Norman Faria (Guyana's Honorary Consul) Responds To Indo-Guyanese Debate

norman-fariaAt the risk of being subjected to the abuse of being called racist we have decided to continue with our analysis of the open door immigration policy which Barbados has been practicing in recent years. The new government has just acceded to office and we have no idea if we will see a departure from the earlier policy. We remain adamant that the high influx of illegal immigrants into Barbados is cause for concern. We have additional concerns at the high number of those illegal immigrants who are Indo-Guyanese. We remain firm in our view that there are case studies in the form of Trinidad and Guyana which should warn Barbadians that we need to ‘manage’ our burgeoning multi-ethnic population.

We have written several articles which have expressed our concerns. It seems however that the tipping point on this volatile issue occurred on January 31, 2008 when we published an excerpt from the writing of Dr. Kean Gibson – UWI lecturer titled, Indian Racism Against Afro Guyanese In Guyana. Since then the comments have been flowing and have clearly illustrated that the issue of race relations should be placed at the centre of government policy. We are sending a message to Prime Minister David Thompson that Barbados needs to be proactive from now on this matter. Please take decisions to ensure that the stable climate which Barbados has enjoyed over its post-colonial existence continues.

Some comments posted on BU have been pushing the boundary but we feel it is important Barbadians and others try to understand that this is an issue which needs to be confronted. We understand the emotionalism which this issue continues to evoke but as a people we need to move past this point if racial harmony is to be achieved. In the spirit of fair play we have published a letter written by The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Guyana, Norman Faria which was sent to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) last year; it addressed concerns arising from the program Book Talk which was aired last year. By coincidence Dr. Kean Gibson was a panelist on the program.

Read Norman Faria’s letter which he emailed to BU tonight…

29 November 2007
Mr.Claude Graham
General manager
Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
The Pine, St.Michael, Barbados


Dear Mr.Graham:

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Guyana in Barbados presents its compliments and wishes to refer to the above subject matter. Sometime this year, or maybe last year, your station broadcast a discussion on the book “The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana” by Kean Gibson during a programme called “Book Talk” . The panel composed of the book’s author and Robert “Bobby” Clarke and David Commissiong. The programme was re-broadcast this year. The exact dates for both screenings may be obtained from the station’s log. The consulate, representing the government and people of Guyana, expresses its disappointment and condemns the showings of these programmes, giving as it does a platform for the peddling of inflammatory falsehoods and other hateful rhetoric which will only serve to incite hatred and tension among ill informed and impressionable minded viewers and cause difficulties for the ongoing cordial and otherwise friendly relations between the peoples of Barbados and Guyana, some of the latter’s nationals choosing to come and live or work on a contract basis in the island.

Gibson’s thesis, as she outlined in her presentations on the programme, basically alleges that people of East Indian descent in Guyana, particularly now there is an “Indian” government as she contends, will mean trouble and oppression for Guyanese of African descent. She blatantly said Africans are being targeted and murdered in Guyana, or words to that effect, among other falsehoods, in said programme. Her exact words may be checked by perusing the programme in your library.The whole thrust of her presentations directly or inferentially portrayed Indo- Guyanese and the present administration as being bent on oppressing and discriminating against Afro-Guyanese. Gibson presented no scholarly evidence of these allegations. There is none. Indeed, Gibson’s book has no scholarly basis and was rejected by a number of publishing houses to which it was submitted. As established by serious and reputable analysts (See for example “Rebuttal to Kean Gibson” the book is riddled with subjective, irrational, personal and false views. On that level alone, the Consulate asks why should it have been deemed worthy of discussion in an otherwise interesting and worthwhile programme such as Book Talk ?

Barbadian law prohibits the public stirring up of racial hatred and other inflammatory views to create discord among races. Yet here we have a person being given a platform by a government run TV station to air and give succour to what may be justifiably interpreted as just those illegal and undesirable practices. It has nothing to do with “freedom of speech”. The fact that the two gentlemen were invited to offer a rebuttal is of no consequence. They made some good points, especially Mr.Clark, though I would have offered other information with a different emphasis. Strangely, the Consulate, which is the premiere source for services and knowledge about the Guyana government’s programmes and philosophy, was not invited to send a resource person. Further, since it would have been known by the programme’s organisers that Gibson frequently refers to Hindu religious theology and practices in her allegations, no one from the two Hindu temples in Barbados were apparently invited.

Those proffering inflammatory views and falsehoods when it comes to a racial situation should not be given a platform. They have no freedom of speech. When I worked and studied in Toronto in the 1970s, I joined with the campaign to try and prevent the (late) racist William Shockley from giving a talk at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto. I marched in a demonstration outside the Hall. It will be recalled that Dr. Shockley’s theory is that people of African descent are genetically inferior to whites. Further, I fully support the correct stand of those who in recent days protested against the prestigious Oxford Student Union at Oxford University in the UK in allowing the convicted Holocaust denier David Irving as well as Nick Griffin, a leader of the far right (British) National Front Party, which among other neo-fascist stances, calls for the deportation of people of colour including those from Guyana and the Caribbean region from the UK.

I was also disappointed in the way the Book Talk host’s handled the programme. Instead of simply permitting the participants to present views in an orderly and reasonably time frame, he came across as being a panelist himself and appeared to be arguing at some times against the submissions of Clarke and Commissiong. He appeared to be prompting Gibson to offer other information , though of course no one is saying this otherwise excellent host in other programmes and displaying professional and tolerant views in other public areas of endeavour was supporting said Gibson’s views. Gibson “hogged” the show. She had a disproportionate amount of time to peddle her hateful rhetoric. She should never have been on the show or the book discussed.

I know you personally as general manager would not be responsible for the invitations sent out for the said Book Talk or any other programme on the station.. I further commend you for, as far as I know, initiating the really excellent programmes about Caribbean immigrants in the UK aired on CBC -TV and which you so ably presented. I trust that you will look into the airings of the said Book Talk programme. The delay in writing to you about this matter is regretted but unavoidable due to other commitments.

Accept Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Respectfully Yours,

(Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados)

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149 thoughts on “Norman Faria (Guyana's Honorary Consul) Responds To Indo-Guyanese Debate

  1. There was a woman on brasstacks today claiming she had statistics on migrants to our island. The woman said she received the stats from immigration. So why isnt this info released publicly? This woman could be a liar you never know. She said there were more St.Vincent and Trinidad migrants here than Guyanese. I dont believe that. The woman had an accent but I could not identify it but she sounded white and very supportive of uncontrolled immigration. I see the St.Lucia prime minister also concerned about influx of illegal Guyanese.

