Delivering a Relevant Budget Before a General Election In a Global Economic Slowdown

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance

If one is to judge from the political rhetoric polluting the blogosphere this week, the delivery of the 2012 Budgetary and Financial Proposals promises to be full of drama. Whatever happens it will be a centre-piece event for several members of parliament as a much anticipated general election looms. For some it will a last opportunity before they are retired to ‘civilian life’.

It is disappointing Barbados continues to be comfortably lodged in an economic vortex precipitated by the mother of global recessions. Despite the economy being described as stable by the government’s banker, there remains heightened concern given current realities.

The focus of tomorrow’s budget presentation is the ‘licks’ which the government side promises to ‘pelt’ in Arthur.  It is not lost on BU that Arthur – as Prime Minister – hid under the cloak of parliamentary privilege to deliver scathing attacks on Barbadians who were unable to answerback.  Both sides it is fair to say have contributed to the poor standard of behaviour and debate in parliament in the last decade or so. It is unfortunate that what should be one of the most important debates in parliament will probably be relegated to a political slugfest.

BU is reminded from the view of opposition the purpose of the budget is to paint a picture of government’s social and economic plan. However, when in government Barbadians are encouraged to focus on the Estimates. Whether Barbadians have sufficiently mature politically to discern the games politicians play the jury may still be out.

What must be clear to even the political neophyte is that the Budget will contain goodies; the government has no choice. A political party is in the business of winning elections. The danger is present that with an ailing economy affected by the global economic shock, any attempt to shower largess on Barbadians will have a debilitating effect on the economy. The saving grace for the government is that many Barbadians believe the government needs to deliver relief in some form or fashion. The irony is that if the BLP is returned to office the post-budget period can be used as an indicator to evaluate DLP policies which will be unveiled tomorrow.

A word of advice to the actors from both sides in the debate this week. Please have a plan: what do you want to communicate to Barbadians? If you don’t have anything to ‘speachify’ about please don’t think you have to utilize the full 30 minutes of airtime.

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  1. If we look to see where Barbados is located on the HDI compared to other regional countries, Barbados carry cost to maintain existing level of standard of living will cost more.

    To be fair in our analysis.

  2. I am neither a DLP nor BLP supporter, I am one of few to have had family in senior positions of BOTH parties, in governments over three decades. Neither party can save us, that said I will be voting for the BLP in the next election, please no the party a favour and not jump to conclusions/ assumptions in the future.

    Further to this point even with a change in the government, we the people of Barbados are responsible for our current situation, for being docile, for tolerating 4 yrs of incompetence, for not demanding excellence, we filled the streets over an 8 percent cut, and this DLP administration, gave us 30 percent inflation, gouging, not to mention CLICO/Parris and the 3.3mil, Mia brought a no confidence motion against Thompson, and was right to do so. Nothing came out of it. We play this blame game of the political parties but at the end of the day, we are responsible,the DLP 1991 term was cut short, thanks to the people. So what has happened to us, that we have tolerated far worse with this government. Yes I am disappointed that the Bees will get credit for a lot of the RE initiative, that is the Dems fault, but at the end of the day both political parties should get credit when it is due, and cursed when they F up. Regardless of what I say, or who I vote for, family still spends Christmas together, ponder that.

  3. John Boyce has for the last 30 minutes showered praise on the performance of his ministry. However many would have liked to have heard his assessment of the PSV Sector under his stewardship.

  4. Imagine ..this DLP could not hold it together for four ( 4) good years….SHAMEFUL.

    @ Donville
    Which people in the Parliament yard get $ 50..? He got jokes…If there is one man who wants to win bad bad is him….keep the jokes my friend….for fore day morn.

