The Privatization Debate Devoid Of a Philosophy

BLP and DLP differ on privatization

It seems a philosophical difference has emerged between the two major political parties in Barbados. The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is pushing the need to privatize and divest certain state agencies. Key BLP spokesmen have suggested we need to examine the ownership structure at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA), The Port Authority, Transport Board and a few others. The BLP also proposes that the state owned agency Barbados National Oil Company (BNOC) should never be allowed to accumulate profits with the result being higher energy cost passed through to Barbadians at this time.

On the weekend Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart in a quick reaction to the privatization debate has emphatically stated the DLP’s position. Education, health and other key sectors will not be privatized under a DLP government. The DLP’s energy policy to transition to alternate energy runs counter to the BLP’s policy of subsidizing energy . BNOC became technically insolvent under the last administration and it appears the current management policy has reversed the loss making trend. Is it that current profits of BNOC are being used to liquidate losses of prior years and at what social cost?

The next general election will be very soon – the Prime Minister despite his cat and mouse approach cannot avoid ringing the bell much longer – now is a good time for both political parties to ignite the debate about privatization of government assets. BU believes selling state assets must be more than making money. As a country and a people, how do we define national development? How is the character of Barbados and Bajans defined by the struggle to accumulate state assets which support and reflect who we are and want to be defined? BU continues to follow the debate with keen interest for several reasons.

It is disappointing that here is another issue destined to become embroiled in politics. The dismissive manner Prime Minister Stuart responded to the issue is unacceptable. The BLP seems to be suggesting that the urgency to privatize and divest is driven mainly by economic considerations. We all accept that we need to produce more. We need to become more efficient. However we also recognize that government has a major role to play in building out a quality society. The debate about government versus private ownership should be influenced by a philosophy. Philosophy in its most simple definition is a system of values by which one lives. This is where we must start the debate.

For many years Barbados despite its size has been held in high regard by countries blessed with greater resources. Why after pumping billions into educating our people we have to slavishly follow economic and social models designed by others to fit homegrown philosophies? It challenges the fact that we are critical thinkers. Why is it our educated class cannot design performance and communication systems which lead to increased productivity and efficiency in Barbados?

We all need to take a deep breath and understand the unprecedented challenge which Barbados faces, it calls for a new way of thinking.

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  1. @David
    “The dismissive manner Prime Minister Stuart responded to the issue is unacceptable”.

    My problem with the PM is that he is not even willing to entertain any discussion even with the MOF saying that 70% of the transfers go to paying salaries. Do we know if any of these statutory corporations do any chargeables for any of the services they provide?

    The PM said on Sunday that he would not hand over the administration of health, education or transportation to the private sector. And here is where he does not care about this country….the DLP will never leave the masses exposed……their mantra….. Barbados is more than an economy, it is a society. Well from their actions, it is now clear that they have allowed the economy to deteriorate and the society is in danger.

    We are in a serious mess if this government has to borrow every month to pay 7000 civil servants. When will it stop?

    Can you imagine the DLP has the nerve to print T-shirts with the word gimmicks on it? After the tricks of 2008?

  2. @ David

    “We all need to take a deep breath and understand the unprecedented challenge which Barbados faces, it calls for a new way of thinking.”
    Good luck.
    Such expectations on your part are likely to convert you to bushmanship…. 🙂

    What Bushie finds surprising is that people (albeit not the most intelligent among us) want to take on the roles of leaders of these societies that we have inherited. You call them unprecedented challenges, Bushie calls it a mortally wounded Titanic.

    Take the issue of the BNOC profit of $6M. What a nonsense issue. Bushie would have thought that BLP was a bit more intelligent than to ride this non issue.

    In an environment where government is earning significantly LESS than it is spending, how can it be an issue that a government agency is “making a profit?”. All this does is reduce government’s need to raise taxes otherwise or to incur greater balance of payment deficits.

    Obviously if they reduce the cost of fuel, brilliant Bajans will just INCREASE their usage – compounding the import in-balance. The price of fuel should be raised to the level where Bajans exercise PRUDENT use of a very expensive resource….whatever THAT is.

    There are really only two solutions, and Mascoll claims to have hit on one “after three years of research” LOL (of course he could have just asked the bushman…like he used to do at school….)

    The first (and better one) is to increase our level of national productivity to match (or preferably exceed) our standard of living. This would presently call for an approximately 30% increase in national productivity.
    ….not a likely outcome given our propensity to give jobs to our kith and kin and to political yard fowls, resulting in square pins in round holes.

    The second option is to REDUCE our standard of living to match our current level of productivity. this would call for a 33% CUT in our standard of living… a devaluation of our dollar from 2 =1 $US to 3 =1 $US. (Or, since our exchange rate is sacrosanct, an across the board salary cut for all Bajans of 33%. 🙂

    BUT…Since this will not happen either, we need to draw close to the lifeboats….

  3. @Bush Tea

    The sadness with the issue playing out about the degree of privatisation we should engage is our unwillingness to recognise the urgency of now.

  4. @ David

    Based on how things played out at BNB, we know what privatisation meets to the BLP. The BLP already know what Trinidad entities they intend to sell Transport Board, GAIA, Barbados Port Inc and BWA to, trust me.

    • To those saying that BNB has added 200+ employees, don’t talk too fast.

      On 6 November 2012 17:27, Barbados Underground

  5. @ David

    Why does the BLP not tell the bajan people the name of the conglomerate from Trinidad that has being dying to buy the BWA from the GOB?

    The BWA could easily change hands to the private sector in Port of Spain and be renamed (a few years laters after bajan cool down), Neal & Massey Water. Imagine that Sir Alan whispering to OSA, “sell the BWA to Neal & Massey, we gine make a killing”

  6. The “urgency of now” requies long term planning somewhat plans which are devoid in the proposed privitisation. right now what is being offered is an quick fix our easy solutions the question which needs to be ask how is Privitastion going to lead to long term growth and what are the impacts on society can it sustain itself in the long run without govt support.

  7. The Alexandra REPORT does not worth the paper it is printed on. It is the biggest bunch of nonsense ever seen and the paper it is written does not even have the value of toilet paper , the one filled with shit, at least shit is manure and has some value.

    • @Time Bomb

      Why don’t you fill in the gaps for us?

      Early feedback suggest the AX Report will generate more questions than answers.

