Did Someone Get Away With Killing Luke Bjerkhamn And Wounding His Father?

Submitted by Caswell Franklyn
Funeral luke Bjerkham

Flashback to the burial of Luke Bjerkham

I have heard a lot of comments about the Director of Public Prosecutions giving Bjerkhamn a slap on the wrist for killing his son. Some have even called the DPP’s integrity into question. While I understand the sense of outrage that is being demonstrated throughout the country, I am not one of those that would jump on the bandwagon without a clear understanding of what transpired.

Persons who have been critical of the DPP’s actions in this case clearly do not know or do not understand the procedure in Barbados. It would appear that their understanding of the law is being influenced by American television programmes. The first problem for the DPP is that his office does not have an investigative arm. He has to rely on the Police to investigate cases and then they would forward their findings to him so that he can decide whether or not to file a charge. The public does not know what is in the police report, so the DPP could very well be taking some undeserved abuse for a situation over which he had no control. Before I can come down on either side, I would have to be privy to the police report.

This case clearly demonstrates that the evidence in matters like this should be made available to the public after the conclusion of the case, and after the time for the appeals process has expired.

Very few people know the truth of what transpired to cause the death of little Luke Bjerkhamn, and I daresay that I am one of those who find it extremely difficult to believe the version of events on which the DPP relied. But my belief is not evidence that could stand up in a court of law. My belief comes from my experience with weapons. When the Barbados Defence Force was first established I was a weapons instructor. That is why I am able to say that the accepted version of events is virtually impossible. The injuries to Bjerkhamn’s hand and the fatal one to his son’s chest are more consistent with a third party firing at the father, who got injured while taking evasive action to avoid being killed. I could be wrong but my scenario makes more sense than a trained gun dealer cleaning a loaded weapon and then contorting himself in such a way that he could manage to injure himself in the hand.

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  1. To BAFBFP:
    I left you to sarge. And if you continue to interfere wid him, I am sure given what he has posted that he shall do justice to your imbibing of “gorilla piss”. I makes you feel like a lion nuh?

  2. We need to put the DPP under the microscope. Remember at the height of this controversy, the then PM, David Thompson said that he had asked the DPP to forward all the info on this case to him? Dont forget DT’s role in this?

    The DPP is not as clean as he is supposed to be. How many times does the DPP prosecute a case in court? He hobnobs with the rich and famous and so you have to question his judgements.

    Remember some years ago, some British men came down here and kidnapped another British citizen. They were arrested and jailed. Under pressure from the Brits stationed here with whom he hobnobs, the men were given bail. They immediately caught a flight and never came back to Bim to answer the charges. Case dead!

    Remember too there was a British actor who was charged with rape of a young girl down at Almond Bay some years ago? Well he took it upon himself to prosecute this case and in legal circles it was alleged it was deliberate so that the actor would get off. Present a weak case. Well the young UK attorney who represented the actor made mincemeat of him so much so that fellow lawyers cried shame on him that he could let a young lawyer to make him look so bad. Needless to say, the actor got off.

    He has a lot to answer for. The magistrate said that much.

  3. These technical people here have me really confused. Even if the father was “cleaning” the gun in front of his son, and he pulled the trigger to make safe the gun which he forgot was loaded. How come the gun was pointed at the son? How did he get his hand around so fast to “attempt” to block the bullet? Where are the reports on the powder burns to see how far the gun was from the hand? And on the little boy? Where was the report on tests to see how many times the weapon was fired? Does forensics in the Police work any more, or was there enough time to destroy evidence which you technical people so enjoy defending. The “story” about the boy’s death has no merit, and I must say, technically.

  4. To BAFBFP:
    Maybe someone needs to beg Sarge for you; that is until you put back on your fighting gear for next year. But the “gorilla piss” does work man; makes you feel like a lion or lion hearted.

  5. Hi, Micro Mock Engineer
    I hope you are continuing to enjoy the festive celebrations.
    To your question: Quote the Magistrate “The loss of a child’s life in the manner herein accepted by all parties is serious enough to merit a custodial sentence, even if other relevant considerations lead the court to exercise its discretion not to order such.”

    If the above leads you to believe, that I have contradicted the point I made in my submission, then surely she would have done the same in her judgment in view of her ( not applying the maximum custodial sentence allowed under the Law”.

