Jeff Broomes to Hal Gollop, Hello?

Hal Gollop and Jeff Broomes, the men embroiled in the cellphone mystery

A little story reported by the Nation newspaper on August 15, 2012 under the headline ‘Cellphone mystery’ has not generated the public debate BU expected. The gist of the story is that several calls originating from the cellphone of Jeff Broomes, principal of Alexandra School, terminated on the phone of Hal Gollop, attorney-at-law for the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) last weekend. Both Broomes and Gollop are reported to be ‘mystified’ by what BU agrees was a very unusual occurrence.

Barbadians boast of a healthy Internet and mobile phone penetration which compares favourably to developed countries (In this regard we may accurately boast of attaining first world status). What is evident is that Barbadians have not demonstrated even cursory interest in the ‘backend’ which supports how information is managed by telecommunications companies in Barbados. What are the security protocols managed by LIME, Digicel, Telebarbados and others? To what degree is privacy of information respected and guaranteed? So many question can be asked but in Barbados we can be assured answers will not be easily forthcoming.

Remember Barbados is a country which boasts of being highly educated with a telecommunications infrastructure described as one of the best in this hemisphere.

The claim of “[the] mysterious appearance of calls and messages on the phones of two men at the centre of The Alexandra School Commission of Inquiry smells very fishy” and a normal public – including the Fourth Estate – should be ‘raising hell’ about this strange occurrence given the actors (Gollop/Broomes) involved.

  • At this point we do not know which of the service providers deliver service to the phones.
  • Is this a case where the phones were cloned?
  • Did the calls ‘actually’ take place?
  • Is there a match between outgoing and incoming calls?

The newspaper report states that the matter was reported to the police. This begs the question what are the local laws governing data retention. BU is aware that the service providers have to be given notice before they are obligated to ‘switch-on’ data retention. In simple terms, the service providers are under no obligation to retain any record of customer activity which might be of interest to the police unless officially notified; partially under judicial subpoena.

It is known in certain circles that data retention requests have not always been executed with efficiency between the police and local telecommunications companies.

BU’s best advice to Gollop and Broomes is that they submit a data retention request post-haste if it has not been done already. The documented request for data retention should be processed by the police and separately from the service provider(s) involved.

This business with Gollop and Broomes sure smells fishy.

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  1. ‘A little story reported by the Nation newspaper on August 15, 2012 under the headline ‘Cellphone mystery’ has not generated the public debate BU expected”

    because it has been seemingly viewed and dismissed BU bloggers as a fairy tale.How has this ‘cellphone mystery’ as you aptly decribes it affected the wellbeing of either Mr Broomes or Mr Gollop. now Mr Gollop is reported to be a leading lawyer. Why has it become your remit to advise Mr Gollop how to proceed in such a matter? do you not believe that Mr Gollop is perfectly capable of defending himself should he regard it as necessary to do so?
    please keep me up to date on the land swap deal which affects the business of governance in this fair country.

  2. David

    Take the Nation story with a pinch of salt. Hal Gollop and some of the teachers who testifies against Broomes were the victims of this bugging exercise. Apparently, the technician who actually did the bugging was an amateur and the calls ended up going both ways. Let me hasten to add that I am not saying that the bugging was commissioned by Broomes, but he would have been the major beneficiary. Also please note that Hal Gollop was the person who reported the matter to the police. I am of the view that the technician that did the bugging only intended one way traffic but he was not skilled enough so Hal Gollop unintentionally received Broomes’ voicemail.

    I am going to speculate and suggest that the technician, who did the bugging, could have been one of Broomes’ former students who thought that he would do Broomes a favour without his knowledge and approval. I am happy that Broomes frowned on such and distanced himself from that behaviour.

  3. Trust Caswell to be ascribing motives without any basis in fact.
    Bushie really thought that you had overcome this juvenile habit… It REALLY put you in a very bad light you know…

    It is no surprise to Bushie that you yourself has been the subject of so many such accusations – like your refusal to return credit union funds related to an intended overseas trip…. Sow…reap….