  2. No Name

    I support you on your comment.

    Did you notice that this woman who indeed sounded white with an accent wa able to call the evening before and then the next day saying the same thing and she got a long,long time to do it.

    Notice how Mike Brown the producer allowed her to repeat this claim about statistics which even to the uninformed doesnot add up with what we see on the ground.

    Yet the producer didnot cut her off and tell her she said the same thing the night before as he accuses other bajan callers.

    Neither did David Ellis challenge her about these statistics as to when she got these figures and from whom in the immigration dept.If this was a humble,uneducated bajan David Ellis would have been trying to embarass them and question them like if they were at court.

    This woman spoke about doing some film ablout migrants yet she was not asked to identify who she was or who she is working for.
    I have long since said that it is in the interest of certain whites in Barbados to keep these indian guyanese here.

    Also this woman was also able to give hearsay evidence about some indo guyanese woman travelling on a bus and her experience and someone saying to another guyanese I could get $75.00 on your head.We don’t even know if this is true,yet it was allowed to go out on the airwaves by mike brown the producer and the 2 moderators who were on the evening before and then on the midday show.

    At no time did Mike Brown the producer cut her off or did the moderator challenge her statements.All because she sounded like someone important,and someone who knows what she is saying.

    I am extremely troubled by Mike Brown the person who is the producer for these shows since he is the one who controls that cut off button and more and more I seeming him taking a very worrying position and cutting off bajan callers who complain about the guyanese or blanking off most of what he is saying.

    I suppose since Vic Fernandes is of guyanese descent he might not bee too concerned about that approach.

    I wonder.

    It seems as though however that the callers cannot publicly complain against mike brown since they are told he is not on the air and cannot respond.

    If this is the way VOB is behaving with just a radio license,it gives me concern as to how they will respond with a T.V. license.

    As to the suggestions about complaining to the DLP politicians,I suggest that persons call the talk show and publicly and strongly demand that the DLP start getting these illegals out of the country now.

    Then they should also call the constituency office of their M.P. and complain not to the secretary but to the M.P. himself.

    Eventually Thompson will get the message about bajans concern.

    It blows the mind that someone like norman faris who is a guest in this country could be allowed to demand that bajans shut up and not make their feelings known about guyanese,and he is being encouraged by the likes of peter wickham,mike brown and david ellis and others in society with vested interest or who like to promote this political correctness nonesense.

    Bajans stand up and be demanded to be heard in your country and if you are so upset as you say – then don’t hire illegal guyanese or rent them your apartments or houses – YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORSE ENEMY.

  3. We are disappointed in our friends who are involved in these talk shows who seem to be cowering in the face of being branded xenophobic. There is no doubt to people on the ground that we have a problem of illegal immigration because of our open/inefficient border control system.

    This has been glaring for awhile an examples can be seen from time to time in our court system when immigrants, especially Guyanese repeatedly appear in our court system despite being deported or declared persona non grata.

    The position which some moderators have taken is to reduce a serious matter to an academic discussion. Do they appreciate that even in developed countries of the world the issue of immigration policy is occupying the authorities? Barbadians continue to be fooled by the argument by the Ellis, Wickhams et al of this world who try to intimidate Barbadians into silence by using an argument about perception of how other islands feel about Barbadians. But here is the laughable part of their argument, they too are relying on ear say to support their positions. We have not heard of one instance where they have referred to a study yet they dismiss Barbadians for making their feelings known which is based on observation just like they are making.

  4. Mr Johnson Why did you used abusive language to get your point over.It shows the kind of person you are.
    Mr Johnson if guyanese are all this hard working and have all these good work ethics why did not the guyanese stayed in their country which is the richest in the Caribbean and work hard to develop it.Why are guyanese political & economic refugees making other people countries miserable.Answer that question.
    Mr johnson please alo answer this question Who work hard to develop Barbados with limited resources Isn’t it Barbadians both black & white.Who develop our public service Isn’t it Barbadians.
    Mr Johnson I think Barbadiians like you are contributing to destruction of Barbados.If you refer to Barbadians as lazy You also mean your family including your mother,father,sisters,brothers and children.Think about it.Ithink you are misguided
    Ibelieve you are a white Barbadian and not a black Barbadian

  5. David/Barbados Underground

    We the readers of BU have recently been assaulted by a particular blogger using different names who use the most foul language in his post (as seen above – titled- Mr Johnson) and in his post name – (see yesterdays post)

    Could we please have some ground rules which like most blogs worldwide reject and delete foul language or abusive language.

    I am therefore asking that the post under Mr Johnson be removed .

    Guyanese have been coming on here on this bajan blog and seeking to be abusive to barbadians e.g. devi bharat,johnson ,passing south and others.

    Together with the semi abuse by some moderators on Vob – the guyanese seem to think that bajans are timid cowards and they can treat them as the like in their own homeland.

    While our blogs allow free speech we must not be abused by those who seek to join the BU family.

  6. I have long since said that it is in the interest of certain whites in Barbados to keep these indian guyanese here.
    I could not agree more. Down the road I expect a deliberate alliance between bajan whites and indo guyanese. I dont think its solid yet but it has started.Watch and see. Us blacks have to be vigilant. We slaved, died and bled to build this country.

    Whenever you hear words lazy blacks ninety nine point nine percent of times its whites speaking. These are same whites who spend most their time at liesure activities while raking in big bucks generated by guess who….lazy blacks. Racism is alive and kicking on the rock.

  7. Mr Johnson
    I am sorry for your experiences with building your houses and sorry for your tone regarding bajan workers. You have your experiences and others have theirs. My experience has been that the Guyanese have come here to work but a lot of them are doing bad work. This is not a dream I am talking about I have seen the work they do. I am not saying that some cannot work but how dare you label Bajans as LAZY. I am tired of these stupid comments. Are you telling me that you could not find one bajan worker who was worthy to build your house? Are all bajan workers too expensive? We want to make excuses to justify not giving contracts to bajans. Come on Mr Johnson. Charity begins at home. How can we extend the hand of charity to non nationals and treat our own with such disdain? Make all the excuses you like but when I am building or anyone connected to me is building I will campaign for the Bajan workers. I pray your houses are well build.

