Question Mr. Minister

Dr. James (l), Minister of Health Donville Inniss (r) - Image/Barbados Advocate

Contained in the Trinidad Gazette of 13 February 2000 – Volume 39, 912 the following terse statement was issued by the Tobago government.


The former Chief Executive Officer of the Tobago Regional Health Authority Dr Dexter James has been dismissed with effect from 7th February 2000.”

The Nation newspaper announced Dr. Dexter James appointment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and quoted the Tobago Gazette by referring to the dismissal.

Why was Doc James  fired by the Tobago Regional Health Authority?


  • Not Anguilla too? This is old news.


  • @Enuff

    The blog is asking do we know why big Doc James was fired in Tobago or are you satisfied with it being old news?


  • @ David

    No, not at all. I am surprised it took so long for the question to be asked.


  • how can it be old and yet new ? (Shakespeare)

    sad very sad !


  • In fairness to the Nation journalist Wade Gibbons identified in his article that James was dismissed but like the Lazarus in the QEH morgue the local media has not been able to close.


  • Dr.James should have pulled the s of spade from his back pocket


  • Then conspiracy of silence continues.

    Was it the DLP who promised that it would run a government based on transparency and even promised FOI?

    Let us know why our current CEO of the QEH was dismissed from the obago Regional Health Authority. Is he not being paid with tax dollars?


  • Shut Up and Stop Complaining.

    That is is what Barbados’ wait-and-see Prime Minister told the country yesterday.

    Of course, he was really sending a strong message to everybody except CLICO; Leroy Parris, the Barbados Turf Club, Kiffin Simpson, and COW – who made a boast two years ago that he was able to get Thompson to do for him in two days, what he could not get Owen Arthur to do in 14 year.

    That is, change about 80 acres of prime agriculture land to building – despite promising an Agriculture Protection Act.


    “Barbadians need to stop bemoaning issues and adapt the resilient attitude demonstrated by our lesser fortunate regional counterparts in Haiti.”

    “We need to stop the moaning and groaning and bellyaching!”

    “None of us, not a single person in Barbados or the Eastern Caribbean, has endured what, for the average Haitian, has become a way of life.

    Yet, we moan and groan about the hand we have been dealt, about our lot in life,” he pointed out.


    Two year and already Thompson is a failed Prime Minister with a short memory.

    In the Nation newspaper of June 27, 2007, this same fella wanted to know ‘why the country was so quiet.’ Why it wasn’t complaining and speaking out.

    He is on record as having criticised the Church, the private sector, the trade unions, the media and Barbadians – for not speaking out and criticising the then BLP government.

    Now this same joker Thompson is telling the same people, “shut up, you are complaining too much.”


  • @Alex Fergusson

    Why don’t you answer the question in the blog? Don’t you think the opposition should take up this matter on behalf of the people?


  • The Opposition asked about the MOU between Clico and the Government.

    It asked whether the Transport Board has exceeded the legal limit of its overdraft;

    It asked whether Clico had presented its audited financial statement for 2008 due by 30th April 2009;

    It called for a Debate on Greame Hall to be placed on the Order Paper of Parliament, but the DLP which promised good governance and Freedom of Information, remains silent.

    The Democratic Labour Party is above the law. It is answerable to no one except Clico.

    It is why Thompson now tells Barbadians to shut-up and stop complaining.


  • Now in Government, Prime Minister of tired, STALE, failing and outgoing Democratic Labour Party, David Thompson – is now telling Barbadians to shut-up, that they are bellyaching and complaining too much.

    But what did he tell them when in Opposition?


    “Far too many people are in positions of leadership in civil society in this country who are in an unholy alliance with the Government,” he said at a recent meeting of the DLP’s St Michael West constituency branch at St Leonard’s Boys’ School.

    “They’re not speaking out on issues, even those that affect their own members.”

    He told DLP supporters: “You have an obligation in Barbados, when you see things that are going wrong in this country, to speak out . . . wherever you are in leadership positions.

    “And if you’re not (in a leadership position), I’d advise you to get into one. I’m not asking you to infiltrate, I’m not asking you to do anything nefarious.”

    Thompson complained that Barbadians were getting a raw deal from a number of institutions, including “the social institutions set up . . . to supposedly help

    poor people”.

    “None of these institutions is reacting in the way that they should to the needs of people in this country. So you have more and more alienation.”

    He told the gathering that the Government was setting the scene for general elections.

    “Don’t make assumptions that elections are going to be called at the constitutional

    date,” he said.