    • What does Owen Arthur mean by this statement attributed to him in the press?

      “Privatization just doesn’t mean selling to the private sector,” he said. “It really means getting the private sector more involved in developing Barbados. The country urgently needs that now.”

  8. WHY not learn the TRUTHS first….and quell the fictions…its all about minimizing WASTAGE…can we afford not to ?

    Facts and Fundamental Differences Between Public and Private Sector Financial Management
    The following is an extract by Jared Lewis.

    Financial management in the public sector and private sector differ significantly. Those who have experience in one of these areas may not necessarily be ready for financial management in the other sector due to some of these differences. In the “Journal of Management Studies,”


    Accounting methods used in both private and public sector financial management differ significantly. For instance, in the private sector, financial managers and accountants are bound by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, methodology for accounting. This is a set of practices, such as the double-entry accounting method, used to ensure financial accuracy and uniformity. In the public sector, these methods may also be used, but it is not that unusual to deviate from them, as well. This is seen in areas such as budgeting where public sector financial managers are not necessarily bound by accrual accounting methods.

    Government agencies are not necessarily profit-driven in the same way that private businesses and corporations tend to be. In the private sector, financial managers are generally motivated by profit and pushed to maintain a bottom line or a minimum level of profitability. On the other end of the spectrum are the financial managers in the public sector who do not necessarily have a bottom line to maintain. Instead, they may be task-oriented or driven by some other motivating force endemic to the specific type of work the organization is focused on daily.

    Another fundamental difference between public and private financial managers is the context in which they operate. This context can make all the difference when it comes to how each approaches his work. The profit-driven financial manager in the private sector will generally have the leeway to get done what needs to be done in order to maintain the bottom line. With public sector financial managers, various constraints may prevent the manager from acting with a great deal of autonomy. The manager may be subject to legislative and regulatory constraints that prevent autonomous action. The political framework of the public sector may pit bureaucratic financial managers against elected officials on occasion, causing significant limitations to getting the job done.

    The differences in the decision-making process between public and private sector financial managers are closely related to the context of operation. In private sector financial management, decisions are generally made from the top and are filtered down through the hierarchy of the business as the financial manager hands off the orders or directions to those below him on the company food chain. In public sector management, it is not so simple. Public sector financial managers often have to work with political constituencies and navigate between competing interest groups. Important financial decisions are often rendered by creating coalitions and support. Decisions cannot typically be handed down and passed off to the next in command without some type of public sanction or approval.

  9. @Time Bomb Atom | November 6, 2012 at 1:32 PM |

    Why does the BLP not tell the bajan people the name of the conglomerate from Trinidad that has being dying to buy the BWA from the GOB?…………..

    Maybe you could ask Hal Gollop if the same bankers/lawyers he has been liaising with on behalf of the same BWA are interested in buying. Just think about it, if he could get 1.5 million for writing a letter just think of how much he could get for a sale.

    You Dems are something else. You are always making deals and when get caught, you blame the Bees!

  10. @ Onions
    Why don’t you stop copying and pasting extracts that are beyond your comprehensive skills? the ONLY difference that you understand between Public and private sector ownership is that your political masters are currently pushing privatization while the other side is against it.

    In simple English.

    Any country worth its salt would ensure that it retains control of certain important aspects of its citizen’s business. Particularly a country that has (relatively) recently emerged from a state of SLAVERY where our fore parents WERE OWNED lock stock and barrel, you would think that there is some element of PRIDE in being MASTERS OF OUR OWN FATE.

    Privatization is the process where political WHORES, in their quest for personal profit, and as an expression of their INCOMPETENCE to properly manage the national assets of this country, are seeking to sell out our BIRTHRIGHTS for a measly pot of porridge.

    When a national leader could spend as much on education as we have done in Barbados, and then BRAG that HIS national bank was better managed, more profitable, and more productive since he sold it out to outsiders (who spend less per capita on educating THEIR people) he is only underlining HIS OWN incompetence and lack of vision.

    Privatization of national assets is an admission of NATIONAL FAILURE of leadership.

    The DLP is equally out to sea in terms of a sensible approach.

    This inane idea that they will keep everyone employed is a lot of BALONY. It is impractical, illogical and IDIOTIC. When the loans end we ALL will be up $hit street.

    The Government should COMMIT to keeping everyone who ARE PRODUCTIVELY, GAINFULLY and MEANINGFULLY contributing to national productivity employed and paid.
    Anyone accepting a leadership position and who are incapable of effectively managing the portfolio that comes with the job is just looking to FRIG up the country (as Onions would say)

  11. Onions,
    It is like a man who is unable, on a salary of $2000 per month to look after his family and upkeep the home. So he decides to sell the house to a Trini and rent it back. He also decides to buy food from a GT woman, get a Lucian to wash and look after the family and pay a Canadian to look after the finances…..while he limes by rum shop.

    For the $2000 he now has a steady meal, the house is smaller, but not leaking, and the children got accustomed to the GT food.

    Does that make him a MAN, and a good parent? Or does it merely take him back to the (good?) old days on the plantation? What does it do to his children? …. And why does he think the various bosses schedule those regular sessions with his wife and elder daughters?

    What Privatization What?!?

    • Perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments for the BU household was the announcement it had no interest in selling back majority interest to the Barbados government.

  12. Are we so unintelligent a people?
    Where was it said by the BLP that they were going to privatise education? As far as I gather, the Opposition is merely seeking to expand what already exists not cede education to the private sector. Private education at the pre-school, primary and secondary level has always existed in Barbados and has expanded, and will continue to, as demand is growing. While the latter is happening, government is consolidating its primary schools–George Lamming and Gollop being the latest examples. Less public schools means less maintenance costs, salaries and overall public expenditure in the long term. Whether we want to admit it or not, private primary school will become more desirous for parents and if the government incentivises that opportunity it would be a win-win situation for all involved. if the government could get more private sector involvement at this level they would then be able to deliver a far better quality of education–special needs, smaller classes, better facilities etc.
    Public transportation is a gold mine–hybrid buses, CNG buses, proper scheduling and readily available info at bus stops, weekly/monthly/yearly discounted cards.