    @ David
    This bugging is so easy and routine that anyone who does not use their cellphone as they would a public address system either has nothing to hide or is blissfully ignorant.
    The main benefit of the so-called ” smart technologies” is that they permit the automation of the process of keeping tabs on John Public…… Sit at a computer, re-program a sim card, and suddenly your data accumulates at some new destination….and you may be surprised at the kind of data that can become available…

    …did a senior police official not formally complain of having been bugged…? Did not our security people receive this kind of training from the very best (worst) in the field in preparation for World Cup Cricket?

    What if some top officials are bugged and then find themselves ‘compromised’ when trying to take certain decisions of state….?

    • @Bush Tea


      It was of interest to learn recently that the Blimp used for CWC2007 was out of commission.

      BU understands it freights around some serious (sophisticated) equipment.

      Does anyone give a damn?

      BTW, remember BU commented long ago about Dr. Leo Brewster?

      Today in the news we hear he has been sent on leave for what we discussed on BU 4 years ago.

  4. LOL @ David
    …sent on leave AFTER FOUR YEARS!!!
    Well that is an improvement to being ‘transferred and promoted to another job’ where he can do even better……schemes 🙂

    Bushie expects that the next step will be an investigation by a special committee (which will be compiled within the next four years) and then, since the facts are VERY clear (largely admitted) we will have a very quick investigation, trial and a judgement by 2025 or so…

    ….wait, Is the CJ still around?
    ….is he doing anything?
    ….has he been now properly indoctrinated into the “system”?
    …Joker! Now he OWNS the mess and will spend the rest of his term defending it instead of admitting its faults and changing them…

    ..There is NO hope for us….too many crooks, morons, jokers and much too many sheep….

  5. Balance
    You want David to run a political thread. Well David start one on the Auditor General Reports about the BLP time in office and you would see the biggest thieves that BARBADOS HAS EVER SEEN AT WORK.

    18 million dollars for water that was not produce. WOW
    The DLP came to office to bring integrity legislation and FOI legislation and get trap by Owen and Mia declaring some numbers in parliament that would take some investigating.They deserve to lose on not bringing that legislation.

  6. Mary Redman should have declined the invitation to give evidence because every time she speaks people get angry with her and sides with Mr.Broomes again.

    If there was an investigation at Lodge I think it would show that Mrs. Redman may not have taught for nearly a term too because she is always on union business.

  7. @ Clone
    …and Bushie was here thinking it was only the bushman that was so unexplainably anti-red….. Perhaps the Lodge students have been lucky…

    …but look how she gone and embarrass Watson-Griffith nuh… Can you imagine an organization where a Chief goes around telling the Union and teachers that she voted AGAINST the incumbent getting a management job…? LOL that was sure to build harmonious work relationships….


  8. Yes David / Clone

    Bring that thread on the Auditor General’s recent report. It has been reported to have some very serious and interesting revelations, especially on BWA, spanning both administrations but more noticeably in the current one. I wonder if some people there or formerly there are not quaking in their boots, except for the politicians of course, who can perhaps confidently expect to get a free pass.

  9. David

    The bugging did not happen with the aid of any sophisticated equipment on any blimp: it was crudely done by someone at LIME, who was an amateur and messed up.


    You now come out of hiding. How do you know that I commented without any basis in fact, you idiot! Pick your side and support it, as is your right, but cease the purile attacks on me. I will never please you all the time. You started your stupid attacks on me from the time I pointed out the options that were available to remove Broomes from the Public Service. By now you should be saying that they should have listened to me and so much damning evidence would not be out there to embarrass your friend. I was putting the options: I have no axe to grind.

  10. @Caswell

    Appreciate that by the ‘smell’ of this job it was amateurish. The mention of the blimp was to take the opportunity to expand the conversation to sensitize people like balance about what os out there.

  11. ‘Well David start one on the Auditor General Reports about the BLP time in office and you would see the biggest thieves that BARBADOS HAS EVER SEEN AT WORK.”
    clone you are barking up the wrong tree; I could produce the report for you that highlighted the infelicities at the NHC when Mr Dcosta Edwards was Minister of Housing when house spots in places like Whitehall were ALLEGEDLY allocated on the basis of the downpayment on a house built in the compound where the BPWCCU now stands by Mr Edwards father and one Mr Happy Bryan. I cannot say if Mr Edward’s dismissal from and subsequent re-instatement to Cabinet or if the AuditorGeneral was fired or retired as a result of what little fallout there was from this matter which made newspaper headlines but what i can say for sure that shortly thereafter the Auditor-General Mr Gilbert Brandford left office unceremoniously.

