Recrudescent Elections Nelson…… "Dammed if you do, swagga if you don't"

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Barbados general election date exposed

At anytime now, the DLP and BLP will lock horns in true mountain goat fashion, in an all out fight for prowess, and rights to lead this country for the next five years. Smite for smite, and a now continued reconstituted promise…”A Mother of all Battles.”

A time comes however, when it is necessary to step up DLP and square off. A party can only make militate boast of being confident that it will win the next elections, and procrastinate when it comes to that which matter most, for so long. It must at sometime deliver that all elusive “Stone Cold Cutter,” for until then all is bare talk.  Why everyone knows, it is always better to present a JBL stance, than to appear baffled and in doubt on the eve of a “Royal Rumble.” Why what’s so big now in an election’s date anyway, where the element of surprise is lost? Why the hold up in letting the people decide on their next future leaders? To rekindle the peoples’ hopes and recede to the back burner, can only allow an opponent to further strengthen his nelson lock, maybe even engage a ‘Leaping Clothes Line’ to further gain inundating electorate points.

There definitely cannot be any element of surprise now at this late hour, as both parties been on elections mode for months. Why then the ‘milch cow’ and hush hush? Why the megalomania  that there is a need to be holding on”till the last the last sinew?” Does such melodrama make one’s chances better.. perchance being been seen as the Undertaker or Big Show? If one feels that sure of themselves, they should be eager to show they are indeed ready to pronounce battle and draw first Rambo blood.

Both Wickham and Bell have wisely pronounced, that the DLP Party’s chances of regaining power wanes with each successive hour and every passing day. This pronouncement carries no flabbergast as the vendors on Swan Street have been saying the same. The word  has been… ONE TERM for sometime now. In the meanwhile, we await the obvious morganatic…. vulpine Red Rooster squaring up to the votive Yellow Pup. When shall we see a first bite…or yet another morose Pile Driver peck?  Ouch,  ouch !

51 thoughts on “Recrudescent Elections Nelson…… "Dammed if you do, swagga if you don't"

  1. Onions

    I am no political pundit but I seem to think that you like Wickham et al have been over analysing the reasons for the delay in calling elections. Follow me closely and tell me if my simple analysis makes any sense: Freundel Stuart is the only one in Barbados that has the power to call elections at this time; he knows win lose or draw that he would not lead the next administration. If the DLP wins, the Eager 11 will take him out and obviously, if the BLP wins, they won’t ask him to cross the floor and bring his astute leadership skill to lead them. All this is assuming that he would retain his seat.

    Knowing full well that his period as prime minister ends on election night, Stuart is holding on for dear life for as long as he can. Onions, you can’t kill a man for that. Are you familiar with the term, “swan song”. Give the man a break! Mind you I still think that he is better than the alternatives but this is politics. However, that does not say a lot for Stuart: it simply shows that there are only slim pickings on the political scene.

  2. @ Caswell
    What cross what floor what….more like dive for the safety of a clover….Has anyone got the video of showdown at Ok Coral?….the cowards all get shot up….late drawers or not….

  3. Putting on ivory handle Colt 45’s and using them is two different things….when you put on leg irons like Audey Murphy…you must not then do a Kemo Sabbie and hide or you might get buck shot in the rear.

  4. Steupse
    Another mishmash of thoughts floating around in Onion’s head that has been submitted over and over, how many times can someone say the same thing?

    Onions yuh can’t make ends meet? Yuh think that if de election call yuh will win and then you can piggy up to the trough? Yuh looking for another contract blessed by the Service Commission complete with gratuity where you can get paid for doing nothing?

    Elections are constitutionally due sometime next year the PM has to call the Election come hell or high water so until then stop salivating it is becoming tiresome.

  5. @ Sarge
    Fa real…..cuz an ’embarrassment of the lanked kind’.. saw to my dislocate and wid all the trimmings of a true epistle now sojourns Lord of Flies…..Yes Sargeous that is why I (unlike you a true emissary) cannot wait….so too, I assure you, 30,000 other duped and be-ridden souls of this CLICO mess. But you can also take comfort that when the time arrives for us to address,

    “we shall not faint,
    not fall short our part,
    but see them well on
    to glissade”

    Greedy gine wait and hot gine cool…you watch..!.

