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  1. Halsall, While it is true that for essential scientific purposes, or for the manufacture of precision parts in a factory, the true value of pi is calulated to be 3.14159 rather than 3.0, critics like you, have urged this approximate value of three to one as the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of the circle, amounts to geometrical inaccuracy, inconsistant with a literal, errorless Scripture!

    However, the criticism is devoid of merit; as the use of approximate proportions or totals is a familiar practice in normal speech, even today; as we find in statistical statements concerning populations of cities or nations.

    It is therefore, perfectly proper to speak of the circumference of any circle as being three times its diameter, if we are speaking approximately, just as the Hebrew author is obviously speaking, even as we do today, as the issue here is not some moral or spiritual truth, but the approximate dimensions of this gigantic laver for the priests’ washing.

    There is one interesting feature about this that might well be added. If the rod used to mark out a length of five cubits (approx ninety inches) for the radius were used to measure the inside circumference of the same bowl-shaped vessel here described, the it would take exactly six of those five-cubit measures to complete the circumference. (Encyclopedia of Biblical Difficulties, pp. 198,199)

    Try that Halsall, and see!

    BTW, the literal method of interpretation, which is just one of many hermeneutical principles used carefully in correctly interpreting God’s Word in its proper context, is not applicable here in 1 Kings 7: 23f, and for obvious reasons!

  2. The argument zoe is using can only be taken for small objects. For large object the .1 after the three become increasingly noticeable. Seeing the object is 10 cubit diameter one can assume it was pretty large. at about 4.5 meters across it would have a huge bowl. at the very least the measurement around would have been 31 cubits even with approximation.

  3. Bush Tea
    if the “end” is imminent (as you and others intimate) then except for newborns, it is a bit late to worry about the “original purpose and intent of BBE” and living to suit. Maybe the best we can do is to follow Peter who ” fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord” and hope for mercy.

  4. @Bush Tea,

    Yes, all depends on purpose and intent….of course you are right…though ours is not to decide, give a man a ball and he decides what he wants to do with it, Agassi may play tennis but Maradona will use it for football….never played football with a tennis ball at school? Loadsa fun!

    Is ours really to interpret and assume, or do we just live, is living in itself not justification in itself?

    For the record, obviously materialistic accumulations are irrelevant in of themselves.

    You are obviously a great thinker and a helluva fun to have a chat with, even though above my limited intellect.

    Have a nice Sunday, lunch, bit of music, nap and huggies with the wife.


  5. @ Ping Pong
    …it is a bit late to worry about the “original purpose and intent of BBE”
    LOL. You may of course be right Ping, but are you not again jumping to premature conclusions? …..It all depends on that intent.

    @ Sir Bentwood
    The Bushman likes what you have done with my analogy…. LOL. …. but look at it this way;

    Suppose The Barbados Tennis Federation was BBE, and they in their omnipotence and divine wisdom, decided to give tennis balls to all schools along with various bits and pieces like nets, courts, shoes etc in order to develop new quality players.

    Let us say that some wutless school fellows decided that it was more fun to kick the balls around the pasture at lunch time or to play tip and run cricket – and had a great ball doing this. At the close of the project how would you measure success?

    Seems to the Bushman that the most desirable outcome would be to find out about the reason for the project in the first place; the rules that apply; the rewards to be had; and the purpose to be accomplished.

    While the tip and run cricket may indeed be quite fun, if we presume that the originators of the plan are indeed omnipotent and almighty (not saying that the Federation makes such a claim -LOL) – is it not more than logical that “eyes have not seen, nor can we imagine” the level of success and joy that would be derived from playing the RIGHT game?

    ….Bushie would think so…

  6. @ ZOE*

    Psalm 75 (New International Version – UK)

    1. We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near; men tell of your wonderful deeds.

    2.You say, I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly.

    3. When the EARTH AND ALL ITS PEOPLE “QUAKE”, it is I who hold its pillars firm.

    4. To the arrogant I say, ‘Boast no more,’ and to the wicked, ‘Do not lift up your horns.

    5. Do not lift your horns against heaven; do not speak with outstretched neck.’


  7. I am scared
    I am concerned

    Have to travel soon.Should I travel –Caribbean ? next 20 days
    Help me ! Somebody !
    very concerned

  8. @Bush Tea,

    Understood and point taken. We shall find out ….soon enough, each of us, in our time, no?

