Director Of UDC Spearheading Effort To Bring Transparency To NUPW Operations

Derek Alleyne, Director of UDC (on leave from NUPW)

Director of the Urban Development Commission (UDC) Derek Alleyne on leave from the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has circulated the following by email to some fairly influential players in Barbados (minor edits by BU).

In early April after reading the comments of the President, Walter Maloney in the Nation of April 6th 2011 concerning the cell phone charges of over $6500.00 I wrote to the General Secretary inviting him to take action to recover the money that the members paid through the Secretariat to honour those phone charges made on the cell number xxx 2998 which is assigned to Walter Maloney the President.

I view this matter serious and that is why I wrote to the General Secretary. Moreover I thought that enough time had elapsed that if the President had any intention to repay the money some indication of the amount and time period would have been forthcoming. I further view the excuse given about the NUPW not informing him (the President) about which calls her private was unacceptable.

Either through the volume of work at the Union, the unavailability of the Executive to discuss the matter or some other factor, the matter has not been dealt with and if it has been the membership is not aware of any decision.

Further there has been no acknowledgement by the General Secretary that the letter has been received and no information of any action taken. I have read on the underground that some members are looking to get a petition together and I support that effort and have drafted the basis for such. Please join the effort and have this matter resolved.

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  1. Mr,Alleyne I surport you in this effort but i recall my son saying to me after the last annual conference that there was some discussion in the yard and this issue came up,and it was known to ALL that Maloney surported the $10,000.for the wedsite (Dennis son) IN EXCHANGE , for the Cell phonne bill,plus it was pay back time by Dennis -RE;Walter getting the Airport security gaurds from getting ride of Dennis . I am happy to see this move as MANNASSEH has been ducking out, i am sure you will get plenty of surport, from all those union member who now see the lies and the dirty ways of MAMONEY AND WEDSITE CLARKE ,BUT KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LOWE SIDEKITE TRAVELLER All union member need to wake up and save Dalkeith property from the Miami Mafia.

  2. I have resisted putting my name up on this blog not because I have any fears of victimization of any kind but mainly because as the substantive Deputy General Secretary I felt that any interference in the activities of the NUPW could be viewed as an effort to undermine the General Secretary and to make worse the relations between the several organs, indiduals and interests of the institution. In addition there is a tendency in Barbados and in particular by the current leadership of the NUPW to see ant disagreement or challenge to any decision as a personal attack on the individuals. The exrent of that conclusion was played out in the President’s 2010 address to the COnference. As a consequence following my erractic behaviour at that same conference I took a decision to distance myself from the NUPW except to keep my membership and friendships going. I will always stay a member of the NUPW even if three members remain. So I have kept away from writing on the blogs in person.

    As a consequence I have contributed to my friends and family little pieces of vital information that has served to keep the concerns of the union in the public forum in short in the public’s face.

    During the last month some lows have been achieved and to be honest very few highs have resulted from the pressence of the issues confronting the NUPW before the glare of the public. In particular the attacks on the Deputy General Secretary and the Assistant both acting in difficult circumstances was sickening and I am confident that I know the hand that penned that wicked piece of innuendo and lies. That is not the issue.
    ‘What is?

    The destruction of the organs of the NUPW to such an extent that decision making has become the pervue of the President and the General Secretary. All I seek to do is to invite the members to make the effort to get the organs working and bring greater transparency, accountability and participation within the institution’ s decision making framework.

  3. To the issue of the cell phone bill. In JUky of 2005 the then General Secretary Joseph Goddard sent a memorandum to senior staff and the Executive. I believe that the President and the Senior Industrial Relations officer of that time had been omirtted from the list, however the memo provided for the users to utilize a maximum of $85.00 per month in chrges each month.

    In te main that facility was observed with occasional spikes, which in my view are normal until the change of General Secretary and the lackadaisical and almost uncaring posture of Dennis Clarke took centre stage at the NUPW.
    The situation hgot so bad thatwhile the staff maintained in general the ceiling allowed three Executive members consistantly abused the phone allowance that a new agreement had to be negotiated with the provider.

