Okay Fat Boy…Time For Change

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Fat lady in Bridgetown

Did I hear somewhere that come 2015…70% of Barbadians will be obese? Not good news at all considering our endless opportunities and open spaces to exercise. While net surfing I came across tasty tit bits and truffles on fat boygirl syndrome…

WE ARE BEING ENCOURAGED……its a conspiracy!!!

There is an alternative theory, one that has also been around for decades but that the establishment has largely ignored. This theory implicates specific foods—refined sugars and grains—because of their effect on the hormone insulin, which regulates fat accumulation. If this hormonal-defect hypothesis is true, not all calories are created equal, as the conventional wisdom holds. And if it is true, the problem is not only controlling our impulses, but also changing the entire American food economy and rewriting our beliefs about what constitutes a healthy diet.

Oddly, this nutrient-hormone-fat interaction is not particularly controversial. You can find it in medical textbooks as the explanation for why our fat cells get fat. But the anti-obesity establishment doesn’t take the next step: that fat fat cells lead to fat humans. In their eyes, yes, insulin regulates how much fat gets trapped in your fat cells, and the kinds of carbohydrates we eat today pretty much drive up your insulin levels. But, they conclude, while individual cells get fat that way, the reason an entire human gets fat has nothing to do with it. We’re just eating too much.And being encourage too. Why not ? It pays billions to the food, medical, research, legal conglomerates. Who wants to live forever anyway and can’t enjoy a candy bar of an ice cream cone whenever they feel like? Fat is a focus of commercial expediency unleashed on an unexpected public.

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  1. Sorry to inform you; but we already have a 69.9% overweight and obese population right here in Barbados!
    And another thing, no one “diet” works for everyone. It is not a one size fits all. We have to consider What, How Much, and When(the time of the day) we eat. We as bajans have a very bad habit of eating a heavy meal and then sitting or going to bed! This is just one of the reasons why we are so unhealthy. And don’t get me started on lack of exercise! A lot of people join a gym because of status, not because they are interested in their health. Some women join to show their bodies and some men join to see the women! We have the garrison and gymnasium so why are so many people who can’t afford it join a gym?
    There is so much more I can say on this topic but for now I will leave it there. We are responsible for our health!!

    • There is a high incidence of non communicable disease in Barbados. It seems ironic we feel inclined to eat and drink anything but will willingly howl at the government when all manner of drugs are not made available, free. We seem to have our priorities screwed.

  2. Onions is that you? Didn’t you say sayonara sometime ago? I knew that you couldn’t keep your word BU is the dealer and you are the junkie in need of a fix. Isn’t it ironic that you are writing about obesity after letting us know that you collect your Pudding ‘n Souse ever Saturday?

    Speaking of obesity I came across this article about two weeks ago


  3. Stick a pin in it Sarge…I on the phone putting in my souse order as we speak..thanks for the reminder…You were saying ?

  4. Onions

    I was saying that you are living up to your calling i.e. a politician, we know that they never keep their promises.

  5. @ Old Onions
    What do you expect?
    A government that claims to be interested in reducing chronic diseases is busy rubber stamping housing developments that include town squares selling FAST FOOD; rather than encouraging residents to eat healthier by providing allotments for them to plant their own vegetables, fruits and herbs.

  6. i won’t comment but i would say that the picture of the fat lady has one striking feature. ALL the women in that photo looks like poor low class women, no wonder when the lady walked thru bridgetown they felt the need to follow her.

  7. Get the feeling Bajans, in general, ehn just gettin fat. Dey like dey getting more and more foolish too? Well consider how many sweet drinks, turnovers and jam puffs they does dispatch when the day come.

    Does sugar make you stupid? Study suggests it sabotages learning and memory

    Fructose is commonly added to processed foods such as soft drinks. It was found to hamper memory and slow brain activity

    By Claire Bates

    Stay off the sweet stuff: Fizzy drinks contain high amounts of fructose which slows the brain

    Too much sugar could be making you stupid, according to researchers.

    The suggestion follows tests in the laboratory comparing high-fructose corn syrup, which is six times sweeter than cane sugar and a common ingredient in processed foods, with omega-3 fatty acids, known to aid memory and learning.