    The caveat being that Magistrates are loath to give the maximum sentence unless in their judgment the offence committed is the “most serious” taking all factors into consideration for that “specific charge”….which she clearly did not think it was.
    I had no desire to have an empty glass this year in convivial company so I took a “little one”; then I had no idea why I was found on the floor, da fa lick yuh!!! he, he, ho ho.

  6. I wonder how we would treat the case if a 19 year old mother from Bank Hall, left a pot of boiling soup and her 18 month old toddler in the kitchen, while she stepped outside to put out the garbage, or to take bills form the postman, and the toddler pulled the pot of soup down on himself and suffered 3rd degree burns to 80% of his body and died 1 week later.

    Would we charge the mother with anything?

    Would we convict her?

    Would we fine her?

    Would be imprison her?

    Would we be harshly critical of her?

    Would we say that she ought REASONABLY to have know that a pot of boiling soup and a toddler shold NEVER be left together in the same room, even for 30 seconds.

    Under our gun dealer rules is there a rule which says that guns ougt NEVER to be handled in the presence of children. Aside form all the technicalities, if there is not such a rule, will be create such a rule? Will we enforce it? Will this man be permitted to continue as a gun dealer?

    And even more important since he is a young man will be be permitted to have custody and unsupervised access to young children?

    What does the Child Care Board have to say about this case?

  7. Thanks Yardbroom… the Magistrate’s comments and subsequent sentence did seem contradictory to me, but your caveat was helpful. Still, I find it hard to believe that the Magistrate would not be sufficiently justified in issuing a custodial sentence (doesn’t have to be the maximum allowed) for the lesser “willfully exposed a minor” charge, particularly if she believed that the evidence presented to her supported a manslaughter charge. Wouldn’t this suggest that she did not believe his offense warranted a custodial sentence?

    By way of example, what in your opinion would constitute the “most serious” offense one could commit under the “willfully exposed a minor” charge?

  8. Hi Micro Mock Engineer,
    I have an opinion as to what has transpired in the Court, it is only an “opinion” but it would be unwise of me and certainly not prudent to give that view, even under the title of Yardbroom on a public forum….sorry.

  9. @ lemuel | December 27, 2011 at 1:11 PM |
    “Even if the father was “cleaning” the gun in front of his son, and he pulled the trigger to make safe the gun which he forgot was loaded. How come the gun was pointed at the son?”

    Hi Ironside, do you understand what you have unravelled? Look at the family connections and business dealings and you would appreciate the “real housing projects determining events” behind the decision-making scene. My hands tied, tied, tied! Help me please jada god of money or my next election funding request might be found somewhere in coverley!

  10. To Miller:
    I love walking, but Columbo would have been much appreciated. And you Miller are not locking me up with this god of money talk. Did you hear that Stuart’s back is so against the wall that he will not be touching any of the eleven who wanted to keep their meeting about him.

  11. To Miller:
    Do know that the little boy was in “rigor mortis” (stiffness of death) when the father “rushed” him to Sandy Crest? Do you know that rigor mortis takes three to four hours after death to manifest itself; it reaches maximum stiffness in 12 hours, and leaves the body gradually in 48 hours? Do you know that the lawyer was called first, and then the boy was taken to Sandy Crest? Which father or mother having shot their son would leave him without medical attention, until the lawyer got the right stupid “story” that many here are defending? Who was the doctor who pronounced the boy dead before he was taken to Sandy Crest?

  12. Maybe I am getting befuddled in my old age. My reading of the Magistrate’s comments were interpreted to mean that she COULD NOT render a custodial sentence for the CHARGE LAID, even though the death of a child under those circumstances warranted one. I did NOT understand her to say that she was not giving the maixmum for that charge, but that her hands were tied. I understood her to be criticising the DPP for the laying of what could be called a “non-charge”.

  13. I can’t believe that Caswell Franklyn attached his name to this ridiculous story. I would be ashamed to let anyone know that it was me who wrote such hogwash.

    No wonder his “Union” has no more than one member, Caswell.

    The Royal Barbados Police Force did a thorough investigation of this matter. In their professional opinion which I support completely, it was an accident. The DPP pressed the charges which he did based on the professional investigation of the very competent Royal Barbados Police Force.

