Things Looking Brown Like Sugar For Gline Clarke

Gline Clarke MP

Many Barbadians believe in the world of local politics Opposition Leader Owen Arthur stands head and shoulders above the rest as the master tactician. The fracture which runs deep in the relationship between Arthur and Mia Mottley achieved by forging an unexpected relationship with George Payne is a classic example.

One characteristic of Arthur’s style of politics which he repeatedly used to good effect during his tenure as Prime Minister was the ‘flying a kite’ strategy. It was his way of measuring public opinion before taking a decision, usually unpopular ones. Making former Minister Anthony Wood look silly in the eyes of the public over a promise to increase bus fares comes to mind.

How Arthur intends to lead a party perceived by the electorate to be a united group remains the topic of conversation among ordinary Barbadians and pundits alike. With a general election constitutionally due in just over one year, time is rapidly running out for Arthur to right the BLP ship. Some believe the good reputation Arthur earned as Prime Minister during a global economic boom made all the difference. How Arthur manages the challenges created by Opposition politics is left to be seen?

A subplot to the BLP political story was recently created when Arthur shared the view that “Barbados and the Barbados Labour Party need economist Clyde Mascoll in the House of Assembly and involved in the management of the economy.”  The immediate query which Arthur’s desire raised was how will he get it done; a safe seat is required. Word making the political cart roads up to last week indicated pressure was being placed on the ailing St. James North BLP incumbent Rawle Eastmond to step aside. Unfortunately for Arthur Eastmond has jettison that idea by endorsing Edmund Hinkson and took a couple pot shots at Mascoll when he articulated the qualities an aspiring member of parliament should possess.

BU understands that there was a meeting held last week at the Brown Sugar Restaurant between Arthur and Gline Clarke, Member of Parliament for St. George North, to request him to stand down from running in the upcoming general election. The opportunity for Arthur to possibly insert Mascoll in the BLP slate of candidates was created when Gline Clarke offended the sensibilities of many White Barbadians when he uttered a statement considered racist and insensitive. It seems Gline Clarke has become expendable in the interest of preserving the image of the BLP and to prevent the issue of racism from becoming a campaign issue.

BU believes the next general election given the cohobblopot of issues at play will make for one of the most intriguing since Independence.

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  1. Wuk for Wuk is a known Owen Arthur toadie but him making way on the orders of the short man for poor decision maker Mascoll aint gonna happen.

  2. Owen Arthur is about 63-year-old — a senior citizen. It is understandable why he does not like football or even think highly of people who play it. He is not active and hardly has the energy to play the game. But, that’s not it! Some within our society have a way of profiling people who play football as “rowdy” and “wild boys.”

    But Owen Arthur is not alone in his thinking, even if horribly wrong: It is said that between 1314 and 1667, football was officially banned in England by more than 30 royal and local laws. It is also said that King Edward 11 was so “troubled by the unruliness of football in London” that on April 13, 1314 he issued a proclamation banning it. His reason was that ‘football and other recreations distracted the populace from practicing archery.’

    Years later, that ancient thought is being echoed through 63-year-old, Owen Arthur, who recently unleashed an unprovoked attack on an announcement by the Government that it will use a mere $300, 000, to host a “football competition” in communities across Barbados. Arthur went as far as saying that ‘football is distracting people from focusing on the economy.’

    But Arthur’s dislike of football and those who play it is understandable, even though not widely supported. Perhaps none of the people who play football are Economists and football in his view is social and not economic. This is a man that has a fundamental problem with the Government and people of Barbados spending a mere $300,000 on young men within communities across this country, who play football – but as Minister of Finance and Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur spent far more on a “bronze statue.” According to him, the government spending $300,000 on young men in communities across Barbados who plays football is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

    Perhaps that explain why (within less than a week of Owen Arthur’ public castigation of the Government announcing a plan to spend $300,000 on young men in communities across Barbados, who play football – Albert Brandford and the Nation Newspaper immediately joined the dwindling and not very popular – Owen Arthur Chorus, as seen in Albert Brandford’s column the Sunday Sun of September 25, 2011.

