Fly-stick Trap Set For A Ground-dove: Mia Mottley Replies To Chris Sinckler In The Estimates Debate

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Mia Mottley MP

A word of explanation to this title is necessary for the benefit of non-Barbadians.  A fly-stick is a “trap” set by young boys in Barbados to ensnare wild birds, it is not a good practice, should not be condoned and can never be justified but in this scenario it serves the purpose.  The Ground-dove (Columbina-passerina) is a small bird with a gentle nature whose velvet-smooth feathers, beautiful colouring and sharp reflexes makes it a joy to behold in its natural habitat.  To wish harm to a Ground-dove is akin to one who sets out to kill a mocking bird.

Owen Arthur – The Master Tactician – with a velvet glove smoothness and a deft touch of which only he is capable, has given Mia Mottley the opportunity – we are told – to reply to Chris Sinckler in the Estimates Debate.  When the surprise of this manoeuvre left the faces of political commentators and the head scratching subsided.  The question asked was why?  To have been so daringly bold and to think beyond the expected, with the agility of mind to play a stroke of genius is why I gave Owen Arthur the title The Master Tactician some years ago.  Perhaps now at last those followers of politics in Barbados will get a deeper understanding of what I meant.

You have to make an offer in your own interest, yet so attractive that the person to whom it is made thinks it is a wonderful opportunity….pure genius.

How should Mia Mottley play this one.  She is clever that is beyond doubt and has a feel for the common touch.  She should play it from the “heart” and connect with the electorate, be statesman-like and hold her ground.  The Nation expects and Mia can deliver.

Rarely has so much rested on the words of a Barbados politician.  Many will be watching as victory will surely come to the one who plays the best hand.  As for Owen Arthur he is in the ring but there is no need for him to lace up his gloves.

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  1. Trained Economist…man declare you hand man…if you want any creditability.. WHO YOU IS ?..
    or you want Onions declare he is a Doctor of Sexology ?

    I must agree with this suggestion. As a matter of fact I think we would all agree with it. The cost of fuel has a direct impact on the coast of living. Since the BNOC’s debt is now cleared, the extra charge shoulg be removed.As was stated in the artical of the Daily Nation March 13, 2012 page 17, if the extra charge is removed, it would put more money in the pockets of Barbadians, which would inturn drive the economyof this nation. It does seem to me that, the cost of living has been influenced more so by Government policy, than by outside influences.

    Just to note: I am neither a supporter of BEE or DEM. I just call it as I see it, and as I see it THE EXTRA FUEL CHARGE HAS TO GO! And it needs to go NOW !!!

  3. @all

    For the sake of those who are Independents on the blog can we try to make substantive points although our partisan positions are fully known?

    @Trained Economist

    The lack of financial literacy and acumen remains unacceptable given our touted level of education. How difficult is it, using stats 101 – to interpret an issue where the underlying issue is about the use of methodology? We had the same issue in the headline a few days ago “1 billion gap” which was malicious in the prevailing climate.

  4. David I think the paper can do much better than it has on these financial matters. In 2012 how can our leading paper write about estimates in such a simplistic manner is beyond me.

  5. @Trained Economist

    Have we ever witnessed a 2% turnaround in unemployment in one quarter? Particularly when the “engines” of the economy and government were stagnant or not firing?

  6. I have some difficulty seeing the fuel charge purely in terms of BNOC. We are now dealing with oil likely to be around $80 or more for the foreseeable future. How can we incentivize the economy to adjust to this new environment? I am not sure how a fuel subsidy helps in this respect. I would also be concerned about the potential impact on forex reserves.

    Onion bags, I am trying to understand the issues we face as a nation today and use my commonsense and learning to help me. I am not some puppet to have my strings pulled by the media or parry politics.

    I see we have a set of choices before us.

    We can try to drive growth from domestic consumption by giving an ease on fuel, VAT and entertainment allowances. This will benefit us all in the short-term as we will have more money in our pockets to spend, and it can certainly drive growth and employment. This approach is clearly very appealing but it to err om the side of risking the forex reserves in an environment where the oil price is high and heading higher and tourism spend is flat.

    The alternative is to seek to protect forex by keeping fiscal policy tight and work with the growth from the foreign exchange earning sectors. In terms of the long term health of the economy and the current economic environment I prefer the choice of erring on the side of protecting reserves.

    I also believe that we need to embrace Alternative Energy and Agriculture in a major way as distinct from seeking this consumption led growth.

  7. Of course there is room for compromise between the two positions and I await the budget to see where the government goes.

  8. @ insurancebarbados | March 13, 2012 at 9:10 AM |
    “I am neither a supporter of BEE or DEM. I just call it as I see it, and as I see it THE EXTRA FUEL CHARGE HAS TO GO! And it needs to go NOW !!!”

    You have made a suggestion worthy of discussion. I can agree with its removal from the fuel to generate electricity and on diesel for commercial use in order to lower the cost on domestic electricity bills and the cost of doing business especially in transportation. However, I would not extend this reduction to gasoline or diesel at the pump for private vehicles. The fuel surcharge that would remain on gasoline and diesel for domestic use should be earmarked to help fund the expansion and further technological development of alternative energy solutions. Why not use the surcharge on gasoline to set up a very low interest loan and grant facility to be made available to small businesses and household to help them transition to alternative energy solutions. Integrated systems to generate both hot water and electricity can be the next major tax saving incentive for householders. Importation of smaller and more efficient vehicles using electricity or non-fossil fuels (mixture of gas and some other fuel, ethanol for example) attracting much lower tariffs can also be considered.

