Adrian Loveridge Scheduled Return To The Riverside

Adrian Loveridge - Hotel Owner

In the United States, after the pornographic Hustler magazine satirized the outspoken clergyman Rev. Jerry Falwell, the Supreme Court ruled that a free society must tolerate even “outrageous” speech in order to guarantee robust public debate and discussion. As one justice once wrote, “There is no such thing as a false idea. However pernicious an opinion may seem, we depend for its correction not on the conscience of judges and juries, but on the competition of other ideas. – Media law Handbook 2010

The year 2007 will be remembered by Barbadians for different reasons. BU cannot forget an  incident which occurred at the Voice of Barbados (VoB) radio station. On that occasion Adrian Loveridge – hotel owner and contributor to the blogs – was invited to participate on a talk show which was hosted by David Ellis. Surprisingly he had to agree to sit in a different studio from the main participants. We were subsequently informed by VoB that it was a precondition for Adrian Loveridge’s participation if the station wanted to retain former minister of tourism Barney Lynch for the program.

Some may regard BU’s position as extreme but we still regard it as one of the darkest moments in our democracy. At the time BU was a fledgling concern and if we needed a reason to be motivated it was the decision by the management of STARCOM to accommodate Lynch at the expense of Adrian Loveridge.    The decision represented a threat to freedom of expression any way you looked at it. To his credit, Loveridge shrugged off the obvious embarrassment and participated on the show which will be remembered for the high level of arrogance Lynch demonstrated.

Many have wondered why a hotelier who runs a successful small hotel, and has demonstrated over and over that he is not afraid to present ideas, would continuously be ignored by successive governments from making a contribution at the level of policy and strategy making. When this government assumed office he was appointed to the board of director of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) but was quickly dumped by Minister Richard Sealy. To be fair to the minister we were told that the BTA Board was to be restructured along marketing and product lines. Not sure if the idea has been implemented as yet.

BU understands Adrian Loveridge has been invited to participate on the VoB talk show tomorrow (27 February 2011) and Minister Richard Sealy is likely to be in attendance. Hopefully VoB and Minister Richard Sealy will ensure history does not repeat itself and extend every courtesy to Mr. Loveridge. It seems both should have a vested interest in the success of the industry.

One point the minister can shed light on for us is to better explain why he thinks the Reggae Show planned for Farley Hill represents a good nexus for the Barbados tourist product?

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  1. persons with an obvious contribution to make like adrian loveridge needs to understand that no matter how important and worthy their ideas might appear to them; the minister is ultimately accountable to parliament for his actions until he is removed from office and persons like mr loveridge and myself should not feel offended if our ideas are ignored and in our effort to promote our ideas portray the minister as ignorant to the activity with which he is charged to administer with the appropriate advice which might not always be the best at his disposal. remember the “errant school teacher” remark in reference to former prime minister sandiford by another person of mr loveridge’s ilk. we have to appreciate the environment in which ministers some of whom might not be familiar with their ministry and confused with advice from here and there have to operate.

  2. @ruth

    Before responding to you comment it would useful if you provide examples of what you are saying. By generalizing it does nothing for the discussion.

  3. @Ruth
    Your point has been made i concur. Those who we put in high office should be knowledgeable of the affairs of which they have to control .if not they country and people would be shortchanged. Government and people working together makes for a better society. Arrogance must not be tolerated and served up as the main course by our political leaders.

    • @ac

      Here is an illustration to show where we are going with the argument.

      Country A has a tourism board which is comprised of a couple members who like to give ‘trouble’ because they are always challenging the leadership by advocating ‘ideas’.

      Country B has a tourism board which is comprised of all members, most who are known party hacks anyway, they are always travelling together and seen at the clubs laughing and having drinks.

      Country A finds ways to increase its business by building the brand and increasing business, country B is there or there about.

      Which approach would you prefer?

      Frankly would back the board where ideas are allowed to contend, to hell with toeing the line. It is not a cricket team!

    • Seems government PR machinery has gone to work ahead of the talk show this morning

      Visitor arrivals on the rise


      By Tim Slinger | Sun, March 27, 2011 – 12:04 AM

      MORE AND MORE tourists are coming back to Barbados.