    As regards the football tournament being organised by Mia Mottley, the desire of Albert Brandford; the Nation Newspaper and the Owen Arthur led BLP is simple! Brand the football as “political” so that the crowd support would dwindle and the initiative would flop. There is a very good reason why they are wishing and working over-time to make that happen: the football tournament will end on November 30th 2011, in circumstances where the BLP announced last month that it will commence Public Meetings in two weeks (that would have meant, two Sunday nights ago on September 18th)

    It has not happened because of a fear that more people will attend Mia’s historic; energetic and exciting football than ‘Owen Arthur’s boring; tired and stale public meetings.’ However, a BLP victory holds the prospects of ‘increased-government-advertising-revenue’ for the Nation newspaper and that explains Albert’s column in the Sunday Sun, which is widely read.

    Albert Brandford’ and the Nation newspaper’ support of Owen Arthur’s criticism of football, also demonstrates their profiling of people who play football as, ‘not important’ and people who do not matter – because they do not read or buy the Nation newspaper – hence no potential revenue lost or lost of readership. This is why the new impetus on football and the empowerment of people who play the game, is refreshing!

  3. Well Gline Clarke is saying there is no vacancy in St George North in Barbados Today. The BLP is starting to look like a soap opera. I hope Barbadians and watching all this drama

  4. This story is suspect because of the supposed location of the meeting i.e. Brown Sugar Restaurant. Politicians may be stupid but not that stupid, why would Owen meet Gline at such an open concept restaurant to discuss an issue like this?. The moment the two walked in every person in the restaurant would forget their macaroni pie and would be eavesdropping to catch ever word.

    Unless of course David is deliberately misleading us about the venue, but David wouldn’t do that would he?

  5. The man needs to go and if does not want to go he should be pushed on two counts,one he ran a ministry that he knew nothing of the arrangement with DANOS 3 S and it fell under his ministry ?

    Give me a break we Barbadians are not as dumb as he would like to have you believe that he would like to make people believe that they are.

    On the second charge it is disgraceful and the scum of the earth to stand in parliament and speak in racist tones as he recently did, it is just totally WRONG NO IF BUTS OR MAYBES he is a self confessed idiot that should be charged for fraudulent actions on that DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT a man who was in charge of a Ministry but knew nothing about the management of the said ministry he headed, that just abouts sums up how usless he was as a minister of the blp, he was only one of them that drew a salary but would not work for it.
    I think you may have wanted to see the other piece of shoddy and nasty person this one Clarke really is hes nothing but a piece of slime .

  6. Hi David ,
    I was at Brown Sugar when Gline & Owen along with other BLPites entered the restaurant. After about 10 minutes of chatter between Gline & Owen , I heard Gline blurted out……not fuh SHI!TE Owen….and promptly left the compound with a few other BLPites in toe !

    Owen retorted…i GINE catch you ……GLINE .

    The BLP soap opera continues.

  7. My name is Tacitus not tact; it is not something I often resort to although it may have been better to speak to Gline in a bit more tactful way. Gline is my chum although I did not invite him to my last wedding. He supports me blindly and he like me will never let a woman lead him; if you doubt me, ask Harri, the Jamtown girl, or the GT, and possibly others if necessary.
    So added to no woman, no young people, it is no whites. As leader of the in-fighting bees, I do not want lawyers, I want an economist in and a teacher out. I want a liar out and a thief in. I Tacitus about the economy, not a society. I am about money matters not moral matters. Last of all, I beg you all not to question my love affair with Bonny Peppa, there is room for her in my cabinet. You heard what de Wickam fella said, that I have a good record when it comes to women. A pity that is the first time he has said anything positive about me in over 10 years. He wait till Paris says he has to go and now want me to kiss up to MAM. No way, I still have my demons, they never left. I must rule Barbados again, and with fear. This is about power, power, power!

  8. Owen should do the country a favour and take a page out of Golding’s book and step down. He is an embarrassment not only to the Barbados Labour Party but to the whole of Barbados.

    I guess he got a whiff that the RACIST statements GLINE CLARKE made WAS GOING TO BE A MAJOR ISSUE so he is now trying to throw him overboard but that will not save his sorry behind.

    We have too many things against him.

  9. @Sarge

    Time will reveal all don’t you think?

