Good Gracious, DLP Declare your Status.

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Ministers Donville Inniss and Chris Sinckler, two of the party’s most flamboyant

DLP exactly what is going on? At this now 12th hour and you are still giving your supporters headaches? One agitator  of ant status, recently wrote an article ”DLP in a Gifting Mood” inquiring where have all the stalwarts gone. Everybody now, finds it hard to believe from what we are hearing, reading and seeing,  that you are in control. Could there really be more chaos in the offering ? An old claim maybe to stake? …a subtle change?

Let us analyze and see  exactly how it looks from outside. First, there seems to be no planned communication or cohesion on matters of national importance. Have you ever heard of public relations and the handling of contentious matters? It is scary enough to have found one’s hand in a lion’s mouth but to further infuriate the situation through bad press?…. Just not tenable. Take for example the land swap for dump contention, why to-date no one really believes the minister’s offering, coming some three weeks afterwards, as to what really went down. Why the tardy response? First it was kicked about in the Senate, yet nothing of substance to follow. Staunch DLP signature of late.

Isn’t GIS supposed to have an understanding of the management of public information and should have on employ, individuals trained in minimizing damage to image. What is with this  9.9 acres of picnic front for 19.9 acres of St. James dump anyway? What could this really be all about? Most messy business to say the least. Smelly too as stated by one blogger, being a stone’s throw away from Mt. Stinkeroo.

Then there is this  ‘funny business’ collaboration last Sunday. A mandarin “meeting of minds” by two of the party’s most flamboyant, in a seemingly obsequious tenet. What else can one say, given the party’s chaotic history, leaving much to speculation and more to be desired.

All in all you are being observed DLP, surely that  you are aware, and more slips from here on, could be a one way excursion trip to Bellepaine. Anymore stumbles at this time will throw away any precious little left in the cup. This you don’t want for sure. These things we know you  also know, but given the past, we too unsure.

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  1. This case of the land swap should be a simple one. Did the government agree to a swap or not? So far the ‘evidence’ exposed says that it is/was on the table.

    Did Bynow start to ‘mine’ metal from the Bagatelle location? If they did it was contrary to instructions given by government or was it?

    Did the Bynoe’s invest in equipment before the all clear was given by government?

    Our media should be able to distil this matter for the public in the same way it has been trying to do CLICO.

  2. @ David
    So far the ‘evidence’ exposed says that it is/was on the table.
    Sum kinda new 12 baked St.James rotten potato, I assume….since when a tenant duz move inbuy on Govt property far less SWAP, before the matter goes before Parliament?

    • This a matter which should be clear cut. We need to know. The BLP allowed Bynoe to operate in violation of T&P. Are we saying the DLP has done same?

  3. BLP = 29 SEATS

    DLP = 0 SEATS


    Events within the next two weeks will give an even clearer picture of the reality of the results of the next general election.

  4. BLP allowed Bynoe to operate in violation of T&P
    Where did you find such nonsense….?

    • This is what Arthur stated at one of your BLP meetings recently, the one Symmonds waves his leaked cabinet paper. The government (BLP) wanted to be fair to Paul Bynoe and give him time to find another location. Were you asleep at the meeting?

  5. onion, good Lord dont you tire of writing shoite morning noon and night. Elections will not be called anytime soon you’ve been proved abysmally wrong on that score. You are so wrong on everything . Get it into your dense skull that Bajans will be handing the DLP another term. Owen Arthur will not be PM in Barbados again, he may become mayor of John Moore rumshop though.

    • It would be nice for Minister Inniss who we know monitor the blogs to advise us what is the correct story here because Minister Lowe failed to do the job.

    • @Onions

      Not nitpicking, it shows that there is history to the Bynoes ‘dealing’ with successive governments. It is very material.

  6. @ David
    I don’t see how you can compare giving a man temporary grace to get house in order…to that of transacting ( in camera) in swapping GOVT LANDS…big than lie difference by any estimation, the way it unraveling.

    • @ David
      I don’t see how you can compare giving a man temporary grace to get house in order…to that of transacting ( in camera) in swapping GOVT LANDS…big than lie difference by any estimation, the way it unraveling.

