Big Women + Fat Women = Unhealthy Women

Fat Women

BIG BEAUTIES. The buxom Tonya Babb is the new Big & Beautiful queen in Barbados. Babb, who also took prizes for Best Talent and Congeniality, was crowned Sunday night at the Sherbourne Conference Centre before a packed audience. Babb, Miss A&T Marine, beat the Berry’s-sponsored Stephanie Skinner and Miss Sharon’s International Fish Latoya Marshall into second and third respectively. Skinner was awarded additional prizes for Best Business Wear and Most Improved, while second runner-up Marshall walked away with Miss Photogenic. In this Sandy Pitt picture, the happy queen (centre) shares the moment with first runner-up Stephanie Skinner (right) and third placed Latoya Marshall.

We shall digress from the politics to discuss how we feel about the ‘Big Beauties Show’ which was recently held at the Sherbourne Conference Centre. Based on feedback a good time was had by all. We wonder how many people in the audience attended the show out of desire to positively support the fat participants or whether it was the opportunity to have a good laugh. Let us say up front that we harbour no ill feelings towards any of the fat participants, all of our anger is targeted at the organizers of the show. We feel to a man in the BU household that a show which is held to parade obese woman is an unethical and insensitive act. We believe that it was staged to exploit for financial rewards ONLY. Remember that Barbados when last we checked has been given the honour to occupy twelfth position on the fattest country list in the whole wide world.

What an honour!

The fat women who participated in the show should be respected as individuals but at the same time must be told to go and loose some weight pronto! By ‘bigging-up’ these woman what are we saying to the wider society? We know the response, yeah, yeah, fat people are people too. Sorry people that does not wash as all! We now live in a country where to eat junk food, sit in-front the big screen television and gossip on the phone is part and parcel of our lifestyle. We offer no apology for saying that those fat people who participated in the ‘Big and Buxom Show’ need to examine what they are doing by first rearranging some of their life’s priorities. We could list all the ways a fat person is inhibited from enjoying many simple things which life has to offer them but why bother. It’s their right to parade their fat and physically unappealing bodies on stage! BU loves you but we will love you some more if you stop ‘wolfing’ down all those carbohydrates and start to manage your diet.

Here is something to think about:

When any man sees this woman and he sees a fat woman how do you think he will respond? Something to think about. No one can have the perfect body but we can try. Stop glamorizing obesity. It is costing the Barbados government mega-bucks in healthcare as well as chasing our men from the bedrooms.

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  1. I support the fat pageant in everyway. Fat people are beautiful and no different than their thinner counterparts. My wife weighs 545lbs and to me she is the most beautiful thing in two fat legs. She loves to eat and she loves her food and to her being fat is a vital part of who she is. She has been heavy since childhood and comes from a whole family of fat people. She doesn’t even know what it is like to be thin so from her perspective being fat is a normal part of life. We have three daughters all of whom are chubby and they are also bright, healthy and active children. Life for us is good and there is no need to hate us simply because of weight. Fat people have a right to exist and be fat if they so wish. There are a lot more skinny people out there that are unhealthy and a drain on society than there are fatties so please have some respect and leave the fatties alone.

    • @DF

      If we accept the statistics of the health department obesity is up there as one of the big killers in Barbados.

  2. @ David
    There are more skinny people than obese, so it is likely that according to DF, “there are a lot more skinny people out there that are unhealthy.”

    Many years ago, I heard a doctor said that there are people who build fat regardless if they eat healthy and exercise, and even if they forego the foods that could pack on the pounds.

    Some people’s excessive weight might have to do with genetics and some may have to do with their metabolism.
    The crutch of the matter is, it may be in the best interest of obese persons to get routine check-ups and lab tests to make sure their body is functioning normal, and enjoy life to the fullest.

    • @Peeping Thomas

      Your point is taken but don’t you think in a world which embraces fast food and unhealthy lifestyles we should be careful not to trivialize or glamourize obesity?

  3. @ David

    I don’t think anyone is trivializing or glamorizing obesity. Everyone knows it has health risks and most people are not attracted to it. I think the idea of a fat pageant is to promote size acceptance and to show that fat people shouldn’t be marginalized because of their weight. People come in all shapes and sizes and it’s time some people out there recognized that fact. Because thin, fat or in between we all have one thing in common and that is the fact that we are people and we should be treated as such.

