Is There Merit To The Establishment of The Central Revenue Authority?

Submitted by Disappointed DLP Supporter

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance

High taxes, slow economy and now a cadre of friends for lawyers to go after persons with decreased income. The witch hunt is on. Now tell me if the DLP still have the moral authority to lead Barbados?

Static or decreased income with increased expenses. Here is the dilemma faced by many pay, government statutory deductions, wages or utilities.  I think most business owners would pay utilities and workers and negotiate with government or close the company down and let them draw unemployment from NIS.

Many who have never run a company for a day will call most employers who have taken the risk to employ others as dishonest. How many can identify with the stress of running a business such as workers attitudes, decreased cash flow,sleepless nights and union pressure?

The government recently announced the establishment of the Central Revenue Authority (CRA) to maximize collection of government revenue – Barbados Underground

Finally let me say that not all business owners set out deliberately to not pay taxes. This draconian measure of employing greedy lawyers to go after tax defaulter will be another financial burden.

Mr Sinckler, everyone was not fortunate like you when you managed CPDC and got donor funds to you  and Peter Wickham delight. You have not a blasted clue, do the moral thing and resign!

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  1. There is absolutely no need for this Central Revenue Authority. The only thing that needs to happen is that Government Ministers should stop interfering with public officers when they attempt to do their duty. If you owe the Government taxes of any type and you have friends in Government, you can call a minister and enforcement of the law would not apply to you.

    Rather than blame political interference for non collection of Government revenue, politicians come up with all types of reasons. The Central Revenue Authority is an attempt to fix a problem that would not exist if the politicians allow the public service to function as intended. By way of example, the VAT Division is owed millions of dollars in taxes that the Division is prevented from collecting so rather than allow the public servants collect the money, Government increased the rate of the tax.

    I may be out of touch but I must ask why the stealth in introducing the Authority? Why were the public officers who would be affected not consulted?

  2. On this occasion I would agree with Mr.Franklyn.

    If the relevant offices were functioning properly and the Ministry of Finance was overseeing them properly, there would be no need for yet another ‘Authority’.

    Reminds me of that other peculiarity of governments, when in doubt as to backlash, set up a commission of enquiry, for anything and everything, onstead of reserving such a process for special circumstances only.

    Remember a few months ago cases against certain people were dismissed because it was shown to the Court that they had indeed had communications with the revenue authority?

    Hence, what must be asked is how did the revenue authority see it fit to go to Court, without having the full understanding of the various cases?

    Makes one wonder.

    That is the issue. Efficiency in public offices, not yet anothe rone to obfuscate issues.

    But then, some advocate obfuscation.


  3. @Franklyn : why the stealth in introducing the CRA ? try IMF.. They are here , in broad darkness. and try this :the amalgamation of the various revenue bodies will result in job redundancies.. needed but may not be popular.

  4. millertheanunnaki | November 4, 2011 at 2:04 PM |


    It seems the DLP administration is on another PR exercise. This time the Finance Boy Wonder is pushing out the public sector reform conjurer’s cart to attract the gullible fans to participate in the upcoming silly season menu of activities and attractions.
    Here we go again: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mother of all public sector reforms, the One and Only, Central Revenue Authority (CRA). Folks, this is not a home grown idea! Only the best will be followed even if 15 years behind our Mother Country which we just cussed and dismissed for telling us we should be able to bring home our same sex friends without opprobrium from the backward natives.

    But, by golly, the CRA would result in significant cost savings! After all, the fellows at the various agencies such as Customs & Excise, VAT Division, Inland Revenue, The Treasury and the most efficient cousin Land Tax would have to come together as one smaller “nuclear” family. The question is: How would cost savings and efficiency gains be achieved if every family member still wants his or her own car, own consumer items (fridge and stove), telephone and computer. Sounds like you will have to avoid this obvious duplication of operations and support services by requesting that certain redundant members take early retirement or golden goodbyes to go and rent elsewhere privately or go to the area for the homeless and reminisce about the good old days like many of us who have been thrown out of our the private homes.
    Do this Boy Wonder and his band of circus performers who have a habit of putting “their feet in their mouths” and the main attraction have the intestinal and testicular (in some cases ovarian) fortitude to bring about this IMF requested family gathering?

