Mia Mottley Has Moved To Another Level

Mia Mottley MP

The current standard of debate displayed in The Estimates 2011-2012 in parliament can be described as disappointing. Given the economic storm which Barbados continues to navigate, one might have reasonably expected our policymakers to have used the opportunity to engage in a debate to convince Barbadians they are attuned to the challenges which current realities dictate.  Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler delivered a presentation littered with statistical jargon, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur sought to create fear by stressing on government’s running of a  current account deficit which is 8% of GDP. He also found the time to reminisce about his tenure as an assistant economist in Jamaica in 1974. His suggestions of a way forward seem to be dependent on the tired model which has gotten us thus far.

Neither presentations inspired the BU household into believing our policymakers have fully grasped that adversity breeds opportunity. In contrast BU gives kudos to Mia Motley’s presentation. It should be plain to see that Mottley since being sacked  as leader of the opposition is transforming her public profile and it has resulted in her ‘upping her game’. She is speaking to issues which resonate with the PEOPLE. She has not been afraid to disagree with her colleagues in house debates. She was the first to offer any creative ideas to the government on how to reposition Barbados in a fiercely competitive global market.  Frankly it was refreshing to listen to her contribution. Her suggestion  how government can easily enable a Wi-Fi space as a means to generate revenue is a top drawer suggestion given the demand for that technology across socioeconomic strata. To believe that our democracy demands we had to listen to the drivel delivered by other members of parliament, on both sides, and Mottley  restricted to the same time limit smacks of some kind of injustice. Such are the vicissitudes of life!

The rebuttal from DLP supporters and others will be swift to ask why she did not operate at this level when she was leader of the opposition. BU cannot answer and frankly does not care. The point is, she is where we would like to see her now.  It would be disingenuous of BU  not to advise Mottley to curb that rambunctious lifestyle for which she has developed a reputation. As she prepares herself for the mantle of leadership she should take comfort that Barbadians are an easy going lot and will readily embrace the repentant.

The time has come for Fruendel Stuart – Mottley alluded to it in her contribution to the Estimates Debate – to understand that we are at a moment in our existence where he can define the history of Barbados like some before him. To operate in a business as usual mode is to cheat on the fact he is known to be a philosopher, and therefore should be able to reflect with passion at the prospect such an outlook affords at this time.

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  1. Miss Mottley is playing her own game. This kind of politics amazes me. She has suddenly turned from Saul to Paul. She reminds me of Richie Haynes when he formed the NDP. But she does not have his courage to do the decent thing. If she can’t stand in line with her Party if you can still call it that she should take a step and stop assaulting our intelligence.

  2. @Jenny M. Respectfully, I disagree with you. Mia is standing where she should stand – with the people who elected her – while at the same time not crossing the floor.

    In any event, I see nothing wrong with crossing the floor, if one’s political ideology and commitment to the electorate is best served by it. Probably the most celebrated example we have of that is Winston Churchill who, to use his own words, “Ratted and then re-ratted.” And do you know that in a poll a few years ago, the people of his country named him the greatest Briton of all time?

    As I keep on saying, history will judge. And I am surprised and totally delighted by the increasingly statesmanlike Mia Mottley. I have always liked her as a person, but now she has earned my respect as a politician – and that is not at all easy.

  3. Please only simplistic minds will be fooled by this mottley ‘so- called’ transformation.

    Check the hansard and some of her responses and irresponsible statements.

    Any one really believe Mia really means and believes what she is saying.Steupes.

    Politics of convenience and expediency.

    This is the kind of behaviour that turns me off,politicians who have no strong views on anything except whatever gets them in power.

    Say whatever and do whatever to get the public oohing and aahing.

    • @mash up

      Your cynicism says there is no hope or redeeming characteristics in mankind?

      Why don’t we pack it in and resort to a dictatorship then?

      If Mia can say and do the right things which is in consonance with the electorate’s hopes and aspirations what more can we ask of her?