      Not comparing the two, simply establish a history between governments.

  7. @ David
    Hamilton Hill (DLP in a Gifting Mood)
    “If such must obtain then they must assume leadership of a vessel that for the most part gives the appearance of a rudder-less craft aimlessly sailing the choppy waters of this economic storm.”
    They words coming from one of the fold……not mine although I had my say regularly too. Long and short….inertia at an elections time ? No wonder last Sunday’s meet. It is becoming systemic….ac and Carson needs to mount a platform as a new spin needed…When last you heard from Belleplaine? It is as if ..(given time) ..all will blow away, if heads remain in the sand long enuff….ac your views

  8. Under the present circumstances , I do not see how the Democratic Labour Party can survive the next election. Quite frankly I do not see an elections before next year . As close to January as possible will be the call. As close to Errrol Barrow day I surmise. I have reached the conclusion based on the way the leader of the party operates. He said words to the effect that he does not lose any sleep, he does not read reports, he does not follow Commissions of Enquiries, even the ones that he is responsible for setting up. The man has demonstrated that he will take his time in making decisions. Not that he does not make decisions but he does so in his own time. We shall see what we shall see.

  9. @ David | September 16, 2012 at 11:51 PM |
    “Not nitpicking, it shows that there is history to the Bynoes ‘dealing’ with successive governments. It is very material.”

    It only goes to show the lengths the party in power would go to secure campaign contributions. The Bynoes are known to be very generous contributors to the party most likely to advance their business interests. A tactic well copied from a former employer and business associate of the merchant brother.

    Can we have, David, a similar exposé about the role of Bannister in the project financing dealings of both BLP and DLP, especially in the light of the DLP’s strident criticism of the same man’s association with alleged crooks associated with the BLP?

  10. @ ac
    $56 Million in a Catastrophe Fund and poor Bajan’s roof still off ..two years after TS Tomas. Look you had better check if Ossie Moore cousin ain’t John Moore come elections…cuz a moore gine be less….lol

    You eva hear bout Randy Oughton(Barney)…D giant killa? wunda d delay…lol

  11. “Minister Lowe failed to do the job.”

    This is an understatement of tragic proportions

    The government hasn’t yet understood that the swing against them has nothing to do with a preference for the BLP, but a distaste with the mistakes, blunders and incoherence. Once they focus their strengths in the right place, they should stand a chance albeit small.

    Lowe must go. He has become consistent in his folly. He is now toxic.

    Just observing

  12. But ihope john moore got more sense than dat having the mongoose so close to the chicken house identical problems bajan going to have to face at election time when we decide if we giving the mongoose another chance to look after the chicken House cause we all know what happen to all the chickens

  13. @ac
    Imagine after Catastrophe Fund legislation was put on the books,( by BLP since 2007)… and blunders .. reasons given some sq.peg bout Dismemberment Regulation…. whats next?….

    Blunder, Wonder,
    No one can steal your thunder
    It amazes, watching the facade.
    Its like a calling card now,
    welcome….Ossy parade

  14. Never in the history Bim….storm victims were left out to face the elements.
    You don’t have to go as far as White Hill to learn of dislocation due to dis-membership ….UWI Hill opp.TNT a fella got a big yellow tarp easily seen from the road.Child if you aint a member ya can’t get nah help…long n short….sq.pegs or none

  15. @ Old Onions
    Irene is the best lmao. She called in and totally exposed the political nature of the Tomas issue then accused a previous caller of wanting to politicised the matter. At one point I swear she was going to beat David Ellis. Notice how both she and Benn, though not MPs, had lists and were called by the RDC to supply names?

  16. The word is that Irene lagging bad behind in St.Andrew and Benn going back to Mannings. Both seemed to have had a vision…’the morn Affa’….so they snatched up some figures and came in on Brass Tacks.Irene needs some PR touching up though, I was really appalled. Rebutting the host as she did on national radio was most unfortunate .For a moment there,I thought I was in Oistins…. we all need to be re-acquainted with the word is finesse..

  17. onions wid all them meetings yuh bossman been having he still not tell nobody how he going to fix the economy. but he did get you and miller a full time job as resident bloggers runnung up and down BU like chicken wid the head cut off telling the DLP to call de election. BTW did he show up on the job since the last budget .