  5. @ the IMF & millertheanunnaki

    From what i heard there is to be no reduction in staff at least for now. there is suppose to be additional staff to have new heads in the combined department. ie new overall head, new registras head, new it head, etc. Probably latter on they will have staff reduction but only after they win the next general election when members pension are secured.

    • The head of this unit appears to be Margaret Sivers the former Commissioner of Inland revenue.

      In an interview she made clear the point that the initiative to establish the CRA will not be about cutting jobs but fitting the right people in the right jobs, hmmmmmm.

  6. miss sivers currently holds the post of ACCOUNTANT GENERAL of barbados. of recent times has been acting as PERMANENT SECRETARY in the ministry of finance since the reitirement of mr william ‘no-nonsense’layne of clico oversight fame.miss sivers is responsible for the implementation of the smart stream system of govt accounting which is still bedevilled for several problems after over 10 years in existence. nevertheless, she has a reputation for getting things done. i concur absolutely with mr franklyn’s comments. another damocles sword on the backs of the taxpayers in that politicians could put their hand in the all important cooki jar and bypass established procedures in place to access funds from the treasury and control spending without going to parliament.

  7. anthony | November 7, 2011 at 11:50 PM |
    “From what i heard there is to be no reduction in staff at least for now. there is suppose to be additional staff to have new heads in the combined department.”

    How then can cost savings and efficiency gains be achieved in a service-oriented sector that is primarily dependent on human capital (people’s performance)? What is going to happen to those people who can’t fit into a “right” job? Will we have the same amount of typist, messengers, maids, HR officers, registry clerks, SAO’s and the list goes on?
    Will these various agencies or departments continue to occupy or rent different locations / premises? Would there be any savings / reductions in overheads -electricity, telephone, office supplies, etc? What about separate IT systems and platforms?

    From what Ms Sivers said one can conclude that there will be another layer of bureaucracy at the top called the “Commissioner General with its own cost structure.
    This country is certainly heading in the same direction as Greece.
    Please, politicians, make the necessary structural adjustments and serious reforms of the public service before they are imposed on us from outside with more bitter medicine and excruciating pain!

  8. how they will make saving is a mystery. there will be no gained efficiency until they shed some staff. The may be to see who been not paying but if the politics continue as they have today they still not pay.

  9. Can’t they think of another acronym? I have enough trouble with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) when I come to Barbados to relax the words will be in “me head” like the “Bassman”

  10. I think qwe have heard enough, I’ve been a member of the DLP from 1971 and even though I’ve not been active recently, I’ve followed the “progress ” of the party over the years. I was FOOLED in thinking that my vote for the DLP in 2008 would have brought change to this country. Even though prior to 2008 my DLP representative DID win the seat the party lost, I was looking for better in 2008. This present crop of DLP M.P’s are a disgrace to this GREAT PARTY, they are a bunch of amatuers trying to do a professinal job, and worse of all, they are dishonest and only interested in fuller their pockets and that of their friends, even some from the BLP. We have to rid the country of these parasites before the gains which our fathers and ancestors sweat so hard to achieve has been stolen by these bunch of failures. WE NEED GENERAL ELECTIONS NOW, OR WE MUST BRING THIS COUNTRY TO A HALT UNTIL THEY ARE REMOVED

  11. The Scout | November 8, 2011 at 5:08 PM |

    Steady, Scout! I salute you!
    Sounds more like an ex-soldier trained in guerrilla tactics than a boy scout!
    By using all democratic and law abiding means at their disposal Bajans need to change this regime or suffer the long-term consequences.

  12. scout you sound like a stinging bee but you are right parasites they all are bee and dee and based on your comments if you were sincere would you not be calling for a change in the system of governance rather than repeating the vomit by playing musical chairs all over again.

  13. You magicians on this blog why not join up with Owen Arthur and Clyde Mascoll and go to the Eurozone where headlines are becoming more graphic everyday about the economies of some countries.

