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Prime Minister Stuart heads the T&P department - Harlequin Developments has submitted a full design package to the Barbados Town and Country Planning office on behalf of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

Prime Minister Stuart heads the T&P department – Harlequin Developments has submitted a full design package to the Barbados Town and Country Planning office on behalf of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

I see the BFP site appears to have been taken over by a group of Brits who drank the Harlequin Kool-Aid, and Dave Ames supporters who appear to be either unbelievably gullible and naive or are Harlequin hacks. I know this topic has been discussed ad nauseum; but here’s my kick at the can. Sorry for the length.

First, a couple of Youtube videos:

Dave Ames Presents the Harlequin Business Model – 2010
Merricks Beach Resort – Uploaded March 2010, but apparently produced 2006-2007
Merricks Update August 2012Bajanreporter.com

So far – so good

But first, a visit to the Harlequin Properties website. The following is cut and pasted from the Guideline for Purchasers posted on the HP website at  WHO IS HARLEQUIN PROPERTY?

Harlequin Property is the trading name of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited and is the UK based primary selling agent for the selling/owner companies in the Caribbean. Harlequin Property is not a party to agreements with purchasers.
Harlequin Hotels & Resorts is a hotel operator that oversees the operation of resorts in the Caribbean. Harlequin Hotels and Resorts do not own any of the resorts we market.
For legal reasons, the different resorts being marketed by the Harlequin group belong to different local companies. However, there is a common thread in each of the companies that own the land upon which the resorts are being built – the controlling shareholder of each company is David Ames.
The relevant resorts and owner companies are as follows:
Buccament Bay Resort, St Vincent and The Grenadines – Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited
The Merricks Resort, Barbados – Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited (re-registered as a Barbados company)
The Marquis Estate, St. Lucia – Harlequin Resorts (St Lucia) Limited
Las Canas Beach Resort, Dominican Republic – Las Canas Beach Resort S.A (formerly Promotora San Patricio S.A)
Two Rivers Beach Resort, Dominican Republic – Two Rivers Beach Resort S.A (formerly Harlequin Property S.A)
The Hideaway, Dominican Republic – Waters Meet Beach Resort S.R.L (formerly Marissa Investment S.A)
H Barbados – Harlequin Boutique Hotel Limited (Barbados)
Harlequin Hotel, Barbados – Harlequin Luxury Hotel Limited
blu, St Lucia – Harlequin Boutique Hotel Limited (St Lucia)
The company developing the resort that you choose to purchase a property in will be the contracting party to the contract you enter into. Certain company names have changed to more suitable names since the resorts were first released, where this has happened company details remain unchanged.
What happens to my money when I purchase?
Payments are received by Harlequin Hotels and Resorts. Part of the funds you pay are paid to Harlequin Property to cover marketing expenses and sales costs including commission. It also covers costs associated with hotel operations.
The rest of the money will be used for the development of the resorts in the Caribbean which are being developed by the companies under the control of David Ames. Funds are not specifically earmarked for the construction of the resort you are purchasing in. The resorts are being constructed using purchasers’ money and money provided by shareholders in the landowning companies.

So, the purchaser/investor pays his money to HH&R, who then pays the money to HP to pay its commissions; and then if there is anything left over (yea sure) it goes in a pool with the money provided by Dave Ames (yea sure) to pay for the construction the resorts. I guess that includes the four guys working at H Hotel and all those working at HD Design Studio (formerly Harlequin Developments).

The following is an update at Assets International website at:

Merricks Update for Summer 2012
We can confirm that Harlequin Developments has submitted a full design package to the Barbados Town and Country Planning office on behalf of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts. A letter confirming receipt was received by Harlequin Developments on 14th May 2012. A response is expected by 14th July 2012.

This latest submission improves on the earlier version through changes to the design of the resort to incorporate further facilities and amenities in line with the luxury brand standards. As Harlequin grows, so too do its opportunities to improve its projects, thus increasing their value to both investors, both in capital growth and rental returns, and future customers. The new submission also allows for conclusions drawn from the Environmental Impact Assessment studies, and requests made by Town and Country Planning in previous correspondence.