  12. “If there was an investigation at Lodge I think it would show that Mrs. Redman may not have taught for nearly a term too because she is always on union business”
    Someone is credited with saying that Bajans have short memories. Have you ever heard about Ms Undine Whittaker a former President and CTUSAB Executive Vice-President and hardworking, loyal and devoted DLP servant who spent most of her teaching time doing union and DLP work but was overlooked for parliamentary posts or higher office in preference to women in the party of lesser ability. Then again she does not fit the pedigree bill.

  13. The mention of the blimp was to take the opportunity to expand the conversation to sensitize people like balance about what os out there.

    David do not fool yourself, i know what os out there. i am an unrepentant conspiracy theorist and spends a lot of time watching spy movies.

  14. I for one would like to be kept abreast of this phone tapping development because about 2 mths ago, somethings a person told only me via a telephone (landline) conversation, were repeated in our workplace the very next day by a person who does not speak to or get along with the person who had spoken to me on the phone. Key phrases used in the called were repeated and I was 100% sure, the person told only me those things. So Bajans better be watching out!!!!

  15. @check-it-out
    That report will go the way of may others

    “I have no axe to grind”
    Hear hear. this is how we should live. Your robust comments in some cases on some issue(s) give a different impression though.

    Redman has become excellent at embarrassing/ill advising people. I was surprised that she did not call out Freundel too. lol.

    quote from the advocate … a true statement, but, I’ll leave the blogosphere to decide on the timing, place, messenger and “meaning”.

    “The Commissioner acknowledged that Jeffrey Broomes, for instance, is a very intelligent man, but pointed out that a person’s level of intelligence does not qualify them as a good leader.

    “I see people who are very articulate, but that does not mean that they will make the best Principals…. Because you are an articulate person, that doesn’t mean that overnight you will be able to be Principal of a school of eight hundred and a staff of eighty, or sixty in some instances; that does not mean that. You can interview well, but that doesn’t mean you would make a good Principal. You can be a highly intelligent person, but that does not mean you can be a leader of men,” Commissioner Waterman stated.”

    Just observing.

    • @Say it aint so

      We should be worried if as a people we remain less than curious about the things which matter. We have an inclination to be exited by the frivolous.

  16. In that case David, could one of your knowledgeable contributors please inform the rest of us about the potential for that kind of unauthorised surveillance, what we should look out for and what we can do to protect against it happening to us?

  17. the commisioners statement regarding leadership one that most would agree however again it gives one a view as to the kind iof recommendations he would make on such matters .interestingly on the issue territoriall warfare within the school he noted that healing within that school after the testiomies would be almost impossible from that i gathered to mean “separation” of all parties involved in the debacle. Now one is beginng to see a pattern or a map showing direction by COI for in seeking resolution

  18. Thanks David.

    Specifically, though, how does a tech in Bdos go about what Caswell alleges? Was it done from the phone company’s offices or is it something that a techie can do at home with the right equipment?

    • Say it aint so

      My understanding is that the bugging was done at LIME offices. The problem comes in trying to prove which technician did the dastardly deed.

    • @Caswell

      If you are suggesting this dastardly act was done by someone who has access to C&W network, god help us.

      Surely C&W should be able to verify access to changes to its Network?

  19. The issue of Broomes and Gollop is really a trivial one in and of itself – a megalomaniac principal and legal counsel, a Nero who will ultimately continue his tenure at Alexandra’s until his retirement.

    Doan get tie up. The Ministry of Education, the Public Service Administration nor this Commission will be unable to do anything to Broomes.

    His reputation will be tarnished for the 3 months that it will take Bajans to forget his transgressions, look how quickly we have forgotten the six girls who died at Campus Trends, and he will similarly fade into the night, SWEPT away into the doldrums of existence, Broome by name broom by nature.

    What is more sinister, and what should be of concern to the general populace, is the nature of the act.

    It is purported that voicemail (and text??) meant for Broome went to Gollop.