  13. Received an Offer & Takeover Bid Circular, today, from Republic Bank Limited… offer price is $5.00, closing December 4, 2012… hope the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance reject the offer…

  14. This privatisation debate between BLP and DLP is a diversionary tactic. Owen Arthur is on record as saying that the workers would be allowed to buy shares in state entities that they would be placing on the auction / chopping block. Is he crazy? What are the workers going to pay with? These workers who have been going into savings to pay for food and utilities. These workers who go into the supermarket and when they reach the cashier the supervisor is called to void things like meat and vegetables.

    Public sector workers have not seen an increase in wages and salaries since 2008: what the hell are they going to pay with? When the workers are unable to pay, the shares allocated to them would be reallocated to those few with deep pockets. Why should a state asset that should benefit the entire society be sold off so that the returns would go to a selected few.

    I know that the reaction would be that they are not making money now. My reply would be: what would make them profitable after divestment? The short answer would be competent management. All that is required now would be a situation where Government put competent management in place. Right now most statutory corporations and government-owned companies are managed by a bunch of political cronies who could not manage a lemonade stand. When they are privatised the first thing that would happen is that the new owners, who would be profit driven, is the replacement of the current square pegs.

    Cast your minds back to the Transport Board workshop. You would recall that the BWU and the workers ran rings around the management and we now have an entity called UCAL that is controlled by Sir Leroy. For years, these workers would drink alcohol and play dominoes all day at a shop at the entrance to the Transport Board. At 4:30 they would start working for overtime rates and management was powerless to do anything about because they were protected by the BWU. The Transport Board is now paying more for maintenance, privatisation what! We want leaders whose main reason for seek political office is the welfare of this country and not enriching themselves and friends.

    I AM NOT VOTING FOR ANYONE WHO TELLS ME UP FRONT THAT HIS SOLUTION OUR ECONOMIC PROBLEMS WOULD BE SELLING THE PATRIMONY OF BARBADIANS. I would hold my nose and canvass and vote for this incompetent lot that currently hold the reins of office.

    • @Caswell

      You are aware that as a country we have to find a way to leverage the millions sitting in the banks?

  15. Well said Caswell, Bushie is almost tempted to forgive you on the AC matter 🙂

    Further to your point about where poor Bajans would find the money to buy state assets ….answer Bushie this question…

    Who does these state assets BELONG to?


    ….so when Arthur now says that he intends to sell these assets to Bajans and not foreigners is he telling us that he plans to sell us OUR OWN ASSETS????
    …Is Arthur calling us jackasses? “He is proposing to sell us our own things which we vote to put him in charge of….!!!
    EVEN IF WE HAD THE MONEY Caswell, we would all be a bunch of idiots to buy what already belongs to us.
    Now that you have come to the understanding that what we NEED is competent management and high productivity, is it becoming any clearer why we need your Barbados Unity Party? …..and why we need a National Supervisory Committee (New Senate) under your chairmanship?

    • When they sell our assets that currently belong to all of us: it will only be some of us that would be able to buy them, and most certainly the new owners would be politicians’ friends and the same politicians who would purchase them through family owned companies and blind trust.

  16. Another thing is that most of these corporations are blatantly inefficient. A lot of taxpayers money is going in and relatively little is coming out. As they are, if they were private they would have been shut down long time. Taxpayers’ money is supporting inefficency and cannot be sustained with the present economy. I don’t think that any government would privatize health or education for example, but in these times would try to lighten the load the other corporations are causing with as little pain as possible

  17. LOL
    Caswell, you may have noted that even though BUP is ‘your’ party Bushie don’t plan to give you any pick in the Lower House.
    You slated for the Senate skippa.
    Not a boy ain’t going to vote for you. Your mouth too big bozie!!! Besides you just like Sir Roy. Your talent is running rings around management and other big shots, not managing people’s business.

    Bushie got the whole thing planned. The other important point is to exclude the following professions from membership of the BUP:
    -Economists (whatever that is….)
    -Pollsters (if their initials are PW)
    -Old smelly Onions 🙂

  18. No surprise Caswell, it is your democratic right to vote for the jokers we have running this country that as you admitted, people have to go into their savings to live. We are going deeper down in the deep hole and the DLP has no idea how to climb back up.

    The BLP has said we need to look at privatising some entities, let’s have a debate on the pro’s and con’s.

    We definitely need a change in the direction in which this country is going and the DLP does not have the answers and they have run out of any ideas.

    By the way, where is the report from Moody’s? Was this not due in October?

    • Prodigal Son

      I readily admit that the present Government has no idea where to take this country. But what would be the use of changing them for another group that is similarly placed. When they run out of state assets to sell, what will they do? These statutory corporations and state-owned companies can be profitable if they are allowed to function free from political interference, and then they would cease to be burdens on the Treasury and might even contribute something.

  19. “When they sell our assets that currently belong to all of us: it will only be some of us that would be able to buy them”
    Actually we would be back to square ONE.

    Right now, these politicians take our money (taxes) and as JahArmy says, channel it to their cronies and political allies through the various state owned agencies.
    If Arthur is able to trick us into buying what we already own, as you said Caswell, it will be these same cronies who will end up with both the control of the business AND the profits, that will suddenly be made AT THE EXPENSE OF JOBS AND PRODUCT COST TO BAJANS.

    If Stuart does NOT sell our things to others, (or to US again like Arthur) then he will simply continue to take our money (taxes) and channel it to HIS political cronies (like ac and she lawyer husband).

    Heads the politicians win, Tails the people lose. 🙂

  20. Bushie
    You does talk so much….Sh88te….(lloa)…spida man and spida woman, the Sh88te pit cleaners for Black Rock… long gone dead and buried from D 60’s….begging to come back to get a load of U.

  21. Bushie don’t know what you waiting for Caswell.
    …..remember a certain preacher used to repeat that “Christ is the Answer”
    ….well politically for Barbados ..” BUP is the answer….”

  22. LOL @ Onions
    ….so what if Bushie talking bare sh88te? What give you that exclusive right? 🙂
    Bushie read your article on Citizen Rights and had to rush to the bathroom….

  23. Left to Owen’s obsession with selling land at its highest economic value the short fellow could’nt be bothered if he sells his third wife his children and the island’s complete patrimony to demonstrate he can place BIM on a growth path.
    What workers buying statutory corporations what.

    Imagining old arrogant rum bibber Arthur, the likes of Gail Marshall, Wuk for Wuk, Mia “Lessie” Mottley, Muscle Mary Mary Noel Lynch, Georgie ” Roy Morris” Payne, holding the reigns of power in Barbados again gives me the urge to hawk spit puke.

