Lets Get The Facts

Submitted by DLP Supporter

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation newspaper

The role of the media in sensitising persons to the issues germane to the well being of society cannot be questioned. The current world trend is for receivers of news to have access to multi sources. We have seen the development of the social media [ i reporter, Facebook , Twitter , Hi 5] take its place as a source of news. Today, persons on locations thousands of miles away can report on the truth as it unfolds. We saw how powerful the anti Obama news channels were in delivering on the anti Obama campaign but he survived because people also had an alternative in the many sources that were part of his campaign strategy.

In recent times, we have seen the local media rush to publish stories without getting the facts. While, we have so many advances in technology and access to information, how is it possible for the constant circulation and publication of misinformation in our small country? We are aware of the many BBC stories that raised concerns about the stewardship of the last administration which never saw the light of the day.

We have witnessed the full centre spread page on the coverage of the status of Transport Broad and how damming the quality of service was according to the big poll conducted by the Nation news paper. The Truth is the Nation newspaper has not been fair and balanced in their coverage of news regarding the state and its functionaries. Let’s examine two issues that received the centre spread in colour to illustrate the concern.

Issue No 1 Travel by Public officials. Did the media ever stop to investigate whether the travel accumulated to Ministers was personal or state travel? In other words, did the Minister pay his way for the travel the media attributes to him? The media must be given 10 points for the sensationalizing of the travel issue. We challenge the media to come back and report to us on the personal travel of Ronald Jones and his state engagements. Why not call the Minister of Finance and ask him who foots the bill for his SPONSORED trips to attends meetings. Of course, the media has the will to publish as it sees fit, however, the media house needs to get the facts.

Issue No 2 The recent centre page spread on the issue of cameras and bus service would have given one the impression that the Democratic Labour Party has just come to office and were installing cameras in buses to the disapproval of the Union and staff. Of course, the media will not tell you the buses in question were the last 2 outstanding buses to have cameras installed out of a fleet of nearly 300. The camera installation programme was started under the last administration and continued by the current DLP government. When the process began it was not news because the Opposition was in office. The Democratic Labour Party assumes office and at the end of the project, its centre spread. We leave the public to offer an opinion on this matter. The installation of cameras was not to spy on drivers but to ensure driver safety in event the bus or the driver becomes a victim of a senseless crime. Likewise passenger safety is an equal priority. Of course, we must thank the media for highlighting to one and all that cameras are on the buses. We challenge the media to conduct a genuine survey among travelling public to determine if they support the idea of cameras on buses and give it the same centre spread as they did the views of alleged drivers and spying cameras.

We want our society to develop and grow but we appeal to the media let’s get the facts

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  1. Where were you prior to January 2008 when Nation reporters who are now DLP appointees in the public service were busy printing unsubstantiated and one-sided stories? For example, was it not incumbent upon the media to have asked David Thompson if it were unusual for MPs to deposit political donations into their personal accounts, and further if he or other members of his party had done so? Even early in this government’s tenure, the media let government Ministers get away with murder .
    What about CBC, which is owned and operated by the government?

    If you want to get the ‘FACTS’–Freedom of Information legislation is the best way, but we all know you are just posturing as I am not convinced you really want the ‘FACTS’ out. Stupse

  2. Dear DLP supporter you wrote “Why not call the Minister of Finance and ask him who foots the bill for his SPONSORED trips to attends meetings.”

    Why don’t you tell us who foots these billS/ Surely if you are a DLP supported you must know. It worries me if what you are saying is the truth. It worries me to think that our Minister of Finance is accepting money or money’s worth from whoever, because then at som time in the future whoever may want the Minister to do him a favour. And then what? What if that favour is not in the best interest of the Bajan taxpayer? (voter)

    You sure you ain’t telling lies on the good Minister.

    I ask this even though I ani’t a “D”

  3. You are critical of the Nation Newpaper but the Advocate is strictly a DLP newspaper. What about our only TV station? After the DLP conference many night I was given exerpts of what went on at the conference, we also had the entire speech of the P.M, yet to date I have heard nothing about the BLP’s conference. Instead, we were given the press conference of the Minister of Finance ONLY. Is this unbias reporting? I think the you should withdraw this articale and hang your head in shame for producing it.

  4. Hardwood scandal was centered around Clyde Mascoll, yet the main defence was mounted by one Albert Branford. Owen Arthur pocketed a check for $75.000.If memory serves correctly he said it was to purchase equipment for the smaller constituencies,till the revelation of another check for exacly that same purpose.He is yet to come clean on that subject,and perhaps never will for here comes yet another unofficial spokesman.Enuff of this hypocrisy.C B C is the same C B C it was at inception.Enuff of this hypocrisy.

  5. @ DLP Supporter

    Let us be fair. You are being very hypocritical in condemning the Nation news paper, when the Advocate has been consistent in covering stories involving members of this current DLP administration, from front page to back page. The Advocate is so petty that they have chosen not to report on the LIME/Pelican football tournament, but have given the DLP sponsored tournament priority in their sports section.

    If you are being honest and sincere in your concerns with the Nation’s publications, on the other hand and in the interest of fair play, surely you must ALSO place the Advocate, GIS, and CBC under the SAME scrutiny. Otherwise your contribution to this blog must be seen for what it is; bias and petty. It is sickening when persons like you come to the blog with nonsense like this trying to solicit attention, when the opposition cannot get a fair hearing on CBC, which is funded by the tax payers of this island. Need I remind that members and supporters of the BLP pay taxes also. How on one hand you condemn the Nation but on the other hand choose to ignore a similar situation that is being perpetrated by the Advocate?

    YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO IGNORE WHAT IS BEING DONE AT THE ADVOCATE, CBC and GIS; and I must reiterate that what you have placed on this blog is UTTER RUBBISH. GO AND COME AGAIN. NONSENSE!!!!

  6. @ DLP Supporter

    The DLP’s own Reudon Eversley is Director of News and Current Affairs at CBC. Cn we expect anything different??

  7. What is seen coming through here is the thin edge of the wedge of a fascist state in the making. Propaganda is the chief weapon of control of the ignorant masses.
    This DLP little Goebbels in the making side steps the whole issue of CBC and the blatant refusal of this administration to live up to the promise made to the people of integrity legislation and freedom of Information legislation

    Listen, Lilliputian Goebbels, if the people had access to information they would not have to rely so much on the manipulated media to form their own opinion about what the government is doing on their behalf and in their name.