  9. Observing that is exactly the point I have been trying to make. the issue is more to do with the methodology for computing the rate. You know statistcially nothing has really happended, the rates published are all within the confidence interval.

    maybe there was never really a jump from 10-12 in a single three month period. Statistical errors have a way of cancelling out with repeated sampling.

    Persons seem to be showing their bias in that when the rate jumped 2% in one quarter they were quick to seize on it as accurate and berate the Central bank for questioning it in light of other data. The view espoused then on this blog and in the nation newspaper was that the stats department is the only authority to speak on unemployment, central bank should shut up and we should accept the number. Now the same stats department is reporting a 2% decline in one quarter we are suddenly supposed to buttress the number published by the stats department with our own sense of whats going on around us.

    This has been an interesting four years.

  10. But miller the current system allows the very categories you speak off to access petroleum products at subsidized prices.

    Insurance, there is also the tiny matter of trying to stave off another downgrade. The ratings agencies will not respond well to any perceived softening of the fiscal stance.

  11. @Trained Economist | March 13, 2012 at 11:06 AM |
    “But miller the current system allows the very categories you speak off to access petroleum products at subsidized prices.”

    I am not clear what you are on about in regard to your statement above.
    Just for sake of clarity, are you tell us that there is no fuel surcharge on the diesel bought by BL&P?
    We know the transport Board and the PSV sector have access to the “privilege pump’. But what about the other commercial vehicles used in construction, goods delivery to the various retail outlets and taxi operators?

    Are they exempt from or can they reclaim the fuel surcharge?
    And lastly, what is the fuel surcharge used for other than liquidating BNOCL debt? Does any of it find its way into the Treasury for co-mingling with “ordinary’ tax revenues?

    Just Asking on behalf of ordinary BU readers!

    PS: Hey, “anthony”, what’s up? We need you to turn on the electric light and counter some of this ‘trained economist’ political propaganda so we can see the true picture.

  12. an interesting point made by Sinckler indicates Governemnt will see out its full term to the end of March 2013. The question is will the temporary truce in BLP infighting and in particular OSA last that long. No early election for Owen, Pain and Gail.
    The decline in unemployment is welcome news and not surprising along the ABC highway from Warrens to Sobers roundabout I counted 10 major construction projects, amazing in Barbados recession hit economy.

  13. Miller I will try and get you the exact details on the subsidy program before i post so i don’t get accused of political propoganda.

    In all the analysis and critique no one is pointing out that the BWA no longer needs a subsidy. So right now BWA and CBC are not a burden to the tax payer. That seems like progress to me. where are the fair minded commentators?

  14. Interesting to note Mia’s reference to expanding the International Business Sector. She asserts the carry cost is less than the Tourism Sector. Is such a strategy worthy of debate?

  15. Porter | March 13, 2012 at 12:09 PM |
    “The decline in unemployment is welcome news”.

    Just remember that there are three types of lies: “Lies, damned lies and statistics”.
    That % statistic 10 12, or whatever is just what it is. It does not include the long-term unemployed and those who have decided to drop out of the system. Only those receiving unemployment benefits or actively looking for work. Look around Barbados any day in the week and you would see the wasted talent and potential labour force idling their time away.

  16. Minister Byer-Suckoo has denied interference by Cabinet in the decision by NIS to invest in Paradise Beach Development. Can she explained why was the board summons to Government House on the matter?

  17. Porter | March 13, 2012 at 12:30 PM |
    “millertheanunnaki:no comment on 10 major construction projects just between Warrens and Graeme Hall?

    Not yet! Just waiting to see if these concrete and steel edifices will be fitted with solar panels or small wind turbines. This area is nearly within our major water table zone. Are we going to see water sustainable facilities and so-called green economy features?
    Let us see if government has mandated these new arrivals to the concrete jungle to put their money where they talk is.

  18. Trained economist you are spot on with your analysis and pointing out to these BLPities that the old fiscal way of doing business is not the way to go in stagnant economy

  19. @ David | March 13, 2012 at 12:54 PM |

    Maybe if we can get the marshal(l) to do a Peter Wickham we might just get a hint of the reason.

  20. @ ac | March 13, 2012 at 1:07 PM |
    “Trained economist you are spot on with your analysis and pointing out to these BLPities that the old fiscal way of doing business is not the way to go in stagnant economy.”

    True, very true! A new economic paradigm or way of doing business is already upon us. We will need to jettison the old rule book starting with the 2008 DLP Manifesto of largesse, handouts and “welfarism”.
    Maybe you can make a similar call for the BLP’s book of false promises.
    See, I can see out of both eyes! What about you, ac?

  21. Onion bags, I am trying to understand the issues we face as a nation today and use my commonsense and learning to help me. I am not some puppet to have my strings pulled by the media or parry politics.

    HELLO HELLO Mr. Trained Economist…I know you like many others in here feel Onions is just a BLP born and bred….but alike you Onions was once a DLP for more years than I care to recall.Onions went to the Hill in the time of FUNDY, Ralph Gonsalves,,Marson,DT,and like..completed economics up third year too….but majored in something else…fully qualified .Making full use thankfully of EWB free education plan.

