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Submitted by Old Onion Bags

The Boardwalk

Has anyone else noticed the sudden impulse to rename buildings, boardwalks and schools nowadays? Wonder why? What is really the subliminal message being sent out here? Soon time? All is mine?

Could it be… those were our charges and deserve more mention? Which ever way is up, it seems facetious and self serving for the placement of a new frets oninto old guitars, that have become legacies in their own right, when remembered as they were….true hallowed institutions. A new boardwalk maybe, but to rename a school like Harrison’s College  to something else, seems extenuating even disingenuous. A Queens College renamed to a new fame or other dame is an exercise in farrago.

Why distort history and challenge past remembrance?

One thing for sure, let us hope that there be no more given the oncoming…..nor a ping pong game of ‘good for the goose, good for the gander.’ School days are happy happy days and all effigies and entails should be left as is, to be remembered. Question begs, why curtain schools, as if some were cherry picked by fancy or location?

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  1. This one is for the Barbados Labour Party:-

    “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” -Anonymous Author

    Or as the Bajans would say:-

    When the rain was falling the Barbados Labour Party did not put out a teacup to catch any, but now there is only Dew they want to put out a bucket to catch it.

    In times of plenty they put nothing aside, now they want to SELL EVERYTHING THAT WE HAVE.(i am sorry,PRIVATISE)

  2. @ Carson C. Cadogan | November 6, 2012 at 11:51 AM |

    When are you going to give us an update on the whereabouts of Minister Denis Lowe?

    We also want you to tell us how we can get hold of a copy of the speech given by Minister Sinckler to the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) last year. Then we will be able to put you “privatization” pronouncement into perspective.
    We implore you, the avuncular Carson, to respond to the above requests.

  3. millertheanunnaki | November 6, 2012 at 12:04 PM |

    “When are you going to give us an update on the whereabouts of Minister Denis Lowe?”

    You are the one looking for him, not me.

  4. @ Carson C. Cadogan | November 6, 2012 at 12:34 PM |

    You mean you can’t find ya crooked “where is my cut” ‘brudda’ Denis the menace?
    OK I will look for him in Martindales Road.

    What about Sinckler’s speech? You can’t find that too or has it been ‘stolen’ like the many reports sent to the PM?

  5. @ Onions

    Given the statement ” Has anyone else noticed the sudden impulse to rename buildings, boardwalks and schools nowadays?” can please let everyone here on BU know what was the previous name of the boardwalk on the South Coast before it was re-named?

    You does really write some shite doh.

  6. off topic

    New tax on shop awnings gets stormy reception

    “The City of Hamilton’s new policies on awnings and signs got an acrimonious reception from city business heads at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

    Beginning next year, awnings, signs and any other jutting attachment on the side of a Hamilton building will come with a fee if they extend over Corporation property.

    Awnings must reach no closer than two feet to the sidewalk’s outer edge, and signs must not extend more than two feet from the building.

    Signs or awnings that encroach over the City’s property will cost their owners $75 a year each, as will sandwich boards out on the sidewalks. “

  7. Three concrete tanks commissioned to be built on the Harbour Rd costing
    $12 Million Bds at the 12 th hour. A concrete tanks costing $3 Million ??? Is that right. Did The MOF not say in his Budget only back in September that he could find no money to take the OBVIOUS PRESSURE off the backs of ‘the beloved people’ and NO RELIEF is coming? Tell me you DLP hacks, where did you now find this money to pay a party calf concrete firm?


    go ahead and rename all Schools

    ALSO Rename –Buckingham Road—Betram Collymore Road
    King William Street — Harry Persaud
    Queen Victoria
    Queen MARY

    —AND ON AND ON —

  9. It is this simple the DEMS have no operational assets to show for their FIVE BILLION DOLLAR $$$$ SPEND……so they look for ASSETS to claim by association…WHY ELSE, WHAT ELSE could be the logical reason ?

