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  1. ‘Prophecy 101″ by Chuck Missler: “The Bible contains 8,362 predictive verses, (on) about 737 different matters, and yet prophecy is one of the most neglected subjects in the Church.”

    “There have always been catastrophes in the world…but NEVER before have there been so many, so frequently, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Famine, disease and war…” (Apocalypse and the Endtimes)

    Only the Word of God, the Bible, contains such accurate, prophetic declarations, as no other ancient document, even comes close to it!

  2. “There have always been catastrophes in the world…but NEVER before have there been so many, so frequently, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Famine, disease and war…” (Apocalypse and the Endtimes)

    Never?!?….how do you know this?
    We dont even know for certain what happened to the dinosaurs!!

  3. Technician… man you doan have to go back to the dinosaurs to prove that Zoe, TB and Bush Tea are misreading the signs. There are several periods in our planet’s history that have seen more frequent and widespread human catastrophes. Here is a 50 year period in the 18th century…

    1730 – Japan, 137,000 killed in earthquake
    1737 – India, typhoon killed 300,000
    1755 – Portugal, earthquake and tsunami killed 100,000
    1769 – India, famine killed 10 million
    1775 to 1782 – North America, Smallpox killed 130,000
    1780 – Iran, earthquake killed 200,000

    … or we could examine the report cards for three of the four horsemen over the last 50 years (1961-present) compared to the previous 50 (1911-1960)…

    War (Red Horse)
    1911 to 1960 – over 151 million (World wars I and II the top 2)
    1961 to present – est. 41 million (Vietnam war and Congo War the top 2)

    Famines (Black Horse)
    1911 to 1960 – over 51 million (China and USSR the top 2)
    1961 to present – est. 22 million (China and India the top 2, N.Korea 3rd, Ethiopia 4th)

    Pestilence (Pale Horse)
    1911 to 1960 – est. 400 million (Smallpox and Spanish Flu the top 2)
    1961 to present – est. 30 million (AIDS and Asian Flu the top 2)

    Dem horses like duh running out uh steam yuh… or maybe they haven’t exited the gates yet.

    Bush Tea… that seventh seal you declared open during the gulf spill… you close um back yet, or should we add that to the list of time-machine assignments? LOL

  4. De trouble is Mics that back in de day, you know the 1700’s and so on, poor people had to live like live stock… you know, no real protection from the elements… De figures could be misleading, but just a teensie weensie bit you know …!?

  5. @ Micro Mock Ing.
    Laugh all you want… remember it is the last one that counts…
    In Granny’s lifetime, she had numerous illnesses, accidents, and traumas…. some quite traumatic.
    No one was surprised that she recovered from these, she was young, strong and resilient.
    Towards the end of her years however, everything was different…. the effects of illness and trauma seemed much magnified…

    There was no comparison to her pneumonia experiences in her teens, and that in her nineties…..

    The Bushman can clearly picture ‘Flavious’, (MME of the time) – a few months before the flood, explaining the folly of building a big-able Ark on dry land…
    …Noah laughed much longer that he did..

  6. “De trouble is Mics that back in de day, you know the 1700′s and so on, poor people had to live like live stock”

    BAFBFP, good point (although I did add some 20th century examples at the end)… now contrast your observation with this one about BT’s granny…

    “Towards the end of her years however, everything was different…. the effects of illness and trauma seemed much magnified”

    The difference should be clear to all.

    Natural hazards are less ‘magnified’ today than they were in the past…. you know why? Because of advances in science and technology… and other things that BT scoffs at… you know… like building codes.

    “ ‘Flavious’ (MME of the time)”

    BT… you mekkin sport right? You think MME woulda miss out on a mega engineering project like dat? Man who you think install the GPS and lighting systems on the ark? LOL

    Also, it has not escaped notice that you have begun secret time-machine tests… transporting Flavius the Roman to Noah’s time. David, I warn you already… it is only a matter of time now before BT targets BU archives. LOL

    • @MME

      You know the Bushie is a thinker and a philosopher and on BU such a position is welcomed.

      BT also knows we have others on BU who are thinkers as well and will challenge his positions.