  24. bushie i see you take a swipe at me and my” significant other” but thats all right cause WE too paytaxes and mostlikely more than you .

  25. @ Onions
    Bushie was looking for your sorry behind at last Friday night reunion, but you probably was buzzing ’bout making up a number at some party do…..If Bushie had seen you, ya would have found out which God you serving….

    Wunna Bees does sing the national Anthem though?
    ….bout how our forefathers sowed the seeds…..
    …and how these fields and hills beyond recall ARE NOW OUR VERY OWN….

    Thanks to wunna we now need a new last verse
    Like this…..

    Arthur has been the people’s guide
    past fourteen years or so
    With him back up by Baystreet side
    We’ll have nothing more to go
    ‘tween him and Stuart the fields are gone
    to Trinidadians..
    and Light and Power our energy
    Is now Emera’s own.

    • Bushie

      I was at the reunion and you did not come over and say hello.

  26. @ac
    bushie i see you take a swipe at me and my” significant other”
    Sorry ac, but you and your significant other are like walking targets. You here on BU antagonizing Onions and Miller and your husband the lawyer probably antagonizing his clients and the public at large like all Bajan lawyers.

    Live with it!

    What taxes what? You know any lawyers that pay their fair share of taxes? …and how much taxes do you pay? …sitting around all day cussing Onions and miller? 🙂

    Bushie’s taxes is probably more than you and your lawyer husband’s combined salaries…. 🙂

  27. bushie @ac
    Bushie’s taxes is probably more than you and your lawyer husband’s combined salaries….

    you might be right as far as our salaries !

  28. @ Caswell
    What Bushie actually said was “hi”. …and then moved in on the fish cakes. 🙂
    …you were always a smart fellow Casie, but you don’t keep well – like David….. So Bushie does keep a good distance, least you raise certain topics and then put two and two together….

  29. JahArmy | November 6, 2012 at 7:03 PM |
    Another thing is that most of these corporations are blatantly inefficient. A lot of taxpayers money is going in and relatively little is coming out.
    Quite true. Saw a 70 + seater bus on Fordes Road tonight, with only a few passengers aboard. This is something that happens all the time. If one takes a look at the over 20 buses leaving the Fairchild St bus stand at nights , the majority carrying 20 passengers or less, and they are all 70 seaters. The smaller 30 seaters would be better utilised here ,saving the taxpayers much in terms of fuel costs and wear and tear. Its obvious that the Transport Board administrators need some exposure in Logistics and Transport.

  30. @ Caswell

    “These statutory corporations and state-owned companies can be profitable if they are allowed to function free from political interference. . . ”

    As laudable as these sentiments may be, in the end we all know that that is just another argument for the status quo, because no such thing is ever going to happen.

  31. @ Caswell
    As a Trades Union leader I thought you would be supporting any attempt to empower workers and all now would be researching ways workers could own Transport Board.

    • Enuff

      I have no problem with empowering workers but recent attempts at privatisation has left me somewhat sceptical. Government wanted foreign exchange, the workers didn’t have any so the best deals went to the foreign investors and BS&T while the workers were offered crap like the Argo-processing plant.

  32. If elected Owen should make Bizzy Minister of state responsible for privatization,

    Williams Industries has a worker empowerment shareholder plan.

  33. @enuff

    Is this about empowering people or concern about government ‘quick fixing’ a problem? Bear in mind the Barbados private sector has been unable to hold on to their companies in recent years. Also to consider is the lack of appetite by ordinary citizens to invest in shares.

  34. @ David
    Pray tell me ! Must the philosophy on privitisation not come from the party which puts it forward as a philosophical alternative? The garbled ranting from the opposition so far does not lend itself to philosophical debate .

  35. @ Bush Tea | November 6, 2012 at 8:33 PM
    ” We’ll have nothing more to go
    ‘tween him and Stuart the fields are gone
    to Trinidadians..
    and Light and Power our energy
    Is now Emera’s own.”

    The government is about to sell within a month its remaining shareholding in the erstwhile BNB making it 100 % own by Trinidadians since the residual shareholders will be forced to sell also.
    An injection of approx US $83 million minus fees, commissions and legal fees can’t be passed up.

    Will the net proceeds be going towards the upgrade of the QEH hospital or to help out the forex earning sectors instead of paying off the arrears to UWI, paying out Barrack, helping out the Transport Board, to settle with Lagan or pay of Bannister and Boyce to salt away the proceeds from the airbrushing job to the redesign of Pierhead marina?

    OSA we want to hear from you on this Pierhead marina botch job. Why are you so silent on this blatant thieving of taxpayers’ money?

    We wonder what the likes of ac have to say about this pending fire sale of a large piece of the country’s remaining family silver and patrimony to “Foreigners”.
    Is this not privatization to its ultimate or should we settle for the innocuous phrase “Total Divestment”? What next, ac, the Airport? Good reason to return the DLP to power to force them to eat their words by June 2013.

  36. @ Caswell
    These statutory corporations and state-owned companies can be profitable if they are allowed to function free from political interference, and then they would cease to be burdens on the Treasury and might even contribute something.

    Now there is a laugh !…………CBC workers? Transport Board workers, BADMC workers? … for them is all about a pay check

  37. BWA…..will also soon implode as are workers, fed up and fully aware of what is going on. No profit oriented management and political football with plenty malfeasance soon spells chaos.A need for a NEW DIRECTION….ripe condition for PRIVATE BENJAMIN

  38. @ Caswell Franklyn | November 7, 2012 at 6:54 AM |
    “I have no problem with empowering workers but recent attempts at privatisation has left me somewhat sceptical. Government wanted foreign exchange, the workers didn’t have any so the best deals went to the foreign investors and BS&T while the workers were offered crap like the Argo-processing plant.”

    Caswell, do you consider the agro-processing business crap even if the plant is given to the workers ‘foc’? Do you not see a future for agribusiness in Barbados?
    Why then are the DLP and the responsible Minister so upbeat about the future of agriculture?

    Why can’t you identify those state corporations that could be ‘sold’ to the workers and run by them as part of the cooperative regime?