  9. Had some curry conch yesterday that I thought was a little bit off. Just came from the toilet after about twenty minutes… Man I could swear I felt the Earth move…

  10. David;

    Re. the video above, there is a huge amount of information on the net re. Comet Elenin. Much of it is speculation but I think no one can be certain of what its exact distance from earth will be when it gets closest to Earth in about seven months time. Orbits have to be recalculated based on what it might have encountered in its passage through the Oort cloud of comets.

    The worse case scenario is that Comet Elenin itself will miss Earth by a few million miles but that one or more large shards of debris following the comet could possibly impact Earth about that time causing widespread devastation in our region as some models have it striking land near the Azores.

    Some people who are acquainted with the story of Niburu or Planet X have noted the slight resemblance of Comet Elenin and its 10,000 year orbit to the perhaps mythical Niburu, athough no accompanying 12th Planet (see Zechariah Sitchin) has been observed.

    Much of this will be dismissed as Pseudoscience. I’m not so sure except that I think that when such a calamity arises it always comes like a thief in the night.

    Some info on the possibility of Elenin hitting Earth is given here:

    There is also good reassuring information on Comet Elenin coming out of mainstream Scientific websites such as Sky and Telescope.

  11. Some quite qualified and authoritative people do believe in alien life visiting Earth over time.

    Here is one


    Then, the stories can be either remarkable or a barrel of laughs, such as this one that claims that the Russian Defense Minister Serdyukov has the following view….’Sparking the fears of Minister Serdyukov, he says in this report, is that based upon the new orbit calculations for Comet Elenin, it appears in “all likelihood” that this celestial object is under some type of “intelligent control” and will approach our Earth “much closer” than originally thought this coming fall season”

    ‘Intelligent control’, I guess the Lemurians are coming after all?

    Who you gonna call?


    • @checkit-out

      The anticipation and should we say shrill of the unknown?

      It seems you have Sir Bentwood with you in someone who has a keen interest in these matters.

      The limitless curiosity of the human mind has always separated humans from the pack.

  12. Think on this: “They perish because they refused* to love the Truth* (Almighty God’s Word, in Christ!) and so be Saved. For this reason, God sends them (unbelievers, unsaved!) a powerful delusion so that they will believe the LIE* and so that ALL will be condemned who have NOT believed the TRUTH, but have delighted in wickedness.” ( 2 Thess. 2: 10-12 Emphasis added)

    So it be!

  13. @ Zoe

    Be concerned only with saving yourself. You can’t pull horses to the precipice and make them jump with you.

  14. The Nightmare Returns….

    Chilling echoes of Hiroshima’s ATOMIC* bombing destruction and the images from the aftermath of the Tsunami & the EPIC* cataclysmic event wrought upon JAPAN* by a 9.0 earthquake (coupled with the looming, niggling sense of RADIATION* fallout and what that means in the downdraft…

    Read some more@:


  15. Japan is the most glaring, classic example in modern history, of a nation that blossomed and bloomed with 20th Century technology, thriving economically, yet, look at what has happened in so short a space of time, reduced to horror, pain and destruction, and we ain’t see the end to this yet!

    He who Created ALL things, the entire Universe, knows every single Atom, exactly where His Tectonic plates are, for He is in absolute control of His earth, and sovereingly decrees His plan and purpose, for all to see, that we, mankind, without Him, and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, are nothing, hopelessly grouping around in darkness!

    Wait till our turn in the Caribbean comes, it ain’t going to be nice at all!

  16. Zoe you are three expletives.

    You can’t stop your sanctimonious drivel and consider that children in Japan are suffering and dying through an accident of birth.

    Now you are salivating in the fact that the law of averages and historic events will see more pain and suffering, this time in the Caribbean.

