Barbadians Must Decide: Corruption Or Incompetence

Submitted by Dave R


Leader of the Opposition (l) Former Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley (r)

It was a remarkable story on Sunday night (March 20, 2011) that with the price of gasoline edging closure to $3.00 per litre and with bus fare already $2.00 – speaking at the Hilda Skeene Primary School in St. Philip, more people are reported to have turned up to hear Mia Mottley speak – than had attended to hear the entire BLP during the St. John By-election, a mere three months ago.  Not even when Owen Arthur speaks at Branch meetings, is the BLP able to pull so many people.  It surely looks to me that there is a clamour for Mia and that the people, especially women – find her “acceptable!”

That must be a big letdown, if you are part of Arthur’s rapidly declining support base, who already know that when Mia was leader – the BLP held six public meetings (out of an election season) which mysteriously were able to attract as many people as the DLP did during the recent By-election, notwithstanding the death of Thompson and given that the By-election in St. John, was held to find someone to replace him.

But just when Barbadians thought that Muammar Gaddafi was the only political sycophant, a gang of five dead beats, launched a brutal and extremely hostile power-grabbing manoeuvre, which saw them snatched power and the leadership of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, from Mia Mottley, a bright and up and coming, rising star. I am not a BLP member or supporter, but I have to wonder what the BLP is really doing and whether it is serious when it accuses the DLP of being incompetent, knowing full well that it has people like, Toppin, George Payne and Gline Clarke, within its ranks.

Hardly anyone would have objected if these political ‘wild boys’ had something meaningful to contribute or were other than benchwarmers for the BLP, whose main purpose is to try and win a seat thereby providing a number, which would allow the BLP to form the Government. It has not gone unnoticed that this gang of five, closely resembles political-mad-men on the world stage — the same political-mad-men that everyone is now so desperately seeking to rid themselves of.

Take George Payne as an example.  Why does he remind Barbadians so much of Robert Mugabe? Is it his unmatched capacity within the BLP to rig elections?  Is it because he is really a political clown, but do not know that for obviously literal reasons?  Still, Owen Arthur and George Payne have a lot in common.  Like Mugabe, they both have a serious lust and desire for power.

Owen Arthur reminds me of the president of Ivory Coast who refuses to leave the presidential palace after losing elections.  Arthur led the BLP to a massive defeat at the polls in 2008 and again to a humiliating defeat it the recent St. John By-election.  When talking about Owen Arthur, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia also comes to mind.  Too many lost confidence in him too quickly, despite every attempt to remain in power.  It would therefore have to be with the approval of Arthur, that George Payne and the other power-hungry; lightweight men within the BLP (who form the gang of five) are able to rig elections to get a favourable result, as though the BLP is above the law, even though it receives a subvention from the public’s purse.

It was last November when Arthur and his gang of five, silenced loud demands from a patient-huge Annual Conference crowd, for reform within the BLP.  Dictators and those who have a great lust for power – usually crush such cries for greater transparency; accountability and freedom of expression, as we are now seeing in Libya and Yemen.  It never seems to occur to such power-hungry political thugs, that there is always a better alternative and that ‘power’ ultimately lies with the people.

Despite not being a member or supporter of the BLP, it is becoming extremely painful watching Owen Arthur take-on so many body blows, in every debate in the same House of Assemble, he (Arthur) had earlier described as “poor-rakey,” from Christopher Sinckler and other DLP Parliamentarians, who he had earlier described as “wild boys.”  Since there is justification, what is being done to Owen Arthur weekly, cannot be considered “elder abuse.”

The issue of the $30 million Tipping Fee also shows that Arthur is no longer sharp and that he has difficulty remembering things.  But it was the issues of the CSME that those who watched the debate on Parliament’s website saw for themselves, that none of his gang of five, have the capacity to defend him.  The licks from Sinckler were so hot, that they literally ran from the House.

Making Arthur leader of the BLP and of the Opposition at this time, when the entire country agrees that the Barbados economy needs restructuring, is as outrageous as the BLP believing that having offended the female vote in this country, its plans to give a man the nomination in St George South, will cause him to beat Dr. Suckoo at the next general election.  The BLP must not believe that everyone in this country is willing to turn a blind eye to corruption, even when it come in the form of election rigging and the padding of voter registration, with people who are not even members of the BLP and have never indicated any interest in joining.