    Who at the “Usual Suspects”?

    1. Institutions LIME and/or Digicel (carriers not currently stated).
    Lord help us if the RBPF has to investigate this because you cant put a plastic bag over a voice mail and beat an admission out of it. I will bet $1,000 that they will never get this crime solved

    2. Staffer at LIME/Digicel
    The likelyhood of either institution taking a position in this inconsequential matter is so remote, like Boychild getting a degree at UWI, Well i really should not say “remote” causing Patrick Todd, the same man who promoting UWI students paying for tertiary education, get a degree dere, after 12 years in 4 different faculties! 1976 – ?? Man he was up dere so long dat the university gi he a “Let my people go certificate”!!. There is no benefit for corporate LIME or Digicel to use their technology to do this, so it would moreso be a staffer who was encouraged to do this dastardly act.

    3. The Special Division of the RBPF at District **.
    This section would be better titled “Gun in hand of Monkey”. Tapping telephones, not to be confused with hacking phones, and ID spoofing is not a new thing. It has been happening for years under license by counter -intelligence agencies and has been more recently sensationalize by the News of the World debacle.

    My point being that there is authorized and un-authorized action in this regard to access information on one’s targets. Being armed with the equipment that was supplied during CWC2007 gives certain capacities to our special unit. The software screen permits wiretap/voicemail tap/sms taps permit one to tag both asset/line(s) incoming and outgoing and then modify that tap with a number of options i.e.access & record, one way/bidirectional, access and delete, access/record & forward.

    By selecting the options presented, the average barbadian male, wid he outside womens, can find heself in a position where the voicemail from he sweet 19 year ole ting, telling he how masterful he is on de p**** is either being recorded and sent to Darwin phone, or de unfaiful man wife phone, intercepted pun he phone BEFO he evah get dem, en sent tuh Bertie phone or wussah still, sent to de outside woman man who is a policeman at Districk F resulting in de outside woman getting wash way wid liks and he fining heself getting speeding tickets whenevah he driving pun de ABC.


    4. The errant CWC2007 machine.


    1. Gollop/Broomes and supporters trying to garner public sentiment dat dem is being targeted by wicked big ups and to have the public change dem opinion dat Broomes is a megalomaniac and dat de school teachers led by de Redman ‘oman, he former sweet miss, de one he purported to ha’ tek way “de sweet stick uh correction from”, is persecuting he like in de inquisition instead uh a commission.

    Dat is de title to de song i gine win Crop ovah rad March nex year.wid “inquisition not commission”

    2. de BLP trying to ovah trow de DLP. Man yes a man from Clinkets tell me so, an he is a man wid a fat head. Like if de BLP need an embarrassment like Broomes, one who is representative of de state uh most uh de public service,to wid dis nex election!

    The Pan principle, personified in de principal, who ent got no principle,

    3. One uh de fellows at de Special unit of de RBPF

    A officah who did trying a ting but becausing he is just an ingrunt fellow (like most uh dem RBPF fellows seems to be), one who din unnerstan de ticks pud de screen, he f*** up de ting

    4. De errant machine

    4. Obama – practicing the old adage of “new broomes sweep clean, old broomes know de corners” when he sweep Romney outta de race.

    5. Broomes/Gollop which is not to be mistaken wid number one. Whu after all, Ness, dat man Broomes is a high science fellow and he cudda tink up dis Machiavellian ting dennnnnnnn,

    Yeah right! megalomaniac is not to be mistaken for braniac.

    • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right!

      Thanks for elucidating on the more technical aspect of this issue. You are correct that there is a bigger issue which many have missed.

  20. @ David

    If you have any clout at the force you should ask about I2

    See .

    If i give the name of the equipment at District ** a few heads will roll.


    There is equipment on this island that knows who you talk to, who you talk to talked to and the daisy chain of umpteen degrees removed from the target. It knows where you are compliments of the cell phone you have, and can be used to toggle your phone on- landline and cell phone.

    Doan get tie up

    LIME and DIGICEL dont have a clue about this stuff

    • Would you expect a government or police force to admit to operating this equipment?

      Should the use of said equipment be operated guided by a legislative framework?

      Does government have the right under the guse of national security to play ‘malicious’?

