Barrack, Barrack,Barrack….

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Al Barrack’s lawyer sounds the alarm

This is a secret….. I work for Barrack Construction Ltd. we are through with promises… Action coming … Shhhhhh we can’t afford to get caught by elections!! See the nation newspaper today? Promise, promise, promise. August, September, October, November ….all over just like the hurricane season!

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  1. Enuff on December 3, 2012 at 3:22 PM
    @ Fractured
    Don’t forget the payment for the three tanks….stupse.

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    Enuff yuh BLP joke stick !

    The 3 concrete tanks will be completed on time and on budget.

    The 3 concrete tanks will cost $ 12 million in total construction cost to save our fragile rum industry from extinction – and to earn foreign exchange and you ….stupseing ?

    ( you joke … aint realise OWEN ain,t vex with that move….more rum fuh he to drink )

    But you poppit will continue to vouch for a tief like OSA who after defrauding bajan taxpayers of :

    1. $ 80 million in GREENLAND….some 14 years after not even a toffee wrapper of garbage can go there without posing catastrophic harm to the environment !

    2. $ 3.5 million on a NIGERIAN SOLAR WATER ENERGY project…..some 8 years later not one damn panel produced and the money still not accounted for !

    3. $ 12 million paid out by Owen and Mia to foreign lawyers claiming victory at the International Court of Arbitration….still bajan fisherman encoountering problems in Trini waters….while Owen sell out Bajans assets to Trinis !

    OVER $ 95 million stolen from the Bajan taxpayers on 3 still born projects !


    And BLP jokers like wunnah looking to get back in office ?

    Barbados deserves BETTER…..DEMS BETTER FOR BIM !

  2. @ Fractured
    So the construction of the tanks is fully funded by the government? No BOLT arrangement requiring an annual payment for 20/25 years?

    “3. $ 12 million paid out by Owen and Mia to foreign lawyers claiming victory at the International Court of Arbitration….still bajan fisherman encoountering problems in Trini waters….while Owen sell out Bajans assets to Trinis !”

    But that didn’t stop the late PM Thompson from solving it over a bowl of fish soup; or Kellman or your Election Campaign Manager? Would the contracts the government just announced for offshore drilling be in waters secured by this arbitration?

    2008 all over again oh dear. I can’t believe the electorate would fall for this smoke and mirrors again especially after what the Forensic Audit revealed.

  3. Enuff on December 3, 2012 at 5:14 PM
    2008 all over again oh dear.

    Enuff boy…..this is one time I am in agreement with you !

    In 2013……

    Some more big cheques gine up pon the big screen showing how Owen Arthur defrauded the Bajan taxpayers !

    2008….2008…2008 ALL OVER AGAIN !!!!

    You will even see one involving Caswell Franklyn and the gov’t car loan , the baby he made with the Guyanese girl (while still married to his wife Rhonda)

    Owen Arthur tiefing acts mek Papa Doc and Baby Doc in Haiti look like child’s play.

    When you were calling for polls in 2012….we DEMS were telling you BLPites to call on OSA to explain to the BLPites why he backed down from:

    1. Admitting being at the Cabinet meeting when the VECO contract was awarded ????

    2. The threat to summon the PAC…after years as PM he told Barbadians that the role of the PAC is very important….he even changed its operational focus to make it more efficient ???

    If Owen Arthur doan give you the answers by the end of 2012…..the DEMS gine ANSWER wunnah in 2013 !

    Enjoy you Christmas !

  4. Fractured BLP your bag if tricks are old, i believe you will get a heart attack before this is all finish because you believe stealing started and end ended with the BLP.

    sleep good

  5. David (not BU) on December 3, 2012 at 6:26 PM
    Fractured BLP your bag if tricks are old, i believe you will get a heart attack before this is all finish because you believe stealing started and end ended with the BLP.

    sleep good
    I gine sleep sweet enough !

    It is you and the other BLP haggs that have to worry about OSA tricks being exposed.

    If you think last time was a shocker….when till we mount the screens in 2013 .

  6. My dear BLP supporters and members who contribute on this BU blog let us sit up and take note.

    The DEMs on this blog have a strategy and that is to provoke the a$$ out we BEEs. That Carson, AC and Fractured are determined to show the uninitiated that there are some areas of grave concern about our party and our esteemed leader Owen.

