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Homosexuality has existed from time immemorial

With the state this country finds itself mired in God knows that some sense of levity is necessary, if only for one to maintain a semblance of sanity in these the most oppressive of times. Dennis J and Fireworks to some extent were able to do just that. Then came the monologue from one Peter Wickham on Thursday’s edition of “Brass Tacks. With three times the passion exhibited in defence of a poll that said exactly what all right minded Barbadians say publicly, Peter Wickham called to task the powers that be at Starcom Network. With the gumption of a man firmly grounded on the courage of conviction he brought to the table a subject that for one reason or another has worn the status of “Taboo” if only because hypocrisy, like the broken trident is symbolic of things Bajan.

It was on the aforementioned Brass Tacks that a caller told us that the food fed to the unborn infant created a homosexual. As if to bolster such vapidity the announcer played a nursery rhyme composed by the ANNOUNCER [Calypsonian] which sought to tell us that one could not be brought onto this earth as a person attracted to another of the same sex. Truth be told “BOTSY THEOLOGY” then as it is now, is nothing more than gift wrapped toilet tissue. The wrap and the gift both go in the same direction. Lets look at the blatant hypocrisy that has attached itself to this vapid train of thought.

The very supreme being responsible for man’s existence, worthy of our given worship would very well be responsible for any and all hermaphroditic births, as well as those who through no control of theirs feel a proclivity towards a similar gender. Why then should they be regarded as society’s outcasts?  As to the argument they try to make that same sex marriage does nothing more than cheapen and water down the institution of the traditional marriage, answer me this. If you are so bent on the protection of the institution why not protect and seek the preservation of its every tenet? When last (or should I say ever) have you sought to prosecute for adultery? Where do you stand on spousal abuse? Then again I ask myself why do I ask these questions of a people that rose from their slumber long before time just to watch the beatification of man that did nothing to protect little helpless boys from a bunch of paedophiles dressed in collars and cassocks? What chance did these boys have? Did they have a choice?

As you mount your challenge to me be prepared to tell me how many priests were defrocked? How many little boys were deflowered? Still want to dictate to consenting adults? Question is exactly who died and left you in charge? To you I say Let Go—Let God.

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  1. @RR

    you like you want the suffer the wrath of the rlligious theoligians here. You want to burn in hell or what?

  2. @AC
    Are you serious in suggesting that Ronnie should apologize for ïnsensitivity to the previous program? These truly are the last days!
    @ Blogger
    Don’t worry God is able to fight His battles Himself leave all who are against Him to Him ; Vengence is His!

  3. Wuh loss. Fire and brimstone again. Why do people spread such ridiculous nonsense. By the way, if after midnight yuh walk in forwards, the duppies gine follow yuh. Mek sure yuh walk in backwards!

    Why y’all put the Almighty as vinditive and vengeful?

    Who give y’all the right to speak on behalf of the Almighty?

    It is a beautiful world, enjoy it!

  4. @ blogger
    What suffer what wrath what?!?
    He is just looking for some attention …. as usual. 🙂

  5. @RR
    hello lemuel. i noticed that you have not blogged under that name and from a different computer for a while, since your cover was blown.

    • Blogger

      It is a guessing game who blogs under what name. Stay focus on the comments if you can please.

  6. From the very beginning, in Genesis of God’s Word, the arch-enemy of TRUTH, Satan, sought to pervert, cast doubt about the absolute authority of God’s Word; this has not stopped right up until this very day, disregard God’s Word, it doesn’t matter, BURN it, yes, burn it, has been the relentless thrust of Satan’s purpose, and he uses a vast array of people, Worldviews, etc, to propagate, this secular, humanistic, nonsense, can’t work, won’t work, in fact Christianity, and I do NOT mean Catholicism, or mainline Protestantism, BUT On Fire with the Lord, Christians around the world, China, Africa, even in Iran, the Middle East as well, are the FASTEST growing religion in the world, because, Almighty God, His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and ONE man, are a MAJORITY, against the Evil, wicked forces of this Satanically driven world system, therefore, IMAGINE, then, what God can DO with multiplied MILLIONS who are on FIRE with His Anointing, Great and Wonderful things are happening, with EVEN GREATER to come very soon!