      Whop operate this equipment?

      Do they sign off on on confidentiality agreement?

  21. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right! Very good indeed. Kudos. BIG kudos. Don’t necessarily agree with the IMPLIED conclusions, but that is because I have carefully avoided reaching any conclusions at all, as yet. Well set out.

    BUT, I have a fact-based question. AND it is a VERY serious one. The issue is with what can only be described as “phone hacking” which came to light – about a week ago, as it happens. Yes, folks, the Commission was informed of it in camera about a week ago and the Police called in. And, do you know what happened? Well, let me tell you.

    As it was determined that the right to privacy of Mr Broomes, and none other, had been breached and it was Mr Broomes who would have any complaint, the Commission asked Mr Broomes not to reveal what had happened and Mr Broomes undertook and agreed not to reveal what had happened. It was felt by the Commission that it might re-focus the Commission on matters that were not relevant to its function. My information is that Mr Broomes not only did NOT leak the information to what we laughingly call the press, but that he can prove he did not.

    So who did? I realise that the Press has a right to protect its sources, but surely in the interests of transparency they should name their source. Not that this can be compelled. BUT. It has to have been an insider – or someone connected to an insider.

    And since the matter has now been aired by the Press, why has the Commissioner not made a clear and unequivocal statement about the circumstances, if, for no other reason, than in the interests of fairness? Is there an element of chicken (cluck, cluck, cluck) creeping into the Commission? This is an aspect that I am watching with great care and attention. Because if the Commission itself fails to make a statement of fact on its knowledge and actions, then the conduct of the Commission itself is in some considerable question.

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  23. @ say it aint so:

    Chris has been warning BU bloggers for the longest time that conversations especially on cell phones are not private. You can tap anyones cell phone with a laptop and/or a shortwave radio, an antenna, some wire and a dedicated phone. Once you have a frequency and the cell number you can even set up a tape recorder to record everything.

    I have a cell which I use only on vacation, in case I have an emergency. I am not a Doctor nor a Lawyer, I do not have to be at a beck and call.

  24. @amused ; given that the incident was under investigation what m.ore should the commisioner say that would not have added more suspicion and probably hamper the investigation

  25. David “If you are suggesting this dastardly act was done by someone who has access to C&W network, god help us.”

    C&W employees are not human.

    We should all accept that phone conversations are not private.

  26. That is the information I was given from one of my sources who has proven to be 100% reliable in the past.
    Is this another instance of whistle blowing?

  27. “There is equipment on this island that knows who you talk to, who you talk to talked to and the daisy chain of umpteen degrees removed from the target. It knows where you are compliments of the cell phone you have, and can be used to toggle your phone on- landline and cell phone”
    Well there you have it. was about to proffer this information only that my understanding indicates that the location of this sensitive equipment is at Gun Hill . I was not aware that some was also located at District A.

  28. @David. The reporter is covered by a sort of implied privilege and there is a body of law in most common law countries which protects his sources. It would take a really serious crime for the courts to set aside that. However, the commission itself should make a statement of what it did when it found out about the hacking.

    I agree with you, Pat. Cell phones are not secure. I neer use them except for casual purposes. Certainly not for business – I don’t even use walkabouts for that.

  29. Our experience here has shown that our brain has a possibly limitless capacity. It seems incomprehensible that we are here only to reproduce and die – that after all we do, we can only look forward to death. Is it possible that there is another, higher level of existence that awaits those of us that are able to comprehend how to get there during our lifetime, before we die?

  30. @ Why are we here?
    What is it that you are trying to do here….? Can’t you see that bloggers are dealing with the REALLY important matters of life…. Like if Broomes will talk about his relationship with current tormentors…
    Like if Stoute will resign…or hold on to the sweets
    Like if Minister Lashley can handle the licks from Amused…
    Like how we can all accumulate the material things of life….so that we can die in the process and leave them behind…

    Of what import can the answers to your questions be….?

    What if the answers makes sense? Suppose it turns out that THERE IS a purpose for our existence, and that the things that we are currently spending our efforts on are actually wasteful, counter- productive and destructive (as if THAT is not obvious 🙂 )….

