Is There A Political Agenda Shadowing The NUPW Elections?

Submitted by NUPW Insider

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Sometimes in an effort to remain relevant and to appear as the expert on an issue an active participant can reduce a well-developed argument or contention to its most simple terms. It was this sense of banality I felt when the comments assigned to the name of Caswell Franklyn appeared on the blog. Caswell’s effort to introduce a party affiliation bias as a factor in the selection of a replacement for Maloney is quite unfortunate.

Caswell has identified all the current actors (Forde, Murrell, King, Maloney) as DLPs and since I do not know any of them or their political affiliation beyond their involvement in union business I will have to take Caswell at his word. So where does this revelation leave us in the drive to bring sound management to the NUPW?

In the first instance the concern at this stage of the NUPW’s election and as a consequence immediate future, should be about competence, honesty, ability to articulate members interests, a sound understanding of the NUPW rules and regulations and a willingness and acceptance that democracy and inclusive deliberation will strengthen the union.

The selection of a president or any other executive must be about the above qualities rather than political affiliation. Is Caswell Franklyn advocating that people who support a political party should not lead an institution or once the affiliation is known they should be avoided? Coming from a man who has served the interest of a political party all his life and is now the chief and principal officer in the UNITY trade union, this offering appears to be a knee jerk response from a usually sound Franklyn. Can the member of Unity expect him to be less than professional because of his party membership, “Cawmere” tie or are we to conclude that his union’s membership is made up only of his party affiliates?

The second issue that this unfortunate side track raises is the element of an appreciation for the intellect of the membership of the NUPW. Is Franklyn assuming that the average John public servant affiliated to the NUPW is so unintelligent or so distant from common sense that he or she would not understand the difference from political, religious or lodge affiliation and the use of that relationship to affect decision making? Is Franklyn saying that the union must ascertain a person’s political ties before contesting election to serve?

I think not and I believe that Franklyn does not think so either. While I have no idea why Franklyn would introduce this matter at this time what the fear is that this diversion will confuse the electorate to such an extent that the required change at the top will not be achieved and the membership will be saddled with more of Maloney and Clarke and a reinforcement of the confusion that has stalled the NUPW over the last eighteen months or so.

My boy Franklyn your affiliation to and knowledge of the NUPW have kept the public on top of the NUPW saga and at no time did anyone challenge your party affiliation and the motive behind the effort. At no time has anyone questioned the motivation for the hard work you have been putting into this effort. It would not be fair for anyone to determine that you had any other motive than the change of direction of the NUPW. Your introduction of the political affiliation questions motivation, honesty and integrity and I doubt you would want to suggest that these candidates do not meet your high standards in these human qualities.

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  1. As I said under “the Leadership Struggle post”, I am not interested in slinging mud. There are four of us who believe that we are suited to become the effective leader that is required by the Union at this point in time.

    Currently, the NUPW suffers from a lack of direction and purpose. When one looks at the union today, it is as if it has lost its primary directive: REPRESENTING THE MEMBERS. Yes, Maxine I have been in the field. I do not believe in the fan fare that you and your supporters of Mr. King may indulge in. At several institutions, members complained about not having confidence in the Union’s representation of them. That perception must be addressed. Many have parted company as a result of this experience. These former members must be sought out and returned to their former state.
    The National Council, the executive and the General Secretary seem to have had their roles, functions and duties all mixed up in one. Policy statements are made with any reference to a decision by the National Council, which seems to be constituted only at the behest of the General secretary.

    How can you have a Union, as large as the NUPW, with funds being spent with out any reference to decisions by the National Council? It seems as if the members of that Council do even know their roles and responsibilities. That has to be addressed.

    The divisiveness that is being promoted on the site shall do little to heal the Union. At the end of this election, shall we see Mr. King and his royal court prance into the Union’s Headquarters with their tolls for beheading and truncation. What good shall that serve. It may have the effect of swelling the ranks of the rankled members. I see that if the Maxines and others have their way as purported on this site.

    I am offering leadership and experience. I have never being a person who is concerned about a person’s affiliation. I more concerned about their ability to get the job done. I am a former member of the BLP, but as of 2003, I have no political party affiliation.

    If the members of the union want a fighter for their rights, I DANNY GILL, am that man. I know how to fight for I have been doing it for myself for as long as I know. The sad thing about Barbados is that if the so called powers that be can not control you, everything is done to hinder you. In this election, I had to purchase space in the media for members were being told that I had dropped out. It was even repeated on this site about me not being interested. Do not be surprised when there is another development.