  18. @ ac
    I dun know when the bell rings, is people like you that going HUSH.If you have CSC’s I know you would be stocking up on water for the wilderness…cuz your boss man overseas all like now enjoying to max… and when he gets his papers,things will be the same….a big cheque still coming home, lodging on the front house table…..can’t say the same for some rolling chickens who headless to start…

  19. Nation feedback:Mr. Arthur with all due respects no one bullied you into calling elections when you were in power give the man a break—LOL. Eighty percent of Barbadians agree.

    Short me crutch Owen hysterical and desperate. Take three deep breaths See Thru in six more months you’ll get your wish, chill out.

  20. onions and miller i think wunna boss don’t like the job wunna doing. it seems like OSA need the job bad but can one wunna tell de man that he had the job for 14years and he f…ck everything up. he beginning to sound crazy, RING the beLLL………………………………………

  21. Enuff | September 17, 2012 at 3:43 PM |
    “At one point I swear she was going to beat David Ellis.”

    old onion bags | September 17, 2012 at 4:02 PM |
    “Irene needs some PR touching up though, I was really appalled. Rebutting the host as she did on national radio was most unfortunate ”

    A most shocking revelation of the true character of this siren called irene and total betrayal to the meaning of her given name. A most uncouth reaction to David who was bending over backward to accommodate the DLP and offer excuses for their incompetence.

    David even indulged a DLP hack and haranguer when he (the operative) said that the Williams Green energy project was as a direct result of the proposals announced in the recent set of budgetary “green energy” proposals that have not yet been enacted. Government has been on this course of alternative energy solutions for some time now; not just from July 2012.
    Does any one know when this government is going to implement its own set of green initiatives by covering its buildings with solar panels like Williams and establish a policy whereby all future vehicles acquired by government must be of a fuel-hybrid configuration?

  22. @ millertheanunnaki

    I heard the exchange between Sandiford-Garner and Ellis; however, what concerned me more was her revealing intimate information about the two ladies she boasted about helping. Really, would it have been better for her to have said that she assisted those persons, rather than give certain details such as “almost $20,000 was paid in rent by the government on their behalf”, the landlady wanted them out of the house, and publicising the information the brother gave her relative to his personal situation. In my opinion, what Sandiford-Garner did was a disgrace.

    These are the lengths politicians in Barbados go in order to garner votes. And we ask why poor people do not like to ask for help. Because a person is poor does not mean he has no dignity, and many are scared to ask for help because they are fearful that their personal business is broadcasted on a call-in-program or on a political platform.

  23. @ Artaxerxes
    Yet she was the one accusing others of politicising the issue while name dropping, in receipt of a list of names and upset because the Nation reporter refused to interview her about the White Hill matter though directed by the Minister of Housing to do so.
    As for Benn, he was contradicting what Sinckler said not an hour before.

  24. wunna BLP men like to lick mout nuff. and got the nerve to talking about Irene sandiford. but then again wunna gave one of wunna own mia a good a..s kicking to the curve and then recycle the left over fuh “just in case” .

  25. @ ac

    If you mean the same thing that David Thompson, Ronald Jones and them do to Mascoll, I must agree with you. Six is half dozen.


    Nice, well said.

  26. Class is class…what more can you expect from a team that sees nutting wrong wid letting out D elections kite to the baller….knowing full well they will lose her but spitefully wasting good string that could be used later…….a no confidence flyer..nuh

  27. Irene you have let down all the ladies of class at Queens College. What a shameful and disgraceful display of bad manners. Didnt Dame Elsie teach you anything? I am so appalled. Try garnering some grace and tact next time.

    • We are always harsh on our female politicians who show the inclination to be combative. If it were a man he would have gotten a pass. Liz knows only too well.