    As the deputy I wrote to the GS and recommended limits that from all research appeared to be reasonable and affordable by the nUPW. To this day the GS never, Never responded or acted on the memorandum and some of the Executive, three in particular continued to average bills of over $500.00 permonth and the President exceeding $1000.00. As far as I am aware the original limit has never be changed and even if an allownace is given for the increase in thwe cost of living surely the work of the NUPOW cannot be more demanding for the Executive than it is for the staff who by and large remain within the limits set.

  4. The present bill is a shameful abuse of priviledge by the President and a disregard by the GS for his responsibility of safeguarding the dues paid by members. In both instances the two gentlement must be held responsible and the membership must collectively tell them so and set about to have the money paid back, all of it not any portion but all. Mr. Dennis Clarke MUST be reprimanded for his poor management of the entire affair.

    Then the membership must insist on a system to ensure that any further abuses have the basis for reprimand and resolution, in short rules and guidelines must be installed.

    TYhe petiton is directed only at achieving the repayment of the money owed by the President. Let me state that this is not personal and the staff at the UDC can confirm that this position is consistant with that taken when I took over the management at the UDC, there are limits for all users and I have taken a firm position because the money belongs to the taxpayers and any there will be no abuse.

  5. I have my views of the capabilities of both the President and the General Secretary as managers but tose views are not important. I believe that they hold strong views of my abilities or strengths to do most things and they may or may not be positive, that is their right. But for the NUPW the facts are that Maloney is the President and I could never have supported him and Clarke is the General Secretary, hired by the members. Thse are the facts and as a consequence the immediate future of the NUPW must be directed within that environment. Clearly a lot of wrongs and shortcomings have emerged and must be addressed if the union is to come out of the pit into which it has fallen and to move foward. The cell phone is the 1st because it corrects the image of two leaders high in the muck of irresponsibility

  6. Congrats to you Director for doing. Barbadians love to talk. Look forward to the membership pressing to bring transparency to the operations. Isn’t ironic you have just concluded an election and the reelected president is under scrutiny by your proposed petition?

    Leaders must lead!

  7. …but during that leadership they must give all appearances to being leaders which by todays entertainment standards mean dressing, driving, living, and in all things act the part of men who are not ordinary mortals. What is a phone bill to such leaders of men? I still do not understand why a social democracy likely Barbados needs public sector unions.

  8. I am confident we shall get something going and hope that Alleyne can use this blog to coordinate the effort. I hope Mannasseh and Caswell can forget the sniping and get this thing going Caswell has his own union but ccan help but ytou Manasseh just get some people to commit to signing and turning up when the meetining is called. I know you mean well but get the action moving.

    I heard that Clarke is away on vacation when is he coming back, can anyone say? I will call nuopw to morrow and find out. Where and when can a person get some petitions. I want to put my hand on one and get it completed.

  9. I agree that the $6500 cell phone bill is outrageous and MUST BE REPAID. However in my opinion any Special Meeting that is called should also be used to get to the root of other burning issues. For eg. the proposed BUYING CLUB and the WELLNESS CENTER. In addition the forum should be used to settle the WEBSITE issue once and for all.

    We have heard talk about a Wellness Center and a Buying Club thrown around for some time now and yes maybe some of us can make an educated guess as to what these two projects are about.
    However the Membership needs to hear from the General Secretary or President on the objective of these two projects, how much they will cost our Union and what benefits are to be derived by the membership of this instituion.

    The membership needs a breakdown of the funds have been expended on these project – TO WHOM AND FOR WHAT – and of any exisiting liabilities. We need to see the results of any feasibility studies that have been done. Etc Etc.

    It is known that the world is in a recession and the government might not be in a position to offer public workers any significant salary increases at this time. Nevertheless we the membership would like to know the details of any PROPOSAL (Salary and Conditions of Service) that was put forward by the NUPW.

    I hope my list is not exhausive but I believe these are some of the items that should make it on that Agenda for that Special Meeting.

  10. Pearlie
    Where have you been all this time. You have hit the nail on the head. Your list might not be exhaustive but it is an excellent first start.