  4. David, your article is certainly allowed to be full of your opinions. But, as Radiance pointed out, it’s disappointing that you’ve blurred the line between thoughtfulness and judgement of the attractiveness of others. When you say things like “fat and physically unappealing bodies on stage! BU loves you but we will love you some more if you stop ‘wolfing’ down all those carbohydrates and start to manage your diet.” and so on, you lose credibility.

    You’ll love people more if they’re more attractive to you? How insincere.

    You’re allowed to think that obese women are disgusting. That’s your right. Albeit, it would be nice to read something less snarky and purposely cruel, but that’s not the point. The point is that you lose credibility when you impose your disgust with overweight women instead of actually focusing on health. Say what you want to say, but don’t pretend it’s some selfless thoughtful campaign to healthiness. The way that you refer to the overweight overshadows your focus on health and makes it seem that your actual focus is that you don’t find those women attractive, so you wish they’d stop popping up on tv.

    Fat doesn’t mean unhealthy, or at least no more unhealthy than rail thin girls with eating disorders and heroin addictions.

    J – your comments are so disappointing.

    DF – you make some great points. size acceptance especially.

    When it comes right down to it, I don’t understand why people go out of their way to hate/judge people for being overweight. Get over it. Move on. If you are concerned for people’s health, spread awareness through something other than disgusted and hateful blogs and comments.

  5. There are people who are OBVIOUSLY overweight and it shows. They put themselves OUT THERE with clothes that reveal unsightly cellulite (which must mimic what is happening to more vital internal organs). Some people have medical problems which are exacerbated by increased weight . An obvious sign of overweight can be difficulty in breathing, the puffing and panting on even minimal exertion but this can also be a symptom of lung/ breathing problems that have nothing to do with weight.
    HOWEVER, all overweight is not always visible. Small framed people who have the body structure/ height to carry the increased weight and who know how to dress in order to conceal and minimize flaws without it being apparent ALSO need to pay attention to the warnings. Just because it does not show does not mean a person is healthy. The heart, lungs, liver, etc might be under just as considerable a strain.
    And yes – I believe that generally the article by Tony Best is correct – not just in US but also in Barbados where the “improved” lifestyles generally mean less regular exercise, a more sedentary state; high fat foods.
    The other extreme – being too thin can also be unattractive and is just as dangerous. We know the answers – more exercise, a better, a more balanced diet, a little more moderation in things. Doing it and maintaining it is the difficulty.

  6. I think the main problem here is that you’re loading the word obesity and fat with all sorts of other negative associations. Common trap to fall into. Obesity in and of itself is nothing more than its own descriptor. But if you’re running around and thinking like the masses, you think obesity is synonymous with laziness, gluttony, and a weak sense of will. Which, for a lot of obese folks, is just not true. Look, if it were up to me we’d stop parading women around, period. But it seems like those pageants are here to stay so…

    Would it make you feel better if these big women parades were HAES certified only? As in these women are big but healthy and partook in a healthy lifestyle? B/P, cholesterol check, a physical before their entry?

    Or do you want them to try hard enough to fit that arbitrary standard of beauty- which for a lot of women means immersing themselves in the conditions their genes are tailored to- namely famine and constant physical exertion? I’m sorry but that’s what it takes for some people. You can spout the willpower diatribe all you like but you can’t truly grasp the difficulty some people have maintaining a certain weight until you’ve been there yourself. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as taking a walk everyday, it isn’t as easy as cutting out sugar, and/or it isn’t as easy as just “living healthy”. So when some people remain big after living a relatively healthy lifestyle, it’s disparaging to know that someone somewhere still associates their condition with all sorts of negative descriptors.

    I didn’t want to get trolled by responding “fat people can be healthy too i do this this and this!” but it’s time to stop the generalizations about fat people because you read about it on the internet. Every woman has a right to feel beautiful about herself regardless of what her body looks like. It will give her the incentive to look after her body even if she doesn’t look like Eva Mendez.

  7. I just stumbled onto this website and these comments by the creator and the general public amazes me. I am the director of the pageant in question and before alot of you speak you should first know the facts.

