United States Geological Survey Unit Reports 5.2 EarthQuake Occurred 930 Miles ENE Of Barbados



Earthquake Reported 930 Miles ENE of Bridgetown

Source: USGS

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) department has reported that a seismic event (earthquake) measuring 5.2 occurred 930 miles ENE of Bridgetown. If Barbadians want to provide feedback they can do by clicking this link or read a summary of what can now be called a non-event here.

Thank God no impact was felt in Barbados but a little too close for comfort!


8 thoughts on “United States Geological Survey Unit Reports 5.2 EarthQuake Occurred 930 Miles ENE Of Barbados

  1. This is the first time I’m hearing this, but you know I’ve invested in a transceiver radio so i can keep up to date with them. But it’s amazing to know the barbadian on the street doesn’t know this. This is serious business. We can’t afford to lag on this one. Barbadians need to know this.

  2. Are you all sure that the epicentre was not located Illaro Court when Owing was loaded with the see thru and stomping because of the nonsense Asscoll has done and the wayward Mottley trying to overthrow him?
    And Noeless Lynch not knowing where his millions have come from, or Jerome screwing pardon the pun the health care systemso badly that he has Glyne Clarke scared to venture thru the door of the QEH for fear that he may never get back out!!!

  3. I wonder what this kind of stuff does to those ‘sink holes’ on that little limestone rock of an island i was so lucky to be born on…. What would happen if it were to happen again and this time be a REAL issue? is there any kind of organized preparation/relief/assistance/aide setup just incase of such an emergency? I can only quote Dave Chapelle, “When black people’s lights go out they panic, when white people’s lights go out they plan it!!”

    “let me inspire our men and copulate our women for i am a legend bred thru Kings, a new species of mankind shall gestate from my blood; leaving the inferior behind to expire and the superordinate to speciate” – KaeOS

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  5. It’s strange, everyone nearby was freaking out, but despite i was so close, i felt NOTHING, my younger brother who was at school said his school mates felt it, but he also felt nothing. Why is that?

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