What Barbados Has On Offer For Visitors And Locals Alike

It is Crop Over and the question on the lips of visitors and some locals is where can we go, what can we do to enjoy Barbados. In the spirit of the season BU updates the following information.

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Barbados Sports Camp holiday

Barbados Sports Camp: in the footsteps of legends

At the Barbados Sports Club, Jim White enjoys a cricket-and-football-filled week in the Caribbean sunshine.

16 Jul 2010

Joel Garner’s Barbados

Barbados with Joel Garner

Simon Briggs joins the cricketer Joel Garner at a Barbados institution – the Friday fish fry in Oistins.

16 Jul 2010

Barbados: Sun, sea and G&T

Barbados: Sun, sea and G&T

For good old-fashioned charm, look no farther than the west coast of Barbados.

22 Nov 2009

Just back: In search of a green monkey

Just back: In search of a green monkey

The latest winner in our weekly travel writing competition is Chris Nicholson for this story of his partner’s quest to see a green monkey on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

15 May 2009

At ease in laid back Barbados

Caribbean luxury: at ease in laid back Barbados

Barbados is much more than a mix of sun, sand and celebrity. Graham Boynton explains.

07 Mar 2009

Lone Star Restaurant & Hotel, Barbados: full review

Lone Star Restaurant & Hotel, Barbados: hotel review from Mr & Mrs Smith.

04 Dec 2008

Little Good Harbour, Barbados: full review

Little Good Harbour, Barbados: hotel review from Mr & Mrs Smith.

04 Dec 2008

Lone Star Restaurant & Hotel, Barbados: overview

Lone Star Restaurant & Hotel, Barbados: overview from Mr & Mrs Smith.

04 Dec 2008

Little Good Harbour, Barbados: overview

Little Good Harbour, Barbados: overview from Mr & Mrs Smith.

04 Dec 2008

Cilla Black’s heaven and hell

Cilla Black recalls a terrifying helicopter ride in Mauritius and how she loves to hang out with her celebrity friends in Barbados.

18 Nov 2008

Best beaches: Crane Beach, Barbados

Ideal for body surfing, the palm-fringed stretch Crane Beach is everything a Caribbean beach should be, but with bigger waves.

14 Nov 2008

Best beaches: Bathsheba, Barbados

Bathsheba is where many Barbadians spend their weekends and the beach attracts local and international surfers

14 Nov 2008

Best beaches: Sandy Lane, Barbados

Best known for the eponymous hotel, Sandy Lane also offers some of the best spots for swimming on Barbados

14 Nov 2008

Caribbean: A cost-cutter’s guide

Fred Mawer advises on when and where to go and highlights the most affordable packages, flights and accommodation.

07 Nov 2008

Sir Geoffrey Boycott’s heaven on earth

Geoffrey Boycott is mad about Barbados, the birthplace of another cricketing legend: Sir Garfield Sobers.

16 Oct 2008

Barbados: The best of the West Indies?

Its beaches aren’t the greatest in the Caribbean, and it has no rainforest or virgin coral reef. So what’s the draw in Barbados?

29 Aug 2008

Barbados Sports Camp: hit it like Hurst

A galaxy of stars will be present at this year’s Barbados Sports Camp, reports Charles Starmer-Smith.

25 Mar 2008

Barbados: a cruiser’s guide

Sara Macefield offers a complete cruiser’s guide to Barbados, from arrival in port, to choosing the best places to see, excursions, restaurants and shops.

03 Mar 2008

Barbados: the platinum and the tin

Barbados is too developed to have retained any charm, or at least that’s the preconception. Paul Mansfield heads to the Caribbean’s best-known destination to discover the truth.

29 Feb 2008

Gary Lineker’s heaven on earth

Sports presenter and England football legend Gary Lineker loves spending time with his sons in Barbados.

07 Jan 2008

Heaven on earth

Ex-England rugby international Jeremy Guscott loves chilling out in Barbados.