Mia Mottley must therefore be congratulated for the stance she took in distancing herself from a rigged BLP election, which I believe; she still would have won easily, given that George Payne is a total lightweight.  But, in share arrogance and contempt for Barbadians, the gang of five, is yet to answer the question: ‘how does it plan to bring change to Barbados, without first bring change to the BLP.’  It is now six months since media reports of electoral fraud within the BLP (the same BLP, which gets a huge subvention from the public purse) but as Leader, Owen Arthur, who is serving as political leader and Leader of the Opposition, at the pleasure of George Payne, is yet to act.  In contrast, with Mia Mottley, there is every reason to believe that Barbados’ best days and that of the BLP are still ahead.

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  1. This is absolutely the most vicious, nasty, disingenuous piece of character assassination, full of unsubstantiated accusation and innuendo, masquerading as serious political comment that it has been my misfortune to read.

    But then, that’s the modus operandi that characterized the DLP in the last election campaign, and it seems to be continuing unabated.

    Shame. Another exercise in distraction from the problems the country faces, for which the government appears to have no answers.

  2. There is definitely a PR campaign which has been mobilized on behalf of Mia. Will be interesting to observe how the Arthur faction responds.

  3. I don’t recall Sinckler denying that the late PM signed the contract for the tipping fees. The CLICO matter, as it unfolds further, will generate even more contributions of this nature. Anything to distract. Ref Mia, well 5/9 is the majority.

  4. @ Inkwell, I agree with you.
    It is disheartening to see the rift between the members of the BLP remain. I am tired of reading all of these comments that indeed assassinate the characters of people without due cause. I continue to watch.

  5. So there is no truth in David R’s report on Mia’s BLP crowd pulling abilities?
    This remains a BLP infighting issue, and a side show to the rest of Barbadians.

  6. It is now obvious the DLP is worried about Owen Arthur. I hope this article originated within the BLP camp because I would be VERY disappointed if the DLP machine would fall to such scandalous, gutter politics. Somebody somewhere can’t sleep tonight, it evident from the rubbish that they wrote in this article that they are worried stiff. Whatever problems the DLP have they caused it on themselves by become creatures of a dumb fool like Parris, now they find themselves sinking with him and they are lashing out viciously. The Dipper must be somewhere upstairs crying, if only this country had 24 hrs more of Errol Barrow

  7. The headline is correct. The article is baseless. Indeed all we seem to have as options for political leaders are corrupt, tainted old men or inefficient incompetent “rookies” who aren’t learning how tired Barbadians are of politics of old. It’s time for a new generation or crop of leaders.

  8. If the article is false, let Arthur’s BLP supporters explain why Mia Mottley was ousted by the gang of 5.

    an doan come wid nuh lifestyle and character bs an how Bajans would not want Mia as a Prime Minister.

    let us know exactly what Mia did that was so serious to warrant being removed as leader of the BLP opposition.

    and for those who don’t know, this is written as a DLP supporter and a person who dislikes Owen Arthur but that ,to intelligent readers, is irrelevant to the subject.

    What did Mia do to cause a conspiracy that removed her as leader of the opposition?

  9. Steupse!

    Y’all still ain’t realizing that it is 6 of one, half dozen of the next? Wow…wunna political yardbirds ain’t even getting paid that much to crow about your parties!

    I laughing at ALL a wunna!

  10. I am sick and tired of this type of nonsense! Mia could hardly get 2 out 0f 10 persons to see her as Prime Ministerial material based on the Cadres poll even when she had been Opposition leader for nearly three years and Deputy Prime Minister for a whole term. Please come off it!! Mia has been put all over people’s face nearly all her life. She is dead wood now. Bring somebody new! She too is old school!