    Issues like the PAC and Owen denying about his presence at the Cabinet meeting involving VECO are cases in point .

    The longer we take to make our leader account for those 2 issues we are going create massive credibility issues for our BLP.

    We must remember Bajans ain’t foolish. In this information age the statements denied can be played back.

    Just cast our minds back to Mitt Rommney and the Republicans in the US recently. The LIES and FLIP FLOPS proved to be disatrous.

    Wake up my fellow BLP commrades. Ask our great Owen to level with us. In 2008 he allowed the DEMs to catspraddle we late in the campaign , we should not allow that to happen again.

    Miller , Enuff and Onions help me get through to Owen, please.

  7. @queen bee
    “he allowed the DEMs to catspraddle we late in the campaign”

    amm no dear, you guys were cat spraddled from day one.

    @look (and buggs)
    Let’s say CLICO “belongs” to Owen, where does that put CLICO under the DLP led by DT and now FS and CS??? there’s zero equality in that accountability. no argument at all can make it so. The DLP took the CLICO mess, hugged it, made it theirs, lathered it in love in proclaimed their “allegiance” from all mountaintops. Therein lies their problem(s).

    “The 3 concrete tanks will cost $ 12 million in total construction cost”

    True, they cost 12 million. the question is, how much will taxpayers eventually end up paying for them?

    Just Observing

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    laughing | December 3, 2012 at 9:39 AM |

    So far the outrageous quip of the election season:- “The prison should be named after Owen Arthur”

    Top shot Sinckler lol lol

  9. Owen is a drunk and corrupt politician. This is TOTAL TRUTH. Many in Barbados support him. This also is TOTAL TRUTH. He, Arthur in 2008 was non-successful in his bid for prime minister but again racing. Mitt Romney (United States) in 2008 bid for president but was non-successful. He, however in 2012 raced again. Romney in 2012 won party nomination but lost in the final election (November 6, 2012) to Barack Obama. Romney could not cover up the truth about his Bain Capital Company. Arthur, likewise cannot cover up the truth about Al Barrack, VECO, the Nigerian Water Heater project, the 75,000 campaign cheque and or his involvement in CLICO.

    Wake up your fellow BLP Commrades Queen BEE, ask your great King Arthur to explain things. Help her (Queen BEE) Miller, Enuff and Onions to get through to Owen.

    Romney and his supporters were sure they could and would defeat Barack Obama. Romney: ‘It’s possible’ Obama could win but ‘not likely’. Romney had prepared ONLY a victory speech. He had prepared also his inauguration and apparently in process of choosing his cabinet. Romney and the republication are now very embarrassed [If] Owen does not win in the 2013 election, he will face like embarrassment due to [similar] statements uttered to the media.

    The recent S&P downgrade was made MAJOR NEWS due to Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP surely had not forgotten that Richard Francis, an S&P associate in 2005. . . . stated that the [Barbados] deficit of 10% was too high and the debt level between 43 and 50 percent of GDP, although less than half of Jamaica’s and even smaller than St. Kitts-Nevis’ was unacceptable and should be reduced if the island were to maintain its high credit rating. Francis further stated that the S&P worried about the Barbados deficit which should jump even more. Barbados before 2008 was not financially stable. The DLP in 2008 inherited a lot of mess from the BLP including Al Barrack. Half of it has not been told.

    That’s all folks

  10. Hello Enuff,
    It is quite obvious to many when one of your very own (like Queen B) above, raises some serious questions about your party all you does do is….lol

    You are really a joke stick !

    The truth does mek you….laugh !

    You letting down Owen BIG TIME.

  11. This boy Trotman is a mammoth fraud he is seeking a pay day that he is not entilted to at all the omly fee due to him at this time is the registration of the change of Lawyer that amounts to less than a thousand dollars.

    His claims of wanting the money for the building and gov’t owned lands at Lancaster * with TCP Permissions in place already ) which alone has a value of somewhere in the area of $ 30 mil now how in heavens name can he expect to stake claim to these lands and still collect his big cash payout ?