  6. The CLICO figure rising everyday for old onion and BLPees, it move from 20,000 to 30,000 dont worry I too am a clico policy holder.

    I predicting now the BLPees shall not be victorious in the next election.

  7. @onions and any others
    riddle me this, riddle me that…

    what’s the difference between 1 year and 11 months..and 2 years and one day? 🙂

    Put that in your “election date” analysis and start to shift your goal posts.

    good luck.


  8. @Flexible annuity | September 8, 2012 at 12:55 PM |

    Well call them bluff! You are the one with the high cards on the table.

    Or do you intend to prove Caswell right? “Since there is no return I can as well carry you all to the very bitter end leaving a trail of economic blood and gore to be cleaned up afterwards”.
    Can’t you see that even the IMF are hinting to you guys it’s time to call elections- win or lose- and get on with the absolutely vital surgery to save the patient from more damage to its system with very serious long-term ill-health implications. Even Doctor Sukoo or a “pou pou” mental fake like Lowe would attest to the edict that ‘time is of the essence’ in any serious emergency.

    If the DLP do not stop bad mouthing the rating agencies and IMF this Country’s chances of recovery would be made much worse and difficult. Just imagine cussing the banker at an official function one evening and the next day having to go cap in hand to borrow an emergency loan.

  9. @ Miller
    Poor Annuity hurting so bad…she in distress……now that the IMF and all taking a turn in DEM…..Its called a no holds barred situation…and the Dems posse don’t like their hands being forced……its just a matter of time now….Sarge n friends….no need to get hot around D collor…breath- eee.
    By the way, where is Clone,Fractured and ! ?

  10. A votive fledgling pup…..should know its limitations with a certain Integrity, and not to be too Eager to confront a vulpine RED rooster….esp one that been around the block nearly “thrice”

  11. Onions keep frothing at the mouth and in the pants calling fih elections even OSA must be thinking if onions ain’t got nothing else to do

  12. But onions OSA and his band of misfit f up the economy. are you guys fuh real wanting it fix in 4years but stilll theBLP and OSA don.’t have an alternative expect to borrowing again like MIA propsal of 300million for ;BTA andOSA 100million for CLICO and you onions asking for three hundred thousands onions where all that money coming from can you explain.

  13. Look ac…..I feel ur pain..I was speaking to a die hard DLP only last night, and he shame shame like you but have to put on a good face in all this adversity…You know what he said to me….DLP really hurt its people with this mess, he said how the hell anybody cud vote for us after Alexandra, after CLICO and now this Land Swap mess…never in the history of his good party has ever been such a mess.Do you care to concur of just continue with the face….? Worse this empty hark….”a mother of battles” ..stuppeess..what sheer nonsense again.

  14. Incomplete-

    You have eight and a half yards but still come up short.
    Close but no cigar… like a ship out of its port.
    Horseshoes and hand grenades; pepper without salt.
    Crimes have been committed but no one is at fault.
    Eleven eggs in the carton; a car with three wheels.
    Yin without yang; a furniture dealer without “deals”.
    Never will eight plus one equal ten.
    What’s true today will be true tomorrow again.
    To say that it doesn’t is just plain mathematical sin.
    No opera is complete without a fat lady at the end.

    Bo Bandy

  15. onions i ask you a simple question.Where is all the money that MIA and OSA has in mind to fix the problems coming from. and what about VAT his the BLP going to reduce VAT. in an attempt to save the people money ande how is that deficit going to be replaced do you really think that more people spending would reduce the deficit when their are not enough employed to fill the holes through taxes. onions and the BLP are living in la la land without not hope of departure very soon and in the meanwhile looking for vacant spots for the vulnerable and gullible public to live on. “Beam me up Scooty” the star-ship enterprise has finally landed with commander and captain OSA and onions as first mate on board