    Tell your party to honour these promises that are implementable without dependence on the economic state of the country – recession or no recession we want Integrity & FoI legislation enacted as promised!

    Get it DLP Goebbels?

  8. The best way to strengthen a person’s curiousity is to with-hold information. What the DLP is doing by trying to silencing the BLP is for independent, floating voters to pay more attention to the “evidence” being held back, therefore to some extent, the DLP is helping the BLP’s cause. During the last general elections, I think the DLP was more vocal on the CBC than the then ruling party the BLP, every night, the late David Thompson was in the news, either saying something against the government of the day, or leading his troop out of parliament, today the opposition BLP is “blacklisted” from the same CBC. How fair can that be? Are you looking to develop a one-party state by muzzling the other party? Are you (the DLP) looking to develop a dictatorship government? or, are you that fearful for the BLP that you are trying to shut them out? If your government is so strong and right for Barbados, allow the public to hear and see both sides that they can make a fair decision. Faling to do this can lead to your own downfall.

  9. To the DLP supporters
    What I’m saying to you, free up the CBC, allow the BLP to make their submissions, then leave it to the people to make their decision. In case your method is more acceptable then the voters will go along with you, but if it appears you are not capable in running the government , you would be removed. this would give you time to “wheel and come again,” remember the Barbadian voting public usually give each party a two term run unless they fslter badly.

    • @The Scout

      Don’t be naive, tight control of the CBC has been a policy of both governments. Perhaps under the CBC the grip of government has gotten worst.

  10. @Artaxerxes….. yours is a point well taken but that has been the case since the beginning of time.Perhaps they who hold power at the Advocate have not forgotten the actions of Barny Boy when he had power. Pay back they say is a ..lets say a barnyboy.Nation News is B,Advocate News is D,buy neither and continue to support the social media and a change will come.When the government’s advertisement dollar is restricted,so too is news dissemination.Just ask Barny Boy.Oh ye folf of short memory.

  11. David
    Yes, I thought the entire investigation was a waste of tax payers money and in the end it was held back; remember the entire investgation lasted over three years at least, while many people got rich off it, both the renovation of the hospital and the investgation. It was a travesty that so much money was spent on that project and then was never re-opened; it’s state today is deplorable. that why I thought the BLP said persons from the D’s got rich over it, we too can make our people rich over it. The only ones that paid the price are the tax payers.

  12. David
    Remember, one of the many promises the late David Thompson made in the run up to general elections in 2008 is to free up information and pass laws to deal with integrety and FOI . To return to what the last or even previous administrations were doing is a regressive move. technology is too advance today to hide information, therefore when the attempt is made, it shows you are ducking something.

  13. @Boring public sector dildo….Perhaps yours is the same IP address that generated the taunts and threats directed at Adrian Loveridge.Lets not forget which blog came from that same source. Let ma tank ya in advance fa giving ma lil contribution CONFIRMATION.

  14. @ Scout

    Let us talk about enquires et al. Forensic audits into the operations of Hardwood, Urban and Rural Development Commissions, forensic audits left right and center. What are the results, or were these only election promises like the integrity and freedom of information legislation? St. Joseph hospital report held back, Branford Taitt vindicated, and subsequently knighted. Now he is being hailed as the best Minister of Health Barbados ever had.

  15. Artaxerxes
    That’s right, both parties are guity of feeding their own, remember the late David Thompson actually said he has to divide the “fatted calf” among his people, just after he got in. I’m afraid these parties are using the public to their benefit and we are allowing ourselves to be used by believing in any one party and not seeing the bigger picture. Right now the lesser of the two evels is the BLP, the DLP seems to be trying to get everything in one term having been in the wilderness for fourteen years.

  16. @ Scout

    The Black Rock Polyclinic named after Branford. What has he done and what policies has he implemented that saw an improvement in the delivery of health care in Barbados, that a polyclinic should be named after him? Sheer public relations strategy, he was under the gun due to the commission of inquiry by the BLP, the DLP vindicated him and has rewarded him by the renaming of the polyclinic.

    Shall Branford Taitt be the next for Governor General of Barbados?

  17. i agree.. let’s get the facts..i want to see the interim report on clico that chris sincler says that we are too stupid to understand..
    let’s get the facts on the role the IMF here in BIM

  18. come on david i dealt with the issue of the st joseh hospital report on this forum already; since you are bringing back up the subject, you can tell us why the dlp has not released it either. wheel and deal

    • @balance

      You are simply reinforcing the point that both political parties have played the ass when it comes to transparency and manipulating information.

  19. Any decision as yet on where bogus economist Mascoll gine run? A Mia supporter intimated St.Peter is the safest riding for cherry picker Mascoll only problem See Through the poor rakey man there. Poor Rawle Eastmond need eyes in the back of his head all because of Mascoll and Owen the constant cherry pickers.

  20. Anonymous
    You DLP supporters should keep silent on this one too, here is the pot calling the kettle black, what about the treatment meted out to Abed, Husbands and Hal Martin? Can you justify their rejection of the DLP executives? TALK ABOUT CHERRY PICKING? you’ve picked a whole farm.

  21. While talking about getting the Facts, here is a little reminder of how TWISTED, blind and bias, most of the world is , including the UN security council is, toward Israel and the PA Rocket attacks on innocent Israeli civilians

    by Chana Ya’ar

    Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations is asking that body’s Security Council why it’s not “shocked” by the constant barrage of rockets and mortars fired by Gaza terrorists at southern Israel.
    Ambassador Ron Prosor declared Wednesday during a meeting of the U.N. Security Council that the unstable security situation in southern Israel should shock that body’s members – which have often expressed deep dismay at similar situations elsewhere in the world.
    Prosor criticized the Council at its session on Wednesday for not condemning the attacks by Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists, who earlier this month killed a 56-year-old Ashkelon man and physically wounded 16 other people in a barrage aimed at the southern region.
    Another 14 people were also sent to the hospital with trauma reactions and severe anxiety attacks during the five-day period in which rockets and mortars were fired at Israeli civilian communities.
    “The pain caused by these attacks is permanent,” Prosor pointed out. “The scars are both physical and psychological… One million Israelis were compelled to stay home from work last week to ensure their safety… 200,000 children were kept home from school.
    “These stories should shock and appall the Security Council and all decent people. Yet, not a single world of condemnation has been uttered by this Council. Not one word.
    “The silence speaks volumes,” he said.

