Is Big Brother Listening to YOU?

Submitted by St George’s Dragon
What happened to the surveillance equipment used by CWC?

What happened to the surveillance equipment used by CWC?

The big news in the USA and UK is about their Governments tapping into the internet service providers and having access to all the emails, Skype calls, photos etc., that go through Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and the other technology companies.

What about Barbados?

Will our Government tell us what access it has to our private data? No, of course not. Will our press seek out the truth as happened in the USA and UK? I don’t think so. So it is left to us, the public, to piece together the facts about what goes on behind the scenes in Barbados. Here is my starter for ten.

There have been rumours in the past of phone tapping relating to Jeff Broomes, Hal Gollop and a senior officer in the BPF. Although the Hal Gollop case was referred to the police, unsurprisingly I don’t remember seeing any conclusion to this or the other cases.

It is fairly common knowledge that some security systems were put in place at the time of the World Cup Cricket in 2007 although the headline was focused on a “blimp” which apparently no longer works. It is also known that there is a Command and Control centre in the District A Police Station grounds although what it does is not clear. One of the floors was rumoured to have been fitted out by or for an Israeli company. An Israeli company was also linked to the cameras which appeared on the south coast a while ago. Whether that is the same company is not clear, although the odds are that it is likely to be.

So is Big Brother listening in? What other information do you know?

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  1. The good news is that if they had the equipment, by now it probably isn’t working anymore!

  2. A lot of people love nothing better than to put all their personal information unto the social media networks, facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram etc, etc. thinking they are connecting with everyone around the world, well you are, including all the security agencies, you have no one to blame but yourself……….you are not supposed to put your personal information in the public domain.

  3. Nostradamus…got a point, bajans need not worry if they have to depend on the authorities to maintain spyware, never going to happen.

    • We spew about civil liberties and the extent to which government encroaches BUT is it not expected for government to play a role in proving national security? How can this be done if not using surreptitious means at times.

  4. It is no surprise to me
    KEEP wunna ass quiet
    Do what is right. Say what wunna mean and mean what wunna say. That way wunna would know what wunna get into
    Yuh cant hide and do things in this modern day
    So dont do something that you have to hide and do unless it is a natural demand of nature

    The playing field is about to be levelled
    When people talk about the end of civilization, maybe the end of the world they mean the New World Order taking over not necessarily the end –end of the world and this it part of it—It is Here ! Get used to it. And do unto your nieghbour as you would have them do to you.
    Stop doing wrong things–tiefing –stop that
    In Bim
    Hational Housing Corporattion showing Ronald Bascombe PS in the Ministry how it going to be –More will join Bascombe sweating

  5. the government runs all television and all TV is designed to brain wash you
    these days.they tell you what to buy,what is new and improved,pretty much
    everything.the phone companies are under the control of the government also.
    EVERYTHING is controlled by the Illuminati.the companies that pay billions to get their puppet presidents and prime ministers elected.
    this was not always this way but in 2013 it certainly is.
    there is a USA satellite if you look out from worthing beach at night
    and the entire upper floor of that hotel there is rented to the USA government.
    did you all not know this?
    they can beam in on you taking a pee if they want to.
    it is world wide.

  6. A satellite fell out the sky one day in Bim, right into the back yard of a friend of mine, had to call the embassy to come collect it and that was in the 1980s.

  7. @David | June 8, 2013 at 2:38 PM | Indeed. You are absolutely correct. Mostly, what happens is like when you are setting up your filters for moderation, except the one used by governments is far more sophisticated. Mostly, it is all handled by the Americans, who then alert other governments. Also, there are banking records that are not immune to governments. However, they can only use the information in the event of matters of public emergency or public safety. Remember that there is such a thing as privilege. Privilege covers many aspects of communications – client and banker, client and solicitor, doctor and patient, husband and wife – and so on. It is a very delicate balance. But, as you say, a very strong case can be made for the necessity of invading the privacy from the point of view of national security.

    @mrcorrecto. In some areas, you can do what you claim the Americans are doing from Worthing, yourself. Very simple. Google. Reds under beds time, I think.

