black or white problem, this is a fight for the survival of Barbados and if you dont hang together you will certainly hang alone. .

    • Of interest:

      7.5 million seats for US-Caribbean routes this winter season

      BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday December 27, 2012 – With over 300,000 weekly airline seats available into the Caribbean over the 22-week International Air Transport Association (IATA) winter schedule season, this region is expecting to lay claim to more than 7.5 million seats before the end of March.

      This is according to information provided by Anna Aero, the airline network news and analysis website. According to the online airline news tracker, four new routes have already been launched in this 2012-2013 winter season – including two from jetBlue to Grand Cayman last month – and the there are still nine routes yet to launch in the next six months for the US-Caribbean market.

      Anna Aero reports that Delta Airlines has recorded 30% growth in this market over the past 12 months, fuelled by extra capacity mainly from New York. Increases have come about through an extra 14 weekly flights from New York JFK airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as seven more weekly flights to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. New York La Guardia is also experiencing Caribbean growth, with a new daily flight to Nassau in the Bahamas.

      The website is also reporting jetBlue’s new daily A320-services from West Palm Beach in Florida to San Juan, single and thrice-weekly A320-flights from Boston and New York JFK to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, as well as twice-weekly A320-flights to Samaná in the Dominican Republic. The New York JFK-based low-cost carrier is the only airline flying from the US to this destination in the north-east of the Dominican Republic.

      Despite its significance, the total US-Caribbean market has shrunk marginally since December 2011 – with around 4% less capacity this year.

      A major reason for this, reported the website, is that the United Airlines has cut reduced seats through net weekly flights cuts of 20 and seven respectively from New York Newark and Houston as the airline continues to trim excess capacity following its merger with Continental Airlines. Services to Aruba, in Aruba have been cut completely from Houston, while operations to Grand Cayman and Montego Bay, Jamaica have both been reduced by three weekly flights, also from its Texan hub.

      Anna Aero also reports that the Dominican Republic is the most popular Caribbean destination for US travellers. Excluding US territories, San Juan and the Virgin Islands, it is the Dominican Republic which lures most Americans away from their home shores, with close to 60,000 weekly seats and still growing. Six destinations are served on the island discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 from 13 of the 15 points offered in the US. Of the Caribbean’s over 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and cays, it is the former Netherlands Antilles colony of Curaçao that has seen the most growth in the past 12 months, with over 40% more seats than last December

      Read more: http://www.caribbean360.com/index.php/business/649124.html?utm_source=Caribbean360+Newsletters&utm_campaign=7535e8b28e-12_27_2012&utm_medium=email#ixzz2GMneI7KE

  20. Yes Sir that is the one
    It seems like a such a simple thing to do but personalities, baggage, throw in a misguided sense of self importance and it can derail even the simplest of problems.being solved in a timely manner.

  21. Barbados Tourism’s most effective salesman is white. Snow white. Worth more than a BTA ad.

    Thestar “More than 10 cm of snow was dumped onto the GTA overnight — the GTA’s biggest snowfall since March, 23 2011. According to Environment Canada, downtown Toronto was blanketed by 15 cm of snow, making it one the hardest hit parts of the GTA.

    This blizzard brought twice as much snowfall as last winter’s biggest storm, says Dave Phillips of Environment Canada.”

  22. observing suffice it to say that the “rock” is stillb standing and meaningful legislation brought about to usher in a new era of change. outsandinmg and long term debt is being tackle without a full blwon plan to catspraddle workers under a privatisation plan. all in all it could have been worse .housing programs and new schools were put in place and programs to help the less fortunate. not to forget there is a little money saved for a “rainyday” in reserves.

  23. I was watching Peach and Quiet video on you tube and i am at lost to undrstand the correaltion between the Spanish music and Barbados cultural.

  24. ac,

    We didn’t actually choose the music track (the singer is a Parisian by the way) but you have to relate it to our target markets and judging by the response our nearly 11,000 views and the bookings it has generated, it has worked for us. When you have a moment look through a few of the ‘official’ videos for Barbados and see the interest they have garnered.

  25. lawson

    wunna does really mek muh laugh.

    ADRIAN LOVERIDGE right and the Minister of Tourism wrong.

