Pollster Peter Wickham Pushing The Barbados Labour Party Privatization Agenda

Minister David Estwick responded to the privatization debate of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on the weekend. There are many who believe he should be at the helm of the finance ministry. His blustery delivery on the weekend adds another view to that of Peter Wickham the pollster.

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  1. How Embarrasing for Kerrie Symmonds- He has been totally discredited after trying to mislead the public about the new and much needed molasses tanks.
    For those who needed any convincing, it is clear that Kerrie Symmonds cannot be trusted and has a problem with telling the truth.
    But the voters of St. James Central realised that a long time ago.

  2. It is politics as usual coming from Kerrie Symmonds and the BLP, nothing visionary, just a lot of gimmicks and empty promises which the economists who are not politicians will admit are bogus and would create more problems than solutions.
    Unfortunately, the economists who are politically aligned as party spokesmen are the ones who make the headlines and spout these false promises for perceived political advantage.

    The BLP spending millions through the Trinidadian owned firm Red Advertising to convince Bajans that we must sell everything we have- Owen Arthur’s “Paro Politics” does not make sense. We sell everything and then what??? Owen “Mitt Romney” Arthur has really shown that he is intellectually bankrupt and out of ideas.

  3. The BLP ads are being dismissed just as Mitt Romney’s were.Owen “Mitt Romney” Arthur realises this despite the thousands being spent weekly. There is a silent majority going about their business in Barbados who are quite aware of what is happening in the rest of the world and how Barbados is performing in that context.
    They are resolved and convinced of one thing “We do not want back Owen Arthur”.

  4. Excellent point We do not back Arthur or the corrupt BLP, with Barbadians eager to keep working the brainlessness of Arthur is to carry all his Advertising work to the Red Indian Man Jevan Jugular at Red Advertising a Trindadian owned and operated company, for more outflows of Foreign Currency to yet another Trindadian entity whereas there are any number of BAJAN Companies ready,willing and able to deliver at an even higher level than this Trindadian Company ever could but no they want to keep people in Trinidad working in the hope that Barbadians get laid off.



  6. Crown Jewel in DLP throne….being erected all like now….traffic at a stand still……..

    BEHOLD THE KING’S WALKOVER……CBC cameras mounted… you can see the magnificent caper on all like now[ http://www.cbc.bb] ….WOW…..capital assets # 3..and counting…whalossss

  7. @ Rational Son | November 17, 2012 at 9:10 AM |

    What about the DLP importing uniforms and other ancillaries from Trinidad for the David Thompson Memorial Football Tournament? Who is the agent doing the importing and who in the DLP are getting the kickbacks?

    What do you have to say about that? Nothing of course, you blasted hypocrite!

    • Please note that Jevan Jutigar has been living in Barbados for many years now and BU suspects RED Advertising Agency is incorporated locally. This T&T slur is just silly season rhetoric.

  8. OWEN ARTHUR AND THE BLP RESCUED THIS COUNTRY FROM A DEEP DARK HOLE OF DESPAIR INTO WHICH THE DLP THREW BARBADOS DURING THE PERIOD 1986 -1994. This was after 10 years of growth in Barbados from 1976-1986 under Tom Adams and the BLP. The Tom Adams Highway (ABC) stands testimony to the vision of the man and the Grantleys Adams Airport stands out like a beacon. Tom Adams gave us Owen Seymour Arthur when he indicated that Owen would be a future PRIME MINISTER

    The electorate foolishly voted out the BLP in 1986 and after years of prosperity, Barbados sunk to its lowest ebb during the period 1986-1994. The people said that the BLP politicians had become arrogant. The DLP told a lot of lies and with the aid of a backraise budget presented by the architect of the destruction, the came to Office in 1986. 1986 TO 1984 WAS ONE OF THE WORST PERIODS IN BARBADOS HISTORY.

    The debacle started in 1987 when Barrow was replaced by Erskine Sandiford in a opaque manner. Barrow had said at a meeting during the lead up to the election that after him , it was Sandy and any number could play after that. Some took this to mean that Sandy should be Prime Minister and CAMMIE ran up to the Governor General in a huff and puff and had Sandy sworn in-(One of the worst decisions in the history of BARBADOS. This decision was to have disastrous effects on Barbados thereafter. All of this was done by Barrow, the statement about Sandy and Cammie, the action to swear in Sandy to block Richie Haynes

    Richie Haynes actions thereafter demonstrated how he felt and resulted in Richie and 3 sitting DLP members of the House crossing the floor and becoming the official opposition adding to it the description that the Budget of 1988 as a backstreet abortion. This set the tone for acrimony and the whole period of 1986 to 1984 was tainted with gloom and doom. Barbados eventually became the laughing stock of the Caribbean with people in the other islands refusing to take our dollar and rubbing their hands in glee at our calamity. Unemployment rose to unprecendented levels, foreign exchange reserves fell to less than one week of imports, people went mad losing houses cars and moneys with breadwinners in households losing their jobs. It was the darkest period in our country and it was brought on by the DLP.