    Amen and Amen, Glory to God!

  7. @Pringles
    Ronnie response by music was provactive and unwarranated and was a blatant attack not only to Peter but to the gay community and that is why he should apologise . Ronnie should have exercise caution before putting his words via music.

  8. The Creation of the ” GOD” is unknown and is only a concept of theory which was driven into the hearts and minds of mankind to invoke fear. Man will never understand who or what is GOD until we know who ! WHAT! and where are the origins of God. When one sets out on a path without direction we become clueless and lost and at one point we begin to believe those things that are .There was a time when people believe and accepted the theory that the earth was flat because it was told to them until it was proven differently and as we continue to believe there is A GOD we must also understand that “GOD is only theoretical until it can be proven otherwise.So the question of “IS there a GOD would continue to be widely accepted by the believer not out of TRUTH but out of not being unable to comprehend the non existence of such a grand and hypothetical that only Man could have conceptualise.

  9. LOL@ ac
    Watch it ac.
    You have been doing quite well on BU since you moved on from the AX matter, and particularly since you have followed BT’s advice to check with MR. ac before posting 🙂

    Don’t spoil it now by delving into the matter of ” who created God”!!
    ….even Mr ac can’t help you there….
    Just ask Bushie!!!!

  10. The Creation of the ” GOD” is unknown and is only a concept of theory which was driven into the hearts and minds of mankind to invoke fear”
    the belief or non-belief in God is driven by Faith.

  11. In reading the comments, in my humble opinion some of them are full of fluff, some are just people who are accustomed responding to everything that is written so they respond. What I also notice that along with the fluff, the age old and familiar terms and arguments and ideas, like “homophobic” “consenting adults” “man do what you like”. Most of the arguments – for the lack of a better word are poppycock.

    Let me spice up this topic a little more, it is always good to have fuel/firewood for fire.

    How come homosexuals can do no wrong, but Christians are evil monsters that you all have appointed yourselves to slay and banish from the land?

    How come Christians can’t do what they like without disparaging remarks from all of you?

    How come if Peter Wickham can voice his opinion from his bottom of his heart, can’t a Christian with their own convictions voice their own opinions. Or is this society only conducive to homosexuals now and every one MUST remain silent so that we can all be tolerant?

    From my observations the muslims seem to be taking Barbados by storm, what will you say to them when they enact legislation outlawing homosexuality (the act and the person)? (this one is a two-fer)

    When we are all CONVERTED to homosexuality, then what will be the final outcome, is the world to come to an end or what?

    Just spicing up you alls day.

    Thanks in advance for the lashes I will get, cause I remain committed to my convictions that there is nothing humanly natural, clean, wholesome, pure, or profitable to a human soul about homosexuality. Now the homosexual is a whole different kettle of fish.

  12. @balance the non bellief of GOD isnot a theory built on “FAITH”but on ideaoligiesand and scientific proof of evolution for it does not take faith to not believe in GOD The believer uses FAITH as a reason to rationalise and understand the existence of “GOD”since there is no human form to prove otherwise.

  13. @ac



  14. @bush tea why not delve into the unknown for it is there where we come face to face with our very being.,,we ask questions because we want to know and as to quote a famous teacher who adequately said”seek and ye shall find”seems fair and rational to me.

  15. @DAVID

    I am always focused, one of the things you do in debates is to introduce asides and force you nemesis on the defensive. I enjoy when RR appeals to you for clarity. If someone accused me of somone else i will take the pip of my tongue use acceptable fishermen words alowed on the blog site and move on.


    check the mode of transmission of hiv in muslin coutries and you will be shocked to discover MSM(men who have sex with men) feature in the category of the transmission of HIV. Get your facts. also the use of needles. Human beings. muslins, hindus,christians etc engage in homosexual acts. Look at the recent scandals of those church leaders who Sunday after Sunday spoke about fire and brimstone, People like Jimmy Swaggart,Edie longe among others. They are Priests in the catholic Church, the Anglican Church. the methodist etc who indulge in homosexuality.