  4. Quite frankly, does it matter who is advising Mia? Most politicians have advisers. In the end, though, the buck stops with the politician themselves. So Mia has a very good adviser. So what?

  5. I agree with David that her presentation was one which shows maturity. In the real world politics is about perceptions and she has been offering suggestions. The one about persons believing in this entitlement of everything from the government is so true.
    The person who is courageous to restructure this process will be the greatest Barbadian of all time.
    Maybe persons like Mia Mottley and Chris Sinckler and other forward looking persons can form a new party.
    Ronald Toppin is a dumb MP when he speaks about tourism performing badly without ever mentioning that persons in the developed world are now living like persons in the developing world. Living from pay cheque to pay cheque and cannot afford the luxury of travel at this time. The cruise liners are pulling out because of the high economic costs to sail so far south. What is he going to say about that now? Blame the government.

  6. It is heartening to hear Mia Mottley at her best, I’ve always said she is leadership material. Like Charlie said perception is foremost in the public’s eye and that of Mia isn’t good, therefore if she can continue in the mode she’s in and clean up her private perceptive act, she can then regain her position within the BLP and become Barbados’ first female Prime Minister. Keep it up Mia!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is probably the most impressive piece of ass kissing I have ever seen.
    Government can generate revenue from creating a WiFi space? This is a top drawer suggestion to you?
    In a world where free WiFi in commercial areas is fast becoming the norm?

  8. Check out Barbados Free Press blog about the Arch Cot situation and Mia and her family’s involvement, you might have a different opinion. Corruption is so rampant on this island at all levels. Barbados as a nation is rapidly heading for collapse, it’s not a matter of IF it’s just a question of WHEN.

  9. @ David

    Mia’s call for action on CLICO over 2 years ago was also labeled fear mongering by you. Where are we today in the CLICO debacle?

  10. By the way what did Mia say that was so new? The notion of dialoguing and working as a team for Barbados is not new. Does she not realize we had a Social Partnership going since early nineties? She should know that there are private-public sector consultations. And what about the Parliamentary Committees? The systems for cooperation are there but it is people like this same non-compliant Mia who have frustrated the process. I refuse to believe that her behaviour reflects nothing more than the one up-manship she has been practising all her political life!

  11. BU accused of ass kissing? That is a new one. Should we have highlighted Cynthia Forde talking about cock tax? Maybe we should have highlighted Donville Inniss and Gline Carke going at it regarding who saw whom in the urology unit.

    Where are these WiFI spaces in Barbados? If we have these spaces how can we leverage to help defray cost to the consumer both business and individual? How can government identify revenue opportunities?

  12. Interesting that BU found this more interesting than the actual budget contents. I would think that citizens would be alarmed at implications of what has been put before them as a budget in the light of current conditions. I thought the emphasis was on expenditure reduction, but we have estimates of largest ever in history of our country. What will happen with our peg to US dollar if gov’t continues to stretch itself in this fashion 1b deficit on current account. Tourism earnings are down in January and February, therefore unable to catch up in March and April, Now the damning news that cruise will drop based on BHTA today. Foreign exchange earnings will be down, and this level of expenditure will eat up significant amount of the foreign reserves by year end. Folly granfer again. I am conerned. Given that the speech that obviously caught my attention was Owen Arthur’s, I always enjoy good economic analysis.

    I liked Mottley’s general speech, which needed to be said, but really did not address the critical economic matters that will capsize our economy come next year. I found the last piece illuminating and if she is sincere about the need to lay aside partisan issues and work together to get a new path for Barbados, I am all for it. Will she start by mending fences with her party, or will she continue being sweetly divisive, and playing a political game?

    I would really welcome the people on the hill giving some analysis on these estimates and Owen’s reply. Owen has stated that these estimates do not address the issues that wound the economy, that medium term plan is not doable as they are not following it; and unnerving to me is the fact that NIS has 2/3 rd of its money in gov’t paper with long term repayments. No wonder they sold their shares, it is not only gov’t want foreign exchange, does this investment profile limit NIS cash. After jeopardising the well-being of 40,000 plus persons investments in Clico, this gov’t will destabilise the other major safety net NIS for the remaining citizens. So they like they plan to wipe out middle class and working class with their incompetent management of the economy. Dark future ahead Barbados.