  8. I agree with negro vehemently; I do not like the idea that these guyanese think that we owe them something; and they have a write to be here telling me about CSME. For instance, a guyanese today in the traffic allowed a very good friend of mine to know that he HATE BAJANS. You know how that made me feel. I was hurt and then MAD IS HELL! How dare you guyanese come around here and insult me after Owen arthur let u in. If this government dont do something about this SERIOUS ISSUE, they will have serious problems. You watch and see. The tension has started to build already mark my words Barbados wake up wake up. I am up and I am smelling the coffee. we need to get these people out of here befor sudden destruction is upon our way of life thoughts beliefs and so on. come on bajans WAKE UP

  9. David

    Thanks for removing the post.

    David and others you see what JC above just said?

    JC said a guyanese today told him he hates bajans.I have heard personally such remarks and similar things from other bajans.


    David Thompson needs to send this directive immediately to the immigration department.

    I have been saying over and over again,because its plain for me to see – that Barbados must be the only country which will let guyanese to come in their thousands here,commit crimes,prostitute themselves,trick people with bad work and generally make a nuisance of themselves and then tell Bajans like Norman Faria does all the time that they – the bajans – should shut up and stop complaining about guyanese.

    This is where our media – radio stations,newspapers,T.V. are doing us a disservice.

    Only last week Barbados was shamed in the halls of the US Senate when barbados was listed as a country that engages in human trafficking for prostitutes – and the people are coming from Guyana.

    That report also told us that former goverment high officials (ie BLP POLITICIANS) were identified in their investigation.

    Before the dregs of the guyanese society were coming here in their thousands,the St Lucian,Vincentians,Dominicans were here selling their fruits,cutting canes,building houses and living in harmony with barbadians.

    Barbados then did not get its reputation stained with America labelling us as human trafficking in prostitutes.

    And now david ellis,peter wickham,and some of these callers telling bajans to shut up and don’t make strife?

    Bajans need to start speaking out on the radio,to their government MPs and every where possible.

    Wicked,wicked what owen arthur has brought barbados to.I hope when he sees a guyanese back lash that he is satisfied.


    This evening 2 callers called to challenge that white woman with the accent who produced those bogus immigration figures tuesday evening and the wednesday mid-day shows and was not challenged by the moderators david ellis and matthew farley – and the producer mike brown could be heard shouting in the background and promptly cut off the caller.

    Another caller also called to agree with the first caller about the points he was making about that female caller – and he just got 2 words in – and was promptly called off.


    Why is he not allowing barbadians to challenge what this guyanese sounding caller said?

    Barbadians should bombard the call in programme and the offices of Vic Fernandes and David Ellis and speak out against what is happening to callers.


    Are bajans now not free to express their fears and concerns against guyanese?


  11. Amala Devi // i am a mix Guyanese race what do you have to say about that, girl you are a racist. Bajans not all Guyanese are racist but most of the indo guyanese bewared of them keep them out of the country you people have to protect what belongs to you i am mix and the don’t like me who is also guyanese like them ,so what about you people they don’t know they are not living good with black in their own country what would they do to yoy people Amala Devi get a life

  12. It is probably already too late for us to save the situation in Barbados.
    When we can have people like Peter Wickham given leeway to promote his promiscuous and anti-Barbados agenda on the airways -week after week….
    When, as it now appears, the new DLP government is being led by the civil servants and other ‘string pullers’ to follow the same paths as the previous lot of so called leaders – then we know that we are in trouble.

    The influx of destitute Guyanese is so obviously a major threat to the local status quo that only a warped idiot like Wickham (or Arthur) could seek to justify such a scheme.
    My man ‘Lowdown’ Hoad dealt with this matter in true Hoad style this week – so I will not repeat.

    Does the DLP understand the need for DRASTIC CHANGE?!?

    What change what?!?

    …. Greenland, Kensington, ABC Highway. … all these suggest not….

    May God help Bim…

  13. Annonymous It is sad that that Barbados has reach this stage.Guyanese are dictating what can be said and what cannot be said on our radio stations.I think we as black Barbadians should flee this country and look for residence some other part of the world maybe Africa.
    I believe repatriation is an issue we must seriously look at.This country is being taken from us by the Indo-Guyanese,chinese & europeans.I have a premonition (Indo-Guyanese don’t know the meaning of that word) that this country will be destroy by the Indo-Guyanese the same way they are destroying their own country.I don’t want to get caught in the destruction,therefore I am giving serious consideration of relocating myself & family to Africa where I will see people who look like me and I will be able to fit in.
    In barbados today I feel like a stranger in my own country with no way to go to express my opinion on issues affecting me.I am a sad and depressed black Barbadian today.I see little hope in this island for black people.

  14. when i read ur blog i just laught u bajans need to your head examin i always say barbados does not belong to you so look @ the facts the guyanese are here and u making more noise but trust me when i say not the guyanese will put you out of barbados is the white people when your prime minister say he doing changes he mean bring in the whites and chinese open up your eyes i know the whites,chinese,indian and colour people will live good so blacks have no place sorry that is the facts,oh one more thing is not just the guyanese don’t like bajan we trini hate bajans so please stay out of our country i beg you .

  15. You poor bajans
    I really sorry for you
    I can understand your feelings when it comes to foreigners invading your country and I do symphatise espicially when they cause trouble in your society
    I recommend you do put in place stronger immigation laws to protect your society from crime and degrading behaviour

    not all Guyanese are bad but in every society there are those that cause troule and they have no love for country nor humanity…they run away to other places and cause trouble there as well and barbados is getting a raw deal from that.

    Comments and personal attack on Faria are refective of your poor intellectual capacity and shows that the slavery mentallity and inferiority complex is still alive in your blood

    The day you stop thinking racial and stop feeling that someone owes you something as africans is the day you will stop crying about marginalisation and actually start working to achieve

    barbados is a sorry country that is illustioned by us dollars from tourists…a small dot in the atlantic that has nothing constructive to offer!!

    You people need to meditate and seek a higher understanding or you wont exist for much longer….one tsunami and you gon beg Guyana for food!!!

    stop kissing white mans ass you discriminating, racist assholes and learn to free your mind and stop hating indian people cuz they work so hard!!

    progress breeds enemies and hardwork breeds jealousy from those who are lasy

  16. Negroman

    them people in africa got enough problems
    you think they want you there

    have you applied to any african country for immigration?

    you are a pawn of mind control from persons of intellectual superiority control becasue they know your dotish way of thinking and that you are weak to judge fairlly and sensibly you get worked up easily and get personal it make you weak very weak

    I wont feel nice if a load of chinese enetered my country them people does take over!! It would be damn uncomfortable if foreign nationals took control but if they same nationality with me then race dont matter!!!