  28. @ David | September 18, 2012 at 6:50 AM |

    The criticism levelled at Irene is not one of a political barb but merely an assessment of her personal skills set. Mr. Ellis is not a politician nor was he being critical of the DLP’s position. On the contrary, he was trying to be as accommodating as possible. Irene came over as a rude, petulant and arroignorant person . But instead of listening to what David was trying to do- that is get her to put to the listeners her understanding of the challenge in order to inform and educate the public- she started to attack the moderator for doing his job by employing the ad hominem red herring across the trail of the discussion. She sought to go the route of the victimization syndrome with the reliable: ‘Why are you attacking me (Irene). I know your kind and your agenda to destabilize my government and “blacken” the image of my party’.

    In the past Irene received kudos for her confidence, boldness and intellectual maturity for her occasional incursion on this blog to raise the DLP banner and to fire clandestinely a few volleys at the opposition, especially Onions.
    This time around she has let down the side and appears to have severed all ties with the Fourth Estate- official or underground. She should take a leaf out of the ‘classy’ book of a fellow female politician called MIA (Mature, Intelligent, Amiable).

  29. What a bunch of BLP conduits attacking the lady because she had to launch a preempitve strike the lady is no fool and she was prepared and might have stop ellis dead in his tracks

  30. @ Miller
    This time around she has let down the side and appears to have severed all ties with the Fourth Estate- official or underground. She should take a leaf out of the ‘classy’ book of a fellow female politician called MIA (Mature, Intelligent, Amiable).
    Having been out n out til now…I thought the distraught damsel would have written up her rampart every sense….seems like its case of FU BU.

    By the way volleys at onions?…weak quibbles from a Foundation’s spark…did someone say QC too….oh laud.

    Probably the reason for last night’s the block.

  31. I thought the distraught damsel would have written up her rampart every sense….seems like its case of FU BU.
    Irene blanking BU…whaloss…… just remember double blank does play either end


    Like a barrel of crabs, don’t know their next moves but onto the backs of each other…..they ran out of ideas from as far back as 2008….din know if they were in charge yet..till afterwards..then it was like BWT what we suppose to do? Try this…. no try that…blame this …then that ..then those..then start to fight each other….blame him too..he is to blame .. we brought us here…..typical barrel of crabs politicing…A LIE ac ? LOL

    Just came over VOB Mr. $400,000 Audi Rice gone…….ask not to have his contract renewed after end of October……DEM crumbling eva day…..RING D Bell do……is bout time….shameful

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  35. Transport Board workers too got problems, so too at BTA there are problems. CLICO policyholders want they money. Ax teachers problem still pending. Best thing Farmer Brown could so is avoid further chaos and RING THE BELL NOW ! LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE….

  36. I have not had time of late to read the blogs. Now seeing this. I am amused at the spinners here. Fascinated that the human brain can focus so intently on constructing and contextualising on self-constructed false premises. Building lies on lies and presenting them for the poor unschooled or feeble minded to assimilate.
    I called the David Ellis to tell the truth. Simple enough but a concept alien to the BLP supporters. I am not in politics to please any of you. I am in politics to serve. And serve specifically the good people of St. Andrew who at this time crave a real representative. I know that now (was working on gut feeling all along); the constituency poll has been done.
    David Ellis raised his voice at me in his attempt to be the devil’s advocate. One of you feel that is his job. It may be. Unfortunately nobody bullies me; especially when I come in peace. I can be a lady until you decide not to be a gentleman.
    I must also add that certain reporters at the Faux News headquarters- print and broadcast, wherever they may be, who have an allergy to fact checking will receive whatever counter I have in my arsenal. I am a trained journalist. Not an ad hoc reporter.

    There is only one politician who used those two women in White Hill in an attempt to gain political mileage from an unfortunate situation that was allowed to fester for years.When I became aware and moved them two years ago no media was called in. Nobody but their neighbours knew. Because I am sincere. I care. And I ensure that my Government supports my efforts in caring for people who are only recognised when an election is on the horizon.

    It is said in the story they are BLP supporters. Who cares? I do not. Never did. How is that relevant? They are citiziens, and they were assisted. But obviously the BLP feels that assistance should be given based on party affiliation and that thread is being pulled out of many of the comments I read just now. That is unfortunate because in Barbados, particularly rural Barbados, most of us are related. Recently a relative’s wife told me that my opponent told her we are family…Mercy Mercy Me…(forgive me Marvin).