  17. Terence, I won’t get into the theology of Almighty God’s retributive justice, which is all there in His Word, the Bible; suffice to say, and I’ll give an illustration using an anthropomorphic description, using His hands; imagine His left hand is outreached to mankind, offering us His Love, Mercy, and Grace, in Jesus Christ, His son, while His right hand is streatched out over and behind His Head, which IS His Holy, Righteous judgment, which is slowly coming down, all the while His left hands continues to reach out, with mankind ignoring and refushing to respond to His Love, Mercy and Grace!

    It is only a matter of time before His awesome, absolutely Holy, Justice comes down on our rebellious, hardened, sin stained hearts.

    We cannot have His Mercy, Love and Grace, without His Holy, Righteous, Just, Judgment; we choose which we are going to be receive, His Love, forgiveness, and Grace, OR, His absolutely just judgment!

    The choice has always being ours, and He gave us ‘Free-will’ as He will not impose Himself on anyone who does not choose His path willingly, but, the dire consequences of rejecting Him, is eternal separating from His prescence, NOT annihilation either, but conscious everlasting misery, as the adjective ‘forever’ ‘eternal’ everlasting, qualifies both nouns, Life, in conscious bliss with Him, or Death, from the Gk. word Thanatos, which means, separation FROM, or to separate, NOT annihilation, or cessation of consciousness!

    • @checkit-out

      This is one of those subjects where there seem to be a lot of room for the scientists to disagree.

      Fire raises Japan radiation threat: Blaze at Unit 4 of Fukushima Daiichi plant complicates problems that began w… http://aje.me/dRSxEf

  18. with all the hell and destruction brought upon mankind due in part by ourselves by the earthquake. It would be interesting to see How world government going to continue building nuclear plants for energy. Not only is it impossible to repair leakage in events such as this. but it also suicidal for humans to even attempt to do so. The real threat is ourselves acting as if we know it all. It is only nature whose response in kind tells us we know absolutely nothing.

  19. FLASH: Reuters witness says tremor shakes buildings in Chilean capital SantiagoLarge Hadron Collider World’s First Time Machine?

    If the latest theory of Tom Weiler and Chui Man Ho is right, the Large Hadron Collider – the world’s largest atom smasher that started regular operation last year – could be the first machine capable of causing matter to travel backwards in time. “Our theory is a long shot, but it doesn’t violate any laws of physics or experimental constraints.”…
    Click here to read, "Large Hadron Collider World’s First Time Machine?"…

  20. That story above about time travel and the Bush Man’s views on the Large Hadron Collider reminds me of a number of the readings of the Poughkeepsie Seer, Edward Cayce, which suggested that not only Atlantis was real but that it was inadvertently destroyed by Scientists working on a machine that was somewhat similar to a gigantic modern laser machine.

    Cayce’s readings suggested this was about ten thousand years ago, the same periodicity as the new Comet Elenin that comes closest to Earth, this time around, sometime in October this year.

  21. i thought ones memory is used to travel back in time . Good enough for me! Better than a bunchof hocus!Pocus!Keep dreaming. Time will tell!

  22. @ checkit-out
    You can trust the bush man!! Those people have no idea what they are playing with… that is a doomsday machine if ever there was one…LOL
    Does it REALLY make sense to you that these people would spend BILLIONS of dollars to find some- Higgs boson? – What Higgs boson what??!!

    This is either some kind of secret weapon (which is too big to hide and therefore needs to be ‘explained’), or some kind of money-making scheme (but whose side effects may be too unpalatable for the masses to accept)

    checkit, how do you know that it is not this present Hadon Collider which destroyed Atlantis…..? Think on it!!

    ……just asking! time is a funny thing. BBE actually created the concept of ‘time’ specially for the current phase of life as we know it. It is altogether feasible that some bright geeks with access to billions of dollars, lots of time, and to a big hole in the ground could stumble on some of the designed factors which drive the concept of ‘time’…..
    Keep your eyes on CERN…… there are monkeys playing with a big gun there…

  23. “could be the first machine capable of causing matter to travel backwards in time”

    David, this concerns me… bloggers like BT might be able to go back and correct all of the mistakes and incorrect forecasts they wrote on BU. 🙂

    • @MME

      Oh boy, and to think BT was sending a clarion call for your return to the blog. He obviously missed you.

