Barbados Crop Over, The Greatest Summer Festival On Earth

Whether you judge based on the plane loads of Barbadians and tourists disembarking at Grantley Adams Airport, the jam-packed fetes, the many cruises off the West Coast of Barbados, the bumper to bumper traffic around Bridgetown many with H-number plates, capped by a rising excitement triggered by the culminating events of Pic of the Crop Finals, Foreday Morning, Bridgetown Market, Cohobblopot and the street jam Kadooment, Barbadians at home and abroad for the next few days will forget that world remains gripped in a world of economic uncertainty for a few days at least.

If the above was not enough to excite, next week Barbados will host Rihanna, arguably the world’s most visible entertainer in the WORLD at Kensington Oval to a sold out arena numbering 25,000. Did we mention that Rihanna is a Bajan?

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  1. A bulletin from the Barbados Meteorological Services today stated that a strong tropical wave is located about 1 000 miles to the east-southeast of Barbados.

  2. I hope that all have a wonderful CROP OVER free of any problems. And if any problems does accrues they will be simple ones without any harm to anyone; Hoping to make it for 2012 CROP OVER. But I have 8 friends who are there right now getting their party in. I do agree 110% that CROP OVER is a force to be reckoned with when it come to having fun;

    • @Hants

      Bad weather expected to affect Barbados late Sunday and Monday.

      Good weather for jump up jump up.

  3. David I hope the bad weather shift away from Barbados so crop over can be sunny. Wish I was there.

    @Dr.GP. read page 3 of Barbadostoday.

    Is that my 5th form french teacher talking about Calypso and the church?

    • The results for the Pic of the Crop Finals

      10 – Khiomal
      9 – Chrystal
      8 – Kid Site
      7- de announcer
      6 – Tc
      5 – AC
      4 – Adonijah
      3 – Blood
      2 – Gabby
      1 – Popsical

  4. May we all have a crime free Crop Over. May all our people and our visitors enjoy themselves freely and safely. I hope that all the hard-working food vendors and those who are farmers find some economic help with increased sales of their products and produce. And that all who are working otherwise to make a dollar over this festival do so with thanks. All that is left is to wish BU and its many followers, a great Crop Over. And yes! Rihanna is coming and I, for one, are as happy as a pig in mud for my daughter has given me the best birthday present ever – a ticket to see “our girl”. Almost a whole week to forget our troubles and tribulations, have a much required rest from being bothered by all our economic woes turning them all, if only for a short period, into a happy revelry of party or just a quiet stay at home time enjoying. So…be safe… be good and be blessed. HAPPY CROP OVER EVERYONE. .

  5. Wherever you go, whatever you do…
    H A V E A F U N-F I L L E D & S A F E C R O P-O V E R W E E K E N D!!

  6. Congrats Popsicle.If I was in Bim now me n you would ‘pick affair’. Dah chune tu swoiteeeeeeeeeee boy.
    da,da,da,da,daaaaaaaaaaaaa, I would pick affair.

    Mercy me, young buoy, ya tu sweet.

    Now road march chune is ‘Jamminnnnnnnnnnnnn’ by Mikey.

    So wunna all injoy wunna-selfes fa de res a de Crop,rain,sun or snow.

    Popsicle, rite now I wud Pick affair wid yu, n Mikey, keep Jamminnnnn.


    Mawnin ta my BU famblee. Heh-heyyyyyyyyyyy, faget ma mannas.

  7. Uh fagets ta menshun dat as long as Gabby nor TC din get dah crown, I din k who dah gih um ta. Duh coulda even gih um ta my lil mangey pot-starva-salmon-tot-retreeva in me back yard,……………..

    I cannnnnnnnnnnnn stan nun a de tu a dem.

    But Blood did my pick fa de Crop.

    En anudda ting, how de announca get in day wid he cannnnnn-sing self?He does soun like he readin de News when he singing.Fa tru. Dem coulda sen thru Classic insted, doan mind dat he cannnnnnn sing in chune ef ya pay he ta. But de announca??????????????????? stupseeeeeeeeeeeeee

    En anudda nex ting, how Kiomal n Adonija get in day singing de shoite dat dem did singing nah?stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeee n farttttttttttttttttttttt

    I doan fancy Smokey but he had tu good chunes dat cudda get he in de finals dis year.(n I saying dis wid a hevvy hart)

    I wanna be a judge nex year n I warnin dem in de early, eff ya is a crowd favrit or not, eff ya in soun good, sorry, try nex time. So TC n dem so, wunna betta cum rale good.

    • @Bonny

      You very sharp so early on this morning?

      Agree with you to some extent with the exception of the Gabby reference.

      Gabby is the only one who brings fresh melodies; all the others the melodies are tired.

  8. Most of you may disagree with me but the Cropover song at the top of this blog is a sweet well arranged calypso.

    Listen to it and enjoy.