  11. This is a magnificent effort on the part of DLP to distract the public discourse from the real issues – Clico, drift in economy, inconsistent strategies and mismanagement. They could not even get the numbers right in the estimates and had to change the figures midstream in the debate. Just yesterday Sinkler is saying that they have to consult with the public on how to rebuild the economy. You kidding, three years later you now trying to find out. Where is the vision, where is the strategy, where is the plan. The fear of losing this gov’t got DEMS frighten as hell. I smell desperation. This is their latest offering to the public. Look like HH back in business. Wuh de hell, you all think we got time for this.

    There are good reasons I have for not believing that Miss Mottley could be a part of this article. She is no fool. She is a keen student of history and a respecter of democracy. She knows the importance of respecting the will of the people. She is not the guy in the Ivory coast who refuses to accept that he has lost and and step aside. To suggest that Miss Mottley would be going down this line of gutter politics, would be to suggest that she puts her self-interest above that of country and party. To suggest that she could stoop to this level to seek to destroy the chances of her party to win in five years out of rancour, and afford the DLP ten years or possibly 15 years would not make good political sense. Every year in gov’t the DLP will get stronger and better, and with the world economy improving in the next two years, why would we change for another good while? I am sure Miss Mottley has more sense than that. She has done so much to bring young candidates into the party woud she jeopardise their chances of winning the next gov’t as they are likely to, for narrow political revenge? And still need to look to them to support her leadership after Arthur? She would be disqualifying herself as a real leader and ostracise herself from the BLP group altogether. She would know that to pursue a path of constantly promoting a counter to the partyline would show up as self-serving, which would cause people to question her suitability. Gordon Brown would have done this in England and at the extreme end of that behaviour is Bernard Coard in Grenada.

    If becoming Prime Minister meant so much to her, and she felt she can no longer achieve this with the BLP, then the only move of integrity for Miss Mottley if she feels that the philospophy and actions of the BLP no longer accord with her vision would be to form another party. Richie Haynes did so, though it did not work for him. If there is sufficient dissatisfaction in b’dos right now she might succeed where he failed. To stay and play this HH suggested line, would ultimately destroy her chances. She knows that the hand of fate needs no assistance and that the course of history will pull her into the leadership in the appointed hour. I stnad fully behind her as she presses in and works inn he rparty to secure this victory in the interest of the country. I see her as the only obvious choice in BLP after Arthur, and she will be there for that moment. I look forward to our first female PM.

    So DLP, as young people say wheel and come again. Stop abusing Miss Mottley and associating her with these jackass thoughts which only the uninitiated and politcally dense could assume. You cannot win the next election with this ploy, the economic situation is too painful for people to stay with the Dees.

  12. There is an old saying that history has a way of repeating itself. I find it rather interesting that Clyde Mascoll could not gather the same level of sympathy from his then DLP supporters that they are presently giving to Mia Mottley.

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010: Midweek Nation:

    Recalling his own experience when he twice attempted to resign as Leader of the Opposition before a group of four MPs, including now Prime Minister David Thompson, signed a letter of no-confidence, which was mistakenly sent to the Speaker of the House Ishmael Roett and not to Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands.

    “I was not offered a meeting when I was removed as Opposition Leader, Mascoll said, “and this is wrong. In fact, I was able to infer that something was happening by reading into two telephone calls received from St Philip North MP Michael Lashley and St Michael South Central MP Richard Sealy the day before the news was carried by the Press. Michael Lashley would later indicate to me that he signed a letter brought to him by [now Minister of Finance] Chris Sinckler in the courtyard [of Parliament], which he did not read, he only signed it. What made it worse for me was the fact that I offered to resign as Opposition leader on two occasions in the latter half of 2005. Whatever is done in the BLP now, I am suggesting that the process should be transparent and inclusive,” he added.

    Caribbean 360

    “It all started with some clandestine moves where four members of the opposition, including David Thompson, sent a letter to the Governor General (GG) stating that they no longer accepted Mascoll as their leader and in his place they want Thompson. The same Thompson who was a signatory to the letter. Hours earlier Mascoll had written the GG informing him that he has resigned as opposition leader.

    Mascoll promptly quit the opposition Democratic Labour Party, alleging devious dealings, and became an independent member of the parliament. Following discussion with his constituents, Mascoll applied to join the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and was accepted as a member on January 25.”