    Now we have a man who claims he is a “weapons expert” from his vantage of his Varandah sipping a Pina Colado knowing full well that they was an assassin.

    Is it just me or is this the most poppycock written for the year 2011? And to make matter even more comical a bunch of idiots on this blog believing it. I don’t know which is worst, Caswell’s make belief story or the jokers on this following him?

    • As far as I know, Carson Cadogan is a pseudonym adopted by a well known DLP operative to promote and defend his party. I did not know that this post had anything party political to merit such a scathing attack from Carson. It now leaves me to wonder if Miller’s comment at 7:16 p.m. struck a political nerve.

  14. Random Thoughts

    The Child Care Board is fah Black people hear ..


    How do know that the little boy was in “rigor mortis” (stiffness of death) when the father “rushed” him to Sandy Crest? Was this reported somewhere?

    Carson C. Cadogan

    “the professional investigation of the very competent Royal Barbados Police Force.” I ain’ gun tell you that you may have had too much to drink, but that comment is “the most poppycock written for the year 2011”. And to think that a comical idiot on this blog believes it …

  15. There are a number of untouchables in this country that can get away with anything, whichever government is in place. The situation with the bejerkhams becomes more untouchable now because of the recession and Bjorn is one of the fairy godfathers right now. I remember a certain person wanted a favor granted during Sandies time and the government dept concerned refused, the man trheatened serious action and Sandie stepped in a granted the favor just because this guy was the fairy godfather who gave Sandie the money for the sugar workers. When it gets to the stage where our politicians can be bought, we the average citizen worth nothing.Just don’t cross any of these persons path or you too will become a statistic

  16. What thorough investigation, what. The Police hands were tied up. The dead king saw to that and the DPP carried out his instructions, dont forget this was the son of theone of the DLP’s major money donors. Remember when this man was in Bayview Hospital, they complained that the Police was guarding him, next thing, the Police were removed and the man slipped out of Barbados, making the COP look like a fool.

    DLP politics played a major part in this case.

    By the way “Is’nt Freundel aint saying nothing?” What about the plotters’ heads that had to be chopped off?????

  17. So BAFBFP who looks out for white Bajan children when they are hurt of killed by thier own parents, grandparents?

    And if Barbados’s authorities refuses to llok out for these children, isn’t Barbados discriminating against a minority group?

    And wouldn;t that minority group, this is white Bajan children be within their rights to compalint to authorities outside of Barbados?

    Perhaps this boy’s mother or grandmother should complain.

  18. do you care to reveal the favour mr scout or is it a secret on which you leave me only to speculate. your comment might be factual but to make such a bold comment and leave it hanging is an assault on mr sandiford’s character.

  19. pretty blue eyes seems to have gone silent about her comment questioning the veracity of the COP statement regarding who aqnd who was present at the autopsy of curtis callender.

  20. The problems in the Justice System have been mentioned by many contributors. It is also true that class and race do play “significant” roles in decisions taken across the spectrum in Barbados. (one can agree with all of the above).

    However, that does not mean in a specific case of major importance, you can accuse someone of having committed perjury: Criminal Law, the deliberate giving of false evidence under oath. Unless you have “substantial” and I mean substantial grounds for so doing, which goes beyond having an opinion.

  21. balance
    A certain non-national was building a house or better, renovating a house in St Joseph and it was alleged he wanted to build a guardwall way higher than TP regulations, the plan was refused. On his last meeting with TP he left the island and instructed the contractor to inform the P.M if permission was not granted on him return some drastic action would occur. On his arrival into the country, with two big excavators waiting for action and one phone call to the P.M the O.K was given for him to build his tall wall. This is want happens when a fairy godfather is offering sweets, the old people always said ” what sweeten goat mout, bun he in de bam bam”.2012 would offer a lot of sweets and pepper as the general elections draw near, none of the fairy godfathers are going to give unless they can receive benefits in return, even at the expense of the taxpaying public/voters.

  22. To BAFBFP:
    I that I have reported is out there in the informal network. The family may be able to buy ministers and police but they can not buy honest people. All that I have reported have been verified by people who know. Carson Codagan’s problem is that if that father had been imprisoned his favorite party would have no sugar daddy for the coming big event in 2012. There are some families in Barbados who believe they are above the law and this case demonstrates that fact quite clearly.