    Owen Arthur and the BLP rescued rebuilt and restored Barbados to prominence when they took over the Government in 1994, an occurence that was assisted by the no-confidence motion in the Government that was supported by the consious members of the DLP in House.
    Owen Arthur brought Barbados back to life between 1994 and 2008—Now we are face with the same situation over again.. A people who do not know their history are apt to make the same mistakes over and over again. It was a mistake to vote DLP IN 2008, it would be a Travesty to vote DLP in 2013.

    Give me Owen Arthur and the BLP
    Call the elections now !!!
    January 25, 2013 is my date

  9. I have just read the Minister Dr Estwick’s response to the Kerry Symmonds allegation about the molasses tank squander mania at page 5 of today’s Advocate . The first question coming to mind after reading was how could Symmonds misrepresent the facts in such a barefaced manner ? If Symmonds does not rebut what Estwick AND THE ADVOCATE have published he will be forever exposed in the eyes of ALL BARBADIANS as a barefaced liar . It is therefore over to Kerry Symmonds to defend himself.

    • Here is the Advocate report:

      Opposition is misleading the public, says Estwick


      By Amanda Nieves

      ACCORDING to Minister of Agriculture, Dr. David Estwick, members of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party are attempting to mislead the public.

      At a press conference held at the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday afternoon, Dr. Estwick responded to accusations of “squander mania” from Senator Kerrie Symmonds in an Opposition press conference on Thursday.


    “The electorate foolishly voted out the BLP in 1986 and after years of prosperity”
    So if you are saying the we the bajan electorate are so foolish why so keen to represent us again? ….or wanna want to come and punish us for our foolishness ?
    Do you know that the voice of the people is the voice of God?

  11. Was careful to phrase the statement to convey the right view. I did it very careully and consciously. A person can act foolish in a particular instance but that does not mean than the person is foolish but that the person acted foolishly.

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    David | November 17, 2012 at 10:33 AM |

    Please note that Jevan Jutigar

    Is he a misersable looking Trini boy hitch up to Esther Maynard sister who marry anuddah Trini boy who run drugs and Nelson Arms? Tryin to get my onions…..errrr ducks in a row.

    • @Just Asking

      What is the point of your last post? Are you holding the fact that he married a woman who divorced a man convicted of drugs against him?

  13. @ Bush Tea | November 17, 2012 at 11:15 AM |
    “Do you know that the voice of the people is the voice of God?”

    So where was God between 1660 and1951 in the years of our Lord?
    Asleep like the Awaken Giant Freundel fumbling in his back pocket to pull out the election date?

    thank you for that clarification

    Why don’t you leave the questions for JUST ASKING?
    Do you even imagine that you can question the voice of God? Skippa, you are not even capable of questioning the Bush Man…….leave de questions to JUST ASKING nuh!!

  15. Well the greatest achievement of the DLP is the renaming of three newer secondary schools. I am waiting to see if they will rename the St Michael Secondary School.

    These people are pathetic!

    Renaming schools and cant tell you what is contained in the Alexandra school report where close to a MILLION dollars was spent on an inquiry…


  16. Excuse my language David but this DLP is BARE SHITE. Imagine them showing the hoisting of a walk over after they end contracts on flyovers which has cost the country millions and them bragging about some silly walk over and showing it on Television. What the rassh#le Barbados coming to though? STUPSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE like C^NT!

  17. @ Bush Tea | November 17, 2012 at 1:28 PM |
    “Do you even imagine that you can question the voice of God?”

    Which God is that whose voice I can’t question?
    You mean the one that Zoe worships and is backing the Israelis in their quest to turn Palestine into a concentration camp?

  18. By 2050 Barbados transportation problems will be solved.

    Driver-less computer controlled vehicles will be the new mode of transportation.

    By 2050 Solar, wind and wave power will replace fossil fuels as energy.