    My response to BLP public fairy tales and the misguided attempts at brow beating have evoked this mock shame and disdain. Hypocrites.

    Today the uninformed outside who would have been taken in by the sham are enlightened. Mission accomplished. I gauge my success thus: Once usual suspects come here to eat up themselves, I know I have achieved my objective.

    C’dear Onions, the CONSTITUENCY POLL has been done. No amount of wishful thinking, lies on blogs, brandy, whiskey or money can change the will of the people. There’s a wonderful pantomime on at the Gymnasium about the Magical Fairy Book or something so. Go watch and help some children with cancer. It also will provide for you a healthier and more refreshing suspension of reality I am sure. Enjoy your lunch- Shorey conkies waiting for me today for dessert. You want one?

  37. Dear Senator, I am pleased to see that you are here and wish to take this opportunity to get a message to your colleague and Minister of Finance. There was apparently some misunderstanding when Light & Power Holdings was sold to Emera, with many individual shareholders deciding to sell on the assumption that the Government would sell all of the Government-controlled shares to Emera. We are here again – please ask the Minister of Finance to state clearly and publicly what action the Government will take regarding the offer from Republic Bank to acquire the remaining shares of what was Barbados National Bank. Thank you for your consideration.

  38. @ Irene Sandiford-Garner | December 2, 2012 at 1:58 PM |

    Welcome back, Peace! I like you because you are prepared to push your head above the parapet and absorb a few political (not domestic) blows. Unlike your real nemesis- not small dick big Hats but Pornville Inniss- we will not seek to undermine you from within but will actively encourage you to be a messenger of worth and live up to your true journalistic acclaim.
    So could, young Hermes, take this message to your boss?
    Tell the idiot in his left ear to stop fooling the people about the CLICO settlement for electoral purposes. Why is there a need for another wasted meeting of Finance Ministers to be convened by his bloated money advisor of a fat pig when he the boss man has already pronounced that all policyholders will get back the principal amount of their investments?
    In his left right ear whisper the following: “But Boss you need to stop being so hypocritical on the ‘Privatization’ issue because your party has already signed up to its inevitability”.

    While you are in the same area like a keen post woman deliver this simple mail to the lying man of many promises called Fatso Sincklow and ask him if the Four Seasons will restart before elections. But then again we will expect him this evening to promise that the Four Seasons will restart by March 2013.

    Currants, when you get answers to these pressing issues report back. But be careful, especially with Donville, since bearers of bad news are usually executed to appease the masses in the party.

  39. @millertheanunnaki
    I do not know, nor do I wish to know the size of Hats private parts. Gline Clarke did tell me two years ago what he knew of them. And please note the information was unsolicited.
    However, you cannot seriously expect me to engage you on the matters you raise, no matter how relevant they are when you use insulting language to describe my leader and my colleagues. Accommodating you would be tantamount to condoning your disrespect.

    As for the other person with no name I will give you my opinion: We (my family) had shares in BL&P and I REFUSED to sell them.Had them more than 10 years. I believe if you had sense enough to become a shareholder you should be able to make informed decisions.

    Our people need to stop grabbing at the “big” money people wave in front of us and practice the discipline of delayed gratification.
    A greed and “cravaciousness” has slowly engulfed this country over the past 15 years and it bothers me. That is why so little of the West Coast beach land is no longer ours.

    History: the planters pushed the slaves, servants, labourers to the beach lands. Growing up in the sixties, most Bajans recall only fishermen and poor people lived by the sea.

    In the latter half of the 20th Century the colonisers pour back in and wave the big dollars at those same people. Owing joins the cast of Seduction and encourages them to sell to the highest bidder. No laws about 99 year leases. Nothing so. Unconditional divestment of our patrimony. And now we carp about no windows to the sea.

    When Sir Lloyd sold Heywoods, he sold it at a decent price to Bajans. Where is it now???

    I have no sentimentality re the banks because ALL of them invest our money overseas. The name really is an emotional attachment which sadly, has been terminated. That’s why I believe in the credit unions I will never support any government interference in our investment policy.

    So all the Bees talking about having credit unions buy state owned assets need to back off. That is the last piece of change in Barbados that Owen and his acolytes have not had a chance to get their hands on. Leave it out.. :
    But I digress.