  23. @ The Scout | December 28, 2011 at 8:36 AM |
    “2012 would offer a lot of sweets and pepper as the general elections draw near, none of the fairy godfathers are going to give unless they can receive benefits in return, even at the expense of the taxpaying public/voters.”

    Especially now the clico cash cow is dead (except for the “professional legal & accounting undertakers”). You now understand the big-foot move to push aside FS who appears a bit to “clean and honest” for the wheeling and dealing associated with electioneering funding. Contributions Corrupting
    Campaigning (CCC) will be the motto of the whichever damned lying party.

    PS: you could at least give us the year in which the “higher than regulated” guard wall was erected or was intended to be erected.

  24. miller
    I’ve given you enough, if you want to see the wall, just go Easy and Hall yourself to St Joseph. There are no Sandie beaches up there but there are many Lewises.

  25. To millertheanunnaki

    The American Sandy Lewis man, during Sandi’s time. The American man who was subsequently pardoned by Bill Clinton even though like King Jah-Jah “din’ do nothing”

    And don’t mind Carson C. Cadogan man. Carson is an unrepentant DLP yardie.

  26. Sorry leave King Jah-Jah outta dis. He was royalty.

    It was Brudda Neddie who get lock up even though he claimed he “din’ do nothing”

  27. To Miller:
    I once met Sandy Lewis. He is one arrogant fool. But the DLP and the BLP love to entertain these kind of people.

  28. @ Random Thoughts | December 27, 2011 at 11:52 PM |

    “So BAFBFP who looks out for white Bajan children …”

    Extended family. White people in Ba’bados continue to promote this Separate But Equal climate that we have to this day… So they could brek fah de’selves, as always … If you enjoy sympathizing for those who care little for you, then you be a velly special person indeed …! So no admiration from me tho …

  29. Lems

    Your claim is a very very serious one, very serious indeed and would push Franklyn’s hypothesis beyond doubt …! You should verify it… man quote somebody, something …!

  30. @Random Thoughts:-

    You got me feeling queasy, cause I am hearing your silent scream.

    It seems to me you are grappling with a few things.

    These are the things that I grapple with.
    1. Barbados is a country ruled by the spirit of colonialism, means that don’t care care how much the black people fight, the whites run things. Most people – I believe – on this blog black so we might not be able to help you out here. You might have to look to your fellow whites to help you out.

    2. I have often wondered if black Barbadians are the only one predisposed to committing crimes. I think this scenario has answered my question in that it might not be so but they are predisposed to getting some time at the Royal Dodds Hotel.

    3. It might not be that we don’t care that a little white boy is dead, I’m sure that given the opportunity some black mothers would hold the father and “massacrete” he backside. But again we would get loss way in prison for doing that.

    4.White people clannish and they stick to one another, I don’t see now or in the near future ANY white woman stepping out from behind her husband’s father’s, grandfather’s, uncle’s, step father’s money. That money does something far greater than justice; it is what sets them apart from us “poor little black girls” and it might be more of an injury to be associated as a poor black girl than to stand for justice. Just might humble opinion.

    5. You said “children” and not “child” in your summation; are there other children that have suffered similar fates and no one reported it.

    6.I grapple seriously that the “law” in incapable of protecting or defending me if I am ever purported to be caught doing something I should not do. Will I be denied Justice on account of the colour of my skin and the size of my bank account. Two strikes and the crapaud smoke my pipe yeh!!

    In this case we can talk all the technical jargon, I have a gut instinct that there as been a gross miscarriage of justice. However one has to take solace in that it does not matter if one is black or white, the conscience and memory is one thing that we cannot escape – for long anyways.

    I don’t bowsie but I get real queasy.

  31. Random Thoughts

    Let me apologise. I did not realize that you are a member of our traditional elite. My words were ill-chosen. But a young Barbadian lost his life and I am sympathetic. Please allow me to leave it at that.

  32. In any event if it was an accident, negligence (not criminal), why should there be a custodial sentence, and if Franklyn right, the father really ain’ guilty of a crime at all. So why is there this discussion …?

