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    • Slide 11 – Gender Roles – is instructive. The importance of how our young model behaviour of those around them should not be underestimated. We know that there is no science to support being homosexual but the same appears not to be the case regarding how our you young models other human behaviour.

  1. Islandgal

    “Carson is a homophobic and he is afraid that this photo will arouse him”

    Your statement is a contradiction.

  2. David
    Dis pic hit ma fa six. it hit ma rite in ma face. Lawddddddd, mek peace. I in reddy fa dis sorta ting yet. ya gotta gimma lil mo time fa um ta diges. “Just Married”. O Lord, Jehovah God. I gun gotta recite de Serenity Prayer fa dis whun.

    Carson C
    hi babes. you is kill me ya kno? how de dawta doin?

  3. BU crew

    I was researching for an embryology lecture recently on anomalies in
    appearance of the external genitalia at birth, when I came across the information that David kindly posted on my behalf.

    It seems that the issue of INTERSEXES is a topic of great interest all over the world for various reasons

    As usual BU has informed the readership of what is the opinion of the scientific world.
    We will probably post the lecture I set out to prepare when its finished, Some BU fans might find it very interesting

  4. @ Carson

    Hold on, Carson?

    That statement is actually accurate. Homophobes are more often than not covering up their closet attraction to the same sex…”They doth protest too much, maybe?”

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