  7. Jonathan Glover’s controversial book – “In Humanity: A Moral History of the 20th Century”, he counter argues with the stats that some 86,000,000 people died in wars fought from 1900 to 1989 – calculated at 2,500 people every day, or 100 people every hour, for 90 years…

    Glover further argues that in addition to those killed in war, government-sponsored genocide and mass murder is calculated at 120,000,000 people in the 20th century – perhaps more than 80,000,000 in the two Communist countries of China and the Soviet Union alone, according to R. J. Rummel’s “Statistics of Democide.”

    So the question is – who’s right?

  8. Here on BU, we not only have the Macro* Mockers, aka BU Bilge Pumpers, but now we also have the Micro* Mockers, LOADS of LOL!!!

    I’m deeply obliged to micro* mocker for posting such valuable info, as it glaringly brings home the point of the vastness of the intensity of human suffering and DEATH, over the 50 years (1911-1960) a relatively short period of time, which includes WAR (Red Horse) over 151 Million, 1961 to present est 41 Million; Famine (Black Horse) 1911-1960) 51 Million, 1961 to present, est 22 Million; Pestilence ( Pale Horse) 1911 – 1960 est 400 Million; and getting even closer, 1961 to present, est 30 Million (AIDS, etc),

    The grand total for the period 1730-1780, (50 Yrs) IS 10,867,000*, whereas, the GRAND TOTAL for the period (1911 to present) IS 306 MILLION*

    Does this not logically, conclude, that the intensity, and general frequency of the combined* WAR* FAMINE* PESTILENCE* not even including the Tsunamis and Earthquakes of most recent times are ALL (aggregatively) pointing unmistakably to the Biblical scenario outlined by Jesus, Matthew 24!

    Keep on Macro* and Micro* mocking, true to form, just as it was in the days of Noah, SO SHALL IT BE, as Jesus warned, in these End Times!

  9. When Elijah, God’s anointed prophet, called for a showdown between the false god Baal and its worshippers, to see who was/is the One true and living God, and summoned the 450 false prophets of Baal, and the 400 false prophets of Asherah, hear the True Prophet of God to the false prophets!

    “Now Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, ‘Choose one bull for yourselves and prepare it first, for you are many, and call on the name of yoir god*….So they took the bull…and prepared it, and called on the name of Baal from MORNING till NOON, saying, ‘O Baal, hear us! But there was NO voice, NO one answered. Then they leaped about the altar which they had made.” ( I Kings 18: 25, 26 Emphasis added).

    Now, let us hear from God’s true prophet, Elijah, how he responded to the false prophets, whose false god, just could not answer them, and Baal, simply does NOT exist!

    “And so it was, at noon, that Elijah mocked* them, and said, ‘Cry aloud, for he is a god; either he is meditating, or he is busy, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is sleeping, and must be awakened.” (v.27)

    “So they cried aloud, and cut themselves, as was their custom, with knives and lances, until the blood gushed out on them.” (v.28)

    Yes, Elijah mocked these paganistic false prophets of Baal, in their utter folly and foolishness, with his God, the Only true and living Almighty God, coming through for him, vindicating him, (vv. 36-40).

    One of the Hebrew words, in the OT, rendered as ‘play’ ‘mock’ (Piel) is ‘sahaq’. The Qal of ‘sahaq’ also has a negative usage. Young men laugh at Job (Job 30:1). While the righteous can laugh at destruction (5:22), so can the Chaldeans, at the fortification of their helpless foes ( Hab. 1:10), or at Jerusalem’s fall (Lam. 1:7) Metaphorically, the ostrich laughs at the horsemen for she can outrun them (Job 39: 18); wild donkeys laugh at (scorn, KJV) cities (v.7); the war horse mocks at fear (v.22); and Leviathan, the crocodile, layghs at human weapons (41:29 [H 21]. God layghs, ‘sahaq’ at rebellious sinners (Ps 2: 4; 37: 13; 59: 8 [H 9], so does divine wisdom (Prov 1:26); and so may the righteous ( Ps 52: 6 [H 8]. Jeremiah disdained the company of “them that make merry” (Jer 15: 17, ASV, as in I Kgs 4:20). When lot warned his sons-in-law of the impending destruction of Sodom (Gen 19: 14), he seemed to them not so much as “one that mocked” (KJV), as one simply jesting (RSV; cf. Prov 26: 19; NASB, “joking”).