  22. @ The Scout | November 11, 2011 at 8:29 AM |
    Agree! Zoe please go back to your bat cave it’s too early in the day for you to be out!
    The bible is full of Israel waging war! Tell them to attack Syria & Iran then they would not have to worry about the Palestinians whose source of arms will be eliminated!

  23. .

    You ain’t got a problem with CBC, VOB or Advocate? You should also have a problem with Brass Tacks and how Ellis can only pick DEM moderators, who constantly batting and padding for the DLP. You need to get your facts right the article says the drivers were protesting the cameras turned on them not cameras in the bus. I read that cameras were not new to buses, just the position of the cameras on drivers was new. DLP is crashing but the media is not the cause, incompetence and crudity of policy is the cause. Amazing that with a stranglehold on Advocate, CBC, BrassTacks, and a just loosened grip on Nation, the DLP could do so badly. that despite all the PR, lies and propaganda, and media stranglehold that Bajans now recognise you are a failing administration.

  24. Sunshine Sunny Shine
    You are perfectly right, both parties are similar, the only difference right now is DLP are rudderless and drifting in some dangerous waters, while the BLP though almost unseaworthy, still have some who MIGHT be able to bring us off the rocks; in short, this country in serious problems and the BLP is the lesser of the two evils right now. The DLP is hopeless, the BLP has a LITTLE glimpse of hope left, we have to cling to thatlittle hope and wish for the best.

  25. To all those who label me a BLP supporter, let me state AGAIN, I will never be a member of a party who does not have the interest of the country at heart, that’s why I stopped being a member of the DLP. My mentor The RT Excel. E.W.Barrow, love this country so much that he though he was the father of everyone living here, he adopted that position. I will NEVER be a member of the BLP because of the information and research done about this party, therefore i remain nutural and will criticise either party as I see fit.

  26. Has anyone read what the poster of the blog is asking?

    Simply put tell barbadians if any of the travel was private and who paid for them?

    Was the introduction of the cameras somthing new or a continuation of a policy started a while ago?

    These are the two issues that should be dealt with..

  27. The Scout | November 11, 2011 at 10:24 AM |
    I hold the same position!
    No yardfowlism or blind party loyalty as in fascist or communist regimes!

  28. Brother Scout
    I am glad that persons like yourself are that observant to recognize that the local rat catcher/mango seller Indian & Pakistani community does not contribute to social activities.I made the same point you have made on many occasions.They do not participate in our annual Crap Over activities,they do not donate anything to charitable organisations,they do not contribute to anything whatsoever and that is why I as a Black Barbadian made it a point to never patronise Indian businesses.I will say it again & again & again.Those rat catchers/mango seller will never count a cent of Negroman and I honestly hope that more Black Barbadians will do likewise.Indians are the destroyers of any society.

    Black Barbadians do like Negroman and some other Black Barbadians and boycott the bastards rat catcher/mango seller stores.

  29. @ David and @ Scout
    You two are GUILTY of said manipulation to believe that the St.Joseph’s Hospital Report was useless. As a previous blogger noted, the DLP government still has the report under lock down.
    How do the Dems castigate Owen for depositing a cheque (not spending) but have no qualms with appointing one who acted ‘unethically’ to preside over the Senate?

  30. Wed, April 13, 2011 – 12:11 AM
    THE LONG-MOOTED BRIDGETOWN PIERHEAD MARINA project is set to start in nine months at an expected cost of $505 million.

    This was disclosed yesterday by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler in a ministerial statement in the House of Assembly.

    Sinckler said a memorandum of understanding (MOU) had been signed between Barbados Tourism Investment Incorporated (BTII) and SMI Infrastructure Solutions to undertake the project which would be done under a Build Operate Lease and Transfer (BOLT) financing arrangement.

    “The cost of the marina has been estimated at US$101 million,” Sinckler said. “Based on this cost, annual lease payments are US$10.1 million at an interest rate of 8.8 per cent. Lease payments will reduce over time in accordance with the quantum and timing of cost recovery. Total payments over 25 years are US$252.5 million with the interest charged over the same period of US$151.5 million.”

    Sinckler said the project would include construction of “a super yacht marina” with about 80 berths.

    He stated the cost recovery on the project was estimated at US$66 million from the reclamation of land and the sale of berths.

    He added there would be a move towards the upper end of the tourism market by “attracting more high net worth individuals” who could be expected to own berths.

    “They will also purchase condominiums on the ten acres of prime real estate that will be created through reclaimed lands which

  31. @ Medium Staples | November 11, 2011 at 5:34 PM |

    Based on this timeline we can expect a February 2012 start to actual construction of this large project that has the potential of turning around the fortunes of the construction industry in Bim and save the Arawak cement plant from closure. Or is this the date the final payment for the “redesign of the same project is expected to be made to DB and Banny via the St. Lucia IBC with some overflow into freshwater bay to be siphoned off by Christopher Columbus while visiting the Arawaks down spring garden.

    OSA, man, pull the (t)rigger! What you waiting for? The PAC? Like another St. Joseph Hospital cover up?

  32. When are we going to get integrity legislation? While locals are being fooled the international community is grinding us.

    ***French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned that tax havens will be shunned by the international community, naming countries including Barbados***

  33. @ millertheanunnaki

    You does very much. How much money left back sitting in the first caribbean from the veco dodds deal that causing the fellows to WAR?

    Marina deal don’t go much beyond “design” fees, the trick is who for?

  34. @millertheanunnaki | November 11, 2011 at 5:56 PM |
    “@ Medium Staples | November 11, 2011 at 5:34 PM |

    “to be siphoned off by Christopher Columbus while visiting the Arawaks down spring garden. OSA, man, pull the (t)rigger! What you waiting for?
    Love it Miller! Hahahahaha! Christopher Columbus visiting the Arawaks down Spring Garden!! Imagery man, imagery fuh so! Hahahahaha! ……..Christopher Columbus visiting Arawaks in Spring Garden!

    But wait MILLER, make me clear ’bout wuh I laughing at yuh hear? These Christopher Arawaks in Spring Garden is the same kind of Arawaks as the ones in St.Lucy?

    And will the enormity of the syphoning require Christopher to carry long just a simple wheel-barrow, or will he have to park The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria in close longside the Shallow Draft?