    LOOKA…far better that you take your question somewhere else and let us BU bloggers continue to impress ourselves with our brilliance and our impressive analytical skills…

    What why are we here what?!?!

  31. @Bush Tea

    Why so cynical on a Sunday morn?

    Are you suggesting that people should not have to toil to confront the vicissitudes of life.

  32. David
    For the most part, the vissititudes of life are nothing but distractions designed to entertain the minds of those who completely miss the big picture.
    It is like the schoolboy whose whole school life revolves around the easy access to the desires of his hormones, the lure of peer pressures, and the easy life provided by misguided parents.
    …of course the BIG PICTURE is that this period is INTENDED as preparation for the substantial part of life when that schoolboy enters adulthood.
    ….how many of our boys are prepared for adulthood? Don’t you see them waiting at construction sites for a ‘laborer job’ – after 15 years of free education? ….or on the block? Or selling ackees? Or driving a ZR….. BECAUSE THEY SPENT THEIR SCHOOL DAYS FOCUSED ON THE VISSITUDES OF SCHOOL LIFE.

    Well life as we know it is just “school days” in preparation for a MUCH LONGER period to come. How do you think that one can be ready for THAT period? …by focusing on the “vissititudes of life”…or by answering “Why are we here?”… And then focusing on the REAL schoolwork

    What vissititudes what?!!
    …after 4 years of dealing with such on BU is it not obvious that all is vanity….?!?

  33. @Bush Tea

    For the sake of the discussion how can the focus be on one at the expense of the other? It is like focusing on the spiritual and neglecting the physical? Shouldn’t we be striving for harmony? Yes the vicissitudes challenge us day to day but some will suggest not all of us have the capacity to accommodate the high order thinking required to be philosophically aligned as you want. What happens then? What happens with the lost souls who are ignorant to what is required bases on your blueprint?

  34. What happens to students who are incapable of benefitting from the opportunities presented during their school life? …failure!

    Do you think that a scholarship winner or a sport champion or an entrepreneur succeeds by spending their youth focused on the vissititudes of life? …or do they tend to trivialize these distractions and focus instead on their long term goal?

    Those without the capacity to cope are unfortunately doomed to failure, however the real tragedy lies in those who CAN cope, but who are distracted with the frivolities until they realize that it is too late….
    Look around at the large number of intelligent Bajans who have missed the boat because they misspent their school days…it was probably fun then, but they will pay the price for the rest of their lives…

    This is just another example of the bigger picture of life…. We can focus now and apply the required efforts, or we can allow ourselves to become caught up in the distractions… Bushie has to admit,….Some of the distractions ARE FUN!! :). …especially the AX vissititude…. (thanks David, Bushie LOVES that word…) 🙂

  35. “….how many of our boys are prepared for adulthood? Don’t you see them waiting at construction sites for a ‘laborer job’ – after 15 years of free education? ….or on the block? Or selling ackees? Or driving a ZR….. BECAUSE THEY SPENT THEIR SCHOOL DAYS FOCUSED ON THE VISSITUDES OF SCHOOL LIFE.”

    Good morning Bushie dahling, many men are boys and will always be boys. The difference is that the clubs all have a different criteria. There will always be construction site labourers, ZR drivers, and ackee sellers on this rock. The smart ones with AMBITION will see these jobs a a means to get where they want to go. For example a friend told me that her daughter who is working as a sales person in a Bridgetown retail establishment had enrolled at UWI to pursue a degree in economics. As a young person she didn’t take secondary school seriously and had a child soon after she left. She then decided to get more CXC’s and go to university. A male friend who is a van driver asked her how she was doing, she responded she was doing fine and was off to purchase some books for her course at UWI. She mentioned that she didn’t know that books were so expensive but she had to get them. He responded that he don’t see why she has to go to university and throw away her money on expensive books when she could be doing other things with her money.

  36. To be admitted and graduate from a credited university requires more than books and lunch money….Some often believe that once admitted means a qualification… too many many times, some enter only to leave disillusioned.On the other hand some can’t even meet application requirements.