    • Miller

      An agro-processing plant without anything to process is crap. We do not produce enough of anything to satisfy local demand therefore there would be no surplus to process. Why would a farmer produce product that he can sell for dollars but instead sell it for cents for processing.

  39. @ Caswell Franklyn | November 7, 2012 at 9:05 AM |

    If there is no future for agribusiness in Barbados what is the purpose of the recent gift of land to the Cave Hill Campus by the Edghill Family?

    To what use or purpose will those 40 acres minus the mule be put or serve? To grow “grass” to take the students to higher heights?

  40. millertheanunnaki(neitherBnorD)

    How do you like AD on page 15 of the Barbados Advocate today dealing with OWEN SEYMORE ARTHUR?

    It hits the nail right on the dont you think?









    and with them JOBS GONE!

    How many workers is it that the Barbados Labour Party will be firing again?

    6000, 8000, 10000, 12000?

    which number is correct, Kerry?

    wunna is real PAROS in truth!



    You all might want to come into my house and sell my TV and DVD for $5.00.


  41. “It will be a tight race”, “too close to call”, “romney in with a good chance”,

    In spite of all the pollsters had to say, Romney got his clock cleaned.

    The result was not even close!
    The same thing with Chavez, not even close, the pollsters got it wrong again.

    Now Seethru and the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) come with PARO POLITICS thinking that will fool Bajans.

    Come again Seethru we are not so stupid.

  42. arseson.
    Why dont you say that the BLP will send home every public worker? Your problem is that your job will be gone! I could understand that it is in your self interest to terrorise the BLP.

  43. DIDNT Freundel Stuart say that the DLP will win
    Isnt he in for a shock ?
    Romney said he would win too
    Anyhow Barbados is not America
    We cannot guage anything from America
    Lets look at Jamaica and St. Lucia

  44. @Caswell
    Understandable, but the trades union movement MUST come out of the dark ages and employee ownership is part of the modern agenda. Skepticism should not trump the possible gains for workers.

    • Enuff

      I am not opposed to worker ownership or worker participation in any economic enterprise. Trade unions were pushing that concept when it was unpopular. Unfortunately, both parties seem to think that workers are fools and the only things on offer were the entities that nobody wanted.

      On the other hand, many workers are timid getting involved in enterprises managed by trade union leaders for good reasons. Do you remember that the Transport Board was ill-advised to rid itself of the mechanical workshop, Sir Leroy imposed himself as leader and the result is failure and rebellion among the new employee owners.

  45. @ Carson C. Cadogan | November 7, 2012 at 1:52 PM |

    You have given all the reasons why the Bajan electorate should return the DLP to power.
    The BLP can wait another 2 years and let the DLP do what has to be done.
    Let the lies come back to haunt them.

    In less than 2 years the people will rise up against the DLP administration forcing it either to call elections or use force against the same society which the DLP claim is more than a economy.

    A people gets the government it deserves. Good luck to you, DLP go for a second term and spare the BLP the horrible dirty task at hand.

    BTW, where is ya brudda Denis? Is he MIA or is he being given some AID to help him recover?

  46. @ David | November 7, 2012 at 5:16 PM |
    It can be given to the workers in lieu of redundancy packages.
    CBC is not vital to the workings of a modern Barbadian economy or society.
    If the workers don’t want to take it over then Bryan can buy it for a song to be another private sector prostituting mouthpiece of whichever party is in power.

  47. @ David | November 7, 2012 at 5:31 PM |

    I keep telling you, David that this privatization matter officially has been taken out of the political football arena. The privatization vehicle will be driven by financial determinants and this country’s economic harsh realities.

    Not by the hot air and harangue coming from the likes PM Freundel Stuart and Senator Jepter Ince or even Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley with both sides playing a phantom game before the critics and idiots in the audience.

    One thing you must say on behalf of the BLP is that they have been the more sober of the lot and are indeed looking down the economic road that lies ahead for Barbados to travel.
    If you read Minister Sinckler’s speech to the BCCI you will see that he is reading from the same privatization page as the BLP. But of course that was to an enlightened business audience where bullshit does not walk too far. The stupid masses will be fooled until reality kicks in next year.

    CBC is not any sacred cow in the coming dispensation. As a matter of fact, it has no economic or social importance in the grand scheme of things and this plaything of the politicians will be taken away like a toy from a spoilt brat.
    Check what is happening in Greece and you will get a foretaste of the coming medicine for Bim for living too long on the hog and way above its means. We are currently suffering the early effects arising from the complications of economic and social diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and blockage of both the circulatory and alimentary systems. We have a bad case of economic constipation that can only be cured by a heavy dose of privatization administered by a doctor from overseas.

  48. HOW MUCH LONGER CAN A GOVT KEEP SINKING BLINDLY GOOD MONEY TO HEMORRHAGING TRANSPORT BOARD? The workers there don’t give a damm as long as it is Govt ran….a sure PAY PACK is their only care..not if the organization makes money.

    …not encourage wastage
    ….to give a fair days work for a fair days pay
    ….report theft of assets
    ……minimize wastage
    ……have general care whether it SINKS or SWIMS




    • @Miller

      Was this the mindset when Arthur took on the OECD and the Shiprider causes? Do we surrender our right to exercise our will?


    And the last bus to many areas of Barbados will be 7.00pm.
    Dozens of hard working Bajans will loose their jobs as the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) cause them to be fired.
    Pay $5.00 per trip.
    Watch more REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) Ministers get Mercedes Benzs as kick backs for the sale of the Transport Board as happen with a former REPUBLICAN PARTY minister.

  50. Also voters of Barbados, free bus fares for your children will be brought to an end.

    Bus fares for children will cost upwards of $3.00 per trip. Just imagine, a single mother with three children sending them to school will have to look for a ton of money just to pay bus fare.
    This has nothing to do with the school fees she will now have to pay for each one of them to go to school. Remember the Education system in Barbados is to be SOLD, sorry I mean PRIVATISED,

    Remember voters all of these services are now free under the Democratic Labour Party Government! So if you want them to remain free then you have to vote Democratic Labour Party.

    Dont play with your future, reject the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP).

  51. If you want to see how dangerous and misguied this SELL, SELL, SELL policy is.

    take a look at our Land prices today in Barbados after the BLP “sell de Land” policy.