    The point is, that the unbelievers here in BU, especially those that delight in scoffing at, and scorning and mocking* those of us who stand up, for the Word of God, confirmed over and over again by historical veracity, logically and coherently presented, and can over NO valid refutation whatsoever, only resort to blatant red herrings, strawmenized nonsense, laced in rotton ad hominem, personal invectives, to DISTRACT from the sound substance thus posted.

    So, I say, continue ON, with your Bilge Pumping, viodless, mocking, scoffing, and laughing, as he who laughs LAST, laughs the loudest and longest!

  10. But Mr Engineer I need some reassurance … Now you know that I ain’ nah Christian nor philosopher nor nuffin’ so, but dis WHOLE world is schedule to pass through the wake of a massive meteor in November this year. (My friend in New Delhi confirmed that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others have been there at least four times this year already, and on CBC I see dat Russia is building about five thousand new underground bunkers in the capital which they claim is part of an upgrading exercise). Dis ain’ nah natural hazard, man tell me what to da nah? I really don’ feel so confident ’bout dis one …!

  11. None of the numbers in this thread mean anything, neither in absolute nor relative terms (and much less in “spiritual” terms). Consider a thought experiment …

    Suppose, logically, that each of us, every single one of us, has two parents and four grandparents and eight great-grandparents and sixteen great-great grandparents and thirty-two great-great-great grandparents and so on for ever, the number doubling with every generation far back into the distant mists of time.

    Suppose, that “a generation” is twenty-five years. This can be debated, of course, though it can’t be debated much in the long span of history. Some might argue that a generation starts when we can successfully reproduce (say, in general, in our early teens). Some would counter that in various historical periods, people have chosen to reproduce much later, which is a common phenomenon in modern industrialized societies in our time.

    So let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that “a generation” comes along, on average, every twenty-five years.

    Suppose, then, that there are forty generations in every millennium, and that there have been about eighty generations since 25 December in the Year of Our Lord, 01 AD.

    To make this easier, let’s just take one millennium. Let’s just take the period between now and the year 1011 (not a great year for the world. The Vikings took Canterbury and the whole Ali-succession nonsense gathered steam).

    Forty generations, therefore, separate us from the bad-news year of 1011, with the number of people in each generation doubling every year.

    Assume, as you should, that mortality and morbidity rates are irrelevant here, because we’re dealing solely with the number of people who had to be alive in 1011 in order to be the great-great-great-great-great-great (and so on) grandparents of, say, Terence Blackett or Zoe. Those specific individuals had to be alive in that year, in order to produce the children who would produce the children who would produce the children who, a millennium thereafter, would welcome the births of their beautiful and wondrous children, Terence Blackett and Zoe.

    Should we apply an exponent to the 40 generations born since 1011? Should we? What do you think? Everybody writing on this thread necessarily is in control of a computer. It would be surprising if that computer lacked a basic calculator.

    Let’s bring up that calculator onto your main screen, okay? Still with me? Let’s do the numbers.

    This is easy stuff. If you’re uncomfortable with notions such as “to the power of two” and so on, you can do it manually on the calculator. I always encourage my students to do this manually, even if they are mathematically-minded.

    Let’s say you put “2” into the calculator and you multiply that by “2”. What do you get? Right, you get “4”. And if you multiply that by 2? Right, you get “8”. Don’t look at the results-bar on the calculator. Just keep typing “2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2” and so on. Do that for forty generations.

    What do you get? Well, if you’ve done it right, you get 549,755,813,888. That’s five hundred and forty-nine trillion, seven hundred and fifty-five billion, eight hundred and thirteen million, eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand people.

    The present population of the world is reliably calculated at a little less than 7 billion.

    And remember, that number of 549,755,813,888 is simply the DIRECT line of descent to ONE current resident of our planet (could be Zoe, could be Terence Blackett, could be me) among the mere 7 billion people who are alive at this very moment, sharing this world with us right now.

    Thus we can conclude, quite logically, that the world of 1011 was VASTLY more crowded than the world of 2011.

    These days, if a force of nature or the wrath of god simply snuffs out, say, a quarter of million lives in an Asian tsunami, we are shocked. Shocked! A quarter of a million people being drowned brutally and mercilessly, in unimaginable circumstances, by a just and loving god, is something that shocks us.