    His real issue here is that having had Sir Richard Chelteham do all the work and the truth be told that Sir Richard threw his hands in the air a long time ago when the gov’t made a serious and real offer that his client rejected, he threw his hands in the air and said then that the gov’t should have called in the press and photograph the settlement cheque that he turned down, having said that Trotman is up to no good on this one as he is seeking a massive payment for himself for which he is NOT ENTILTED OR IS HE DESERVING OF.

    Barrack’s best course of action would be to convene a meeting with the Minister of Housing and Lands and agree to the offer presenly on the table I am sure he will have more that enough coming out of that settlement to buy a vote for George Payne and Dale Mashall the ones he conspired with to get him where he is today.

    I say again that Trotman is a joker and a fraud and someone who believes that the gov’t owes him a payday his only payday will come thru his own arrangement with Barrack NOT THE GOV’T.

  12. The Al Barrack matter is ugly but serious, extremely. Regardless of his [partnership] with Dale Marshall and George Payne, Al Barack has the last laugh. Al Barack has in his possession a court ordered judgment. Bajans must pay. Dale Marshall and George Payne also would get paid, George Payne ten million and Dale Marshall two million. Both could and would walk around Barbados with no shame, why not Leroy Parris.

  13. @ LOOK

    They can’t get paid cause the guardians of the deal are no longer around to protect the investment and keep clean the conduit to the previous two or three vagobonds. Barrack will be paid out of the proceeds of the sale of the building to a new owner, the white construction man who loves to work in the water, a real real marine man.Tell Johnny & Co, Marshian & Pain and Others, the blasted deal get HUFF. You understand the DLP HUFF it, lock, stock and barrel????????????????

    Not a red cent for wunna, Thompson told wunna so. There is a new King in this fair land and perverts and pimps must run and hide in shame.


    On 08/31/2006 United States FBI and IRS Officials raided the offices of several prominent members of the Alaskian Legislation. The investigation involved allegation of illegal gifts to lawmakers from the VECO Corporation home based in Alaska. One of them, Senator Ted Stevens was indicted by a federal grand jury on July 29, 2008 on seven counts of alleging that Stevens received from VECO hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts that he did not declare on his US Senate financial disclosure forms. Stevens was convicted on all seven of these charges on October 28, 2008. All convictions were later vacated. Another, Don Young was under federal investigation for possibly taking bribes, illegal gratuities or unreported gifts from the VECO Corporation. Between 1996 and 2006, Young received $157,000 from VECO employees and its political action committee. Also, the Alaska State House of Representatives Pete Kott, Bruce Weyhrauch and Vic Kohring were all charged with federal crimes as part of the investigation into VECO.

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall gave to VECO a government contract WITHOUT TENDER. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons. Certainly, VECO gave to them, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall something for such generosity. Those three vagobonds, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall in the United States also would have been persecuted and convicted for taking bribes, illegal gratuities and gifts from VECO. Those three vagobonds [Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall] walk around Barbados with no shame, why not Leroy Parris.

  15. @ LOOK

    I know of what you speak and write. Timing and optics is everything in politics.

    The DLP have the goodies on:-
    1. Owen Seymore Arthur Correctional Institution (VECO)
    2. BNOTC Oil Terminal (VECO)
    3. Greenland Landfill (Canada Carib)
    4. Judicial Centre
    5. Spring Garden Coast Guard facility

    Patience is often very well rewarded, proving you are willing to wait.

  16. @ AC

    Watch this tape carefully between 0.38 and 0.40 when OSA winks at the Goverment benches when he laughted at for insinuating he was not at Cabinet when VECO prison deal come.


  17. re the video clip posted above …..
    The Honourable member for St Peter …..GUILTY as charged !!!

  18. What manner of Man is HE. stands/before an audience of his peers/and boldfacingly tells UNTRUTH! Now has the mitigated gall to ask to be given another chance for leadership of the country. many years ago this kind of unethical behaviour would have been swept under a rug. OSA .

  19. @ac
    “What manner of Man is HE. stands/before an audience of his peers/and boldfacingly tells UNTRUTH! Now has the mitigated gall to ask to be given another chance for leadership of the country”

    Is this like saying that some of our Caribbean brothers and sisters are ready and have agreed to invest in Four Seasons??

    or that a company is soundly managed, well run and insulated from the shocks of its parent company?

    or “I know of no such letter”

    or “the cost to the government of the tanks is 12 millions and no more”?

    or better yet, that a settlement for Barack is on a desk waiting a signature so that he can be paid by December……. 2011!