  33. David at least the main stream Toronto media are covering the story big time.

    They interviewed the man’s Canadian neighbors all of whom said he was a quiet friendly person.
    They even broadcast the interview with his mother who is living in Grenada.
    It is a very sad unfortunate incident.

  34. Quoting BABFP “if Franklyn right, the father really ain’ guilty of a crime at all.”
    If Johan did not cause Like’s death, and if Luke did not committ suicide (and I am fairly certain that he did not) nor killed himself by accident, then who caused Luke’s death? And does not the State have an interest in finding out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And if the State of Barbados has done an injustice to this boy, should not his extended family, those who you want me to believe look out for such children bring this case to the attention of authorities outside of Barbados? After all even though Barbadod is an island no man is an island. Enormous pressure can be exerted on the State of Barbados by States and organizations outside of Barbados.Did I mention before that 3 women won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. These women challenged the might of their States and its armies, so why do we want to believe that one white man is invincible.

  35. Quoting BAFBFP “I did not realize that you are a member of our traditional elite.”

    I am not a member of any elite, except the elite of the intellect.

  36. Virtually all of the doctors and nurses and lawyers and police, and emergency workers at public and private hospitals and ambulance services in Barbados are black.When a white woman or white child suffers an injury the powerful white men cannot keep it a secret. The black community knows all of the secrets, all of the violence, all of the abuse…

    And when the powerful white men are old and weak and sick and powerless guess who looks after them.

  37. BAFBPF:
    If you put my evidence and Random Thoughts “thoughts” together you would see the light. You know as well as most on this blog do that I can not make public the source of my evidence. As Random said most professionals in Barbados are black and ……. I can agree with you the father seem to have taken to fall for someone, maybe the boy’s mother. We need Sherlock Holmes for this one.

    To Random:
    You are so correct as a Nation we do see ALL children as Barbadians. But something seriously needs to be done about the attitude of people with money who come here and are given a “free run” of the economic plantation that is called Barbados.

  38. Let us suppose that a third person was involved in this shooting incident as has been suggested by the submission and has perhaps got away….I will take it as written, a question posed.

    This could mean that the person who fired the gun was known to Bjerkhamn and either shot him with intent or by accident. We could also suppose that the child was shot by accident or take it further – since we are dealing with scenarios – with intent.

    Even if it was dark, or the person came upon Bjerkhamn and surprised him, he would have known that he did not fire the fatal shot that also injured him.

    We would have to believe that Bjerkhamn went into Court and committed a Criminal Offence “perjury” misleading the Court. To save someone who shot his son and then took the blame for this tragedy. It just does not stand up….it is a non-starter.

    We have allowed our distaste of the social structure that exist in Barbados, to influence our judgment in this unfortunate incident.

  39. Dear Yardbroom:

    I am surprised that a man of your experience is so innocent.

    I myself have had a cousin who took a criminal charge for her son. Yes she went into court and swore that she had committed the offence. She had not. She was then of middle years, a good Christian woman who had always lived the Word, but this son was bare trouble. The court recorded a conviction against her and she because of her excellent record received a mnor punishment. The son who had become involved in drugs, prostitution, fraud etc. and who by then had multiple convictions would likely have been inprisioned for the offense. In this one instance she saved his sorry ass from Glendairy and she took the convictin on his behalf. He was saved from jail in this one instance. But of course an out of control youth is soon going to get into truble again. And he did. He was jailed. His propensity for trouble eventually got him an HIV infection. He died of AIDS in 1992 at age 22.

    HIs mother is still alive and still a good Christian woman.

    I live in the real world where many people will do almost anything to protect family members from serious trouble. I don’t know where you have spent your life.

  40. We realists know that perjury is not at all uncommon.

    Which is why I prefer to see trials with physical/forensic evidence. When the courts accept a guitly plea the evidence is never fully ventilated in court, there is no cross examination, there is no jury to mull over the details of the case, and yes in these circumstances a miscarriage of justice can occor.

    And it might be said that hot shot criminal lawyers like it so, as I expect they get paid the same for a short guilty plea, as for a long drawn out trial.

    It might be said that the coursts like it so because instead of a cace taking weeks of testimony and cross examination and jury delibeartion, a simple guilty plea and sentencing gets rid of the case and speeds up the court process for everybody else.