    I am not buying it.

    Why do we hate ourselves so?

  26. ac,

    type in Barbados Tourism Authority on YouTube and first video ‘Long Live Life’ has so far attracted 95 views – cost to taxpayer = $12 million over three years to MMG Worldwide.

    type in Peach and Quiet on YouTube and P & Q video has so far had 10,838 views – cost to taxpayer = O.
    Plus Government has had up to $30,000 in an interest free loan from P&Q for unpaid VAT refunds outstanding for over two years.

  27. Fact check. Did the BTA pay $12 million over three years to MMG Worldwide for the “Long Live Life’ video?

    Yes or No answer will suffice.

  28. I see two able men one seeing the glass half full, the other the glass half empty both hoping for the same result, prosperity for Barbados Having said that when a rag tag island like the
    Dominican Republic is totally outdrawing Barbados somehow they have found the secret ingrediant in marketing that has been elusive as of late in Barbados

    • @lawson

      DR is a different colour of product. They have gambling, heritage, top class villas, world class golf courses, rick culture in food, heritage etc. And it is cheap!

  29. I was in DR drinking el presidente beer in the el presidente hotel next to the el presidente brothel in Samana prior to coming to Barbados 30 years ago .DR made great strides in that period from then till now. Barbados has not . I come with my whole family for cropover every year and it is same old same old except maybe the hagendaz parlor which is not needed
    I walk the old golf course at Sandy lane everyday and have yet seen anyone playing Give free golf to the tourists your looking after the grounds anyways just get them coming.Even if the golf is free they need taxis to get there drinks and food at the course Once they are here they spend just make it attractive to come.

  30. Hants,

    Its not quite that simple. The $12 million included all the creative ability of that agency to produce the best, most cost-effective results for Barbados.
    Judging by the fall in arrival numbers, average stay and spend, has the taxpayer received value for money?
    ac, was commenting on the music on our video and it has not cost you or the Barbadian taxpayer a cent, so any criticism has to be based on that fact.

  31. re Carson C. Cadogan | December 28, 2012 at 2:57 PM |

    wunna does really mek muh laugh.

    ADRIAN LOVERIDGE right and the Minister of Tourism wrong.

    I am not buying it.

    Why do we hate ourselves so?


  32. Adrian Loveridge wrote “it has not cost you or the Barbadian taxpayer a cent.”

    I live in Canada so nothing you do cost me anything.

  33. i am not speaking about cost i am speaking of presentation and wher i find that the Barbados aspect and it s cultural was totally left out wheras the Spanish musicis presented and is not a true representation of any thing Bajan.the point being that as a viewer to your video what is see and hear i would envision as what is i would see culturally in Barbados.

  34. @ac
    You missed the part when I asked for specific economic policies and forward thinking plans. I’ll give way to RE….can you name any others???

    Don’t let the carsons get you down. Turn it around with another round!!

    Cheers mate.

  35. @Adrain

    you keep harping on the govt owes you 30 000 for vat refund, if there is no query on the amount then you have redress through the law courts. Have u pursued that path?

    Why were you either removed or not re-appointed to the bta board and do u understand the importance of having officer with knowledge of public policy on boards?

  36. o,k comparing viewership is somewhat cockeyed since the two videos are a year apart of each other. however i am perplexed that with that many viewers of peach and quiet , the comments were about only six or so.
    as for representation of the island its people and cultural the Barbados video does a very good job of representation.

  37. @ac
    “Not letting me set the agenda”

    I’ll remember that next time I’m asked a question and need to cop out or just don’t have a clue how to answer. Lol.

    The RT Hon has been laying out plans for the past 5-6 months. Whether they make sense or will work is a matter for debate…but…at least he has put something on the table…..I’ll try one more time….what has the DLP put on the table to proactively tackle the impact of the recession and its effect on a small open economy like ours???

    @david and adrian
    James on another thread bemoaned the lack of right people in right places. Social media marketing is a classic example. If you don’t understand the platforms, the audience and the dynamics of the medium you’ll be lost. I think the MoT should say thank God for “Rihanna marketing”. Without her as a sell I’m not sure where we’d be. All the BTA’s sites, pages, twitter profile and videos are unbelievably undersubscribed and have been for years! Why would we allow something that’s FREE to not be maximized and used properly??? Only. God knows.