    It is difficult to see Arthur entering an election expecting to win a government and his support from a potential parliamentary group is comprised a factional elements i.e Mia Mottley, George Payne and the like.

  10. Too much two-mout people parade on BU.

    Here’s Carson Cadogan after the Gline Clarke incident in Parliament:

    Carson C. Cadogan | August 19, 2011 at 7:44 AM |
    I was sickened and disgusted by the racist remarks Of GLINE CLARKE.
    His statements reflect the official policy of the CORRUPT Barbados Labour Party. GLINE CLARKE’s words are going to have serious reprocusions for the country.

    GLINE CLARKE’s and the Barbados Labour Party’s hatred of White People is now laid bare for all the World to see. The Minister OF Tourism will now have a job on his hands in the major capitals of the world trying to convince WHITE TOURISTS on whom we depend to vist Barbados from here on in. I do hope that Richard can reverse the Damage which was done by the Barbados Labour Party a few nights ago.

  11. Why would Owen go to Brown Sugar Restaurant, a place with an open concept to discuss politics and at that to ask a sitting MP to step aside? This sounds like a lie.

    I wont doubt that Gline could be asked to set aside but I dont believe it was done at such a public place Brown Sugar.

    It seems as though it is some people’s interest to sow every seed of discord they can think up at the BLP. Dont forget the BLP is 73 years old, it is no fly by night organisation.

  12. I said in an earlier post that Owen can give Clyde his seat in St. Peter. Owen is looking at every presumably ‘ailing’ sitting MP except himself. However, the others who have chronic illnesses are not plotting to get rid of their leader they are working to retain their seat and the little public image they have comfort in.

    If Owen knew that he wanted to return to the helm he should have stayed the course in 2008 when his party (70 years at the time) was defeated. A 70 year old party can die a natural death or a brutal blow before death. Owen should stop pushing Clyde and get to the public and show us how the ministries are performing. He should coach and mentor Clyde to take over from him because I don’t hear that Arthur make hospital visits nor keep clinics and Clyde certainly ain’ gine do um.

  13. @ BLP’s Geriatric Brigade Anti-Football and Everyone who play it

    “This is a man that has a fundamental problem with the Government and people of Barbados spending a mere $300,000 on young men within communities across this country, who play football – but as Minister of Finance and Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur spent far more on a “bronze statue.” According to him, the government spending $300,000 on young men in communities across Barbados who plays football is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

    How do you justify $300,000 on a football tournament (despite the many number of out-of-season and BFA tournaments around), but wanted to mail cheques to the elderly to save $50,000. As I have said before this government’s policies are inconsistent and lacking in clarity.

  14. ‘How Arthur manages the challenges created by Opposition politics is left to be seen?’
    Instead of managing challenges in Opposition in 2008 Owen opted out – then came back to create challenges unheard of in Opposition in Barbados. To make it worse he groomed a Deputy PM to take over leadership, knowing her lifestyle, only to come back couple years afterwards to say ‘I spoke to Ms. Mottley on numerous occasions about her lifestyle.’ When he was grooming her did she have that lifestyle? He should have fired her after probation because of the ‘lifestyle.’

    Owen created challenges as an Opposition MP and now Barbados has to endure an apparent ‘one party’ Government until he decides who he has to put down to put up Clyde.

    Come on Opposition put some issues on the table let us debate. We have students of politics, social care and economics looking to you for discussion.

  15. @enuff

    How do you explain the crowds attending the Mia football tournament estimated at five to six thousand and the less than 100 who attend the BFA tournaments?

  16. After listening to the news today where Clarke admitted there was a meeting but there was agreement he would run in the next election.

    All in all not a convincing interview.

  17. Barbados fastest sprinter Andrew Hinds is calling for tournaments with big money like Mia’s and the one the DLP is planning to be extended to track and field he said the semi professional route is the way to go for sports men and women to perfrom at a higher level.
    It would seem he endorses the Mia and DLP tournaments and disagrees with anti football midget Owen the geriatric. We must listen to atheletes like Hinds he walks the walk.