    Just observing

  20. @ ac | December 5, 2012 at 5:16 PM |
    You are such an ingrained political pimp and yardfowl that you can’t even see when politicians are making sport at and using and abusing stupid ignorant people like you.

    Didn’t you hear Stuart say that the politicians from both side of the Parliament divide are clean and have no hatred or enmity between them but only just university mates banter disguised as an apple snake and fig leaf in their moot court of warfare.

    Don’t you, ac, the political baboon, realize that these guys are ‘friends’ and invite one another to their social private gatherings while having a barrel of laughs at monkeys like you? If you are so politically well-heeled then you should know these things and be able to see the strong camaraderie that exists in the “mess hall’ of Parliament where loads of food and drinks are freely available. You might just find out who in Parliament from one side is sleeping with the wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend of those from the other side. You might even find out who are the godmothers or godfathers of the “put pon ma” children belonging to those on the ‘other side’. It would come as no surprise is Donville Inniss is the godfather if not the real daddy of Duguid the blanks shooter make believe pickney.

    Get real girl and realize that politicians are a ‘special’ bunch; some to entertain us and most to use people like you for their own narrow egotistic goals on their power hungry trips. ‘All for one, one for all’ is the adopted motto of the local Bajan politicians.

    Ac, stop being so stupid and start seeing the forest from the trees. Cockroach like you had no right at DLP fowlcock party when BLP fowlhens are invited. Ask Freundel, Mia, Chris or Seethru Owen. Even Pornville and Fat Boy the teet puller.

  21. miller wait where you now come from. steupsee! man yuh call me yardflow . wwait wuh dat mek you. a yardstick.steupsee !wait you don’t like the video of OSA telling untruths,

  22. @ ac

    Miller is an idiot. The BLP thoughout the year has embarked upon numerous issues, any and everything they could think of to sink the DLP ship which is still above water. The BLP are yet still sleeping, have not yet realized that the DLP has given them just enough rope to hang themselves.

  23. @ ac | December 5, 2012 at 6:42 PM |
    “wait you don’t like the video of OSA telling untruths”

    We await the video made in the Pegasus Hotel in which OSA is telling the whole truth.

    Your boss man has taken revenge against the Eager Eleven by shooting them in the back. Now they are saddled with Mr. Integrity. Let us see how Chris Sinckler the lying worm wriggles his way back into the slow arms of Mr. Molasses. We can just hear Sinckliar proclaiming undying loyalty to Freundel while describing him as one of the DLP’s greatest leaders and an outstanding and effective Prime Minister. Meanwhile my man Estwick peeping out from Freundel’s side pocket with the 3 molasses tank in the distance shouting: “Time longer than twine”! All of Thompson’s straw men (and women) are being burnt down one by one.

  24. @ ac
    @ David
    @ Enuff
    @ Queen BEE
    @ Millertheanunnaki
    @ Old Onion Bags

    Love that video posted December 4, 2012. Love it. Bajans should just put Arthur in a box and hide it, REALLY. Arthur in that video is that embarrassing and drunk, “because, because, because ummmm because of a company called VECO and builder of de prison”.

  25. Bunch of political nitwits talking more nonsense. What does these contributions of who is pimp, who is a monkey stop the politicians from benefitting from free easy money…U all talking and Duguild got he share. You all talking and the housing minister got he share. U all talking and Arthur, Pain, Marshall, Motley and their beneficiaries all got them share. And what wunna do…talk a bunch shite and call each other names. Go and protest parliarmant or picket or something and make a worthwhile noise against corruption by our politicians and then come back on here and talk about how far u got with your protest. If not shut the hell up and write something worthwhile….IDIOTS

  26. Arthur, at moment is racing for the Barbados Prime Minister title. That’s funny. That’s soooooooo funny. A drunk and incoherent prime minister. Now, now that would be something to talk about. The above video and others similar ones I’ve seen no doubt would become international news – “because, because, because ummmm because of a company called VECO and builder of de prison”.

  27. “economy is a mess right now” we will fix it says Arthur “because, because, because, ummmmm because” . . . . can’t believe that nutcase, Owen Arthur buttttttt he apparently has a congregation: Enuff, Queen BEE, Millertheannaki, Old Onion Bags, etc.