  11. This blog has served its purpose.
    This post has seved its purpose
    The commenters have served their purpose.
    Gird up your Lions
    To the Battlefield you go

    Tina Roach

  12. Mr. Alleyne is absolutely correct. I was once very active in a trade union and I cannot not recall such blatant disregard by leaders as is presently displayed by those entrusted with the welfare of the NUPW. That no efforts,have been made, to repay that monstrous cell phone bill, is a an act of supreme arrogance bordering on an unbelievable disrespect for not only the membership of the NUPW but the entire trade union movement of Barbados.

  13. Mr. Alleyne,

    What about this matter raised by Caswell Franklyn on a previous post?

    “A year has passed and the union has not provided the funds to take the Urban Development Commission to Court for terminating thirteen workers, as promised.”

  14. It is good to get the positive responses but now it is time to get the action required not only to clean up the mess but to set a platform for change and participation in unions. They have to big a role to play to allow negative actions on the part of a few to break the resolve of the members and workers as a whole.

    I know that there are several issues that are in need of dioscussion and resolution but for now the more specific the focus the greater the opportunity for success. I propose and thanks to Pearlie, to focus on the internal management of the union and in particular the cell phone bill, wellness centre, buying club and the web site.

    I b elieve all these issues can be sorted at the special meeting then the new executive can get on with getting the committees working and putting a transparent and participative structure in place.

    Please contact me for copies of the resolution which will be available from 1o am today. Manasseh, Caswell, Clifton, Ronnie, Maxine Pearlie, Jo Jo, skinner etc ket us get this thing to work and save the movement later

  15. Derryck et al

    I wrote the General Secretary asking that the amonut paid for cell phone services for each Executive Members fot the last year ending March 31,2011 be known to me. I know that he was away on holiday. Further, I reminded him that a policy was in place where all unsuccessful candidates are made honary secretaries to sit on the National Council. .
    I have just re-visted the grieeance handling procedures that was given to me as a shop-steward where it pointed out, among other things, the lenght of time that a matter should be dealt with.

    In that said correspondence, i suggested that he schedule a meetig to discuss all aspectp of the buying club and the wellness centre, and I mean all as aspect from conceptualisation to any marketing plans developed and the amount of money spent to date on those activities etc.
    So those of you who think that I am just a talker dont know me. In the 1980’s when the then Barbados Mutual was running like a social club, I am the one with Professor Beclkes, among other persons, got together and formed the Barbados Mutual Policyholders’ Assocation and the rest is history. Go read the book Professor Belkes wrote, i dont know where mine is, but i think the name is Corporate Power in Barbados: the Mutual Affair. In fact, for getting involved in that activity an agent who had connection to the the party in power told me he would use his influence to block my upward mobility. That did not deter me from continuing in the movement. I felt it was the right thing to do then, and I know it is the right thing to do to essure that systems are in place to ensure that no one abuse my contibutions which is paid religiously to the NUPW every month for selfish pursuits. All those who have an interest in the subject can assist with the petition drive, I have been inviting people to delare their interesr and I am receiving some positive responses in some instances
    So those of you who making snide remarks the train will not be stopped. Please be imformed that with God’s help the meeting will be convened voluntarily or otherwise.


  16. Wow not only is there mismanagement of funds, these union ‘leaders’ believe blogging is the best way to deal with these issues. Withdrawing membership, I can not believe you self-serving lot want people to take you all seriously.

  17. to manassh- why drag god into this sordid affair. beware, god knows the secrets of our hearts for good or ill. by the way, should you not be equally concerned about the abuse of your hardearned tax dollars on things like the marina project, the bailout of clico, the payment of two ministers, functions of the caricom ambassdor and other governmental wastage rather than the measly 26.00 dollars you pay in union dues monthly. i salute the director of urban for doing what i suggested long ago by trying to bring the matter to closure by operating within the confines of the rules rather than rabblerousing which serves no purpose other than to wash dirty linen in public. what i would like to further suggest to the petitioners is that the president also be held to account for not engaging in discussions with the govt on the issue of salary negotiations for public workers which is now almost two yearts overdue without a word from the union to its membership.