    I was interviewing someone in America quite recently about his knowledge of HIV and that person admitted that he is on the DL, He has fourteen children and would have had sixteen if two had not died. During the discourse he informed that he wanted to prove his manhood even though he had very strong feelings for the same sex from young. He boasted that when he goes to bed with women they come back for more because the size of his dick and more often than not, he is compensated, Here is this gentleman who had a preference for males, but end up with kids that he cannot support.

  16. @Warrior,

    Thre is a big difference between Peter Wickham telling us that a group should be allowed freedoms and another blogger telling us that we will all are wrong and that that group will all go to hell.

    And, yes whomever can spout whatever from the rooftops, Wickham, people above, you or I.

    But the rest of us are free to rebutt, at will.

    Like it or lump it. And, as I said, all that about fiure and brimstone IS al oad of rubbish.

    Absolute, as you say, poppycock. Oh and by the way, dont go out after midnight, in case you butt up on the steel donkey.

  17. As I’ve said many times before on BU, to the ‘Bildge Pumping’ scoffers and mockers of Almighty God and His Word, the Bible, the Historic Judeo/Christian World view, is the ONLY* religious one, without any paralell whatsoever, NONE, as the Bible, God’s Word, IS* consistently confirmed, throughout History, by!

    1.Logical Consistency
    2. Empirical Adequacy
    3. Experiential Relevancy,

    And its intricate warranted follow through in answering the following questions.

    4. Destiny

    None of you BU ‘Scoffers’ and ‘Bildge Pumpers’ have any logical refutation at ALL, to the above veracity of the historical and scientific evidence, CONFIRMING the TRUTH of God and His Word, the Bible, NONE!

    Why NOT? Because Truth by definition is ABSOLUTE!

    Almighty God, by defintion IS* the Uncreated, Creator of the Universe, PERIOD! Without Beginning, without END. From Eternity to Eternity!

    Therefore, Truth obtains, when, as spoken and declared by HIM* in His Word, the Bible, conforms to REALITY, as it DOES, throughout history, over and over again, right UP to this unfolding, chaotic world MESS, that we are IN!

    Secondly, that a statement is TRUE, is one that CORRESPONDS to REALITY. If statement “X” is true, corresponds to reality, then this implies that ” -X” is FALSE. In other words, if something is TRUE, this must logically, EXCLUDE something ( namely FALSITY) we are therefore left with two exhaustive options – TRUTH or FALSITY! There is NO other alternative, ‘Bildge Pumpers.’

    But, of course, you BU Scoffers, of TRUTH, just do NOT even begin to fathom, the principles of Logical reasoning, hence your utter inability, NOT to grasp the REALITY of God’s CONFIRMED Word, through FACTS and EVIDENCE, historically, hence, your constant merandering HOGWASH, diatribe, inept, VOIDLESS, NONSENSE, that you continue to write!

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS!

    Keep Bildge Pumping, otherwise the pressure in your EMPTY brains, may explode, prematurely taking you in your wilfully, and ignorantly, choosen DESTINY, of Eternal Fire, misery! Scoff at that NOW!

  18. what a recitation. in the above comment .REPETION is the heart and SOUL of CONFORMITY. Nothing illogical about THAT>all the above comment have proven that a daily dose of repition can make logic go away. In ZOES little POEM he has yet to adress the ORIGINS and CREATOR OF GOD.

  19. @ ZOE

    I might be silly but your Poem defies LOGIC! the truth and logical conclusion is that the existence of God was created by MAN and there is no other answer than that . THere can be no creation without a creator and man in his quest to understand the mysteries of the universe created a theory which is well accepted by others and if people of different persuasion question the theory they are damned and cast into a lake of fire. i for one think that the concept of God is a good one that have kept many on the straight and narrow and maybe had not for it mankind might be in worst shape than we are however the false teachings which arrives out of what is really not a mystery but a hidden truth that if when unfolded might cause chaos and question the church’s agenda for all those years. the church has yet to confront this theory that is clouded in mystery like the shroud of toram.

