Feedback Invited On Draft Banking Code Of Conduct

Consumers International (CI)

Consumers International (CI) in collaboration with Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organizations (BANGO) is working to complete the final draft of the Banking Code of Conduct for Barbados.  The project is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. The objective of the exercise is to establish minimum voluntary standards of conduct for financial institutions.

The document is currently being widely circulated to garner feedback from the general public. BU encourages the family to jump on the bandwagon.

15 thoughts on “Feedback Invited On Draft Banking Code Of Conduct

  1. If the code of conduct guarantees basic timely service I’m all for it. The Banks in Canada have an Ombudsman who was responsible for resolving disputes which were unresolved at the Department level. Failing this the customer had the option of going to a Federal Ombudsman who would have final say in any dispute.

    RBC the country’s largest Bank opted out of the Federal program three years ago and recently TD followed suit. RBC hired its own Independent firm to handle these disputes which has made many consumer advocates unhappy. There are three Canadian Banks with operations in Barbados, so far RBC is the only one that has opted out wonder if the others will follow.
    Will RBC be amenable to any dispute resolution arising from the Code? Here is a client’s recent experience–rbc-offers-45-000-for-mistake-if-client-leaves-in-31-days-roseman

  2. “to establish minimum voluntary standards” … “minimum VOLUNTARY standards” .. Oh shite, don’ mek me laff … And this is what the IADB could find money to support …? You see what I mean when I say that there is NO such things as “scarce” funds. I could tell you of at least ten other people who could put that money towards “true” productive use for which there is a chance, A CHANCE of some return, people who have no other option but to deal with the likes of the Enterprise Growth F#cks and the Fund Ass people

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