Current State Of Media Space In Barbados According To International Press Institute – Yet a Passive BAJ

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On your point about Fourth Estate issues. Those considerations have long become non-existent for the people who were to be served when this idea became popular after the French Revolution. In fact it is fair to say corporate media like the Nation and the Advocate are interested, not so much in social concerns, but in making profit for their owners. Therefore our overarching point is that whether it is the BBC, CNN, The Walt Street Journal, The New York Times, The Nation or the Advocate it does not matter. Delivering benefit to the owners is the prime consideration, regardless of structure or long forgotten notions about democracy and mass participation. To them these ideas are anachronistic or quaint.


The International Press Institute (I.P.I) has submitted its evaluation of Barbados’ media space. The Barbados government has been given a thumbs down by IPI on the lack of political will to implement Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation. The unwillingness to issue TV licenses to private players to disseminate non-state views. It was very critical of the Barbados government criminalizing defamation as represented in Section 34 of the Defamation Act.

Here are the recommendations handed out by the IPU:

Recommendations to the government

  • Give priority to amending the Defamation Act to remove criminal penalties
  • Give priority to the freedom of information bill in order to approve it and implement it as soon as possible
  • Encourage media diversity by granting licences for new, private television channels
  • Transform the state broadcaster into a public broadcaster
  • Allow journalists to report freely—without interference or intimidation—on all topics

Recommendations to the media

  • Inform the Barbados public and journalists alike about the drawbacks of criminal defamation laws and the benefits of their repeal
  • Work to consolidate a strong, intra-island media community that can advocate for the common rights of the press
  • Provide added support to the Barbados Association of Journalists in its media development activities
  • Invest in journalism training in order

When all was said and done Barbados continues to be regarded as a jurisdiction where freedom of the press is alive and well.

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0 thoughts on “Current State Of Media Space In Barbados According To International Press Institute – Yet a Passive BAJ

  1. It was just over a year ago former president of the Barbados Association of journalist Emanuel Joseph lamented that he had witnessed many stories which were left on the editor’s floor because they were believed to be offensive to advertisers.

  2. This started to be dealt with in Senate on Wednesday it made my hair stand up straight when I heard Minister Maxine McClean make mention of it and expected that i would have seen it reported in the rag the Nation, and we await the traditional press to have been awake and alert to this fraud taking place in front of the public by a BLP hopeful,none other than the daughter of Delisle Bradshaw of Pele Parris murder fame, the old people used to say That The Berry Don’t Fall Too Far From The Tree, and it seems so true in this case, his daughter someone who has not made it to government but has already masterminded and carried out a plot on the taxpayers and hard working people of Barbados a plot to the tune of in excess of Half A Million Dollars !!!!!!!!!!

    Do you realise that on further research it has come to the table that Entertainment Network Inc has Santia Bradshaw listed as the companies sole director ? ? ?

    So she got over Half A Million Dollars in GRANT FUNDING between her two companies Entertainment Network and Pyramid Entertainment from EGFL and now looking into a third company which also benefited from the goodwill by another $230,000.00 to see if it shows her collecting another $ 230,000.00 from that company source as well to.

    This is made even more amazing when one realises that on one mortgage she had held with Scotia Bank that figure was $ 670,0000.00 and was recently paid off in full .

    This is totally amazing really it is, this is a person who claims the government does not assist businesses but this government is the same one she scammed and extracted over a Half A Million Dollars from that allowed her to pay off one of her three mortgages with the proceeds of EGFL GRANT Funding.

    I eagerly await the upcoming coverage in the Advocate as it is not very beneficial news for the BLP and as such it is hardly likely to make it in the Nation this coming year.

  3. You would have to ask her, most honest people would not know how to start to get that done but being the daughter of Delisle Pele Perris Bradshaw does give her a special privilege to be dishonest and corrupt.

  4. Can anyone take Fred Gollop’s One Media Group half seriously ?????? WROTE

    “Delisle Bradshaw of Pele Parris murder fame”

    “but this government is the same one she scammed and extracted over a Half A Million Dollars from”

    The “no holds barred” political b e has begun.

    The ISP insiders are going to be busy.

  5. From what i am seeing there is nothing alleged with this the records clearly state the GRANT FUNDING was paid out, it is fact as per the EGFL Financials clearly state.

  6. This young lady has quickly dissolved her morals and good judgment ( some may ask if she ever had good morals to have as boyfriend that creepy one Hoyos ) for the sake of election money, least we forget the fate of Roger Smith the former BLP Candidate in St Philip and former employee at Sagicor Life $ 3 Million dollars missing and later he is sent to prison for the theft of this said money.

    Let us look at these houses built by an unqualified contractor in D and B Reality in the person of Delisle Bradshaw at Lower Burney. And the fact that her father was the contractor and she was the lawyer for the purchaser and the lawyer for the contractor who was also her father.

    This was the same contractor that qualified whom of those that applied to own a home and who were to get houses, there were certain pre conditions that were required before being considered suitable to enter the deal one that her employees all got houses, two those who were in line to get a house were required to use the services of Santia Bradshaw to be paid to do all the legal work for the sale, her office legal clerk, her secretary all got houses without applying to NHC and the Auditor General’s report stated that he could not understand why the allocation of these houses was done by the builder and not the NHC when the NHC had over 40,000 persons waiting houses.

    Then there was a letter written to Prime Minister David Thompson on 18 th May 2010 by a J P the owners of Lot 35 at Lower Burney, complaining that the flooring had fallen in and and that the steps had run away and left the house before they moved into the house at Lot 35Lower Burney.

    This was a house that D and B Reality Bradshaw’s father Delise Bradshaw had built and she acted for both her father and the property owner until the property owner learnt of the relationship and fired her.

    Is this what is offering itself to represent honest Barbadian people that go to work every day and work hard for their every cent to live by ?

    Whereas this one has already concocted every scam to undermine the system and defraud taxpayers seems to me the average person would do a better job than she, in representing ordinary peoples interest on this island, this woman has not yet started a political life and is already a proven and confirmed vagabond and fraud of taxpayers monies.

  7. @Free money anyone ask ? October 16, 2012 at 9:36 PM
    “This young lady has quickly dissolved her morals and good judgment”

    How do you know she had good morals and judgement? Were you her Sunday school teacher or something so?

  8. Would it not be interesting to know how much under the table money has been paid to politicians by media houses in Barbados?

    More interesting would be to compare it for the five years immediately prior.

  9. David you really believe that media houses which are laying off staff and struggling to survive have any money to give to politicians?


  10. And David you know very well that the Barbados Association of Journalists is not passive.

    Our libel law is a dirty, nasty, ugly repressive slave era piece of legislation, and politicians most of whom are insecure rascals like it so (both parties, no all parties)

    Until our politicians liberate themselves from their mental slavery, and from the love of money they did NOT WORK for (or journalists made up the majority of elected members of the house) we will have a media which cannot tell the truth.

  11. And politicians who sicken and die early from their lickerishness.

    But the politicians like it so.

    The day a Bajan politician makes it to 100 I will know that we would have achieved a better Barbados, because here would be a man or woman who did not die early from too much unearned food and drink.

    The can take the libel money, but it will continue to kill them.

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