    Investors need to read the literature, the annual reports, go online and Google the holding companies, read(or watch) a little Bloomberg and make informed decisions based on your own research

    Gotta go to work..

  40. @ Irene Sandiford-Garner | December 3, 2012 at 8:29 AM |
    “I have no sentimentality re the banks because ALL of them invest our money overseas. The name really is an emotional attachment which sadly, has been terminated.”

    If you have no sentimentality or even rational justification for a locally owned bank how come you were so vociferously opposed to the sale of the majority shares of the BNB to an overseas conglomerate by the previous administration? Did you argue as an important player in the credit union movement for the sale of the shares to the members? What has transpired to make you have a change of heart? Was it a dose of reality you encountered when you were put behind the economic draught board where the figuring out of moves is not that easy as when you were off?

    Irene, I really need you to relay those serious messages concerning the viability of the country’s economy so I will apologize for the use of perceived rude appellations attached to your leader and colleagues. But you should also insist on a similar apology from your immediate straw boss Mr. Inniss. We are sure that what he said about Duguid’s wife and children will never find support from a woman of your stature and moral distinction.

    So please Irene, for the sake of peace I beg you to ask the recently awaken boss man where he is going to find the money he promised to the CLICO policyholders. The same place as the BAICO policyholders in the East Caribbean territories? Ralph Gonzalves is a real PM to his people and true friend to his regional compatriots unlike the mock man who is sleeping in the post meridian (PM) chair.

    What about the Four Season restart project? Do you see its contrived failure as a blessing in the repatriation of our patrimony and unexpected appearance of a ‘window-to-the-sea’ constructed of rusting steel and concrete overgrown with bush soon to be renamed the Chris Sinckler Lying Panorama?

  41. Miller if you plan to have any discussions with me, put your lies in your back pocket for your friends. Kindly do not waste my time. My piece was clear as crystal. Given the fact that I have intimate knowledge of the workings of the credit union movement, its legal framework, the Act under which it functions, its philosophy, investment parameters and policies, I want you tell me when, where and why I would have argued or supported an argument by numbskulls who have not a clue, for BNB shares to be sold to us, as members.
    You know what? Bring your proof to back up your allegations regarding my stance on all the issues that you reference in the second paragraph of your tissue- BNB and Credit Unions – and I can possiblly find the time to continue a conversation with you.
    You are an adult. I assume. Deliver your own messages..

  42. @ Irene Sandiford-Garner | December 3, 2012 at 9:08 PM |

    Peace, you know very well that, like your dead sweetheart, Scout Miller on his grave will never “Lie, Cheat or Steal”.
    But you also must live up to your pledge of integrity and commitment to the rule of fair play. The motto of “First come, First serve” ought to be a guiding principle in the meritocratic social system you so ardently pretend you admire.

    Before you can insist that the miller backs up his allegations of your opposition to the sale of the BNB shares under the last administration you must first produce the evidence to support your party’s (and by extension yours) allegations against Clyde Mascoll with regard to the Hardwood Housing project. Where is the evidence in the forensic audit report?

    And while you are digging in the dirt see if you can find any evidence to support the myriad allegations of endemic corruption under the Owen Arthur Administration including his role outlined in the CLICO forensic report.

    Many allegations of corruption were made against BLP ministers by the DLP and, by extension, you Irene since you have sworn to the DLP’s modus operandi. Bring the proof and institute criminal proceedings or else shut your damned mouth.

    Let your leader and the other sycophants know that we the electorate do not want to hear “jack shit” in the upcoming elections about OSA and his alleged criminal activities unless the police and DPP are given the relevant evidence.

    Sorry for upsetting you so early in the morning but you can handle some good knocks like a real tough kid. We know you have to go off to work to be the “Special Projects Health Minister”. Trust you don’t get in the way of the extra minister. He might just cast aspersions on your hubby’s paternal integrity.