    Land prices in many areas of Barbados have gone from $2.00 per square foot to $50.00 per square foot, many Bajans would love to purchase a piece of land in Barbados but thanks to the Barbados Labour Party that will always be a pipe dream because of the high prices. That is why the Democratic Labour Party now has an uphill task in meeting the needs of would be home owners. But thank God they are making measureable progress in this regards.

    When the Barbados Labour Party sells everthing else, crappo smoke we pipe!

  52. hey and also look at america election how the masses rose up in numbers and said NO to big business owned by private enterprises who have fleece the the poor and destroyed the world’s economic with their trickled down economics . nothing wrong with free enterprises but with the “bulls” that own them and the greed that consume them giving no thought or concern for the labour and labourers which give their all and receives nothing having govt own assets being controlled by private entities would give the same results in barbados leaving bajans to fend for themselves and govt having to hold the hands of thousands of citizens unprecedant and never seen in this country before ,

    • AC

      The first time I heard the term, “trickled down Economics” was during the Richie Haynes’ back raise in 1986. Big businesses got the concessions and we are still waiting for the trickle, so the DLP should really claim ownership and stop trying to pass off their misdeeds.

      Also not caring a thing about workers is also a DLP thing. In 1991 they cut wages and salaries by 8%: remove 3,000 people from the Public Service, and if that was not bad enough they cut severance pay and unemployment benefits for those who were sent home. I know of one person who was looking forward for his severance cheque because it would have been in excess of $100,000. When they cut he got $47,000. They even cut overtime rates for customs officers which were paid by the importers: it was not a cost to Government.

      During the debate to amend the Constitution to ban the reduction of salaries in the Public Service, I was present in the House to hear Freundel Stuart say when they return to power and saw the need to cut salaries again they would just re-amend the Constitution.

      When the DLP returned to office in 2008, their first order of business was dismissing 13 workers from the UDC, sorry that was the second order, the first was firing George Edghill which eventually cost the Government over $800,000.

      AC stop this stupid propaganda: all of us do not have short memories.

  53. BAJANS! americans poor and minorities have sent a message around the world to developing countries “BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING” pay attention closely. the modern day capitalist are going to be the undoing of the free enterprise market what a sad day that after the big corporations have feasted off the fatted lamb that being the govt through subsidies and the poor who have given them free labour that big business keep asking for more and giving back crumbs that falls of their tables to the tireless labourers what a shame please note that even Asian came out and support Obama as they should know the hardships and and tireless hours working under poor conditions that their families endures administered by their govt in support for Private enterprise take note barbados ! take note a message has been sent yesterday millions of people in america predominately hard workers spoke out against what wrong with the rich and wealthy taking advantage of the poor through a system of democracy that is supposed to benefit all with that kind of attitude democracy would fail and god forbid what it would be replaced with listen up all all is not lost just keep fighting for that which is right against the evils of greed that infects civilised societies across the world may democracy prevail against all that is wrong.

    • AC

      You do not have to be ashamed: call it what it is, it is fatted calf, not fatted lamb. Why can’t you say fatted calf? Come on let’s hear it.

  54. @ ac:

    Now what do you have to say about what is written @ Caswell Franklyn | November 8, 2012 at 6:58 AM |?
    Do you now understand why you are called a blatant liar?
    While you are concocting another brew of lies can you tell us which party is associated with jada and preconco as part of this trickle down economics in the DLP housing programme and commercial construction projects?
    Are these public sector entities or from the same private sector which you vehemently despise when its suits you or when you want to lampoon the BLP and its support of the inevitable privatization of some of the State’s commercial assets and functions?

  55. @ David | November 7, 2012 at 10:52 PM |
    “… Do we surrender our right to exercise our will?”

    We have already done that.
    You definitely know that the need for forex drives every economic and commercial decision at the national or macro level in Barbados.

    The continuous selling off of commercial assets to foreign interests especially to Trinidadians has already sealed the sovereign deal. We have been sold down the river with the BL&P plant and now the vestiges of the shareholding in RBTT (note emphasis on RBTT and not BNB to plunge the dagger further in our sovereign bone).

    Our dependence on forex for our day-to-day survival is like insulin to a pernicious diabetic.
    Barbados is like a person who has lived way above their means through loans and freebies (punching above its weight in Bim’s case) that now finds their job on the line because of poor performance and very low productivity in a competitive market and with no more easy access to loans to finance its highfalutin life style.

    What sovereignty what? There is no political sovereignty without economic control or influence over your national resources including agriculture.
    Yes, Bim is a society, but it must first have a vibrant economy and forex is the life blood.
    These economic fields and hills once under our recall are no longer our very own.

    Whether it is D or B sitting in the “pseudo-political manager’s chair” let us all welcome the arrival of the bailiffs or, to use a fancy label, ‘administrators’ to greet the morning sun or in Bim’s case witness the setting economic sun!

  56. It seems like ac struck a raw nerve in somebody or some people as..s. yuh all listen to the message of the sleeping giants the america electorate dumbies they not crazy they know of what they speak. It is not about welfare and handouts the message is clear and distinct that private corporations hoard the wealth and the laboures reap little don,t kick a gift horse in the mouth for in all if this many might benefit

  57. The first thing that happens when a Government entity is privatized is that the fat is trimmed unless Government provides subsidies to keep the workers employed.

    I keep reading that government workers are not very “productive”.

    How will privatization change that mindset.

    Remember you have to have profit making before profit sharing.

  58. I do not trust any political party that puts profit ahead of people.

    Hence my dislike of the Republican Party of America and my dislike of the Republican Party of Barbados(BLP).

  59. @ Carson C. Cadogan | November 8, 2012 at 10:03 AM |
    “I do not trust any political party that puts profit ahead of people.”

    So why does the DLP award all the big contracts to jada and jada alone?
    Why not spread the work and profit among more “small black businesses that the DLP falsely claim to favour and have their backs.
    Why let one politician rake off $17 million? What about the others since it is the DLP’s style to carve up the fatted calf among the family, even the black sheep members like you.

    We still waiting to hear from ya brudda Denis. When next you see him ask him about putting profit before people. Even Allard would not do such.

  60. Owen Arthur’s THREE (3) BEST examples of his actions and views on Privatisation are as follows :

    1. GEMS project – A BLP administration helping out their BLP party supporters e.g Bree St. John family.


    2. GREENLAND project – A BLP administration helping out their BLP contractor friends e.g Liz Thompson’s husband company and Jose & Jose (a.k.a # 1 in the # 2 business !)