      For the period ending at mid-March, visitor arrivals increased by an overall 9.2 per cent when compared with the corresponding period last year.

      The turnround in tourism performance has been described as “excellent and pleasantly surprising” by David Rice, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA).

      “It’s an absolute change since we have brought about 11 400 more visitors to Barbados than we did in 2010 and the individual performances show the United States is up by 11.7 per cent and the United Kingdom by 16.2 per cent,” he told the SUNDAY SUN.

      The BTA chief said the results for the year also showed that arrivals had increased by 1.7 per cent over the same period in 2008 which was regarded as a bumper year, following declining numbers in 2009 and 2010.

      While noting that Britain had become one of Barbados’ declining markets, Rice said he was pleased with the bounce-back.

      “We were on the decline, so we turned around, certainly in the first quarter of the year, and we would like to believe if we continue with the things we’re doing and more, we will have that performance as a positive performance for 2011.

      “It would be one of the first times we would be able to turn it around, certainly in two years out of the UK, and that’s important,” he added.

      Rice was also excited about the increase from the United States market which he partly attributed to the introduction of the Dallas three-days-a-week flight which started last December 16.

      “As a matter of fact, the [plane] loads have exceeded our projections, so we are very pleased because that opens up the western corridor of the US in terms of bringing not only that market, but a different type of visitor as well,” he said.

      The BTA boss also credited a high-powered marketing drive fuelled by a Ministry of Finance $6 million injection as one of the major reasons for the success so far.

      “We hired a new marketing agency in December 2010 and we believe that the initiative with television campaigns, which we haven’t done in a long time, and the fact that we have become more visible in the market, which includes [advertisements] in taxi cabs, ads on the ground, more visibility within the magazines and newspapers, has been making it more compelling to visit Barbados.

      “We believe that has had an effect,” he said.

      Rice also spoke about cruise ship arrivals against the background that Barbados had lost some cruise lines which he said was not “entirely unexpected”.

      Noting that the Barbados Port Authority was the front player in this segment, he said: “Our responsibility in the BTA is to make sure that we continue to strategise and to have strategic initiatives in place that would encourage these cruise lines to continue to focus on Barbados as a port of call. If we can continue to do that we certainly believe that our performance will improve over the year.”

      He said projections for this year’s tourist arrivals included 200 000 from Britain; 140 000 to 150 000 from the US; 90 000 from CARICOM and 75 000 out of Canada.

  4. @ David that is why BU is sooooooooo succesfful. . You point well made.Like I said Arrogance is the Main Course of the day for most political leaders. I think Adrian Loveridge would do well as becoming Minister Of Tourism. It would be a much needed addition to our dying political landscape. He has what it takes to do a great job!

  5. That is good news and i am sure every Barbadian would be pleased to hear. However that does not cover up the fact that good sound ideas given by those like Loveridge who have a deep interest and concern for the tourist industry should be dismissed and thrown overboard.

  6. @ BU —Some may regard BU’s position as extreme. No right minded person can. On both sides of the political devide many stupid things have happened ,but this one shooked the foundation of a democracy in a way that has made it difficult to be forgotten. This one exposed the nakedness of our journalistic fraternity,the watch dogs of any democratic society. This one spoke to the unbridled arrogance (so tempted to use ignorance)of a man consumed by the power of office, at a time when popular opinion had it that the Christ Child had come again ,but only in sweet Barbados. A minister is a public servant and should never be allowed to set the terms and conditions under which he reports to John Public when that report is deemed necessary. Starcom since then has had $ixty five thousand rea$on$ why they must stand up to any government the election process presents this country. As a people we too have a part to play if we want to ensure that the decadence that has overtaken other caribbean islands is warded off. We can start by demanding that our journalists are permitted to perform in a fear-free climate where reprisal no longer dangles over their heads, like the chains and shackles that mark the period we claim is now history. Let us demand that no minister be given the power to decide how advertisment monies are spent or steered in any one direction , so that any specific entity may benifit to the exclusion of another. After all Mr.Loveridge was put through,death threats and all (and they came from the same IP address as the B.L.P. blogs)this government owes him big time . One love, one people , in search of one goal , lets now all sit in one studio. Such oneness can only make Bim A Better Place To Be.