  24. I share most of your concerns about the Large Hadron Collider. The Atlantis doomsday machine might have been an early prototype of an LHC, who knows?

  25. If anyone would actually like to actually understand why the LHC was built (rather than simply being afraid), and why empirically measuring the energy of the Higgs Boson is so important (it will either support and refine the Standard Model, or disprove it), please read Lederman and Teresi’s The God Particle.

    A good summation of the book is available at Wikipedia.

    BTW, David… I tried reading the article you linked to above about the LHC being a possible “time machine”. But I am uncomfortable allowing a site to run 23 scripts from three different sites; the linked page didn’t show the content without my enabling the scripts….

  26. “The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be… The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  27. @TMB: “No X-Class flare erupted from the Sun, as the Internet is a buzz….

    Now you’re getting all exciting (and linking) about something which didn’t happen…

    You sound a bit like Faux News….

  28. @islandgal246: “TB has a mental block, so it is useless trying to make him see some sense.

    But to twist what one of my favourite authors (J. M. Straczynski) wrote for one of his characters (John Sheridan):

    “You just have to say ‘you’re possibly wrong’ one more time than they can say ‘I am unquestionably correct’.

  29. Shame on those who are calling Terence mentally ill. Terence is not mentally ill. He’s just differently able.

  30. @ MME
    ….bloggers like BT might be able to go back and correct all of the mistakes and incorrect forecasts they wrote on BU
    MME….. the Bushman thought that you were busy inventing the ‘new scientific energy source’ that you expected to save the world for us….
    Bushie will see if it is possible to go back in time and review that prognosis of yours for you… LOL.

    BT does not want to go back and change a single post on BU….. just read ’em and weep…..rotfl

  31. The United States Army announced this week that it is holding a rare training event involving the following:

    *US Military…
    *The CIA…
    *Canadian officers…
    *US Treasury & State Departments…
    *The US Agency for International Development…
    *The Defense Threat Readiness Agency… (AND)
    *The International Red Cross…

    From March 21-25 @ Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in the likelihood of a major THREAT* assessment – they will certainly be prepared for it…


    What are you NOT* telling us?

    And who will tell us the TRUTH?

  32. WILL ALL [11] OF MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2011 COMES TRUE – (almost 3 months into the new year) AND WHAT IS MY BATTING AVERAGE? (hopefully better than the W.I Cricket team in the just concluded World Cup match)… LOL!!!

    (David Cameron says UK TORNADO*jets to be deployed) IN LIBYA – A RECIPE FOR A TOWERING (nuclear) INFERNO IN NORTH AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST & definitely a cataclysmic bombing of ISRAEL by none other than our good friend Mahmoud!!!

    Stay tuned FOLKS…. It’s starting to look wonderfully prophetic!!!


  34. There was a small earthquake in England of all places over Christmas, followed shortly by one in Germany.

    I have been receiving emails from the USGS of notification of seismic events in 2007 just after Arch Cot and have never seen one reported in England.

    My gut tells me there has been an increase worldwide but statisticians may say different.

    Within the region, I have seen reports on 24 events for 2011.

    The number doesn’t seem out of kilter with what I have been seeing but will check my database on the past years back to Arch Cot and see what I find.

    The most active region is the Pacific Ring of Fire. Alaska is crazy but because few people live there not much to do is made about it.

  35. @All…

    I’m going to go a little “over the top” here, and ask a very serious question…

    Japan has a culture, and a history, which teaches its people that “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one”. (Yes, this was said by Spoke in Star Trek II — the Vulcans were modelled by Gene Roddenberry after the Japanese.)

    So, my question is, why have not brave individuals stepped up and volunteered to carry fire hoses to the cooling pools, knowing it will be the last thing (but a very important thing) they do?

  36. @John: “A one word answer to your question …. Hiroshima.

    That doesn’t actually answer my question.

    @John: “For me the question is how come Japan even has nuclear reactors?

    A worthy question. One which Japan questioned itself about in the past, and will likely be thinking about deeply in the future.