  13. I read during that BLP infighting period that Ms. Mottley was invited to a meeting to inform her of the decision of the parliamentary group, but she refused to attend on the score that she is the only perosn who can call a meeting. it would appear that underhand dealings were more the purview of Thompsons in his handling of the DLP leadership issue. Further the act of not allowing Mascoll to resign with dignity was spiteful and uncalled for. Ms. Mottley refused her opportunity, which was unfortunate at the time. No doubt it took her by surprise. If despite that the DEMS won the election on a campaign of change I see no reason why the Bees cannot win this election with this debacle continuing on so many fronts in the country.

  14. I rather live under a gov’t which can stear the country’s economy into such good shape that there’s enough to steal from, than under an incompetent gov’t.

  15. Hants & David
    Why Senator Ince don’t research words before talking stripe. Could you believe in his presentation in the Senate yesterday, he made a statement of “Financial thrombosis of the cerebella”. Could you believe he meant “Cerebellum”.
    Another instance, he was speaking about our economy and how we don’t have any resources and how we are an “Import Economy”.

  16. I smell a rat where the stench accompanied by rigor mortis has begun to set in from the body blows concerning the Clico matter, and this above PR campaign is an attempt to stave off the blows. The BU family will not be distracted from the debacle of Clico.

    This is not about the beleaguered gang of five or Mia. The important question arising from that meeting that she asked, as quoted in the Nation newspaper is, what happen in the operations of Clico when the oversight committee was no longer functioning.

    2) How comes Leroy Parris was paid after the committee was disbanded, even though the MOU stated clearly that none of the managers should be paid. How comes he was paid and the policy holders ain’t get none of their money?


    THIS IS ABOUT PEOPLE’S MONEY, NOT ABOUT WHO CAN ATTRACT THE BIGGER CROWD, we will deal with that come election time.

    @Bajan Truth,

    She was invited to the meeting after the information was leaked to the papers. I will assume that you got your information wrong and you not playing party politics.
    We are tired of that in both parties.

  17. I read the article but cannot understand what is the point.

    I have been going to a few branch meetings on Sunday evenings and at everyone Owen Arthur spoke, the numbers were much more than the 200 I saw reported in the Nation by Wade Gibbons. The meetings were at St George Secondary, West Terrace and Deighton Griffith and at each meeting there were several hundred people if you are into the numbers game. Even Clyde Mascoll pulled more than 200 persons when he spoke at William Duguid/ Maria Agard’s meeting.

    So what is the point here? People will go to hear Mia because they have not heard her say why she was ousted and the are hoping that she says something, not out of any love for Mia or the BLP.

    I am tired of this same old nasty, spiteful vendetta being played out on this blog every time the Dems are in trouble, you see this same snake raise its head. If you are a Mia supporter, you are doing her no favours by writing this vitriol, she still has to work with the same gang you continually refer to and if you are a Dem, tough luck, you all have screwed up this country so badly that no side shows will change the people’s minds.

    If you are a dem, you should start to work to help your leader, remember he has never won a seat twice.

  18. This article is riddled with lies, half truths and damned lies.

    You have to be ignorant calling Ronald Toppin a bench warmer. What about the DLP political clown and drunkard Kenny Best or James Paul, or Mara Thompson?

    Ronald Toppin brought facts and figures to the House on the government’s deal with GOL airlines, they got in house and jeered him during the debate but could not refute any of the facts. The minister comes on DLPTV tonight saying that he is refuting the charges made again by Kerry Symmonds in the Senate but brought no facts to support his repudiation. What a clown! I thought he was one of the few with an once of sense in the DLP.

    You ever hear about bullies, they are the biggest cowards. Chris Sinckler is a big coward and is so out of his depths that he resorts to bully tactics in the House to cover up his incompetence.

    Look at the picture in today’s Nation and see if if he does not look like a bully and a thug. So to hide the mistakes he is always making and his lack of understanding of economics, he attacks Owen Arthur in the most vicious way. I often wonder if he does not respect himself as anyone with an once of self respect would not behave the way Sinckler behaves. Does have a father or a brother or an uncle?