    In an experiment on rats, one group had a sugary diet for six weeks and another was fed healthily.

    At the start of the study, published in the Journal of Physiology, the University of California team tested how well the rats navigated a maze – placing landmarks to help them learn the way.

    Six weeks later, the researchers tested the rats’ ability to recall the route.

    Study co-author Professor Fernando Gomez-Pinilla said the rats fed just a sugary diet were slower and their brains had declined.

    He said: ‘Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term alters your brain’s ability to learn and remember information.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2145141/Does-sugar-make-stupid-Study-suggests-sabotages-learning-memory.html#ixzz1vKpkyrz2

  8. The post is obviously raising a critical consideration and it’s nice that OO has broken away from the standard fare. Over the years, I’ve witnessed so many slim, feline, flexible young women five years on turn into dumpy, flatulent, flat footed darlings. It seems such a shame – rather like death. Is it a statement about the natural bodily attritional processes or is it really letting go? Smooth Chocolate makes an interesting point about socio-economic class. We speak of poverty but find not emaciation only flab. Odd really.

  9. Ignorance abounds in this society,
    The people need guidance but they have left to their own failings.
    Nobody chastises anybody nowadays for fear of inappropriate reaction such as a a good cussing and dismissal of whatever advice is offered.
    Seniors are not advising juniors in any sphere of activity. Juniors are left to err and to fall victims to their own mis-understanding.
    Anything goes nowadays and especially if the excuses center around the fact that “I only trying to mek a dollar” and ‘making money’ then it is anything.
    So outside the school little old lady peddles her wares that are pure Junk Food are laced with all sorts of negative substances that include the sweet taste of sugar. The children’s taste buds are contaminated but the little old lady is only trying to make a dollar.
    This trend continues and the child grows eating junk and drinking junk not less than one sweet drink everyday for 30 years in addition to all the high sugar foods that have little nutritional value. That child would have passed through at least 2 schools but yet still benefit from no proper guidance because Health is a chance thing and only certain people in the society are important so you the other one ars not taught anything about cultivating good health habits.

    Result : As manifested by the contents of this thread.
    People need Education–Real Education. It is a must !

  10. Sorry for the typos
    But you get the essence of what I am saying
    Line 3 should have read: The people need guidance but they have been left to their own failings.
    Line 5 –remove the xtra a
    Then : Junk food is laced with
    Then –The child grows up
    Then -So you , the other one, are not taught

    Future Prime Minister needs a secretary, a speech writer, a proof reader and a spell checker for now
    If you are interested you can contact me at Mayaro Court, Three Mile Hill, St. Michel BB00001

  11. Future Prime Minister will pay you in promissory notes or in kind, that way there will be no cost overruns .
    You can come live at Mayaro Court , cost of accomodation would be credited to your account, food board and lodging too . You can in turn trade these things for money or favors

    So I am looking to welcome you anytime soon. Walk with your CV.

    Disclaimer: I will not sexually harass you or allow such in my Presence so you are safe

    If I have cause to dismiss yuh, I will get Donald Trump to say the magic words. You will even enjoy being spoken to by Trump. So if you are a good island girl , there is hope for you

  12. @ FPM

    And can I stand at the gate with a uniform and a gun? I’ve seen ‘The Bodyguard’ so you could do worse. Besides, I’ve got nothing better to do and could watch Islandgal walk in and out. No disclaimers.

  13. We have enough Robbing Politicians , oh did you say robbing rass , oh it is robert ross, I can see clearly now , the rain in my eyes is gone but I am yet to see any obstacles in the way of Future Prime Minister. Future Prime Minister is ready to kick and to lick

  14. The goodly lady should make it known to RR that she will be safe.

    This is a claim.instead of a Disclaimer : There is no need to fear Future Prime Minister. Future Prime Minister will not suckle you, chuckle you , fuckle you or tickle you. Future Prime Minister primely respects you even if you are of the Barbecue -Pig-tail mentality so be assured that Future Prime Minister is not concerned about sucking nipples until thay are sore sore sore

  15. @FPM

    Great……but for PR purposes, do you want to confirm you don’t have a drink problem? Trying to watch ur ‘back’ that’s all.