  13. David

    If I believe Mia was genuine then I would be more appreciative.However Mia is only positioning herself as a moderate, BLP politician in the mould of a rawle eastmond so that she can win the sympathy of the independents and owen dems and the disgruntled Bees.

    Mia is not sincere.

    I look at a person’s record,their public utterances and what may have caused their sudden transformation.

    In a few words – ‘same Mia just wrapped in a counterfeit cloak’.

    Wait until she wrests the leadership of the party back from owen – then you will see the real Mia.

  14. @mash up

    We shall see but if she is prepared to revert to that behaviour which alienates her from public then she will suffer the consequences.

  15. david,

    “but if she is prepared to revert to that behaviour which alienates her from public then she will suffer the consequences.”

    Please explain.

  16. I believe and has always believed that the church is a business. I feel the same way about politics.Now then! Mia has got my support whether she is in the the hot seat or not.I found her speech ultimatley her.There is always a need for some one to give opinion on speeches or proof read but I am not convinced that Dr.Persaud writes any speeches for Mia . I do think that if anything she will dictate and ask his opinion. Any way that does not bear any fruit.
    It is already written that a woman shall rule Barbados as a prime minister. Mia Mottley exhibited at an early age that she has that potential.She has not been given her democratic right to live her life.She is at no age for a rocking chair!
    Being a hyporicrite is something which runs deep in the Bajan society and it should be tossed thru the window when it comes to her.
    Do you want Mia to run around a certain district collecting T.Backs and wanking? I don’t think so! but yet Mia is painted black while the panty sniffing and wanking goes on.Let his party pick him up on dat! or better stillI hope one of the owners carry him to court for unlawfull possession.
    Mia’s lifestyle has not yet been detailed.So she loves pork chops,good music,a cigerette,a good drink ,and would die for her countrty.I din’t see anything wrong wid dat!Did she ever put a hose thru a window and soak somebody bed? NO!A source tells me that a Lucian will be a first Prime minister(Female) Oh Lord now!I like Mia where she is now and the Owen Seymore will be happy in the long run.
    My advice for Mottley today is teck some time out and listen to Lord Kitchener,in any minor!
    Cynthia Forde and Rawle Eastmond are persons who have true grit! Your song today should be I am not afraid by Etana. Peace still.

  17. Mottley is saying the same thing and taking the same position on National issues with the same approches as when she was leader of the opposition.I don’t know where the writer was at that time but unlike the rest of us they was clearly not paying attention to what she was saying at the time.I also think that it is necessary and appropriate for the present leader of the opposition to put the current state of economic affairs candidly to the people.If it is scary then you get the picture…IT IS REALLY SCARY!!!.The government is definately not giving the country the true picture.

  18. Yes she spoke intelligently but I do feel that she is playing a game.

    After her behaviour towards her colleagues how can she ever become leader? Tell me who in the current crop will vote for her as leader. A lot of DLP sympathizers want her back as leader because they have a plan. She has to humble herself and come again. She more associates herself these days with the Dems, she should join them. I heard her said her car broke down and Donville Innis assisted her, passing strange, did not know they hang out together or moved in the same circles!

    Passing strange that she lead the charge on CLICO to the extent that she nearly made the speaker had a heart attack, so hot was he that day. She was asked to leave the House, the Dems made heyday of it, showing it in the news extra and now she has nothing to say now things are even more dire!

    Boggles the mind!

  19. Is it normal parliamentary custom for the clerk of Parliament to meet and greet the Minister of Finance and escort him into the House?

    During the tributes to David Thompson, this clerk of parliament is the same one who took the note from Mara Thompson who was annoyed with Owen Arthur without understanding the context in which Mr Arthur spoke.

    His DLP colours are showing!