    Point is that being even a more balanced eye than most, I have lived to see the D’s make a complete about turn to earlier days. What we have seen in recent times is a circus of inepts, trying to do what is completely out of their depths..and making a meal out of it to the disadvantage of poor people.
    How in gracious name could you a trained economist say nothing on the continuation of not subsidizing gas prices when people are at dying ends to make end meet?. How D hell could Govt ( thru BARNOC) could hold out …making profits at our expense ($100 million in a year ) …with no remorse whatsoever….sending up fuel prices in tandem with bottle gas….whipping the hell out the middle class and poor arses? How D hell you a trained economist could standby and see a tin a mackerel being sold from once $1.89 now $4.67 (poor people food man) a sardine $2.09 a tin of corn beef $4.25.?..watlessness man…..ALL THESE PRICE INCREASES DIRECTED TO THE POOR..cuddear carson…it’s shameful…and these brute driving bout BMW’s and Jag’s and still Jesse- James-ing on and about CLICO money funds that pensioners put up for rainy days….Am I not truthfully neutral enough for ya ?Have I not used my lil common sense to analyze ?
    Is that sufficient releasing of all party strings for ya Mr. Economist ?

  22. Good question Onion, trying to understand this Barbados National Oil Company growing P&L and how we need to factor it in the equation. Trained Economist we need to hear you on this point.

  23. The winner in chest is the person who commits the second-to-last mistake. This is something FS, CS, OSA and MAM understand and appreciate when it comes to Four Seasons.

    Poor Tony Marshall, you have to feel for a fellow who takes comfort in a promise from a minister or ministers and then acts in an official capacity pleased to be able to help-out the promisor only to realise that when he signed (the Four Seasons deal) he signed his own death warrant.

    Congratulations Mr. Marshall you have a wonderful piece of costume jewellery around your neck, its called a fake NIS-Four Seasons deal.

  24. if bnoc is 100% government owned then the pricing policy is part of the carrots and sticks approach to energy policy put in pIace by the administration. In light of this whether or not a loan is paid off or bnoc is making a profit (which is effectively government revenue, remember the deficit ans the credit rating) I stick to my earlier position.
    the price of petroleum products is going to be high for the foreseeable future and we must adjust. the squeeze is currently tight I agree and i am feeling it. but as a result of the high cost (the stick) i am beginning to make adjustments in terms of my household energy use, I am actively exploring an alternative energy solution (hoping to take advantage of the carrots) at home and fuel efficiency will be a major factor when i change vehicles. If this ease is granted as we are all clamoring for i might not bother about these adjustments and stick to my old lifestyle and choices.

  25. If the government is intended to use the strategy you suggest the RE policy should have been more aggressively implemented. We should have been further along four years hence. Wither the Wind Farm at Lamberts? What about the rider to encourage consumers to feed BL&P grid?

    Lastly if what you say is the policy why has the government not seen the value is rolling out a communications strategy to apprise Bajans? Would it not deflate much of the rhetoric floating in the public domain?

  26. @ Trained economist:

    You know very well that BNOCL is government owned. Anybody following the oil prices debate on this Blog for the last 12 months will know that BNOCL is owned and controlled by the State.
    So what’s the real intent of your ‘redundant’ question?

  27. onion bags I have learnt to focus on the arguments and not the blogger. so i don’t respond to yours or anyone’s post from my sense of their politics. too much of our public discussion is based on personalities and perceived affiliation rather than the argument being advanced.

  28. I cannot speak for government pr, thats outside my competencies.

    There has been a lot of movement on the alternative energy policy framework over the last four years. There are now major tax deductions, duty free imports, the Smart energy Fund and the pilot scheme with BL&P. I have investigated the scheme with light and power for personal reasons and in terms of the rider and it is very attractive. the issue for some is clarity as to what the rider will be after the pilot project is over. The government should move quickly to provide clarity on this if more people are to sign up for the pilot scheme.

    In my discussions with BL&P, they indicate that while there has not been a lot of take up on the pilot scheme, a substantial number of players in Bim have gone off the grid and are using an alternative energy solution.

    Tenders have already been put out for a number of public buildings to be fitted with alternative energy solutions. It would be a shame if the same old money people are the ones who will grab this new area while we clamor for a return to subsidies.

  29. Looking at the member for St. James Central provides a synopsis of the DLP: they are maimed and looking at Barbados through one eye that focusses on self and not the people. They are stressing the creation of a society and failing to see from their one eye that you need to build an economy that can take care of the needs of the society.
    For them with the one eye set on the Paris network, they see big people and big money, but fail to see the small man, ordinary bajans, the small contractors, the marginalised and disabled.
    Thanks to Mr. George Hudson, we know that the DLP is a one-eyed government with no political will to do what is right for the majority of Barbadians.

  30. @Green Places | March 13, 2012 at 2:07 PM |

    Now that you have mentioned Four Seasons, what is the state of play with that project?

    It seems as if the good “professor” has jumped ship too. After pocketing huge fees with nothing to show for his pay, he has, it appears, abandoned the project just like the original developers. Leaving the “everybody hates Chris” inheritance from the dead DT bête noire to swim, sink or turn to rust. One would have taught that all these millions floating around the likes of L P and the queen of the East would have created private companies to clean their “suspect- gotten gains via the investment route in the 4 Seasons project.
    Maybe the fired marshal can be used as the fall guy and can be put before the firing squad of political expediency.
    But what about the Finance and Economics self-acclaimed guru professor?
    Just heard him on the BBC World radio programme “world have your say” (WHYS) doing what he does best:-“talking”. Talking about the UK government’s proposal to introduce to a small tax/fee on certain financial transactions to help defray the cost of the various bailouts and shore up pensions and other deferred income funds.
    He has probably returned to Academia after lining his pockets with easy money from the stupid Bajans. He was gentlemanly referred to by the person hosting the programme as “a fellow” at the London Business School.

