Questions For The Commissioner

Submitted by Constable 007, Shadow Company, Semper Fidelis

I must ask some questions of the Commissioner of Police and the DLP.

Mr Commissioner, can you tell us why you transferred four long serving Special Branch Officers? We know you have a right to do as you please but Mr Erwin Boyce is in charge of Special Branch and you should not be undermining him.

Mr Commissioner, how come your fraternal brother Inspector Barry Hunte has so much influence with you?

Mr Commissioner, why would you turn down a request for officers advancement,is it vindictiveness?

Mr Commissioner, while you are at it tell the taxpayers of Barbados why the suspended Sgt Carlos Thompson and his wife still driving a Special Branch vehicle?

Oh by the way this email is being sent from Central if you doubt me ask Richard Boyce so don`t waste your time, ah  gotcha!

Mr Commissioner, why would you transfer a Special Branch officer to uniform to work de beat at Oistins, are you signing his death warrant?

Mr Commissioner,are you still practicing obeah  such as putting people pictures under carpet?

Mr Commissioner have you had a psychological evaluation recently?

Mr Commissioner, what conversation have your recorded on DLP members that they are reluctant to allow the Police Service Commission to censor you?

This one is for the DLP. The talk in the force is that DLP is not pressing for the removal of the Commissioner of Police in exchange for the dropping of charges against Leroy Parris, is it quid pro quo?

Stay tuned in the next episode, we will tell you about alleged misappropriation of funds, this is the Barbados Police and not the DLP or Mr Dottin police force.

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  1. Putting people pictures under the carpet?!?!?!? LOL!!!

    Seriously though, there are some interesting questions posed here. Unfortunately we will probably never get any of them answered.

    Does anyone know when Commissioner Dottin is due to retire?

  2. In memory of my dear, dear friend Jeanette Layne-Clarke who wrote so much about Barbados…writings that are as fresh today as they ever were!

    This poem although published in 2003, must have been written long before. In 1981 we spoke of rising crime and drugs…and at that time Jeanette could not believe her ears when I told her that I had just chased a man out of my bedroom – he was rummaging in my drawer and pulling out the best of my jewelry placing same into a bag. In those days we had no fear of petty thieves ’cause they were petty….had no guns or armed themselves with anything…so I chased him outta de bedroom screaming and then outta de yard. Today…one would be mad to even think of doing such a thing unless you are heavily armed. And as much as I have great respect for the police, this business that every time you call them for a ‘breaking & entry’ or even because you heard a noise…you have to sit for hours whilst the officiating officer painfully writes out a long-winded statement, seems archaic and is probably the reason that many do not even bother to call them when such a thing has happened. There must be a better way!

    A few weeks ago, a man (maybe two) dug out my back door systematically at every bolt and dead bolt (some four) until the door was free to be opened. Then with a crow bar they forced the lock on the inside wrought-iron gate. Entry was the next step. Perhaps they were frightened by my lights that shone down the side of the house as I came home. God forbid I had been home asleep, or even had come in once they had gained entry and were upstairs…I might not be alive today!!

    Since then I am unable to sleep comfortably in my home even though now two more dead bolts have been placed on the front door, and a wrought iron gate at the top of the stairs to the bedroom with lock, then another door with bolts, then my bedroom door with a lock. I am in a jail on a nightly basis, and still sleep with one eye open and my ears pinned to the night. Over the last two years nearly every house in this street has been hit…and continues to be hit…the house across the road again just a few nights ago. Stress is now my middle name. ‘Cause I know that if thieves can come over and over again to one’s house with impunity, they know that the law must be on their side. I heard of a man the other day with 79 convictions who robbed a person and was caught. 79 convictions? What is he doing on the streets again. What??? Years ago my handbag was stolen off of me with all my papers inside…this man had only been out of prison for one week!!! It took me two years to get back all the IDs he stole…and during that time I was treated like the criminal, not the victim!!

    There is a great need for change on this little beautiful island. It was paradise. But it is no more. When you fear going to sleep at night, and also fear doing business with white-collared criminals in the day…what is left for us who love this country? What? And yes! these are two areas that one expects that our powers that be will be there to protect us from. Let it not be that citizens have to bare arms in order to make things right! Please Lord ensure that our force that is supposed to keep us people safe, are not corrupted and understand the oath they took before being put in that position of trust! I want to believe this so bad!

    I pray for this little simply gorgeous paradise that was…’cause if we cannot make an area so small safe…what then is left???

    Whether this topic is for this particular blog or not, I just had to vent.

    More Bajan Badinage written by the late Jeanette Layne-Clark in 2003

    “De guv’ment TV station say
    De statistics fuh crime gone down….
    …So how come criminal activity
    Increasing all over town?

