Defining Noise Pollution From Sundown To Sunrise At Buddy's Soca In St. George

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A resident of St. George becomes so incensed by music bombarding the eardrums from sundown to sunrise that decided to do something about it. BU had advised the irate resident when contacted via Facebook to capture pictures and video to tell his story and he did. The audio on the video confirms that this is a weekly occurrence on Friday and Saturday nights at Buddy’s Soca in St. George.

BU apologizes for the crass language which the resident uses from time to time on the recording.

10 thoughts on “Defining Noise Pollution From Sundown To Sunrise At Buddy's Soca In St. George

  1. Apology for the crass language? We should be thankful that its only cussing that he is doing. In other parts of the world,affected residents have been known to use much stronger tactics against these community terrorists.Noise and deprivation of sleep can drive one to extremes.Ask the keepers of the Guantanamo detention centre. One day we will arrive there.

  2. That is disgraceful and unfair. However I feel if the powers that be try to do something, you are going to hear the cry of ‘the poor black man’ trying to make a dollar.

  3. They does got some ignorant, inconsiderate shites in Barbados fuh true. If you ask me, a great part of the problem is a lack of training by parents and/or grandparents in common decency, manners and what it means to have consideration for others from when they were small.

  4. Did not see much of the place in the video, thnx. BTW David, but of course the guy has a point. Barbados has space, space enough for these types of operations to do they thing somewhere outside of residential areas. I have NO problem with all nighters, but the location in this case is obviously wrong. I was pissed years ago when the members in the Maxwell Main Road area had the Garage Night Club shut down. The same thing happened to the Castle Tavern. Now with the advantage of age and the ability to reflect, I see the problem and the reason for the action that was taken.

  5. The place thrives on indiscipline, everyone wants to do their own thing whether it is the indiscriminate burning of dead shrubbery or garbage (who cares if the next door neighbour is asthmatic or suffers from some other respiratory illness). I can shorten the muffler on my car, play music loud at all times, stop and chat with my friend on a two lane road where we block all traffic. I can go on but what’s the use?

    This indiscipline is even condoned by Cabinet members, who can forget the BLP Minister who encouraged drivers to “jam bust”.

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