    Maybe “ac” or “!” the two senior communications specialists at the George St. Auditorium (or even the “trained economists”) can let us know if the goodly ‘professore’ is still involved with the 4 Seasons controversy and when can we see a restart of the project promised since September 2010.

  31. Mr.Trained Economist… got a lotta talk….playing star boy and all …so wait what really is your role besides looking like john wayne….I ask you already to come clean and not like Marshall who now get ee neck pop.
    So far ya ain’t proffer ..not one solution….just explanation plasters fa the present Gov’t sores…How we don’t know they aint send you ? Why you can’t do like George Brathwaite or Justin Robinson and spell ya name / Are you from the IMF ? Tells us these things man… Trojan or Neofite ?

  32. my solution is carrots and sticks on energy policy to push alternative energy.

    my solution is a tight fiscal policy to preserve forex and the investment grade credit rating.

    I am definitely not IMF. you notice how the nation and others have elevated the IMF to oracle of delphi status.

  33. @Trained Economist | March 13, 2012 at 2:43 PM |
    “Tenders have already been put out for a number of public buildings to be fitted with alternative energy solutions.”

    As I indicated before I am not against the retention of the subsidy. But it should not be continually imposed on fuels that make up significant cost inputs to those products and services that make up a large percentage of the consumption pattern of poor people (food, utilities, public transportation). What about the “ordinary” householders who cannot afford the upfront cost of investing in alternative energy solutions? Should they be part of the vanguard to bring about a “greener economy and environment”? Can’t low cost loans or strict grants with strict conditionalities be made available and financed through the fuel surcharge on gasoline and diesel for private vehicles?

    Just to clarify: Are these tenders for the actual retro-fitting of solar electricity generating systems or are these just invitations to conduct surveys and studies? We are eager to know the actual purpose and requirements of the tenders- so refer us to the tender document. It would be interesting to find out if it calls for: “to survey and actually do (install)” or “to study and recommend various courses of action” (to be another useless report prepared by some Party favoured consultant).

  34. old onion bags you must know that battening down and riding the storm is a valid approach. now that we have had some stability we can begin to look out and try a thing.

    However, the global recovery is tepid at best, the rating agencies got us by the balls, and we are stuck with the debt overhang from the debt buildup due to the massive off budget public investment program (highway, judicial center, cost guard base, kensington and cricket world cup, prison) now brought on budget and the policy of no layoffs and only minor adjustments with the entitlement programs over the last three years.

    As mia said, there is little or no ficsal space. as sinckler said trying to drive growth from local consumption risks the exchange rate peg. We need to embrace alternative energy, embrace agriculture, seek efficiencies in the delivery of our treasured social programs, exploit our strengths in tourism (luxury segment and seek to develop heritage tourism). We should not be harking back to a glory day of a property led boom and domestic consumption.

    As I think it was someone called Ellis Chase posted some time ago, much of the policy framework has been laid but the elites in bim want another shot at the glory days of property booms and consumption rather than accept that the environment has been fundamentally altered and begin the slow and painful work of building out a new economy.

  35. @Miller

    The challenge posed by your suggestion to exempt commercial enterprises from paying gas surcharge then the carrot and stick approach becomes compromised. It is the commercial sector that has to lead the transformation no?

  36. WHAT THEY SPEND D $5 BILLION ON ?????…….Bus fares ? Summer Camps ?, Constituency councils,?Signs ? CLICO ? CHINA ?..what what …The question again is asked…..Coventry Houses ?..NO..that belong ta a white not dat …what they spend the $$$$$ ON ..Mr.Speaker ? Parties ?Foot ball ? Blackman Gollop School …ye sire…Help me Mr. Trained Economist …any more Onions and Duguid missed ?

  37. Look Economist…you don’t FOOL Me one bit…..stop calling my name…You just like the man now speaking…..A POSER porno…..wanna aint do SH #1..but rob and theif …..endogenously….Horse and carrot my ass… all are an insult ! An abomination to this county…..tell Donville he made a living from spreading nuff disgusting-ness on the nett. He would know these tings..

  38. @ David | March 13, 2012 at 3:55 PM |

    Agree that the commercial sector needs to be in the forefront of change. But imposing additional costs would not translate into any meaningful transformation or changes in habits. Just remember that all costs imposed on businesses are eventually passed on and borne by the final consumers. Businesses do not pay taxes, they just collect from consumers and pay into the Treasury some of them and hopefully most). All costs (including the profit element) are included in the final price charged to consumers. So it is the consumers who are fully bearing the fuel surcharges. What is required is for government to establish a legislative and enforceable framework buttressed by tax regimes which provide incentives and possible punitive sanctions or deterrents to current behaviour. It must also be the model and embodiment of the path to the way forward (leading by example). If the government does not set a good example then it can’t haul the private/commercial sector over the coals.

  39. @Miller

    Perhaps your way is another policy option and would have worked better in ‘time’ of plenty when ‘time’ was on our side.

  40. There is also a limit on the extent to which prices can be passed on.

    david, do you a copy of the 2007 and 2008 estimates that you can post a link to on the site?