  10. How about a new name for :-

    Four Seasons……..”Fissed NIS Contributions”
    CLICO Debt………..”Devils Own”
    BWA…………………..”Beached Whale Asylum”
    Transport Board…..” Hemorrhaging Unlimited”
    CBC……………………” DEMS Photo OP’s”
    St.John Polyclinic…..” Disaster Land”


  12. Onions

    You hit on something here, but I would like to share a different perspective. The members of the Government realise that they are in danger of losing office in one term. They have nothing to show for the time that they occupy office so in order to get their names on plaques, they are putting old wine in new wine skins.

    The most laughable plaque erection is one at the QEH. They put in a few chairs, change some tiles and install a fountain, and had the nerve to erect a plaque which states:

    “This Plaque Commemorates the Completion of the Main Entrance Service Improvement Project Commissioned by the Hon. Donville Inniss M.P.
    Minister of Health
    June 12, 2012

    They want to be remembered.

  13. Caswell, yuh lie!
    …Dat can’t be so.. No wonder we need a new horse-spital. If they fix up the QEH they would have to spend too much on plaques….

    • Bushie

      I kid you not. I actually transcribed the inscription so that I could remember.

      They should really be cleaning the wards people are going into the QEH with one problem but dying from infections that they pick up on the wards too often. I recently arranged a funeral for a man who had a cancerous tumour removed and was about to be discharged and then picked up an infection on B7 and died as a result. The place needs cleaning!!!

  14. The David Thompson Secondarry School to replace Cawmere. He deserves it.
    The Freundel “the sleeping giant” Struart Secondary School to replace Foundation

  15. Its always interesting to hear many of us promoting the name change of things british-connected, and nary a word about President Kennedy Drive, George Washington House which we contributed millions to reburbish , and the popular unofficial name of Enterprise Beach, not to mention the complex in Tamarind Hall.

  16. @ Caswell
    This Plaque Commemorates the Completion of the Main Entrance Service Improvement Project Commissioned by the Hon. Donville Inniss M.P.
    Minister of Health
    June 12, 2012
    Go to Constitution Rd..Ministry of Educ…..Jonesing but of recent …erection stands limp… “Commemorating the Anniversary of 5o years of free Education unveiled by the Honorable” on a plaque on a BIG ROCK ..in front D entrance by the Park….

    Granny used to say ” Black Bird love to tek up Wood Dove Nest…..as he fly way for straw.”

  17. @old onion bags et al – can anyone remember writing this – only placing an excerpt here – need to know as I wish to place in the book I am writing (did as permission before but cannot find me notes on who wrote this!) with the rightful author (pseudonym accepted) noted…. please! Thank you very much.

    “Regardless to what you might say, one thing in we Bajans, we is good
    cookers. Naturally you would find the odd fella who can’t tell you
    when water boil or who does stick a hard boil egg with a fork to find
    out if it done cook. But generally when it comes to moving ‘bout in
    the kitchen we know we way around. We ain’t no sprinkle on people,
    we like to carve up we meat with precision like a surgeon and ‘shub’
    the seasoning all through it. If you give a Bajan a sparrow to cook
    we gine put he in lime and salt and as small as them two lil legs is,
    we gine find a way to’ shub’ seasoning in them drumsticks, cause we
    like we food well-seasoned and tasting a certain way. And all of
    this is things that get pass down from generation to generation. And
    I ain’t only talking bout this cooking thing from a woman’s stand
    point, cause when you see a Bajan man decide to bake piece o’ pork,
    you wonder if he and the pig did friends that it come out so soft and
    succulent. And even though sometimes during the week according to
    how we pocket stop or how busy we is, we might work a few quick
    things like a li’l cornbeef and macaroni or stretch out breadfruit and
    mackerel, or even make a tot of pap and fry two bakes, but when it
    came to Sunday it wasn’t no messing bout. Sunday was always the
    day for real food. If it is one day in the week that you gine….”

  18. “not to mention the complex in Tamarind Hall.”

  19. “Commemorating the Anniversary of 5o years of free Education
    WODDOVE, i thought they were commemorating universal free education, if the plaque indeed says ‘free education’ it is misleading and distorts history in itself.