    3. Owen Arthur depositing that whopper $750,000.00 cheque into his PRIVATE bank account – by that time Owen was only interested in PRIVATISING himself !


    Why would Barbadians return such a SCAMP and LIAR to the corridors of Baystreet ?


    He will be treated just like MITT ROMNEY .

    As PM Stuart said…….Onions & Miller can keep Owen Arthur !

    I am Barack Obama …………….and I approve this message !

  61. @ David,

    On US blogs, the administrator often remove comments that are blatantly false and scandalous. If there is one time that you should start exercising that right, is as a result of the above comment. It certainly fits that to a T. The posting is downright nasty.

    When this operative out of George Street can post such blatant filth, it is really scary to think how nasty this campaign is going to be.

    The Dems cannot run on their record, they know that things are hard, hard in this country and people are suffering badly. The only persons doing well are those who hang around George Street and have access to the fatted calf and like CCC and what he like to say, access to the Treasury.

    I despair for my country!

  62. Prodigal Son | November 8, 2012 at 11:33 AM |

    I cant understand why Barbados Labour Party supporters are so allergic to the truth.

    If you want to upset Barbados Labour Party people just speak the truth.

    Nothing “Barack O bomber” said above is untrue, but prodigal son is getting heartburn from it.

  63. CCC,

    Speaking the truth is not synonymous with the DLP. You would not know the truth even if it was coming at you like a bolt of lightening.

    By the way, tell us how much of CLICO’s money was spent by the DLP last time. Tell us of the buy your vote madness that went on in St Michael North West that David Ellis spoke about on Wednesday!

    • @Prodigal Son

      Do you think we don’t know when blindly partisan commenters are posting crap? It destroys their credibility.

  64. I have been reading and listening to Clyde Mascoll on the issue of forex and the economy. He is reported to have said that we have an extra $300,000 or so in reserves above what is an acceptable minimum of 12 weeks. The message I seem to be getting from him is that there is adequate room for more domestic led growth without affecting reserves.

    He might be right, but I am not sure that in such an uncertain environment that you want to even play close to the minimum. Is there anything so wrong about erring on the side of caution to stay out of the hands of the IMF?

  65. Prodigal Son | November 8, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    tell us about the $5million which was transfered from the Ministry of Finanace to the Vat department to pay Vat returns just before the last elections which has disappeared int thin air?

    The amount is still on the Vat dept. books up to today.

  66. The Anti-American get invite ta the Sunday Brass Tack show to talk ’bout Privatisation Policy and he refuse the offer. I hear that the Starcom crew wanted to find out if he did White fah truf … HA HA HA …

  67. Prodigal Son | November 8, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    How much money will end up in the overseas bank accounts of REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) ministers if they get the chance to engage in the rampant selling of state assets as proposed by the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP)?

  68. @ BAFBFP | November 8, 2012 at 6:13 PM |

    Your man Peter W revealed your anti-privatization identity on today’s Brasstack show. The polls man Wickham out-talked you and had you on the back foot.

    BTW, BAF, what is your position on outsourcing the School Meals Service?
    The service can be put up for tender on a 7 year basis with the hardware facilities leased on a similar time basis to the successful business.

    What about giving the workers the existing plant to manage and an annual transfer from the Treasury to cover the average or standard cost of supplying school meals to needy students plus a decent profit margin?

  69. Miller

    You got to meet some of these ruthless bitches that people refer to as businessmen hear .. That is point one.

    Point two is the Barak phenomenon. Once outsourced, the gov’ment ain’ obliged to pay a red cent for services rendered.

    As it is the chil’ren getting feed and as a tax payer that is one Government service that I have absolutely NO problem with. Sorry to disappoint you …!

  70. Miller;

    The Anti-American is one ah de onliest people pun de planet that mek Wichkam change he mind ’bout anyt’ing hear … He din pun nah back foot, lemma tellya HA HA HA

  71. @CCC

    “I do not trust any political party that puts profit ahead of people.”

    You mean like BNOC? Or only if they appoint to a Constituency Council with a $125 per month stipend?

  72. After being raked over the hot coals in george street for conceding defeat by saying let the BLP deal with Barrack and Clico after the elections Carson Cadogan seems to be having a panic attack.
    He needs help. Call the doctor he seems delirious.Maybe its dengue or lepto.
    Maybe its parvo. Call the vet. Give him an enema as hes so full of SH###################################TTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  73. Peter Wickham manipulates callers on Getting down to Brass tacks to get them to bash the government every time he is on. You could hear the glee in this voice.
    He confessed today that the DLP is getting him sick with their support of the right wing church in Barbados.
    The right wing church stands against all things which Peter stands for.
    We are not the US and will therefore not introduce same sex marriage. If the BLP is promising you that then go ahead and manipulate the population into believing that this government is the worse ever.

    Your next poll will show the BLP winning with a greater margin but Mitt Romney internal polling projected him to get 330 Electoral College votes.

    Romney’s Florida campaign has acknowledged their candidate lost in Florida as well. Romney already conceded the national race after he lost the other battleground states.
    “The numbers in Florida show this was winnable,” Brett Doster, Florida advisor for Romney, said in a statement. “We thought based on our polling and range of organization that we had done what we needed to win. Obviously, we didn’t, and for that I and every other operative in Florida has a sick feeling that we left something on the table. I can assure you this won’t happen again.”
    You may have to make a statement like the above shortly.

  74. @David re : Prodigal son and CCC
    You should do well to remind Prodigal Son as well that it is easy to rate some of the nastiness that he / she continues to spew on this blog EVEN about private citizens. Since when did he / she become a symbol of rectitude ?

    • @Constituent

      You are correct we all should adhere to basic standards of decency but this wish is a pipe dream.

  75. Can any of the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) jokers on this blog tell me how much percentage of the sale of Barbados will go into their offshore bank accounts?

    Will it be 5%, 10%, 20% of every sale?

    Lets see now, the sale of the Transport Board about $200million, that should yield for the lucky minister anyway from $10million to $40million, not a bad payday.

    Add to that thesale of the BWA, Education system, Health care system, NCC, Parliament buildings, the Boardwalk,etc., etc.

    Wow, the world’s next richest man will no doubt be a Bajan BLP minister.

    Which one of them will it be?