    I took this headline from the Daily Mail “Staring into the abyss: Italy’s economy in crisis, France under strain and fears WE could be dragged into a second recession”

    You just come on here and complain about how bad the government is functioning and predicting all kinds of doom and gloom and harping back to the good days under Owen Arthur. Days where money was borrowed for a rainy day and squandered. Days where we borrowed to sustain our unsustainable way of living. Selling land to the highest bidder so as to get foreign currency inflows. Houses for the rich were the thing because of a lot of Ponzi schemes. Those days are gone and now a new government is trying but you want back the days of Ponzi schemes SCOUT.

    SCOUT from your first post on this blog you were always a supporter of the BLP and therefore whatever you say should be taken with a pinch of salt. You were never a DLP member.

    You even call the DLP members of Parliament parasites but would want us to vote back in the KING PARASITE of all OWEN ARTHUR. If you have evidence that the DLP members took $75000 as a campaign donation and put it in their bank account bring it up SCOUT.

    Your slip/underpants is always showing.
    You are very harsh on Owen Arthur but deep down from your writings you are a supporter of the BLP and only setting up a scaffold pretending to attack Owen Arthur.

  14. Clone
    I wish supprters like you would come clean with your party, failling such is why they are allowed to do as they like; it happened to the B’s now it’s happening to the D’s. For your information, I have stated over and over again, I would like to see a third party of persons who really have Barbados and Barbadians at heart emerging and taking this country out of the hands of these PARASITES. Like Gabby once sang”BLP/DLP same party”, but at this time the BLP appears to be the less of the two evils. I will ALWAYS remain an INDEPENDENT Barbadian. MY MENTOR The RT ECEL E.W. Barrow, 45 yrs ago, fought for my right to say so and I was PROUD to participate in the ceremony that night, even though I was knee deep in mud, that was one of the proudest moments in my youthful days and I’m proud that I can tell my offspring about it. It hurts me when people from both parties who know nothing about the pre-independent days, can come along now and just see greed as their motive.

  15. @ Clone | November 9, 2011 at 10:46 PM |
    Clone of Carsoon C Cadogan leave me cornwell alone!
    Yes, I would support a bunch of BLP so-called crooks than this lying, stealing incompetent indecisive lot of idiots. I would prefer to have Seethru as the man in charge of finance a 1000 times than what is currently parading as a finance buffoon.
    I will leave it to Scout to put you in your sty but before I go just answer one query: What do the troubles in the Eurozone have to do with the passing of Integrity & Freedom of Information legislation. These much vaunted promises of anti-corruption laws earmarked at the BLP crooks are 3 years 10 months less 96 days overdue. What’s up? Too busy cloning the BLP crooks?

  16. @ Mango Seller | November 10, 2011 at 2:12 PM |
    Well said!
    Action, man, action! These people hardly contribute to the wider community and when they do so financially, they do so ever so grudgingly. Very few pay income tax but are still able to acquire large properties for rental to black Bajans. They generally view black people as their inferiors but still selling their trinkets and inferior imported goods through their parasitic relationship with the local naive blacks.
    My motto is: You don’t respect me then I no buy from you!
    But you have to blame the so-called educated black people for making the “coolie” men into millionaires and the biggest owners of real estate in town and spreading like wild fire to the heights and terraces. Who you think buying all the land and houses previously in black people hands but now being put up for auction by the Land tax Dept. & the banks?

  17. @ Let Me Tell You How Sick These Women Are | November 10, 2011 at 3:27 PM |

    What happens when black men play with and eat the white pussy cat? Do they dribble like Dracula and shout Meow! Meow!
    You don’t think you can have it off with a white succubus and don’t worship at the gate of Aphrodite and drink oil from the sacramental cup?

  18. @Let me Tell You, Again, How Sick These Women Are | November 10, 2011 at 4:20 PM |

    How can we sufferers join your club?
    Never had white meat yet, rrrrrhh!
    Put the pics on facebook for disabled erectile dysfunctional oglers like me to see (LOL!!)

  19. @Let me Tell You, Again, How Sick These Women Are…

    Please give it a rest…

    You have a “hard on” for ROK. That’s empirically clear.

    But IPv4 IP addresses are four octets…

    200.50.87.x and 200.50.88.x are only two of the /24’s assigned to C&W.

    Please don’t claim knowledge you don’t have.