  43. It is amazing that many politicians in Barbados from all the political parties in Barbados especially the two(2) major political parties are in the habit of using degrading and insulting language when referring to certain classes of people in this society.
    I am a member and ardent supporter of the Democratic Labour Party.The party will always have my support and when the elections are call,it will receive the support of myself and family.
    However,I am not keen admirer of Irene Sandiford-Garner.I know her personally and we interacted on a few occasions because of the job I do.
    I will not castigate her on the blogs but there are aspects of her personality that in my opinion need to be look if she wants to be a representative of people.
    I take offense that Irene-sandiford-Garners on one hand referred to people as unschooled and on the other hand is seeking to represent those same unschooled individuals.
    Irene Sandiford-Garner some of us were not as fortunate as you to have attended highly prestigious schools such as Queens College.Neither, do some of us for varying reasons have the ability to be successful academically.
    This Negroman personally takes offense when individuals seeking to represent my interest use insulting language to describe me and other individuals.

  44. If only a miss wannabe were able to beat a big able Georgie Bundle (reach) I am sure a Casper wood stand and a ‘all souls wud fly’. But that is suited talk of Sleeping Giants and Dreamers of the Snow White and lost kine.

    When poorakey is the norm as with recent, and never win nutting but a storm, prevailing wimds tends to feel embelished and blow up white ill chalk. .Struart Little will soon ‘remove the fig leaf’ and a little fire fly worst fears, a rude awakening.Prepare thy speech -, prepare for the dyal.

  45. @Miller
    And while you are digging in the dirt see if you can find any evidence to support the myriad allegations of endemic corruption under the Owen Arthur Administration.

    Miller man you is a real joker or devious or some kind of double agent publicly supporting the Bees but secretly hoping the Dems get back in. Now you always talking about letting bygones be bygones but you always bringing up these allegations about corruption when people like me fuhget about them. And yuh know that when you bring up corruption about these parts it is like raising a red flag in front of a bull or in keeping in the spirit of the season it was like when muh mudda cook a ham and say “‘don’t touch it” and yuh know as soon as she turn she back I gwine slice off piece, know why? I couldn’t help it just like I can’t help it now.

    So about corruption a man of your intellect and ability must have travelled all ovah de place but have you evah gone to Alaska? Leh muh tell yuh if you like fishing or hunting or looking at scenery in the Great Outdoors it is a lovely place but I think the majority of Bajans would find other metropolitan areas to visit. So tell muh how did the B’dos Gov’t find an Alaskan company known for constructing pipelines and engage dem to build de prison? Did they look into de Yellow Pages? Did they put out a “Help wanted” ad? Yuh know a pipeline comes in handy when yuh want to funnel cash so De pipeline makers must have funnelled a lot of gold and irony of ironies someone had a reverse gold rush not to Alaska but to Bimshire.

    And I didn’t even mention Hardwood.

  46. @Negroman – jokers like you who hide behind false names and purport to be Dems are pathetic. I know you are a B. There! Exposed.

  47. @millertheanunnaki
    You have added a few more cardinal errors. You moved the goal post, ignored my request for evidence because you have none, and cursed me to boot. Be “damned” with your faceless, nameless, cowardly friends. I am not one. Enjoy each other. You shall now be treated as I treat anybody on God’s planet who would choose to get so ignorant as to use abusive language or behaviour toward me. Find somebody else in the playground to curse and kick. For this woman, you no longer exist.

  48. @ Irene Senator Sandiford

    “Some people are born great and others have greatness thrust apon them..”
    Tell to which you belong, playing the high-faluted Tootsie discing we ordinary folk?

  49. @ Irene Sandiford-Garner | December 6, 2012 at 7:55 PM |

    The miller has engaged the services of an insider assassin to deal with you Irene (intellectually speaking, of course).
    The Negroman is one of most ardent supporters of your DLP both on this blog and on the call-in prgrammes. His strident admiration and longing for the halcyon days under EWB is done with respect and an underlying love for that once great party. And if he can attack you so viciously then what else is left for the anunnaki to do but sit back and laugh at a DLP yardfowl fight but with one of Irene’s attack wings broken.

    Your arrogance is well known and highly detested. It will be your undoing in many respects. From reports, you are one obnoxiously arrogant person to work with both at the party level and in the Ministry. Your “better than them attitude”- because of your misplaced notion of the function of education (as frankly pointed out by the Negroman)- disappointingly redounds to your intellectual handicap and sourly militates against the positive manifestation of the other redeeming characteristics of your persona.