    How comes you did not mention that a woman won the Christ Church West Central nomination but gone picking at St George South where the nomination has not even taken place yet? Owen Arthur has said he does not get involved in nominations, he did once and got burned.

    Whoever wins the nomination will beat Esther Byer, she won by default and from my sources in St George, she removed herself so far from the people that they will vote her out. She had a Christmas party for the children and SIX children turned up. CBC could not even pan their cameras around, only kept the camera on her.

    By the way, how comes this writer is is interested in numbers at branch meetings, I saw Fruendel three nights running on DLP TV at his branch meeting and CBC only kept the camera on him and a red cloth to his left, were there no persons there?

    Get loss, this article says a lot about what is in your heart, envy, spite, hatred, maliciousness and all bad things. Ask the good Lord to cleanse your heart of this hatred and spite. You dont see how quick so Thompson was here and he gone.

  19. Why is it that the crowd watcher/writer never mentions how people who attended DLP St John meetings to hear Mara walked away in droves when FS mounted the platform to speak. First time I ever saw people walk away from the Prime Minister at a meeting. That should concern them.

  20. All BLP supporters
    I waited patiently for a Barbadian who people may look to for advice to make the point that Dean Harold Crichlow made in today’s Nation.
    He made the point that the electorate was not foolish for changing the BLP as you are always saying. He said that corruption was the main problem with most government who are in power for fifteen year.
    He also said that not even Owen Arthur or his economist saw this problem of this great world recession coming.
    The Dean shows what education should do for Barbadians, allow them to think rationally.
    It is not about Mia and Owen my friends you have to wait for at least ten years before you get your hands on the government money again.

  21. Thanks for the correction Fran. I forgot Cou-cou had in a hint of the meeting. It had to be somebody in that group would have had to say so.

    I do not recall the Dean saying that Owen did not see the recession coming, but I did not hear all. But as we age memory is a brute. I am not aged, and I well recall Arthur’s mantra – storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, and a recession is on the way, there will be stormy waters but trust yourself into my hands. Would to God I had heeded it otherwise the Dees would not get my vote, vote for a change. Mistake that we the middle class will correct.

  22. It saddens me to see that i along with others really believed that David Thompson was going to really turn Barbados around from the Owen Arthur regime of raping and pillaging of this beautiful country,now to see that this lot just wanted the chance to rape and pillage just like the B’s…..they promise this,they promise that,they promise Integrity Legislation and jail for corrupt BLP members,lower cost of living..none of this will ever come to past,Bajan society is out of control and there is not even a glimmer of hope for the youth who have seen that they have been let down by these intelligent crooks,don’t even waste time next election canvassing for votes because the youths will not want to see nor hear you,B,D C….WHOEVER….the youths are fed up and will not cast no vote…mark my words.

  23. As an Anglican, I dont think too many of us take Dean Harold Crtichlow seriously. Alheizmers is setting in with him. I did not take him seriously when he used the pulpit of St michael’s Cathedral to preach against the Barrow and the Dems in the eighties nor have I taken him seriously since.

    Through his partisan politics, he destoyed the St Michael’s Cathedral, drove away parishioners, hence the state of the flag ship of the Anglican Church today. St Michael’s has not recovered from his political rantings since.

    I have no idea why he was reappointed as a senator, the man is doting. I guess the GG was feeling for him maybe helping him out to get his pension.

    No one in our church takes him seriously, people run when he begins to speak, so what he said in the senate about being in power too long corrupts, he could take to heart. His arrogancy, selfishness, his defiance of the then Bishop, his support for priests like Gatherer and Goddard to go against the then Bishop dont give him any right or credibility to speak about power corrupting people. He used his power base from St Michael’s Cathedral to undermine the then Bishop. So Dean Crichlow has no credibility and I say so as a dovout Anglican.

  24. Robin,

    I agree with you, I remember, one of the DLP operatives suggesting that Fumble Stuart be made to speak earlier to avoid the embarrassment of the crowd leaving when he took the podium. No wonder he took to making lonely rat insults/jokes about Owen Arthur.