    I understand your worry…but you gon run away to africa so they would chase you back?

    them tribal people gon kill you before you come out the airport!!!

    dont be racist and feel threated by the indo-Guyanese…. thats weak …more like idiot-batty man weak!!!

    put immigration control in order I would hate to see a beautiful place like barbados be destroyed by inferior minds and racist mentality

    they seek to destroy guyana in the same way by writing stupid books and pushing propaganda

  17. what about black Guyanese??? is only a problem with Indo-guyanese?? are the indo-guyanese really the criminal one?? or the blacks??
    does it make a difference???

    there is no bajan national a criminal in barbados??

    weak observations by weak people

    come on bajans stop being racist pussies

    if is guyanese the is guyanese not indo or black!!
    stronger immigration ploicies need barbados protect your country from people that will cause destruction that originate from anywhere and not just Guyana

  18. Amen to that wake up, shake your head and come again call, Caricom National.

    The truth will eventually dawn, even on this benighted blog.

  19. Beware, Guyana isrising as a strong nation, no one can stop that

    Guyanese are hard working and can push the limits of performance in due time there mindset will be freed from mental slavery and prgraming from racist ones like Kean Gibson

    The process takes hard work and committment but we all know what Guyana can do. Food is getting scare and the Caribbean will get hungry.

    There must be a reson for Guyanese to be getting work in Barbados…..maybe Barbados needs them just as the USA needs Mexicans

    Dont hate prosperity and dont let evil ones like Kean Gibson program your minds…they trying that shit in Guyana and the Afro-Guyanese are rejecting it
    Guyana is strong and cannot break

    Most Afro and Indo-Guyanese seek to live in harmony

    Only when foolish politicans open their mouth and persons from exteme sections of society raise their heads then things get ugly

    They influence the man in the street and use him as pawn in their schemes to get power and control…an evil plan indeed….poor Bajans and their radio station falling into the same trap!!

    Imagine a Bajan going to India for medical training and being ill-treated cuz he black…that nonsense dont happen there….to indians there our differences dont matter.

    remeber South Africa…that is where Gandhi started his struggle

    they only have two races on the earth and they are not defined by colour but by attitude

    those who are racist and those who are not!!

  20. Lat me tell you RACIST bajans something. Barbados is a tiny F****ing island not a country of any importance. I dont live there. I have never visited there. I never will.

    Most of you sound like a pack of dumb ass who belive Barbados is heaven. That’s because most of you dumb asses never had the sense to travel anywhere else. One day a Tsunami will make your little F****ing insignificant island disappear and you will come with begging bowls to India. Mark my words.

    I have no apologies!

  21. Indians came to barbados with begging bowls.india cannot even feed itself.Hammer you are a sorry pitiful stupid ass fool.You are envious of the standard of living the vast majority of blacks in Barbados enjoy.Nice cars ,nice homes ,good infrastructure,access to everything and many Barbadisns could travel all over the world practically hassle free. because no one sees us as economic and politicl refugees fleeing our country for a better life.Those things have you green with envy and very bitter that black people you all consider inferior to you have a standard of living that many of your people could only dream of and will never get.Take that.We did not destroy our country like how you all did in and still doing in Guyana .We took the little we have and maximise it. We build on our asset and we have reap the rewards.You all stinking smelly uneducated indians build on the resources that are available to you all.Do not envy us.we will not allow you all to destroy Barbados the same way you all destroy your all country.we will chase you all out.Indians from Guyana have nothing to offer Barbados we do not need masons ,carpepenter and labourers.we have enough graduating from the polytechnic yearly.You all are a pitiful lot.

  22. Yes, that’s all u will ever have – polytechnic education. U say u have everything in Barbados. Actually, you can’t even feed yourself so what nonesense you talking.

    You probably have just a polytechnic education, the highest most Bajan racists can aim for. Pathetic. Compare that with the rest of the world and see where you are.

    I met and helped mnay Bajan apple pickers when I lived in Canada. they were nice people, not racist like you. Racist like you give all Bajans a bad name. You should get an education and be of some value to your nation.

    U boast about nice cars and houses in Barbados. You must be joking. I am certain you have never left your little isalnd to see anything else.
    The only kind of music you know is jump-up. The only food you know is kellogs corn flakes and white bread. The only places you know are the USA, Canada, England an dthe caribbean. The only people you can live among are Bajans. The only books you read are Caribbean readers. !! How small your world is. I pity you and your pathetic existence. I pity you fighting for a few grains of sand in the sea.

    And worst of all I pity you for even think about comparing your little dot in the sea with India. But I understand – all u have is a polytechnic education.

  23. Indo-Guyanese

    If Barbados is as you have outlined, why should you be so “annoyed,” if there are immigration controls here.

    You should be delighted, as those immigrants are being saved from a “pathetic existence”… your words not mine.

  24. Woe!!!

    Poor Bajans

    Stop putting down the Indian people and stop fooling yourselves racist bajans

    remeber that you depend on the rest of the world for your existence…the foreign exchange and the food

    you cant eat car and house

    worse yet you compare yourself to the might if India…a rising superpower which by the way does feed itself and other places and is of great help to the people in African.

    You must educate yourself more negroman

    how come none of you fassyholes never cry out about the suffering of the people in africa…you ignore the plight of your own brothers an sisters in you mother land!!!

    You jump up too foolishness in barbados while it is soldiers from India and Pakistan that go to africa to save the lives of their african brothers and sisters

    as long as you racist people will continue to suck white man batty you mouth will have a lot of shit in it to say,espicially about people of progress

    indian people dont rob and kill people on the road and they dont destroy people homes and families they are not the majority in the jails

    who are??

    take a look at youself brother man (negroman)….rise up from mental slavery and be free!!

  25. Yardbroom

    barbados has a right to defend itself
    and a right to strict immigration control but you should not base it on racism

    barbados has to be protected for the good of all bajans

    it belongs to bajans and they have a right for their country and their well being

    stop wasting energy on racist thoughts and implement better immigration policies!!

  26. David

    As a part of the Barbados Underground family,I am seeking your intervention in this developing situation where persons seemingly of indian descent have decided to come on this site with the foulest of language e.g one using the name ‘K YUH C’ and others such as those above and to seek to behave in a most despicable behaviour on this blog.

    While in the past bloggers have come on and put their position for and against the high number on immigrants and in particular indian migrants into Barbados,these new posts who using the handles;hammer,KYC,indo guyanese,caricom national etc – and who I suspect are one and the same – are using the free speech on this blog to be downright vile and despicable.