  20. @Fedup
    The David Thompson Secondarry School to replace Cawmere. He deserves it.
    The Freundel “the sleeping giant” Struart Secondary School to replace Foundation…………………

    Hell no, I know that a lot of the Old Scholars are totally embarrassed by this PM and the CJ. Yes, they felt pride when they both were appointed but they are both big disappointments. So Christ Church Foundation School will never be named after Freundel Stuart, this country’s worst PM.

    I wonder if the DLP knows that the Foundation School’s name cannot be changed so easily because of the initial deeds.

    By the way, the Dems are so obvious, all the name changes are only of Dems. Do they have a heart, putting DLP names on things they did not build.

  21. @balance
    “not to mention the complex in Tamarind Hall.”

    This is one of the things this government has done that has really galled me. Right after they got in, they brought Eric Holder here and named this building after him even thought it already had an appropriate name.

    Eric Holder had no connection with Barbados other than that his parents were born here. Prior to that visit, he could not remember if he had visited here before. Maybe once. What did he do to get his name on our building? In the cables leaked by Wikileaks from the US Embassy, even they were surprised. When the BLP gets in, I will be robustly advocating for a name change especially since Eric Holder was cited for contempt in the US Congress.

    balance, I have said on this blog already that that building should either be renamed Tamarind Hall or after Lloyd Smith, a son of the soil in St Joseph.

    Another galling thing was when these Dems slapped a DLP diehard Baby Doots name on the fish market in Oistins. The next thing to name in Oistins will be the Bay Gardens. I would not put it past these hopeless Dems to name the Bay Gardens after a DLP.

    The BLP did not think to put a BLP’s name on this instead they went for a cool name like Bay Gardens. They could have placed Sir Harold St John’s name on this as we well know that it was Sir Harold who was behind the transformation of Oistins.

    This shows that the BLP know who they are and the Dems have an identity crisis. You know, the DLP only seem to leave behind in the wake of their time in power a string of chaos and destruction, so they have to claim other’s achievements as their own.

  22. The DEMS could never be so hard up ..Prodigal….what are you saying here that in order for a recognition in a plaque they would attempt to plunge the name of their party into disrepute?. As Caswell so rightly agrees this whole exercise is at min. reprehensible to say the least…..If you have no assets to name ….man up ..and stop facade…it looks shabby….grow some funk of your own DLP !

  23. Prodigal Son | November 8, 2012 at 3:56 PM |
    When the BLP gets in, I will be robustly advocating for a name change

    No need for a name change. Just under the name Eric Holder, add an inscription.
    “Long time sugar industry worker at Mount Wilton Plantation” A St Joseph man more deserving of the recognition, as we are forever bragging about how sugar made us great, but never see it fit to honour the people who laboured for years in keeping King Sugar on the throne.
    Real Bajan Eric Holder, was a Driver and a Watchman, in addition to his many other skills.

  24. The Barbados Labour Party has no shame.

    When TOM ADAMS government came to power, they embarked on a name changing frenzy through out the length and breath of Barbados, but I guess that was alright.

    As a an example, anyone recall what was the proper name our airport before it was called what it is called now?

    The same airport that the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) is now so eager to sell?

  25. BTW when the airport is sold, will the departure fee be $100.00 or $150.00 as the new owners try to recoup their investment quickly?

  26. the blacks change history in barbados daily! to suite their own needs and change names of objects and birds .
    the true history of barbados is to be hidden from the tourist or the world
    as if they knew the truth they would think twice about going there.
    barbados needs to do as Zimbabwe did take back all land from foreigners and kick their asses out. then you would get some respect .but to be a sell out place i have no respect for your government chances are the leases and rentals would bring in long term monies not just a one time thing..deposit
    the freaking English on the west coast and all around barbados.
    these millionaires and billionaires that think they own barbados want a swift kick in the ass.and take back our land.
    the land should be leased or rented not sold.
    who ever made it that foreigners can buy barbados land should be tortured and then hanged..
    bloody idiots selling your own heritage to some stinking foreigner.
    you all should be ashamed.take it back and keep their money too..

