US Presidential Election: Maybe Romney Deserves a Chance

President Obama in a dog fight to get reelected

And if getting turned away from the polls weren’t enough of an indignity, some of those 180 people ended up getting their cars towed from the parking lot across the street, according to a Miami Herald reporter.


The world will again tune in to the outcome of the US Presidential Election 2012 on Tuesday. Obama intoxicated not only Americans with his message of hope in 2008 but the world.  A few short years later that message has dissipated and the latest polls show that Obama is in a statistical dead heat with Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

President Barack Obama promised the world so much. His historic elevation to the Oval Office captivated the world for those who dared to dream. His message to introduce change to Washington has failed and some suggest he did not even try. He appointed the same Wall Street faces he criticised when he was on the campaign trail in 2007. A look at his foreign policy – led by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton – paints a world still gripped in the turmoil Bush left it.

In the Caribbean many support Obama for re-election because historically Blacks have had a love affair with Democratic Party. This time around the support is stronger because the pigmentation of Obama makes him someone a predominantly Black region can identify. The questions some us who dare to ask is – Why should Americans vote for Obama? What has he done in four years to suggest as leader of the great USA he can change Washington and the world?

The performance of the US economy impacts how the global economy of which we are a part performs. In the case of Barbados there is growing pressure to defend the parity of the Barbados dollar which is hitched to the USD 2:1. BU’s interest in the US Presidential Election this week is about who at this juncture brings a policy approach that is likely to improve the global economy. So far Obama’s approach has been more of the same. Romney as a businessman appears to have achieved some success. Maybe he deserves a chance.

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  1. @Point
    Be honest you would NOT understand the points made about GM!!!

    I have NEVER stated that the Republican Party are clever or right!!! I have stated that I do NOT belong to any Party anywhere!

    The problem you have, is that you seem to seriously believe that the Republicans conducted underhanded strategies and that the DEMS are PARAGONS of VIRTUE!!!!

    GROW UP!!! All these Pols/ Parties are CORRUPT as HELL and want to CON the PEEPS!!!!

    Lincoln was a Republican and went to War to stop SLAVERY! It was my understanding that the Republicans were regarded as the black peeps party for a very long time and indeed they did much to help dark peeps.
    I dont agree with their behavour in the last 50+ yrs and certainly dont condone any corrupt actions on either side.

    Your point that there was hardly a black near Romney is NOT necessarily his fault since 93% of blacks were voting for BO! The darker peeps who came out in support of Romney were BULLIED! Remember the beautiful brown actress who said she supported Romney was treated horribly in the media BUT that was alright with you right????? Personally I would never treat such a beautiful creature badly and certainly would have given much to console her!

    Personally I dont like to be RULED by anybody! That is why I have my own business. When clients become overbearing I FIRE their ASSES. Seldom happens.

    Do you live your life to be RULED??? If so I recommend you change your mindset asap!!

  2. All the long drawn out talk about low wage earners and poor being jelous of the rich is mythical nonsense bandied about by the right wing to cover and protect the wealth of the few just like the socialism crap they have attached to OBAMA when all that Obama is asking for the wealthy to reach out in a compassionate way in helping those who have worked very hard pulling the wagon be given a fair chance helping them to get a liiltle closer to their hopes and dreams bu giving back aliitle more in taxes.

  3. if one look at society as a whole the majority are hardworkers diligently going about a 9 5 job and those who are unemployed are knocking on doors looking or asking for work there are a lot of mythical idealogies which the republican party espoused and must first rid their minds off in order to present themselves as credible to the working class and to receive full redemption

  4. @Money Brain

    Revel in your money and your intelligence. I however know that you and the Republican party think alike that is trickle down economics where the moneyed class can mash up the world and create alot of chaos and leave the intelligent Barak Obama to fix the problem, Rome was not bullt in a day so hence he cant solve the problems in a day.

    In as much as you tout Romney as a leader to solve the American problem, what has he done when he was at Bain Capital. I hope u followed the debates on MSNBC and CNN sbout his performance in closing down companies snd outsourcing American jobs all for the almighty dollar bill, the same thing you would do. You have no socail commitment to the people you come in contact with, thats why you behave the way you do, The typical remnants of the barbadian plantaion society, Your warp thinking allow you to identify with Romney. I would prefer that America give entitlement to its citizens, than to give grants to coutries and the money is misapproriated. If that is to happen let it happen at home.