11 Feb 2007

Spin around the islands

21 Oct 2006

Spin around the islands

The cricket summaries below include England’s likely Super Eight fixtures, assuming that they and the other teams qualify as expected from their initial groups. Between March 5 and 9, there are also warm-up matches on Jamaica, St Vincent (including England vs Australia), Trinidad and Barbados.

20 Oct 2006

Cut-price Caribbean

Barbados is wonderful if you’re wealthy, but can you have a glamorous time if you’re not? Maggie O’Sullivan takes up the challenge.

14 Dec 2005

Caribbean guide

Planning an escape to the West Indies? Fred Mawer makes it easier.

12 Nov 2005

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15 thoughts on “What Barbados Has On Offer For Visitors And Locals Alike

    • @Rosemary

      Feel free to post your links, BU is for all and you are correct, the arts is given lip service:

      Barbados Arts Events Sept…
      corriescott 10 months ago
      NEW! Online Monthly Barbados Arts Magazine full of news, receptions, galleries a…

      Featuring fine art, fine art photography, sculpture, installations, crafts, pottery, handcrafted jewellery and more. With direct links to artist’s contact information and webs…

      Published: Jul 17, 2011

  1. Great idea! Perhaps one needs also to warn of places were not to go or what not to do, so as to ensure that those coming to our shores do not take back bad memories! We always push the good and never tell the truth about the bad that can be so easily avoided with just a little care on the part of our visitors….and surely once they know….those who make it their livelihood to upset the apple-cart might stop doing so! Bless.

    Ooops! By the way David…the arts have been forgotten…so sending you a new production by Corrie Scott and Kathie Yearwood – just a teaser for the actual directory coming out at the end of the year! Our artists are so amazing, they also need to be seen and encouraged and what better way but to take home a piece of Barbados by way of art. I also personally encourage Barbadians to think Art at Home, Art in Offices, Art at the Airport, Art in Hotels, Art in Restaurants….Art Everywhere!

  2. Rosemary,

    Please read Tourism MATTERS – Barbados Business Authority Monday 25th July and you will see that some of us are really trying to promote the arts (in our own small way).

  3. Response to topic the answer is NOTHING. Wait I thought of something, FALSE PRIDE.
    Tourists visit for all types of reasons, relaxation, its beaches, duty-free items, etc. But to think of it these activities usually take place during the day.
    Tourists also look forward to entertainment of all sorts when the sun goes down. They want the option to select the entertainment that would be of more interest. There is limited entertainment at late evening/night. Here in Bim there is not much to do.

    The airport should provide questionnaires asking tourists what they dis/like, the type of entertainment they would like to see, etc.

    I think it is time Barbados stop GUESSING what the tourists would like and INQUIRE get it directly from the lips/fingers of those we want to encourage back to our shores.

  4. It is not true to say exit polls are not being done. We have had the Zagat.and members of the BU household have been approached by interviewers in the departure area at GAIA.

  5. David,

    The Barbados original ZAGAT guide was funded by the BTA. Personally I could never see the economic justification and the guide was only really familiar with people residing in large US cities. It was virtually unknown in our largest source market (UK).
    Going onto the Barbados website pages of the Barbados version, I note that it was last updated on 25th January 2011. Even before then some of the featured restaurants had closed or changed their names.
    Not a good idea if you are boasting that we are the only Caribbean island with a Zagat guide.
    I have emailed a couple of links.

  6. ———- Forwarded message ———-From: “Joe Patota” <xxxxxxa@zagat.com>To: <re-xxxxxxx@caribsurf.com>Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 15:44:16 -0400Subject: RE: Barbados Zagat Guide
    Thank you for contacting Zagat Survey

    The Barbados Zagat Guide was a guide that was sponsored by the Dept of Tourism for Barbados back in 2008/09.  They sponsored the survey and the custom guide book.  Since then The Dept. of Tourism has not re-ordered or sponsored a new guide book.

    The last survey was conducted in 2008 that is why the listings may be outdated.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

    Thank you

    Customer Support
    4 Columbus Circle
    New York, NY  10019

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