  41. @ Trained Economist | March 13, 2012 at 4:34 PM |
    “There is also a limit on the extent to which prices can be passed on.”

    So who bears these additional costs that according to you can’t be passed on? Subsidies by government? Under-reporting of revenues or profits for tax purposes? Who bears the increases in input prices?

  42. Masterful response by trained economist. Onions and miller please read and learn., It is all about STABILTY STUPID! BTW what happened to the other calling birds like Prodigal and enuff I just can;t understand how intelligent electorate who are indeed paying for the Debt incurred by the BLP would want more of the same. Unbelievable that is why i use the term for the past 14 years as “Vodoo economics ” money borrowed , Pay back is truly in this case a S>>n of a B##ch

  43. @ David | March 13, 2012 at 4:32 PM |
    “Perhaps your way is another policy option and would have worked better in ‘time’ of plenty when ‘time’ was on our side.”

    Correctional and efficiency adjustments do not find takers in times of plenty. Remember the statement: “Money is no problem”!
    The BLP did not carry out the required ‘structural adjustments’ despite the warnings available from the1991-93 period. This present administration is following in the same footsteps or making the same moves on the economic “potta” board game. Where did the additional borrowings that were incurred since 2008 go towards” building capacity for economic restructuring and diversification or towards financing consumption-some of it glaringly conspicuous (expensive high powered petrol driven vehicles to be acquired)?

    An examination of the current estimates is indicative of the road these fellas intend to travel. Imagine keeping people and party hacks on the public payroll with nothing for them to do or materials to work with! That’s a sure sign of a government’s commitment to restructuring and repositioning and recovery of a hospitalized economy.

  44. @ ac | March 13, 2012 at 5:43 PM |
    “Masterful response by trained economist. Onions and miller please read and learn”

    When the trained economist addresses my queries about the tenders and the passing on of prices I would allow him to sit next to me in class. OK with you, ac? I will not tease him too much.
    One notices that you are all quiet on the DLP front regarding the dumping the 2008 manifesto. This is a necessary evil on your part if we are to accept the ‘trained economist’s” analysis of the new economic order. After all, it is not a contract!

  45. Miller after the DLP found the high debt left by the BLP they had little or no alternative but to ditch some of thebprograms . But the fact is the DLP with little have managed to keep this country from falling over the cliff upon which the BLP had it perched. READ LISTEN and learn from the TRAINED ECONOMIST ! even George Brathwaite has receded!

  46. George Payne as usual made a total idiot of himself in his estimates presentation if we can call it that. Items that were decreased in funding, he said were increased,constantly- poor george, the sight of Mia Mottley delivering the estimates reply must have made him delusional.
    The people in Barbados realising everday that we do not need these BLP jokers.The most unimpressive BLP group ever presented to our country.

  47. @ac

    George Brathwaite does not run. GCB does not get engaged unless he beleives he must. I pick my battles and after reading so many of your comments, it makes no sense to shake you from your state of delusion. Do you not realise that foot and mouth disease is spreading fast the more the DLP persons speak? Can you imagine Hammie Lala begging that the UDC mirror the work done by Urban? Did you read The UDC Director (Derek Alleyne) interview with Tony Best? An indictment on a party that says it cares and came in to government on a mandate to reduce poverty and a mantra to create a society? What a shame. The DLP will win in Parliament for the time being on numbers, but they lose in the public’s eye on quality and substance; if you doubt me ask Kenny best and Patrick Todd. Shameful!

  48. We have been here before–the 2008 Estimates and Budget. These same people albeit with different ‘names’ were on this blog pontificating about the brilliance of the presentations now 5 episodes later the economic indicators are worse. Why should we believe them after FOUR previous failings? Why waste time trying to rebut the DLP apologists? This government is inept and all the spin and rehashing of the Bees’ 14 years is not changing that fact.

  49. @ GCB

    Thank you!
    I made the comment previously that Derek Alleyne’s comments were an admission of failure. But what do you expect from a square peg in a round hole. Stupse

  50. @ Trained Economist

    “with the debt overhang from the debt buildup due to the massive off budget public investment program (highway, judicial center, cost guard base, kensington and cricket world cup, prison) now brought on budget”

    Yuh hear lie…that is lie.

  51. @ac..ya see gine suffer cuz ya hard ears…..trained economist wah ask he to differentiate this

    14 x to the power of 3dy to the power of y the imposter reel

    time to show ya metal economist…….

  52. So Marshall get FIRED after the NIS disburst the millions of dollars, how much did the crazy professor manage to stuff in his pockets before bidding farewell to the project?

    And to think people actually believed DT was really concerned about the project.

  53. Regina ….baby DEM got nuff plans fa dat money….ya aint hear the end of it… would be as expected …..going with grain of things under this administration…if Marshall was a real man he would blow the whistle pun DEM.
    This most scandalous scope of things will be but another NAIL in the coffin…BUT ya know what is the best JOKE..they say they want another TERM…

  54. Miller, old onions,

    But look how the Dems destroy their own. Look how unceremoniously they dumped Phony Marshall. A man who for years defended them to the hilt on Brasstacks and carried the party flag on VOB for years especially during 2007 and 2008.

    That’s the Dems for you. He cannot go back to VOB now either, cause a few people like Verney Hinds, Ms P etc fill up Phony’s head with crap that he is the best moderator making him think that he was special. He stupidly demanded a bigger pay from VOB than the other moderators, so they cut him too.