  19. The BLP has not put forward one credible idea for improving and generating the foreign exchange inflows into Barbados.
    When “Muscle Mary” spoke about tourism a few weeks ago on VOB, his only idea was that we should use Rihanna more – Now you see why the BLP focuses so much on criticism because they are really short on solutions-

    Everyone with a brain can see that this government, even with criticism from some has embarked on an ongoing promotional relationship with Rihanna which is still being rolled out with much more to come.This has increased Barbados name recognition and awareness in the market place and social media.
    Some BLP yardfowls seem to think that the BLP will wave a magic wand and tourists in England will rush to the airport and fly to Barbados and fill the hotels. Keep dreaming.
    You can only sustainably stimulate domestic demand if you have those foreign exhange inflows. The BLP is quick to promise all kind of allowances and tax breaks but nothing about how the foreign inflows will come from or how the fiscal situation will be impacted.
    You will also realise that the BLP is also very quiet about what spending they will cut.
    So in essence the BLP is promising everything to everybody without saying how it will be paid for and where the foreign exchange inflows will come from to support incresed spending.
    Dr. Estwick was right- somebody call the psychiatric hospital bare madness is coming from the BLP. It is not making sense.

  20. @! | November 18, 2012 at 2:37 PM |
    “So in essence the BLP is promising everything to everybody without saying how it will be paid for and where the foreign exchange inflows will come from to support incresed spending.”

    We keep telling you “!” that the BLP has taken a leaf out of the DLP book of lies called the 2008 Manifesto. Now you know how it feels when the tight shoe is on the other smaller foot. He who wears the shoe feels the pinch.
    Retribution, ! Just retribution, ! Now we know that the DLP are a bunch of liars and now paying for the sins of the dead king.
    There are many of you DLP hacks like ac who still argue that the economy was is much worse shape under the management of OSA than it is today.
    It’s much better managed, overflowing with forex and tourists and people are much better off than it s was in 2007! I lie, “!”?

  21. @ Hants | November 17, 2012 at 5:46 PM |
    “By 2050 Barbados transportation problems will be solved”

    Yes indeed. By 2050- if things continue as they are- there will be no need for transportation. For little Barbados would be no more than a big atoll in a rising Atlantic Ocean. With the melting of the ice caps in Arctic the water will find its way in the Atlantic flowing south and tiny Bim will be in the way.
    Can you now see the paradoxical folly in the recent utterances of the propaganda statements of selling drilling rights to oil barons to “unearth” heavy crude off tourism oriented Barbados? Can you imagine an accidental crude oil spill?

    Drilling for oil off Barbados to be burned and eventually ending up in the atmosphere is like a diabetic living in a sugar bond while building his own coffin.

  22. WHEN in 1994 Owen said 30, 000 jobs
    wunna said it couldnt happen
    Hello -it happened
    When the Foreign Reserves fell to less than the equivalent of one week of imports, wunna said that Owen could not fix it—-Hello —He fix um
    Give me the BLP anyday
    Give me money in my pocket
    Give me the BLP

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    David | November 17, 2012 at 12:00 PM |
    @Just Asking

    What is the point of your last post? Are you holding the fact that he married a woman who divorced a man convicted of
    —-Hey David———————
    You got the wrong person
    That was not my comment
    They have been trying to steal my handle
    Look carefully and see who made the statement
    I dont deal in gossip

    Check who wrote the comment
    JEST ASKING | November 17, 2012 at 11:34 AM |
    Rate This
    David | November 17, 2012 at 10:33 AM |

    Please note that Jevan Jutigar

    Is he a misersable looking Trini boy hitch up to Esther Maynard sister who marry anuddah Trini boy who run drugs and Nelson Arms? Tryin to get my onions…..errrr ducks in a row

  24. The world of 2012 is not the world of 1994/1995. The economic growth in our trading partners in 2012 is not the same as 1995 when these countries were starting a period of boom.
    The civil service wage bill in Barbados was much less back in 1994 and we were still in the A catergory as far as our credit rating was concerned back in 1994.(A fact that the BLP conveniently forgets to mention).

    So all this foolish talk about “oh look how the economy grew fromm 1995 onwards,” the world is in a different place and by the way, Owen Arthur never had the Barbados economy growing when our trading partners were in recession or growing sluggishly.
    The one year we had a temporary drag in the global economy due to 9 / 11 was the year that the Barbados economy did not grow- Owen Arthur is not a magician and you BLP hacks must stop trying to portray him as such. The evidence is clear.
    Arthur is being very dishonest in his proposals so far as pointed out by some other local economists.

  25. I read somewhere that Owen Arthur stole a $ 750,000.00 cheque that was intended for his BLP party and deposited it into his personal bank account.

    Why would he believe he can be trusted with taxpayers funds ?

  26. Thanks Hants.

    I take it that Mr. Arthur stole no money or deposited any cheque belonging to the BLP into his personal bank account ?

  27. Peter Wickham is the worst political scientist in the world and a shitty pollster.

    He gave his views on the 2009 elections in Antigua, and his predictions were more than 80% wrong!

    He claimed Lester Bird wouldn’t win his seat, but he did. He claimed the UPP will win more seats that ALP but the didn’t. Total opposite. This Peter Wickham guy is a fraud.

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