    Expect Japan to get *really serious* about solar energy in the near future (and when the Japanese get serious, pay attention)….

  37. Chris; Re. your question why have not brave individuals stepped up and volunteered to carry fire hoses to the cooling pools, knowing it will be the last thing (but a very important thing) they do?

    Hasn’t this been done? Aren’t there 50+ heroes bravely committing hara kiri slowly, day by day, in doing the same thing you suggest. Or do you think that a bucket brigade of thousands will do a better job?

  38. @checkit-out: “Hasn’t this been done? Aren’t there 50+ heroes bravely committing hara kiri slowly, day by day, in doing the same thing you suggest.

    Not to the best of my knowledge (not taking away from those who are actually risking their lives on-site).

    Harakiri is suicide by way of cutting the belly with a sword.

    What these workers are being asked to do is to die by a thousand cuts…

    What I am suggest is that few need to step forward and perform a Kamikaze act. To trade their lives for an act against the enemy.

    It would take three people per cooling pool — one helicopter pilot to drop a fire hose into the building.

    One worker inside the building to place the end of the hose inside the pool.

    One worker on the ground to attach the fire hose to a pumping truck which would also place another hose into the ocean to replenish the truck’s water supply.

    All these workers would likely die within weeks.

    Just like those who volunteered to drop sand and concrete on Chernobyl….

  39. @ CH
    A leading nuclear scientist has been warning of the possibility of initiating a spontaneous reaction by just dumping water on the spent rods.

    Additionally, your plan of just pumping water for cooling and replenishing from the sea is a brilliant one – if you were a terrorist. The radioactivity from the contaminated outflow would create exactly the scenario that the containment chambers were designed to prevent.

    There are no good solutions here.

    Best case is concrete and sand a la Chernobyl…..
    ….worst case is …unthinkable.

    • World media has started to report that radioactive particles are being detected in California space.

      @BT, so what is the worst case scenario?

    • BreakingNews Breaking News
      Japan still shaking: 15 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 or higher hit stricken area off Honshu in 24 hours – USGS

  40. @BT…

    Let’s think about this for just a second…

    Currently the Japanese are dumping sea water onto these exposed “spent” fuel rods by way of helicopters and fire trucks…

    Imagine if you had a hose into these ponds…

    Imagine if you might be able to add, for example, boron into the solution.

    What might happen then?

  41. @Chris

    I think still far away from actually sending in people. One of harsh realities is that weather while hampering the relief effort is helping somewhat in trying to cooling reactor. If this accident had taken places in summer I fear all the reactors would have already meltdown and we would indeed be looking @ Chernobyl * 6 . one wonder why hardened uvs haven’t been sent to inside the reactors already maybe even carry the hoses. currently the best solution is still restoring power to pump to circulate water.

  42. Hi Chris; You’re right.
    I should have written Kamikaze instead of Harikiri. But thats what one gets when alzheimers seems to be slowly creeping up and one doesn’t check every word one uses with google. I think I was in the ballpark though.

    Re. your specific kamikaze suggestion for combatting the meltdown problem. It sounds OK to me but I wonder why such a simple solution has not been tried by the Japanese authorities or why one of the US or Japanese high tech firms have not tried a quick modification of a robot to at least do the most dangerous aspect of the job, i.e. putting hoses inside the cooling systems of the reactors.

    I wonder if it might not be a bit more complicated out there than you or I think.

    In the meantime the workers are committing kamikaze on a daily basis. I think you should give them more credit as, imho, it is most unlikely that they could have been ordered to do what they are doing by the authorities although I read somehere that the authorities raised the allowable exposure to radiation limits presumably to facilitate the workers working in much higher than normal radiation levels.

    They have to be volunteers and no less heroes than the Chernobyl workers or the 911 firemen.

  43. @checkit-out: “…or why one of the US or Japanese high tech firms have not tried a quick modification of a robot to at least do the most dangerous aspect of the job

    An excellent question.

    Japan’s Sony, for example, took pride in showing a robot which could dance. Could walk. Could play a violin…

    Why doesn’t Sony put forward a robot to do the dangerous job which needs to be done here and now?

    Or, are only humans that robust?