    If bloggers feel that indians are racists,if they agree with Dr Kean Gibson earlier thesis,if they point to societies where there are large indian population and where these indians are shown to be racist against the local african population – then they are free to raise those arguments and to have these arguments countered with other examples.

    But recently these foul mouthed self described indian commentators have taken to calling we bajans – a majority african-descent population – as being african asses,and sucking white men batty,and all the other horrible slime.

    Lest I am labouring under a misapprehension,your mission on this blog is to facilitate discussion on issues affecting barbadians in their country and to give voice to the voiceless for those who are unable to raise issues in the main stream media or to have these journalists themselves raise these concerns that we have and feel are being ignored.

    At no time should we be assaulted with the on going filth by these indian slime balls.

    Freedom of speech doesnot equate speech without some restraint and speech filled with vile utterances.

    From time to time as the adminstator of this blog you will need to excecise your authority to ensure that the high standards which you seek to promote are indeed maintained.

    Commentators should be free to disagree with each other but should do some with passion – yes- but also with some measure of respect.

    If they think persons of african descent are racists,clannish, whatever – then say so,give your examples why – and be prepared to challenged on it – but please,please,please David put a stop to this descent into a pit of filth which I suspect is the intention of commentators like Indo guyanese ,caricom national and others of their ilk.

    Although I know you hate to intervene and engage in censoring,I think it may be time to ban comments such as those above.

  27. This kind of behavior is not to be tolerated in a civilized society…PLEASE CENSOR ALL FORMS OF BIGOTRY…and maintain civil and respectful and enlightening debate…PLEASE…

  28. Anonymous et al we believe that there is merit in your observations. You are correct that we are reluctant to edit comments or ban anyone but…

    We will give Indo-Guyanese, hammer and the others names which are all one to express themselves without being offensive.

  29. Kudos to your observations and recommendationson the bad words of my contributions but I ask you to ask yourselves one question:

    Which is worse, foul language or inciting racism?
    Shouldn’t racist remarks be censored also?

    Eeryone knows that racism does not do anyone any good. By the way I am not affiliated to the other commentators. I was researching some work and I happened to stumble on your racist blog. I was appalled

    To clear the air on me being a racist let me educate you all. I grew up in the ghetto….no not the ghetto that you glamourise in your music but the real realm of poverty and suffering…i was fortunate to be better off than my neighbours and I was able to access a good education. I never saw the difference of race until I reachedigh school and most of my friends re africans, I had african girlfriends and my best friend is an african and is the only person i trust with my life.

    Most of all I was educated by Africans from nursery to post graduate level. My best and most important teachers were all Africans. These are exemplory people that had an almost devine presence in my life. My best artistes are Africans: Tupac, Bounty Killa, Babyface, Krosfyah

    I have visited barbados many times and I have met the nicest and most well behaved people there. When bajans come to Guyana we have a great time but I hate to see you intellectual hypocrites incite hatered and damage the image of your good countrymen

    I understand how you feel about immigrants and any Guyanese would not like the same for his/her Guyana. as I have said before barbados needs a better immigration policy and not racism

    I hate all racist wheter african or indian and I know that there are indians that don’t treat africans nicely I bun them also. I must inform you that the racist african here in Guyana kill by mass murder many Indians and their childeren and also kill africans. The intelligent ones seek to control the minds of the african youth into becoming criminals such as these…why do you seek to destroy your own people??

    As an Indo-Guyanese I will always stand up against the hypocrites that seek to contaminate the mind of the african youth. The time for your mind control is over…wheter you call yourself a doctor, wheter you write a book or wheter you incite racism on a blog such as this…YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED

    The youths can think for themselves now and may Jah protect them. Gone are the days of your hypocrisy.

    Your argument on immigration is more racist than nationalist. You are afraid that in the next 50 years the colour of barbados changes. Well iI tell you by that time it wont matter!!!

  30. I recommend that comments from now onwards be constructive with no offensive language nor racist remarks.

  31. Caricom National
    I am an educated black Barbadian I am no uneducated Barbadian. I travel frequently to countries all over the world.I know world affairs and the myriad of issues and problems affecting many countries in the world.I recognise India as emerging world power.However,I also recognise that there is abject poverty in india and serious social problems in the country with the caste system that is in place.Caricom National do not refer to me as unenlightened, uneducated black Barbadian who only role suck up to white people.
    Caricom National I never and will never try to compare Barbados with a nation like India.It will be ludicrous of me to do that.
    I will admit I have a dislike for Indians and I will not hide that feeling.I mentioned earlier in the blogs that I think Indians are clannish,selffish and ultimately destroy societies where the Indians are the dominant race.Trinidad & Guyana are tow cases in point.Caricom National you have not answer my earlier queries that are if Indo-Guyanese are so hard working and have good work ethics why not use those attributes to develop their homeland and make life better for themselves,their families and their country as a whole.Why flee their homeland.Caricom National I also ask you to name one peaceful progressive Indian country.You have not name any.I wonder why.
    I have no doubt that they are some nice decent Indo-Guyanese. I have come across some in Barbados & on my travels to Guyana.However,that will not cloud my my judgement and feeling of Indo-Guyanese .I know the history of Indo-Guyanese treatment of blacks in Guyana.I have many black friends who talked about their experiences at the hands of Indo-Guyanese.
    Caricom National you have not challenge any of the findings In Dr Kean Gibson book of the Guyana situation but only want to label her as a racist.Why is it that anyone who comes to defence of black people is always label a racist.It was done during slavery ,in the civil rights movement in North American and you are doing now. We understand the tactic but it is not going to stop us from our mission of defending black people.
    Finally,Africa problems are the concerns of all black people in the world.We understand who created the problems and the token gestures by some of your states to help Africa are being view and accepted in the manners you all giving it.The hand outs and tokenism are not enough.
    Africa will a super power soon.

  32. Negroman

    Your comments are well taken and I do understand your point
    Firstly, I dont think that you are uneducated nor are you inferior. It must be the inferiority complex that you are suffering from that may have made you feel that way.
    You see my friend I have no problems with Gibsons work. I am not bothered by people undertaking such studies to find the root of problems that we would be unwilling to face. This is how progress is made. I do find many Indo-Guyanese racist against my Afro-Guyanese brothers…it disturbed me for a while then I realised its the ones who fall prey to evilous intellectuals commit these atroscities

    Gibson is one of such intellectuals her study has a good title but her findings are clearly biased and are driven by ulterior political motives. There is no academic weight to her paper rather she is using the academic stage to peddle ignorance…that is why her work is not being accepted.