  35. @ Truthman Burton

    They have more than one settlement of Arawaks in St. Lucy, are you referring to the ones in Spring Hall?

    (x)Chairman Thorne of the Thorne clan like he took a good piss in the drinking well before departing BTI on the marina issue. Attempts to filter the water at the BTI marina drinking fountain have all failed. The thirsty report that the water have a distinct smell and foul taste.

  36. I take very seriously the disclosure by this Dem supporter the fact according to him (maybe that was not meant to be disclosed) that Minister Sinckler is accepting airline tickets from people to travel. This could be a dangerous thing.

    I mentioned on this blog that Minister Hutson accepted the luxury of living in Redjet’s CEO’s mansion, had the pleasure of driving one of his luxurious vehicles and even told the guy, he loved the life in Ireland and then when the CEO came down here looking for favours to be returned, Hutson got vexed and try to avoid the CEO when things were going sour. That is why the CEO is so upset and I challenge the Dems to deny this.

    This goes for both parties, accepting gifts when in public positions can be dangerous.

    I heard a caller yesterday on Brasstacks asking Mr Ellis if the PM is back yet and if he is, should he not have addressed the Nation in light of the talk over the trip to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference. I said to myself, man you will have to keep waiting.

  37. Dem Supporter,

    Crawl back under the rocks at George Street. I mean, you want every media house to carry the DLP water and drink its Koolaid.

    I think you are being unfair to the Nation, the Nation has carried so many negative stories on the BLP, especially the Mia fracas. I do not know how you could think that it is in the tank for the BLP. Could God, you have the Advocate wholly and solely, GIS, VOB and all of DLPTV and you still want more.

    You Dems’ problem is that you cant get the country manage and you want the media to cover up for you but it aint happening, Bajans seeing everyday that they are worse off for this change, they never expected things to get so bad. You cant manage this country and instead of giving it to others who can clearly manage it better, you engage in lies and propaganda to try to discredit the BLP. It is like we can not handle it but we aint giving it up, we will all die together. Even the apologist for the DLP, David Ellis admitted this week that the except for the dead king, none of the Ministers had any experience and they are still learning on the job and wanted to know how much longer they are going to take to get things right.

    Selfish people!!!

    • We lay proud to what a wonderful democracy we enjoy in Barbados.

      It is noteworthy however as we are about to celebrate 45 years of severance from the Union Jack to observe that many of the working committees of parliament don’t work.

      There was much song and dance about the resurrection of the PAC but what?

      There was much hullabaloo about the Privileges Committee dealing with the David Estwick matter but what?

      It is all a big joke!

  38. Minister Sinckler:
    “Did we really need, for example, a new fully articulated medical faculty to train more doctors to fight for limited spaces at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, or could we have targeted those resources more towards training in new technologies? The point that I am making here is not a criticism of university’s policy . . . but that there is an urgent need for a restructuring in the way in which we allocate and target resources invested in education, to better support the building of capacity to carry forward a new economy in Barbados. I am not absolutely sure that this is happening at present.”

    See what I keep saying about lack of cohesive policy? Did this government not recently touted MEDICAL TOURISM as the basis for negotiating a lease agreement with a foreign company to run a medical facility at St.Joseph’s Hospital offering SPECIALISTS services?

    Secondly, who says graduates must work in Barbados? Aren’t foreign doctors coming to work at St.Joseph’s? There is currently a global shortage of doctors including in the UK and USA where the Association of American Medical Colleges posits that there nation could be a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors in the next 15 years. Both countries WILL have to recruit internationally!!

    What about FOREX via international students?

    As for restructuring education, wither the UCB which would have fostered the development of applied science, arts and technology training at a level higher than the associate degree/diploma level now offered at the SJPP, BCC and Erdiston? Four years and this government still dithering on this issue, as is clear by Sinckler’s comment “I am not absolutely sure that this is happening at present.” By the way, developing a top class research component at the same St.Joseph’s Hospital in collaboration with the Medical Faculty at Cave Hill would be RESTRUCTURING both education and the economy. Who knows what dermatological solution for use post plastic surgery we could derive from golden apples?

    Minister Sinckler really losing it. I guess his attempt to portray UWI as being wasteful and reckless on capital projects flopped as an excuse for government’s failure to pay the university, so he is on to round two. Unfortunately, he will lose this round too– UWI 2 vs Sinckler 0.

    Back to my ringside seat.

  39. indeed enuff. it seems the right hand want one thing and left wants another. If there was waste at the university its far easier to target the lone cricket masters program I wouldn’t fault him for that. To target the medical faulty gives real surprise. I guess he only want foreign doctors in st joseph . He also fails to realise the vast income the foreign medical students bring in to the country. if each year we bring in 100 students that 10 million bds without account for rent/food/transportation or books . Those student will be there for at least 3 year maybe 5 if they do clinical here. so let say 50 million bds or 25 million in the fx into the country a year the faculty brings in. For local students it mean not exporting fx to other medical faculties for payment. with the uwi training many doctors can leave the island and go practice practically anywhere in the world. Now to suggest there is glut of doctors is fool hardy. If he thinks so then we should insist they remove all the foreign specialist in qeh and replace with doctors include the incoming medial head. he not going to want to do that he know in real term there are shortage in doctors and nurses to fill all positions. Now the faculty cost of construction is not alone bared by Barbados but by all contribution countries so our part is much smaller than anything the minister wishes to suggest. If the minster is suggesting an alternative energy faculty i sure uwi would take him on if he would provide the land and faculty cost of construction. The amount of money need to be constantly pumped into such a lab would stagger most people. Think 20 million a year at least to drive some results that would show it earning some it s way.

    • @anthony

      Has any analysis been done to cost benefit the funding of doctors ar UWI? How many remain true to the bonded status? How many leave after bonding etc?

  40. what bonded status david. There is no bonded contract they sign unless they go back for specialization. even then only if goverment finance would there be bonded. They are free to move on. Cost benefit is quite simple david. They will be cheaper than foreign doctors you have to bring in since the foreign doctors would ask for more allowance to deal with the changing of country. that may include education allowances for their kids , motor car , etc.

  41. @ David

    What analyses have been done on any ‘bonding’ attached to scholarships, student loans etc?

    The same Minister Sinckler did a masters in International Trade, then a new programme at UWI, please tell me what he learned to make and sell. The last time I checked International Trade was NOT technology-oriented, and the need for this type of education was urgent even at the time when the UWI started the International Trade postgraduate degree. What about his undergraduate degree–Political Science & History–received at the expense of taxpayers? Who is of more benefit, a doctor or trained politician?