    In 1011, however, when there were 549,755,813,888 people (give or take) on the planet, a quarter of a million lives snuffed out by god wouldn’t even have been reported by the “Advocate” or “Sunday Sun” of the day.

    And in the Year of Our Lord 01 AD, of course, the number of people on the planet must necessarily have been much bigger than 549,755,813,888. It must have been at least double or maybe even triple that, in which case it was possibly as many as 1.6 quadrillion. Man, it would have been hard to get a seat for the fish fry in Oistins in those days.

  12. @ BAFBFP
    LOL… Micro Mock Engineer…. Tell muh wuh fuh Duh!!
    …so where wanna feel that MME was hiding these past months when he was missing from BU…?
    …He was at Barbados Underground – NOT BU!! but building his own bunker underneath Barbados…. he’s probably got all kinds of technology down there, but he can’t get LIME internet (we bearly getting um on the surface)….LOL

    @ Technician
    Just be thankful that Zoe has not been more specific with details of what is to come…. MME talking ’bout hundreds of millions dead in 50 years….. HOW ABOUT 2 – 3 BILLION in a few months…? (1/3 of all alive…?)

    In Granny’s last hours, major life systems were terminated in ways that she had never before experienced….

    In mother Earth’s case however, Zoe may yet explain that it is only because ‘those days shall be shortened’ that all life systems will not be extinguished altogether…..

    @ BAFBFP
    Perhaps we should worry about those meteors in November…. But tell MME that his fortress has been predicted “..they shall run to the rocks for shelter but in vain…”

  13. Mr Engineer tell me, is what the Bush man saying true ..? I am de proud owner of a satellite phone so you could use someone like me in dat shelter wherever it is. All I ask is room for me, my two children and any one ah my three women… I could even share she wid you if you want … Talk to me man, serious …!

  14. @ Zoe

    Some bilge water here. To quote raw sums without any explanation of size of population means not much to me. Has the population of the world not beeen increasing by leaps AND BOUNDS? It was not the same in the time periods quoted.

  15. Fran, I am in st.michael, my friend in christ church about five miles away. It was sometime in january….possibly very early february, I think a Thursday or Friday night.

  16. And fran, to try to put the noise in perspective, those claps of thunder, the ones that break right over a house, shake windows and doors and kabrax!? We know that the time that those are just playing, and they really do not instill real fear. This sound was much more intense and strangely full, instantly I knew that this is something that does not make sport, with potentially devastating power. When I thought in that instant of what to do, I thought fast, but the problem was just that…what the heck could one do …if that thing blew, whatever it was to blow, it sounded like it literally was going to split the place.

    I do think I felt something too, because I sensed the ground, maybe that was where the sound came from, but that is where I instantly focused.

    I cannot say whether it was really the sound that woke me, although that was the first thing i noticed, it could possibly have been movement, but i think the sound.

    The peculiar thing that there was no reverb was what leads me to think earthquake boom, that apparently has no reverb.

    But definitely the most inherently powerful sound i have ever heard.

  17. @ Tony Almeida
    Welcome to BU sir, but maybe you need to do some more reading and leave the logic, the mind games, and especially the maths to MME and Not Saved.

    A little application of common sense would reveal the total lack of logic in your thesis.

    Man what great great grandfather what??!
    Skipper, if BAFBFP was back in 1011, HE ALONE could have accounted for Zoe, Terrence, you… and half of Barbados….(especially if Bonny Peppa and ac was back there too…LOL)

    …in OTHER works, THOUSANDS of us could have the SAME great great Grandfather…..

  18. “To quote raw sums without any explanation of size of population means not much to me.”

    Thanks Pat… yuh can’t get anything pass you 🙂

    The median human population between 1730 and 1780 was around 850 million. Between 1911 and 1960 it was around 2,300 million and between 1961 and present it was approximately 4,850 million (it is just over 7,000 million today).

    … I was hoping to catch BT off-guard with that one, but he obviously spotted it early. Wicked fella that he is though, he left the trap armed for others like Zoe to step into. LOL

  19. “In 1011, however, when there were 549,755,813,888 people (give or take) on the planet”

    ROFL Tony… I hope those students you mentioned are studying comedy.