    But aint Chris Sinckler a BIG fat liar? I quite remember him saying that the investment committee rejected the Four Seasons request to invest in that project and he had therefore requested the board to re-consider their decision. Low and behold, the big fat liar said he never pressured the board to invest in Four Seasons. How these people can tell so many bold faced lies?

    David, could you re post that thread where you had a photo with Phony and the board on the balcony of Government Headquarters waiting to go into meeting with the MOF so that the readers can been refreshed. Next day, the board announced the decision to invest.

    I hope the voters deal with Esther Byer Suckoo. Waste of space.

  55. @ac
    “BTW what happened to the other calling birds like Prodigal and enuff………………………………………….

    By the way ac, I have a life. Unlike you I cannot live on the computer like you do defending the indefensible!

  56. @ ac

    Stop telling lies and being insensitive to Mr. Eastmond’s health. I never knew the BLP had the power to make someone diabetic.

  57. Each person is responsible for their own health. The BLP cannot be held responsible if Rawle did not take his medication, eat right and exercise. Come on ac, I know that you aint so stupid to believe that even though you wrote that crap above!

  58. Did anyone else heard the Minister of Finance say that the IMF has expressed concerns about the state of the NIS funds and the “Ultra Brilliant” one said he does not have to take their advice. Shades of Sandi, wont you say.

  59. @ ac…..destroyed ?… what foolishness you talking bout girl ? I think you need to read up on the goodly gentleman’s medical history….from early (before nominations) onions did tell you all how strange the man was behaving lately…but no you ac wanted to create another nothing….now you got D gall to come in here and say what ?…shameful

  60. Marshall arise like a phoenix …..and hit DEM wid the toilet paper they left you walking out wid……trailing from your back pocket dawg…cover drive DEM fa six like D BIG Boss man miss P and the rest of the Brass Tacks family know you to be……Dem mekkin you look like a mock man ! After all the years in banking….you gine walk way so ?

  61. The DLP government has done an excellent job in a very tough global economy. People of Barbados will not be fooled by the “milks and honey promises” of this BLP opposition.A BLP opposition that is clearly putting party before country.
    The Barbados economy has stabilised and our exchange rate peg has been defended.

  62. @ ac | March 13, 2012 at 6:16 PM |
    “Miller after the DLP found the high debt left by the BLP they had little or no alternative but to ditch some of the programs”

    You are implying here that the DLP was NOT knowledgeable of the country’s indebtedness when your “damn L party” compiled their manifesto of pie -in-the-sky promises. Same type of promises you are now accusing the BLP of foisting on the people to win back the reins of power.
    The position you have taken, “ac”, is tantamount to confirming that the architects of the DLP mania festering document of “cow jump over the Moon” idyllic promises leading to a pathway of economic destruction did not know anything about the fiscal and monetary health of the country. Were they not reviewing the estimates all during the 14 years of BLP misrule, reading the central bank reports, and relying on their own research people and analysts?
    Or you are genuinely implying that the BLP Minister of Finance in collusion with the civil servants and the Governor of the Central Bank were allegedly “cooking the books” and indulging in ‘creative accounting” pratices in order to make the administration of the day look good and smelling of roses? Now remember these same civil servants are advising the current DLP administration. Or are these members of the lot that the Minister of Labour accused of leaking information to-in your obsessive compulsive mind- the blasted lying party of 14 years vintage?

  63. Ester Suckoo got involved with politics for all of the right reasons. Being a community doctor in the rural districts she would have felt a need to do better for the unfortunates that she would be intimately aware of. There is no doubt that that shine has long been dulled by the paramountcy of the party agenda. If Dr Suckoo could fall to this, then surely there is absolutely NO hope of an improvement for the system that facilitates these political parities that lack so much as a legal identity …


  64. @BAFBFP

    You are correct about Suckoo, she is now happily chirping the party song. We expected better from someone who is not a lawyer or part of the status quo.

  65. The BLP has not offered one single proposal for the sustainable growth of the Barbados Economy- Not One!
    Do not look for any either because there is no new infusion of talent or ideas in this BLP piss poor group of candidates.
    Will you place your hope in Wuk Fa Wuk to lead us out of recession, for Owen Arthur and Muscle Lynch to champion integrity legislation, for Dale Marshall to reform our legal process.
    People please!
    This is the worst group of BLP candidates ever presented to the people of Barbados.
    They beleive that all they have to do is shout CLICO ! Parris! and people will run and put them back in office.
    Bajans are not that stupid. Anybody who seriously believes that this current BLP group will usher in some new reformist agenda surely needs an urgent visit to Black Rock.
    You can put your hope in many things but to beleive that the BLP has some miracle solutions out there that Obama, Cameron and noone else in Caricom can see is the height of delusion.

  66. @old onion bags | March 13, 2012 at 10:05 PM |
    “Dem mekkin you look like a mock man ! After all the years in banking….you gine walk way so ?”

    Looking like a mock man? He is a ‘mock’ man! All those simple, naive listeners to Brasstacks who looked up to Schoolmaster marshal(l) as a man of principles and high ethics must be plugging their ears in anger at this revelation of the true character of the man. Cast in a miniature mould of D T design this hypocrite would fly away like the bird representative of his former master/employer and similar to the legendary phoenix has to wait for 5,000 years ever to rise again on the high platform of compunction, decency and integrity in public life.
    You can bet he would go into hiding like a loopy dog with his embarrassingly stinky tail between his legs still begging for morsels from the rotting once-fatted calf.