    Your observations about India is true, although they seem to be prospering the money is not trickling down to the poor. this must change and I think education is the key.

    I do expect people to dislike others even ass how you dislike indians and indians dislike blacks but I tell you this is not the way. I know how some Indians behave clannish, I have seen that, sometimes I wonder if that is why I have so much African friends and I am more comfortable mixing with blacks.

    For you to conclude that all Indians are clannish and selfish is a poor relection of you intellect which from you writing is know is not poor. It is this same stereotype that works the other way:
    Indians percieve (the special word!) africans to be robbers, looters and murderers but I know from my background and experience that this is not true

    You are doing the same. may be if you had a more diverse background you might have thought different

    Indians are hardworking and so is everyone else and they are here working hard to build Guyana but you see for many reasons such as limited opprtunities, poor pay and dislike for the government ( yes not all indians like the PPP and there are many indians in the PNC), the threat of crime and instablity Guyanese leave insearch of a better life in places where they feel there contributions will be better rewarded
    Such phenomenon is true of any other race or nationality. That is how America was built. As a young qualified Guyanese I feel like leaving also espicially with the political turmoil that Guyana faces. I would have to scarifice a peaceful and properous life and stay in Guyana to transform the mentallity of my countrymen.
    The treatment of black by indo-guyanese and the treatment of Indo guyanese by blacks (espicially under the burnham era) are both true it is of a different cause and not that of hinduism or what we have in our hearts (gibson). It is all about politics…and i feel sorry when smart persons like you fall prey to political mind control and hear say

    Do you have any Indian friends that talk about the suffering at the hands of afro-guyanese? Have you seen the pictures from the massacres? It is all political. Fineman Rawlings was once a porter working with a company and he somehow got exposed to persons that are able to control his thinking, persons such as gibson i suppose who chose to embrace violence and hatered

    You need to see the who picture and not be myopic in you conclusions. step back and look again you will see that the tension is the work of the european mastermind. It is all related to politics and your comments that incite hatered will bring a smile to the controllers face…that is what they want you to do…they dont care if you destroy yourself in the process. Defend black people, I am an Indo-Guyanese it is my heart’s wish to see my African brothers and sisters progress and I will defend black people and indian people but i will never take the stance of a racist and hypocrite
    All Guyana’s problems are linked to politics, drugs and the quest for power. The weapons are guns, racism and intectual mind control.

    I beg you not to fall prey, else beautiful Barbados will cry.
    As for Africa, many of my relatives have been there and they have contributed to many sectors. Africa has been robbed and this was done easily with the african people falling prey to the same tactics that you are exposed to.

    As a person of high intellect you should facilitate knowledge transfer and the use to scientific thinking. Dont fall prey to hear say but read and research full then you will be able to see the big picture in which you are being used as a pawn.

  33. Caricom Nationa we are approaching this issue in a more mature manner I respect your views.I will like to believe what you are saying about your respect ,admiration and willingness to assist Afro -Guyanese.l will like to see Guyana and the Caribbean where all the ethnic groups that make up this region co-exist together. I believe that a greater effort is needed by all concern to accept each of us as a beautiful creation from our spiritual father.However,this is wishful thinking and we must face reality.This is a racist world and the black race is at the receiving end from all the other races.There is no other ethnic group that respect or love the black race.That is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone.The whites,The Indians,The Chinese & all the other ethnic groups do not like us blacks.Therefore we must get up and defend ourselves and help ourselves and strenghten our selves.We cannot defend on handouts and aid from other people.We must get up and help ourselves.That is what we blacks in Barbados has done for ourselves.We blacks in Barbados are living a relatively comfortable life through the sweat ,tears and blood of our past generations.We are fearful these gains might be taken from us if we dot control the influx of immmigrants flooding our country.Black Barbadians are concern about the Indo-guyanese,and we are fearful of the large influx of chinese also.The consequences are going to much for us to deal with.I think it is unfair that the parents,Grand parents & Great Grand parents worked so hard to developed Barbados to point it is at today for us to hand it over to non-Barbadians to live sweet life at the expense of us.
    Caricom National,I believe Barbadians are not neccessarily racist,but the above concernes I have mentioned are what are the driving force behind Barbadians attitude toward the Influx of your people into Barbados. Caricom Nationals we are observing and know too well how blacks are being treated in Guyana & Trinidad by Indo-Guyanese & Indo-Trinidaians

  34. Negroman
    I must say that it is pleasant to see good writing on this blog with respect to yours

    Wishful thinking it may be but it is not impossible. I have a quote that I always say to myself: “Don’t become what you dispise”

    It is a very hard saying to live up to. Dont become a racist if you dispise racism. Dont become a murderer if you dispise murders and dont become an abuser if you dispise abuse.

    You see its the things that we dislike that we use to defend ourselves thereby becoming them. This is the plot of satan and this is how he corrupts mankind only the strong ones can get past this ploy.

    I agree that the black race is at the recieving end most of the time but others are too. I can tell you that Indo Guyanese are mistreated by blacks also and so the cyle goes on (the real cycle of racial oppression!)
    Have you ever asked yourself why others dont like blacks?
    I have heard the answer from a blackmans mouth: “Blacks are streotyped”
    But is it right to steoeotype a person due to his colour or culture?

    The point is that stereotypes dont just come from imagination, it comes from trends and past occurences. Other races stereotype black because the majority of criminal activity and degrading behaviour in society are done by blacks. Some facts to recoginse:

    Blacks are the first to loot and rob

    Almost every person of another race has been bullied or robbed by a black person in Guyana

    Blacks are the majority in the jails

    In the poorest communities the majority are blacks

    Keep the following in mind:
    Blacks are the first to cite race as an excuse for any short comings

    Blacks feel the world owes them something due to their past sufferings

    The culture of black people has been destroyed

    Though the ideas above are existent I do not subscribe to them. Blacks are neither inferior nor are they lesser than me. the most bright intelligent and capable persons I know are blacks.

    What I feel need to be done is an overhaul and renessaince of black society, the removing of mental barriers from the blackmans mind. Such a task I may not be able to do for I am an Indian hence I cannot be a black leader. Yes LEADERSHIP is the answer, leadership with zeal, honesty and concern is needed. until we see such black leaders being produced then I dont think things will get better.
    Stop being the victim and stop feeling that you have to fight other people…other races can play victim and fight too…then where would that lead us?
    That is why I agree when you say that blacks must get up and help yourselves and I agree that you have every right to defend and preserve what you have.