    If you were to understand the sociology of proverty, you sure wont htink thw way you do, but then again, the only thing you can comprehend is making money and thats it.

    I will never paint Barak Obama as a saint, but I find Romney to be connivingly lied and disgustingly racist and disrespectul. look how disrespectful he was to my President, By the way, Clinton was my President and he was white, Some of my great nieces are mullato for you information.

    You should recognize that the American people have spoken and there is nothing you or I can do to change the situation, What do you expect when the world has seen its worst reccession and real wages have not kept pace with recession, there comes a time when more people will fall below the poverty line, as as the economy improves they will regain some of the purchasin power. By the way, have you given any of your emplloyees an increase during this recession, that is if you employ people. When Obama took over, America was losing over 800 000 thousands jobs a month, He has been able to stop the slide and now the econmy is on its way to recovery. By the way, the entiltlemnts allow the poor to weather this recessiosn, It was not Obama who casued the housing or the wall street collaspe it is the moneyed calss which Bush in particular alllowed to do as it pleases, not so under my President.

    Remember that I do not have the ability to analyse so i am regergatatig what I hear. But done mind me, I did not go to Harrison College as i was not smart enought to pass the “Screening” test. How yah like that.


    You there, girl me and you in have nah difference for a while, but wait what happening to the AX thing. I hope you got a bore nose like me because my bore nose help me smell and breath good enuff. Enuff ignorance though. I gone

  5. @AC
    The facts are that the lil more from the wealthy will be like a piss in the Atlantic in terms of SOLVING the GARGANTUAN PROBLEM! Personally it does NOT matter to me if you take ALL their money BUT many will DIE if you try to take mine! Comprende??? WHY?? Because I have been OVERTAXED for many years!!! Slavery was also abolished back in 1834 Aug 1 st! If I have to pay more than I do, I will retire at less than half the tax rate, BUT same / MORE income, COMPRENDE?

    The reason there are NOT enough JOBS is a result of Clin ton, Bush and BO’s politial stupidity in NOT focusing on the policies that I pointed to
    1 education
    2 energy independence
    3 straight talk and discipline to the lazyasses of which they are FAR TOO MANY!

    I went in to more detail before, read it and learn as you will likely be someone who gets seriously affected when Part 2 of the CRISIS hits very SOON!
    When the shit hits peeps will still be blaming the wrong group when the problem is REALLY VOTE SEEKING Pols that will and do say anything to get elected! You can refuse to understand BUT the prices will still go 10-20times higher!!!

    Majority maybe hardworkers BUT FAR TOO MANY are TAKERS eg Govt workers ( Bim has a ton of lazy Govt workers, was just chatting with a black Bajan who works for govt in Bim, complaining about lazyasses that he cant fire), many welfare recipients etc (Iknow for sure, had a nanny for my baby years ago she lived in Govt housing, BUT eventually admitted she OWNED 5 properties that were rented out)….you should know there are tons of TAKERS!!!

    Hope you are NOT one of that bunch????

  6. Moneybrain wrote “had a nanny for my baby years ago she lived in Govt housing, BUT eventually admitted she OWNED 5 properties that were rented out)”

    wow! amazing!! incredible!!!

    I guess you believe in the tooth fairy.

  7. @Point
    You did NOT have to confess that you did NOT attend HC because it is obvious you have NOT thoroughly read what I have been writing. You keep lumping me in with the Republicans andRomney although I explicitly write that I dont agree with the Republican Party and have criticised there past actions as well.

    Regarding Romney and Bain Capital I dont know the details of every transaction, do you???? However, when a company is performing very poorly,( headed for Bankruptcy) and people like Bain buy in, they do their research and realise that the Corp has too many products lines that are not profitable and maybe the Corp does not need 1,000 workers anymore so they have to let 400 peeps go. Sounds terrible BUT they are actually saving 600 jobs because the Corp was heading for a foldup! ie NO EMPLOYEES!!