  25. @freewilly: “…don’t even waste time next election canvassing for votes because the youths will not want to see nor hear you,B,D C….WHOEVER….the youths are fed up and will not cast no vote…mark my words.

    With respect, I believe you are giving the wrong message.

    Not voting is not the best way to use your right to vote under a democracy. A right many have died for in the past — and many are dying for right now…

    A better way to show discontent with the “powers that be that shouldn’t be” is to take the time to vote, but to spoil your ballet. This shows up in the statistics differently.

    As in, each spoiled ballet shows that the voter took the time to express their discontent. Not voting can be mapped to simple apathy and laziness.

    How does one spoil one’s ballet?

    Mark an ‘X’ in every box.

    Or, write in a candidate of your choice rather than those presented. Targeting the “youth”, Rihanna might be a good choice for a write-in campaign….

  26. its amusing how all these blp yard fowls with repeat profiles are blogging away tripe, they know that they have done themselves a mistake by removing the fresher miss mottley in place of the old and tired and corrupt aurthur. they continue to ignore the global economic recession that has hit the world, bankrupting ireland and other first world economies, yet barbados, tho not rosy still stands and without major job losses, a job well done by the current administration with regards to that. i agree they may not drive around in fancy mp cars, build pretty buildings and smile on every cover of the biased nation newspaper, however at least this current admin has made efforts in housing, healthcare and reducing wastage that was rampant in the blp days.
    the blp toutes, once in hiding have now wriggled their way out of the collapsing woodwork of roebuck street and are attempting, like the republican party in the USA to blame the global recession on the present government.

  27. Appollo 13 writes ” ask the good lord to cleanse your heart of this Hatred and Spite. Hey Appollo ,ya sure dat um en Owen dat write da piece? Dem two things mek up he trademark.

  28. not blind,
    I remember not too long ago you all were lambasting Mia Mottley and spreading all kinds of lies about her. Your speaker even put her out of the house. Your DLPTV made the video of the event headline news as well as a special news extra. When did she suddenly turned into a fresh princess for you all? You all have a plan for her but the BLP smarter than you all.

    When the Nation was towing the DLP line when Harold Hoyte was in total control, you all had no problem with the Nation but now all of a sudden because it wont tow Hartley Henry’s line, you all have a problem with the Nation. I happen to know that Hartley Henry refused to place any ads during the St John by election with the Nation. The Nation still alive and all the ads they put in the Advocate, not many people buy the Advocate, so the message is lost.

    Dont get too comfortable with the boast that the government has not laid off staff yet. They have the Personnel Department conducting an audit of all public servants, I wonder to what end???

    The only reason that the layoffs have not come sooner is because they are using up NIS funds every month as if NIS is an ATM. I have my own private pension so I aint bothered about NIS but I ache for others who will have to depend on an NIS pension, the money may not be there.

    The people who can no longer get free medicines are waiting for the DLP. The DLP is building houses that none of the intended persons can qualify for, so what is the sense?

    Why do you Dems continue to call people names once they do not agree with you point of view?? And by the way, just like you Dems here, the Democrat party has made the country worse than under the Republicans, the messiah Obama has turned out to be not so good!! Out of his depths like you Dems!!

  29. Prodigal Son ‘I have my own private pension so I aint bothered about NIS but I ache for others who will have to depend on an NIS pension, the money may not be there.’


    I fully agree that neither government should be raiding the NIS, but dont get too comfy either, private pensions may not be worth much in a few years, the international stock markets are no less a joke than they were three years ago.

    They are not sustainable. I done know i going work as long as i live.

    Such is life.