  18. @ David
    The money involved David!!!
    If Mia can do it without government money why can’t Sinckler and the Dems too? Just shows it is merely a reaction to Mia’s idea. Even so, the popularity of the LIME tournament does not justify the inconsistency of the government. Additionally, in 2004 pensioners represented 13% of B’dos population, so spend $300,000 to benefit 7,000 or save $50,000 to disadvantage over 30,000.

  19. The personal idiotic attack on Owen would not make the DLP competent. effective or electable. The who spew venom only do so because they are afraid of Owen. The stupidness they write cannot the price of bread Let us not waste the education which have . come with substance . Is this too much to ask. By the way. the team which the BLP will field for the next election will be competent, knowledgeable and tried . Not the amateurish. mistakes-ridden ones now in government. I believe that the people cannot wait to dump this lot

  20. In all of this, the question remains, what is the chances of Sen. Jeptor Ince in St.George North?

    I don’t know this Senator Ince but I am of the view that any potential fall out in the BLP which affects St.George North must redound to his benefit when seeking to win that seat.

    What say you all?

  21. Tacitus
    murdahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ma bellyyyyy.
    yu does be stale drunk or fresh drunk when you postin? ya tu swoiteeeeeee.

  22. cup cake
    Sen Jepter got dah seat. na maybe’s bout um. wuk-fa-wuk Grime Klark gone thru de eddas. doan ask me how i kno, i jess kno. tek my word. Jepter fa St. G.N. Again, doan ask me how i kno, i jess kno.
    eff ya dowt me ask he main man Tacitus, de opp. leada.

    ma bellyyyyyyyyyy.


  23. Obviously the DLP see Clarke as a week link and have started to throw darts at him. What some believe to be the gaffe he made in parliament recently will be a St. George North platform issue. How will it affect the result in St.George and importantly will it have the legs to go national.

  24. Prodigal
    Listen ta me man. I kno how it mussy hurtz but um is tru. I was at de Brown Suga Restarant dat evenin too. Wah mek me notice dem is becausen dem did arguin n cursing one anedda rale stink. I khun believe my eyez when i see who um did gettin on sa scruffy. Nex ting ya kno, i see Grime Klark gine ta cuff See-tru in he face n See-tru duck. good ting he sa short or he would get he eye cuff out. I serius Prodigal. When dem get in de restarant, by now evrybody did lookin at dem rale stink, so dem try ta keep down de argament. but not fa long. Jess so, Grime Klark bound up, grabble up See-tru n toss he one side like a rag-doll. I get frighten as shite now causen See-Tru start feeling he waist like he gine fa a weapon. Well by den I did outside n runnin ta my vahickle. Den is when Grime bound out side n holla fa, ‘Ya short-me-krutch bitch, um in dunnin so”. N he went in he vahickle lookin in de cubby-hole. Den is when I leff de seen causen um din lookin good. Plus all two a dem like dem did had a lil tummuch ta drink.

    I doan kno wah happen afta dah, cauzen I leff town bosey.

    Prodigal, dat is de trute.I sware ta gawddddddd.

  25. “How will it affect the result in St.George and importantly will it have the legs to go national.”

    Some white friends already tell me that they are not giving a cent to the BLP this time around.

    Can you remember when “Lammie” Craig said that “if yuh name is DOUGLAS LEOPOLD PHILIPS yuh gine starve”?

    The Barbados Labour Party has a long history of making serious threats against people that they don’t like. WHITE BAJANS have good reason to be afraid. If a party that some time in the distant future may hold office in Barbados making such RACIST statements, their very existence may be in jeopordy.

    They would be stupid to fund a party that is threatening their very survival.

    • The issue here is that both Clarke and Ince are perceived lightweights and will probably depend on the national swing to win the seat.

  26. @ Bonny Peppa

    if you need a second career, just write fiction. Yuh wud be a internahtional best sellar. ha, ha, ha,

    you beat tacticuss any day.

  27. @David: “The issue here is that both Clarke and Ince are perceived lightweights and will probably depend on the national swing to win the seat.

    So why don’t you invite them into the studio for a debate?

    The BBC would. The CBC would.

    Why don’t you?

  28. Jesus Cryist Bonny I trying to get off the floor you got muh belly hurting the cubby hole part mek yuh boy fall off the chair.