    Finally, I want to thank those who are quietly supporting me. Let us make this a quiet revolution; then it will be the most effective. Vote DANNY GILL for President on Wednesday April 6, 2011.

  2. Good look to all the combatants in the election tomorrow. Although it is expected that elections can get heated it is disappointing to read about some of the indiscretions which have been taking place within the NUPW. It seems this trade union like most agencies in Barbados has been hijacked by political affiliations.

  3. To David:
    Not only has the NUPW been hijacked, those hijackers are the one who are backing the candidate with the ASS in the middle of his name. How can logical people read what the ASS candidate is writing and feel assured or comforted that he can be effective. Listen to his reasoning in another place. “I have sisters. They do not blog. Hence, Maxine can not be my sister because she blogs.” Can any one see the ASSery in that syllogism? Most of the bloggers write under assumed names. What is wrong with your sister doing likewise?

    Maxine and that group of organizational hijackers, your ASS candidate exposes his puny intellect each time he froths at the mouth and fulminate, which is a very normal activity for Mr. ASS.

    As I have been saying here quite clearly, I want change and a fighter. I want DANNY Gill for President of the NUPW. Sorry Mr. ASS, I am not in any camp.

  4. I have to say that every day new information about the nupw’s saga reveals itself. I found a copy of the Annual Conference document at my office and at page 26 you Clarke and the lady at the centre of the world travel appear at a conference in Las Vegas. I called a former executive member and he reported that the Las Vegas trip was the third planned one and that at everystage you were to be part of the vacation travel. The above dissertation is good news for people who are not aware that you have been benfiting from the General Secretary’s largesse. Your promo says that you are a health expert of some kind and I would have thought that the wisdom that should have been gained from that discipline would have been used by you to advice Clarke that his empty headed dream of a $70. million wellness centre is a waste of time. NOt you off to Las Vegas you trip and for what? A vacation of course. You were to go somewhere in Europe, Africa to attend some medical fair and when the money did not come tthrough it was cancelled, then Clarke took all NUPW goodwill and finaced a trip to Las Vegas and you joined the party. Shame on you !Please tell bloggers what were the benfits. As a Clarke accomplice tell them ypur professional view on the wellness centre tell them about the $27 million and tell them about the man who was to provide the grant who has now gone missing. Come on this hollier and thou stand is not cutting it with me. I made one call and this information was revealed. Come on public servants call CLarke Call Maloney and ask about the medical centre look at page 26 and see for yourself. Then ask Danny Gill about his input. Ignore his name on the ballot sheet and go fresh vote for Manasseh King

  5. Shoot the messenger if you don’t like the news.

    I did not introduce party affiliation as a factor in the election. It was already there: I just felt it necesary to shine the light for everyone else to see so that they can make informed decisions.

    I am not saying that support for a political party should bar a person from leadership of a union. The problem comes when those political operatives subordinate everything to the good of the party. Put another way, their decisions are made with with a view to the best interest of party they serve and not the institution.

    The infiltration of the NUPW is not only now starting: it is almost complete. When Derek Alleyne was Education Officer, he designed training courses that enabled people like Chris Sinckler to be presenters. That was infiltration under the guise of trade union education.

    Over the years Cedric Murrell denied any involvement in politics, however, when the Government changed hands in 2008, he was appointed to a number of statutory boards. Also, in order to make the political take over of the workers movement complete he was handed the Presidency of CTUSAB. The amazing thing is that he was not a delegate from NUPW that would have made him eligible for election.

    Over the years, even though I belonged to a political party, I was critical of their shortcomings in the press and on the call-in programmes. On the other hand, the President of NUPW was one of the first persons to declare that the last Budget was good for the country. Everyone now knows that that statement is nonsense.

    Prior to the change in Government and you wanted to find any of the candidates for the DLP you only had to show up at NUPW on Friday evenings and you could find no fewer than ten at any one time.

    The NUPW does not need political operatives: it needs men and women who would wear one hat at a time.

    I remember Gladstone Holder writing, ” I am not saying that a man cannot wear two hats, but when he wears them at the same time, he looks foolish. We have been seeing too many of the NUPW’s executive officers looking foolish for too long.

  6. Hi Donald White:
    I am getting a bit upset with you hijackers who see it fit to continue to press for the ASS candidate. I thought you were saying something constructive until I got to the end of your diatribe. Your half truths are not sufficient as Mr. Danny Gill said, we need a quiet revolution, not the ASS’s bedlam.