    Now would a Politician make such correct and tough decisions? They would take into Govt hands and double the workers and increase Govt Debt and end up in a much bigger mess! (eg Solyndra where the US Govt threw away $500MN and still the workers lost their jobs) Typical bureaucratic performance. Toronto Govt took 3 yrs to remodel Bloor St West in Toronto. The work was at most a 6 mth Project not 3yrs. BLOODY WASTEFUL BASTARDS! (mainly WHITE BASTARDS) You see race has nothing to do with this. There is good performance and bad!

    The lies, cheating etc of Pols are NOT a Republican thing. ALL POLS are like that, so stop kidding yourself that any Party in Bim, US or Canada/ UK/ AFRICA are PERFECT… NOT SO.

    While i have no brief for Romney, you say he was Racist, I was not aware of that please explain how, when etc???

  8. @Point
    This idea of blaming people with money carte blanche is VERY IMMATURE. In every group of peeps there is good and bad, hence why I say there are those that should be helped and then there are confirmed lazyass/ blood suckers/ Takers.

  9. @Hants
    Chinese peeps are very CLEVER and Toronto Housing is better than Hong Kong!!! Maybe you should consider believing in the Chinese tooth fairy because those peeps are very clever and hardworking. How come they dont cry racism all day??? They do whatever it takes to succeed!!! Many white racists have said things about them in front of me so dont think that the racists love them.

  10. @Money Brain

    your idea of blaming people on entitlements as lazy isnt painting those 47 percent with the same brush, it is logical to you aint it. By the way i recieved a paid secondary education and it has not gone in vain.

    You will say the same thing about the blacks with you cohorts, similar to what Romney said about the underpriviledge, The coded racist messages which the sociologists. psychologists and media persons identify can be attibuted to Romney and his tea party backers. Any time some one cast a vote, he/she is politcal on that occasion so dont try to fool me with all that crap.

    As man admit, business men like you have been devastated and wunnah cant take the defeat. By the way, just like you have to satisfy your clients, politicians have to satisfy their base and i rest my case.

  11. Listen money brain do you know that many of the wealth acquired by he rich some of which is generational they got through deceit and lies by taking advantage ofan ethnic race who were denied any form of education by a system and because of inequality was denied the same opportunity while the purpetrators have not been asked or been required by law to repay these people for the past injustices heaped on them yet they continue to hoard plenty with no concern and balkes at thought of giving a penny more

  12. look ac you going to make me attck money brain more. You want to make me talk about the injustices meted out to Africans and how they were exploited to develeop European society.Dont forget what france did to Haiti exploit it by making it pay reparation. This topic cannot die, if the jews get compensation the blacks should be treated similarly/

    AC for your imformation, some south africans (blacks) have been able to obtain some reparation for injustices meted out to them. Dont have the article at hand, but it was reported in a paper in Cape Town.

    wAIT ac i come up here to celebrate Obama’s victory and got lots of obama souvenirs. I have one for u and one for money brain. dont ask me about rommeny according to the little girl

  13. to the point the South Africans some of them that was given anything have found out that some of the weath given to them have some serious repercussions as the new owners are responsible for liabilities that the old owners had accured and by law the new owners are responsible and would have to pay for any damages

  14. @Point
    I am in the investment business. I made $$$$$$ from the Stock Crash by betting it would CRASH, I am a realist and understood the UTTER STUPIDITY of what Govt had been upto under Clinton and Bush! You see the TRULY CLEVER Bajans can be successful on the way DOWN TOO. Made a killing on GOLD and will continue to do so as these Pols screw up and CREATE $$$$out of thin air.

  15. so u r not a real businessman, but a gambler and yet yo masqurade on here as a businessman, no wonder u were backing rommeny some one who never had oversee the development of a project, except to gamble like you and make money off of people’s misfortunes.

    You see why obama has to have the entiltment programmes in place, because people like you benfiited from schemes like sandford et al and those poor persons have to rely now on welfare, having lost their homes, incomes among other things. My friend, obama will remedy all this speucaltion. The first move was to ensure that students are not margaged for life.

  16. @ To the point and the Get Money Brains Crew

    maybe i am a little simplistic here but humour an old man for a while.