    Just observing

    • @Observing (…)

      At the risk of being accused of criticizing Rhianna the marketeers also know there is a big danger in hanging a national advertising campaign on a pop star.

  38. @Enuff the bluffer

    that is the stupidest response i have seen, in spain the houisng market collapse and hence the high unemployment. Nothing in Barbados has collasped. Do you know what contracting means in terms of economics? Ask your friend Mascoll.

  39. @Enuff

    Further, people like u had hoped that our economy would have collasped, but u were disappointed wern’t you?

  40. @david
    Any port in a storm!!! Lol. When all other cylinders failing ya better find something ta fire!

    Rihanna is a risk in the long term, but the short term gain is better than anything in the past how much ever years. 🙂

    Just observing

  41. Election hit holiday sales, say retailers

    The general election fervour hurt retailers this Christmas, distracting consumers from holiday shopping.

    Retailers say that the outlook for month of December is not looking promising as they experienced very slow sales during the week leading up to the December 17 election.

    “December was very disappointing but somewhat expected when you have an election in a December — it’s always very tough,” said Paula Clarke, chairman of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce’s retail division. “People were very distracted with the events surrounding the election process.”

    Some stores make as much as 40 percent of their annual sales during the crucial holiday shopping period.

    Restaurants also took a hit from the election.

  42. I went for a check up the other day and during the examination the man stuck his finger up my butt ….. do you think I should get a new dentist?. All kidding aside when some of my friends return from a holiday to Barbados thats the way they feel ,like someone has stuck it to them, they feel they have not gotten value for money and that some people do not care if they had a good time or not.This is not the way forward.

  43. @ TTP
    My point is that the severity of the economic situation in Spain far outweighs what exists in Barbados; and given a starting point of below 7% it was unlikely that unemployment here would reach as high.
    By the way what has the government done to stem unemployment besides borrowing $40m per month to pay persons in the public sector? Certainly not by growing the economy!! Stupse.

  44. @Enuff the bluffer

    It seems that u r not smarter than a fifth grader, i expected u to put up a more spirited defense of ur stupid argrumet, so i will leave you choke in your vomit and let carson deal with you.

  45. Nation editorial today (Saturday 29th December 2012)
    Second last paragraph – Tourism ‘appears to be shaping up to hold its own to at least 2011 levels’
    Well actually there has been a fall of at least 6 per cent long stay visitors when compared with 2011, thats a loss of over 34,000 people. November alone was DOWN 17.3 per cent with every source market down except Germany (up 153 people), again when compared with 2011.

    • @Adrian

      Here is the folly in the debate. If we can’t get simple things right how will we be able to execute a strategic development plan? BU’s reference is made to the point raised by Adrian a couple weeks ago that website visitbarbados.org continues to promote the Food Wine and Rum event which ended on 19th November and Run Barbados ended on 9th December. The success in managing a website is efficient content management, we have not even started to discuss the interactiveness of the site.

      Yet the goodly Senator is criticizing the websites of local hotels as he should but…

      Update web presence


      A government senator recently expressed concern that the websites of some of the local hotels and tourist attractions are not up to scratch.

      Senator Andrew Worrell is warning these tourism sector players that this fact could be costing them business and by extension, potential revenue at the end of the day.

      “If someone is overseas and they are planning to go to a destination, one of the things that they will do when they search the Internet the ones that come up are the ones that they will search, are the ones that they will click on and read more into and if the website is not appealing, it would give you the impression that the facility cannot offer a superior service,” he said.


  46. Observing i clearly remeber in the 2012 debate minister of finance underlined a number of economic proposal to tackle the recession including plans for the tourism industry ,maybe you can research the video on parliament website. however The RT hon propsal has been given the thumbsdown so as far as i concerned he has not presented nothing of substance to move the country forward ,the RT hon had his chance in times of plenty to reconstruct.the economy and he blew it. pray tell me how he is going to do so in times of famine.

  47. David it is a case of coal pot calling the kettle black SMH. I agree with you that if we cannot do simple things right how the hell can we tackle and implement more complex strategies?