  9. Keep yuh eyes on dis yuh.


  10. David
    Good forenoon.
    Man, Gabby does bring new melodies my fungus-infected big toe. All de calypso singers bout hay does soun samey-samey, he included. Looka, he does sing reggae, R &B, jazz, dub, salsa, meringue n all de udda genres a music n he does call dem KAISO.He should be in Kaiso-prison. He is nutton less dhan a Kaiso-parro. Ah lie??????????????
    De bes song he eva had in my opinion, is Emmerton. Dat is a gem. All de res is bare jobby.
    De shoite he win wid las year is mo pupp again. De judges like dem tink dat as long as he enta a competition, dat dem pledge allegiance n he gotta be in de firs tree. I doan ga long wid dah shoite man.
    Gabby my assssssssssssss. stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    N when he assault my man de Admiral las year; all like now, I would still like ta lock off ‘e neck. Vagabon.

  11. Bonny Peps

    All you got to do is spread dem legs you got dey, even wid dem pint size silicones dat you pouting, and I gun find a way to please you

  12. What was the issue at the end of last night’s show – the radio announcer is hinting of something disappointing, but withholding his comments?

    • @Alien

      Maybe this note from Facebook helps:

      Can someone tell me why at a major Carnival event they had to stop Machel from performing by turning of the sound system?…how rude for any entertainer without proper communication…..its Carnival time or Cropover time and you tell me you want to encourage Patrons to come out and have a good time and this is how you treat your own people?…forget the visitors…A show of such highlight at the peak of the festival and you shut it down at 1:35am…My goodness……if its the owners of the venue they have no heart for the festival…..I would hate to think its the organizers…..or anyone else for that matter…..How would you like that being done to RPB or BIGGIE IRIE in Trinidad or even Jamaica…..I am sure even the local entertainers were not happy about this….whoever it is you guys need to apologize to Machel and the Barbadian public for this nonsense move……not professional at all ………Just as I was about to catch the Cropover Fever you all come and spoil it…..lawdy

    • After Machel takes our fee for performing at Cohobblopot here is what he is quoted before he landed:

      Machel answers Bajan critics…in song
      By Nigel Telesford

      Story Created: Jul 22, 2011 at 12:55 AM ECT

      Story Updated: Jul 22, 2011 at 12:55 AM ECT

      Reigning Soca Monarch and Road March King Machel Montano answered his detractors in word and song last Wednesday night, during a special solo performance at Woodford Cafe in Price Plaza, Chaguanas.

      Responding to recent criticism of the massive promotion for his scheduled appearance at the annual “Cohobblopot” event in Barbados next week, Montano began his set by premiering a remix to his popular “2011 Return” single, “Coming Again”. The remix features multiple Bajan Party Soca and Ragga Soca Monarch, Ricky “Lil Rick” Reid. As the track began with the refrain, “Ah comin’ fuh Crop Over”, Montano commented on the criticism. He said:

  13. BAFBFP
    You too like invitin ‘troubl’.
    Tink ya cud hangl meh?

    My research suppos to alter de meanin of Kaiso or wah? Or wah?

  14. “Rihanna at cropover” will generate millions of dollars in Barbados brand exposure.

    Until we find an industry to replace Tourism, we need the exposure Rihanna brings.

  15. I’m NOT a fan of Rihanna because it is not my kind of music, however I see NOTHING wrong with her today at Kadooment. In fact I’m glad to see that she can let her hair down and behave like a bajan and party with her people. Three cheers for Barbados, where else in the world can a celebrity come and mingle with people except in BIM? Had she been in a lemmo surrounded by security, people would say she’s a snob. Go Girl, this is one time I’m in your corner.

    • Here is the picture of Rihanna which resonated most .
      We must remember all of the controversial pics which are floating around social media have been ‘staged’ to generate maximum publicity we are seeing in world media. It is not easy to get 1 minute of global media but to hog it like Rihanna has been doing calls for some smut work:-)

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  16. I just want to see the day, when a bajan becomes the face of a big T&T carnival event!…..we had the kaiso king of T&T preform here some time back as a guest artist at our finals remember!? and the next year our kaiso king preform at their [SEMI FINALS]!!!!!!! not finals!!! ah wonder why? ever thought of that!?…..we have the soca queen of the world right here in BIM, but we went for a Trinidadian artist to be the face of one of our biggest crop over shows! i don’t care what anyone say! that is not RIGHT!!!!!……..and it should NEVER NEVER happen again. have a great day!

  17. ON THE SPOT, re. | August 3, 2011 at 9:45 AM |, our soca queen simply cannot generate the gate receipts.

  18. If it is so! then we really don’t support our own!! because she is just as big or bigger than him!……And should be able to generate big gate receipts…..That is really no excuse for this problem! it would not happen in T&T!!!!!!!…No way!!!!…we have a serious problem! even the BNB in BIM is now TNT…….well!! own by Trinidad!…. so!!!!!!

  19. but could you play music like this instead of that solka noise you call music
    but is not recognized anywhere other than here in Barbados .

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