  5. @old onions bags

    We only have one political party at the end of the day, it is like one family,put the 60 names in a deck shuffle them and deal them out to BLP and DLP. See if that would make a huge difference, probably won’t. Bajans must like the current set up, divide and rule while the elites laughing all the way to the bank. Your future is in your hands, but the ballot box is only half of the story. Take responsibility for your fate, sure the DLP F’d things up, but getting rid of their government is only the start, I have not heard a single radical idea with regards to our economy, we go on and on about foreign exchange, while latched to a collapsing USD. Until either political party,( the one party) has a paradigm shift in thought with regards to this matter. IT DOES not matter, the end game is the SAME.

    Elites store their wealth in gold, and they LOVE inflation, because it is a hidden tax, wake up people, you are being prepared for the financial slaughter house.

  6. ….probably a Donville cousin or a Trevor Eastmond, or a Clone….either way…..don’t forget ..this is not the first time ‘they’ wrote on the blog… the newcomers on Brass tacks say..” I am not a …..” laughable right ?

  7. I’ve heard that Family First is willing to shed itself of a few million dollars to help the DLP in the general elections, as they are STILL looking for financial support from corporate barbados but none is coming. They messed up REDjet and Williams/ Simpson group are not coming forward and the other bigman, who got most of the sweets is easing out a little bit by bit, only waiting to test the political waters . Ask Owen, these fellows only know you when you are on top, so Stuart when you lose the elections, don’t expect special trewatment when you go into these fellows company. the invitation to cocktail will cease, you will have to cock your tali with the ordinary/average bajan once again. Just remember, it was good while it lasted. You will go down in history as the luckiest P.M barbados ever had, never in your wildest dreams, you expected to become P.M of barbados, maybe that’s why you are still pinching yourself to see if it is true.

  8. The Minister of Health has just said in the House that he has saved $30 million on drugs. This is incredible while all the time people have been complaining that the generic drugs are making them sick, they cannot get certain medicines and he is bragging that he saved 30 million dollars. But did he not say a few months ago it was 12 million? Which figure is right? People are suffering and he is bragging he cut 30 million dollars from poor people getting medication. Shame!

  9. Scout,
    Do not forget that my sources have been telling me all along that all the CLICO policyholders monies were stashed away in Families First account. All the expenses for the last election were written from that account and the dead king was the only signatory. And we have DLP hacks on this blog talking about corruption and refuse to see the blatant corruption in the DLP.

  10. @ Prodigal
    Last time it was said to be $12 Million….lies can’t done…

  11. I read all the poppycock spouted by the BLP yardflowsbut somewhere along the line no one not even MIA has made a proposal on how thesegiveaways going to be paid for alot if dncing ariound the fire but if truth be known MIA giveaways and implemation of any of those propsal would set barbados back about thirty years and like now the damage done would be severe all the talk about the VAT noticed MIA never proposed any movement on reduction. plenty of generalities and “sound bites”an

    • I have said consistently on this blog and elsewhere that both Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley are bad for this country. I would rather see someone else emerge to lead this country. That is one of the reasons why I supported Freundel Stuart to be Prime Minister. The fact that I have also held him in high regard does not mean that I should not comment on his actions as Prime Minister: I am not one to hero worship.

      Freundel’s problem comes from the all too obvious fact that he is surrounded by a bunch of talentless drones. He simply does not have the support that would allow him to successfully manage the affairs of this country.

      Mottley did not fall flat on her face in the Budget as I was hoping which would have allowed someone else to emerge. Instead she excelled and clearly demonstrated that the Budget was all froth and no beer. Her reply has caused her profile to rise.

      As I said earlier, Mottley and Arthur are bad for this country, but over time I have come to the conclusion that this present administration is worse.

  12. The BLP yardfowls are so gullible lapping up the lies.
    If you listen to the nonsense spouted you would think that Barbados is self sufficient in oil .A joke!
    But what was the most dishonest thing about the BLP response is that the BLP said that cutting spending was the most important thing needed but you know what – The BLP then came and produced ABSOLUTELY NO SPECIFIC LIST OF SPENDING CUTS – I leave intelligent Bajans to wonder why.