  16. For the purposes of TRUTH and Integrity
    Future Prime Minister has a drinking problem.

    THE PROBLEM IS THAT Future Prime Minster does not get enough to drink

    Now go ahead and ask the question, enough of what

  17. How about this for a pointer….prescription drugs are sold to our local GP doctors by well educated and paid salesmen (Collvns Labortories.) who receive commissions on their sales..Likewise are the payment from multinational Drug corporations factored downwards….competition is that tight….Local doctors also have a choice of which drug they write up on your prescription….get the drift ?

    Some insiders claim that Magic Johnson being alive is by no luck or fate but by wealth.They say the most effective drugs for AIDS bare a price. Maybe even a cure. Again food for thoughts. I also heard that alike computer viruses ( which are said to be developed by the same manufactures) some of these annual flu and cold viruses are man made to sell solutions (protection softwaredrugs) to make money from us the buyerspatients. What do you think? Could they really be that unscrupulous capitalist ?

  18. @ FPM

    It’s gotta be some kinda nectar. But dear FPM, are you sure your heart’s strong enough? PS I gotta copy of the Merck manual and cum fully loaded so we shudn’t need to worry. It’s only a short trip to the Sparman Clinic anyways. So, yes, go ahead if you can. The voters are gonna ‘LUV YOU” Truth an integrity wins in the end. Yeah! PS again…but did you hear back from Islandgal?

  19. Yes, do worry about the consumption of unhealthy food and drink; silly sweet drinks and rubbish food yet focus on the fact that Barbados has some of the most long-lived in the world.

  20. @ Blogger 2012
    Don’t blame your lack of understanding on me. It is clear my level of thinking is too high for you.

  21. @ onions
    “….could they really be that unscrupulous?”

    Just research the word Monsanto and run for cover. It is MUCH worse than you can imagine…..

    If our world was a game of cops and robbers, then the robbers are running things while the cops are at home blogging….

  22. And Dominica, the land of plenty fruit and veg, is about to pay a final salute to Colonel Saunders KFC branch in Portsmouth.

  23. old onion bags | May 19, 2012 at 7:43 PM |
    “Some insiders claim that Magic Johnson being alive is by no luck or fate but by wealth.They say the most effective drugs for AIDS bare a price. Maybe even a cure.”

    i agree completely with u. i was informed years ago from someone in the pharmaceutical industry that there was cure but the FDA refuses to sanction it due to the fact of the huge revenue they would lose. but Johnson’s wife did say in an article long time ago, that he was cured. However, someone from the FDA posted an article refuting it. of course, there is a cure but it comes with a price. i know of an individual who lives overseas and does not have trace of the virus in his body. the person had full blown when they left the island to return to their home country. that was over17 years ago. but such stories will always be kept secret. of course the meds were very expensive but they work

  24. The amount of RD money spent on AIDS has to be recovered first before any cure can be unleashed.Just like money spent on old weapons and the like must be sold ..hence wars in Africa and the third world. Just as BL& Z would stand to lose on all its customers going fully solar hence the lag…and grid talk…we have enuff sun to even export solar energy.

  25. Funny thing about Magic Johnson, common knowledge is that he was misdiagnosed and never had the virus in the first place. In this country, many people got false positives and later tested negative. Does not mean that one had the virus and was cured.

    In some instances, the virus can hide in the body for years after initial onset of the disease (remission), in the lower back or some such place and then resurface. On the other hand, it can hide and not show on tests for years. It is known to mutate and hide itself very well. It seems to be some kind of artificial intelligence, and why some pundits say it is a man made virus, developed to wipe out blacks..

  26. The time is coming that government may consider adding a FAT tax for junk foods.

    @David | May 19, 2012 at 9:02 PM | The older generation may not have eat the foods that some feast on today but say one say too, those foods were not around in their time and who to say what they would have done then.
    Looking back those older people never took the fat off meat furthermore throw it away. They use to say everything help mek shit.

    I say eat and drink some of everything but not too much of anything.