  48. @ac
    ” in the 2012 debate minister of finance underlined a number of economic proposal to tackle the recession including plans for the tourism industry ”

    I’m all ears.

    this is our eternal cry.

  49. @David | December 29, 2012 at 8:56 AM |
    @Adrian Here is the folly in the debate. If we can’t get simple things right how will we be able to execute a strategic development plan? BU’s reference is made to the point raised by Adrian

    You all Adrian L cheerleaders are comedians Adrian’s tiny hotel is closed for most of the year.

    Adrian L cant even complete the simple task of keeping his puny mom and pop, bed and breakfast open for a year.

    How can he advise government how to run a big able industry? Drive by his small property have a chit chat with his neighbours it;s an eye opener.

  50. Observing maybe you can use your eyes instead you game of tic tac dough this is typical of the way the the BLP operatives operate. the cry of “wolf” wolf” has been sounded daily since 2008.

  51. @TTP
    A fifth grader that the DLP can not fool with their ‘we are better off than Greece and Spain’ mantra. Based on your argument, the BLP should have won in 2008 as at the time of the elections unemployment in Barbados was lower than that in Spain, Portugal and Greece.
    I am still waiting to hear what policies of this government kept private sector employees employed. How many businesses used the NIS ‘amnesty’?

  52. @ Annon
    What viciousness! Isn’t this the same Adrian Loveridge that was appointed to the first Board of Directors of the BTA under Minister Sealy? Now he is persona non grata.

    • @Enuff

      It is also the same Adrian who has made a living from tourism in Barbados for the last how long?

      Many of these people criticizing Adrian cannot even manage a dog kennel. BU will always defend Adrian because he calls it as he sees it – BLP or DLP – he doesn’t care. We still remember how he was treated by Starcom and Barney Lynch on that fateful Sunday which resulted in Starcom dishing out $70K to Lynch and Roger Forde.

  53. I’ve heard the present Chair of the BTA speak on a number of occasions … Boy I glad he come from Messiah Street High and not Crumpton Street High … Dat should explain it … WHERE IS THE TALENT IN THIS PLACE …?

  54. All this long talk about marfeting from adrien but the obly thing his video seem to have promted his hotel alone with some spanish influence where is the “barbdos” in all of this. seems kind of self serving. maybe his influence could have been worthwhile and deemed significant “if” he had excercised the same thoight process by his video in the advertising to attracting tourist to barbados istead of a vidoe which is pretentious and a bit misleading to the viwer

    • It is very evident that DLP political hacks continue to attack Adrian as a strategy to shut him or put him on the defensive. It is a spineless strategy and one which the BLP tried last election and FAILED! If it shows one thing is that both political parties have supporters who will go low to press a point instead of debating the ISSUES. Who the hell cares the genre of music Adrian uses on a video to sell his property? Does it make the matters raises by him any less of value?

      We are truly sinking to the low of lows.

    • While some are busy engaging in nonsense issues Citizen Loveridge is busy writing to a decision maker to make better. Here is a note which he sent to the young Senator Alleyne who may have appreciated the guidance from a seasoned industry professional.


      By the way, have a look at this video and do NOT forget to read the brief credit which follow:

      A check on Wikipedia reveals that the Afro Celtic Sound System who did the backing for the BTA vid is NOT Barbadian.

      So what is the point again?

  55. @ ac | December 29, 2012 at 1:58 PM |

    David might be diplomatically kind by referring to you a DLP political hack but you come across as one small-minded envious arrogant stupid idiot in your recent post.
    How can you watch Adrian’s video promoting his business establishment and react in the way you have in your post?
    You reaction only justifies the words used to describe you and makes you a clone of CCC.
    Adrian is first and foremost promoting his hotel and certainly highlighting its attributes as a small cosy friendly, quiet, well managed hotel with good food, suitable entertainment and social and sporting activities. Here you can experience a feeling of friendly, safe and quiet exclusivity while offering the opportunity to enjoy the sea, partake in local cultural offerings and mingle with the Bajans.
    For your edification those are the things the average European visitor is looking for.

    How can anyone watching Adrian’s promotional video not know that Barbados is being promoted? How can anyone from overseas visit P&Q without coming to Barbados, stupid?
    Barbados needs any positive promotion that comes its way. Every little bit helps, ac!