  20. Now david the problems with wifi network is realistically can we get what we pay for. As evident by lime we almost never do. How are you going to get people to buy into service which we know doesn’t have the bandwidth to support it. more than that a wifi network is limited range and range to what 300 ft max. we would need thousands to ten of thousand of routers to get complete or partial coverage. we would need heffy amount of volunteers or paid support to keep it up properly. the plan is nice but actually doing it as suggested will be nonsense.

  21. @anthony

    Is it not a national conversation worth having? Barbados is a relatively small place. We don’t have to have full coverage.

  22. @david

    I not arguing the plan isn’t good. I wish for the plan too but either lte or wimax. wifi for that will be too many issues.

    st.michael is approx 15 sq miles. a wifi station @ max range is 300 feet. covering 282 thousand sq feet. there is 27,878,400 sq feet in sq mile. that mean 1500 is needed for st michael alone. but that of course assuming best case. better case might be 150 feet. which is 70 thousand sq feet. which would be 6000 wifi stations. now you see the nightmare this plan could be.

  23. Guess all you guys and gals are forgetting the character of this individual.. To do what she has done to several women including beating, biting, and bullying indicates a severely damaged personality disorder. No ordinary person (lesbian) does that. I am f/%&k!n* outraged.

    I know several lesbians and gays and THEY JUST DON’T DO THAT SHIT. OVER THE BORDER. You get locked up for ASSAULT for that crap in any civilised country if the complainant had the “balls” to file a complaint, It gives me goose bumps to even vaguely imagely the pain these women went thru.

    Fine, the lady is a great orator, and probably a great politician, but she is a seriously sick mother f$%^Kӣ. This woman needs help.

    I am as patriotic as the next person, but do we seriously want this woman as a leader of this country? She is a talking/laughing point in most countries that I know. Let’s get serious here.

  24. I will always enjoy statesman-like speeches from anyone, anytime they are delivered, because, hope springs eternal. I like anyone else love to be philosophic and to opinionate on what ought to be; but then that nasty check on dreaming called reality demands to be recognized, and so it shall be. No consistency from Mia regarding such utterance and given her past commentary, her recent fall from grace, I am totally inclined to let reality reign.
    **** So fuh Mia speeches post de force plank walk; I gine enjoy dum, but not believe um. LOL!

  25. @ruth

    Are you serious? Are you aware the last government made the unprecedented decision to appoint a politician to the position of CJ? We can dispense with semantics to suggest he retired.

    Are we to console ourselves that because Simmons’ appointment was not against the law then it should not form part of the conversation? Yes the due diligence may have been flawed but if the action required to retrieve the decision is worthy should we shut out a qualified man on that basis?

    Politics has truly blinded us to this and other matters.

    • @enuff

      @ David

      Mia’s call for action on CLICO over 2 years ago was also labeled fear mongering by you. Where are we today in the CLICO debacle?

      What is your point?

  26. Mia was brilliant! Actually Sinckler’s comment on the prudence and quality of the speech is noteworthy. I believe that remark was genuine. I listened to Mia and to several other speeches. It is one to be remembered and one worthy of further engagement for which the DLP has said it is prepared to undertake. In my mind, Mia has scored admirably yet again!

  27. @ david

    My point is that what you deem fear mongering may very well be the TRUTH as the CLICO debacle proves.

  28. Truly Mia has arisen from the ashes . The gang of five must be having sleepless nights trying to find ways to take the spotlight off Mia. I saw the shortman delivering his speech but hardly paid attention to much of what he was saying. Simply put “He needs to give it a rest” Mia speech was excellent! Seem to be speaking to the issues of now and necessary resolutions. You go girl!

  29. Bajans are such a funny people. They only recognise the true worth of their own when they have suffered from some humiliation or loss. In the political arena I saw it with Richie Haynes, Bree St. John and even Errol Barrow. I am seeing it with Mia Mottley now.