    One of my grandsons works at ** on Wall Street. Ole people like us are proud that our offspring are working and not using crack, hashish or the wacky tabaccy.

    For the most part it is an honest employ barring the shysters like Milken and Stanford (and the rest that have not been caught yet)

    He, after working his ass off at GWU School of Business graduated Phi beta Kappa or some sorta letters tingy dat an ole man dont really understand and got swallowed up by ** for being bright, 4.0 GPA and real smart. He black too but that in the USA is not as important as mekking de man money

    He works in futures which according to him is “a way to hedge your investments so that no single market fluctuation — way up or­ way down — will ruin your stock portfolio”.

    Is it sophisticated gambling? In the strictest sense his unit tries to lock in future commodity prices at today rate and makes money in the spread or something like that (ole man talking, dead man walking)

    Why would you castigate Money Brains for using his skill to make money legally then? He may not be in the conventional employee/employer segment but he is no different than them (dishonest) priests who gamble that every sunday that you and i going bring them a tithe while they try to F*** our wives and daughters and the choir lady with the big botsie.

    Maybe it is the name he chose for this blog that has set off this tirade against him but that is in essence practicing profiling based on one’s name

    There is no doubt that he is confident in himself and is well studied. Owen Arthur nor the Central Bank Governor doan go bout the country at any time cleaning up the garbage out of the streets of Barbados and while it might be argued that the former gets his hands dirtied another way, he is not castigated for not being a real worker who does put he hand to a shovel and turn soil and tek up shite and carrion from off de streets each day.

    yes some of you will say that he does tek up faeces and have carrion in his entourage but i doan see you roughing he up for his white collar job.

  17. @Piece

    Nothing u have said have change my mind about money brain, here is is he is allowed to potray the President of the USA of useless, a man presiding over the biggest economy and staved off the world order from complete collaspe and by implication you are siding with him that Romeny can do a better job than Obama because he was in business. Errol Barrow was not a businessman nor Tom Adams. You have to have brains to manage the economy obama inherited and bring it to where it is now.

    It is now about hedging or gambling but strategic planning and the implementation of those plans. Manageing an economy is not about gambling, like the area money brain is end.

    PEOPLE on wall street us hash, cocaine among other things. Manipulating the market, like insider trading does not call for brains but having information before hand to hedge and that is what happpens in the stock marketing, among other things. That profession has lost a lot of its creditability,

    You need to enter this debate from my inital objection to what money brain was saying obout obama, when you come in at the end, you miss the complete picture.

    Peace be unto you.

  18. @Bushie

    Yah mean that ah know what ah doing, ah had to pull he balls to understand what area of business he is in, and he wants to comapre what he is doing in magaging an economy the magitude of America after my president sucessfuly staved off a complete world collapse which would have had greater sufferings for us in the region.

  19. @ AC, Point, Bushie and the other VICTIMS of a Partial/ Full LOBOTOMY.
    When you learn to read and have actually read what I have written you will understand the route to National Success.
    1 Education/ Trainig for All
    2 Whatever is necessary to create JOBS
    3 Cut the Corp Tax which is RIDICULOULY HIGH in the US at 35% vs most Countries even Socialist Canada at 15%. Cut a deal with the BigCorps to then bring back the $1Trillion+ held overseas.(ie Dont play lil POLITICAL games that influence the dumb/ lobotomised fools that yield a lil$60BN from the rich VERSUS $1TR (just 17X MORE)
    I would write more BUT you chaps TOO ignorant to get it!!

    Investing is a business FOOLS!! I hire peeps, including clever dark peeps!
    I have solved many peoples financial probs eg last week a client mentioned how happy he was that I have made him more than $1MN with a return over 17% /yr.
    Interesting that you will argue nonsense against me and probably will never invest in Gold to save your own ASS! NOT smart enough to fend for yourself???? Naturally you therefore WANT to STEAL hardworking peeps $$$$ via ONERUS TAXES!

    Gambling on Govt screwing up????? That is close to a Guarantee at my knowledge level CLOWN! You really deserve to be POOR!! Whether you are or not.