    Pointers to an early poll, he said, included the fact that ministers were “getting back on television” and “calling in their civil servants to get things done”.

    Thompson said that given the ruling Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) landslide win in the last election, the DLP would have to make a “very significant improvement” in its showing to beat the BLP.

    But “it can be done”, he added, because people were “removing the wool from their eyes, the smokescreen is disappearing” and people were seeing the Government’s real focus. (TY)


  • Now the government, David Thompson and the DLP, which promised “change, good governnace and freedom of infomation” and that it will reduce the cost of living – now tells Barbadians shup-up, stop complaining and bellyaching.

    Here is what is said in opposition


    Thompson knocks Social Partners

    Date June 24, 2007


    OPPOSITION LEADER David Thompson has chastised religious, trade union and private sector leaders for “a deafening silence” on corruption in public life and the absence of laws to protect labour.

    Thompson stressed that he did not want the “Social Partnership” to fight his Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) battles, but said it was time the group “bestirred” itself and tackled major ills in the society.

    “I want to say to the Social Partners as civil society in Barbados, that it is a dereliction of duty on their part – the religious leaders, the leaders of the unions, the leaders of private sector entities – that their silence on matters
    of this sort, as their silence in relation
    to issues of corruption in public life, is
    deafening . . .,” Thompson told reporters.

    ‘Saying nothing’

    “It concerns me that they have not bestirred themselves in any way.”

    He complained that civil society apparently saw nothing wrong with the Government’s alleged politicisation of spending on the island’s roads network, by leaving out “the two constituencies that have been most favourable to the Democratic Labour Party” – St John and St Lucy.

    “They say nothing about it – and yet people would want us to endorse the current Social Partnership?” he said.

    “It would have to be a sham if it silences civil society from speaking
    out on issues which affect Barbadians.

    “I am not telling them to set out the Democratic Labour Party’s agenda. When they speak out about the conditions at the hospital, they are not speaking for Democratic Labour Party members; they’re speaking for all Barbadians . . . .”

    Thompson urged the Social Partners to support statements made about the need for the passage of integrity legislation, conflict of interest rules and the declaration of assets by parliamentarians . . . .

    “What you don’t want at the end of the day is for politicians to be in the hip-pocket of any interest . . . .

    “We cannot allow a situation to develop
    in the region where Government can
    be bought by certain financial interests,
    or be influenced externally by interests that are inimical to the citizens of the country.

    “So we need to have very clear rules about financing of elections and political parties, as well as the conduct
    and integrity of parliamentarians, and civil society, I assume it’s in their interest to respond to those things and for them too to be on board in that process.”

    * trevoryearwood


  • Is this another “like it or lump it” attitude being adopted? Bajans are getting very restless on the situation facing this country, if the cost of living and unemployment rises this year, I can see bajans becoming very aggressive. This would be fodder in Mia’s cap.


  • @ The Scout,

    It has taken two years but you are beginning to understand that the people which the DLP care about and has been slaughtering the fatted calf for – is CLICO.

    Then there is Simpson, the Turf Club, which got a $19m write off and COW who got a change of use for 80 acres of prime agriculture land in two day from Thompson.

    Barbadians are asking the DLP what it is doing to reduce the cost of living and Thompson tells the:

    “Shut-up! I do not have to tell you anything!” “You name Leroy Parris or Clico? You have money to invest or to give me as campaign contributions?”

    Then stop complaining and bellyaching.” When I said I will slaughter the fatted calf, I did not have you in mind.”



  • Dexter James was dismissed as CEO of TRHA in 2000 and Anguilla Health Authority in October 2007. In both cases transperancy of public funds was an underlying ssue.

    Question is why is he at QEH trying to run a 600 bed hospital when Anguilla had a 31 bed hospital and tobago a 100 bed hospital. Another question? is he going to champion the eradication of fraud and corruption at QEH that every one knows about, as the previous CEO did, or is he going to go with the flow and dip into the gravy train


  • @ karina hood

    You need to give us specifics? Do you have documentation or online links you can share?


  • David

    There may be something to this.Can’t give any details.


  • he was fired from anguilla health authority as well a couple years ago.


  • Scout, your hypothetical’s and speculations speak to a mentality that is lacking in scope, you have offer no sound data to substantial your vacuous remarks. Any fool can condemn, complain, and criticized, but where is your evidence to support your position my friend.


  • Dexter James was FIRED because of issues of financial misconduct in the USA


  • @Raymond Hall

    Do you have details?

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