  28. . @ BUGGS BUNNY | December 6, 2012 at 4:18 PM |

    Yet Owen Arthur is preferred leader by approx. 30 % of the voting public as opposed to the measly 10% received by Mr. Undecided.
    What does that say about the average Bajan? In your bunny and comical opinion not much just a bunch of retards for choosing OSA over Fumble.

    BTW, the Queen Bee you mention is not the real Queen Bee Mia in the congregation but a DLP yardfowl johnny klat come lately on this blog faking political orgasms when her garden is always painted red.

  29. @ Millertheanunnaki

    Lord have mercy on them, those 30% and Barbados “because, because, because, because ummmmm”. Arthur in that video above is so embarrassing. He is. He really is. I have seen others just as bad.
    Unlike your colleagues, your interlect Miller appears to be less than average, may have been born with birth defect (s), the mind of a baboon.

  30. The above is a classic example of Tomfoolery
    This is what we have and then we condemn Duguid. The reference to biting, Oh my Gosh ! TThese Politicians ? The reference to whites. OMG ! The implications from these statements are disturbing. This is perhaps the smost disturbing speech/address that I have ever seen in my 23 years . Please take this down. Please remove this offensive video. Such a sad reflection Mr. Chris. This terrible video should be taken down now !

  31. @ BUGGS BUNNY | December 6, 2012 at 5:23 PM |
    “Unlike your colleagues, your interlect Miller appears to be less than average, may have been born with birth defect (s), the mind of a baboon.”

    Your mother and I sat to each other in school. Her “interlect”, sorry ‘intralect”, sorry, ‘Intellect’ was such that I used to do her homework in return for playing with her fat pussycat in the bush. How do you think you came about having inherited both your mother “interlect” and your daddy’s baboon features? How do you think you came to be called the average bugger rabbit?

    Portez la vagin de votre mère, tout de suite à la Duguid!
    Avec amour toujours
    Monsieur Babouin, votre papa.

  32. Confidence ? A funny way of showing it.
    “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face and smile. “Eleanor Roosevelt

    A time comes when it is necessary to step up to the plate and face. How can a party make spurious boast of being confident that it will win the next elections, and procrastinate when it comes to that which matter most? Why everyone knows it is always better to present a confident face, than to appear skirmish and in doubt on the eve of a “Mother of All Battles”. Why what’s so big now in an election’s date anyway, at this twelfth hour? Two months, three maybe four….before informing the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and let the people decide on their future leaders. It is no Merlin’s secret that we are about to go to the polls. There definitely cannot be any element of surprise now at this late hour, as both parties been on elections mode for months. So why then the delay and hush hush? Why the megalomania that there is a need to be holding on”till the last the last sinew?” Does such melodrama make one’s chances better.. perchance being been seen as a herculean feat only done by the likes of Ben Hur and Patroclus? If one feels that sure of themselves, they should be eager to show they are indeed ready to pronounce battle and not cower towards the opposite.
    Two political scientists have forewarned now, that Democratic Labour Party’s chances of regaining power wanes with each hour and every passing day. This pronouncement carries no megaton of surprise as the common ordinary man on the street has been saying, that they want the elections to come sooner now, than later. The word on the street has been ONE TERM since June, why some chose not to listen is rather unfortunate. Had some really been serious, the last mishit of an obvious googly ball, would have never had happened. In the meanwhile, we await the last over with no “Great Expectations” other than the obvious.

  33. lawd hav merci miller show some repsect fuh woman. don;t follow yuh mentor lead.Shame on you.! how could you talk about a persons mother like that, show some moral fortitude.

  34. A person diagnosed with Schizophrenia may experience hallucinations. Most reported symptoms are hearing voices, delusions (often bizarre or persecutory in nature), and disorganized thinking and speech. The latter may include a loss of train of thought and or incoherence. Owen, incidentally exhibits a number of those symptoms: delusions (persecutory in nature), and incoherence. Damn, Arthur is a mentally sick man and he’s a drunk. Chris Sinckler in the video is right on target identifying Arthur – a political schizophrenia.