  20. @Murdah!! Lawd! Honey Chile!: “…all the same IP Address 200.50.87/88 and he works in Wildey..

    Sigh… A distracter…

    But for the record, 200.50.87/88 represents approximately 512 possible IP addresses….


    To: Chris Sinckler – Probationer Minister of FINE ANTS!

    Dear Chris,
    You and your governmental colleagues, including the dearly departed one, in your self-seeking, treacherous, insincere style, have repeatedly tried your best to ridicule and embarrass Mr. Owen Arthur, by for example, delivering to him so-called invitations to join you in a “wrap within the Barbados flag” so as to brainstorm and crystalize ideas for the purpose of rescuing our beloved country from the economic mess that you and your sorry neophyte bunch have brought it to!

    Mr. Arthur quite wisely discerning the bare-faced deception, has refused to be used and abused. And one must view these invitations against a continuing background of vicious attacks by the DLP on everything the BLP says, both on the floor of parliament and outside of it.

    The DLP continues to criticize the BLP’s record in office; their mantra has been: “You have had 15 years, you have done NOTHING OF VALUE, and we don’t want to hear anything from you.”

    Yet we continue to hear these cunning, fraudulent calls to join you in “non-partisan” discussions for the good of the country, when it is clear that this is NOT what you want to do.

    Well, in case you have not read the following article in the press, perhaps you might catch a glimpse of it here, or maybe your FAMOUS BARBADOS UNDERGROUND character “CORNWELL,” A.K.A. CARSON C. CADOGAN, A.K.A. REUDON EVERSLEY, might bring it to your attention …… even CLONE or SARGE or AC or BONNY PEPPA or one of them fellows.

    Read it carefully Chris, and at the same time take a read also of CLYDE MASCOLL’S masterful piece on PAGE 9 of the DAILY NATION OF November 3rd, 2011, in which he tries to set your thinking right, and pleads with you not to continue to drown this country in darkness.

    All the long talk about consensus non-partisan thinking for the benefit of poor suffering Barbadians. Well why not rethink this excellent idea from Mr. Arthur. True, in your loud-mouth big maguffy style, you have already rejected it, but humility is a great and admirable virtue.

    Arthur Proposes Consumer Ease
    Once more, Chris “Unclear” Sinckler has shown that he is confused over a very straightforward matter. This time it is the very sensible proposal by Opposition Leader Owen Arthur that the government-owned Barbados National Oil Company (BNOC) make it possible for 85,000 households to each pay about $30 per month less in electricity bills. Such relief could come from the DLP deciding that BNOC should charge the Barbados Light and Power (BL&P) less for the fuels it sells to the electricity generating company, by passing on to the suffering public $35 million of the some $110 million in profits BNOC will be making in two years.

    Arthur, a highly trained and experienced economist, pointed out that this could easily and safely be done without damaging BNOC’s viability, simply by having the company reduce its losses over a “slightly extended period of time.” This proposal makes absolute sense since it would leave more money in the pockets of the hundreds of thousands of Barbadians already traumatised by having to pay higher electricity rates even when international fuel prices have been falling. Thanks to the BLP Leader, they now know that rather than the DLP directing the company which essentially is owned by taxpayers to make life easier for the public, this uncaring administration has allowed this company to hold on to exceptional profits at their expense.


    A company reporting $100 million in profits in two years with a MONOPOLY arrangement to an essential entity like BL&P CANNOT be tottering on bankruptcy. That is why people should not be confused by the Minister of Finance’s outburst against an “across-the-board, widespread subsidisation of fuel,” since former Prime Minister Arthur was only speaking about the high-priced fuel BNOC sells to BL&P for electricity.

    Barbadians must ask themselves how and why Sinckler and the DLP could be so ambivalent with respect to subsidies for electricity for the general public, when in his August Budget Sinckler grudgingly announced a miserly $5 million “energy grant” to the “elderly, disabled and the unemployed indigent,” when his policies have so recklessly devastated these vulnerable groups. This understandable move for the vulnerable was not the only “subsidy” dispensed by the DLP. Electricity bill payers well recall the $20 million debt “write off” for the Turf Club; and the “special price” diesel being sold to Public Service Vehicles through the Transport Board.