    • @Amused

      The challenge for Barbados is that unlike the developed countries there is a banana republic approach to how privacy is managed and the extent to which civil liberties will be crushed.

    • BU have wondered why the media et al have not felt the urge to ferret out the big story. A senior police officer accuses the COP of wiretapping and it hardly makes a ripple in Barbados. It is noteworthy that Inspector Anderson Bowen has been reinstated.

      PHONE BUG?
      By WADE GIBBONS | Fri, June 18, 2010 – 12:00 AM
      AN AFFIDAVIT before the Supreme Court, calling for judicial review of an internal disciplinary police matter, has accused Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin of authorising unlawful recordings of telephone conversations (wiretapping).
      The allegation was one of several accusations lodged by suspended Inspector of Police Anderson Bowen, and the affidavit names Dottin as first respondent and the Office of the Attorney General as second respondent. Declined commentWhen contacted by the WEEKEND NATION, Bowen declined to comment.
      According to a copy of the court document, Dottin has been cited by Bowen for at least twelve (12) instances of wiretapping.
      These include telephone conversations emanating from Black Rock Police Station, his St Philip residence and the home of his deceased mother, Velda Gittens, formerly of Wavell Avenue, Black Rock, St Michael.
      Bowen alleged in the affidavit that Dottin played the taped recordings to him while in the latter’s office at Central Police Station. The tapes were allegedly germane to an internal investigation.
      The WEEKEND NATION was also able to acquire a copy of Dottin’s signed affidavit in which he responded to charges that were levelled against him, categorically denying most of them. However, Dottin did not deny the charges relating to the wiretapping but linked the alleged action to national security.
      In Dottin’s affidavit, responding specifically to the wiretapping allegations, he said: “With respect to the tape-recorded conversations referred to in paragraphs 22 to 32 of the applicant’s affidavit, I have formed the opinion that it is not in the public interest to disclose these as I believe that such disclosure would cause real damage in relation to the security of the island of Barbados.”
      Acting Attorney General Michael Lashley told the WEEKEND NATION the Bowen/Dottin civil matter was before the court and he would not comment on the wiretapping allegations at this stage. However, he said when those proceedings were completed and there were issues to be looked at “that would be done”.
      Attempts to reach Dottin yesterday were not successful.

  8. @David. Yes indeed, the Banana Republic aspect. Only banana republics these days have no FOI and POP legislation. By that definition, Barbados is a banana republic. Trouble is that this recession has taught everyone a lesson. That lesson is that there is no safety in banana republics. Not for finance and not for tourism and not for really anything. Barbados still enjoys a measure of creditability that it is not a banana republic – yet. But that credibility is being fast eroded by, primarily, the justice system. But also the fact that there is no credible FOI and POP legislation and therefore the information imparted to the executive by the US authorities can be illegally used by the GoB, not to forget that idiot we have as CoP.

  9. If Big Brother listens….who gives a FROCK?…..we is small change cant do a SMOCK…Sugar gone….Tourism gine….small fish in the sphere of things..

    • @Old Onions Bag

      Did you eat too much puttun and sous today? In this case of Barbados Big Brother is a local politico.

  10. Agree wid Onions
    We too small in the scheme o tings
    We are in USA backyard so they can step out in the backyard and spy on Venezuela and Guyana , Trinidad and Grenada

    • @newblood

      Who knows. Have we not been hearing about Iranian terror cells believed to be located in Guyana? Perhaps it explains why T&T maybe coming more and more of geopolitical importance with Chines and US heads visiting of late.

  11. Future headlines that might be seen
    Primre Minister Stuart to Resign
    Public Accounts Committee Refers Files to DPP
    No Confidence Motion against the Government Today. Government Ministers expected to vote with the Opposition
    Barbados to Welcome its first female Barbados
    New BLP Government was sworn in today eight months after the last BUY ELECTIONS

  12. @David

    what listening equipment is located in the s embassy? i am convinced that the americans do some listening for the govt on drug pushers. I HAVE a friend who is convinced that the phone is bug, we sometimes use or magic jac to talk or crap. How about that?