  18. @BU you are in competition with the media you identified not me. If the possibility of this discussion taking place on call in programmes or in the print is the only thing you deduced from my response then let me offer some critical insight into where I am coming from. Ask these ‘leaders’ what procedures exists within the NUPW for financial oversight & dispute resolution? Clearly what is/are in place have failed. When the discussion here subsides what do union members have to reassure them that such travesties do not reoccuring?

  19. If any mmber wants to end his association with an institution for folowing the rules then that person should never have been a member in the 1st place. The cell phone bill was made public in October 2010 and the President has not paid one single cent and when the former Treasurer stopped the allowance paid to him, pressure and talk about lawyer were placed on him to sign the cheques to pay the president his allowance. Please explain why pressure of any sort cannot or should not be put on any individual who uses his office to his personal advantage and to the disadvantage of all the other members. I am sorry that whoever you are would take this position but surely you cannot be a true trade unionist, not you!
    In the meantime let us get the matter clean up come and sign the petition

  20. to skinner- to which political party were you affiliated; the dlp or ndp or both. seems that your sojourn in the widerness of atlanta hath not changed you much. leave nupw business alone, you do not know what is going on.

  21. to derek- i am glad that you have got the procees started; but what other extravagant bills are you speaking about? have these bills been paid and who signed the cheques for payment? shouldn’t all excess monies be recovered?

  22. @ Manasseh
    @anyone else

    do u know where i can get a copy of that book i.e
    Corporate Power in Barbados: the Mutual Affair by Hilary Beckles

  23. @Corporate Power in Barbados: The Mutual Affair

    Check with Professor Beclkes, but they used to be sold at the book shops as well as UWI’s bookstore. It is interesting reading.

  24. @Ruth Anetha
    1. I would never invoke God’s name for evil purposes. You must remember we must always give God thanks for delivering from evil. Ponder over that for a while.

    2. You are blogging under a false name so you can suggest that I blog about like things like the marina etc. As a Public Officer, I suggest you read the 2007 Public Service Act and the General Orders. If you knew those instruments well you would not have not suggested that I blog on those issues. Shame on you.

    3. You are supposed to be well trained and yet you did not get my drift. It is my 26.00, plus the other members money(the near 10 000 members). Have you forgotten that we are our brothers’ keeper.

    4. Why dont you blog about them under your name istead of hiding behind a false name if you are so courageous.

    5. Next time I am in your building I will let you know that I know who you are.

    6. Have you now awoken from your slumber now that things are progressing to call your friend the President to account.

    7. Now that you find that the call for reform is not going away, please make interesting contributions and dont offer advice to me unless I ask you to do.

    I gone.

  25. @Derek Alleyne you got gall! How dare you comment on my character as a unionist when clearly those charged with our interests are inept based on what you yourself have detailed? In attempting to respond to my question about checks & balances you make it apparent that I unwittingly signed onto an institution where the President has more power than the collective. The NUPW does not have an attorney that could have advised your treasurer? The treasurer does not act independently he is representing the interest of the union. The NUPW does not have any sanctions for officers who misuse funds? How can the elections have been held without these matters being resolved? My issue is not with applying pressure on anyone, the larger issue for me is what assurance I have that these infelicities will not reoccur & what will be done to reduce the seeming inability of the Union to enforce rules for ELECTED officers.
    Having said that in case it is still not clear, believe me when I say I reserve the right to end my membership in any organization where an officer has misused funds & is allegedly untouchable and where the procedures are clearly so impotent that an officer representing the body can be threatened with legal action and the executive is incapable of acting on his/her behalf or in the best interest of membership.

  26. @ending membership

    All of us reserve the right to end membership of any organisation as that is what democracy is about. Nevetheless, I have a philosophy and that is not to run away, and I invite you to remain in the union if you are a member. The discourse is not about passing blame, but reform. From your writings, i deduct that you have the union’s interest at heart.

