0 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Project In Barbados?

  1. Here is a related link taken from FB:

    Investors dollars are appreciated in Barbados but not bullying. We must hold our leaders feet to the fire if ever they succumb to bullying of these fast talking persons. The laws of the land must be respected Barbados is no Banana republic. Lets us continue to be leaders to our Caribbean neighbors.

    Barbados, Merricks and the Strange Story behind the Planning. | Harlecon – the truth about Harlequin
    On May the 19th 2010, outline planning permission for the Resort known as Merricks was granted, subject to 19 conditions.

  2. I am not sure the reasoning behind the posting of the article … Is this man a shyster? Is he a Godsend? Does he help finance political parties? Is this a commercial for tooth paste?

  3. David

    This whole thing is causing me a bit of discomfort, since it reminds me so much of a sales pitch that was made to the Antiguan cabinet in the early 1990’s. We need to learn lessons from the events in our neighboring countries. Hope this is not the typical investor shopping that has the potential to cause severe difficulties in our small economies. The type of fall out we can ill afford.

  4. @ David

    He could not sell me life insurance much less a property. Just listening to him causes the alarm bells to go off. Barbados can do better than this, we have to make sure barbados does not get any negative publicity if and or when he fails to deliver.

    I didn’t get to the end of the clip but did he ask to borrow $100 from the reporter at the end, he seems like that kind of fellow.

  5. Dave is clearly the Saviour – for Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

    Does not want to be constrained by big banks and other sophisticated lenderswith loan conditions. Instead uses purchasers deposits to funs the project. What ever happened to the concept of purchaser money being held “In Trust” until they get title.

    In Dave We Trust

  6. We have built our house on FDI and unless we get it, we die.”

    Life seems to be a zero sum game watched by “invisible’ eyes from above who from time to time change, un-announced, the rules of the game to keep it interesting and amusing.

    FDI has brought short-term prosperity that is quickly dissipating. The downside is that the land is no longer seen as a source of sustenance for the people but as a disposable asset to be sold to the highest bidder. The upshot is that Barbados has sold itself to the “Bush Hill” devil and is no longer seen as “attractive or pleasing” after being used by many in all sorts of ways. The Trini pimp is getting angry over reduced cash flows and dividend returns since business is slow for the aging girl with fewer FDI curb crawlers to tout business to. Even the harbour master has reduced “cruising” and will soon be setting sail to T&T where cheap oil and partying is no problem.

    But there is one last hope. Hit the rocks for one last Xmas high and we will be chasing the Chinese dragon not knowing if we are “brushing” our one-eye head from devouring our tail in a bid to please the punters.

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