    The fact remains that the UWI is owed over $100m by the government and were directed to borrow it from the NIS.

    • @enuff

      You have not answered the question even if there is merit in your observation.

      Has any analysis been done in the number of UWI trained doctors i.e. how many have remained in Barbados and when they do for how long?

  42. bamp/uwi alumni would be easiest people to get that information from david. No survey ever been done but i am subject to correction. your original question never asked how much stay it dealt with them being bonded , how many stay with bonded clause and how many level after being boned. as they are not boned you latter questioned became irrelevant. you now ask enuff a whole new set of question.

    • @anthony

      Don’t split hairs, the jest of the query the concern is how many of our UWI trained doctors stay in Barbados for any length of time.

      Bear in mind medical tuition cost the taxpayers the highest dollars.

      We need to get pragmatic with this issue.

  43. @ David
    “Bear in mind medical tuition cost the taxpayers the highest dollars. ”
    And that is why 80 % of the cost of tertiary education at this juncture of our economic development should paid for by the recipients. Either through savings schemes taken out by their parents at the primary or secondary stage of the students’ education or through very low interest student loans repayable after graduation and finding gainful employment either here or overseas. If they default on the loan repayments then they will forfeit the right to practise their profession ( e.g medicine, law, engineering, accountancy). Agreements can be drawn up with overseas professional bodies to ensure that professionals in default of student loans are barred from practising. Those who remain at home and work in the public sector could be given a concession where some of the loan is converted into a grant over the period of attachment to the public service.

  44. @ David
    I thought I did indirectly by mentioning none was done for the others either.
    How long CJ Gibson lived overseas after being trained at UWI?

  45. If we being pragmatic having them go overseas and coming back would cost more in fx either thru scholarship or loans . Have foreign doctors come here will also cost more due to there needing more allowances. locally trained and situated doctors provide the cheapest solution all around.

    As the lone resource of Barbados i think education at all levels should remain free. the have nots will never get a fair chance even the small scheme payment may prove too much for their parents/guardians to afford. Those that have will continue to progress due to easier access to education and in the end will continue to have more. the rich would get richer and poor poorer. If we must use a system then the student loan post graduation and gain employment would be the best.

  46. The question being raised by the Minister of Finance is why is Barbados seeking to train more local doctors if at present there are not enough places at the QEH for junior doctors.

    Is it true that Barbados does not have enough doctors and we need to invest money in training more of them, at a time when govt is already spending too much? Is it true that the reason a medical facility in Barbados might have to bring in foreign doctors is because they are not enough doctors of the type that will be trained at UWI?

    In order to facilitate medical tourism in Barbados did we need additional training facilities at UWI?

    Similar questions might be raised about other recent UWI programmes. So regardless of the answers to these questions, and regardless of the national priorities, is UWI making decisions that affect government spending without first asking permission?

  47. @ anthony | November 12, 2011 at 10:39 AM |

    So if “free” tertiary education is to remain sacrosanct what “big ticket” items must be put on the sacrificial chopping block to deal with the aping Greek- like fiscal deficit? Health & Public Sanitation? Obese drunken civil servants or an over-sized cabinet storing too many toys and puppets?

    How many medical students come from desperately poor socially deprived backgrounds in this fast food, blackberry and i-phones, latest in fashion, BMW and 4-wheel drive school run only wagons and annual overseas holidays utopia? If there is a significant minority then adequate provisions via a “grant-in-aid” training scheme can be made available. Forget the welfare and colonial connotations but look at the practicality of the proposal. Why should a boy and most likely a girl whose parents are themselves professionals and live in the “don’t know thy neighbour million dollar heights” with annual income in excess of $250,000 be allowed to pursue studies at the taxpayers expense without some direct contribution to that goal and learning outcome? At least if the beneficiaries have a direct financial interest in the tertiary educational investment venture wastage will be kept to a minimum.

  48. It would be unfair to stop free tertiary education, yet the system needs to be revamped. My suggestion is for those who can pay, should pay, even at secondary level, a system can be worked out where persons earning over a certain amount, or who own expensive property be asked to pay for their children education. All Island Scholars and Exibitioners should have to study locally or be bonded if they want to study and work overseas after graduating.

  49. @Brutus

    Try making appointment at various department they may tell you come back next year. that matter is qeh is inefficient. Why do we shut down all the department after 5pm. Why can’t we have them run 24 hrs like a true hospital and not just have doctors on call. If we did it that way not only would moving forward in providing proper healthcare but would ease the backlog of cases. Finally not all the young doctors apply back to qeh for job some go and open their own practice or join someones others go to specialize.

    Let talk about something is actually glutting the market. The law faculty. We have way too many lawyer. some of the are shame to the law. We don’t we close that down and have better doctors around ? it might even level cavehill with better budgetary position if the law faculty was shut down instead of the medical

    if you take one student more or less than year before it affect government spending so they need to ask permission for such no. Does uwi put plan forward to if they wish for government financing of expansion. yes. The problem is seems is government never taught about how many of citizen would go after a degree if they where offered a chance

  50. If this government is serious about lowering their local expenses, the FIRST thing they should do is reduce their cabinet, stop so much overseas travelling, and when they have to fly, travel in a lesser class seat with a smaller party. There is too much partisan politics playing even at this critical stage of our economy, that “fatted calf” seem to still have meat left, most of which is now tainted

  51. @millier

    I take option 2 please. If you want those over a certain income bracket to pay that agreeable too. Where do you decide to set the level though.

  52. The DLP Supporter
    It seems the DLP is missing the Clico money are their election campaign and is using the taxpayers’ money to finance it instead. Every night on TV8 there is a speech by one or two candidates, but nothing about anything the other party is doing. I think the DLP is playing into the BLP’s hands by trying to shut them out. Remember, you are dealing with intelligent people and the party’s reliance on the youth vote through football WILL backfire. Many of the youth will play or follow the games but not many will go to the polls. In many cases those who will go will have to be paid to vote.

  53. anthony
    I agree with you about the amount of lawyers in this country, this is causing more and more of them to be dipping into their clients money for existence. The problem here is though, 90% of our politicians are lawyers and they are going to be very reluctant in toughing that institution
    A survey will have to be done to determine those who can pay, or the reverse, those who can’t pat would have to apply for the free education, an investgation into their finances will give some guideline as to who qualifies;it is true some will still slip through the cracks.