  20. The irony of it all is that the church has to put on a facade in the hope that the TRUTH of the nonexistence of GODis not revealed as the same with the gays whose dilemna is simliar by having to live a lie m.same coin different stories

  21. Read this story and weep.

    Homosexuality increasing in schools – St Jean
    Dominica News Online – Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    Simeon Joseph

    There is a growing trend of homosexuality in Dominican schools, according to Education Minister Peter St Jean.

    The Minister indicated this while announcing at an official function, that he was reassigning one of the ministry’s key officials to investigate “deviance and homosexuality” in schools.

    “The task of investigating and identifying the root causes of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality among our student population,” has been assigned to former Secondary School Principal Simeon Joseph, the minister confirmed.

    St Jean’s statement referred to a growing level of crime and violence “that seems to have pervaded our schools”.

    Joseph has been tasked with making recommendations “including a practical and achievable work plan to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development”.

    “Mr Simeon Joseph will be the Ministry’s champion on the issue of crime and violence, and if you want to say, inappropriate behaviors among our youth of school age,” St Jean said.

    The education minister’s homosexuality concern appears to have taken many off guard – not much has been said officially about that matter prior to St Jean’s statement on Wednesday.

    The violence issue is a well documented one however, through media reports on a number of incidents in which students have attacked and injured teachers at a well known secondary school and at other educational institutions.

    Saint Jean’s homosexuality concerns were articulated as he addressed a closing ceremony for 67 French teachers who underwent training over a four-year period organised by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, in collaboration with the Universite des Antilles et de la Guyane, and the Dominica State College.

  22. Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

    Posted on 5/12/2011, .

    The Senate on Thursday evening voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals – -or bestiality.

    On Nov. 15, the Senate Armed Services Committee had unanimously approved S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

    Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.

    It states: “(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”


    Democratic lawmaker called on to resign for having oral sex with boy, 17, in bushes at public rest stop after meeting him on Craigslist

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 20:49 GMT, 20 August 2012 .

    After police revealed that a Minnesota lawmaker had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy, both Republicans and Democrats have banded together to ask Representative Kerry Gauthier not to seek re-election……..

    Police reports of the incident reveal that Mr Gauthier, 56, put out an ad for an encounter on Craigslist and the 17-year-old responded.

    The two walked to a wooded area behind the rest stop pavilion for five minutes, where they engaged in oral sex and touching, police records show. A trooper approached Mr Gauthier on his way back from the encounter.

    ‘It was at that time I noted his zipper was open and part of his shirt was hanging out. I asked him why his zipper was down and he said he didn’t know,’ the officer wrote in his police report. ‘I told him to zip it up and leave. The male seemed nervous.’ Then, the trooper said, he saw the teen.

    He stated that he had met an older man at the rest area after corresponding with him in a response to a Craigslist ad,’ the trooper wrote.

    The teen told the police that his parents were unaware of his sexual orientation and begged them not to tell his family of the incident.

    Both men said the interaction was consensual and there was no money exchanged. The teen also told police that he lied about his age, telling Mr Gauthier he was 18 years old.

    ‘I think it’s a private matter and I don’t need to talk about it,’ Mr Gauthier said to the Duluth News Tribune following the explosive investigation.

    No charges were pressed against the representative as the age of consent is 16 in Minnesota.

  24. I have noted that in the UK Guardian online newspaper for 24 January 2013, a story on Barbados quotes a reliable source as saying that PM Stuart will disclose the date for the next General Election during a handing over ceremony of keys for the Forde’s Road housing units scheduled for 25 January 2013 at 3:30 pm.

    I guess the Nation and Advocate newspapers missed this story.

  25. David on January 25, 2013 at 6:43 AM
    Who cares at this stage?
    Sorry Sir , if my disclosure offended you.

    Have a good day

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