    You can dismiss the miller out of hand but please, for peace sake, listen to what your party colleague, the Negroman, is saying to you.

  50. @ Irene Sandiford – Gardnier

    Your expression of anger is unwarranted, REALLY simply because Miller is always an itch and Miller may or may not habitat the Barbados island. Est-ce vrai Monsieur Miller???

  51. @ Sargeant | December 4, 2012 at 10:31 PM |
    “So tell muh how did the B’dos Gov’t find an Alaskan company known for constructing pipelines and engage dem to build de prison?”

    There is one cold common slime running through the pipelines to connect both the BLP and DLP to a sewage of hot corruption.
    The same way this DLP administration got involved and trapped by the same slime found
    in the BLP portion of the pipeline. Who do you think is the mastermind behind the BOLT arrangement for the Pierhead marina that will never see a moses far less multi-million yachts and the chest thumping cruise terminal that will never see a berthing?

    That mastermind in cahoots, with the quisling Darcy, is raking off millions in upfront consultancy fees and project design fees via a St. Lucian registered IBC.
    This same mastermind was the wizard behind the financing arrangement for the prison and seeing there are gullible vulnerable politicians on the current ruling side who want to get rich quick it was just an easy cross over to carry on his conman deeds.

    Don’t be surprised if this DLP administration is returned to office the same “bannister” moves from his ‘hospitalised martindales’ home and find himself behind the scenes in Kingsland but only in a vicariously consultancy way to swindle the taxpayers and be the conduit for politicians to come into their own financial bagatelle.
    We shall see!

  52. Why some people don’t take some courses in PR, it baffles.But for such to be happenning at this level. Gimme a break .ASTOUND is the only descriptive word coming to mind. Miller you are so right !

  53. @Irene Sandiford-Garner
    These people are not worth your time. I do hope you keep your word and not come back. You are a bright, beautiful and articulate woman. I met you a while ago but saw the politician when you visited my home in St. Silas Heights on a canvass. I won’t say too much more otherwise you will identify me. I also dealt with you at the credit union.
    Suffice to say my daughter asked me to read this post knowing my keen interest in you (your political career). I also took into consideration the season we are in.
    They don’t know you. Everyone in Barbados knows the down to earth and poised personality you have. I did not know you went to Queens. was hoping you were a Waterford University grad. They also know the fearless journalist that dealt with Owen. The fiesty woman that fought back when robbed. I did not support that act and wish I was there.
    There is not one woman on their side like you. Study it. For me you have the right mix. Do not be distracted.
    You were right to deal with this set as you did. I would have been disappointed if you did not. As a woman in politics you must know that your assertiveness and plain talk, especially when attacked in any way will be frowned upon by some men. And jealous women. Especially yard fowls for the opposition. Billy Miller, Gertz and Carmeta and Liz Thompson can tell youNothing you say they will like. Nothing. You have the guts to come here and talk but these people are baiters. You are wasting your time.
    Not one of them said anything wrong in that man telling you shut your damn mouth. Not one. But they attacked you for answering to suit. Your reply was bit too ladylike for me, but you were wise. You are not Duguid. They are uncouth pimps. I say so. Let them curse me.
    Your time would be better spent continuing to take down my MP. That is where the arrogance is in that man. He looks down on those from whence he came and now trying to reintegrate for the votes. You have shown me, and from your success in 2008 many of my neighbors that you will make a rep we can be proud of. You would never see him on a blog. He cannot even relate to real people far less the Internet.
    I have been a member of the DLP since 91 until today and came to headquarters to help vote you into 1st VP last year. You won with flying colors that’s how I can agree that Negroman is a fraud plant. Dems from young to old, man and woman love you. Remember Forbes said your votes were the highest number polled in party in years? Keep working, stay honest and put that smile on us and you will be ok. And don’t be a fool for anybody. I must say you dealt with me at the credit union also and just made it very easy.
    By the way I need to know if we in Heights will get natural gas that the Orange Hill people getting and I wait to see you by me and I will be revealed.

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