    I have watched this woman from the time she was first appointed to the Senate. There is no doubt that she is bright and that she has learnt how government functions during her time in office. I still think that her greatest achievement is the way she led the team that took our maritime boundaries to arbitration. Though we have not yet benefitted from this precedent setting decision, another generation will look back some day and bless her for her foresight and her leadership on this matter alone.

    Age may have brought reason, but I still see glimpses of the fiery, passionate and people focussed young girl I saw in the Senate back in the 90’s. Maybe without the knives at her back we are now seeing a glimpse of the sort of leader she will make.

    According to my grandson – “Me like um.”

    She was the Opposition Leader who pointed out the error in the Government’s Estimates all the way back in 2008/2009 (Seems like a lifetime ago) that started the deficit snowballing careening down the hill. She pointed out the danger that the 300 million Clico liability would have on the country and urged Barbadian policyholders and investors to form a group to make representation to Government. We see this has now happened in Trinidad.

    All the gang of five have achieved is a delay of the inevitable. They can try to smear her with their salacious rumours, but the truth will out in the end. I am told by an insider that it was none other than Owen Seymour Arthur who telephoned then Attorney General Dale Marshall and asked him to find out if anyone had made a report about Mottley and to check the QEH. This is where the biting rumour started. I believe it was soon after Arthur had lost 11 percentage points to Mottley in the poll conducted by Peter Wickham.

    It is a wonder we can still attract decent people to politics. Or can we?

    I am also told by people who know Mia Mottley well that she is the last person they know who would resort to physical violence of any kind in any circumstance. I have no reason to doubt them.

    It is high time that we applaud politicians who speak for the people and from the heart. In this regard I applaud Freundel Stuart for his stance in not forsaking Leroy Parris. It speaks to character that politics does not make you a fair weather friend. At the same time though, our Prime Minister needs to appreciate that Barbadians are outraged at the insensitivity of Mr. Parris suing for bonuses and matured policies in a failed company he led, when they cannot back cent one. He would have been a better man if he had added that he would not sanction any wrong doing by Mr. Parris, nor would he be granted any special privileges.

    But this is how the cookie crumbles in a two by four island like ours. Now who will finally bell the cat and bring the integrity legislation?

  30. Mia would not be the first sadistic, pervert to be PM and we shouldn’t kill the messenger. Her speech was good, and continues in the vein of speeches in the last year or so. This government has got to face the challenges, but all Barbadians as well, now is not the time for opposition politics as usual. Kudos to Miss Mottley. Just because I’d never vote for her as a PM doesn’t mean she can’t make great contributions to Barbados.

    As for wifi…I’m still liking lte instead.

  31. Mia has indeed transitioned. Her speeches has taken on an inspirational/ motivational/statesmanship style in its delivery.

    There is a soberness that now evokes from what she says and puts her above the crass and crude we now have to endure in our parliament today.

    Perhaps her example of a speech well prepared, with substance and delivered with dignity can inspire the others. Just Hoping.

  32. …..But Fran what else is there to do in WestMinster style mixed governments, other than to wax poetic, eloquent, and philosophic on what ought to be, now that you are in opposition and out favour in your defeated party? The temptation to be different is then, at its most appealing. At any rate speeches by those not in the cabinet committee hardly get notice, and if I am to believe the reports on Mia’s speech, to the detriment of the country and its citizen. Such is the realities of the our First-past-the-post-winner- takes-all-election system to gain complete power in our Centralize government system. If you did not win, and inspite of having a large number of votes, you have very little say in what comes out of the highest legislative body in the land. Don’t you just love our decomcracy?

    That said, Mia’s seeming inconsistent views on social media which is easily defined as driven by her position and access to power, she has been consistent in other views particularly dealing with Law and enforcement, accountability. This video clip encapsulates the woman perfectly; then and now she is consistent. LOL! I simply love politicians.