  54. @Miller (250k times a tax rate of 35 % = 87,500 tax annually into govt coffers), as opposed to (say) 100000 * 35 % = 35,000.

    That ignores the basic tax rate and allowances.

    So annually a high income earner that you note pays more than their fair share of taxes to government coffers, more even than a decent middle income earner shown above, more than 50,000 more!

    I am certainly not in that bracket, but I am fair, and say it like it is. I have no problem with people qualifying from the University having to repay some funding, but see below.

    @Scout ”All Island Scholars and Exibitioners should have to study locally or be bonded if they want to study and work overseas after graduating.”

    Don’t you know that for certain grants you ARE bonded unless released?

    And someone I know who got a good top qualification and went on to become successful in the UK had to be released from the bond, prior to going to work in the UK, because the neither Government NOR private sector had a job for him here!

    He did not come from wealth but was honest, hard-working and intelligent. But, no strings to pull.

    At least it worked our well for him.

  55. Miller etc.

    Why should a boy and most likely a girl whose parents are themselves professionals and live in the “don’t know thy neighbour million dollar heights” with annual income in excess of $250,000 be allowed to pursue studies at the taxpayers expense without some direct contribution to that goal and learning outcome
    It seems like you are advocating a “means test” which would mean that the income of those self employed professionals would drop to the cut off level for “free” University Education. ….. a Bajan Grecian formula…. which currently is one of the reasons that Greece is in its current predicament. (many Greek self employed professionals understate their income by a large percentage to avoid paying income taxes). Hmmmnn many self employed professionals in Barbados are paid in cash wonder how much of it is officially recorded as income?)

    I have long said that Barbados cannot afford to continue to provide “free” University Education, when Barbadian Gov’t official meet with their counterparts from other countries they are often asked can Barbados afford to continue with that policy. If the Gov’t has to go to the IMF for any assistance free University Education will be the first casualty.

    The whole Education system needs to be revamped and that includes the 11 plus but these are all sacred cows and if Bajans continue to worship at those altars it will be to the detriment of the country.

  56. ”Legislation Now | November 11, 2011 at 6:23 PM | When are we going to get integrity legislation? While locals are being fooled the international community is grinding us.

    ***French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned that tax havens will be shunned by the international community, naming countries including Barbados**”


    This is the same individual who pushed for the oust of Libyan leader, but is doing nothing to help the Syrians, 3,500 citizens murdered by the Syian Gov’t in demonstrations?

    Surely one can see past the words into the agenda of MONEY? How many contracts does he expect to get for France from the ‘installed’ government?

    This is the same individual who has accused the Israeli PM of being a liar, further creating tension in ME relations?

    This is the same individual who has begged the US to help with the self-inflcted European debt crisis, but wants to destroy the lifeblood of small and legitimate international business centres such as Barbados?

    Thankfully, what goes round comes round and this individual must also deal with the falling Euro and the resulting shambles to his own economy.

    On an aside, was it not strange how suddenly, on it becoming known widely that the former head of the IMF was heading towards a showdown with Sarkozy in the next French election, that he suddenly came into the spotlight for ‘accusations’ but was never charged? Obviously his political career is finished. Not implying anything, just saying how unusual it is.

    Better be careful whose words you hang on….agendas and agendas etc.

  57. Bear in mind that if Barbadians are require dto pay for the UWI educaiton, they will then shop around for ‘best education for the buck’.

    UWI may well then become much smaller in size too.

  58. Crusoe
    I know many students get Student Revolving Loans and are bonded but not many of those who get Island Scholarships and Exibitions are not, and not many return to Barbados. Furthermore, in case they want to persue a subject that is done here in the UWI, the government should not pay for that student to do it outside of the region.

  59. University Education is almost always subsidized by a country for its citizens, Barbados is different because it subsidizes to the level of 100% which is unheard of in most developing countries. It is always preferable for persons who were educated at taxpayers expense to give back of their training by applying the skills and knowledge gained in their country to that country.

    However many of those who go to other countries may not be doing so for purely economic reasons but some may be drawn to a particular discipline or field which may not be available in their home country. Some may immigrate hoping to broaden their work skills in the expectation of applying them at a later stage in their home country. If Barbadians continue their training abroad and return home to work the infusion of talent, skill and experience would be a boon to the country. Barbados is not alone in experiencing a “Brain Drain” many highly skilled Canadians and Brits educated in their home countries move to the USA for other opportunities particularly in the medical and research fields. Many Indians educated in India at their technology schools move to Silicon Valley in the USA the same applies to citizens from other countries.

    The Globe is a village, so live with it.

  60. Sargeant | November 12, 2011 at 4:56 PM |
    “It seems like you are advocating a “means test” which would mean that the income of those self employed professionals would drop to the cut off level for “free” University Education.”

    Good point!
    But competent unbiased “not-on-the-take bureaucrats would be able to established the following:
    Does this “professional” applicant for an educational grant owns the following?
    Property registered with the land tax with a value in excess of $500,000?
    Does the same applicant owns a vehicle registered with the Licensing Authority with an engine capacity in excess of 1600 cc. or does the company or firm employed by the same professional own such a vehicle and made available for use by the said applicant or spouse?
    If the answer to the above is in the affirmative then no concession granted.

    But as was pointed out we are unwilling to make these necessary adjustments so the tertiary education sacred cow will have to be slaughtered by the IMF and we will have a bogey man to blame!

  61. Something on the Squeaky clean French Sarkozy administration and tax havens.

    Interesting what one can find when one looks. Of course, certainly MUST be a misunderstanding, surely the great sequeaky clean ‘get tax havens’ Sarkozy has nothing to do with this.

    This from the Telegraph, a recognised news agency.


    Wildenstein widow launches lawsuit against Sarkozy administration
    The widow of Daniel Wildenstein, one of the world’s greatest art dealers, has launched a criminal lawsuit accusing French ministers of turning a blind eye to alleged tax evasion.
    Henry Samuel in Paris
    1:39AM BST 23 Sep 2010
    Sylvia Wildenstein, 76, who was entitled to half of her late husband’s personal estate, claims that works of art were transferred into trusts, putting them beyond her reach and the French tax authorities.

    Mrs Wildenstein claims she passed this information to two the French tax authorities and two ministers in President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government, including specific details of a long list of art masterpieces allegedly held in trusts in the Cayman Islands and Guernsey.