  76. @ Carson C. Cadogan | November 9, 2012 at 7:56 AM |

    There are many of our Caricom so-called brothers who want to see Barbados fall on its knees and its vulnerable backside (ass) up in the air so that they can have a good laugh if not a kick.
    Carry on like that, Carson Carrion Ca-dog-an. Many overseas are just eager for Bajans to return the DLP to government to see their wish fulfilled and dream come true. What a nightmare that would be!

  77. There are many of our Caricom so-called brothers

    Wait, Kerry you calling them “Caricom so-called brothers” now?

    I thought that your party was saying that Caricom would be the savior of Barbados?

  78. @David | November 8, 2012 at 11:26 PM |
    “Mascoll is on record to say the school mails is peanuts.”

    Peanuts in what respect? Is he, Mascoll, the inchoate intellectual, referring the amount the government can get if its sells the plant?

    The privatization programme that is being forced upon the Barbados government is not only intended to significantly reduce the level of transfers and subsidies to statutory, parastatal, quasi-government entities and other NGO’s but also to reduce the actual numbers employed by Central government.

    The School Meals Department has been used over the years as a dispenser of largesse both at the award of contracts and the rewarding of partisan grass root supporters especially females.
    It is known that the present administration had plans of restructuring the School Meals Department to get rid of those workers hired under the previous administration to be replaced by those DLP grass root supporters entitled to a share of the fatted calf but only seen as worthy of the entrails and appendages of the fatted calf. Fortunately the endemic recession has scuttled this plan and with the Cabinet’s pseudo boast of not sending home public workers we would not see this materialized during the current term.

    This service is a discretionary function of the State and will find itself fairly high on the list of ‘outsourcing’ of services and functions currently undertaken by Central government.

    The government, especially the current administration cannot continue with its hypocritical stance of supporting and promoting a drive towards entrepreneurship and self employment while in a braggadocio manner for political opportunism advancing a welfare position to the citizens that the DLP would look after them from cradle to grave.

    The State needs to reduce its role in the commercial and industrial life of the economy to allow space for the spirit and outcomes of entrepreneurship and enterprise to blossom and thrive. The only way that amount of room can be created in Barbados is if the State makes a concerted effort to privatize many of its functions concocted and implemented under a 1970’s socialist notion and economic philosophy of the role of the State in a developing society.

  79. millertheanunnaki | November 9, 2012 at 4:26 PM |

    you are a real joke.

    You used a whole heap of words to say nothing at all.

  80. initially private enterprises were to be the right arm of govt in areas of employment helping to relieve some the burdensome task of govt employment and fiscal spending due to wages sounds good reasonable and rationale but no as the years went on what started out as a fair and reasonable plan has spiral out of control where these private companies have almost but blackmailed govts world wide into demanding of having their cake and eating it too demands which are obnoxious and which cost govts and taxpayers payers billions of dollars annually with govt having no choice but to meet their demands because of unemployment melt down which looms over an economy which would deal catastrophic blows it becomes overpowering and govt has no choice our will our desire to fight back out of fear of having to face a hostile public people eyes have become opened to the nasty games which these companies play and the overpowering influence which they wheeled and their use and abuse of govt funding and have of become skeptical and no longer trust them.

  81. David of BU,
    As a first time contrbutor to your blog, I want to know if you heard the recent rant and rave from the current Director, Office of Public Sector Reform in Barbados?

    Mr. Michael Archer is the prime reason why PSR in Barbados is stymied.

    He does not earn the respect of his Public Service colleagues – since he is the only head of a Gov’t dept constantly begging for his salary to be raised.

    He does nothing to deserve this increase other than being on constant sick leave and seeking to attend every overseas course – to get the per diem benefits.

    He openly tries to bed every female staff in his employ. When they resist his advances he seek to have them transferred.

    He is constantly seen at every lottery outlet during working hours.

    No wonder none of his peers pay any attention to his requests for information from their Min/Dept on PSR in Barbados.

    I pity the staff in his employ, particularly, the women.

    I noticed Caswell Franklyn is a contrbutor to this blog , it would be interesting to hear his views on PSR and the management of the Office from a trade union perspsective.

  82. Those who want to say like Peter Wickham that the DLP only attracts old people to meetings. Go look at the streaming and see all the young people at Springer.

  83. loook like Peter Wickham might be next in line for the job of economic affairs within the BLP he seems to be the force behind the wheel of PRIVATISATION! wait look mia you might be being downsized

  84. @Prodi

    you got to be kidding. I have heard about vote buying. I Heard that Mia was instrumental in ensuring that Mascoll was not elected and money passed. So the rumour of vote buying is associated with both parties. Not that anyone can offer me money for my vote, if that was done I will take it and vote against the person and donate the money to charity.

    Didnt Owen admit that he put the money in his account? if the answer is in the affirmative? It means that it was factual. I saw it was stated as 750 000, but I thought the amout was 75 000. The point is, regardless of the amount it was not meant for his private account.

    The blogger should have added David Simmons as well to the BLP hotel owner that benefited from Gems. you can ask the man who coined JAWS.

    Please let us get real and recognize that CLICO made donattions to the two political parties. Ask owen why he has not summoned PAC or whatever it is called. What the hell do you expet the govt to do in five years with all the mess that was left. Obama did not achieve what he had planned and the populace returned him to power. The electors will decide whether they should return the DLP to power or the discredited Owen who can only see economic matters, no wonder his government signed such a sweet heart deal with Ionic.

  85. Having left this site for almost two years I really thought that on my return I would have been reading more informed and educated writings from Carson but my God the man has become even more ignorant.
    He writes, “privatize and the last bus to many areas of Barbados will be 7.00pm.

    Dozens of hard working Bajans will loose their jobs as the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF BARBADOS(BLP) cause them to be fired”. Has this idiot ever travelled to a country that has a private transportation network?

    The region is replete with private transportation networks and they work well. I would suggest that someone takes Carson on a visit to Trinidad and pleas insist that he takes his head with him.

    But just when you thought that he was finish he submerges to the top of the class with this farrago of nonsense. And he writes, “Also voters of Barbados, free bus fares for your children will be brought to an end”.

    This clown does even know that it is the Government of Barbados that regulates bus fares and that in a privatized transport system the same will exist. Please David can you save us from this fool.

    Is this what he calls intelligence?

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