  33. Mia spoke very well and seems sincere. I think the best thing that could have happened to her was to be removed as opposition leader.
    Btw: Donville did help Mia with her car troubles at her request in Parliament on Monday night. Nothing wrong with that. He gets along well with folks on the BLP side. He actually seems to have a better relationship with the Opposition bench than his own. I know that he and Mia have been personal friends for 25 years and he always visits Owen and George Payne who are his constituents. Perhaps it is time to form a third party involving Mia, Chris, Donville and Esther B

    • @Cool Dude

      What would be the philosophical mooring of this party be? It can’t be about the fact that Mia and Donville no?

  34. Did I not hear that Mia was trying to form her own party but retreated after she realised that the support was not there? Did we hear one of her staunchest supporters telling David Ellis he was running against Ronald Toppin? My personal view is that if Mia cannot bring herself to talk with her colleagues and try to make up, she should go. No one is bigger than the party.

  35. @Prodigal Son. I think you will find that most people think that the People is bigger than any political party.

  36. @ Prodigal Son
    I could not agree with you more.I too have said it before if she is uncomfortable in this setting LEAVE.But you know what I expect that her remaining with the BLP has more to do with her vindictive desire to destroy the party’s chances at the next poll so as to get back at those who removed her.Check the history of that family’s relationship with the BLP.Billie Miller came to parliament in a bye-election.Check to see what occasioned this.All of a suddenn she is now walking the high road.None of the burning issues affecting ordinary Bajans are of concern to her now.
    All for Mia!! It has always been so but now it is more clearly seen.

  37. If Mia continues as she is doing . She will become make to become one of Barbados’s PM in the not so foreseeable future. They are those woman the silent majority who would back her. At present she is a force to be reckoned with between both parties and they know it. Noticed the DLP as said very little about her careful not to ruffle the feathers of those who are backing her and paving the road for her to become a PM of Barbados. The gang of five along with Owen would see it at the next election!

  38. Liberal,

    I was most upset with Mia during the St John by election.

    She drove through the College Savannah meeting, she and her entourage caused all the attention to go to her. She was the very next speaker, said she was not talking about the Thompsons, took the high road seemingly and then she and her entourage left the meeting without going under the tent to say hello to any of her colleagues. She did the same thing at the meeting at Carters. She arrived and stayed a distance from the meeting, close to where I was standing. I saw Glyne Murray had to come to get her when she was due to speak.

    Now tell me how does that bode for healing of any wounds? I like Mia, I know she would be hurt at being removed as leader but if what you hear is true, she needed to step aside.

    I find it passing strange that she had all the dirt on the CLICO matter and now refuses to say a word now things are heating up. She told the public of the company Leroy Parris set up parallel to CLICO, she told of how he shifted funds into a company owned with his wife called Branlee, she told of the house in St John purchased in Faye and Mara’s names and how much Leroy took out of CLICO. But now she has nothing to say. She was to help the policy holders legally, I dont know if this was done.

    My hope is that she will eventually get over her temper tantrums. Is it her position that if she cant lead, no one else can.

    The BLP had a feeling that whilst Thompson was PM, she would do nothing to win but allow him to win a second term, I dont know if they had a pact.

    • @prodigal Son

      Did you conveniently not mention that Mia was invited to speak by the opposition leader through his deputy Dale Marshall?

      A fact which he went public?

      Now how do you think Mia felt being placed in such an embarrassing position?

      Do you think she would have felt welcomed in the circumstances?

    • @Prodigal Son

      The salient point made which you have ignored is that her invitation was made by way of deputy Dale Marshall.

    • @Prodigal Son

      Have you not ignored the events which preceded the by-election that in all likelihood led to a an expected coldness in the relationship between Mottley and Arthur?

  39. Liberal and Prodigal the two of you are conspiracy theorist or what? Mia didn’t create the problem within the BLP . The good old boys club did it themselves. Now she doesn’t have to get along with them. They need Mia now. She doesn’t need them.

  40. David,
    Is Mia not a member of the BLP? Would she not be expected to play her role in a by- election. Of course, they had to ask her to speak, they could not just assume that she would after all she and the Thompsons are friends.