    Yes Yardbroom I hate that I have to be the one to tell you this, but there is no Santa Claus and yes human beings lie if it is in their best interest or the best interest of those they love (and yes people lie even after swearing on a Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God)

  41. Hi Random Thoughts,
    You might be surprised where- and how – I have spent my life and I am not as innocent as you suggested.

    On a daily basis mothers tell lies for their sons/daughters in Court, particularly when minor matters in comparison to this offence (capital) are concerned. Men beat their wives and the wives under oath claim they fell down the stairs despite the visible injuries sustained…..I know of these things.

    You said the Courts like it so, “an early guilty plea”, the caveat is, if the accused at first hearing admits his/her guilt and there appears to be no doubt.

    If the accused says I am not guilty but I am going to plead guilty to speed matters up. A “properly constituted Court” will not accept his/her guilty plea but will put down the matter for trial. If he/she is not legally represented, will advise that they should seek that avenue.

    Note I said “a properly constituted Court” seeking justice.

    What we appear to be doing is to move the pieces on the board to suit an opinion we have, and in doing so using situations real or imagined to make the point.

    I am accustomed to looking at the “evidence” not looking for what I want it to be.

    A properly constituted Court would look at at the entry and exit point of the bullet on the accused and the son. The positions before and after discharge, the accused would have to “demonstrate” how the incident occurred. There are so many things to be examined before a conclusion is reached by a team of detectives…that I could be here all day.

    You are asking the audience to believe that every one involved conspired to pervert the cause of justice; because the person concerned is not in “Dodds” prison ….as some think he should be.

    If he was, there would have been no questions asked because the “elite” would have had their comeuppance…I do not think at that level.

  42. To Yard Broom:
    I do not think that you do not have a point, but appreciate that those points you just made about a proper investigation were NEVER done. If you had shot your son , I am sure that you would have been on the way to get help there and then not several hours after an attorney gave you a story. Even if the father did not do it he knows who did and he is protecting them, hiding behind a perverted justice system in Barbados. Even the magistrate in her “outrage” did not feel the need to give him 3 months if only for the cover up.

  43. Hi lemuel
    I am not insensitive to what goes on in Barbados, I am a Bajan and know why some sections of the community are not represented in prison – Dodds.

    Some years ago at a company, Central Foundry in Pier Head Lane there was a young white boy who calculated the wages of casual labourers that worked at the dry docks opposite. Over time he drew wages for men who had not worked scraping the bottom of vessels in dry dock that he drew wages for. He was found out, I understood at the time a large sum of money was involved. The police were not called, he was quietly asked to leave the company. Some felt if it was a black person he would have been in court….that is the way it is.

    Perhaps to the matter in hand, I should refer you to something current.. Mr Justice Treacy in the Old Bailey Court in central London in the Stephen Lawrence trial now taking place, told the jury before retiring in his summing up:

    “That they had to assess all the evidence and were not bound by the testimony or opinion of experts”….we do not have experts here so I contend we should dismiss just opinion and concentrate on “evidence”.

  44. To Yard Broom:
    I want to leave this bajan story with you. A young policeman once arrested an old alcoholic for stealing a bottle of “fine rum”. The alcoholic was subsequently taken to the station and charged with committing larceny. The next day the alcoholic appeared in court, and was asked to plea. He got up and said not guilty your honor. But the magistrate said the facts are that you were caught red handed stealing the item. The alcoholic replied, but your honor me and the sarge drank the evidence last night. The magistrate had to bring back a verdict of not guilty. There are many more “sarges” in Barbados.

  45. What is clear to even a blind ass like me is that the father is covering for somebody. Who is this person …? I know that it can’t be David Thompson or Steven Alleyne or Leslie Barrow or nobody so …!

  46. You guys/gals could be right for all I know, my point has always been and remains, that on the evidence available in the public domain it is difficult for me to substantiate and then infer the involvement of a third person that would stand up in Court.

    If it is as some of you have suggested, does it not make sense that those involved with the connections you say they have and the legal expertise available to them, would cover all the angles, so that “their” case could stand up in court, because of a lack of evidence.

    You then turn to having a gut feeling because of whispers and a knowledge of Barbados society; true as they may be….sorry that is not evidence to convict in a properly constituted Court of Law.

    Hi Bush Tea,
    Seriously, I am here.

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