  67. @!

    Don’t be politically naïve, Arthur will likely deliver his strategy on the campaign. Why would he force it now when the popularity of the BLP is ascending?

  68. @ David

    Tony Marshall deserves some special mention on your blog … Did he chose to fall on his sword…? Is he really that committed to the Party or just plain old dumb …?! Bring an article man …

  69. If we are talking about restructuring the economy the use of the St. Joseph hospital for medical progress certainly qualifies as progress. But that would be giving the DLP some credit.

  70. @David
    If the “annointed” spokesman for the BLP on the economy is given a free space weekly in the most popular paper in Barbados and he has not put forward one propsal for sustainable growth for the last 4 years but just criticises everything the government does, why should the BLP be taken seriously?
    Are you suggesting that the BLP either has no ideas or they have decided to put party interest before national interests?

  71. @!

    It is anecdotal of course but BU suspects a scientific poll will confirm our position when one is done. Bear in mind a few polls done by CADRES at a constituency level last year confirmed similarly.

    As far as putting forward ideas when in opposition all manner of promises can be made e.g integrity legislation and FOI in 100 days etc. It is all about stratigizing to win in a Westmister System of government which breeds adversarial politics.

  72. @ Trained Economist:
    “with the debt overhang from the debt buildup due to the massive off budget public investment program (highway, judicial center, cost guard base, kensington and cricket world cup, prison) now brought on budget”

    Before you carry on with your politically biased analysis of fiscal and financial management of the public sector resources you need to appreciate that there are some readers on this blog who are just as savvy and technically knowledgeable as you or even better through experience and training.
    So don’t let the massaging of your intellectual ego by “ac” and “!” go to your head and reveal your true level of academic training and understanding.
    So please tell us what do you mean by the phrase “now brought on budget” as quoted in the statement above?
    Actual expenditure is NOT brought on Budget but “Brought to Book”. In other words, recorded in the accounts and reported in the financial statements as Capital Expenditures or Long-term Assets financed by borrowings, accumulated surplus or cash holdings.
    So please explain exactly what you mean by ‘bringing these capital investment (CAPEX) programmes on BUDGET’.

    If you are a genuinely trained economist, then do not do an “ac” and become a “dc” by ducking the question. At least do a ‘justin robinson’ and shed a bit of light on this “On Budget” public finance & accounting technique.
    We will be most impressed if you were to respond with the same alacrity as you normally do with your counters to protect the projected image of a scintillating performance an excellent record set by the current Minister of Finance.

  73. @! | March 14, 2012 at 8:51 AM |

    “The BLP has not offered one single proposal for the sustainable growth of the Barbados Economy- Not One!
    Do not look for any either because there is no new infusion of talent or ideas in this BLP piss poor group of candidates”………………..

    Let’s compare the BLP crop with with “talent” of the DLP in the likes of …………..Freundel Stuart, Kenny Best, George Hutson, Haynesley Benn, Chris Sinckler, Maxine MCClean, Harry Husbands, Irene Sandiford, Stephen Lashley, Patrick Todd, Steve Blackett, Esther Byer Suckoo, Michael Lashley, John Boyce, Dennis Lowe, Jepter Ince, David Estwick, Ronald Jones………………….want me to go on and on!!

  74. I must admit I like your posts Miller and i would love to fire one with yu in teh pub along with a vigorous exchange of views

    By brought on budget I mean that once the projects are brought to book, the debt service and amortization for these projects is now reflected as part of the estimates and not hidden “below the line” as the public finance people like to say.

    As former President of the Barbados Economic Society Winston Moore has pointed out part of the reason for the larger deficit is the fact that we can now observe it on the books of the government.

    But Miller as a fair minded and clearly very knowledgeable person ( cannot assume a fella) I find yu are sidestepping the issue of the fact that without much fanfare we seem to be developing the makings of a medical tourism industry. maybe its happening despite the DLP, but its happening under their watch.

  75. @Trained Economist | March 14, 2012 at 11:17 AM |
    “I find yu are sidestepping the issue of the fact that without much fanfare we seem to be developing the makings of a medical tourism industry.”

    Reporting expenditure below the line as on-going special projects or work in progress and their subsequent re-classification to above-the-line fixed assets is just a matter of accounting reclassification of expenditure. The point is that the expenditures in whichever accounting presentation were reported in the books of the executing agencies.
    The financial controllers responsible for the preparation and reporting of the various departments, boards and agencies accounts according to generally accepted accounting principles established for the Public Sector should be the ones to come under the spotlight; not the politicians. Unless you are implying that the political directorate “forced” by threats the technocrats to engage in public accounting gymnastics. Please don’t get tarnish with the ac brush!

    Since you seem a have a basic understanding of the workings of government you would appreciate that ‘government’ is a ‘continuity’ under our Westminster form of governance.
    Liabilities incurred and contracts entered into in good faith under previous party administration must be honoured. A similar commitment applies to those projects started or in the pipeline. As long as these projects and proposals are in the public and taxpayers interests they should be undertaken in principle even if major adjustments or tweaking might be required. Medical tourism as part of the International Business portfolio has its genesis under the tenure of the previous administration. The St. Joseph hospital was always earmarked for this kind of development. Same thing will happen when this present administration demits office. Any viable project conceived by the technocrats during the last 5 years would not be foolishly cast aside. Any BLP incoming administration would hopefully have learnt from their previous mistakes as in the case of the St. John’s polyclinic. One would not make references to any viable projects conceptualized and started under the previous BLP administration but discarded by the present DLP administration out of sheer political expediency or in the interest of slaughtering and divvying up the fatted calf to only those carrying the party colours. That would be perpetuating the same “hiddy biddy shut your lap tight, tight” merry-go-round political game this country can least afford at this crucial and highly dangerous crossroad on its journey of economic development.