  44. @Chris

    Is not the temperature around fukushima reactor -1c. Have not the some of these reactor loss their outside containment. would not a temperature 30c help in aid the evaporation in the containment tanks.

  45. @ check it out
    without electricity to pump the hoses . What good would the-hoses do! The solution they are using with the helicopter is the only one feasible at this point. until electrical power can or is generated into the plant.

  46. @anthony: “Have not the some of these reactor loss their outside containment. would not a temperature 30c help in aid the evaporation in the containment tanks.

    Let me please be very explicit.


  47. Hi ac;

    I thought I heard Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last night say that they had restored electricity to 2 of the reactors. I might be mistaken, however.

  48. @ Chris
    Presumably you understand this situation well enough to realize that the business of pumping seawater is equivalent to the scenario where a drowning man grabs for a straw…. what else would you have them do? tell us the truth …. and run.. ?
    ….so your fire hose proposal would be akin to grabbing on to a long straw….

    What should they do…? …half of the concrete should already have been in place…..

    @ David
    What is the worse case scenario ( the unthinkable..?)
    …..cancer, contamination of food and water, wars, famine and chaos on a scale never seen before….

    Oh wait….. is this not what Terence, Zoe, GP et al have been predicting for some time now…?

    Now do you see why it is unthinkable? …..

    @ David
    Re: Bushman’s Granny…. you know, she reached a point where events such a pneumonia which she would have easily shrugged off in her youth became a death sentence for her….

    It is particularly ironic that, it is Japan, with her history- that would have been found wanting after building a huge nuclear complex, on a beach; in the most active earthquake / tsunami region on earth…
    …self inflicted pneumonia?

  49. anything relating to the fiasco coming out of Japan should be taken with a grain of salt. Like BP when such debacles occur, the last thing government and others would tell is the truth. Truth becomes obsolete.

  50. @TMB ”A RECIPE FOR A TOWERING (nuclear) INFERNO IN NORTH AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST & definitely a cataclysmic bombing of ISRAEL by none other than our good friend Mahmoud!!! Stay tuned FOLKS…. It’s starting to look wonderfully prophetic!!!”


    A few points.

    One, that the West are crazy to be considering this.

    Two, that if you think that Israel CAN be bombed, ‘just so’, you are nutty, most of the Middle East will be obliterated before that happens, I know of what I speak.

    Thirdly, ‘wonderfully prophetic’? What a peculiar adjective!

    Yes, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, as we, including Straight Talk, Green Monkey, Bush Tea have been saying for the last four/five years and we need to get our agriculture up and running ASAP, but again, we have said that for years now.

    The proverbial is hitting the fan all like now, not to mention round two of the US economic blowout sitll to come and the Government is still playing woopsie-doosie with the national resources.

    Not funny and definitely not suited to the adjective of ‘wonderfully’.

    As for leaders building bunkers. No wonder, a bucketload of trouble is a coming, as much from mankind, including economic unsustainability, as from natural disaster.

  51. @ Crusoe
    …try to see this from TMB’s perspective…..

    What would you give as the chances that a book written centuries ago could claim to predict that a time such as ours would be the result of centuries of brilliant science, technology and social development?

    …shoot man! even 6 years ago when OSA was spending left right and center in the multiple of millions, one was hard pressed to see anything but first world status ahead….

    So if you had constructed your life around such a book for decades, would you not be equally excited at the apparent confirmation of your ‘faith’? …possibly dropping terms like “wonderfully prophetic…” …. the bush man might…

  52. I was considering whether to post this or not, have decided to. This is factual, not making this up, not trying to alarm, just inform.

    About two months ago, I was awoken in the night by a most terrifying but fascinating noise.

    The noise was akin to thunker, but completely more robust, earthy and just plain powerful. Never ever in my life have I heard such.

    I jumped out of bed, ran to my bedroom door and stood, thinking of whether to wake my family. In the instand of thought I also remember thinking that ‘oh…’ this is going to split the island in two, for it seemed to be coming from the ground.

    It stopped just as suddenly, no reverbations. The noise was so intense, any more and it would have been past terrifying.