    Anyway you are my Bajan bros so I will explain something basic…

    The US has a very large group of people retiring in the next 18 yrs called Babyboomers that have been promised certain benefits which the US CANT afford. Therefore where is the money going to come from to support LAZYASSES TOO??? CAN NOT end well. Trust you have the brains to get this point because your survival probably rests on making the right moves in preperation!

  20. @Point
    If you could read you would know that I have bashed Wall St and white peeps! My critique of BO is valid and has nothing to do with Romney.

    So you believe that BO is perfect then how come he had 315 Golf partners and only 1 was a Republican. Then he and others would say the Republicans in Congress are obstructing. BO does not want to play the political game essential to progress in the US system. Hence there is going to be one hell of a battle and BO is NOT Emperor and even Caesar had terminally serious problems.

    Peeps like wunna believe that 61% of whites who did not vote for BO are racists BUT the 93%of blacks who did vote for BO are NOT racists. PURE SHYTE and double standard. JUST BE HONEST that can not be!!!

    I have just been helping wunna to learn to think broadly and not get caught up in the SELF DELUSION.

  21. @ Money Brain

    ” ….and by implication you are siding with him that Romeny can do a better job than Obama because he was in business …” quote from To the Point

    I see clearly what you are dealing with here now reasoned by true genius and mastery and logic 101.

    Indeed the reasoning of TTP follows thus “OJ Simpson bought X brand name gloves and wore them when he murdered Nicole and Ronald. You are buying the same type of glove so you helped murder Ronald and Nicole”

    All of the brick are not on the truck – the hypothalmus is shifted a little right of the pancreas clearly not close to the thalmus nor hippocampus.

    Prolonged Exposure to this type of idiot is terminal, break off or suffer the consequences – Long term Idiocy possibly resulting in being appointed to the Barbados Parliament with Patrick Todd!!

    I cease and desist

  22. why is it that ony the rich white business people always/complain about helping those at tbe bottom and rich black never seems tio really care.

  23. @Piece

    birds of a feather flock together, hence you are similar to money brain, that is u cand only see $ and Cents and nothing more, u r not capable of seeing the whole picture, because of you fixation with the $sign at all cost and you dont care how it is acheved as long as it is there at the end of the tunnel, hence ur warp view and thinking.

    A pig in lipstick is still a pig.

    Peace be unto u.

  24. go whitey money brain

    your plantation thinkiing coming out. you have taught black to thinl but nothing is rubbing off. Go on teach us how to impoverish people by gambling on their misfortunes. When you foreparents in Barbados could not get us to think like you, what they did, eneact the location act among other things.

    you are forgetting one thing, we black people had the first university, so thinking is in our dna, it just that we have not used our knwledge for deceptive purposes like you foreparents.

    You have to teach us to think not to expect entitlemtents, what happen to those whites in america that get entitlements? Is that a coincidence or because they have not be taught to think and are they from the same cultural base of us blacks.

    since you have difficulty in understaing socail issues, and when u enter Harrisons colour was a factor and the not the ability to think as you have been unable to take in what was taught at harrsions, having got in throught the back door, i will tell you again, despite what you say, blacks cannot be racistt, they have not conceptualised racism. Futher, they oted for a party which have an interest in them. Why have over 72% of latinos voting for the democrats and over 71% of Asians voted for Barak? The message he delivered appealed to them. Why did places like Ohio and Miami tried voter suppression? Why did the white party put up bill boards to confuse and imtimidate minorities? Those are soem of the reasons why blacks, asians and hispanics backed the KENYAN. You and your white cohorts have thrwon evenything including the kitchen sink and nothin has stuck. By the way you have not got the intellectual capacity to determine how successful will my president. The party which you support, made a promise in 2010 that hw will be a one term president and that was to no avail


  25. @AC
    Many rich blacks are Republicans, remember Herman Cain or was he taking SUN TANNING to another level? Wilt Chamberlain and many others were Republicans to say nothing about those in the closet!

    Far too many rich blacks dont stay rich because they piss away the money on frivolous nonsense, entourages etc you also know the activities of Don King with his boxers.( ask Tim Witherspoon) Why would they announce thyere membership in the Repub with blind clowns like you using reverse racism to bash them???