  13. Does it not bother anyone that a high ranking police officer accused the CoP of wiretapping his phone by swearing an Affidavit which the CoP did not deny? Also the fact that the CoP inferred that it was done because of national security consideration yet Bowen was reinstated with full pay? What is happening?

  14. @ David of BU
    Alleged Iranian Terror Cells in Guyana must be corrupted CIA Assets fo sure . I suspect Jack Bowman may be a Mossad agent with Tourette Stockholm syndrome

  15. JUST ASKING | November 10, 2012 at 1:54 PM |
    The BLP is set to assume the reins of Government once again come tomorrow January 25, 2013. The BLP under the leadership of party leader Owen Arthur completely destroyed the DLP under the leadership of Freundel Suart. The final election result shows the BLP winning 29 seats , the DLP GAINING NO SEATS and an independent candidate, a former member of the DLP winning the other seat Meanwhile former Prime Minister Stuart who lost his seat to a returning Noel Lynch said that he would retire from elective politics.

    The final result in the election is as follows:

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

  16. but don’t forget in barbados we had our own little spy “wiki-lips” Peter Wickham. only god knows how many more all “wired up” roaming around in this country some of whom might be your friends and family…….

  17. It is entirely jaw dropping and blood boiling to see and feel some of the new Barbados money bills that many people are taking around and using in this country.

    This fake-looking monopoly-looking money is another sure sign that Barbados is heading fast downwards into the developmental drain.

    The fact is that having for a long time been using the older Barbadian dollar bills and realising that they would have been made of good material, that they would have been superbly designed and that they would have been pleasing to hold and carry, the PDC has developed great disappointment and frustration at this new money that is just like paper with dye colour running through it, that is poorly designed with no embroidery what so ever, and that is so light that, to some of them, it does not give a distinguishable feel from an ordinary bit of paper that is to be thrown in to the garbage bin ( We can’t wait to see Pat Hoyos soon write some of his thoughts about this new money in either the Sunday Sun or the Barbados Business Authority).

    For, having been for some months using a lot the electronic and print media to promote and inform of the date when the new money would have been launched and the various features (good that a few features have been included to cater for the visually impaired), symbols and the various images of the usual Barbadian heroes ( it is absolutely sickening that there is no image of an illustrious Barbadian female yet) contained on this money itself, and having – during the course of some of these presentations – been getting what can now be said to be the use of good glossy graphic images to deceptively metriciously portray what this money would look like in the eyes of many members of the Barbadian public, it can nevertheless be safely argued that the Central Bank of Barbados has been wasting a tremendous amount of time, energy and money on these information series, plus Central Bank website information on this new money, as that the actual money when seen and felt by many people is poorly worthlessly out of sync with what was projected by those same information briefs and with what would have been the expectations of many folk in Barbados pertaining to its designs, quality of paper, etc.

    Indeed, on seeing and feeling this new money, gives us a sense that ontologically philosophically the PDC has been further devalued by the introduction of this money.

    We are of the view that many, many Barbadians will – on the basis of what this poor quality money reflects reinforces about the extant political economic depression in the country, or figures, portends for commerce and business in the short/long term in the country – try to charge the incomes, payments, and transfers of one another in the commercial business context more than before for to get the use of many goods and services in the country, as a means of compensating for this real devaluation that the PDC has clearly realized for ourselves has been taking place in the Barbados currency.

    Finally, what the PDC would really like to know from the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados is: what amounts in foreign currency has or will this money have cost the remunerations of the people of this country to order, print and acquire the entire amount of new money? How much in millions of Barbados Dollars will constitute this new money? And why has this introduction come at this stage when many Barbadians are horribbly suffering in the midst of this deepening worsening localized political economic depression?


  18. Uh wunda effin de gurls at de telephone company evah listen in to people talkin pun de phone whilst tappin duh shoes pun de floor?