  29. @David: “Those kinds couldn’t handle questions from BU family anyway.

    Are you suggesting that our elected officials couldn’t debate the contemporary issues with the BBC’s Stephen Sackur, or the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Company) Peter Mansbridge?

  30. Carson, Pat, frankie
    wunna-all like nuff sport. dah is awl. but dah happen fa rale at Brown Suga.

    de only BB i kno ’bout is ‘black-bitch’ dat i nuse ta buy as a gurl at Primaree Skool. Da got anudda kinda BB now? Well dog my cat.

  31. @Carson

    You need to grow up, the white corporate community will pump most of their money into the party they perceive they will win the election as to get returns on their investment. Plain and simple,

  32. Enuff | September 27, 2011 at 11:07 AM |
    The question remains what is this government’s record to date? Their supporters are struggling.
    What an easy question so early in the day.

    No thiefing and raping of the public purse like the BLP administration did.

    A very proud DLP track record.

    That deserves an A grade.

  33. @Enuff

    How do you justify $300,000 on a football tournament (despite the many number of out-of-season and BFA tournaments around), but wanted to mail cheques to the elderly to save $50,000. As I have said before this government’s policies are inconsistent and lacking in clarity


    Where did the $50,000 come from? I know Caswell posted that amount but if Trained Economist figures of 900,000 cheques per year is accurate the savings would be a great deal higher than $50,000.

  34. Bringing Jepter Ince and Gline Clarke together to debate issues would make good comedy.

    Gline might be a simpleton and political lightweight but he is affable and liked by his constituents.

    Jepter , however, is a protégé of Leroy aka Greenverbs. A person who consistently says PHYSICAL deficit for FISCAL deficit without a care in the world and total indifference to ‘crystal’ language must be suffering from a MENTAL deficit.

    The country already has too many bullshit artists and square pegs in round holes holding down crucial leadership positions. We need persons of vision, common sense and talent to lead us out of this socio-economic quagmire and pending “black hole”.

  35. why are some of ‘these’ people on this blog bashing the former Prime Minister ?
    Is the Owen factor so feared by ‘these’ people who are now scrambling to discredit Owen in order to save Freundel ??

  36. @Just Asking

    Since people across this country know that I am the true ruler and economic genius in the land, many have come to me saying, “but Tacitus, we really do not have anything against Freundel, he is intelligent and may one day open his mouth and start being a Prime Minister. Tacitus, we are supporting you because like you we do not want an intelligent woman with all the capabilities of good leadership to become the first female Prime Minister. We will not be led by a woman or no young man or woman regardless of how much brain they may have.” Well BU friends, you know what my response was. Let the politics of inclusion begin again; let fear be the guide that bring me back to the throne. You know I am going to fix Gline as soon as I win back power; how dare he embarrass me in public. He may as well join MAM. No woman and no man that does not follow my ruling. I Tacitus “refuse to lead a divided party.” It is my way or no way. Do not tell me that Bonny Peppa can see that, CCC can see that, and Gline wants to play hardball with me. I shall fix him and Bonny will be in my Cabinet and he can go and sit with Freundel and lick his wounds. I am going to get my man Clyde in Parliament, watch out Rawle and Cyntie, I will damage you to have Clyde next to me. Clyde is the future leadership of the labour party. We have lots of money to make together he with his hardwood and me with my sensitive wood.

  37. Obediant.
    There will also be a DLP voter revolt in St. James North, because from a very reliable source, I understand the constituants there are NOT backing Harry Husbands. In fact I understand that he insulted the constituants’ intelligence quite recently, when he said he didn’t have to answer some pertinent questions asked. The only person capable of beating Austin Husbands in St.James North is Rawle Eastmond himself.

  38. Owen if you and Clyde just wait,you could make him Govenor of the central bank in twenty eighteen.From there his would be a valued contribution to the economy.Have no fear,you both shall still be around then,for the good book tells that There’s No Rest For The Wicked.

  39. @ Fractured BLP
    You sound desperate!!
    But when a PM and Minister of Finance appoints an Oversight Committee and fails to disclose to that Committee the existence of a contract (prepared, witnessed and signed by him and his associates) for a $10m bonus for his friend that in my books is corruption.