    Come on, she is just behaving like a spoilt brat. I have brought up three children and not one of them could throw tantrums. I used to be amazed when I saw children in public places throwing tantrums and their parents seem not able to control them. Hell, no, not around me!

    How do you account for her sitting a ways down the “front” bench, coming in and not acknowledging MPs present. Does she go to parliamentary group meetings?

  41. David,

    I quite understand that. But why did she have to be invited to speak, isn’t she a senior member of the party and one would think that it was a given that she would be part of the speaking line up.

    Sorry, I dont mean to be labour the point. Just that I feel if you if are part of a team, you need to remember the saying that there is no “I” in team.

  42. No, I have not, just thought she was taking the high moral ground. She said she’s still a loyal member, so maybe I have forgotten that we are human and hurt is not easily put behind us.

    Thanks for engaging me on this. I am not bashing Mia, I rather like her style of politics and would wish for a healing of the wounds. Look at Hillary and President Obama, they said and did some of the most hurtful things to each other during the 2008campaign. It must have taken a lot for him to ask her and for her to accept the Secretary of State job.

    But dont you think that had she gone to the meetings to which she was invited to state her case, things could have turned out differently? Just asking.

    • @Prodigal Son

      Perhaps if she had to do it NOW she would do it differently. So soon after her sacking Arthur should have anticipated Mottley would have needed to protect her political stock.

  43. @Prodigal
    Did you hear Mia rebuttal to the proposed amendment. She spoke on behalf on the people those whom would agree with her point of view Mia seems to demands respect from those who might have thrown her overboard. Her rebuttal tonight even though I disagree with her had delivered a sense of integrity into the debate more often having the ability to engaged the viewing public. Another stellar performance!

  44. @ac
    I am sure, none was more please by Mia’s new found civility in parliament than the Speaker of the house.
    Mia the latter day statesman was thrown out of house for conduct unbecoming of a female let alone a Statesman. How soon we forget. LOL!

  45. @AdrianHinds

    “Mia the latter day statesman was thrown out of the house for conduct unbecoming of a FEMALE let alone a Statesman”

    in part she was thrown out because she was a FEMAle who had the guts to take no nonsense from those who wanted her out . Nevertheless not to forget that the men of Parliament had fist fights and gun fights in parliament and still are members of the club. Being a FEMALE gave her not such priviliges. However With all the pitfalls and innuendos she has endured Mia is standing head and shoulders above those who did her wrong like the Owen Arthurs and his loyal court the Gang of Five

  46. @AC
    What is the point of attempting to rewrite recent history, when everyone here was a witness to the same events? While not being the only female in parliament she was the only one subject to the Speakers authority that day.

  47. @Adrian Hinds

    She isn’t the first and she won’t be the last. Even so in the face of admonition she has moved to another level one that even those who would have done her arm would agree with.

  48. @Prodigal,
    You are being hypocritical! Did Owen go to parliamentary group meetings when Mia was the opposition leader? He did not!
    Did he respond to the calls made to him by her?

    You cite Hillary and Obama, but Obama held out the olive branch to Hillary recognizing that there were stronger together than apart, and so the fences were mended between them. We are not seeing that between Owen and Mia, what we are seeing is Owen behind the scenes stoking the fires of contention, and then saying he had nothing to do with it.

    David I agree with you Politicians must learn that there are certain behaviours that are not acceptable if one wants to lead a people.

    In any leadership position and in particular politics, one must understand that you cannot divest one’s character from one’s intellect, (irrespective of how brilliant one might be) the two should and must go together.

    Now, having said that one would hope that we would hold up that bar for both male and female politicians, or any in leadership positions.

    If you want to be a foot soldier, you can do as you like but not if you desire to lead.

    @Adrian Hinds,
    Why you don’t crawl back under the dinosaurs with your chauvinistic foolishness. There is no particular behaviour for females and males, all should behave with civility.

    When guns were drawn in same Parliament, did you speak out against it. Where is your integrity?