  27. Has anyone ever seen an obese Chinese or Indian? We should find out what they eat and drink and the portions that they consume.

  28. @ pat | May 20, 2012 at 3:53 PM | I don’t know where you got your info from but Magic J used to come to the state that I live in, attend a doctor at the hospital where I work and use to get treatments there. As a matter of fact, he was on CNN Piers Morgan a few weeks ago talking about the ordeal. I find it quite strange that he would not have anything about a misdiagnosis from an awareness perspective.

  29. @ David

    Yes – eg sickle cell in West Africans; seemingly diabetes and hypertension here. What of breast cancer??

    Possible subject for a scientific paper – I once suffered from malaria but have never had dengue – did the malaria immunise me? Is that possible?

  30. Green Monkey

    Of course it is useful for the political parties to have a dumbed down electorate … “Bajans have short memories” so why not make them shorter.

    Falls in line with everything else that has been said. Health is big business, and big business contribute to political parties, and political parties need stupid people with short memories, lots of them, to continue with this first past the post fiasco that works so well in their combined interest.

    F#ck this world …!

  31. Islandgirl

    Who needs a Prime Minister that does have a need of weapons… Now you know you could use a weapon from time to time, particularly one with power. This FPM guy is a farce ha ha ha

  32. @ BAF

    The FPM, as we all know, has a drink problem which has affected very seriously his rocket launching ability. Nevertheless, he has a surrogate six gun which can still stand on its head. So I do warn you – you gotta get past the gate even IF you can stay awake long enough.

  33. Besides – let me tell you the truth. Truth is that Islandgal and the gatekeeper have been busy discussing lil pigs of late an have a common interest in ‘old spots’. In short – you’re too late

  34. Hellooooo wunna talking muh name behind muh back? I just finish cutting the grass (sitting down)and had a lunch of baked jerked skinless chicken on a bed of home grown lettuce.

    FPM…by the way yuh speaking like I ent too easy wid yuh prerequisites for the job. I want tah put muh requirements pon de table….
    1. I can come in tah work anytime ah feel like
    2. A pretty car wid ledder seats a must
    3. Holidays abroad every 3 months
    4. Brekfus when ah come early, lunch cooked by a gourmet chef and dinner eff ah feels like wukking late.
    5. There will be no hanky panky and no touching of muh poonkalixie. Eff ah find yuh hand in de rong place I gine brek it and file a sexual harassment case and report it pon BU.
    6. Ah nearly forget, a pay raise every 6 weeks to match de cost of food, water lights and fuel.

    Please sign in de presence of a witness and return to me ASAP

  35. Baffy and Rooshole……Ah got muh own battery operated ( de longer lasting ones) weapon so ah doan need tah use wunna own.

  36. Wait Ross you hear this woman …? She want ALL these perks and yah can’ even get a wiff …? Ross she even want to insult you wid a machine… a machine …! I sure dat dey got younga chicks out dey who would be prepared to do a whole lot more fah a whole lot less, wah you say …? ha ha ha. Uh?

    Ross ef dey wukkin’ fah me da “poonkalixie” would got to get trouble; that would be in the contract, signed and witnessed… ha ha ha ha … wah you say

  37. @ Islandgal

    That’s OK. I’m a man. I’ll keep Duracell at the gate. The ‘other fella’ will take it hard though. He’s been down on his luck of late. PS I’ve still got the 6 inch pink and 8 inch black from the old days for emergencies or for triple take-off. The FPM insisted on it.

  38. @ BAF

    Ssssh lil one. I still love you. Besides I gather there’s an adult only party at the end of the month. Have you got a toga?

  39. Quoting smooth chocolate on May 20 at 12:30 “i was informed years ago from someone in the pharmaceutical industry that there was cure but the FDA refuses to sanction it due to the fact of the huge revenue”

    And this person in the pharmaceutial industry is keeping this knowledge a secret? Does he/she not know that many newspapers would pay him a king’s ransom to reveal this secret? And why would the FDA a government agency not approve a medicine? After all the FDA is a government agency, funded by tax payer dollars, and is not in the business of selling or profiting from the sale of medicines.

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