  37. @ Bush Tea | August 19, 2012 at 6:58 AM |
    “Suppose it turns out that THERE IS a purpose for our existence, and that the things that we are currently spending our efforts on are actually wasteful, counter- productive and destructive”

    What purpose could there be for our existence, may I ask, out of a thirst for some enlightenment from the great philosopher Bush Tea (whom I admire unconditionally)?
    Do you really think that human beings are any more important in the Grand Scheme of Nature’s Things than the other animals? What makes us different in this ongoing cycle of birth and death with the requisite processes of ESAF (Eat, Sleep and F**P) to which can be added the vital waste disposal functions of P&S?
    The vicissitudes of life faced by humans are the same of those faced by the other animals: survival of self and the preservation of the species. Kill or be killed. That is why we kill other animals to survive.
    Human beings share a 98% or so genetic (DNA) similarity with other primates especially the chimp with our social/sexual behaviours almost identical to our bonobo family members. The remaining DNA difference is due to genetic manipulation or engineering by the Big Boss Engineers from the Tri-Star System Sirius. Even you book of myths makes reference to this experiment in a very simplistic and primitive way in the second chapter of the book .

    Bushie, tell me if I am wrong but the only difference between humans and chimps is that of ART and language (which is in itself a functional form of artistic expression). The 2% or so DNA variation is what makes humans an artistic animal to change the physical world around him for good or evil (never pick fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil or your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods similar to the BBEs from the skies).

    The only purpose of life for human beings is to survive, worship the Light and keep Mother Nature’s garden well tended and variegated. Failure to do so over time would result in banishment from the Garden and replaced by another experimental species more enlightened to the commands of the BBEs and obedient to Mother Gaia.

  38. @ bush tea, old onion bags and David


    Six lines and one word of unrelated profundity, i almost said dribble, from a neophyte who has just learnt about blogging, a virgin who is blatantly unaware of the protocol associated with submitting thoughts that are connected, lumen of association, to the inteligencia and illuminati who abound in these cyberspace halls.

    But soft awhile, one notes that they are not so befuddled after all for you do note that we have all diverted from Broomes and Mary Anne and the Inquisition.

    Indeed a master stroke by a braniac (possibly Gollop) for Broomes is not capable of this craft.

    Well done one “why are we here?” for, and i shall tell ye this, we are here to dance at your bidding.

    David who is normally able to discern the disambiguation was seduced by this and we have lost sight of Broomes in the smoke you blew up our respective po***es

    • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

      You think so?

      BU allows great latitude in discussion BUT the substantive concern remains don’t you think?

  39. Our experience here has shown that our brain has a possibly limitless capacity. It seems incomprehensible that we are here only to reproduce and die – that after all we do, we can only look forward to death. Is it possible that there is another, higher level of existence that awaits those of us that are able to comprehend how to get there during our lifetime, before we die?

    since you are on the thread of existence, have you ever given thought as to the reason for borning if you are going to die anyhow. “Man that is born of woman have but a short time to live.” Are we then born with a death sentence hanging over our heads?

  40. @bushie
    “how many of our boys are prepared for adulthood”
    taking this totally metaphorically i’ll say hardly any! What is worrying is that most of the “boys” don’t even seem to know that there is an adulthood or bigger picture around the corner!

    “It is like focusing on the spiritual and neglecting the physical? Shouldn’t we be striving for harmony?”
    Some may say that the physical doesn’t and never existed except through our mortal senses and carnal perceptions which are so limiting and limited that it isn’t funny. Once you find spiritual harmony the physical harmony naturally follows.

    good point. We believe that choice, thought and speech make us Lords of all nature, when in fact nature is much more beautiful, at peace and powerful than many of us!

    good Sunday morning discussion guys and gals!

    • @Observing

      Agree with that unrivaled happiness will flow from the command one has with the inner self which suggest that the physical and spiritual must be one.

  41. caswell, how would broomes know tht calls were going to gollop? u have no proof of anything but a one sided view. cell phones are not the only devices tht could be bugged. i remember 3 yrs ago, a friend called me and the the number of a major institution showed instead of my friend’s number. i happened to recognised the institution instantly since i often had to call tht number during business. i told the family, that their phone had to be gugged, give them the number and they foolishly called to enquire wht was going on. needless to say after that when they called me their true number would show up, so they thought all was well. .another time after this incident, i called them, heard the phone stop ringing and could hear all the conversation in the home. i figured that something was wrong, hung up and called back 10 mins later. i asked them what was wrong since someone pick up the phone but did not respond to the call. they wife when she told me that they have been right next to the phone, it never rang, but when i told her the conversation i heard between she and her husband, they got really scared as they realised that somehow the bug was activated when the phoine rang. they never knew who did it but left the home about a home after.