  19. Carson Cadogan
    Carson Cadogan

    THE RESULTS were on cue until it became a BUY ELECTIONS.
    YOUR NASTINESS in Buying Elections with Jobs and money will be the albatross around your – the DLP’S Neck
    Next time it wouldn’t be the Eager 11. It will be the eager

    “Boy StinkLiar buy some votes in North West yeah!!!”
    But he is not the only one in the DLP that did it. Truth will win out


    Businesses closing down bout here everyday and you have the leader of a Government sleeping on the job. Negroman agrees that he does not inspire confidence and is calling for the Prime Minister to GO

    DO YOU THINK NEGROMAN IS THE ONLY DLP supporter who want the Prime Minister gone. Many of them thought that the DLP was out of it until it became a BUY ELECTION.

    Barbadians should have never voted for the DLP under the present economic circumstances. They are so ignorant and myopic; they can’t see things until they are upon them like heavy rain. The DLP knows this and exploits it to the fullest as seen in the BIG LIE –Advertisement about the Transport Board during the last BUY ELECTION Campaign

  20. Lime, or at least some one who claimed to be working for Lime called three times about fixing a problem with my phone. He called me not the other way around. I took the opportunity to inform him of a problem that I was in fact having, and that was that the dial tone was not changing to indicate that there was pending voice mails to be responding to. He said that he would look into that “as well” (as well with what else).

    To make a long story short, after he called me three times to test the line (there is no number left on the phone that could be called back) the problem with the voice mail did not go away. Do I think that my phone is being tapped ..? Hell yeah.

  21. Very interested to get an update about the Gollop/Broomes matter. BU has a lot of respect for Inspector Anderson Bowen. What is NOT being said?

  22. What needs to be made clear are who really are the good guys and who are the bad… and even more importantly who gets to make the determination.

    When a group of us, no more than about fifty decided to march onto the British Embassy about the flagrant violations of international law in the “regime change” exercises taking place in Lybia, the police presence was significant. Now just about every one in the group were members of the 4% of the Barbadians who have actually gone to the trouble of completing tertiary level training, and the CoP could muster the armed resources to escort a grouping. There was about one uniformed public servant to every member of the public.

    When there was a demonstration in Trafalgar Square against the US planned invasion of Iraq (the second one) the police presence was stark. I mean how really dangerous could a group of Pan Africanists and other independently minded people be to the stability of the country like Barbados
    … uh ..!?

  23. The Chief of Police, all of his management people, the entire senior staff that occupy the courts in Barbados are all graduates of our Educational institutions… mek ma shame ..!

  24. @David…your post..David | June 8, 2013 at 7:04 PM |

    In that case are you familiar with exponents ? then in that case
    Fcukdem.3……like a fella dat come from Flat rock…his name Bulldog a.k.a bogglie-cube

  25. My phone tap ?
    Of course my phone is tapped
    But you know what ? I don’t give a damn
    I have control of what I say on the phone drunk or sober
    of what I do in public or Private
    So whats the problem ??

  26. So PDC , it is true then that the DLP has devalued the Barbados dollar bills . They feel like

    that is just like paper with dye colour running through it, that is poorly designed with no embroidery what so ever, and that is so light that, to some of them, it does not give a distinguishable feel from an ordinary bit of paper that is to be thrown in to the garbage bin

  27. Now some reallllll cheap multicolored unfinished lookin dollar bills in circulation…increased money supply…..who we think we fooling? I wonder who comes up sometimes wid these solutions….”.looka fool dem igrunt sheeple AGAIN do….dem cud got sense?”…..plaster it on man…

  28. All that matters with paper currency is that it has good security features ie. cannot be counterfeited. All the other talk is superfluous.

  29. David……….sorry to burst your bubble, but i remember some years ago when the new US twenty dollar bill came out, the counterfeiters already had it down pat and in circulation and it had not left the federal reserve yet, according to the newspapers, so all that you can pray for now is that what you have is accepted when doing business.

  30. Dey look so cheap…grandson went in my wallet for ice-screaaam $$$ and said ..”Dads how come you walkin bout wid Parker Bros. Monopoly Money in your wallet?”…..honestly, redherrin lookin salamanders…..


    It is correct. An actual devaluation of the Barbadian currency.