HP has been flogging Merricks since 2006.  They submitted their full design package to the Barbados Town and Country Planning office on behalf of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts in May 2012. Have the plans been approved? What do the purchasers/investors have to show for their Merricks investment in 2013?

Given that both Buccament Bay Resort, St Vincent and The Grenadines and The Merricks Resort, Barbados are allegedly owned by  Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited (re-registered as a Barbados company), it would appear that (if there is any money left after Ames and family take their commissions) the Merricks purchasers’ money has gone to pay for BB (which it is alleged has not filed financials for 7 years – that would be the company re-registered as a Barbados company). How can the Government of Barbados stand by and allow this scam to continue?
While I am at it, I think I should share this Youtube video of Sam Lords Castle property shot in 2011

Perhaps a preview of the Merricks’ site in a few years

26 thoughts on “Harlequin Summarized

  1. Minister Lynch said at Passage Road this week he will have a lot to say about tourism in the coming days. More than a week has disappeared and we wait for earth-moving revelations from both sides.

    Tell us about Merricks and the Harlequin association Mr. Minister!

  2. What you want to know about the merricks? It’s never going to be built. The press harlequin are going to get in the next month or so, I really don’t see anyway back. It’s all over the Internet about the FSA advising people not to invest in overseas property and names Harlequin. I don’t see any other company names. There was something on TV yesterday about an investor who had lost £100,000 and was promised his money back, to date he’s received all of £100.

    • It seems amazing that the Governor and politicians on the campaign trail have been mentioning Merricks. Are we not able to adjust to what is happening in the international world, particularly the FSA alert in the UK about Harlequin?

  3. @ David

    “It seems amazing that the Governor and politicians on the campaign trail have been mentioning Merricks.”

    What exactly are they “mentioning”? Both BLP and DLP mentioning Merricks?

    • @Nostradamus

      No reference should be mentioned of Merricks as a potential forex earner/project in light of recent developments in the UK.

  4. David wrote, “Minister Lynch” said at Passage Road”.

    You mean FORMER Minister Barney.

    David wrote “Are we not able to adjust to what is happening in the international world,”

    Bajans don’t care about what happening outside of Barbados except for the few whose overseas family stop sending remittances.

    Statistics Canada says Canada’s economy lost 21,900 jobs last month.
    I doan have to read and spell fuh wunna.

  5. @ David,

    I agree but don’t understand your response. We know the Governor of the Central bank made mention of Merricks being a foreign exchange earner. Talk about being out of touch.

    Your post said “……..politicians on the campaign trail have been mentioning Merricks.”

    I just wondered who was mentioning/referencing it and what are they saying?

  6. @Hants
    You mean FORMER Minister Barney.
    What are the rules of etiquette with respect to addressing ex MPs or ex Ministers in Barbados? Do they carry “honorific” titles for life? One day I was “The Honorable” and the next day I am “Mr. Layabout”
    Next task: Suggest some title or acronym after the names of those who don’t have a QC or OBE after their names. Please no GFN (good for nothing) or JOATMON (Jack of All trades Master of None)


    I am in a foul mood today the snow plow just passed and left a moboton of snow at the end of my expansive driveway (which goes with my palatial estate-your quote). The last time we had that much snow I was in Bim soaking up the sun now I am here having to deal with it something is wrong life should be about going forward not backward. Everytime there is this much snow men of my age keel over in the driveway while shovelling, I think I know how to get around that, better get the better half to shovel.

    • @Sargeant

      Sorry to hear the Nor’easter is affecting you so badly, thought you would have procured a mechanical snow-plough which fits the need to clear an expansive driveway …lol …so that when done you could lend Pat some assistance.

      To all the Bajan-Canadians KEEP WARM!!!

  7. @David
    I didn’t buy a snow blower because I used to consider snow clearing as part of my exercise regime, then the last few years of “Global warming’’ we didn’t have much snow, plus the neighbour bought a snow blower and his son would do the honours on my driveway ( I have good neighbours). The snow at the end of my driveway today is hard, dense and packed, It looks like I could use some “cadogan” (dynamite).

    BTW Pat lives in the capital (Ottawa), everyone in the Capital deserve Capital punishment.