    Genes play a key role in developing Schizophrenia. Being related to someone with Schizophrenia greatly increases your risk of developing Schizophrenia. So, that explains, Arthur’s cousin [Winston roach] [St. Lucy, Barbados] [Barbados Water Authority]. His personal vehicle (Winston) is a 1999 SUV, he [Winston] calls it a van.

  35. Monsieur Miller

    Pauve gars ne avec des malformations congenitales et a grandi sur un ferme babouin.

    Mr. Miller
    poor fella, born with birth defects (s) and raised on a baboon farm.

  36. @ ac | December 6, 2012 at 8:06 PM |

    Instead of trying to defend a cunt rabbit called Buggs Bunny why not stop being the road runner and stand up to defend your so-called ‘anti-privatization/divestment’ administration in its recent sale of all of the remaining shares under government control to the Trinidadian (foreign) owned business.
    What will the proceeds be used for? Certainly not to upgrade the QEH? What about the settlement of the arrears and current debts to the UWI? How about obeying the Court Order to pay Barrack?
    Can we expect some of the proceeds to be used to kick start the Four Seasons project or can we further expect most of it to be ending up in the hands of consultants? You see now that the miller and Senator Chandler were not wrong about Avinash Persaud and his ability to bring back life to a haunted site?

    Sorry ac, we know where most of it will end up. According to Sinckliar’s arithmetic: at $40 million a month to pay 7,000 temporary public sector workers that works out to be
    $ 480 million a year. Doesn’t that figure say a lot about the magnitude of the lying man we have in charge of our finances?

  37. Mr. Miller

    I’m sorry that you don’t like the Chris Sinckler video titled The Political Schizophrenia of Owen Arthur. I am so sorry also that life for you has had to be so hard – raised on a baboon farm, Barbados? Quebec, Canada? Well, seems it’s been a lot harder for your Schizophrenia God Arthur.

  38. @ ac | December 6, 2012 at 9:38 PM |

    If this BOLT payment is like a millstone around this administration’s neck why not close down the prison and tell the financiers to bugger off. If they put the government in court your administration can always disregard any court order as they are doing with Al Barrack. That’s the MO of this administration; total disrespect for the LAW.

    While you are at it saving $30 million a year how about cancelling the same BOLT arrangement intended for the BWA HQ, the 3 molasses tank, the Pierhead marina and the new cruise ship terminal involving the same thieving man Bannister as he was with the Prison.
    Now don’t mention a brand new spanking hospital promised by Pornville Inniss.

  39. @ Miller

    tu parle langue francais mais etes epais, tres, poche et un niaseus. – you speak language french but are dumb, stupd and an idiot. Arthur and the BLP are responsible for the Al Barrack mega mess. Al Barrack was FIRST Arthur’s problem. Thompson and the DLP in 2008 accepted Al Barrack without choice. Bajan citizens without choice must pay for Arthur’s incompetence. VECO (Alaska) benefited from Arthur and the BLP and Arthur and the BLP benefited from VECO (Alaska) – money, gifts, etc. Bajan citizens though are now the ginney pigs – shit up a creek without a paddle – must cough up $30 million every year in the month of January.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like the Chris Sinckler video titled The Political Schizophrenia of Owen Arthur. I am sorry also that life for you has had to be so hard – raised on a baboon farm, Barbados? Quebec, Canada? Well, seems it’s been a lot harder for your Schizophrenia God Arthur.

    Don’t care about Queen BEE identity, REALLY. You, Miller on this blog do not disclose your identify, some of your background history you did – ACCIDENTALLY. You, at moment, may or may not inhabit the Barbados island. You were not a resident on the Barbados island throughout your life entirely.

    Are you, were you active in Canadian politics as you are Barbados politics?

  40. Hi Bugger Bunny,
    Are you calling the PM a blasted liar? He has already absolved (should I use an easier word to understand like ‘exonerated’) members of the House from any involvement in corruption. Now here you come on blog saying that the PM does not know what he talking about.
    So who is telling the truth? You or the PM?

    As for my background I can only say:
    Baisez ma fesse!

    What’s up, Doc!

  41. @ Miller

    Dites ce que! Baisez tu fesse! moi ne fais pas ca – Say what! kiss your ass, me don’t do that.

    Hey, Miller, hope we are not Montreal Quebec, Canada neighbors. No comment about the above posted videos? Arthur it seems is a mentally sick man and a drunk. Chris Sinckler in the video is right on target identifying Arthur – a political schizophrenia.