  42. @ Miller
    “Do you really think that human beings are any more important in the Grand Scheme of Nature’s Things than the other animals?”
    Not wishing to divert the thread from its earth shattering focus LOL…. But there is no doubt that human beings are CENTRAL TO and are the VERY REASON for the existence of the “reality” that we experience as life on earth. Equally obvious is that human beings, animals, and indeed everything that we experience is temporary and illusionary in the grand scheme of things.

    It is clearly a transitory experience designed with a more permanent outcome in mind….much like school is intended to be a transitory experience with a successful adulthood in mind.

    But this is not a thread for this discussion- Bushie just felt mischievous this morning and then David (as normal) egged the bushman to get all philosophical.

    ….apologies to all…especially the “piece of rock” 🙂

    • We have read what Caswell believes happened in this matter so let us recap based on comments so far and BU’s research:

      It is possible to install software on a modern "smart phone" which can keep track of what calls are made, where they were made from – if the phone has a GPS  – otherwise only generally as a function of what cell-tower is being used, etc.  More advanced "malware" can even record the conversations and then stream them out over the data-channel without the user being aware unless they happen to notice the data-channel indicators. Such hacking BU understands is very sophisticated, and relies on software designed for each phone model.  It’s not something "Joe Blow" is likely to have done — it’s more the purview of law enforcement agencies.

      Then there’s SIM cloning, which basically clones a phone.  Then calls from and to the original phone can instead go to the cloned phone – but only if the original phone isn’t on the network.  If it is, the cell network should disable both.

      Lastly there’s intercept — lawful and non-lawful.  The former is generally done at the service provider’s facilities but with wireless it’s possible to do "over the air"..  Usually if the intercept is not-lawful this is how it will be done, but it’s important to remember that intercepting both sides of the communications can be extremely difficult because the transmission from the cell-phone to the tower tend to be very low power, and the interceptor would need to have "line of sight" to the phone with a very high-gain directional antenna, and/or be very near to it.

      But so far based on the info in the public domain it is not adding up!

  43. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right | August 19, 2012 at 10:17 AM |… and illuminati who abound in these cyberspace halls.

    Are you?

  44. Please forgive me for my ignorance on this (and probably larger matters), but could anyone explain to me what is the crux of this matter, and why this is considered important?

    Is it that Broomes shouldn’t be calling Gollop?

    Is it that Broomes and Gollop are both claiming they know nothing about the calls, and “have reported the matter to the police”?

    As everyone should know, all calls made through the cellular network are logged by the provider(s) involved. (Same goes for “land-lines”.) So it would be trial for law enforcement to determine if the calls actually took place from and to the cell-phones in question.

    What is a bit more difficult to determine is exactly who made the calls — particularly if Broomes didn’t have a password set on his phone (which everyone should do, but most don’t).

    As an aside, what a lot of the International press refer to as “cell-phone hacking” is little more than reporters and investigators leveraging on the fact that most people don’t change their voice-mail password from the default.

    Since most cell-phone services include voice mail accessible from anywhere (not just the cell-phone itself), a lot of information can be derived by accessing someone’s voice-mail using the default password without the user ever knowing….

  45. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.
    Is it tough to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Thanks

  46. @Ronnie

    do some googling on the subject, but u will need a wb designer if u r not schooled in the area, web desing can be a tedius exercise, i tried it and and abandonned it. Try having a discussion with, i think that the name

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  49. I myself have found myself in the position where calls to my cell phone were being forwarded to the land line of a then partner (now an EX)

    The cell phone was left on my kitchen table while I travelled. The now ex had legitimate access to my premises and my cell phone which had/has no password on it.

    EX still swears on mama’s grave (may she rest in peace) that they never touched my cell phone.

    Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However ex made a massive discovery.

    Only my children call me on my cell phone.

    So so booooooooooooring.

    More than a decade later I am still laughing.


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