Minister Of Sinckler Defends Performance In Difficult Circumstances

Minister of Finance at a St. James Branch meeting held on the weekend defended government’s performance in difficult times. The unveiling of several projects by government has forced many Barbadians to ask  how will they be financed and how quickly will they be mobilized.

119 thoughts on “Minister Of Sinckler Defends Performance In Difficult Circumstances

  1. So, as for performance in tough times, we see news reports quoting the head of one union, that Cable & Wireless (dont give me that LIME crap) is about to sever eighty staff?

    A company sucking up the profits, a virtual monopoly (most corporate accounts) or duopoly making ripping profits in tough times and sending home eitghty FAMILIES?

    How uncouth, disgusting and immoral is THAT?

    Everyting fuh de almighty dollar! De fatcat directors in tehir Boardrooms eating big and playing golf dont give a rats xss about the bajan workers.

    I note further that the same union head made some inane remark about strike action not being the first action to take blah, blah.

    EIGHTY FAMILIES as opposed to a few workers and we dont hear him say nothing about nuh ethnicity nuh?

    I wonder why? Big scary corporation?

    THIS is a perfect example, by Cable and Wireless of EVERYTHING wrong with the world today.

    Occupy Wall Street just start. Watchin see. What yuh reap, yuh sow.

    As Market Vendor would say…’YuH Heeaaarrrrrr’?

  2. On another point, we also see in the news, that CBC having trouble paying staff their backpay.


    Yuh know? I mean y’all about courts dis and eddication issues at Alexandra…but what kinda igrunce got a monopoly LOSING MONEY?

    In the business world, if a man did lose money wid a monopoly he would have tuh be a jackass.

  3. @David

    Dennis Lowe needs to come clean on this issue. It was only after senior civl servants met with the head of the civil service to put their position, did the man from B’s reclycling listen. He ignored the stop notice, but the civil servants covered their ass and hence there was pull back. There is more in the morta than in the pestle.

  4. clearly none OF the politicians will criticize lime as the two parties will be lIMING UP FOR THE POLITCAL DONATIONS AROUND THIS TIME THATS WHY LIME IS THNKING ABOUT DOING IT AT THIS TIME. WHER EIS SIR ROY ON THIS?

    • What saved LIME is the fact Alex McDonald has not made any racist statement. It seems this is the ‘hot button’ which needs to be pressed to galvanize Sir Roy into action.

  5. @ ac | September 16, 2012 at 2:39 PM |

    You need to pass on this link and info to the minister to get him to change back his mind. Just tell him that there is something big in it for him.

    Looks more like an artist’s impression of the Pierhead marina, the Foul Bay and Merricks villa and condos fantasy island and the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal funded and constructed by Bannister Inc.
    Please Mam, can we have one of the West Coast Sewage project or can the waste from the West be pumped uphill to Vaucluse to supply your incinerator with sufficient waste?

  6. ohmiller i forget it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks especially one that holds one to that worn out bone he keeps chewing and chewing hoping it would be taste the same as when he first got it.

  7. @ ac | September 16, 2012 at 3:10 PM |

    You also conveniently forgot that it is well nigh impossible to teach an old bitch how to tell the truth and to stop lying to protect crooked incompetents in her cabinet of marionettes headed by a jester and being teased by a monkey with a loaded gun in its hand.

  8. I now know who Millertheanunnaki is
    I just read the code in the post above.
    I ask about this before .
    I had asked if it was Peter Miller
    I am now satisfied having read the post .
    Have no fear Miller, I identify with all your sentiments and support your views so no problem. Lol! Lol
    I figured it out all by my lonesome –Lol

  9. ha! ha! you ‘ve been busted see what happens when you keep taunting the pit bull. now you have my premission to LIE and deny your identity . WAtch ouT a lie you gonna tell MIller. HA! HA! i see flames coming out of your underwear..

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