    However, in a criminal lawsuit launched this week, Mrs Wildenstein alleges that the French government did nothing to investigate her tax evasion claims. She questions whether this was linked to her stepson being a co-founder of Mr Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party and among the President’s so-called “First Circle” – his exclusive club of important donors.

    Last year, Mr Sarkozy, personally awarded the man he refers to as “Mon ami Guy” (My friend Guy) the Légion d’Honneur, one of France’s highest honours.

    The lawsuit for “active and passive corruption” and “influence peddling” is filed against “persons unknown”. Although not mentioned, the action questions links between the Wildenstein estate and two successive budget ministers – François Baroin and Eric Woerth, already embroiled in a political scandal surrounding L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt.


  62. Have none of you thought nor understood that investing in Bajans to go overseas and work and lead in careers is an advancement of Barbados?

    Indeed, some countries do this as a matter of public and security policy.

    The little investment in education is nothing compared to benefit thereby derived.

    Think big, not small.

  63. This has led some end-times scholars to believe that the Antichrist will rise to power through a confederation of European countries such as the European Union. He may indeed ascend to the leadership of the European Parliament since Europe has been historically anti-Semitic and he will be the greatest anti-Semite who ever lived. He will have the support of ten other leaders of whom three he will overcome. At some point early on, he will use his newfound power to insert himself into the politics of Israel and the Middle East.

  64. Eruki | November 12, 2011 at 9:44 PM |

    Why can’t it be a “she” instead of a “he” or maybe a “he-she”?
    Never could tell in a liberated Europe. But then again, given the fast growing Muslim populations in Europe you might just be right that the anti-christ must be a “he” with a hijab!

  65. I am torn on the subject of paying for tuition at UWI. I got my degree from UWI but had to pay through my teeth for my kids at UK universities as UWI did not offer what they wanted to study. If we ask people to pay, professionals will start hiding income so that their kids would qualify. It will be a catch 22 position. But it is clear we cannot continue to offer all this freeness like the Dems have been adding to for political reasons.

    I disagree with the MOF, I think it wise to have a medical school here, Jamaica is no place to be. The US will need lots of doctors soon as with the problems to come with Obamacare, young people in the US are shying away from medicine.My friend’s daughter had a scholarship, came back to fulfil her bond and cannot find a position at QEH, the question is, should she have returned? I think not!

  66. Hi David.

    Work and family responsibilities sometimes dictate time available, or not, to post, as with most.

    Maybe not only Guyana. We have Chinese labor here, working for construction.

    US, Canada, Britain, France etc have thieir people working as CEO’s in other countries, many international aid agencies are staffed internationally by their people.

    So jobs outside their countries are seen as opportunities and also in some cases even influence.

    Imagine in ten years if we need a business arrangement or advancement with a US company or international organisation and the CEO or Chairman is a Barbadian born person? How much better is that?

    How about cases where we have diplomatic disagreements with other countries, if we have people in influential positions in major nations, we can sway opinion to our side.

    It is strategic.

  67. If we train less doctors and more people ‘to support the building of capacity to carry forward a new economy in Barbados’ we will still have to export skills as our economy is too small to support all our graduates.
    Can Barbados support a ‘Solar Alley’? What is the purpose of the National Development Scholarships? Isn’t the restructuring of our education system needed far earlier than at the tertiary level?

  68. @ tony | November 15, 2011 at 10:03 AM |
    He promised to hold the hands of those responsible for the marina redesign fiasco to the fire. What is going on with the PAC investigation into this matter? Promises, promises! Threats! Threats! No action! No action! He knows Bajans are a bunch of fools. After all, he was a long standing chief!
    We can dismiss his talk about sending the CLICO gangsters to Dodds. That’s a lot of hot air coming from a former beneficiary.

  69. Ain’t politics sweet. My boy Owen gine carry out serious investigations into the CLICO debacle and send the crooks to jail (yeah right) and Thompson said in the first 100 days ITAL will be reality amongst government run agencies (Fool all a we). Now the master blaster Owen will restore our economy to its previous glory by probably selling our ass ets to the highest bidder. Please who the hell shall i vote for when I come home?

  70. you will have to admit that any leader must say the things he said. You may not believe that any thing would be done but he has to act for his own survival. Too many wrong things he must call in to question these things thats what leadership is made of, What assests do we have ?. I think that Owen’s view of foreingn direct investment will alwaqys be suspect but it has limited validity but Baajans are suspicious of any one making them feel like second class citizens , but wiithout some form of direct ivestment we will have to borrow NIS money and put our future at risk.
    We need to put on training wheels on our present members of cabinet and wish them luck

  71. Over the weekend PM Stuart made the point that education must remain free in spite of the costs of education and despite government expenditure continues to rise. this seems to be an emotional response to a very fundamental point of reducing costs at this point in time. I think that the way how we finance educatiion at the tertiary level must now be put on the front burner and we hammer out a strategy on the way forward. Can we afford to remain in the present dilemma or should be make changes which would cause our students to understand that’s there is n o free lunch. is this subject so politically charged that we can give a impassioned reply . This topic must be dicussed debated and fleshed out now. Think on these things

  72. @ tony | November 15, 2011 at 12:46 PM |
    We are NOT questioning Owen’ position on FDI. Even this present Administration (despite the scaremongering undertaken before the last elections) is following the same FDI strategy. What we are questioning is Owen’s integrity regarding the marina and CLICO fiascoes.

    Are you telling us that this type of hypocrisy makes for good leadership?

  73. @ true to form | November 15, 2011 at 1:14 PM |
    “I think that the way how we finance education at the tertiary level must now be put on the front burner and we hammer out a strategy on the way forward. Can we afford to remain in the present dilemma or should be make changes which would cause our students to understand that’s there is no free lunch.”

    This topic has been on the front burner for a long time now. Strategies have already been put forward. What is required is for government to bite the bullet and implement the least harsh of the lot. But it seems the government is waiting for the pot to boil over and for the bogey man IMF to come in to sort out the mess in which the students would end up paying for the full cost of tertiary education the same way as if they were studying overseas without scholarships.
    Repeated below is a strategy that has already been proffered:

    “…………80 % of the cost of tertiary education at this juncture of our economic development should paid for by the recipients. Either through savings schemes taken out by their parents at the primary or secondary stage of the students’ education or through very low interest student loans repayable after graduation and finding gainful employment either here or overseas. If they default on the loan repayments then they will forfeit the right to practise their profession ( e.g medicine, law, engineering, accountancy). Agreements can be drawn up

  74. Cut spending in unproductive areas instead of valuable education i.e. why burn lights at non-essential Government installations between 10:00pm and 6:00am?