    Bonne journee

  42. @ ac

    Some foods, some people don’t like and won’t eat. A lot on this blog is disliking. Miller, Onions, Enuff and Quee BEE you know are diehard BLP fans, didn’t like the food you served them, the above videos, didn’t like the food I served them either – Supporting Statement: Arthur is a mentally sick man and a drunk. LOL

  43. @ Miller

    Where are you? Where are you hiding? Are you somewhere on the Barbados island or in Quebec, Canada?

    Do you think the BLP will willingly exonerate David Thompson and do you honestly think Prime Minister Stuart is willingly exonerating the BLP. GET REAL. That statment “clean bill of heath” is bait. Prime Minister Stewart wants the BLP to bite and they will.

  44. @ BUGGS BUNNY | December 7, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    Little Boy, why don’t you leave me alone? Can’t you see I am a big man to you? Didn’t your mother tell you to respect your elders? Do you want me to roast your behind in licks or more embarrassingly remove the fig leaf that is currently hiding your intellectual nakedness and reveal your small willie no bigger than a baby carrot?
    Now bug off, Bunny!

  45. @ Miller
    moi ami Miller
    mijn vriend Miller

    You are a mentally sick man just like Owen Arthur, the God you serve. You like Owen Arthur, the God you serve is epais (dumb). . . . poche (stupid). . . . et un niaseux (and an idiot). This bunny, Mr. Miller like you may or may not be a big man, but that you don’t know for certain. This bunny like you may and may not inhabit the Barbados island but you don’t know for certain, that, or the height of my intellectual status. My interlect mind, Mr. Miller recognizes FACT that Owen Seymour Arhur, the God you serve is mentally off-balanced and you likewise. My interlect mind recognizes FACT that the BLP put Arthur into the position of opposition leader although no longer suitable. He stutters and speaking is indistinct. See above video posted on this blog December 4, 2012 at 10:25am. This is embarrassing, REALLY. They, the BLP put themselves in this predicament without choice.

    bonne journee
    hebben een goede dag

  46. You, Miller on this blog, exposed viewers to FACT that you are possibly bi-lingual (english/french). French, we know is not the official Barbados language and not a common in or near that territory. So, you may or may not inhabit the Barbados island. You Mr. Miller for certain were not resident of the Barbados island throughout your life entirely. Now, now here you are disclosing to viewers on this blog more of your personal information, a small willie, no bigger than a small carrot. Tell us more. bi-sexual? bi-polar?

  47. I can’ wait for the usual Christmas thread where everyone wishes everyone else season’s greetings and say what it is that they plan to do for the season and speak about ol’ times and so on … I can’ wait causen I will expect that Miller and Onions gun leave a few off their Christmas list this year (including Bunny, CCC and ac) HA HA HA

  48. @ BAFBFP

    It’s ok for Miller and Onions not to wish me Seasons’ Greeting, REALLY. I know they are a bit bruised because they are loyal to their Gods Owen Arthur & the BLP but facts are facts.

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    mangoes from Ecuador
    sweet potatoes from Dominican Republic
    yam from Jamaica
    oranges from South Africa
    parrot fish (chubs) from Guyana
    green bananas from either St. Lucia or Dominica

    and before you Bajans go out and start planting food so I can buy some in the store, all of you arguing about big, fat,ugly and drunk politicians who feathering their own nests at tax payers expense….. steupse.

    I have seen nothing in the supermarket from Barbados.

  50. So much has happened in Barbados, more bad than good. Things are so out of control. Time for it to stop, stop the music.

    Corrupt lawyers and politicians in Barbados are rampart. Legislative law (s) are needed to keep them at bay. The United States, like them or not are notorious at persecuting and convicting government officials of any level. Eric Holder, Attorney General just months ago was held in contempt of congress. He failed to release to them documents of vitality. The prime minister [Barbados] also should be subjected to a term limit. Owen Arthur has servd four consecutive terms. He is now seeking another term commensing (2013). His previous terms totaling fourteen years however yielded more negative than positive. He is notably incoherent (see above Youtube video) and a public drunk.

    Barbados, no doubt is far behind. Effort to pass Integrity Legislation is the right thing to do but not enough.

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