    But just in case you need more:

    You will recall that a few weeks ago when the BLP exposed instances of corruption festering at the QEH, Health Minister Donville “Don’t Care” Inniss was advised that he should not feel alone since similar conditions existed elsewhere in the DLP administration.

    Well, it is clear that such a warning coupled with the barefaced refusal of the BTA and the rest of government to enlighten the public about the details of the Rihanna contract, and the glaringly offensive DLP insider business dealings with the LOUD concert; have driven integrity loving Barbadians to move beyond suspicions, whispers and concern by providing documentary proof that things are far from well at another major institution.

    When you start wrong you will end wrong
    This time it is the BWA, and nobody is surprised, given the Bajan proverb that “when you start wrong, you end wrong.” For the public still remembers the DLP’s coldblooded dismissal of BLP warnings that the government had imposed an Executive Chairman on that vital body when the law did not allow for such a post. No less a person than then PM David Thompson had sneered at the BLP’s respect for the law, declaring that they would change the law at some time if they had to. Years later, the law has still not been corrected thereby cementing the breeding of a BWA culture of general disregard for rules, regulations and legislation.

    Who or What is Am-Carib?
    This is shown in an internal memorandum to the General Manager dated May 10, 2010, on “Purchase of Meters for Halcrow Consultancy”, in which the BWA’s number two officer is instructed to “kindly advise” the Puerto Rican firm of Elser Amco Water Inc that purchases of any equipment for the Barbados Water Authority will be done through AM-Carib Trading Inc until any further instructions are advised by the Board.” And there is no direct or indirect indication whatsoever in the nine other pages of supporting documents, that the selection of AM-Carib had been based on competitive bidding in keeping with stated and well established government policy, unless under certain specific, special conditions.

    Where is the transparency promised?
    Interestingly enough, subsequent correspondence from the BWA’s Procurement Manager referred to Am-Carib’s communication of October 26,2010 and complained that six months after the BWA had paid in advance, items ordered had not been received with “normal lead time” being “approximately 3-5 weeks ” from order date. Worthy of note is the fact that it is a Miami, Florida incorporated company whose directors have been stated to be McHugh Walcott, President; Lisa Pierre, Vice-President; and Richard Byer, Secretary and Treasurer.

    Barbadians paying 60 per cent more for water would want to know if the Michael Walcott, listed as the company’s agent and authorised signature, of Atlanta, Georgia and manager of Kyan Holdings of Hollywood, Florida is the same as the known DLP operative who suddenly left Barbados? With requisitions D11392 and D11393 yet to be exposed, Minister David Estwick should want to speak out.

  40. @BLP Geriatric brigade……………….One day, if you a are lucky sir,very lucky by today’s standards , you will become a member of a similar Geratric Brigade,that you are now knocking. Winston Churchill was no ‘young boy’ when he PM of Great Britain.

  41. enuff dont curse me but cuh dear I positive I hear on the news the Minister of Tourism Sealy announce the Rihanna concert cost gob $4mil he say gob may lose a bit of money or break even. If he didnt say so tell me, you or anybody who didnt hear or read what Sealy say should speak up.

  42. @obediant | September 27, 2011 at 8:29 PM |

    A voters revolt for Hal Martin to run in St. Thomas if this is the Regency Hotel fellow Hal Martin the revolt cannot be taken seriously.
    Hal Martin cannot win a seat anywhere in Bdos sorry Hal buddy dont make me laugh.

  43. @Fractured

    Tell enuff that he had some of the pie for the for fourteen years and a new set of people will get some for ten yeas and then it will be the blp change and thats how the pie will move around. What happened to all the moeny that a former vob announcer relived bwa of, and how much money the company he had made out of bwa. You can pose that question to see if enuff has convenient memory, also what consultancy work pat parris undertake for bwa and how much was she paid?