    The BLP always rejected the IMF’s criticism of Barbados’ subsidy of education, health, water, NHC rents and especially fuel, even though the major developed countries that dominate the IMF are known to routinely subsidize their farmers and only recently engaged in massive subsidies by bailing out financial institutions and the automobile industry. But the DLP won the government in January 2008 and by April abandoned the policy whereby government’s tax on diesel and gasoline was kept low to ease buyers at the pump. Now we better understand why Sinckler declared that he and the IMF were on the same page.

    Better Will be Done!

  22. @ Truthman Burton | November 11, 2011 at 5:59 PM |

    There are a number of issues that you raise which are deserving of further comment.
    The BLP is rightfully cautious and justifiably wary of any entreaties by the DLP to form some kind of “entente cordiale” relationship with this DLP administration. Why would a person carry on a relationship with another party which consistently blames the other for all the economic and social ills besetting Barbados. The BLP has been portrayed to this Nation as a bunch of lying, corrupt, thieving, immoral, incompetent, wasteful power hungry politicians and operatives. Even with four years at the wheel the DLP is still blaming the BLP for everything under the sun. We will soon hear it is the BLP that brought the recession to Bim and caused the IMF to follow!
    What a load of codswallop! Until the DLP come clean with the people and take them into their confidence then they will continue to drift in the economic doldrums on the high seas with no other port in sight other than the IMF (Its My Fault). When the arrogant boisterous finance magpie accepts (like an alcoholic) that there is a massive problem of devaluation proportions then the BLP should continue on its present alarmist path.

    I do not totally agree that the cost of electricity should be subsidized at this juncture. You must appreciate that the government is the owner of the BNOC and might just be using it as a piggy bank to help out with its fiscal crisis. That’s what a piggy bank is for; when things get hard go to the piggy bank since BNB is no longer an option. What ought to be proposed here (and you are getting it FOC) is that a subsidy should be given to the basic amount of electricity consumption deemed necessary for the average household to manage. Let’s say the first 150-200 KWHs s per month can be subsidized as far as the fuel adjustment charge is concerned. A similar concession can be made to the VAT rate but this might be a bit too sophisticated for the bureaucrats to appreciate and manage. Such a measure would not only ease the poor but avoid the pitfall of subsidizing wastage and excesses in keeping with the much talked about energy saving policies and IDB loan agreement provisions.

    The other issue you should address is this: What is OSA doing as far as the PAC investigation into the marina redesign contract award is concerned? What is the latest with this matter? Or is this a case of “cooperation (sleeping)” with the enemy to protect his own skin?
    We want to hear the Truth, man, Burton on this one!

  23. good question they where suppose to start mid month last month. Anyone know if they actually start the pac meetings. your option would also give ease but it up to government to follow thru with such suggestions. You might be right at too hard to do since they can’t get a simple cell phone tax or the lottery tax implemented. If we where to get bnoc actually annual report published would provide an easier understanding of what has gone on. It retained earnings levels thru the years would tell us the good story.

  24. @ anthony | November 11, 2011 at 8:12 PM |

    It seems this place needs technocrats like you to run things before we all end in in the poor house like the Greeks.
    One thing I must say is that you are able to spot good and workable suggestions unlike that bunch of hot air expellers including OSA with his PAC red herring. If he thinks he is going to get back in power with this “cloak and dagger” crap then he is woefully mistaken. The young people might be distracted with their Facebook and BBM toys but they can also be motivated and galvanised to fight the hypocrisy and “two-facedness” of corrupt politicians. We might not see an Arab Spring or a Wall Street like Autumn protest but a New year’s awakening might just do!

  25. unfortunate we have to choose between the lesser of two evil right now. easy way to make some inroad with the public . make the pac meeting public. Publish the report they get in parliament that they don’t put in public. people like to see data to support the politician rantings.

  26. @Truthman Burton

    might bring it to your attention …… even CLONE or SARGE or AC or BONNY PEPPA or one of them fellows.
    Have you ever heard of the aphorism “let sleeping dogs lie”? What are you running for? I can assure you that I am not running for anything nor do I have a horse in any race, I bring home my own bacon.

    Thank you for leading us to the article although it seemed vaguely familiar perhaps I read it on the blog

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