  16. @ ac
    So many bleeps and blunders of this admin….and most have been mortifying. What had the most immediate crippling effect though, was the increase in Vat to 2.5 % which turned out to be counteractive. According to MOF there was a $184 million in Vat collected and $120 million was uncollectable bounced cheques…did not make much sense after all did it? The other more reclusive part of Darcy & co. shortsightedness, was its effect on commercial activity. Businesses were forced to close and unemployment skyrocketed as a result of this wasted opp…..that money could have been re-engaged and with the help of the money multiplier effect,produce syngery…..There are many other monetary and fiscal deuces to use, whereby your questions could be addressed but we are not presently in the business of ‘selling guns to indians’….so you will have to wait.. You will be surprised, I assure you how we will change things here when the time so comes… I know I can’t wait either.LOL

  17. @ac | September 9, 2012 at 10:29 AM |
    “But onions OSA and his band of misfit f up the economy. are you guys fuh real wanting it fix in 4years but stilll theBLP and OSA don.’t have an alternative expect to borrowing again like MIA propsal of 300million for ;BTA and OSA 100million for CLICO and you onions asking for three hundred thousands onions where all that money coming from can you explain.

    The money would be found the same way the DLP administration moved the debt burden from approx. $4.9 billion in 2008 to $6.8 billion in 2011 with 2012 estimated to be in excess of $7.4 billion. Where are the assets to match this massive increase of $2 billion?

    So you are now even accusing your own party, the damned lying party (DLP), of LYING? Aren’t the DLP official spokespersons blaming the International Recession for the country’s economic plight?

    Aren’t they arguing that despite these choppy international economic waters the DLP administration under astute leadership has the economic ship of state on a steady and stable course to recovery and safety?
    Or are you blaming OSA for causing the international economic recession in the first place?
    But then again nothing can be put past your one-track imagination.

    No wonder you have been nominated to compete for the Lord Nelson award of the World’s Biggest Liar. King Liar the Lion would run once he hears you are around the corner with a dress in hand, naked and all.

  18. @ AC
    Don’t be an AHE…..nobody says they should be no Vat….(devils advoc.) why if you over watered a plant in the garden..will it not die from a fungal disease? Likewise, overload Carson…..the bearer of burden….his spine will collapse, and he also pass on…no difference with an economy…you need to stop wasting videos…..with these asinine moot points….you big gurl

  19. @ ac | September 9, 2012 at 1:46 PM |
    “@ miller & onions”

    You still have not identified any assets that can account for the additional $2 billion the DLP administration borrowed between 2008 and 2011, not to mention 2012.

    Prove to the BU household that you are not a ‘true’ liar by taking your hands out of the cookie jar containing $2 billion worth with NO Four Seasons, West Coast Sewage project or even a marina.

    Where is the beef, ac? It is now the totally devoured once fatted calf?
    Keep on focusing on the past instead of the present and future and see where that would lead you.
    People who suffer from senile decay tend to have an acute recollection of things past. But come on ac, 14 years of memory is just yesteryear of the good old days.

    Get over it and remember a line from a Dread: “Ole girl, stop living in the past, ´cause you only remember when man a ride ass”.
    Don’t live you life in the shadow of an OSA-made candle in the wind.
    You must let go but learn from Yesterday. Let us deal with Today and Tomorrow will take care of itself if we handle Today in a way we want tomorrow to be.

  20. did you not hear OSA said how much money he collected in vat not to mention the tourist receipts and still left so much damaged behind and a govt with limted funds to run the country . no you onions just look around tell me how much was accomplished numerous pot holes ! insufficient Street lightning . Road signs . people having to pay high light bills because of a 15year run of a govt with no vision. yes i look back at the past because the building blocks were made out of sandpaper.

  21. I will not entertain you… Miller so rightly said….YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW… dare you speak of nothing being done in the 14 yrs ? Off the cuff is Kensington, HMP Dodds,Schools, Post Offices, Police Stations, High Court in White park….you are a vile one ac….with a DLP belly hurt of no assets to show but a few fowl-pen houses and one school Blackman Gollop.Shameful for $4 billion spend don’t you think…?Least we forget the imaginary QEH in Kingsland..whalosss.