  44. CCC you are not impressing anyone by fanning the flames of fire over gline clarke’s idiotic remarks. i repeat the racist comments supposedly made by mr clare pale into insignificance when compared to the cussing of white people by mr barrow. if you do not know ask anybody who followed political meetings in the 60’s when barrow was trying to capture the grass roots vote away from the blp. he had even suggested that white people be put on the TUG LORD COMBERMERE and put out to, CCC please do not try to score cheap political points by making a mountain out of a molehil. wheel and deal again, sir.l

  45. balance man Barrow was right for the times after he combermere speech all
    the white people left for New Zealand and Australia not caring if black
    Barbados sink or swim when they reach down under and were treated as non whites they scurried back to Bdos to live happy and rich ever after.
    They owe not only Barrow but us tolerant forgiving blacks a big debt of gratitude.

    You notice its only Commissiong does ask for reparations for the billions white people owe we for slave labour.

  46. @ Obediant

    One is either corrupt or not; and any attempt to justify corruption based on what occurred in a previous government is idiotic and disingenuous as it shows you are more interested in power than good governance. What if I argue that both CARSICOT and the St. Joseph Hospital affairs predated September, 1994?

    Refute claims of corruption in the DLP post-January 2008 or keep quiet. It is this same holier than thou facade that has this government in a corner, and its BU operatives unable to list more than 5 achievements.

  47. It is said that life is charterised by conflict as opposed to compromise. It is also believed that relationships between groups and within groups are tenuous and for that reason, power struggles will often take place, especially if balance is not struck between the compromise to keep things going as there are and has always gone and to support the foundation of the said compromise. As I understand it, in the BLP there are two contending views: (1) change that will make the organization more relevant and responsive to the needs the people vs. (2) the defense of what has been in existence for the past 73 years – long before many of the very people the organization hopes to serve – were alive.

    It is why many accept that President Obama is a breath of fresh air and what politics needed. He has ushered-in new hope, a new passion; a new energy and vitality, as well as a new level of transparency accountability – never before seen in politics. Like President Obama, Mia Mottley is battling to transform ‘the dingy; tribal politics’ long practised in this country and seeks to replace it with a new humane; gentler kinder politics. Through her sound and well-coordinated approach, she has already outlined plans for a new development model, which many are already hailing as: The Mia Mottley Development Model for: “A New, Just and Well-Ordered Society and a Sustainable and Moral, Creative Economy,” inclusive of a new economic sector in the cultural industry and sports.

    What cannot be denied is Mia Mottley’s core-competency: ‘the ability to inspire; motivate; organise, mobilize and execute flawlessly. Barbadians also like her “Team Barbados” ‘Bi-partisan Approach.’ Mia Mottley is demonstrating effortlessly, what could be possible, even during a horrible recession – if Barbadians work together. Obviously, Mia Mottley’s core competencies and her ability to connect effortless with people – seem to be making some people extremely worried. Two Editorial pieces, one Sunday (September 25th 2011) from Albert Brandford and one today (September 28th 2011) from another person! I did not realise “their” problem was so severe and troubling!

    But, never before in the history of Barbados has anyone ever seen a politician on one side of the aisle, ask an entire country to pray for someone on the other side, who was ailing. And, while political parties are in the business of winning elections, people enter public life to serve. Mia Mottley has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that you do not have to be the Government in order to do things to change the life and circumstance of people.

    Even before David Thompson died and since January 20th 2008 – Mia Mottley, was working extremely hard within the BLP, for the people of Barbados. The dismantled BLP website would have been proof but the people know and agree. The BLP might be occupied since October 18th 2010 and more so since October 28th 2010 – with winning the Government but it seems that Mia Mottley is more concerned with serving the people, as is evident by her having single-handedly championed causes like: Clico; the immigration policy; the government’s housing policy, the economy and so on, on behalf of Barbadians.

    Even now, while some are concentrating on other things, Mia Mottley is working for the people and is doing innovative and remarkable things, like finding creative ways to put money in their pockets, now – when it really matters. While she would not have set out to prove this point, I think Mia Mottley is demonstrating effortlessly, that once there is interest and know-how and with the right leadership – even a political party in Opposition should also be able to do things for people. She is right not to be concerning herself with internal BLP matters (real or perceived) which will only serve as a distraction from her continuing the unmatched work she is doing on behalf of Barbadians. Now seriously: what is the BLP doing? What cause or causes is it championing at this time?