  7. @ enuff
    More knowledge than you have in a speck of your finger nail. Pray tell me what do you Know about the tourism industry? the floor is your now you can mop it up

  8. As always Colin and Adrian are they usual articulate, a little disappointed that Austin has not brought a stronger policy direction position from the BTA. A little disappointed the minister or Chairman did not want to speak to the people.

  9. Marketing Barbados must be done on Television and the Internet.
    The BTA must also find a way to get Travel agents to sell Barbados.

    One of my Canadian friends just booked a 1 week vacation to the Bahamas for $5000cad. The agent talked them into going there because the Hotel room rate was discounted 65%.

    People still watch a lot of television in North America.TV ads still work.
    1 TV promotion in Toronto is not enough.

    Tradeshows are still effective but you have to add live blogging during the show.

  10. @ ac
    I am an idiot, and as such can profess no knowledge of the tourism industry; and stating that Mr. Loveridge has “more knowledge than [I] have in a speck of [my] finger nail” does not say much to justify his suitability. One wonders why his ‘knowledge’ was not treasured on the BTA board by government .

    • Was a little disappointed Dennis Johnson (Moderator) allowed Austin to gloss over the issue of why it has taken the BTA Board so long to implement the marketing / product arms which minister Sealy proposed early in his tenure.

  11. Sorry miss the interview . However i will download it before i can make a response

    At least you are honest in stating that you are ignorant when it comes to the Tourism issue . Then i must further ask . How is it that you are so quick to dismissed any of Mr loveridge opinions on such matters. The fact that his knowledge was as you stated “not treasured “on the BTA does not mean that his ideas are worthless. Their are people who are very jealous and vindictive in governments and want all the accolades for themselves. However the public does count Loveridge opinion in a positive light.

  12. to ac- if mr loveridge is so knowledgeable in tourism; let him do like mr peter morgan and offer himself for service as a political candidate and let us see how much his ideas are treasured by the public. alternatively, he can apply for a job with the tourist board.barbados is replete with arm chair specialists who can oppose and offer advice without actually having the responsibility of managing govermental activity on a shoestring budget.because adrian loveridge’s views run counter to governments’; that makes them gospel. steupse man.

  13. @ruth
    There is no gospel on either side just ideas. Another thing is because a person might be seen or heard in the public arena on varying issues doesn’t mean that their aim is to become a politician.Having an idea doesn’t mean one aspire to be a politician.People are much open say what they mean than when they jump into the political arena. I am most certain that if he should choose a political path . He would not need any help from any of us in making such a decision.

  14. Again I must reiterate that reading and comprehension are mutually exclusive. I asked a simple question: Pray tell what would make Loveridge this brilliant Minister of Tourism? After 3 posts you still have not answered my question.

  15. @enuff .
    Your questioned doesn’t warrant an answer. Are you serious Gut if this would help you have access to Bu Archives which would shed more light on the question you have asked.My answer would not be enough to suffice you as apparent you have a beef with loveridge and i I am not about to play political romper room with you. However I will say his acquired knowledge of the Tourism industry over the years is enough . He has lived it without a doubt while others who are in the political arena of leadership in this area are “johnny come lately.” Preferably i would prefer to listen to his advice than the on the job political leaders of our time.

  16. to ac- well venture into trhe hospitality industry and listen to his advice and not the persons who run the board and see if you would ever get off the ground. ask mr loveridge how he managed to get into the hospitality business in barbados. i tired of these armchair critics who play they know everthing and cry wolf because their advice is not accepted.

    • BU received the email with the following observation:

      I believe an agency there who I understand is Indian could be the local partner in the venture (GOL) to bring cheap flights there on a charter basis. I cannot see any attraction for for Indians to visit there unless wishing to immigrate. We are a very expensive destination and distance wise off the beaten track.  Household debt in Canada is $100.000.00 and much more in the US. In  the UK your largest market people can’t hardly afford to buy food. Also I just look through 60 pages of travel adds there was not a single mention of Bim.  With petrol and other related costs rising cheap flights to Bim may well be wishful thinking

  17. @R- arnette

    Well if and when i venture into the house of vultures in the hospitality industry.hopefully “the know it alls would be long gone and replaced with people of sound mind and judgement . the kin d who are reasonable and able to listen and appreciate the views and opinion of others. Unlike Loveridge i wouldn’t waste my time wishing them a good “half Day” as they are self made dictators only seeking to accomplish goodwill towards themselves and all others be damned. That is why others in the hotel industry are less vocal and won’t be bothered with their bull sh…t. Those type of board members have a boiler room mentality that only speaks to their kind of thinking. Pray tell me why would any one want to be bother with tose type of people.