    Power corrupts, and abolute power corrupts absolutely. If you were present at the last AGM, you would have witnessed the disrespect meteded out to some of the speakers on the floor and the arrogance displayed towards certaig memebrs when they spoke, particularly the then Treasurer were disgusting to put it mildly. It was clear that there was a plan to go after him when he rose speak.

    Had there been civil discussions on the important matters, perhaps, consensus could have been reached. But, it is believed by some that members have no say and they are only good for paying their dues.

    Sometimes, it is good to keep records. I went into my archives and found a memo that the immediate past GS wrote about cellphones charges. I chose not divulge the details of that memo or the one written by Mr. Alleyne as they would be presented as evidence in due course, certainly not on this blog, but at any meeting convened.

    Those of you who believe that change will come about without pressure be real. If our forefathers did not challenge slavery we would still be in bondage to day.

    To those bloggers I have responded to, it means that you have said things stimulating to make me think, those I have not responded to you know what to deduct from that statement.

    I gone fellow bloggers will be of the blog from may 01-05.

    Happy blogging during that period.

    I gone.


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    Seven thousand years after 4990B.C THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD IS THE YEAR 2011AD

    reference : 2nd Peter 3.8

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  29. I could well debate the act of dropping out and its reflections and repercussions but I not about that right now.

    I believe that this Special General Conference can be the start of greater paricipation in union businss by the members. I want signatures and email addresses so that we can galvanize the effort to one end the repayment of the money and tightening of the controls to prevent a recurrence.

    So all of you please make contact and collect a form and get the signatures. Put your hand where the mouth is. Get the signatures

  30. This is a SAD AFFAIR

    How can a jump from $ 85.00 per month to 500.00 per month and so it be 1000.00 per month be justified? Simple, it cannot!

    This should not be a debate except for asking for an audit to see what went wrong with the procedures that were in placed and how come and why they were breeched. On finding out that the president was overstepping those procedures and bullying staff members to maintain such abuse of membership funds (NOT HIS MONEY) then such a president should be asked to pay the outstanding less the official $ 85.00 allocation. If such a president refused or did not repay the money then he should be fired from his position. Any additional mechanism needed to succinctly make clear how the use of NUPW’s equipment and membership funds should be used should be implemented.

    Unions are like insurance companies if NO accidents claimed however, you don’t get your money back. What a lovely CASH COW the NUPW officials got going for themselves. Now it is time to spend that lovely money on projects. Let’s see, how about a Buying Club or what about a Wellness Centre. Representing our clients all thirteen of them to regain their jobs back –after all that’s what they pay their membership for should be one of our priorities. But I think the Buying Club and Wellness Centre is a better way to invest clients’ money. If this is true then it is not surprising.

    @ Ending Membership
    You have laid the keystone questions to this really disappointing response to gross misconduct (that’s what we call it over here) to a situation before, during and after the fact.

    @ Derek alleyne
    Treats by this president as you say to integral staff wishing to curb over budget spending, is evidence of a president who is not fit to hold his position and might add shows contemptuous abuse of power and use of public workers funds.

    @ Manasseh: U King
    “the discourse is not about passing blame” You sir reminds me of the naive donkey in animal farm; everything will be fine. We shouldn’t blame the pigs even though they are behaving just like the farmer was. Everything will be all-right if we brush things over. Hullo, Ending Membership’s money and the other members for that matter, is being wasted and mismanaged. Of course he has every right as indeed I am to be outrage. And I commend his astuteness in raising the fundamental questions and statements –which no one has adequately responded to.

    Yet I don’t get it. As much as my graduated disfavour I thought this was a DEMOCRACY; Moloney, Clarke, Buddy Skeete, Jamaican Madowell, Lowesides Kicks and D. Harper? Vs. 9,900+ outrage members? Seems with all the inability to do the right thing it might be an OLIGARCHY instead? Only time will tell.

    Take care of yourselves and each other!

  31. The following is copied from another post on this blog:

    Maxine & Robert
    It is the union’s role to defend Customs Officers but that function has been neglected for far too long. Somebody has to defend the honour of Customs Officers. We have a galaxy of clowns jumping on the bandwagon and giving the impression that all Customs Officers are crooks. I don’t believe that for one minute. They might be a few, but only a few so we can’t allow to be tarnished by the actions of a few.