    When we hear crime ‘pon de decline,
    Bajans know dah far from de troot;
    We could tek dah to mean t’iefin’ rampant
    an’ more people dan ever gettin’ shoot.

    When duh say dat de law mekking “inroads”
    In de drug war, um en mekking’ a dent
    In drug-traffickin’, brekkin’-an-enterin’
    Nor woundin’ wif intent.

    We got to blame dat ‘pon tourism –
    We cyahn afford to leh de visitors know
    Dat Buhbayduss exactly like de res’ o’ de worl’
    Whey crime continuin’ to grow.

    We prefer to leh dem t’ink dis is Paradise,
    Den from onder duh foot, pull out de rug…
    While enjoyin’ duh time, duh’s fin’ out ’bout crime
    From experience – when duh get mug!

    But ef Officialdom foolin’ de tourisses ’bout crime,
    Dah only come naturally
    ‘Cause ‘pon dah subjeck, looka how long
    Officialdom been foolin’ we!

    Don’ fuhget how de Attonery General
    In de Sandiford administration
    Say dat gangs did only groups o’ young fellas
    Involve in urban integration!

    All dah time, all kin’s o’ street-gangs
    Did roamin’ wile an’ free…
    Doh crime was ‘pon de up an’ up,
    Politicians did tryin’ to fool we!

    An’ remember when it was a known fack
    Dat drugs was in mos’ o’ we schools?
    Sandi insis’ dat wasn’t true…
    He mussee t’ought Bajans was fools!

    Lawlessness was increasin’ all like den
    But statistics did gettin’ downsize;
    Crime did suppose to be gine down
    But criminal activity was ‘pon de rise!

    So when powers-dat-be mekkin’ mocksport at we,
    Sayin’ duh got crime onder control,
    Duh real boleface ’cause all ’bout de place,
    A drama does be gettin’ onfol’!

    Shootouts en uncommon in broad daylight;
    At night, um is burglary;
    Vagabon’s muggin’ an’ raping’ at gunpoint,
    Committin’ ‘nough assault an’ battery.

    Duh attackin’ wid knife an’ collins,
    T’reatenin’ to chop off yuh head,
    Ef yuh miss an’ find yohself at duh mercy
    An’ you barely blink, duh kill yuh dead!

    An’ don’ talk ’bout de drug situation
    Or de subjeck o’ white-collar crime!
    Whenever yuh hear dem figures gine down,
    Um is jes’ when duh startin’ to climb.

    Dis official double-talk is a dangerous t’ing –
    Yuh cyahn trus’ wuh yuh hear in de news
    ‘Cause de figures ‘pon crime tek a six fuh a nine
    An’ got onsuspectin’ people confuse.

    We got to try an’ cope ’cause we could only hope
    Dat de statistics increase officially;
    Dah would be a sign we experiencin’ a decline
    In criminal activity!

  3. @Rosemary

    Thanks for the note, it seems all so ‘deju vuish’ doesn’t it?

    BU takes this opportunity to respond to information coming to hand that we will not be intimidated. It has been brought to our attention that national resources are being used to locate who is behind BU. In the even the police is misusing resources and BU is found out rest assured that we will defend our right to protect our platform of promoting freedom of expression by availing all means at our disposal.

    BU takes this opportunity to remind those ‘looking’ that Barbados is a signatory of certain conventions which makes what is being done highly questionable.

  4. David wrote “national resources are being used to locate who is behind BU.”

    And International resources will be used on anyone who tries to “interfere” with FREEDOM of expression in Barbados.

    Bajans in the Diaspora will be mobilised.

    David do whatever you can to protect yourself and your family.

    Thieving Lawyers and Crooked politicians are probably getting worried that bloggers will use BU to expose previously hidden transgressions.

  5. I transferred them because I am in command. I am the man in command , the man in demand. Who are you ?
    I dont care bout you nor Boyce-Who is wunna ?

    He is my fraternal brother and that is how fraternal brothers operate. I am a graduate ; he is a graduate . Who the F’ WORD ARE YOU ? Inspector Barry Hunte has influence ? What do you have ?

    Of course I would turn down any request for officers to advance and challenge me or my friends. Of course it is vindictiveness? Why do you ask such stupid questions ? Are you an ass? Who are you any way ?

    Sgt Carlos Thompson and his wife still driving a Special Branch vehicle because people like you are too damn malicious and dangerous so what you do is give wunna something to malicious bout .

    Why dont you trying sending the email from your air head instead you little fish- trying to bite big bait-Who are you who is Richard Boyce ?