    • It is obvious Mottley has made a conscious effort to ensure sure all of her public contributions reach for the highest level of value add she can muster.

      In her contribution last night she was obviously struggling with where she wants to go while battling with an obvious conflict of toeing party line.

      In a nutshell, it appears she is trying to save her ‘individuality’ and not become submerged in the BLP agenda of Arthur/Payne.

      It was instructive to see Payne making the noise he did immediately after Mottley’s thought provoking contribution, as if to detract?

      It will be interesting to see how she battles the monster.

  49. For those who cite Obama/Hillary as an example of political collegiality, you are missing one important ingredient… Obama won and could offer Hillary the cabinet plum of Secretary of State…… only the second woman to hold that position. If Obama had offered her a Cabinet position e.g .Secretary of Labour or Secretary of the Interior etc. she would have walked. As Secretary of State she wields much clout , of course she could have remained in the Senate as the junior Senator from New York but limited as many leadership positions are determined by length of tenure.

    Arthur didn’t even offer Mottley the position of Deputy Leader (not that she would have accepted) but what can he offer her that she didn’t already have?

    A better analogy of the Bajan experience would be the differences between Thompson/Mascoll where Mascoll ultimately left the DLP.

  50. Sargeant incorrectly wrote “Obama won and could offer Hillary the cabinet plum of Secretary of State…… only the second woman to hold that position.”

    Ms Clinton is the THIRD woman to hold that position. Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice preceded her. On a related note, it is curious that Ms Rice’s mentor was Josef Korbel, a Czech diplomat and academic. Mr Korbel was also the father of Ms Albright! That Ms Albright was appointed by Bill Clinton (Democrat) and Ms Rice was appointed by George W. Bush (Republican) makes this all even more curious.

  51. ac | March 19, 2011 at 7:40 AM | @Adrian Hinds
    [Mia has moved to another level one that even those who would have done her arm would agree with.]

    and the motivations for this “move” is purely political; are we this gullible, and willing to be mere believers?

    Hi Fran:

  52. despite the innuendo and ingratuitous remarks by detractors, mia’s day is bound to come as sure as night followeth day. young, bright and articulate, the electorate would eventually warm to her especially if she continues in this statesmanlike vein. all she has to do is wait for the demise of he gang of five after the next elections when she would be able to assume the mantle of opposition leader in her own right. unlees, the dlp unearths new talent in their second term which they will win by default; mis mottley would be the shining star in the political arena provided she has no skeletons in her closet. she would have grown more in stature and the garrolous sinckler all bark and no substance would be no match for her.i suppose that mr estwick would be prime minister by then for soon the party would have to acknowledge that he is the brightest and most knowledgeable of a poor bunch. miss mottley also has to be careful of some of the praise she is garnering on the blog and recognise it for what it is worth. i suspect that some of the praise deservedly earned might be from dlp operatives seeking to keep the fire between her and mr arthur burning.

  53. But Ruth, what do you mean by “demise.” You do realize that the gang of five represents the majority of the BLP parliamentary team. If Bree St.John’s dictum “No man is bigger than party” still holds, then it seems like the demise of the BLP as we know it today is necessary for Mia to rise from its ashes, as leader of a renewed party. Such aint likely to happen soon.

    BTW: 40 nuff in todays Bimshire aint young nuh more. People in that age bracket dying from all manner cancers, and lifestyle deceases. Arthur is of that generation of Barbadians that are out living us younger ones.

  54. yes Adrian, no man is bigger than the party and the sooner miss mottley realises that, the better but in the same vein the gang of five does not constitute the party either; if they lose their seats, the party would still survive and mis mottley will lead the party unchallenged and unfettered without the damocles sword of the gang of five hanging over her head.

  55. @Ruth
    Well it is certainly possible for Toppin, Payne, and Marshall to lose their seats; they won by very small margins last time around. However, it is also likely that they will increase their margins of victory against this DLP government. But you seem to agree with me that Mia’s rise can only come about by some cleansing of the BLP. I further contend that such will not occur anytime soon.

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