    On the other hand your focus on Maloney paying back $6,500 is far too narrow. Check the other months: your heads would grow. Even that is negligible in comparison to the wastage elsewhere in the NUPW.

    Four years ago, the union recruited a not so young lady to do a staff audit of a relatively small staff of 28 persons. To date that process has not been completed but the lady remains on staff taking home in excess of $5,000 per month. Speaking with the other staff members, none of them knows what she does to occupy the day maybe except lunch and getting her hair done.

  32. yes,robert,i would admit that i would have made some mistakes in my over 35 years of union stewardship, as no one is perfect and my positions on issues might not have found favour with all, but i am confident that my record of service to the NUPW as a member, shop steward, councillor and ex-ecutive member is nothimg to be ashamed of and i will continue to serve the NUPW diligently when called upon in good times or bad times because i am a commited member.

  33. Well it is impossible to take the emotional and personal feelings out of this exercise but while these emotions can influence our actions the principal drive must be to clean up the nuipw and the 1st step is the 6500,00+ cell phone bill. I have always known buddy skeete to be a ood union man and I hope he joins the fight to get Maloney to pay back the money. He and his friend the former president have a lot of respect and i am surprised that they sat back and let things get this bad. Well at least buddy has found his voice and hope that it is not only to defend himself but to do what is right


  35. Have not heard from Derek Alleyne about the signatures I have mine and will pass them to him at the UDC. I hjope he has collected enough and should give us a report

  36. Hi Maxine, Pearlie et al

    I am back from Jamaica. Just attended a three day leadership seminar. it was lovely there, but we must continue the fight.

    Robert doesnt that tell you something about the ledership at the Union when our funds could be used like that, hadn’t it been for elections we might not have heard about the blatant misuse of our money, but then again, I had always picked up a callousness about the President when I sat on Executive with him, at that time he was and ordianry member.
    I could remener a blagger stating that there is a dynasty in the Union and I tend to support that view, just look at when Cecil was leaving as President who supported mamoney and ascertain who supported him in the last elections those who have a vested interest to protect. This dynasty must be broken, sooner, rather than later.
    I have been told that the President receives over $1200 monthly and yet he is still milking the union. I am watching closely to see if we are going to senad a huge delegation to the CPSA Conference in light of there recsionnary times..
    Shouldnt we be building up the stike fund instead of wasting the money in case that we have to go on srike for a sustained period for a just cause?

  37. Took a little time away to get some personal matters sorted. It is now time to get this matter sorted will be calling on some key people to coordinate.

    This matter is not to be allowed to just drop too important to trade union governance to just let die. Will be calling by weekend. Mannaseh stand by

  38. Is this the same Derek Alleyne when he was with the NUPW pretended to be looking after the interest of NUPW members at the UDC then after two weeks of his appointment as Director of the UDC his first priority was to terminate these same NUPW members.

  39. Proud Jamaican
    Firstly, let me state that I hold no brief for Derek Alleyne. That said, I think that you are looking at the matter rather simplisticly. Derek was not involved in the negotiations concerning the UDC when he was at NUPW. I was. That was until the General Secretary took over and went to a meeting without me and without knowing what went on before.
    When Derek went to UDC the decision to terminate those workers was already made. He was only left to implement Government’s decision. As a matter of fact he played no part in the discussions when he took over as Director.
    What should be of concern is the relentless way in which the present administration went after those workers simply because they appeared to be supporters of the BLP. They claimed that the workers were not qualified. That was proven to be a lie. Nonetheless, they employed their supporters who had no qualifications. Next the workers were accused of dishonesty. Again, there was no evidence of dishonesty at the level of the workers that were dismissed.
    Finally, Government took advantage of a mistake made by the Caribbean Court of Justice to send those workers home without their pensions, claiming that they would be entitled to them when they reach age 60. Some of those workers were in their 30’s.
    Government workers are not entitled to severance pay or unemployment benefits. However, when government realised that the workers were going home without a cent, after 10 or more years, government made ex gratia payments.

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