    Now, I left it at that, only told my wife, not wanting to alarm anyone.

    To my surprise, a friend then told me a few days later, of what he and his other family member had heard, at night, I assume the same night.

    He then proceeded to identify the same noise, no reverb, like thunder, but past intense way past any thunder. He was listening to headphones at the time and it he heard the sound past the headphone sound. His family member came rushing down.

    My friend lives one parish away.

    On research on the internet, the sound we heard follows the description of an ‘earthquake boom’, which is generated by movement below the earth and comes from there.

    I will say that it was a terrifying sound, like no other, power unadulterated and unleashed, really.

    I do hope it does not recur.

  53. Then again with so much damage done to the reactors most likely in wiring. Having electricity at this point would be of little help until these other problems are corrected if or when! this disaster have gone on for one week at to me little can be done to help this plant survive. the only solution is to entombed the plant with concrete .

  54. Every major development in the history of mankind has been interpreted as The END OF THE WORLD

    When the Spainards arrived in the West
    That was considered the end of the world
    Somebody ‘s world ended -yes but the world ?
    When the first aircraft was seen by people some ran and hide-THE END OF THE WORLD.

    Does the words WORLD WITHOUT END have any meaning ???

  55. All of man’s lofty scientific achievements, boasting, arrogance, worshipping the works of his hands, intellect, then…we are reduced to virtually nothing, so accurately and prophetically declared by our Creator, Almighty God:

    Though the following was spoken to the House Jacob, re The Day of the Lord, it nevertheless has application to our present day scenario, hear His Word:

    “Their land is also full of idols ( 21st Century secular materialism, etc, etc), They worship the work of their hands, that which their own fingers have made…Enter into the rock, and HIDE in the dust, From the terror of the LORD, And the glory of His majesty, The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, And the Lord ALONE shall be exalted in that day.”

    “For the day of the LORD of hosts Shall come upon EVERYTHING proud and lofty, Upon everything lifted up – And IT shall be brough LOW…Upon every high tower, And upon every fortified WALL…The lofiness of man shall be bowed down….But the idols He shall utterly destroy…When HE arises to SHAKE the EARTH mightily.” ( Isaiah 2: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, Emphasis added)

    And so the blinded arrogance, and lofty ignorance continues in its flow, from every quarter of man’s ways, as they are gradually being reduced to feable attempts in the face of God, just giving the earth a few trembles, (Quakes) its only warming up… keep laughing, scoffing and mocking… at the amazing accuracy of His Word!!!

  56. The END OF THE WORLD, biblically, means the End of this Age* world system, as we know it, what man has instituted, in his sinful state, formented by the father of all LIES* Satan.

    All past historic periods, when our forefathers thought it was the End of the world, are NOTHING like what this generation are witnessing, as the literal convergeance of events world wide, are unprecendented, unlike any other historic period, all coming together exactly as Jesus summarized in Matthew chapter 24!

  57. None of the reactors at presnt are working. Electrical engineers are still laying cables to restore electrucity.However the possibilty of tem working again is very slim even when electricty is retored.

  58. @BT

    It is particularly ironic that, it is Japan, with her history- that would have been found wanting after building a huge nuclear complex, on a beach; in the most active earthquake / tsunami region on earth…
    Life is not without risk and the Japanese took risks particularly in building 54 nuclear plants on a relatively small piece of real estate. Those risks generally paid off for it lessened their reliance on costly fossil fuels to build one of the strongest economies in the world known for its iconic brands e.g. Sony; Toyota; Canon etc.

    They have invested literally billions into Earthquake preparedness but who can predict a Magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami? It wasn’t even the Earthquake that caused the most damage if you look at the videos many of the buildings were still standing after the quake but the tsunami caused most of the damage and casualties. In contrast although we (Bajans) like to talk about hurricane preparation what would happen if a Category 6 hurricane hit Barbados? We had a minor wind storm last year and people are still complaining that the Gov’t hasn’t repaired their homes.

    The Japanese are very resourceful and ultimately Japan will recover and continue to prosper, perhaps this disaster will inject a dose of humility in them and temper their belief in their cultural superiority and exclusivity.

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