    Anyway breking news” Over 100 precincts in Ohio where BO received 99% of the vote”, even despotic regimes in Sth Am/ Africa etc dont set up crookery that obviously!!! The Dems should have consulted with the despots on rigging!!!

    Made it very clear that i care about helping peeps that are interested in developing themselves, provide Education, Hlth Care etc BUT you cant read dummy! Those that are confirmed LAZYASSES without a valid disability should eventually face STARVATION!!! Discipline is essential to all humans!!!
    Maybe if you had been properly disciplined you would be more successful/ clever?

    People like you seriously believe that there is NO LARGE GROUP of LOOSERS that have no intention of trying besides sucking blood???

    Dem got you CONNED! hahahahaha. Hope dey tek all your money!! BO will help dem to cause he need VOTES!

  26. @Point
    You are so racist that you assume that I have equated bloodsuckers with a race. Hint.. I never did. I have even referred to European socialism as a failure. The problem is EVERYTHING you think goes through a racial lense,so you incorrectly assume and associate any critical analysis of BO as racist. NOT clever at all. At least try to become mature, it will help you!

    You are spouting nonsense about my forefathers and yet you dont have a clue who they are or what they did. Actually one of my family in the 18th Century was involved in a classic case in England regarding slavery and was held to be a major contributor on the legal angle with regards to abolishing that Horrific Institution. Why do you continue to chat crap about which you no nothing?????

    When I entered HC I took the Exams like everyone else and did so well I was placed in 2nd year, skipping 1st. You love stepping in shit dont you???

    Where did I say that black peeps cant perform at the highest level?? Many of such grads of HC are Uni Profs and Deans at Uni around the world including UWI, Harvard, MIT et al. You real harheaded tho!!!

    The stats I quoted are clear if 61% who did NOT vote for BO are racist then logic DICTATES that the 93% of blacks that did vote for BO are RACISTS!!!
    (personally I know that many of these voters on both sides are NOT racist BUT then dont say the whites are and the blacks are NOT, understand yet slowyyy)


    YOU NEED A LESSON I LOGIC 101. YOU CALLED TWO NAMES AND JUMPT TO THE CONCLUSION THAT MANY BLACKS ARE REPUBILCANS. GIVE ME A BREAK. HOW DID YOUR PARTY TREAT THE CAIN MAN AFTER HE TOOK UP THE MANTLES AFTER THE REPUBLICANS WERE DESSIMATED BY THE KENYANS. By the way, success is not measured in $ as you tend to believe. Why do you think that there is a programme which CNN [ut on honoouring people, thsoe people are not rich but successful. Have you got my drift or that is beyond your comprehension, Then again you have not reached those heroes to teach them to think.

    are there any ricj whites that frisk away their money in frivorlous things like yatchs and race horses having robbed they white counterparts.

    Your remind me of the story of the dog and the shadow. Your scracant mormom(yes i mean mormon). Perhaps he learnt how to steal from Repunlicans, You remember the 2000 results where the republican crooks robbed the deocrats of the presidency. Obama can give Romney some states if he gave Roomey Ohio and Florida which they were hoping to steal he would still be President. You understand of u can only add and not subtract, By the way we beat you at your game in Ohio. didnt we. Surely the lies, the voter suppression could not have prevented him from succeeding and now you and Donald Trumpt to have with the Kenyan birther for four years.

    Why do people like you, trump and rommeny think that the answer to the american economy rest with the moneyed class. Dont you see the american people rejected the notion that the moneyed class can think. ifthe moneyed class could have bouth the elections it would have succeeded. The notion that the meoneyed class was thus rejected.

    By the way, i am successful at what i have chosen and i dont measure success in$, althought i can afford to travel about the place when i feel like and i have a sound education to boot, dont mind what i type might have some errors, as i said my name is not to it, it my name was affixed i would have paid more attention to subject and verb. among other things,



  28. @Point
    Thanks for finally admitting that the DEMS are also crooks! I have already said that ALL these Pols on both sides are CRIMINAL/ LIARS!

    You seem to be suggesting that BO is Kenyan and therefore ILLEGAL!!!!