    I created this pageant way back in 2003 long before Monique did hers and it was not created to glamourise being obese but for full figured women to love themselves until you begin to love yourself will you not do anything for yourself. No one person is alike and you may be full figured and have no problem with it but others do. None of you knew how some of those women in question came to us so shy, hurt by what society says about them and had such low self esteem. All my organization has done is seminars, workshops and exercise programs as well but alot of you do not know that. Regardless of how you feel about persons who are obese i will never apologise or regret trying to assist those women. I will continue to help them to appreciate who they are, start to become confident and if they choose they can loose the weight. Not every full figured women is unhealthy! Not every one can be slim. Some of you on this website need to put yourself in someone who is overweight and then you will see how it feels.

    And to the creators of this site, I never did this for the financial gain i did it because of the transformation i see from the first time being timid and shy to those bold divas i see grace the stage on the night of the competition. And for the audience members who come to laugh most of them are amazed by the grace and beauty these girls show on the night of the competition.

    Instead of coming down hard on the fast food restaurants who always have a special or for the supermarkets who have healthy foods so expensive you want to come down on an organization whose main goal is for persons to love themselves whatever size they may be!!

    • @Tonia Cumberbatch

      Thanks for the clarification and corrections.

      Would you say that many of the fat ladies who participated in the pageant are/ were fat because…?

  8. @ David

    To be honest some of the girls became fat either by the way they ate or because of medicine provided by them by their doctors and most of them were thick all of their lives. we never had a weight stipulation the regional competition did which was 250 pounds. An article came in the paper due to the fact that one of the queens could not attend the pageant because of the criteria and after that article everyone was under the opinion that you had to be 250 to enter and that is why over the years the contestants became bigger. I met a young lady once who was tall and to persons she would have been considered small but because of her height she was tipping over 250. Height carries weight. Weight is a very touchy issue. Regardless of how many diets and exercise programs come up we will always have persons who are big. I do not believe they should be ridiculed as they have been but encouraged to lose the weight if their health is at risk so they can live product lives. This topic will always have heated debates and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Society has changed gone are the days when cooked food was on the table of every household, fast food has become more convenient which is causing society to become bigger. We need more workshops that will encourage people to come and hear what is being said and not feel so embarassed to attend. Many full figured persons complain of being treated different and being stared at when going to the gym. Now tell me if that is how some feel why would they even attempt to go there.

    I hope that my comments will help others to understand what alot of full figured persons in society go through on a day to day basis.

  9. Fat people exist everywhere especially in England (where they used to cook all their food in lard) and America – the home of the original fat family.
    The article is stupid to single out bajans because new york has fat people from every country! but as this is a online bajan paper we can say YES everyone is getting fat and dumb too.

  10. British men among fattest in Europe
    Share | Larger | Smaller Agencies
    Tags : British men, obesity, lung disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, exercise, WHO

    Posted: Thu Apr 28 2011, 13:32 hrs
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    British men are among the fattest in Europe, and Britishers do less exercise as compared to any other country in the world, according to a WHO study.

    The study which went into the rise of heart and lung disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, ranked British men as the third fattest in Europe, with 67.8 per cent of males 15 or over either overweight or obese.

    Only Greece (77.5 per cent) and Malta (73.3 per cent) are fatter.

    British men are the 21st fattest of 192 countries while the women fare better, at the 51st fattest, the Daily Telegraph quoted the World Health Organisation report. The report said Australian men are significantly fatter than Britishers. More than three in four (75.7 per cent) of Australian men are overweight.

    It also found that UK is the ninth least active nation in the world, with 63.3 per cent of adults taking less than 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Of the major nations, only Saudi Arabia (68.8) and Argentina (68.3) are less active.

  11. i agree that obesity should not be glamorized. It is causing us as Barbadians to pay a hefty bill. We currently have a 69.9% of our population who is either obsessed or overweight. Think about the domino effect it is having on us as a society. The Government of Barbados has already spent $347 mil in the ministry of health to date. I believe most of it is to treat Hypertension and Diabetes. These two diseases cause most Critical Illnesses and couple with Obesity, we are asking for a Tsunami of other problems.
    Ladies and Gentlemen of Barbados, PLEASE take care of the only body you have. Partake in a healthy diet and get some exercise.
    If you treat your body bad, it will repay you in kind..