    You need to ask Adrian if he was given any money by the BTA to pay for the production of that video. If he was not given any sponsorship money then shut to fc*k up.

  56. Miller clue #1 we are looking for tourist from every region. the fact that you have highlited what market the video is targeting is a little short sighted on adrians part since the video should be reaching out to mutiple markets in an effort for attracting tourist to the country and highliting abrbados places and culture after all is’,tthe hotel industry to play such a pivotal role and isn.t that what adrian been preaching attracting visitors to our shores

  57. Well David Adrian is the one who have been taking on the BTA about mareketing and strategy but when one points out the yardstick that he measures the BTA does not come across in his video one is slammed as being “spineless” judging from your response one can say in this case “do as i say” does not apply to adrian.

  58. The same way Adrian is paying to market his hotel all the other hotels can do the same.

    The Tourist Industry must continue to be supported by government but individual Hotel owners should do more.

  59. @ac
    But cuddear. Marketing is supposed to be self serving and short sighted on what the marketeer intends to attract!

    Adrian is perfectly correct in choosing the strategy, images and media that works for him .

    Maybe if others found things that worked for them and actually achieved objectives (if they have them to begin with) then we’d be better off!

    I’ll help ya and list the policies from the 2012 budget. Stay tuned!


  60. When is the BTA going to make the Adele,Miles Robertson, Barbados connection.

    Invite her to spend an all expenses paid 1 week vacation at Sandy Lane.

  61. @ Hants | December 29, 2012 at 5:04 PM |

    Adele is huge in the UK. And with her Miles Robertson-Millington connections she could be happily inclined to pay a visit along with her child.

    A promo with her in Bim on UK TV would help mitigate some of the recent negative publicity this poor country has been receiving in the UK media.

  62. Adele’s 21′ has become the fourth biggest-selling album of all time in the UK

    4,562,000 copies sold.

    Nuff props for a Bajan star.

  63. @hants
    You actually asking for our decision makers to recognise true talent and stardom….make the connection with its marketing potential, and then have the vision to craft a strategy that uses what they’ve found, the best way it can, integrated into the current plan, in order to achieve the short, medium and long term goals they set.

    I think based on recent history, decisions., papers, plans and implementation (or lack of) that we’re being a tad bit ambitious and asking for way more than is actually possible!!!

    Just observing

  64. Emmanuel ‘Manu’ N’Djoké Dibango (born 12 December 1933) is a Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player.

    The Afro Celt Sound System is a musical group that fuses modern electronic dance rhythms (trip-hop, techno, etc.) with traditional Irish (Celtic) and West African music.

    Why the funk are we employing these people to make a BARBADOS TOURISM video.

    Arturo,Rickey Aimey,Miles Robertson, and 50 other Bajan musicians who can play among the world’s best but the Brainiacs don’t see any value in hiring locally.

    Toronto radio stations playing 10 second clips of Rhianna in their ads, Yuh mean we couldn’t beg her fuh 10 seconds of video?

    In the words of my late friend Tommy Green,,,,I done wid dat.

    • @Hants

      You know the way it works, you go to the BIGshot Ad Agency on Madison Ave, build the storyboards, the agency then will cast from all an sundry, you know how it works!

    • @Hantsie

      Of course there is nothing to say we (the country paying) demand that local talent be used in the casting. One assumes that local people have to approve the final.

  65. Exactly David. We paying and we should be calling the shots.

    And who approved this non caribbean music for the video?

    I have never seen a Jamaican Tourism ad that had music that was not Jamaican reggae or ska.

  66. ah ! sour losers . now comparing a a video that musically have african roots to one witha long sing song by a spanish guy nothing to hightlight bajan and even gives neimen marcus a plug. Comon you guys can do better.

  67. talking about “bigging up” a country no holds barred. one wouldn’t believe that this country has social problems. Love this video. BTA take note on how it should be done

  68. i came across a video promoting Holetown and one of barbados’s musical talent Andre woodvine was playing on the background music.

  69. @Enuff

    as i have said to u, my intellectual level is abve yous, u r at the fifth grade and i have gone pass that long ago, hope u get this simple message as i cant make it any clearer.

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