    Tons of dumbass Rich Whites wasting $$$$ that could help develop other people. Then there is Bill Gates trying to educate the populaceie ever heard of the Khan Academy, make sure your kids or yourself use it to learn.

    I have nothing against BO. If he implements dumbass policies speeding up collapse I will make MORE money owning GOLD! or maybe SHORT STOCKS! Probably both!

    Both US (Bajan too) Parties and the POLS are crooks who are only there to feather their nests. They dont truly care for you or anybody……VOTES!!!

    I care more about you, but since you cant read and comprehend my points you just dont get it.

    These Pols on both sides screwing up the country, with the help of Wall St/ Big Business. Time to MATURE and face reality ….you have been conned!!!!

    I dont trust NONE of them DEms/ Repubs does not matter, dem all wrong!!!

    Some of the richest Whites gave support and $$$$$ to the Dems and BO
    BUFFET, Soros etc seriously rich $10BN+ worth. (yes I know only 2 names again, soorry no time for an exhaustive list)

    Where did I say that money is everything?????

    If money was everything then I would NOT be on here trying to OPEN YOUR EYES to the REALITIES of POLITICS! Anyway I have to make a few calls and make $3000 before the close of trading.

    BO still has to do the bidding of the super rich who placed him in the Pres, like all others before him. He will have to learn to deal with the Repubs…best of luck to him on that.

    Good luck to you, you will need it, with your LACK of intellectually honest analytical ability.

  29. so money brain what is that to do with mu query in regards to the white rich always complaining about helping the low wage earners compared to the black rich. another bone of contention is your ability to be bigoted in your answer painting black people who have acciomplished wealthnas aquanders may i remind you that most of those who had accomplished success like Sammy Davis Junior had white managers and accvountantsa who squandser their money and fooled him into beliving that his money was secure and the same is true in 2012 with a lot of balck atheltes and entertainers.

  30. @AC
    I have made it exceedingly clear that there are CROOKED, STUPID WHITE peeps BUT U dont intend to read that, just what suits your agenda. I pissed on Clinton/ Bush. You insist that everyone must pray at the altar of BO and be TOTALLY DELUSIONAL!!! We all know BO is clever, that he is Pres, went to Columbia/ Harvard, can talk real sweet etc BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN HE IS PERFECT or that he has appointed a Sec of Treasury from a different source than Bush (from same Corp, WHY?) or dealt with Wall St/ bankers any differently????

    My point has been that there is lil difference between parties, races etc and the reason why I have been involved here is your injection of racism which had to be countered in order to make an impact on some of wunna’s limited capability to grasp reason.

    It is classic ignorant racism…
    61% of whites did NOT vote for someone coloured so they are rascist BUT the 93% of dark peeps that did vote for their same colour are NOT racists… that is PREPOSTEROUS ILLOGICAL DELUSION!

    I know it will take people like you along time to cogitate pun that. NO ONE pun here has the INTELLECTUAL HONESTY to come out and say that my proposition is correct OR that there are many people on both sides that voted their conscience and yes some were racist! You see to an honest, intelligent person of another race ie Mongoloid or Indian, you would appear exceedingly biased in your LACK of thinking power.

  31. @Moneybrain
    Far too many rich blacks dont stay rich because they piss away the money on frivolous nonsense, entourages etc you also know the activities of Don King with his boxers.( ask Tim Witherspoon) Why would they announce thyere membership in the Repub with blind clowns like you using reverse racism to bash them???
    If there are many rich blacks who piss away their money why is Don King the only example that you can present? Could you provide a list of names outside the world of entertainment or sports who fall into this category?

  32. @ Sarge
    DK was injected as an example of taking Timmi’s $$$. You have the knowledge to know the list is too long.
    How come a man of your ability has NOT answered the truly critical questions but want to play with minor points??

    Why not weigh in to put over your pov on the 61% vs 93% race question?
    OR do U agree that only whites are racists????

  33. @Moneybrain
    To say that because someone didn’t vote for Obama makes them racist is too simplistic an argument to make thus I won’t waste my time on that issue.

