Adrian Loveridge Continues His Fight For Justice

Here is the latest communication between Adrian L and the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF). The fight for justice can sometime be long but there is a saying that perseverance seldom fails.

Personal attention of

Stuart McGinney

Cable and Wireless plc

Yesterday (10th January 2008) I received a faxed letter dated 9th January 2008, from the Office of the Commissioner of Police, The Royal Barbados Police, Bridgetown.

The letter stated:

‘Subject: Death Threats:

‘We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated January 02, 2008 on the captioned subject.I wish to inform you that the matter is being investigated and you will be informed of the progress in due course. Please feel free to continue to share any new developments with us that would assist in the facilitation of our investigation.

Yours faithfully

Jedder Robinson Supt.

Head of Special Branch

For Commissioner of Police’.

I understand that Cable and Wireless now has every possible authorisation to fully investigate this matter and that you might wish to visit the web blog: Barbados Free Press Exposed.

Thanks and Regards

Adrian and Margaret Loveridge

11th January 2008

copied to: Sara Odle, Cable and Wireless, Barbados

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Cable & Wireless International Responds To Death Threats To Adrian Loveridge In The Barbados Blogosphere

13 thoughts on “Adrian Loveridge Continues His Fight For Justice

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  2. only a month or two or more after the threats

    yes the RBFP are going to get right on it.

    The information will come out at the same time as the findings on the St Joseph Inquiry are released

    as in never and justice denied.

  3. the below was copied from bajan patriots

    Greetings to all at Bajan Patriots.

    I hope that you will live up to your promise to provide a free and fair platform for Bajans to express our opinions. I just had a very nasty experience at Barbados Free Press, which it appears is run by a lunatic (or bunch of lunatics) who are obsessed with spreading the dirtiest lies about my country Barbados. When I raised questions about the truthfulness of their claims, all my comments were deleted or blocked. That is not freedom. Now I realise what someone meant when they warned me that BFP was a big scam by Adrian Loveridge to fool people and put out false information. I have witnessed his dishonesty firsthand today and (provided that BP can provide me with a truly free and fair forum) I doubt I will ever visit that blog again.


  4. Only me or Emma or whatever your real name is…

    I have ABSOLUTEY NOTHING to do with Barbados Free Press or any other blog.

    They are kind enough to allow me to post my comments and observations.

    It appears that you and the people you represent are incapable of telling the truth and just prefer to spread malicious lies and innuendo.

  5. We have a large group of people here who witnessed how you just DELETED comments linking you to BFP.

    Is Barbados Underground also yours too?


  6. Only me BFP is not in the slightest fair and 2>Loveridge is associated with that and other DLP propaganda machines…

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