    How can any intelligent Bajan not see right through the BLP Lies and deception. Mr. Sinckler took the high,mature road which would lead to the transformation of our economy while the BLP tried to entice voters with a list of empty promises. Cutting spending was the big talk from the BLP but any of the BLP supporters please identify where the millions of dollars in expenditure restraint and cuts will come from.
    The BLP will fool those who allow themselves to be fooled.

  13. Clyde Mascoll’s made a statement in 2010 in the newspaper “So how do you reduce taxes without increasing the deficit? This is done by cutting current expenditure”

    Ladies and gentlemen , can you honestly say that the BLP has clearly identified where the millions of dollars in spending cuts will come from?
    The silence is deafening.

    Come on people, we all went to scholl and what is happening her is plain for all to see- The BLP instead of taking the high road went back to the 2012 version of corned beef and biscuits trying to tell people that you can cut everybody’s taxes and still keep public sevants employed and still fund university and still provide free health care and then subsidise the cost of oil , yada..yada…yada…
    Please get real folks – The maths does not ad up. Mottley had a golden opportunity to be a statesman and challenge our country as a different kind of politician, instead she chose a cheap poilitics and trickery – bring the drinks somebody gine pay. They think that people stupid.

  14. !
    I would believe you didn’t hear the reply to the budget, or better still the real budget presented by Mia. Certainly if you did, I’m sure you would have heard Mia spelling out chapter and verse hoq the BLP is going to lower the cost of living and free up money in the society so that the bajan public once more can breathe a little better. It makes no sense my explaining it to you because your mind is so saturated by the nonsense of the DLP that there is no room for logic.

  15. How as a supposedly educated nation we repeatedly accept policy formulation from this administration that is bereft of any legislative grounding?

  16. I wonder if Byer-Suckoo really believes the shite she’s saying at the moment.

  17. a bunch of talentless drones – Wuk fa wuk, muscle mary, Dale “waste” Marshall and a piss poor field of BLP candidates.

  18. The Blonde is speaking. Byer-Suckoo said the BLP did nothing for Barbados at all. she said that people are suffering now and one must ask “isn’t she a part of the government?”

  19. Dr. The Honourable Esther Byer – Suckoo has done more for St. George south in fours years than the BLP did in the last 14 years after the BLP negelected this constutuency consistently.

  20. For those who scout around the fowl coop in the BLP Yard, the BLP response was honest, predictable, ordinary and fraudulent.
    Mia Mottley refused refused refused to outline where in the budget the hundreds of millions of cuts can be found.
    Where is the 500 million tourism fund supposed to come from? Can you please tell the people of Barbados where is the mooney going to come from?

    Where is the beef. Thank God the BLP is in opposition because after that sh*te that was spoken as a response, I beleive that Barbados would have been downgraded by the ratings agency directly after that Alice in Wonderland faairy tale budget– Stpse

  21. esther byer suckoo spoke to the issues with clarity also left an impression that she worked hard for her constituents and reaped fruits on their behalf. good job in her response, no political hocus pocus by her as was witnessed yesterday by the response given by mia,

  22. @ Enuff | June 28, 2012 at 6:27 PM |

    The adherence to the ‘Rule of Law’ means nothing to this administration.
    What Marshall said about the NIS funding proposals of the tertiary Education Sector being in breach of the Act is way above Sinckler’s intellectual capacity. He will NOT tackle this major faux pas. If he does address this potentially serious violation of a very important Act of the Laws of Barbados it would be in the form of political harangue with vicious accusations that the BLP do not want to see Bajan people have access to tertiary education.

    Instead of accepting his mistake and taking steps to amend it by promising appropriate amending legislation, as usual, he would accuse the BLP of wasting money for 14 years and that they should have set up a special fund when (‘money was no problem’) to finance tertiary education and now the DLP is doing it the BLP are against it.