  12. This article (and many of the responses) just -wreaks- from complete and total ignorance. First and foremost, what others may (or may not) find attractive in a woman has -NOTHING- to do with a dress size. PAY ATTENTION – There are big woman who are perfectly healthy and beautiful and there are skinny women who are just butt ugly and sickly all the time…always has been, always will be…period.

    Second, perhaps the author (and some of the utter morons who commented) should read a couple of good texts book on both psychology and biology. Not only do people have a predisposition to certain weights (including what so of these dumb-fucks refer to as “obese”), people also have a biological “set point” that helps keep them at that weight. FURTHER, study after study has proven repeatedly and conclusively, a person who is heavy but active is going to be CONSIDERABLY healthier than a skinny person who’s sedate. These are -biological facts-.

    Honestly…if you narrow-minded pinheads actually enjoy looking at girls who look like scrawny teenage boys, that’s your choice…it’s disgusting but it’s not my place to tell you who or who not to screw in your own bedroom. On the other hand, if you’re so insecure about yourselves as men that you truly feel the need to shit on people as this author has done (as well as many of the responses)…maybe it’s time to just turn off the computer and get a life. If you don’t like looking at real, healthy, beautiful women with all the shapes and curves a real woman SHOULD have…well duh…go home and jump that anorexic bitch of yours instead and just don’t look!

    To the original author; you’re a complete insensitive dumb fuck…it’s a shame your mommy didn’t teach you any better Pee-wee!

  13. WHAT A BLOODY STUPID ARTICLE TO WRITE IN THE 21st CENTURY! over in england they are showing you programs of white people having to have surgery to get rid of age old fat problems they,ve always had and because their skin can’t go back they have to have the the excess skin cut off (surgery) so lets see—cut out the fat and then the skin!!!!. Cosmetic surgery and alot of the film stars you have ever seen have had it including Marilyn monroe!. Yes it goes that far back. Corrective surgery for the war wounded turned into cosmetic surgery, get it, got it!
    Look at Oprah winfrey, when she first started and look at her nose and when she first lost alot of weight too quickly. Its all to promote the cosmetic industry but alot of people who have it,don’t tell you. Tourist to Barados especially from America and Britain are doing it so don’t be fooled. The lipo suction takes the healthy fat(your natural protective layer that your born with and should last you your whole life) and it can’t be replaced. Bleaching your teeth damages the natural protective enamel on your teeth and you will lose all of them eventually! THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR QUICK FIXES. Even braces on the teeth were invented for them because their teeth used to grow like a rabbit or rat(goofy) Alot of our people that came here after the war to help saw these things. Bandy legs, goiters(lak of iron in the blood) goofy, hunchback, elephantitis (of the legs and arms) spam coloured legs from the lack of exercise and cooking everything in LARD….
    This is why they copied my mother over here in England and gave her recipies to the stupid Jamaicans to open caribbean takes away, M15 and jamaican spies followed me everywhere, all my young life here in England. It all came out over the airwaves in 2008 on Venessa Feltz show BBC radio 94.9 or 96.9fm. I cussed then stink and they killed my cousin Denroy Davies in Barbados!!!!!
    This is the queen and her people, they even took eggs from my body without asking or paying because they want a pickney with a tint in their horrible skin, they are so desperate to cure their age old problems including syphilis which is now aids that they are using black people to do it. This accounts for all the deaths in custody ( that even the woman who started the carnival in England used to write about in her paper to inform our people here and in the islands) The test tube baby, cloning, hambag dog and all the other HITLER experiments that everybody is complaining about. They are mess up mother nature and everything in it for their own benefit. Even the breast implants are still busting inside women almost killing them but because of Rupert Murdoch’s Mafia newspapers to shut everybody up — you don’t hear about the amount of botched bodies they do!! but you did hear about the phone hacking but you didn’t know they can also see you through your TV and computer screen.
    Look at GODSQUAD and AANGARFAN websites!

  14. An remarkable share, I passed your link to a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this topic. And he bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. grin. So let me rephrase that : Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and actually enjoy reading more on this topic. If possible, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is definitely helpful for me. Big thumb up for this blog post!.

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