    Transferring a Special Branch officer to uniform to work de beat at Oistins is done because he is a Policeman–so he is moved around- deal with it -serve protect and reassure or leave like some continue to do

    Obeah is legal in Guyana so I can do what I like. Who are you ? a Guyanese, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolese or a show piece –STFU-

    Mr Commissioner have you had a psychological evaluation recently?
    Answer: Excuse me ! you is a ass or what ?==answer that

    Mr Commissioner, what conversation have your recorded on DLP members that they are reluctant to allow the Police Service Commission to censor you?
    answer : cah yuh c….

    This one is for the DLP. The talk in the force is that DLP is not pressing for the removal of the Commissioner of Police in exchange for the dropping of charges against Leroy Parris, is it quid pro quo?


    Stay tuned in the next episode, we will tell you about alleged misappropriation of funds, this is the Barbados Police and not the DLP or Mr Dottin police force.

    YOU ARE HIGLY MISTAKEN—-you need to be told who own who.
    Man look , I aint saying nothing more questions. I aint care bout you nor nobody. You need to find something to do. Go and feel up a female Officer BUBBIES

  6. @Rosemary,

    Theives usually do not like noise or light.

    You and your neighbours should get 2 dogs at each house. 1 big mixed breed Alsation/Lab or Rottweiler/ridgeback for the yard and a little poodle type for inside the house.

    Install motion activated security lights at the front and back door.
    Install security cameras.A Wireless 4 Camera Night Vision Security systems cost about $250US.

    If you are barricading yourself in your house make sure you install smoke detectors to give you early warning in case of fire.

    From the 60s and 70s middle class Bajans were installing wrought iron and keeping dogs in the yard.
    Some also had licensed guns.
    Hants was not middle class so he could only afford the

  7. I have five security alarm systems in my house. Four sleep on the staircase to my bedroom and one on the front patio. If they hear anything the whole place is like a dog pound. I have medium size to tiny ones. And dem doan mek sport.

  8. @Rosemary

    Sorry to hear that you are a prisoner in your own home, but what did you and your neighbours do after the first few breakins? I know of a few “Neighbourhood Watch” groups in Barbados perhaps the neighbours need to join forces to deal with the B & E artists.

    These guys are cunning they case the place and get to know your habits that’s why they thought they had enough time to take your door off and break through the wrought iron gate. If the neighbours know that you are not home perhaps they can alert the Police to any unusual activity :-).

    The only other suggestion is to get a dog, dogs are a good deterrent and the bark will scare away many of the criminals.

  9. We have plenty dogs in the neighbourhood….and we leave on security lights. I will not have a dog because I travel too much and in any case do not have time to give to the animal anything…not even food. I love animals and if I cannot look after them, will not have them. I hardly sleep (as I have said) for all the barricading that is already in place, why would I now want to have sirens going off every five minutes when cats that belong to the people behind me roam the yard freely? Or smoke detectors that go off every time I light an incense stick or a candle? Living like a locked-up criminal is not the answer in my book. Criminals gotta to understand that what they do will get them harsh penalties…not a holiday at Dodds to be released in six months time. I know there is crime all over the world…but the world is large and in many, many small communities people seem to have managed to make life relatively safe. Closing front doors and windows should be all we have to do. It is our human right to be protected.

    I have been to islands where no one locks up…have been to cities where all that is required is proper locking of front, back doors and windows and yes! there are areas you do not walk in by yourself but here walking with people at your side is dangerous…Yet another report of a lady coming down Oistins’ hill grabbed from the back around neck, handbag and jewelry taken just a few days ago…another one of a man found inside a house calmly removing whatever he could in front of the owner…tourists in the Gap are nervous because of what is happening there…and if we depend so much on tourism, every person mugged here tells at least twenty-five to fifty people back home and they tell the same too to their friends…bad joke on us! Even when we take all the necessary precautions we seem to be under threat. We are no longer paradise, and we should not be pretending we are to the world, then. If we are paradise ensure it remains exactly this. We can never stop crime totally but at least we can ensure it is down to a manageable level. I do not pretend to have the answers but if I was in charge the first thing I would do is get rid of guns and drugs. First thing!! Bet crime would drop after the usual aftermath of those accustomed to having such pleasures day and night go through the usual ‘dry’ period!

    I just feel we are a small island and someting not right. I am just a food-writer…don’t know all the answers really…but surely we have those who are supposed to be able to study the situation and implement same not pretend it not happening because we might lose some visitors – wake up Commissioner ’cause I hear you said crime down…we will actually lose them all soon cause the day might come when the big guys decide to put us on the world’s ‘danger list’!!

    Unfortunately BU we live in a small society, and we do not like fingers pointed at us. This ‘hush hush’ type society has been going on since time immemorial here. We also through the years have totally forgotten the days that a man’s handshake was his word and that word was law. Today it seems men just do as they please and rub into the noses of us the common-folk openly and almost happily. They have adopted the ways of the Wall Street gang and the holier than thou attitude of the US government where do as we say and not as we do is the norm. They all take us for chuped. And perhaps we are ’cause we quarrel until de nexx situation arises and do nothing to ensure that particular one does not happen again.

