The Obesity Threat

Click Image to watch video (CBS Video 7min 17secs)

Please watch the video, it could save your life. The scenario is set in the United States but the parallel to Barbados is vividly familiar.

As a society some will grudgingly admit we have progressed economically and socially, at what price others may rebuff. The fast food revolution has swallowed the imagination of a generation and with it generations to come. The prognosis is not good for the health of our nation in the years to come. Successive governments have been overwhelmed by the cost of health care, unfortunately the resources have been sucked up by prevention methods rather than cure.

Barbados finds it self in an advantageous position to look at North America to assess what the fast food industry combined with a sedentary lifestyle can do to the health of a country. It is a new year, time for our leaders to unleash the leadership our country needs to get back on keel.

Here is a link to the website with interesting content on the subject matter.


  • Thanks Bentley; found the video to be very alarming and it affords Barbadians the opportunity to see what can happen if we allow this fast food culture to grip.


  • Barbados is on the verge of a serious epidemic. As a result of recent experiences, it has been brought to my attention that the amount of persons recieving cardiac treatment has increased by almost a 100% over the last 5 yrs. The age is as low as 35 yrs with many cases only coming forward in the very late stages. Over the last couple of years, we are hearing and seeing many persons who suffer strokes or heart attacks. It would be sensible if persons would take time out of their busy life style and obey the warnings that their bodies are giving them. Many people are blocking up their arteries with bad eating, while increasing their body mass. This is a recipe for disaster,what you are doing is asking your heart to pump more blood to a larger area while reducing the flow of blood to the same heart. One day it will rebel, remember, your heart is one of the few organs in the body that NEVER takes a rest so PLEASE don’t overwork it.


  • David

    Its remarkable that whenever there is a serious article on the ill health of the nation that the resprnses are almost non existent. This just goes to show that we are not particularly concerned about what is one of the greatest crises facing our nation (and the western hemisphere). Recently, President Obama stated that the cost of health care could cause the collapse of the US economy. I made a simlar comment to the then Minister of Health (Barbados) back in 1996.


  • @bentley

    Could it be that they are scared?

    By the way have you seen our Minister of Health since assuming office?

    The matter of health and the lifestyle change by Barbadians which is necessary to overcome growing non communicable diseases etc calls for leadership.


  • David, bentley
    The example of healthy living should start with our ministers. Have you seen the bulk that the P.M has put on? Then there is Dennis Lowe and Chris Sinckler these fellows look like bullfrogs