    I didn’t think that Don King is a minor point because there is a common belief in what you wrote regarding rich black people who “piss away their money on frivolous nonsense”. This is because many Black Sports or Entertainment celebrities are known for blowing vast sums of money on what can be termed “frivolous”.

    When these people fall on tough times, it becomes a generalisation “many black people”, so I am trying to lay the stereotypes to rest.

    Many rich Black people keep their money and have done so for years
    If you want to know a little about Black Americans who have kept their money and have been keeping it for years I recommend the following book.

  34. After the post-election talk is done here is the reality by the unique design of the US electoral syste$ Obama won big in the electoral college but the popular vote ie ordinary Americans, was split down the centre. It is the popular vote that will guide the national conversations.

  35. @ TO THE POINT | November 12, 2012 at 2:28 PM |
    “you are forgetting one thing, we black people had the first university, so thinking is in our dna, it just that we have not used our knwledge for deceptive purposes like you foreparents.”

    What do you mean by that? Where was that first university? If you are referring to the University of Timbuktu you will also have to appreciate that the teachings of Islam and other Quranic principles underscored the curriculum. That university flourished during the heydays or glory days of Islam when mathematics, astronomy, engineering, architecture, medicine and other sciences and the arts were promoted and taught instead of Taliban type Sharia law.
    We are certain that as a fundamentalist Christian of Adam & Eve & Zoe persuasion you would not want to attend such a prestigious hallowed institution of learning in the heart of Dogon country whose people are some of the most intellectually advanced as a result of their Sirius and Orion contacts.

    It would serve your intellectual interests well not to make outlandish statements such the one you made above unless you know what you are about.

    If black people are so naturally smart (thinking in their DNA) what has gone?
    To localize the issue why are the Bajan blacks so dependent on local and foreign whites and even Chinese and East Indians (aka Trinidadians investors/businessowners) to prop up the economy and advise those smart ass black Bjans how to manage their own affairs?

    Please be careful how you respond. I am not Moneybrain!

  36. One thing you missing miller that under colonial system blacks had no control of selfgoverance everything was designed and control by a sytem of goverance that shut bajans out of many decisions whereby we became a nation of dependant dependening on the advice of others to lead in essence we became followers and to this present time welive in self doubt and literate pessimst the debate on privatisation is telling in that many who speaks of selfgoverance still afraid to meet the challenge of self goverance.

  37. @Sarge
    I am aware of the Johnson family of BET, Magic and many others in Bim.
    Sometimes when you dealing with fools like AC/ Pointless etc you eventually are prone to extreme statements just to illustrate that one can get their attention by being as assine as they are. They are very naive in their understanding of the complexities of politics and the world in general, real pity. Alas they will have to suffer to recognize the realities.

  38. @ ac | November 13, 2012 at 11:17 AM |

    Since you seek to put the blame for our current predicament squarely on the shoulders of our colonial past and endemic dependency syndrome how come Barbados was classified as the number one developing country in the World as far back as 1992 rated e at No. 20 on the UNDP Human Development Index and described by former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan “as punching above its weight”. Unless you want to give credence to harry calihan’s racial diatribe.

  39. but look miller not forgetting the influences that help us to get such a high rating mostly fueled by foreign exchange generated by tiurism and selling of land and foreign investment but now with the recession reality has shown that we have never been the architects of our own fate even with outstanding world class rating self reliance means avoiding the trappings of those who believe they know what,s best for us at any cost.

  40. glad to see the police is doing something about the lawlessness in Chapman lane area, its a shame that adults dont know how to behave themselves in a human like manner. Barbados is too small to be getting involve in gang activity and all that nonsense such as drive by shootings, it bring a shame on the country. Anyone with an illegal gun should be locked up for at least 7 years, mandatory.That would quell some of the lawless behavior.

  41. @ AC, Bushie and Pointless
    The top 2% that the Dems and BO are focusing on for paying MORE TAX are already PAYING 43.6% of ALL FED Income Tax(2008), on 24% of ALL US INCOME. You peeps would NOT be eager to pay one more dime, personally!

    You see how the POLS CONNING wunna!

    Dont tell Froon and Owen bout wunna stupidity cause dem will be cooking up their tricks all like now so! Wuhla!!!

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