    On the political side: it does not matter from whence a good idea comes – if the people and the society will benefit – then it will receive Mia Mottley’s support. It is not difficult to understand why Mia Mottley hovers high above partisan politics and that unquestionable fact has not escaped even DLP supporters. I think that is what has her very few critics on edge: they cannot get under her skin; rattle her or even force her hand. She is not allowing herself to be pushed and that seems to be their (who-ever they are) tremendous discomfort. Mia Mottley being in the BLP allows the people to see what is and what is possible. What is even more interesting is that the people now making the most noise in the BLP’s name – were nowhere to be seen or heard when David Thompson was in his prime. It was then that Mia Mottley needed assistance but she was on her own, yet did a remarkable job.

    A view has long been expressed that the dependence on official political sources prevents the media (obsolete traditional media that is) from serving as the “watchdog” of political activities. What I have observed is that Mia Mottley said what was necessary for her to have said (in relation to happenings within the BLP) and that is that. She has long moved-on and is focused and attending to the people’s business. She should continue to ignore any and all distractions. Yes! There is a clamour for her and yes, Barbadians find her acceptable so for Heaven sake – leave the woman alone so that she can continue to do what she is doing to put money in the people’s pockets, now!

    Here is something else to ponder: Social Scientists believe that whenever there is a contending power (Mia Mottley being the people’s reality) there is likely to be attempts by the WEAK elements within that relationship, to alter it in order to gain footing within the relationship or the take advantage of it. This they call: “CONFLICT-MOVES.” It is also posited that any such behaviour will naturally result in crime or similar conduct. What was Mia Mottley’s concern again?

  48. @Enuff

    Going by the article in Barbados Today all I can say is, What a breath of fresh air! Someone is actually being made accountable for breaching financial rules and Heads are starting to roll. Kudos to the Minister for reading the riot act to those responsible and not being swayed by Party membership.

    When last did this happen in Barbados?

    Estwick has gone up a few notches in my estimation.

    • Agree with Sargeant. A minister speaking such language in this day and age is unheard of. Let us see if he can follow through.

  49. @ Sargeant

    But his actions do not mask what has already happened– CORRUPTION–, which DLP operatives on BU claim is alien to this administration.

  50. @Enuff

    If you want to play the political game I can play it as well as you. When I grew up we used to say “yuh gotta give Jack e jacket” and the Minister’s proposed action is certainly deserving of praise. If the “corruption” as you put it occurred his decision taking in the aftermath is a step in the right direction.

    You can hold the BWA tendering process as an example of corruption over the heads of “DLP operatives” they will have plenty ammo to fire back at you, my point is the Minister became aware of a problem and is taking action to rectify it. His candour about the issue is refreshing and it is an attitude that has been missing from Ministers of the Crown in Barbados.

    We should welcome it.

  51. @ David

    “Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge”

    David Estwick is one of the few sparks in an otherwise bland set of Ministers. A no-nonsense man, a fellow who made a life for himself before politics not becase of it.

    It appears to me that since the beginning of this administration alot of effort has gone into trying to discredit David Estwick, the last injustice cruelly delivered by a dying man in late 2010. In relation to talent the old people always say, “cork does float”

    We have a Minister of Finance who will always be remembered by the famous yet idiotic statement on CBC on relation to CLICO investor and policy holder concerns “no premium, no company, no company…..stress”

    David Estwick go on your way, those who stand in you way try to go around, those who block you try to go over, but those who try to stop you roll over and don’t look back.

  52. The very fact that Gline Clarke admits that he had a meeting with Arthur regarding his candidature suggests there is some fire to this story. There is a process for identifying candidates which does not include having a meeting with the political leader. The man is an incumbent since 1994 isn’t he?

  53. @ sargeant
    I am not in the tic-4-tac political game, I just wanted to make the point that the post below by a blogger was misleading:

    Fractured BLP Party | September 27, 2011 at 8:49 PM |
    “What an easy question so early in the day.No thiefing and raping of the public purse like the BLP administration did.A very proud DLP track record.That deserves an A grade.”

    What Dr. Estwick did and is doing is undeniably upstanding and admirable. Next leader of the DLP in my opinion.

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