  7. There is a common thread running through FRanklyn’s arguments. I am the only holy human being alive and what I say is pure. Lol lol lol lol. It is clear he does not read what he writes, pure self agrandisement and buffonery that really belies the level of inteligence that he can achieve

  8. The problem withAreti is that he is about getting Gill elected and to do so he would besmerk all the other candidates. For me the only person whose actions I can draw conclusions that can lead me to speak derisively about is Walter Maloney because I have hard evidence and can judge his record as President of the NUPW. On the basis I submit that Maloney has lost the right to lead the NUPW and should be replaced.

    I have chosen Mnasseh King because he in my view and based on his standing and past leadership roles added value to the institutions he served. I have little union information about Danny HGill except that he contested before and did badly. I saw today in the Annual Report document a picture of Gill and larke at a wellness conference in Las Vegas. This is a conference sanctioned by Maloney and Clarke. I have heard that Forde has been absent from many meetings have been having problems with his eyes and I heard him give a vote of thanks that make stuttering a new art. So I am left with Manessah King and that is where my support has gone and for those reasons. Areti and Caswee do not have to agree with me but I have the basis for my support and it is on that basis I will canvass and vote. Yes I started canvassing today. To all NUPW voters support Manessah King for President he is the best of the candidates seeking election by far.

  9. Hi Donald White:
    Given your comments above, you are satisfied to FULLY BACK the ASS, and that is your right. Yet I can not have a candidate. Mr. DANNY GILL continues to be the best candiadate for the President of the NUPW. It is not my fault that your were tricked into backing an ASS candidate.

  10. @ ManASSeh
    Nothing sound about the article ! I agree with Caswell!What else other done political affiliation could have driven a counsel of over 50 members charge with the responsibility of representing the interest of the membership outside of annual conference to place the union in an untenable position for a period of 3years by voting to allow the deputy general sec. derek alleyne to a political job which was at the time embroiled in industrial controversy with the same union and further weakening the already limited human resource material available to the union.

  11. The Council members are a bunch of yes-people!
    Council members need to be more objective and less self serving
    Dennis “the MENANCE CLARKE is not doing enough to sort out the problems. Dennis needs to do more.
    Walter “Baloney’ “Mamoney” Maloney was there for 3 terms. I dont think he really waants another term. Union work is hard work and he has worked hard (but hard ,doing what ?)

  12. What a laugh areti, you are so consumed by your quest to have your candidate elected that objectivity has been abandoned. Come on support Danny if you must but stop the bashing of Manasseh. It serves no end. It will not get Danny any votes only serve Maloney and Clarke the people that you decided have to go. Place your venom on them and let the factions against Maloney work out which of the other three is better suited. It would have been excellent if the three of them had done that 1st but it is too late for that now so come man let us stay focussed on the prize “a change at the top”. We just cannot have any more of MALONEY, Come on!

  13. I thinking bout an appropriate song for such an auspicious occasion, but I can’t seem tuh come up wid any. De only thing dat coming to mind rite now is; “we’ve only just begun…”. I can’t remember nuh more.

  14. To Fellow Election Bloggers:
    I want to congratulate Walter Maloney for having won the elections. The membership spoke and we have to respect that Walter is who they want..

  15. I don’t know Walter Maloney but I weight-trained with his dad, the late Lionel Maloney. He was a disciplinarian and decent. Something had to rub off on Walter. To him I offer heartiest congratulations. What are you having for breakfast and lunch today, Caswell? Make it humble pie and eat it to your heart’s delight. May be , you can give someone else a chance to call in on Brass Tacks and write in the daily newspapers.

  16. Manasseh King was hoping you didn’t get this pick you have somewhat forgotten how you treated the same people you asked to vote for you. Work with you but didn’t like the way you talk or treated your co-workers you need to work on your manners people skills and your general attitude especially to persons now entering the government service for the first time I remember you like it was yesterday and how you treated me when I first enter the government service like other things lasting impressions for life. Thanks for nothing glad you not in again.

  17. To Grabbie

    You are welcome.

    All the world a stage and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts.

    As I have said in an ealier blog, the devil cites scripture for his own purpose and you are no exception.

    My life does not revolve around being elected, what is important is that I have the intestinal fortitude to run for election and is man print my name, while you have to aide behind some alias. Nnevetheless you have a wonderful night and continue to dwell on my not being elected if it makes you happy.

    I gone and catch you later.

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