  30. Here we are now accepting calls for respect to be shown to arguably the most disrespectful Prime Minister this land has known. Not long ago we read about PM’s by default.That reference sighted Sir Lloyd and Sir Harold. In both cases decency and decorum abounded. Fast foward to the period when the “best brains in Bim” reigned supreme. Ruthlessness replaced the aforementioned qualities that once graced the office of Prime Minister.How many times did we bear witness to random and wanton attacks on private citizens by this person while wraped in a cloak of protection called parliamentary privilege?Too many. Do we need to be reminded that all it took to have her private matters made public was a polite “no thanks” to an offer to join the BLP?Ask Irene Sandiford-Garner just how what transpired between the isles of a supermarket made its way into the halls of the August Chamber.As a newspaper columnist she had an unfiltered medium that served as a platform upon which to mount a defence. Not all are that lucky. Lets not forget his remarks when Starcom made its pronouncement about Brass Tacks Sunday. Foolish callers we were. To talk politics on Sunday was sacrilegious. His word not mine. On which day of the week is most branch meetings held? Perhaps his dictionary tells him that sacrilegious means intimidatory. We all know what an indentured servant was, or perhaps is yet we needed to be reminded of a hurtful past ,over which we had no control. Now that the mighty has fallen there are those who seem to forget that there is reciprocity in respect. Once you give it ,you’ll get it. See why Owen gets none?

  31. the blp yard fowls are massing themselves like the forces of a middle eastern dictator, sending thugs online to spout venomous rhetoric in an attempt to drown out opinion other than theirs. as the prodigal fool stated they long for government to lay off workers, and are upset because in 3 years the dlp has done more in housing than the blp.
    instead of comming fresh they staged an uprising like a sadaam Hussein and ousted miss mottley. but time is longer than twine and the gang of 5 will soon find out. one can do what one likes but not for as long as you like.

  32. The Scout/BAJAN TRUTH,

    You two always seem to be on the ball. Can you help me with this one?

    I heard yesterday that this government who is borrowing up to 69% of NIS funds is going to create another constituency as St Philip South is too big. That means another MP with all the attending costs? Are these people for real?

    This government has no qualms about changing the laws on the statue books. So even if they say St Philip South is too big, change the law. They changed the law to allow Marston Gibson to become CJ and they did not care if the people objected, so I see nothing wrong in changing the law now because of the economic situation. Can Barbados really afford another MP? I think not, these DEms like they dont understand that Barbados is in a hole and they keep digging it deeper and deeper.

    This government refuses to take the Barbados public into its confidence by letting them know what is going on. I also understand that the hundreds of thousands of new ID cards they ordered will soon be issued. I hear they were ordering an amount twice the size of the population. I wonder if they would be also issued to the DLP’s New York, Toronto and UK branches!

    Scout, you have connections, let the BU family know if you get any info on this. It is disturbing!

  33. Rats are very hard to please and sometime cheese is simply not enough. It is said that an adult rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter. But it is now obvious that not all rats try to get in that way. You should also know that rats are scavengers. They have an excellent sense of taste and a good memory and so, can identify certain substances, including rat poisons, after just a tiny taste of it.

    She could easily be the Lewinsky of Barbados. Some may even feel that she would be very comfortable with people like Jamie Jungers, Joslyn James and Holly Sampson or even Cindy Hampton. What is known is that hardly any decent Barbadian women would boast of having gone to a Terrace in the West, to have lunch prepared for her and end-up, flat on her back, in a completely different room, even without having fallen. But rats do not always land on their feet. Rats are so filthy that in our local papers a vendor had cause to remark that she had to dump all of her vegetables.

    I guess I like cheese as much as the other person who enjoys the occasional cheese cutter and a Red Fru Tee, but only a certain type of creature is addicted to cheese. And while a rat would eat anything, it finds any cheese irresistible. Rats are like some politicians. And it remains a mystery why but there is only one person in this country who has had the good fortune, that even after being badly beaten in an election, they could still become the candidate again and ahead of males who were better qualified. That is something else about a rat, you say? A trap is no deterrent and a rat is a survivor.

    But whenever a rat is seen, a terminator is not far behind.

    Her hopes might have been dashed when she failed to fill the vacancy after his divorce and she has remained bitter ever since. Not everyone can get the infamous title: “Former Prime Minister’s mistress, or side-kick, but she was and no doubt relishes that role again, despite purporting to be a Christian albeit (yes) you guessed correctly – a rat, who has been on and around the blocks a couple times.

    And every day, this flat-ass country girl, who has a propensity for cheese, walks around as though she is somebody, just because she is a former Prime Minister’s side-kick who has become ‘Jenny the Barbadian Territorial Rat.’ But fret not! Nobody wants your old chess.

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