    It is not superfluous to examine other characteristics of money other than the one that says that it must not be capable of being counterfeited.

    For, one of the very important characteristics of money is that it must be acceptable to be used by so many of people in Barbados.

    In money affairs any where, money must also have the confidence of a great number of people in its use.

    These and other characteristics of money (divisibility, portability, etc) are very important as well, and are – without exception – entirely applicable to the Barbados currency.


  32. @ ac ….Here is what you asked for….Antigua hotels on the UP..

    Recently published online by Caribbean News Now, hotelier, Rob Barrett, the CEO and operator of three hotels on Antigua, St. James Club, Galley Bay and Verandah Resort and Spa, announced some very encouraging news.

    ‘The first quarter of 2013, January through March, has been the best quarter in terms of financial results I have experienced since coming to Antigua over 20 years ago, despite lingering and significant global economic challenges in both North America and the UK’.

  33. @PDC

    You are spewing theory. We are commenting on a soft currency. When the old money is withdrawn by the Central bank which it has indicated it will Barbadians will have no choice than to use the new.

    Let us wait to see if the security features on the new currency is impervious to attack before being naysayers. It is not like counterfeiters will invest huge dollars to forge the Barbadian currency.

  34. @David
    When the old money is withdrawn by the Central bank which it has indicated it will Barbadians will have no choice than to use the new.
    You better recheck again…cuz either you right and Ms. Octavia XXXx frm the Central Bank…..frm all recollect it was stated on my TV CBC ..that the old bills and the new ones are BOTH in circulation in tandem ….what old one being withdrawn ya talkin?.. a temporary.increase money supply….right o wrong?


    Using plastic creates more problems from the point of view that in relationship to the amount of real actual money that is in circulation there still has to be a monetary basis upon which this plastic is used.

    The greater and greater use by persons of cheques, credit and debit cards, and plastic in many commercial financial transactions in Barbados has helped to greater and greater increase the real actual cost of use of money (local) in Barbados.

    It is primarily through these instruments being made by financial institutions and many others to relate to the artificial fictitious numbers inherent in them and to the ones they help to generate in the wider political economy and services industry sectors in our country, and significantly owing to the fact that these joke numbers have still got to be accounted for by some reference to the use of actual money within the business environment – that have helped to greater and greater increase the real actual cost of use of money (local) in Barbados.

    It is the cost of use of (local) money that is, among other things like TAXATION, Interest Rates, greatly helping to destroy many commercial business aspects of life in this country.


  36. @Onions

    Do you understand what phased means? Of course both versions will be legal but when it has to be replaced which version do you think will be withdrawn?

  37. Onions
    Stop embarrassing the school colors nuh…
    The woman said CLEARLY that they routinely replace damaged and worn notes and will be doing so with the NEW issue from now on until all the old notes are replaced.

  38. David,

    In your 11.43 am, June 9, 2013, blog, it is you that stated that “ALL THAT MATTERS WITH PAPER CURRENCY ( our caps for emphasis) is that it has good security features ie, cannot be counterfeited. All the other talk is superfluous.”


  39. These BLP people just don’t change.

    They oppose for the sake of opposing. When Barbados’ own currency was first introduced, the Barbados Labour Party members ridiculed it, believe it or not they called it Monopoly money. Now in 2013 they are defending it and calling the new notes Monopoly money.

  40. Don’t be a johhny Carson…..the money was made as cheap as possible…look it does not even have a vertical border….is that not reason to query? It’s a country’s currency dammit…go look at a EC or TT $ you kluxx.

  41. old onion bags

    Admit it, you all BLP people oppose for opposing sake, nothing else.

    This bogus argument, ” look it does not even have a vertical border” does not cut it.

    If it had ten vertical borders you BLP people would find something else to criticize about it.

    It is in your nature to be stupid.

  42. @ Bush T
    No one disputes that the old ones are intended to be withdrawn GRADUALLY… (just syntax matter btwn. me and David that’s all.)..relax man

  43. The money looks as if just run off on a longgggggg sheet…and cut off with a guillotine…..vertical borders make a difference….and I am not being fussy.