  22. Lets talk SHUT DOWNS and derails during the last 4 yrs….maybe..Ideal Stationery and 23 jobs,..42 IBC’s and 2700 jobs,…Knights Pharmacy and 45 jobs…Almond beach and 500 jobs..Edgewater Hotel and 24 jobs..Peach n Quite and 18 jobs… a Four Season fiasco wid $180 Mill in the red….would you like me to go on ac ?Cuz there are a lot more….as we move backwards

  23. Yesterday my regular survey on who ready for elections right now was done at my village minimart and bar not a fellow displayed interest in elections.

  24. Quite interesting….but….
    You need to go to town as well….not sayin your report is wrong…but the sample needs to take into account all stratum of the society …

  25. @ac | September 9, 2012 at 2:56 PM |
    “did you not hear OSA said how much money he collected in vat not to mention the tourist receipts and still left so much damaged behind and a govt with limted funds to run the country”

    Of course, ac, he also left the foreign reserves is a very parlous negative situation and the country on the brink of devaluation and IMF intervention.

    As long as you continue with your lies and deceit I will come after you, hound you down until you come to true Christian understanding.

  26. Junk from the mouth of a ‘pit bull gone poodle’….Thompson did not want pitbull and demoted him to Greame Hall… in search foe a saviour you bring him back a pitbull…..stuppesss madness…

  27. onions
    Still Going backward ac ?….I see… maybe you learning how to escape a FULL NELSON……remember this is not for the timid..nor the weak at heart

    economic MADNESS from the PAST how can one not reminisce! TOTAL MADNESS inflicted on the people of Barbados. !

  28. When you can jot down 4 Capital assets…purchased with that $ 4 Billion….you are fully exonerated…….and given the liberty to speak of madness inflicted ?I hope dat $$$$ ent get tief too…..

  29. I don’t believe any of you expected the world economy to flatten after the recession.
    All of us expected the usual cycle to continue so 2011 should have been the start of an economic boom.

    It didn’t happen and we are still in minimal recovery mode. and possibly heading back into recession.

    BLP, DLP or BUSHIEP. Barbados just like the rest of the world is going to struggle for the next few years.
    China will take over as the economic superpower unless somebody start a ‘strategic war’.mmmmm.

    David I see a report that Barbados building a $300 million Cruise terminal. Some pre election jobs being created. fuh real? fuh true?

  30. I see a report that Barbados building a $300 million Cruise terminal. Some pre election jobs being created. fuh real? fuh true?
    Gracious goodness,…. why last month they were building a state of the art Auditorium in the farm…..the week before a spanking new QEH in Kingsland…….Lord know what to expect next week…BTW D money gine come outta Jacob’s horse nostril just so? or from a oil well in Newton? I hear of the ole Esso Oistins site….I better ask Just Askin….LOL

    • @Hants

      An announcement was made.

      When the project will mobilize or how it will be financed is another story.

  31. NEWSFLASH……………..
    Oil deposits have been found near Oistins on farmers Callender, Ifill and Sisnett lands is nothing but another hoax. Reliable informants close to the ground soil by Grannys… inform the seepage is nothing but a break in the old transportation line to the Airport storage tank….The dreaded leak has damaged many a farmer’s crop…..Some of these disgruntled farmers have received a lil berry from GIANT hush.Now well ill informed DLP prospectors have stumbled on the find with ‘high hopes’… and with visions of finding more..even an old Valvoline kerosene oil can once used by Pa Ifill as an heir loom… and even (or oddly) more…. recent lard oil discarded from chicken livers, harslip and gizzards for bio-diesel……will the true wild cat please stand up……Laud help DEM..!!

  32. A full nelson is a serious wrestler’s hold, causing the opponent to attempt to relieve himself from the lock by wriggling or contorting himself. A good wrestler can break out but it requires experience and skill….otherwise he is forced to concede, and this can be the end.

  33. Wait Maurine like she turn yardfowl overnight and casting off all academia…..REAL BIG RISK for a politico whose party staring another 15 yrs in the wilderness…..DLP sending a mountain dew ewe goat to wash mout pun the people TV n Radio.. Maurine….. “stupidity may come back to haunt the billy”

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