    Cutting spending on electricity, fuel etc by Government would be wiser than cutting off our educaiton and in twenty years we have to import doctors, chemical engineers, pharmacists, computer programmers etc.

    Or is THAT the intention i.e. to ensure that the ‘developed countries’ have a market for their own people?

    Further imagine the foreign exchange being lost when people decide that they may as well educate in Canada and UK if they are paying anyway and get the experience of living overseas while doing so?

    Foreign exchange enuff.

    Dont trust what some people tell you. Think of motives.

  75. Sett off the cost of educaiton, not by cutting but by enhancing and making it remowned as of the best quality and then serve foreign students, for fees.

    This may also serve student athletes better, when they need winter training, come to Barbados, train while doing credits, in agreement with Universities and Colleges away.

    Think around the box, not in it.

  76. @ Crusoe | November 15, 2011 at 4:05 PM |
    I appreciate where you are coming from: Turn education into a business with a local, regional and international marketing focus.

    But immediate savings in government expenditure have to be gained. But something as achievable as energy saving seems almost impossible to implement. Despite the PR airings and gaseous talk one only has to pass any government building after 8.00 pm and not occupied on a 24 hr basis and see the buildings lit up like a Xmas tree where only basic security lighting is required. But I take your point that if Education is to be “protected from the scalpel” then serious expenditure adjustments would have to be made in other areas other than Health. But it seems as if the mountain will be too high to climb for the timid boys in charge! How on earth can expenditure be cut by at least 10-15% when we can’t even get the managers at the Drainage Unit to arrange removal within 24 hrs the muck and debris extracted from the drains but placed in an unsightly manner on the pavement only for the heavy rains to perpetuate the vicious cycle. Good luck, Crusoe! We can bet that you and your old man Owen Friday will be rescued from the new land of the flying fish called Tobago before any of the initiatives you and others proposed are implemented in a “SOS” manner.

  77. Miller et al
    the strategies put forward for a change in the educational funding or support has a sociological component to them. Can we say that we we move forward only in relation to those whose parents can pay ? What about a reduction in University Costs pper student in the first place. The University Of Barbados as an option may be the first step. I dont now support the notion that subjects or courses may not be needed at this time. This is always shortsighted.
    Let those who can pay a nominal rate and those who cant take out a policy which would allow them on graduation to repay for some of their tuition. Every one benefits. Think on these things

  78. @ true to form | November 15, 2011 at 4:51 PM |;

    No one can gainsay the sociological importance of Education. Neither can one deny the stark fact that funding is the lynchpin and that is the support plank that is under severe pressure and serious choices have to be made in order to keep Education off the sacrificial chopping block .
    Your proposal for a “separate” University of Barbados sounds great and has a measure of jingoistic appeal. But the reality is that the UWI has a track record and international recognition in academic circles. The brand “Barbados” might hold sway in tourism circles but I don’t think it can be marketed when it comes to academic excellence.
    You should note that a facility which allows students to repay some of the cost of tertiary education after graduation and gaining employment has already been recommended.

  79. @miller
    We have the makings of the first deabate of the next elections. The education debate. They will say that the BLP would like to dismantle the gains of the lower class and make tham pay for sonething which they used to take for granted/ This will be an emotional and humanistic debate which will be difficult to counter. Think on these things

  80. @ true to form | November 15, 2011 at 8:55 PM | ;

    And the DLP would beat the BLP in a Usain Bolt fashion. If there is one social advancement that the Dems can brag about it is “free” universal education. They took the baton to the finishing line when free secondary education was extended to people from the lower socio-economic brackets.
    Any openly suggested proposal on the part of the BLP to make adjustments to the overall dysfunctional system starting at the tertiary level would spell electoral disaster and viewed as taking away a child’s toy in the eyes of the blinkered masses who have been raised on a diet of “welfarism and political largesse” buttressed with a state dependent mendicancy attitude of the pseudo-middle class.

    Mr. Stuart knows this. That is why he has fired the first major shot across the bow of the BLP slightly rudderless ship. The old sea captain OSA himself is a beneficiary of this” leg up the socio-economic ladder” sponsorship and would not want appear as biting the hand of EWB that fed him in the 60’s &70’s.
    But the stark reality is that, true to form, what goes up must come down. Whichever, party is in power harsh expenditure cuts must be introduced and Education can only hide for a year or so. It’s really unfair (poetic justice, maybe!) that the party that took ownership of this unique piece of social engineering might have to be the mechanic to dismantle the vehicle. The BLP under the “old brigand” OSA has been exceedingly fortunate in not being confronted with such harsh economic realities (even the 8% is like a stumped toe when compared to the soon to be broken aspirations of the young and working poor. No income, no jobs, no assets (Ninj(n)a generation- the gloomy reality facing young Bajans unless their parents have it made.
    But I think his luck has run out unless he intends to realize his Machiavellian goal of curtailing Mia’s burning ambition to become PM even if it means a terminal defeat at the polls thus sullying his previously admirable record.

  81. @Miller
    I would agree with most of what you have written, but many believe that the economic situation would cause us to wonder if things could continue as is. The proposal which the BLP may suggest would be the subject of debate but I dont think that it would be necessarily be put on the table without changes.
    Another way could be to ignore as an election plank and bring it almost reluctantly after the elections.
    The Dems will have to be busy defending its umimpressive record amd the pressure will be on them to bring policies and programmes which will impress the people and which would reduce the deficit. Owen has promise to make Barbados sparkle again. Think on these things

  82. @ True to form

    …at what cost? The population’s? Will our very sovereignty be sold off to the highest bidder so that we can “sparkle?” I’d rather the country make a few sacrifices now economically, so we can survive much later on down the line, instead of passing our souls, land & identity (or what little we have of it!) off for a few coins!

  83. Wont he have to look for the culprits in JAWS and hold their hands as well?

    Politicians both blps and dlps are the same. They think barbadians are stupid and they know that if they wait their chance they will get elected. They are all for themselves and their friends. I am inclined not to cast my x in the next eletions and a lot of people i know are saying that.

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