  44. David….so what if Dela Rue is the largest maker of currency….Barbados must maintain certain standards cost factor or not……dun wid dat

    • @Onions

      You should be concerned with our ability to earn money, leave the security features to the experts.

  45. Old Onions, you should see some of Canada’s new currency especially the 20s and 50s…………clear see through plastic, it does not stay in your hand long enough for anyone to complain though……..ask Hants, Lawson or Alvin.

  46. @ Carson C. Cadogan | June 9, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    Sock it to them Carson, give it to them good! Don’t they know it’s the DLP who gave Barbados its own currency like Independence?

    But pray tell us, CCC, do you think that along with making the new paper currency more lightweight the CBB could have also printed a $500.00 and $1,000.00 to make the poor man journey to the shop a lighter experience to buy a tin of corned beef and a pack of biscuits?
    After all, your party promised to reduce the COL with immediate haste prioritizing it as of Jobs No.1, 2 & 3 on the 100 day ‘to do’ list.
    Don’t you think that Bim being in a permanent state of recession for the last 5 years prices should have been falling as expected in classical economics fashion? What has happened to job No.1 or 2 or 3?

    It also goes to show the lack of foresight of your administration.
    With the coming devaluation don’t you think printing the new notes with higher denominations would have been a proactive coup de grȃce to save poor Bajans from carrying around such a heavy burden of small denominations in their pockets to pay skyrocketing prices similar to what happened in Guyana, Jamaica and even places like Zimbabwe that Bajans like to skin their teeth at?

  47. @ Carson C. Cadogan | June 9, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    BTW, Carson, there is one revealing feature that you ought not to omit from the new denominations- the faces of our latest heroes.

    You should put the dead King David on the $500.000 note with the embossed inscription a trusting security feature: “In King Liar We Trusted”.

    The crowning glory of the $1,000.00 should be given the dying Godfather of the DLP and chief financial backer Leroy “Greenverbs” aka King Fraud with the security inscription: “If my face fades this note is a legal forgery”.
    After all the man is a financial wizard that was able to use only a primary school education to become the greatest statesman of the DLP. Not even Sleepy, Talma, JCT, BMT or even Berstein or Carlton Brathwaite had so much clout and power over reigning prime ministers.

  48. It is entirely jaw dropping and blood boiling to see and feel some of the new Barbados money bills that many people are taking around and using in this country.

    That is serious !

  49. PDC
    What happens when blood boils
    I can see some profuse sweating/increase heartrate/brain seizures etc
    Is there a Dr. Porgie in the house
    Come in Doctor

  50. @ Carson C. Cadogan | June 9, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    I am queuing up right behind you, my friend. When you deliver I will fill your place.
    Not all jackasses bray, some do talk in DLP doublespeak.

    But we keep forgetting sarcasm is not your forte.

  51. I dare anyone to open Carson’s link above and see that this fellow has a serious PROBLEM……

  52. “Every time you post a message you are traceable down to the street and building you in. I will get you. And I don’t waste my time making idle threats.”

  53. You come within a foot of my daughter, Roosy, and your life will be changed. Not a threat. An absolute promise.

    How’s the Caribbean porno industry working out for you?

  54. “Every time you post a message you are traceable down to the street and building you in. I will get you. And I don’t waste my time making idle threats.”

  55. @David “We spew about civil liberties and the extent to which government encroaches”

    David we don’t want the government all up in we business ok?…even though we don’t have any business.


  56. The Nation By WADE GIBBONS Fri, June 18, 2010 – 12:00 AM…”Acting Attorney General Michael Lashley”

    Mikey was acting AG?

    Oh boy!!!

  57. I could not give two SHITS if anyone is listening to me,,,,,,If my conversation helps to protect ,,even me,,then what the S__t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Those who are afraid ,,KNOW WHY THEY ARE AFRAID,,,,,soooooo go right ahead my brothers,,,,But ef yuh hear me talking bout PUM!PUM!,,just dont try to record it and sell it ,,at least give me a cut,,O.K.

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