    Although I have never heard of Barbados being declared a nation of only blacks I do understand how you feel about the influx of foreigners. I always tell me father that it is not right for me to leave my country and go to someone elses and enjoy their benefits…but then I wondered why was Canada , Singapore, UAE , Trinidad and Barbados taking so much of our people away…it is because these people have something that those countries need to delevop….Human resource…

    So I say to you, dont take a racist stand. it will do you no good, others suffer from blacks and we no complain we get up and keep building.

    Take a nationalist stand and stand up and fight for barbados, it is your country and you have the right to it

    You must not be threatened by indians and chinese or any other nationality/race on your homeland Implement stricter controls to preserve your lifestyle and culture that you have worked hard to build

    I was in barbados a few months ago intransit to the UK and immigration took my Guyana passport for a while although I was worried that they may not return it I undertood that they have a problem with Guyanese that go and behave bad. They had my document for about a half hour of which i spent on the popualr Guyanesebence reading a book. I then asked the authorites for my passport and they let me on my way. I thought they must have entered my info into a database or something….all of which i had no problem. I rest of my stay at the airport was quite pleasant but i see the look on some bajans faces due to my race…but i dont care i show then a nice side and not let them judge me on my skin colour..and i know that they got to adapt to other people cuz with the rapids rate of globalisation I say racist mentallity would be a grave misfortune to those who encourage it in the future

  35. Love your sentiments, Caricom National.

    Let us extend a welcome to all broad minded, thinking people to the wide world of diversity, strangeness and cultural challenge that our small space offers.

    This is not a dress rehearsal….. this is your one and only life live it

  36. Caricom National You were the subject of stereotyping when you were in transit in Barbados .The immmigration authorities look at you and decided that you might be another indo-guyanese trying something underhand How you felt?
    Caricom National why are so saying such disparinging comments about black people.I take offence to saying that black make up the majority in jail and committ the most crime.Your analysis is bias and unreasonable.In essence you are saying that black people are inherently criminals. We are not born and I believe no human being is born with criminal intentions.Social and other factors are deteminants in many of the criminals in the world today.The majority of serial killers in America and Europe is of the white race.Indians hacked or burned their wives,children and in laws to death when ther are family disputes.How many black serial killers and murderes who destroy their families in disputes.Caricom National take these facts into consideration when dealing with the issue of criminality.
    As I mentioned the black race is at the bottom and hence little oppurtunities are available to us.As a result some of us see life as hopeless and hence might resort to a life of crime.I would say and I challenge you to respond that the majority of crime that blacks committ is crime of deprivation.That is they resort to crime to satisfy their hunger,and to get the basics in life such as clothing and shelter.The addiction to drugs that the white race and your race is pouring into the black communities to ultimaely destroy the black race is also playing a significant role in the escalation of black criminal activity.
    Caricom National in your country Guyana black Guyanese are being deny the oppurtunity to work for an honest dollar.The majority of jobs is going to Indo-Guyanese.That is a fact in Guyana today.Caricom National if you are deny the oppurtunity to provide the basic neccessities of life what would you do?
    Caricom National blacks are not born criminals but the oppression by the whites,your race andother ethnic groups has force us to respond in the manner that some of us are doing.
    Stereotyping is wrong as you had the experience

  37. Negroman
    Yes I may have been the subject of stereotyping when i was in barbados and it didnt bother me much for i dont really care what the bajans think as long as i go about my business

    you see i take responsibility for myself and i dont complain about foolishness all the time. I dont blame others for my state and you should stop doing the same.

    Well disparing things they may be but i am trying to say it is what drives the stereotyping of blacks to show you why it is percieves by you why other races dont like blacks and maybe some of it might actually true facts (that reality) but I still will not apply such conclusions to the entire black as race you do to the entire indo guyanese race.

    You see you dont lie in your bed at nights hearing the Ak-47s ring out in your community where a gruop of men that call themselves african freedom fighter go about killing people in you neighbourhood because of the colour of their skin. I got nuff vlack friends but i tell them straight up that these gunmen would kill me just because i am brown and the only reason i would kill them is not cuz they balck but cuz they want kill me.

    Is my analysis really biases?
    It is a proven statistic that most of the inmates in the american jails are blacks in america jails
    a quote from

    “Even more troubling than the absolute number of persons in jail or prison is the extent to which those men and women are African-American. Although blacks account for only 12 percent of the U.S. population, 44 percent of all prisoners in the United States are black (Figure 1).”

    Now I never said that black people are inherently criminals that is what you would like to believe so that you can get all worked up again!

    No balck man is born a criminal or anything like that…but the stats are there and this may mean one or both of two things:

    1blacks are not given justice
    2blacks commit more crimes

    I was enraged when i watched 60 minutes the other night about the innocent man that was in jail since 1981 for a crime he did not commit but was blamed for just cuz he was black

    I how ever disagree with the nonsense that social factors such as poverty can force a man to become a criminal (by lamenting this fact you have accepted that blacks are the majority in jails) When other people are poor they dont go an rob and loot and kill people. thats a sad excuse for crime

    On the other hand you should look at the criminal culture that blacks glamourise:
    1 being a gangsta
    2being a drug dealer
    3being an assasin
    4being a con

    this is espicially done in the music that you listen why would a dj encourage youth to rise they AK and machine? They dont care bout the youths? and when black dude make they money the buy big ride and chain for getting about they starving brothers in africa

    you can come with all the stories of serial killers and wife hackers but that is true for mankind and not a single race they no big amount of indian in jail for crimes of murdering and robbing like as for blacks. u worried that indian gon destroy barbados but u still embracing them criminal afro guyanese so u actually fooling yourself!!

    you can blame white man and indian and chinese for all your problems you behaving like we come and hold you down and put coke in yuh nose!!! when is u dont want go to scholl and work for anything and rather get fast money from dealing and then blame others for your shortcomings …that is weakness

    Imagine you resort to crime for the basics of life…that how mentally weak you are but let me make one thing clear:


    you on the other hand fall prey to mental slavery and cry out for every little thing

    you claim guyana has marginalisation…you should have seen what burnham did to indian in his day here….he literally tried to strave indians but they no cry and blame they struggle and built…they never kill and rob and loot you know what they did?

    they farm they land and work even harder when the black refuse to farm (something that burnham wanted them to do ) the rather work as clerks and get quick and easy money

    blacks are not marginalised in guyana must of the public service is blacks, the army is blacks, the police, everywhere!!! u know what the indians do here they farm….most of all the brain box of the guyana government is black…yes Dr. Roger Luncheon runs this country from his desk its he who adivises the president and i believe its he who is the brain of the PPP

    i can assure you if you get life on a silver platter (which no one owes you ) you will still have most prople in jail being black…cuz of your mind set….mental slavery…the master being you own black leaders.