  18. Acquired knowledge is not enough to make one a good Minister. Wheel and come again. No political romping or beef with Loveridge by the way.

  19. Just for the record I have absolutely NO political aspirations at all. In fact the more I see of politics here, the more I see it as a destructive element to the success of our tourism industry.
    In the worst economic crisis for eighty years, its really difficult to fathom some of the clearly political appointments.
    Surely those with the Nation’s interest at heart would want to have the very best people in place with proven ability and
    new ideas?
    If you had a role model product that been successful for years, won numerous awards, paid all its taxes and contributions including $70,000 in corporation tax this year,
    had never claimed subsidies or TIRF monies, who had generated millions of Dollars of positive publicity for the destination, wouldn’t you as a Minister of Tourism or CEO of the national marketing organisation at least want to see how it works?

  20. Adrian
    we all know they think they have the only plan that can work. unfortunately for them their plan can only go so far and doesn’t work anymore in a information age. they lack the ability to adapt.

  21. What I listened to was a dialogue between Colin’s 5-10-15 year White Paper academic analysis of a dead dog, and Austin’s extraordinary, yet freebie, puff piece on his new Speightstown operation.
    Where was the dynamic new direction gonna come from.
    These two professional talkers?

    You’re banging your head against a brick wall, Adrian.
    Enjoy your Peace and Quiet away from the status quo determined to ruin what little we have left of an individual tourist experience.

    They know not what they do.

    Denis Johnson, you sold out too?

  22. What did Colin mean when he referred to accepting the invitation to the program for the opportunity to talk to the people? The comment appeared to have some needle in it.

  23. to adrian- was that the same model you were criticising for the last 14 years? i have no doubt that you have no political ambitions and perhaps mean well but sometimes well meaning inyentions can be construed the wreong way in this highly charged political environment and requires skill and tact to be not so construed. look, us human beings are quite fickle and very few of us like to be told we are doing things the wrong way so sometimes a little sensitivity and or balancing act need to be brought into the equation if we want our points to be considered and accepted. publicised battles with those in charge will get us nowhere.

  24. @enuff
    REf CommentMar 27 752pm
    Next time you need to see a medical doctor .Go to a butcher. I think that would do you just fine.

  25. @ R-arnette.
    Ref Comment
    If we our point to be considered and accepted publicised battles with those in charge will get us no where.

    It does matter that our differing points be aired with an intent to informed the general public. Adrian differences with The tourism industry could be that he is way ahead of them in his plan and that irritates them a whole lot. after all they are supposed to be the experts. The fact that he is willing to meet on a forum and discuss his point of view is admirable. It also is engages the public ,and with a good moderator the public can gauge or see whose views are more beneficial. Having a close window does nothing.

  26. Adrian is a practitioner in the tourist industry. He is beating his head against a concrete block.

    I listened to the broadcast and I cannot figure out what the owner of the restaurant in Speighstown was ranting about. I was there last month. I walked the boardwalk with a Trini friend who spent a week with me. We ate lunch at Fisherman’s Pub. The entire place was clean. All the streets were, the bus stand (we use the buses), the fish market, the park (L’esplanade it was called), the parking lots, etc. My friend admired all the old buildings on the main street and could not get over how clean the town was. In fact, she was enchanted with the cleanliness of the entire island especially the beaches.

    One thing Bajans seems to forget is that tourists also create garbage. Do we watch to see if they discard it in the proper receptacles? Why do we always blame the locals?

    If anyone want to see filthy beaches, just go to Jamaica. There you have public and private beaches. If you can afford the $300 Jamaican, please pay to go to a private beach.

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