    In my world of food, I have taken action against what I consume…and will continue that fight to show others that if we do not buy trash, those who import it will have to stop or lose money. Each and everyone of us must be able to speak our minds, as long as it is the truth that we share with others and not malicious gossip of which we are also very prone to. Blogs have created havoc for they have given an open window for all to vent, and even sometimes to force change because of opening those cans of worms we always kept closed. That anyone should be castigated for seeking the good things in life based on truth, peace of mind and good health is nothing but shooting the human rights that are so continuously expounded on our national television and on the radio, right through the heart. Continue the good work. My name is there clear for all to see…I ask nothing from the powers that be but to be mindful of what they do, do only for the good of the people and the land itself, and to protect us from evil for we have put them in charge for those same reasons. I am sure you BU will also do the same through opening yourself to issues for people to have a say. If I am stopped in my tracks (or anyone else for matter) for doing good…I would have to say that Barbados is in deep trouble. Bless.

  10. @islandgal246,

    You are a very wise woman.

    Thieves will move from house to house till they find one that is dark and quiet.

    Lights and dogs are good deterrents.

    • Don’t understand why we keep consoling ourselves with the stats which says crime is going down when on the ground people feel terrorised.

      At the end of the day the stats conclusion is based on reported crime anyway.

      The police needs to get back to neighbourhood policing.

      Get back close to the people and get out of the damn vehicles parked in side streets drinking rum and beer.

    • @Hants

      Thanks, don’t mean to be alarmist, the BU household is quite prepared to deal with the consequences of our decisions.

      Just wanted to show the length certain ‘interest’ will go to protect the status quo to protect their own narrow self interest.

  11. First it was Burglar bars on the windows and doors, and then those bars moved indoors to barricade people in their bedrooms. Then you have guard dogs, alarm systems, motion detector lights and the list goes on.

    I saw a report that the Police had seized an AK 47, and if there is one there can be two, three etc…..

    Sounds like a case of Paradise lost

  12. @Rosemary “why would I now want to have sirens going off every five minutes when cats that belong to the people behind me roam the yard freely? Or smoke detectors that go off every time I light an incense stick or a candle.

    1. Cats do not trigger motion detector lights unless they are 4 feet to 9 feet tall.The one I bought have adjustments.

    2. Smoke detectors are NOT set off by candles or incense.At least not the ones in my house.

    3. Most criminals will not be deterred by harsh penalties but yes revenge is sweet if you are alive to enjoy it.

    4. It is our human right to be protected and to use the brain god gave us to figure out how to protect ourselves.

    Islandgal246 is using her brain and sleeping at night.

  13. @Sargeant,

    Paradise is not lost. Just diminished considerably.

    Kinda like Toronto and Montreal.

    Remember the 70s ?

    Its the drugs that is destroying societies in the western world.

    I is a druggie too. I gine an get my caffeine fix at Second cup. Duh en got nuh sweet bread so I gine settle fuh a cinnamon bun.


  14. I aint noh weh wunna live but I duz sleep wid my winda open eva night. Sometimes I duz even lef de front door unlocked. I aint got nuh dog, nor nuh security lights nor neider prison bars round my house and de criminals doh bodder me.
    I still lives down in de tenant weh muh grandfather and grandmother nuse to live. Village life still sweet fuh days.

  15. @Hants and Rosemary

    Ah got muh collins and muh can of Baygon pon de side of de bed just in case. I does lives in de country but ah still ent tekking nuh chances. Muh windows does be open an de doors doan bound tah lock BUT muh alarm systems does always reddy!

  16. @ Islandgirl246

    The Collins and Baygon will only work if the people intent on doing you harm are in your arms and by then it will be too late.

    The bad guys have dogs that bark over there and you feel the bite over here (otherwise known as Glocks) so save the Collins for those pesky bushes around your house and the Baygon for the mosquitoes.

    You gotta fight fire with fire

  17. @island girl and Hants. I got ya. I know all de tings to do and not to do. I am just annoyed that I have to do them. Blasted criminals walking ’bout happy and me in a jail! Ans yes! I got a knife near me bed and Baygon too….and @David yes! the police should be policing and not liming. I must admit when I have had reason to call them, they came immediately and were very polite but…you doan see dem unless you call – a little patrolling so that those with wrong intentions can see their presence would be much appreciated. Sending good vibes to all wunnah and hope that we can all remain safe. We got ’nuff udder tings to worry ‘but hear?? Like which ‘mountain’ I gine climb when de nexx earth-shaking takes place ’bout hey…..I love de sea but not when it covering me and de whole house. Bless.

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