  27. @ Harry callihan

    And, the winner of the Most Retarded Man in Barbados prize is………….Harry callihan!

  28. “the leases and rentals would bring in long term monies not just a one time thing”

    My thoughts exactly!!!!

    As is done in many Countries of the World where they are sensible Governments not like the idiotic Barbados Labour Party. Once those lands and other assets are sold to foreigners, then they are gone for good!
    No one in the stupid Barbados Labour Party cares anything about our children or grand children?


    But the bigger problem HERE IS GREED!!!!! A one time sale will provide Barbados Labour Party ministers with huge amounts of money to line their pockets with up front.

    They dont want to receive their kickbacks by drips!

  29. Your fellow Dems know a lot about this. They have done very well for themselves in the last four years. There is one whom miller says has 17m stashed away in US banks, wow, quite a good return on his investment, wont you say?

  30. Dont mind Carson Reudon Eversley Cadogan
    They dont deserve a Second Term
    Actually, they should be charged for loitering

  31. The DLP is dun a beat horse,changing names will still be of no use. Tell Donville no matter how many times he come on we Tv we still gine vote for Miss Sandra Husbands because she always bout here doing good when we can’t find he.

    • Even Pat Hoyos agree that Donville is one of the better MPs. If you make a statement back it up to be credible, at the moment your are not and you know why.

  32. Waittttttt as if you so live bout here. I know what I is saying Hanyesville belongs to Sandra Husbands and she posse, we ente want he.If ya doubt come check fa ya self den Donville pun the drips wid this area.

  33. People enough not working up here and he finding jobs all bout fa people in Warrens and Crystal Heights in the QEH. The man doan like we ghetto people and dat is fa realbare people ent working

  34. I agree with you David. Donville serves his constituents well, but remember u cant please all the people. Sandra Husbands dont stand a chance of beating DONVILLE.

  35. Wanna keep dreaming,ask Donville when last he went down here and ask he where the jobs for the men pun block

  36. Look what Haynesville come to nuh!! …a place with a history of producing REAL MEN during good times and bad…

    Big able hard back men begging for a politician to come and find work fuh them….. After having had the opportunity of FREE education and free health care, they now looking for free salary without even having to go LOOKING for a job. The politician is supposed to COME to them and get them a job…..of their choice…

    …..down hill!!!….looking like free-fall.

  37. I dont support the mendicant attitude of Realist / Haynesville begging for a job from the representative.
    BUT I support Realists from Haynesville when he indicates that Donville Inniss will lose in St. James. LIZ was strong in St. James South. Donville did not win by much and with the present swing against the DLP, Donville Inniss will obviously lose his seat.

    While I dont support the mendicancy of the boys on the block, I understand that in a situation where the Government offers little hope, people will get extreme. The Government therefore must take the blame. Tell Freundel Stuart to take his Big Black Board Nose ass off the TV at nights and call the elections so that the electorate can do what they have to do

  38. Now we hearing TWO MORE schools ready for the re-naming block..

    St.James Secondary…………Sir Fredrick Smith Sec.
    St.Georges…………………. to some other fella name

    Man DLP real hard up doa…..to find time to have your name on something is a REAL BIG DEAL bout here….

  39. Why if they could rename schools at will, what about renaming certain areas that carry a stigma when I write a job appliaction and cannot even be given the courtesy of a reply? No but I wake up this morning and see a BRAND NEW road up in here. If you tink we people down here stupid Donvile inniss you had better think again love..

  40. My apologies onion bags, for now getting back to you on the ‘Couples’ matter the answer to your question is yes
    The thing is Almond ex staff are highly train people. Mr Ralph Taylor brought in Trainers from all over the World and Barbados Community College to train Almond workers every year

  41. Semblance sane or tings of fame
    Eurkel? Shrek? or Efeliest Simblest Jr.
    But not to real those things defamed
    Make many a toot boom thunder.

    …am am Madam, you real late doh…

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