  38. Yo Negroman,
    have you ever heard Les Brown speak?

    he is one of the best motivational speakers…see if you can get some of his speaches…they are not only motivational but an eye opener….it seems that this man has read my mind and speaks about the stuff i think of

  39. Caricom National
    I can feel the venom and viciousness in your writings towards black people. I have my doubts about your sincerity with blacks.your writings to me gave me the impression that you have little regard for black people.
    Caricom National you will not understand the conditions of black people this part of the world.Your people were not enslaved for 400 years,Neither were your people stripped of their basic human dignity,transplanted to a new foreign world and their culture,their spiritual system and everything taken from them.Caricom National you will never feel our pain.Therefore your simplistic and hostile views you express against black people is understandable.
    Caricom National your people were in this region about 160 years as Indentured Servants.You all were allowed to maitain your culture and belief system and as a result the indians were allowed to live their lifes practically normal.The opposite happened to us.
    In your argument about crime about blacks in USA and the Caribbean you did not take into context the blacks role in the USA previously and now.You did not observed that Institionalised racism was practised in the USA.Blacks were considered 1/3 of human being,we were relegated to the level of chattel and considered to be of same level as animals like the sheep,cow, goat and such like.Blacks were forbidden to participate in business and commercial activities.In short limited or no oppurtunities were available to us.In addition foreign value sytem was forced on us.That is a new religion that is not relevant to us,and a value system that did not take our African heritage into consideration.Everything African was discredited and in some cases made illegal.
    Caricom National I do not support crime and will never support criminal activity.I do not support the decadence that is prevailing in black communities today.The gansta rap,drug taking,promiscous sex,and the stupid dressing that the young blacks subsribe to I do not support.However,I analysed and understand why my people are behaving in this way and the stereotyping and insulting and harsh critism that you and your cohorts love to indulge in to put down black people will cease one day coming soon.
    Caricom National I can assure you we blacks are getting our act together,we reconnecting with our true spiritual father,we are rebuilding our culture and the value sytem that is relevant to us we are reclaimingour lost heritage.
    Caricom National you not know our pain.

  40. It is a pity you feel venom and viciousness in my comments for you are feeling exactly what others feel when you write but I do not write with venom and viciousness…I dont have much time and energy to hate and be venomous

    As for regard, I know you dont have any for any other race..therefore you must feel the same

    here is another saying of mine:
    “It is what you have in your mind for others is what you believe others have in store for you”

    I understand the history of black people…everyone one knows the 400 year story. So you decise to compare to indians now…that weak…real weak…just cuz indian dont complain about their struggle

    Indentureship was cruel but I will say that slavery was worse. Loosing ones culture and identity is terrible.

    But dont you think its that we dont complain about our struggle and that we dont live in the past?

    You should stop murmuring about the past and look to the future…black people dont want to be preached about history…they want a way forward….good leadership….the old history talk is outdated.

    so what your telling me about blacks and crime in the USA has another excuse now…some descrimination in the past?

    it was not you! it was another man of the same race as you…that dont give you an excuse to be a criminal! come on !

    did you actually go through slavery yourself? did you live during the time off discrimination?

    No, you live in Barbados and the fools that involved in crime were born the other day they dont know what struggle and slavery is like…even if they had an excuse for criminality it can be from 400 years or 50 years ago

    Let me tell you why i think they had institutionalised racism against blacks

    its not cuz black people were inferior as they said, it cuz the controller knew the strength of blacks and the strength of africa. they tried to cripple the black race in the West. But look what happened, black people overcame it and now they are free….or so it may seem

    they are free from racial oppression but still prisoners to the mind poisoning by their own leaders (such as Gibson). you say you dont support crime well i say to you that you are
    when you support persons like Gibson for people like her poisons the mind of the african youth in Guyana and lead them to believe that they are freedom fighters when they are just being used for crimes that involve politics and drugs. these freedom fighters work/kill for person that want political power. You know it all started? The drug lords in guyana made a deal with politicians to destabilise the country so that the politicans would gain power and the drug lords would get their way

    they recruited young black men to do the dirty work poisoning their minds with racism. they broke them out of the jails and gave them guns

    things went wrong in the arragement things got sour. Big war started and eventually the gunmen were killed and drug lord became prominent in GT and later they were taken away by the US. But the recruitment of more young men continues….the mental slave factory is still operating and racism is the tool for the work of the evil

    I lie in my bed hearing the shots of AK-47s killing innocent people and you in barbados on your beach telling me about struggle. I know certain individual see me they would kill me because of the colour of my skin and the texture of my hair

    I must admit one thing i have gathered about you a while now…i know you are a person with high morals. I know you wont support the stupidness that others are engaged in….you are concious…and although our veiws differ, I chose to keep writing to you on this blog

    I urge you to abandon racism and racist thinking for it poisons your mind and your wisdom. Yes something i say may seem harsh but facts are facts. no one likes to be told something bad but if its true they must listen inorder to be aware. I rather someone tell me that my breath is bad rather than go mingle with a crowd.

    I know that black are rebuilding and getting better but i get angry when those that influence you try to destroy it all. espicially when it is using academia by writing a book filled with total nonsense R

    Remeber that the spiritual father that you speak of will never desert you and He is the answer to it all. Once you connect with The Highest no one can poison your mind. Remeber that God teaches us the hardest lessons and He always shows us when we are wrong. Maybe I do not know your pain for I can only know my own pain. No one needs to know your pain and no one will make things better for you.

    Quite frankly no one is interested in the pain of others…people will not help you if you always complain… people tend to help when they see you embrace love and pursue progress in spirit, mind, and body.
    Stop being a vitim and become a victor!

  41. Correction

    “even if they had an excuse for criminality it can be from 400 years or 50 years ago”

    *change can to Can’t

  42. Correction

    The last should come befor the first

    so what your telling me about blacks and crime in the USA has another excuse now…some descrimination in the past?

    it was not you! it was another man of the same race as you…that dont give you an excuse to be a criminal! come on !

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