  76. The only naievete would be those that believe that the BLP has some secret potion to fix the economy which they are going to revealed when campaigning what abunch of bull as it is now the only ammunition they are using is CLICo and before the election that would be a clsoe window because the govt wouldhave taken care of that. now again they have gone back to thje AX issue.all in an attempt to poison the minds of the electorate who are seeking solUtions and not a song and a dance.

  77. @ ac
    Why you don’t just do like Ester Buyer Suckoo..and start attacking the voters ? All ya like DOGS..biting at one nudda tails….This happens when you have nothing else to say …

    Ac ______like he forget STAGE II…the teachers still pun DISPATCH ?

  78. @ !
    They beleive that all they have to do is shout CLICO ! Parris! and people will run and put them back in office.
    My man ..I go ask you ONE question…..where the $3.3 million money trail lead ?…I will not CHEAT , LIE OR STEAL….ok

    HUSH !

  79. @ac
    “the only ammunition they are using is CLICo and before the election that would be a clsoe window because the govt wouldhave taken care of that. now again they have gone back to thje AX issue.all in an attempt to poison the minds of the electorate who are seeking solUtions and not a song and a dance.”

    You promising a CLICO solution? wow.
    The only one that needs to go back to the AX issue is the PM.

    Bear in mind in both these and other cases, these are opposition fodder avoidably created by the government.

  80. @ Observing(NOT Observer)

    Really how convient ! Is that so! only a BLP would refuse to connect the BLP incompetence and the pass that was given to CLICO under OSA!

  81. SincKler stated in the house today that the BLP was actively soliciting the big boys at CLICO weeks before the last election for cheques and funding.
    If you listen to the BLP yardfowls on this blog, you would think that the BLP never took money from CLICO and certainly not recently.
    Owen Arthur is a national disgrace. He should apologise to the CLICO policyholders for his continued lies and deception. He will be exposed.Only a fool would beleive anything lying Owen Arthur says.
    I know Mia Mottley does not beleive him. She knows him better than most and she would never publicly endorse his character with a staright face.

  82. @!

    on one hand, soliciting 300,000 and losing government..on the other hand, accepting a few million and winning and then going on to…… well…history is still being written.

    I don’t think you want to use this as an argument. Was disappointed that Chris did too. It’s weak, and coming a this stage in the debate exposes the lack of abundant “ammunition” to fight the CLICO storm..notice, no promise of “when” a resolution will “soon” emerge in these estimates. The DLP will have to shape the story over the next months and do a much better job of parrying the expected blows. Even then they’re still now fighting an uphill battle.

    the current government could have shut their mouths and do due diligence when the CLICO headaches first started, thus incurring no culpability and being in a position to absolve themselves when all went to hell. Yes, the previous government have some blame to hold to, but they never promised “sound management”, “insularity from Trinidad,” at least the “principle on your investment,” a continued relationship with their “pal” and of course the “no need for judicial management at this time.”: It’s the words and illusion of impropriety that are burying the DLP and causing offense to policyholders on this on more so than the actions (or inactions). Remember, DT crucified OSA with a $75,000 check. Right now we are at 3.3M and counting. Wish ya luck defending this one.

  83. The time for the horse race is fast expiring. Are you telling me that this government can

    a) deal with CLICO satisfactorily (economically and politically)
    b) deal with AX satisfactorily
    c) deal with LIME and BWU satisfactorily
    d) deal with Barack satisfactorily
    e) deal with the cost of living satisfactorily
    f) deal with perceptions of “an Eager 11” satisfactorily
    g) deal with the Myrie CCJ case satisfactorily
    g) bring Prevention of Corruption and IL
    h) appoint a GG
    i) At least start the process of FOI
    j) sort out the Esso ting down by Pebbles Beach
    k) achieve at least 1% economic growth
    j) finish de “tek forever” roundabouts and road works
    k) Bring audited statements for the Councils and other institutions
    l) Meet the revised MTFS targets
    m) reexamine VAT and the taxes on allowances and
    n) regain the overall confidence of the general populace

    all while canvassing, meeting their constituents, rebuilding hope and trust, oiling an election machine and presenting a unified cohesive message? in 9 (sorry 8 months) If they do then kudos, another 4 years is duly deserved. Oh, by the way, I haven’t mentioned anything in the 2008 manifesto. Go figure.

  84. Why the hell would any sensible person vote for Owen Arthur who took 40 million dollars of your money and my money and bury it in St, Andrew when everyone was saying it was a mistake? Is that the sound leadership that Barbados needs?
    When you talk about all the GEMS and other failures of Arthur’s term, the BLP says stop looking back but then why is Arthur spending so much time talking about the growth of 1994 -2008?

    Arthur wants to take all the glory for the world economic boom of the mid 90’s and early 21st century but most of the Caribbean and USA and UK were growing too.He wants all of the credit and none of the blame.He will not have it both ways.

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