  20. “world is schedule to pass through the wake of a massive meteor in November this year”

    BAFBFP… if you are referring to comet Elenin, on its current course it presents very little threat, with the closest approach to earth estimated at over 30 million km. Here is an animation of the comet’s path relative to the earth’s between July and November: http://www.curtrenz.com/comets12.html

    A good site to keep an eye on is: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/

  21. Yeh But Mic the comet is not what I worried ’bout, it is the stuff that following it. I hear that it is not just ice, but a whole lot of Bajan Big Rocks too… And we got to pass through all that mess, which is what I see happening in the site that you have posted. Is that true ..? I don’ feel too good ’bout this one … I refuse to dead wid de knowledge that a Christian and a Bush man could actually get somet’ing right for a change …

  22. @Bushie,

    BAFBFP? How about the famous plantation and rum man from St.Lucy, if the allegations are true, chances are that MANY in BIM have the same great-grandfather!! Lol

  23. The area around the Virgin Islands continues to remain active, many 3.0’s and even a couple 4.0’s during the past two weeks, still. A few each day, even today.

    Definitely trying to relieve pressure.

  24. Bush Tea and MME

    I have just read Tony Almeida’s post. I am not sure what point he was making but his maths does raise some interesting thoughts. Given that the population in the past was nowhere near his figure, it suggest one thing to me: there has to have been a enormous amount of inbreeding. Almeida’s model would be correct if none of a person’s antecedents shared any common parentage but as we know “cousins make dozens”. In fact, the disparity between Almeida’s figure and reality suggests to me that breeding between family members had to be the norm rather than the exception. In fact if for most of recorded human history, distance and geography provided barriers to interaction between groups of humans, does this further suggests that some males had almost exclusive right to procreate at the expense of other males? It is a wonder that genetic diseases and homosexuality among males is not thus more prevalent. Further, are the present day concepts of what constitute “good” family and sexual behaviours of a very recent occurrence? In a small place like Barbados, all of us (Black, White and all other shades in between) have to be related to each other and more closely than some of us may be comfortable with.

  25. David, this is really serious (stating the obvious), but this has the capacity to destroy Japan’s lead as an industrial nation and even shut the country down…..

    It will impact Japan people firstly, the sea nearbuy and other nations secondly, Japan’s production thirdly and the international supply of parts and goods fourthly, leading to reduced production elsewhere until an alternate parts sourcing can be developed.

    When your Corolla or Mazda break down now, where are you going to get parts? Even the US is curtailing production, through lack of parts needed from Japan.

    If the radiation spreads, those factories in Japan will not only be shut temporarily, but permanently.

    Serious as ‘whuh’.

  26. @David, true dat!

    I was thinking the same thing for the past week. The nonsense with which minds are now embroiled has eclipsed two landmark issues in the Middle East and Japan, both of which will have an impact on us, indirectly. Further, as I stated, the Middle East ‘thought’ process has a direct impact on us, to wit, the OECD attitude towards sovereignty.

    The Japan issue will now exacerbate the energy crisis, as to potential alternatives for energy and bring further questions as to our consumption and lifestyle priorities.

    But, you and me is only little people, caught up in a great big web.

    Again, my only caveat ‘man can plan and act, but the end result is always at the choice of the Almighty’.

    Have a good day, going now to earn a dollar.

  27. David

    According to one “expert” on the subject, this is too big for Japan or rather TEPCO the local utility company which was handling the crisis. The Japanese have had some help from the US but they are still making the critical decisions and they have been overwhelmed. They have been prone to providing misleading information e.g. recently they said that radiation levels in one area was 100,000 times above normal and then they amended it to 10,000 times above normal.

    The US advised its citizens to stay at least 80 kms from the area and Japan said a 30 km limit was safe The US has evacuated many of the dependants of its diplomatic core and much of the area around the nuclear plant will be uninhabited for decades.

    Some say it was time that the UN got involved as it’s now a Global issue rather than Japanese issue. With UN involvement experts from all over the world can be drafted to help provide a solution.

    Who really knows how much radiation is leaking into the sea? The Japanese have shown that they are masters of the understatement so the levels may be more than you think.

    Anyway I am off the fish for now lest a three eyed one lands on my plate.

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