    Looka what a politician in Ottawa do, 34 years and appointed for life to a job that pays $132,000 a year for life and wunnah talk about Barbados.

    Barbados is amateur time.

    I’m off to do battle


    • A related link which shows late PM Thompson and Dave Ames:


      Dave Ames of Harlequin Property meets Prime Minister of Barbados
      On Friday 19th June I had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Barbados, David Thompson, where we were discussing the Merricks’ project. He assure me of his full support of his Government and country in ensuring the success of the resort and is assisting us in moving the project forward so that we can start building the resort as soon as possible.
      I impressed to him the fact that we are looking to begin building the resort later this year and he confirmed that he will do everything possible to enable us to start work on site. It is our intention to open the resort in stages from 2011.  Members of the Government of Barbados will be attending the launch on 13th and 14th July, which hopefully shows the commitment the Government and the country are giving to Harlequin and the Merricks project.
      Click here for more details on The Merricks, Barbados

  8. Adrian has advised that he just had a 40 minute telephone conversation with the producer of the investigative BBC Television programme ‘Panorama’ who confirmed that they will air the programme based on dubious pension investments featuring Harlequin Property on March 25th.

    It doesn’t look good for Harlequin or our destination reputation.


  9. In its October 2011 Merricks Newsletter at


    Harlequin said that work had begun on The Merricks Show Village under the watchful eye of (Florida based) Krauss-Manning Inc. who had been assigned to project manage construction, with engineering services provided by Barbados’ Adams Consulting International (ACI) It is interesting to note that neither has Merricks featured in their lists of projects in their websites.

    Could it be that neither firm was paid and walked away


    New information about our action against Harlequin Property.
    We have organised 3 meetings next month in London to help the investors with Harlequin. The QC, a top UK lawyer (with a track record in Civil Fraud) as well as a top insolvency practitioner will be present at the meeting to give individual advice and guidance to each client’s case. The initial meeting is free of charge and if you decide to stay with us the cost will be kept to a minimum. If you can’t attend our meeting we can still represent you.

    Contact us:
    Email: cpcholding@europe.com
    Tel: 0191 386 2487

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  13. Why are Barbadian newspapers not reporting on David Ames? Why has the attorney general not intervened following his charges by the SFO? Why has the attorney general not frozen all his assets and projects in Barbados?

  14. @ Hal AustinJune 12, 2017 at 9:50 AM

    That piece of unfinished construction in the Hastings/Rockley area would have made a better site for the Hyatt erection.

    Aimes is a fraudster just like your bosom buddy Leroy Greenverbs; two scammers in the same Ponzi pod.

    The difference is that in the UK there is something called the ‘Rule of Law’; whereas in Barbados corrupted monkeys are in charge pretending to administer serious business called national affairs.

    If Greenverbs and Duprey had tried to play that con game in the UK both of them, along with the regulator and the MoF, would be behind bars today serving a long, long time at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

    But we are dealing with a pack of monkeys jumping up in a black banana republic.

  15. Jethro,

    My apologies. I was under the impression that we had the rule of law in Barbados, with our top lawyers? How wrong could I be.
    But your substantive point, yes you are right, although I would prefer not to have Ames in Barbados at all. My paper had a number of encounters with Ames and his agents and advisers.
    I cannot break confidences, but I have been told a horror story about agents for Horizon by a leading professional. He asked me not to divulge the source.

  16. Harlequin Property boss David Ames who ‘cheated investors out of …
    http://www.express.co.uk › News › UK
    Apr 21, 2017 – Home · News · UK; Boss of celeb-backed Caribbean scheme who … PUBLISHED: 18:40, Fri, Apr 21, 2017 | UPDATED: 14:56, Mon, Apr 24, 2017 … David Ames, boss of Harlequin Property, faces up to 14 weeks in court.

    Harlequin Property – latest news, breaking stories and comment – The …
    All the latest breaking news on Harlequin Property. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Harlequin Property.

    Harlequin Property Investors – Home | Facebook
    This in an independent page set up to allow Harlequin Property investors to communicate… … Harlequin Property Investors updated their status. …. is facing liquidation, David Ames is in court on March 22 for fraud….dont you read the news?

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